And Qin Feng immediately understood。

“Then i……”
“Go,I will take care of sister。”Jiang Yan at this time,She looks like a family daughter,If you take off professional attire,Plus a little red face because of shyness,Really can’t tell,Is a proud president。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Two Grandson can stand it
“Then i’m going,If it is too late,I drop by to buy vegetables,Make good food for you tonight。”Qin Feng finished,Ran out quickly,I’m afraid I’ll be caught back later。
“Ziyu,How are you doing,feelling better?dad,How are you,Still want to pull?”Hua Tianyi looks at his son and father lying on the bed separately,Asked anxiously。
“dad,I’m going to die,I’m so uncomfortable,I think i’m dying。”Hua Ziyu said weakly。
“son,Why are you uncomfortable,You tell dad,Dad takes you to the hospital。”Speaking, Hua Tianyi picked up the phone,Need to call an ambulance。
“Can’t go to the hospital,Ziyu, you believe in grandpa,What you eat is that half of the beauty essence,Grandpa was just like you,Just hold on,Tomorrow will be fine。”How could the genius doctor Hua agree to let Hua Tianyi call an ambulance?。
If you get to the hospital,The doctor asked,I’ll be known by others,Two grandparents of the Hua family,Was admitted to the hospital for eating rat shit。
In the future, except for the face,,I’m afraid that the sign of his doctor Hua will also be smashed。
“grandfather,Do not worry,Grandson can stand it。”Hua Ziyu this time,Still not forgetting to be his good grandson in front of the genius doctor Hua。
But say so,Actually I’m already scolding my mother,I have this virtue,Not let go to the hospital,I have to wait until I’m really dying,Can i go?
But Hua Ziyu can only curse in his heart,Still dare not say it。
Because he knows,Survived this time,I’m in Grandpa’s heart,Would definitely have a high opinion of myself。
So Hua Ziyu thought,I have to persist anyway,Even if you can’t hold on,Then father and grandpa wouldn’t watch them hang up like this。