“There is no action tomorrow.,If there is,The biggest suspect is Jiulijun!”

“Why is him??”
“Although he looks outstanding,But there are many doubts.,Especially the princes are born.,Judgment combination Every time there is no vacant,Why do you get into the bullet here?,Still not,It looks very serious,In fact, it is a little more than the skin.,This is a designed bitter meat.?What is to let Zheng Yao first place the rice and fireworks.?”
“Director,I heard that he is a high-profile student of Zhonghong School.,Still near Wei Wenmo Prime Minister,Yoguo Zhaoza is full of praise,If this is doubtful, we don’t have a good fruit.。”
“I don’t want to doubt him.,But we are eating this bowl of rice.,No matter who he is,As long as there is doubt, you must check it out.,Otherwise, we will pay the price of life.!”Ding Mun Village,
“Then what should we do tomorrow??”
“You will do it according to my layout.……”
Li Shousun listened to Ding Mun Village before listening to Ding Mun Village.……
Rui Rui is now a little happiness,Because I can take a big beautiful female Fu Yingxue in the evening.,Say you can only kiss and hug,Fu Yingxue can’t stop his hand is not honest.,In addition to the final line,She also served as two big hands in her body.。
I came to the special high school next morning.,Rui is waiting next to the phone,He also knows that Ding Mun Village is not good.,sDifficult task cannot be completed so well,It is waiting for Song Jian and Tang Rui’s report.,They have not come to the office today.,Is definitely what happened last night?。
Qi Rui now understand how important Zheng Yao first said it is.,Song Jian and Tang Rui are absolutely a very sensitive agent that is very sensitive.,They won’t miss any details,It is the two people who have stared at the agent headquarters for so many days.,I have never been found.。
Eight points,Phone is finally ringing。
“Hey,I am a long pool!”
“Class long!I am Song Jian。”
“Do you have not come back yesterday??”
“Class long,last night,Specialist headquarters seems to have a big action,Bi Zhongliang and Li Shunqun have taken a team of people.,I followed Tang Rui.,I found that they lived in the hotel.。”
“Live in the hotel!Which hotel?”
“Xinya Hotel and Joe Hotel,After going in, no more,I let Tang Rui stare at them.,Recharge it back to the agent headquarters,Just now Ding Mun Village personally brought a team of people to the Army Hospital.,I am in the hospital now.。”
Rui Rui once again praised their ability to two people,Say:“Song Jian,Today, Ding Mi Village is going to send the sea.,In order to ensure that there is no loss,You must determine whether Ding Mun Village and Haizheng have on。”
“It turns out that they are going to go to special classes.,That’s right,Bi Zhongliang and Li Shousun took people living in ambush in advance.,It seems that they are worried that there are half-way robbery!”
NS266chapter battle of wits
Qi Rui suddenly found this time to encounter real opponents.,Take a look:“Song Jian,Ding Mun Village is to ensure safety,This is right,You stared at them.,Tell me the number of your phone booth,I will call you in the past.!”
Rui Rui put down the phone does not help but the brow is tight,Ding Mun Village is a small number,How many killers who have been sent, he did not succeed,Otherwise, the task given by the system will not besLevel。
Qi Rui knows that Ding Mun Village is difficult to kill,It is even more inde sure that he will not follow the team.,Therefore, there are four action programs for judges.,Any solution must see action instructions to implement,Did not see the instructions and signals represent the termination action。
Rui Rui saw the map found that the location of the two hotels is just near the first plan.,Now Bi Zhongliang and Li Shun should have already scattered in the whole street.,Going to the hotel one night, it is to avoid being killed.,Ding Mun Village is also very paying attention to details。
Qi Rui knows that this action knows only a few people at the office at the time.,However, the Hai Zhengchun in the first person in the Army Hospital knows that it is not a secret.,Action investigative master can also detect Hazhengchu transfer by investigating,Then halfway killing is not impossible,So this assassination is rumored to continue。
Rui Rui looked at the table has been 8:30,Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng should have reached the designated place,Next, look at yourself.。
“Yunzi Miss!”Rumored,
Zhunexin Yunzi pushed the door into the office asked:“Long pool class,Are you calling me??”
“You are ready,Wear it with me。”
“What to do?”
“I am worried that I am in the middle of the road to transport the fleet of the sea.,Let’s go to the road to see,just in case。”
“There are not a few people who know this escort mission.,Waiting for a power station, you will not know.?”