“Mayor Chen!Everyone has worked together for so many years,I am half a cat, you should be the clearest。Pingdu has developed rapidly in the past two years,Especially the rapid development of Pingyang Town,Keep Pingdu’s ranking in the province going forward。But Donglin Township is like a tail,Always dragging the flat city,This old problem,Don’t you want to solve it?“Xia Jian said emotionally。

Chen Jiang took a breath and said:“it is good!I promise you。The first and third articles are not very problematic,But the second one is a bit difficult。It seems that Zhao Chunling is not the chief editor of the police station,And it hasn’t been long since she went to work,You let her act for the deputy head of Donglin Township,I’m afraid this doesn’t make sense!“
“Mayor Chen!Since you want Xia Jian to rectify Donglin Township,Let it stop dragging down the city,This matter must be handled specially。Donglin Township has not developed in recent years,First, it has a great relationship with geographical location,The second is artificial obstacles。To develop Donglin Township,We must destroy the monopoly of the evil forces“Qin Xiaomin said in a low voice。
Han Qingping glanced at Chen Jiang,Smiled slightly:“This is easy。As Vice Mayor Qin said,Special affairs。Talk to Director Mao,First get Zhao Chunling to be,Then tune out any director in Donglin Township,Transfer Zhao Chunling over again,There is no problem with this“
Han Qingping finished,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。This young man is so bold,He can go to work in Donglin Township,This may be a good thing。Got it up,That’s everyone’s credit,Can’t make it up,Xia Jian can only walk dingy。A good thing that kills two birds with one stone,Why didn’t he say!
Chen Jiang heard Han Qingping say this,He nodded,Took a breath and said:“Ok!I promise you all three things,Then you have to pass tomorrow“
“Mayor Chen,I have something to say。If you want Xia Jian to gain a firm foothold in Donglin Township,You must give him the right to do special things,This is one。Second,You have to talk to Director Mao,Which people in Donglin Township Police Station need to reshuffle“Qin Xiaomin said to Chen Jiang with a serious face。
Chen Jiang looked at Qin Xiaomin and said:“Ok!But you can talk to Director Mao about this,Because when i get to the city,Put the film rights of Donglin Township under your name“
Chen Jiang finished,Get up and walk out。He knew,There are so many people waiting for him in the conference room,But arrange Xia Jian here first,Who can talk a lot。
Chen Jiang leaves,Han Qingping and Qin Xiaomin can only follow along。Secretary Lu’s Office,Xia Jian was left alone。
Wei Xiaoming and Xiong Yongqiang ran in。Wei Xiaoming raised his neck and said:“Mayor Xia!You take me and Yongqiang too!Critical time,Both of us can help you”
“Do not be silly,Don’t follow along。After i go,Mayor Tong, you have to help her。This stall in Pingyang Town is not small,There are not a few capable people that can’t do it”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Neng Yongqiang thought for a while and said:“I’m going with you,Donglin Township is a hole they dug for you,You’ll be ruined,I don’t want to watch them bully you like this”
“okay,It’s not the same after you go“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Xiong Yongqiang said with a cold smile:“That’s different,I have an aunt behind me,Something happened,They have to weigh in。Not let you,No backing”
“Correct!I think,Either we both follow you,Or at least one”Wei Xiaoming said stubbornly。
At this moment,Tong Jie came in,She glanced at these two people and said:“Go to your business!Finished the work in Pingyang Town,I’m also helping Mayor Xia。Donglin Township is not Pingyang Town,You can only cause trouble to Mayor Xia,He can do it all by himself”
Wei Xiaoming and Xiong Yongqiang heard what Tong Jie said,The two of them left reluctantly。Tong Jie smiled and said:“What are you doing?It’s a bit of catching the ducks on the shelves!”
“Nothing。Although I went to Donglin Township,I will help you secretly with the work here。Development of Pingyang Town,Not for me alone,So we should cherish“Xia Jie said,Reached out and patted Tong Jie’s shoulder gently。