“of course。Runyu City is already very rich,There are many gem mountains around,It is also the only way to Nihai Commercial Road,There are also many spiritual veins,The Shenfan Academy announced its abandonment,The Order has positioned the city as the city of sin,Many factions that are unwilling to plunder Runyu City due to their reputation can take action without scruple.,Soon Runyu City will be divided up with nothing left!”Hu Chongming said with indignation。

most of the time,Some gangsters wandering outside are not scary,The scary thing is that all the people become robbers,This is an unstoppable force。
Shenfan Academy does not need to do it yourself,Just give this order,Judging Runyu City as a sin city,Then the greed of the whole brown earth,It will make Runyu City irresistible!
So this is equivalent to the death penalty!
“Isn’t the orderer abusing his power??”Hu Bailing said。
“He is using power,But not abusing power,Runyu City before we took over,There is indeed a risk of being sentenced to the city of sin,It’s just the orderer’s raid on us this month,Turn a blind eye。”Yao Junshi said。
“A piece of land,At least two orderers,I don’t know who the other Orderer is,If he can get his approval,Runyu City is still saved。”Hu Chongming said。
“The premise is that the relationship between the two orderers is not in harmony,Disagreement。”
“or,We just follow what the school affairs of Shenfan Academy said,Pay 2 million gold every month?”Yao Junshi whispered。
“impossible,How much do we earn every month,And also need to invest in the construction of the city、management、Policy implementation,Not to mention the money spent on recruiting and buying horses……”Hu Chongming and Hu Bailing both opposed。
A rich city-state,Every month may not be able to produce two million gold in tax,Not to mention the mess city of Runyu City,Money to invest,Tens of millions of gold is not enough,I have to pay the protection fee to Shenfan Academy??
Their Shenfan Academy did nothing!
Even Hu Chongming doubted,Shenfan Academy deliberately took advantage of the fact that Runyu City is about to be judged as a city of sin,Blackmail them who plan to rebuild Runyu City。
Otherwise why not announce it a month ago,I didn’t wait until Runyu City got better.。
and,Although the forces in charge can be replaced。
But it must be a real deterrent in the brown earth。
If you change to Zhumen,,Zhu Men has no branch in the brown land at all,No deacon。
Replaced with Zhumen,Imaginary,Can’t play any protection or deterrent effect。