Chen Xiu knows that he can’t convince this old man without showing his hand,I looked around the shop and said:“Your old man has a special liking for Ming Dynasty collections,Four Famous Products in Ming Dynasty:Xuande furnace、Cloisonne、Chenghua Cup、Wanli Cabinet。You only need one Chenghua Chicken Cup to be complete here!”

Experts will know if there is any。
Chen Xiu could see the collection in his store at a glance,Fang Zhishan’s eyes are bright。
“You are really good。”
“Of course!”
Chen Xiu has always been very humble,But in order to impress Father Fang, he also deliberately went wild.。
“I’ll test you。”
Fang Zhishan pointed to a landscape painting in the glass cabinet and asked:“Look at this painting!”
Chen Xiu looked around,I saw that it was a slightly yellowed landscape map,Not too big,It’s only about 30 centimeters,The mountains painted above are steep,It seems to be on paper,Visible skill。
Fang Zhishan sees Chen Xiu’s open-mouthed boss,I just thought it stumped him,Said proudly:“young people,Humility is the fine quality of the Xia nation,Don’t be ashamed of not seeing……”
“Huashan map!“
Chen Xiu opened his mouth and said:“This is Wang Lu’s Huashan Picture,Is a famous medical scientist in Ming Dynasty。
At the same time he is good at engineering poetry,Good at painting。Ma Yuan of the Southern Song Dynasty、Xia Gui,Self-made。
Unfortunately,His only surviving work is《Huashan map》,This is Wang Lu1Sketches when visiting Huashan。