Can newborns cut their nails?

Can newborns cut their nails?

Many parents love their newborn baby. When they see their little hands scratching purposelessly, they are worried that they will scratch their faces.

Some parents dare not recover nails for their newborns, so they put on a pair of gloves for their children.

Experts believe that wearing gloves may cause multiple injuries to newborns.

  Experts say that wearing gloves looks like it can protect the skin of newborn babies, but from the perspective of infant development, this directly restricts the child’s hands, restricts finger movements, and is not conducive to tactile development.

  Towel gloves or gloves made of other cotton wool, such as thread tips inside, can easily entangle children’s fingers and affect the local blood circulation of the fingers. If not found in time, it may cause neonatal finger necrosis and cause serious consequences.

  Tianjin Children’s Hospital often treats this type of child in neonatal surgery. Most babies are cut off by necrotic fingers because their parents find it too late, which causes lifelong pain for the child and the parent.

  Therefore, experts remind that from the perspective of finger development and safety of newborns, parents should not wear gloves to newborns.

To prevent newborns from scratching their faces, doctors recommend that if the newborn’s nails are long, parents can carefully correct them while he is asleep; be sure to hold the newborn’s small hand when cutting the nails to prevent the child from being shaken by fingersScissors hurt. Also, do not cut your nails too short to avoid damaging the nail bed.