Select TV program type to see attitude

Select TV program type to see attitude

Which of the following popular script types are some of the most appealing to you?


With professional knowledge (such as legal or medical) B.

Hilarious comedy class C.

Romance class D.

Mystery Reasoning Choice A: You have high demands on others and yourself. Some people have a lot of psychological pressure when you get along with you, but in fact, you have a knife-shaped tofu heart. If others can admit their mistakes, even the biggest things will becomeTrivia.

  Option B: You are easy to be oppressed by the bully of the war, and always fall behind.

However, although the feeling of being used is not good, and you are back to life at that time, you can forget it after a while and it will not affect your trust in others.

  Choice C: What you are after is a passion. Even if you are already old, you are looking forward to another vigorous love.

  Choice D: Because of being ignorant of human affairs, try to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

If a conflict occurs, “pretending to be dead” is your trick. Attempting to divert the other party’s attention is your attitude towards the conflict.