China’s resident representative: firm defending the Charter of the United Nations, practicing real multilateralism

New York, New York, September 23, China’s resident representative Zhang Jun attended the "Defending" of the Charter of the United Nations in New York, China on the 23rd, called for firm to defend the Charter of the United Nations and practiced real multilateralism. Zhang Jun said that the "UN Charter" declared the firm belief in the international community, established the basic principles of contemporary international relations.

China is the first country signing on the Charter of the United Nations. The People’s Republic of China has been restored in the United Nations legal seats in the past 50 years, has been defending the "United Nations Charter" in the United Nations, which is always the construction of the United Nations, the construction of the world, the contributor of the global development, the maintenance of the international order, the provider of public goods . Zhang Jun emphasized that in the face of a hundred years of change and new crown epidemic, we need to firmly defend the "United Nations Charter" than ever, need to strengthen group combination in the United Nations platform, and join hands to respond to global threats and challenges. China is willing to meet with relevant parties to promote the international community to reflect the commitment to the "Charter" of the United Nations, practice real multilateralism, jointly maintained the international system based on United Nations, and oppose hegemony. Breakfast and single-sidedism, resolutely resist unilateral compulsory measures, support the United Nations to become a core platform for common security and joint development results, and jointly grasp the core platform of world destiny.

The political statement published by the meeting stressed that the "UN Charter" is critical to building a fair, equality international order, unilateral measures violates the "United Nations Charter" and International Law Basic Guidelines, "Defend" The Charter of the United Nations "Friends" will be in the United Nations The work promotes all parties to comply with international law and maintain multilateralism with the core of the United Nations.

"Defending the" Friends of the United Nations "Friends" is launched by Venezuela and is established in July this year.

At present, members include China, Russia, Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Cambodia, North Korea, Laos, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and Grenadines and other countries.

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