Face-lifting yoga helps you lose your beauty

Face-lifting yoga helps you lose your beauty

How can I lose face?

Let’s take a look at this simple weight loss method!

After supplementing the lotion for the skin, coupled with the key facial yoga exercises, the facial lines are lifted, the law lines are eliminated, the double chins are resolved, and the skin that is elastic, tight and bright is close to your eyes.Face MM’s MM quickly follow suit.

  Action 1: Centering on the clavicle, shift upwards and downwards, expelling toxins from the body.

  Action 2: Put your fingers on your shoulders, turn your elbows back and forth over your head, and do 8 times.

  Action three: Use both hands to pull outward from under the ears, stimulate the lymph and promote blood circulation to the face and head.

  Action 4: Massage the double of the head in a circular manner with your fingertips, as if pulling your muscles behind your head.

This can improve the facial lines and remember effective weight loss methods!

  Action five: Block the eyebrows with the thumb and abdomen for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times to reduce intraocular pressure.

  Action 6: Press the middle finger directly under the black eyeball for 3 seconds to eliminate eye fatigue and lighten the dark circles.

  Action 7: Place the second joint of the fist under the cheekbones of the cheeks, and do it 3 times like pushing the meat up.

  Action eight: Raise your face upwards, extend your tongue to the maximum limit and hold it for about 5 seconds to do 3 times, you can solve the double chin.