Luo Dahua was relieved to let go。

Before Tian Lu leaves,Hug my dearest mother in the house、Farewell,Let Mom Juxiu take care of her body,Call her if you have anything。
Although Ju Xiu felt unwilling to give up,But there are some things she can’t help but,Tian Lu understands her mother’s heart。
Hug mother tightly for a long time。Then to the other wing,Say hello to other relatives one after another,The family sent her to the door of the village,I didn’t turn around and walked towards the house until I got on the country line bus。
Their eyes,It’s estimated that only Jusu is reluctant to give up her daughter,In the eyes of other people,I am afraid it is a formal need。
Sometimes the burden of family affection really makes Tian Lu unable to bear it,Make her breathless,After getting in the car,Although I don’t want to give up to relatives,But still a long sigh of relief。
It’s almost called“escape”Leave home like that。
Outside the window,The yellow ears of rice in the village head down heavily,It’s the harvest season again,Now it’s all harvested mechanically。
Think of childhood,Grandpa is directing in the field,Division of labor and cooperation,Harvested with a sickle、Tied with grain rope、Towed to the field with a cart,Then wait for the locomotive to press the rice into bags。It all seems to be yesterday,Vividly。Grandpa is no longer now,The grass field was requisitioned into farmland,Machinery instead of labor,My hometown has changed,The ever-evolving laws of nature make her somewhat invisible to her childhood memories。
The rural home keeps her warm,Also feel heavy responsibility。Move forward with weight,But it has to be easy。
Change environment,May have a different mood。
Arrive at destination,She got off the bus,Sit in a famous historical ancient capital,To feel the different customs。
Before this tour,She hardly traveled alone,And I was alone in the industrial park“Play forward”,Is a different case,Is to take work tasks,Motivated by pressure,And traveling alone are two different things。
and so,Go out alone,She is a little worried。