Iran’s ratification of anti-money laundering bill will help Iran conform to international rules

Iran’s ratification of anti-money laundering bill will help Iran conform to international rules

Iran has confirmed that the National Interests 深圳桑拿网 Commission approved an anti-money laundering bill on the 5th, which will help Iran to integrate with international rules and attract foreign investment during the United Nations sanctions.

  The Iranian parliament approved the bill last year to defeat the demands of the Intergovernmental Group on Financial Action Task Force on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing.

  Iran’s national conservative opposition anti-money laundering bill finds that it denies Iran’s financial assistance to its allies, such as Lebanon Hezbollah, but has been classified as a terrorist organization by the United States.

The Iranian Constitutional Guardianship Committee refused to ratify the bill.

  Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency reported that after making some amendments to the bill, it was approved by Iran’s National Interest Commission on the 5th.

This body initially addresses disputes between legislation and the Constitutional Guardianship Board.

The brother of Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani, a conservative Ayatollah Sadiq Amolli Rajani, was appointed chairman of the National Interest Determination Committee last week.

  People in the foreign business community told Reuters that Iran complies with the standards of the Financial Action Task Force and is no longer on the organization’s blacklist, increasing their investment in Iran significantly, especially when Iran sanctions US sanctions.

  The US government withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in May last year, and in August and November of the same year resumed sanctions on Iran in two batches, including energy exports that are vital to the Iranian economy.

  The European Union supports the Iranian nuclear agreement and intends to establish a special purpose agency to help European companies bypass US sanctions and continue legal trade with Iran.

  According to Reuters, Iran ‘s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ‘s previously opposed parliament passed the anti-money laundering bill in recent times; some analysts believe his reason for the change may be to preventIran’s economic situation has deteriorated.

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