What should arthritis patients eat?

Recommended 7 Arthritis Food Recipes

What should arthritis patients eat?
Recommended 7 Arthritis Food Recipes

Arthritis is a common chronic disease, so do you know how to treat it?

The best way to treat arthritis is through conditioning.

So what do you know about arthritis?

Are there any classic diet recipes?

Let’s take a look together.

  Arthritis 1, Panax notoginseng porridge Usage 10-15 g of panax notoginseng, 15-20 g of salvia miltiorrhiza, 30 g of chicken blood vine, wash, add appropriate amount of water to cook and thicken the boiled rice, add 300 g of rice beforeWhen the porridge is ready, add medicinal juice and cook for a while.

Take 1 ad libitum each time.

Efficacy: Activating Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis, Tongluo Analgesic.

Indications of blood stasis internal resistance, unfavorable meridian joint pain.

  2. Usage of Panax notoginseng chicken 1 male black chicken, 6g of panax notoginseng and 10g of astragalus root. Totally involved in the belly of the chicken, add 10ml rice wine and simmer over low heat until the chicken is cooked.

Dip in soy sauce at random once every other day.

Efficacy: Wenyang, Qi, and pain.

Indications for knee arthritis, the card is yang deficiency.

  3. Use porcine kidney porridge to take 1 pair of washed and sliced pork kidney, 6 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of walnut meat and 200 grams of existing rice, and add appropriate amount of water to cook porridge. Take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Qufeng dehumidification, nourishing kidney qi.

Attending knee arthritis, the syndrome belongs to the kidney deficiency.

  4. For windproof porridge, use 12g of windproof, wash the white onion, add an appropriate amount of water, decoction with low fire; then take 60g of rice before cooking, and add the juice when the porridge is ready to cook.

1 dose daily for breakfast.

Efficacy: Remove rheumatism.

Attending knee arthritis, the card is rheumatism.

  5. Peach kernel porridge usage: Wash 10 grams of peach kernel, mash it like mud, add water to remove the residue, boil with 30 grams of barley kernel, 100 grams of rice all the time for porridge, take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Yiqi Huoxue, Tongli joints.

Indications for knee osteoarthritis are syndromes of qi deficiency, blood stasis and joint blockage.

  6. Winter melon barley soup uses 500 grams of winter melon sliced with skin, co-boil with 50 grams of barley kernels and add appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat until the melon is ripe, and add salt to taste when eating.

Take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Spleen, clearing away heat and dampness.

Indications for knee osteoarthritis, the card belongs to damp-heat content and damp-dampness.

  7, Pueraria puerariae pueraria congee, 15 grams, decoction to remove juice, 20 grams of red adzuki beans, 30 grams of rice before a total of porridge to take, suitable for cervical spondylosis stiff neck.

Decompression Method-Yoga Meditation Ideas

Unzip method

Yoga theory believes that the health of the nervous system is the most important of the entire human health.

And yoga practice and yoga meditation are more beneficial to the human nervous system than any exercise system.

Yoga also brings the hyperactive nervous system back to normal function.

Therefore, practicing yoga is the only way to relieve stress.

  Efficacy: This posture allows the practitioner to break through distractions, concentrate strength, calm people down, and tap the highest potential of people.

It strengthens and contracts leg muscles and improves the balance of the practitioner.

  Posture: 1. Stand upright, legs close together, hands hang down naturally.

  2, shift the center of gravity to the left foot, bend the upper right, so that the calf belly as close as possible to the thigh, feet up, grasp the right foot with both hands and put it to the root of the left thigh.

  3, loosen your hands, lift your hands to your chest, put your palms together and keep breathing naturally.

  4. Keep balance and try to stay longer.

  5. Repeat the process with another leg.

Select TV program type to see attitude

Select TV program type to see attitude

Which of the following popular script types are some of the most appealing to you?


With professional knowledge (such as legal or medical) B.

Hilarious comedy class C.

Romance class D.

Mystery Reasoning Choice A: You have high demands on others and yourself. Some people have a lot of psychological pressure when you get along with you, but in fact, you have a knife-shaped tofu heart. If others can admit their mistakes, even the biggest things will becomeTrivia.

  Option B: You are easy to be oppressed by the bully of the war, and always fall behind.

However, although the feeling of being used is not good, and you are back to life at that time, you can forget it after a while and it will not affect your trust in others.

  Choice C: What you are after is a passion. Even if you are already old, you are looking forward to another vigorous love.

  Choice D: Because of being ignorant of human affairs, try to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

If a conflict occurs, “pretending to be dead” is your trick. Attempting to divert the other party’s attention is your attitude towards the conflict.

Discovery: depression can be eaten

Discovery: depression can be “eaten”

Eat some desserts and drink fruit juices to relax your mood.
  The annoying thing of melancholy is like a discouraged balloon, which is not angry all the time; it is so distracting that it is so heavy that it even embarks on the road to self-destruction.
  If you live in a fast-paced society, if you do n’t know how to relieve your worries, you can easily get entangled in depression, and you will be depressed forever.
  There are many ways to get rid of depression. Here we focus on the diet and see how we can “eat” depression.
  Diet is one of the powerful ways to improve and influence an individual’s mood.
The variety of food, sweets, alcohol, sugar, etc., has a considerable impact on our lives.
  Everyone has a similar experience. When you are restless and frustrated, the sweeter food or wine can quickly increase the serum tension in the brain, etc., so that the nervous system can be temporarily relieved, but the situation is even worse in the future.He became more melancholic and tired.
  Therefore, knowing the way to a healthy diet is the most convenient and effective shortcut to coping with stress and depression.
  What food can relieve depression?
  I. Polysaccharide foods: Saccharides can relieve stress and improve mood through the increase of serotonin, but monosaccharides are absorbed too quickly and go fast. If you can use carbohydrates as much as possible, use a polysaccharide diet.They are better because they digest more slowly and the serotonin promotion process is smoother, making them an ideal food source.
  Many refined foods in modern times lack polysaccharides, mainly monosaccharides, which are not suitable under high pressure environment.
  Polysaccharide foods include whole grain rice, barley, wheat, oats, melons and vegetables and fruits with high fiber polysaccharides.
  Protein foods: Many proteins that are directly related to mood stability are amino acids that are used to make emotional hormones. For example, tryptophan can form serotonin and melatonin, leucine can make growth hormone, and thyroxine.Are all indispensable components of the human body, such as bananas, dairy products, turkey meat, etc., are tryptophan-containing foods, which can be fully ingested by people with depression.
  3. Fat foods: Excess cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke, but excessively low cholesterol concentration is also one of the causes of depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even mental disorders, so we must pay attention to maintaining normal cholesterol intake.the amount.
  In addition, fish oil is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids. Medically proven to have health care effects on heart disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal cancer, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Recent prospective studies have also shown that taking more fish oil can improve depression and anxiety.
In addition, vegetable oils are also effective in the treatment of depression because they contain high amounts of linolenic acid (GLA).
  4. Vitamins and mineral foods: Vitamins are essential for all biochemical processes in the body, including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, carotene, folic acid, etc.Equally important, in addition, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, etc. cannot be ignored.
Women’s intake of calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. has a greater proportion to prevent osteoporosis after menopause and depression after menopause.
  V. Water: More than 80% of the human body is water. Water is the basic environment for all body operations. If you want to be healthy and worry-free, drink more water, increase waste excretion, and cleanse your body and mind.
  How to get rid of depression and eat healthy is up to ourselves.

Three tips for tacit understanding of newlyweds

Three tips for tacit understanding of newlyweds

Marriage makes two people have to get close to each other, eat and sleep together, and go in and out together . and tacit understanding is a look and a gesture, not even a certain mind, which can make each other understand and resonate .… One, aim your humor at yourself. The less you are afraid of revealing the clumsy side in front of the other party, the more relaxed you are in front of the other party, the better the tacit agreement between the two parties will be.

When exercising the ability of both sides to withstand jokes, remember to point your humor at yourself.

At the wedding stage, the unpleasant experience is likely to be caused by an inadvertent joke, such as making fun of the other’s hot hair like an electric shocked poodle, or making fun of the other’s huge figure like a hippo.

  This is because, at this stage, the two sides have not yet become familiar with “seeing jokes as intimate”, and making fun of each other is more “high-level” flirting than sweet talk; otherwise, the person who provoked the joke did not first”Spearhead” aimed at himself.

Experts believe that each couple has a strong potential for humor, and the party with a stronger humorous ability should assume the obligation to mobilize each other’s humorous energy, and this “demonstration” can begin with self-deprecation.

  Song Yang, 28, was particularly upset that her husband had called her “flower butterfly” (meaning she always splashed a lot of glitter when she went to a bar or party), but she was relieved when he claimed to be “I am a chimpanzee”.

“At the end of the summer, he swam in the open-air swimming pool for at least 30,000 meters. He was so dark that when I made fun of him that he was even darker than the orangutan, every time he texted me, his signature was like an orangutan cartoon.

  This incident made Song Yang review his “allergic” reaction to the three words “flower butterfly”: “I can call him like this, not to make me change, but to make it easier for us to get along.
Song Yang also gradually learned to use self-deprecating to end the dispute between the two sides.

有时两个人发生了矛盾,宋扬想主动结束持续了一天的冷战,她就会在冰箱上粘一张纸条:“猩猩:你应该原谅蝴蝶了,你知道蝴蝶是著名的‘没头脑’,No matter how clever a butterfly is, its brain capacity will never exceed zero.

01 constant.

“I believe no one can hold his face in such a note.

Self-deprecation, seemingly self-deprecating, is actually the smartest way to end the dispute. In fact, it also avoids the emotional fluctuations caused by daily disputes. It is an unexpected trick to promote close relationships.

  Second, don’t pay too much attention to his past. If you are not his first love, you must be full of inexpressible curiosity about his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. This weird feeling comes from jealousy.

And if he is your first lover, this jealousy will replace the strong imbalance.

However, pursuing his past with a slap in the air will not help build mutual trust and intimacy.

Yes, you want to know, how did he meet his ex-girlfriend?

What did his parents say about his ex-girlfriend?

What was the real reason for their breakup?

  Whether it’s a lie or the truth, what good will it do for you?

Force him to explain his past love history. If his answer is light and vague, you say he is “slick”; if he confesses the truth of the details one by one, your jealousy will be stronger.

For his ex-girlfriend, do you want him to forget as soon as possible, or do you want him to indulge in memories again and again?

So, don’t bother yourself, just think that his past has been burned by a fire.

Qiu Meiling, 31, said, “I’m a winner. Why ask the losers where they fled?

“Xin Yan Shi Yan!

  After enjoying silent sex and creating an “action code” that only you would like to move into your new home, Zhou Miao instead refuses to her friends that the intimacy and tacit understanding between her and her husband are declining.

  It turned out that one year ago they were still living with Zhou Miao’s parents.

In the case of “the wall has ears”, the two enjoyed a kind of almost silent sex, and created a lot of seemingly ordinary sexual secrets. Parents couldn’t understand, but they understood each other.

For example, Zhou Miao is a fruit and vegetable juice enthusiast. The “juicing task” is usually undertaken by her husband.

One hour after dinner, he would come and ask, “I’m going to squeeze fresh orange juice. Would you like a glass.

“Fresh orange juice” is his signal. If Zhou Miao wants to go online or watch a video alone, she said, “Stop fresh orange juice today, squeeze a glass of carrot and tomato juice for me.”

“Sometimes I go out to eat. When the waiter laughs and asks: Mr. Miss wants red wine or fresh orange juice, the two of them will laugh heartily, and the husband will rush to say,” Come on a glass of fresh orange juice.of.
Now remember, the silent film era of “fresh orange juice” is also fascinating.

In the vertical with ears in the partition wall, silent sex relies on the tacit understanding of the soul to bring the two parties to a state of fun and indulgence.

Zhou Miao had a sudden inspiration and whispered, “Oh, we have sex in the museum like a thief.

“Yes, there are” alarm bells “and” infrared protection nets “all around the place. The joy of this adventure makes the intimacy become a feeling of” coming together in one boat “.

Apparently, the empty new home has reduced the motivation for sex between the two sides. Zhou Miao began to warmly invite both parents to stay for a while, and was also keen to stay with friends from afar.

She will buy a large basket of oranges in advance and ask everyone: “Are you interested in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?”But she only needs to watch one’s reaction.

  Third, find a platform to get along with alone. Gossip. Don’t expect that after seven years of marriage, you will continue to pour out your love with sweet words.

Gossip is often more suitable for this stage, which is about love and family, and coincides with various family planning assumptions.

  At the time of changing her new home, 32-year-old Guo Jin chose an apartment with a terrace on the top floor. She made a fir sun house on the terrace and put rattan and canvas deck chairs.

The wooden house is also where they dry their clothes. It has wooden bookshelves, potted plants, and a single-door refrigerator that has been eliminated from the home.

Mr. Guo’s husband often finds champagne and fresh matcha cakes in the refrigerator. Once, he also found a large box of ice cream inside.

These reserves are all provided by Guo Rong for “gossip.”

On the weekend, after the child and babysitter were asleep, the two climbed onto the terrace to drink champagne, lay down each other, and talked leisurely.

The topic is nothing more than what plants should be replaced in the courtyard, which kind of water-saving sprinkler is more cost-effective; the ridiculous thing happened at the last class reunion; the joke in the office; the seventh method of P. vannamei; and, somePersonal whimsy, for example, Guo Guang wants to paint on the original wooden chair at home, and turns them into “flower chairs” and “fruit chairs”, but worried that her parents would think that she was going crazy, “Last timeThey heard that I went to buy four bizarre expensive rosewood chairs and already thought that I was going crazy; this time I would draw pictures again, wouldn’t I go crazy again?

As a result, Guo Rong quickly got the support of his husband. His reason was: “Isn’t it just four chairs?”

How to pass a limited life without doing unhelpful things?

“Patios and fir huts eventually became the place where the couple reached a lot of trivialities.

  Marriage life inevitably has its homely trivial side, and one of the sources that interfere with the sense of tacit understanding is to replace the crumbs with endless romance and avoid trivialism. This approach is ostrich-like. Trivialism is everywhereRather gossiping and experience the subtle fun behind trivialities.

Coping Strategies

Coping Strategies

Coins, small buttons, toy parts . curious babies always like to put everything in their mouths. How do you avoid babies from eating and swallowing them at this time?

  Xu Huaiyi: Founder of the Children’s League.

  Discover that the Kids Alliance is an alliance of Sina’s most popular parenting bloggers, guiding the growth of children seeking critical periods.

  4 types of items are easy for babies to inadvertently eat food. Hidden dangers are not tolerated. Ignoring the characteristics of beans, nuts, fruit cores, jellies, etc. ◆ Soy beans, mung beans and other beans, if the trachea or bronchus is blocked, it will swell by absorbing moisture, eliminating airways, causingasphyxia.
  ◆ Peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and other nut slices are hard, not easy to chew, not easy to digest, small in size, and easy to choke into the trachea.

  ◆ Grape seeds, cherry seeds, apricot kernels and other fruit kernels are also in the range that was easier to be mistakenly eaten by infants because of their small size and indigestion.

  ◆ Jelly is small, smooth and elastic, and most of the jelly is shaped like a stopper. It cannot be eaten by babies under three years old.

  Interpretation of “poison” soap, washing powder, hand sanitizer, washing spirit, disinfectant, toilet cleaning spirit, insecticide and other characteristics in the kitchen and toilet ◆ The main ingredients of washing powder and washing liquid are various surfactants, most of which areLow-toxic or non-toxic substance.

  ◆ The main ingredients of soap are potassium, sodium, ammonium salts of fatty acids and some free fatty acids.

  ◆ Washing spirit, whether synthetic or natural plant type, generally does not produce toxic effects.

  If the above substances are ingested too much, they can easily cause poisoning, digestive symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

  Interpretation of the characteristics of beautiful medicine capsules, sediments, granules, oral liquids, etc. that are easy to be accidentally eaten. ◆ The small capsules are so cute in shape, they are mostly coated with sugar like rainbow beans. These drugs have a lot of temptation in the eyes of curious babies.

  ◆ Different medicines will have different degrees of substitution. If it is a common Chinese patent medicine or vitamin tablets, it is very rare, so don’t worry too much. If it is a western medicine with large side effects, it needs to be based on the specific situation of the medicine and the amount of ingestion.To decide whether to go to the hospital immediately.

  Interpretation of small debris, coins, buttons, pawns, button batteries, etc. that are easy to escape from sight ◆ Coins, buttons, pawns, toy parts, and other debris, although small in size, may also block the trachea, if ingested into the stomachHere, it is necessary to confirm whether it is excreted with the stool.

  ◆ The lethality of the button battery is not small. Once the surface metal protective film is dissolved, a large amount of toxic substances will be released, which will damage the gastric mucosa, burn the esophagus, and severely cause acute renal failure.

  Strategies for preventing infants from eating by mistake. Pay attention to placing items that are prone to eating by mistake as high as possible, or put them in locked cabinets and places.

The container of the container that contains the susceptible food items should be screwed to the extent that the baby cannot open it.

Keep adult medicines and children’s medicines separate and out of reach of babies.

  Good eating habits Develop a good habit of eating quietly. Don’t let your baby make noisy running and jumping during the eating process. Adults should also pay attention not to reprimand, frighten the baby, and don’t make fun with the baby.

When the baby finds that he can’t eat something in his mouth, he promptly corrects it.

Do not take medicines in front of your baby. Babies have a strong ability to imitate, they will imitate unconsciously, and they think that adults are taking “food”.

Process hard food into smaller particles or cook soft and then give it to your baby.

Try to supervise your baby’s feeding process and observe changes in your baby at any time.

  Parents should carefully check whether the buttons on their baby’s clothes are loose.

Toys for babies should be checked for loose parts. Avoid toys that can be disassembled into small parts.

Always check if there are any small objects such as coins, buttons, etc., left in your baby’s reach.

  宝宝误食了后的急救措施宝宝误食的反应◆坚果,豆类或带核食物:另外的咳嗽,呼吸困难,声音嘶哑◆化学性液体:恶心,呕吐,腹痛,呼吸急促,昏迷,休克  ◆Medications: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, rupture, coma, coma during shock first aid steps. ◆ Observe whether the baby can speak or not. If it can still speak, it means that the object is in the esophagus, or part of the slender trachea, and no emergency treatment is required., Directly to the hospital for treatment.

  If vocalization is not possible, the trachea may be completely doubled and first aid should be used immediately.

  ◆ Slap back method is suitable for babies before 1 year old.

The adult sits down, lays the baby upwards and upwards, lays flat on the legs, the head position is slightly lower, the chest is close to the adult’s knees, and the palm of the child is patted with appropriate strength, the foreign body can be pulled out.

  ◆ The abdomen push method is suitable for babies over 1 year old.

The adult stood behind the baby and quickly pressed the back of his left thumb against his upper abdomen, holding his right hand forward, intermittently and forcefully pushing the baby’s chest and abdomen back, forming an air flow, and trying to trap theForeign matter burst out.

  Ingestion of chemicals ◆ Check what your baby eats, how much and how long.

  ◆ Carefully observe your baby’s breathing, pulse and complexion.

  ◆ When you go to the hospital, bring a container with baby food if possible.

  ◆ If you take strong acid by mistake, you can eat raw egg white, milk or vegetable oil to protect the esophagus and gastric mucosa.

If you take strong alkali by mistake, you should immediately consume alternative rice vinegar or lemon juice (residue when carbonate is poisoned), and then take egg white or milk and vegetable oil raw.

  Ingestion of medication ◆ Quickly find out the name of the medication taken, the length of the medication, and the dosage.  ◆ If the medication time is 4?
Within 6 hours, the method of vomiting can be used immediately; if the amount of medication is too large and the time is too long, especially if symptoms of poisoning have occurred, you must immediately send to the hospital for rescue, along with the remaining drugs and instructions.

  “Discover the Children” Alliance members share experience in placing items with care-After Ding Ding had a child, we no longer place any items that may pose a safety hazard to children in the place below 1.5 meters from the groundOn the upper level of the cabinet.

  Shelves and hooks are installed in the openings of our kitchens and bathrooms. All kinds of nut food and washing supplies are placed on high places, or they are hung on the hooks after being put into environmental protection bags.

  Preparing a piggy bank for putting coins-My mother and I used to put coins in the place. After I had a baby, I prepared a piggy bank with coins in my wallet, or found coins during cleaning., Just add it to the piggy bank, so that not only prevents the baby from eating by mistake, but also transforms the saving effect, killing two birds with one stone.

  The magical use of big cola bottles-Ms. Xinxin Our beans are stored in big cola bottles. After use, the bottle caps are screwed tightly and placed in a high place to seal and prevent children from eating by mistake.

  Homemade molar foods to avoid eating by mistake-Miaomiao’s mother, during the teething period, especially likes to bite various items that are picked up at hand. Therefore, I have made some molar foods, which are economical and preventive:Partially dried sweet potatoes, carrot sticks, cooked mushroom cakes (umbrella-shaped portion of mushrooms).

  Leek, corn row of foreign bodies-Chang Chang mother Chang Chang once ate a coin of 5 cents by mistake when he was 1 year old and half, and then sent the child to the hospital in a hurry. The film showed that the coin entered the stomach.There was no prescription, but the child was sent home to eat more leek or corn. As a result, the coin was pulled out on the third day.

Self-made jade screen can be caught cold at any time

Self-made jade screen can be caught cold at any time

The Yupingfeng scattered added a “wind-proof (wind-evil) wall” to the weak people.

  The “screens” for frail people to prevent colds alternate between winter and spring, and they often have infectious diseases. Some people with weak constitutions will inevitably have several colds and fevers.

The Chinese medicine name Fang Yu Ping Feng San was created by Wei Yilin, a national physician in the Yuan Dynasty. It is a good recipe for those with weak constitution to prevent infectious diseases such as colds. Try it.

  Qi Wensheng, director of the emergency department and chief physician of Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that “Yuping Fengsan” is a special prescription for preventing colds and body weakness in traditional Chinese medicine. It mainly promotes patients’ “righteousness” to resist external evils and is suitable for healthy people andSub-healthy people.

In addition, it can treat early symptoms of mild colds, nasal congestion after some colds, and fear of cold.

  The name Yupingfeng San is very appropriate. “Jade” means precious and sturdy; “screen” is the furniture that windshields in front of the interior of the room; “San” means that the medicine is a powder, which means that the medicine is ground into powder and uniform.Mix made.

“Yupingfengsan” is like adding a strong and strong wind wall to the body of a weak person, so that the wind evil cannot penetrate.

  Only the three flavors of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions have “Yuping combination is small and fine, Qizhu Fengfeng tripod is enough”, which means that Yupingfeng powder has a small and fine medicine composition, only astragalus, Fengfeng and Atractylodes 3 medicines.

Astragalus is the representative of spleen-enriching and qi-enhancing medicine. Inside, it can replenish the spleen and lung energy. Outside, it can fix the antiperspirant. It is especially suitable for the treatment of physical weakness and night sweats caused by the insufficiency of Qi on the muscle surface.The main drugs; Atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and nourish qi, and help Astragalus strengthen the function of nourishing qi and solidifying the surface, as an adjuvant;

  It can be said that the first two medicines mainly focus on righting, while the wind protection mainly focuses on eliminating evil. This prescription is a simplified combination of both the symptoms and the symptoms.

  How to judge whether you belong to the insufficiency of the muscle surface?

In general, those who have the following conditions can “seat in the right place”: thin, prone to cold, fear of cold and cold, sweating with a little activity, or suffering from allergic rhinitis (such as cold wind, sneezing).

  Homemade Yupingfeng San Yupingfeng San is sold in pharmacies and can be taken according to instructions.

However, Chief Physician Qi Wensheng said that powders can also be made at home, which is very convenient.

  1. Take directly: astragalus, atractylodes, and windproof medicine ratio is 2: 2,1,10 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of atractylodes, 5 grams of windproof, 3 kinds of medicines are ground into fines (the pharmacy can provide grinding services) for 1 dose,, Mix evenly, once in the morning and evening, take the warm water to serve, finish serving in 1 day.

  2. Decoction: add the above medicine to the medicine pot, decoction as tea, decoction 1 day, take 2 to 3 times.

Best White Collar Health: Baduanjin

Best White Collar Health: Baduanjin

White-collar workers often feel weak in their limbs, back pain, and poor mentality due to their stressful work and lack of exercise. Xiaobian recommends you to use Baduanjin as a gymnastic exercise, which will definitely improve your work efficiency and boost your spirit.!!

Watch the most detailed videos on the web and watch them more easily.

  Baduanjin is an excellent ancient fitness method in the West. Its exercises are divided into eight sections, so it is called Baduan.

“Jin” is the ancients’ metaphor for its exquisiteness.

Baduanjin originated from the Song Dynasty and gradually developed in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

A more detailed record can be found in Lian Qian’s “The Essentials of Xiuling” in the Ming Dynasty.

The ancient records of the eight-segment brocade sitting and standing.

The stand-up Ba Duan Jin was developed from the seated Ba Duan Jin. The content reduced methods such as swallowing and massaging, and the requirements in terms of ideas were not as good as those of the seated Ba Duan Jin Gao, but the intensity of exercise was enhanced.

Therefore, people of different ages can choose to practice according to their own circumstances.

  It is said that Baduanjin was created by Yue Fei, and there are also legends that Baduanjin was created by Zhong Liquan of the Tang Dynasty, but these statements are not very credible.

In Wei Jin Xu Xun’s “Lingjianzi Guizi Ziji”, there are records about the “Ba Duan Jin” exercise method.

However, the name “Ba Duan Jin” originally appeared was for the book “Yi Jian Zhi” written by Hong Mai in the Song Dynasty.

Therefore, most of the popular songs nowadays are the songs passed in the late Qing dynasty: two hands holding the heavens and the three jokes, and bowing left and right like shooting sculptures.

Regulate the spleen and stomach to be singled out, look after five injuries and seven injuries.

Shaking his head and swinging his tail to his heart, he climbed his feet with both hands.

The punches and angers increased their strength, and behind them, Qidianbaidi disappeared.

This is a stand-up Ba Duan Jin, which is described as follows: the two hands support the natural form of the three-focus natural form, with both feet flat, shoulder width, shoulders and abdomen, and the waist is relaxed.

Head straight up, mouth closed lightly, calming his breath, calming Dan Tian.

Slowly lift your hands to the top of your head, turn your palms upwards, and hold your hands upwards. The heels also rise and fall with your hands.

After holding it several times, turn your palms down with your hands, and slowly press down to the lower abdomen along the body to restore.

  Opening the bow from left to right naturally shoots left, one step to the right, the body squatting down into a riding step, holding hands out of both sides, then draw an arc from the chest upwards to improve the level of milk.

Pull your right hand to the right to the right milk level, about two punches away from the breast, which means tightening the bowstring and opening the bow like a full moon; pinch the sword with your left hand, tilt it to the right, turn your head to the left, and look at the distance through your left hand.It means that the bow and sword are in hand, waiting for the opportunity to shoot.

After a short pause, immediately lift your body up, insert your hands down and bend the arc to re-insert your chest, and reset your left leg at the same time to restore a natural protrusion.

This is left-handed and vice versa.

Swap left and right dozens of times.

  To adjust the spleen and stomach, single-stroke natural protrusions should be lifted slowly, and the left hand should be slowly raised from the side to the head, tilt the palm upward, and lift up to the left, while pressing down with the right hand.

After pressing several times, the left hand slowly lowered along the front of the body and returned to the side of the body.

Right-hand press is the same as left-hand, but the direction is opposite.

  Five labors and seven injuries look back at nature naturally, feet with shoulder width, hands hang down naturally, calmly adjust his breath, and breathe Dan Tian.

Turn your head slightly to the left, and look at the rear left with your eyes. After a short pause, turn slowly to the right, and then turn slowly, and then look slightly to the right and rear to pause.

So dozens of times.

  Shaking his head and swinging his tail to cross his heart with his feet spread out, squatting on both knees, becoming a “riding step”.

The upper body is upright, leaning forward slightly, looking up with both eyes, pressing your hands against the alignment, and supporting your elbows.

With the waist as the axis, the head spine should be straight. Shake the bones to the front left. The left arm is bent, the right arm is straight, the elbow is braced, the head and the left knee are perpendicular., Look at the tip of the right foot; after a short pause, then turn the arc in the opposite direction to the right front.

Repeated a dozen times.

  Climbing the kidneys with both hands to loosen the waist is quiet, with both feet flat, shoulder width.

Lift both arms flatly from the side of your body to the top of your head, turn your palms upwards, and lift up.

Pause for a while, stretch your legs straight, use your waist as the axis, lean your body forward, and climb your feet with your hands. Pause for a while, slowly raise your body straight, your hands are right above your head, arms straight, palms forward., And then gradually fade to the side of the body.  Kickboxing furiously increased strength with both feet spread out, squatting on both knees, showing a “riding step”.

Make a fist with both hands, eyes down.

The left fist hits forward, and the head turns slightly to the left. Both eyes stare into the distance through the left fist, and the right fist pulls back at the same time.

Strike with the left fist to form a kind of support.

Subsequently, the left fist was retracted, and the right fist was hit, the same as before.

Repeated a dozen times.
  The back of Qidianbaiji disappeared with both feet close together, the legs were upright, the body was relaxed, the arms were naturally drooping, the fingers were close together, and the palms were pointed forward.

Then press down with both hands flat, and lift up the heels of the homeopath with a pause, and place the heels on the ground.

Repeat this exercise dozens of times.

Women’s Invincible Tamer Dafa

Women’s Invincible Tamer Dafa

To be honest, sitting serious with men to discuss serious matters. In addition to avoiding fear, the other party may be embarrassed, slamming the TV remote control, pretending to be dumb, and even hesitating to perform a “normal” performance that is about to be congested.

This is not an exaggeration. To investigate the reasons, it is not that the matter of “telling the truth” is fundamental; if it is not handled properly, life is also vulnerable.

For example, when it is crucial to burn a butt, a man will automatically avoid this “high voltage, please don’t touch it!”

“The storm.

  But how can you make a man say nothing to you?

Although this is not as simple as you think, when you try it a lot and still take a breath to continue the long-term war, try the following strategies, saying that there is not necessarily a chance to turn things around and turn defeat into victory!

  Strategy one: keep calm and calm, don’t go straight to the majority of women trying to affect each other with righteousness, but never thought it was counterproductive afterwards.

Don’t believe it?

Are you used to popping out from the start: “We really need to talk!

“Can I ask you something?”

“And so on?

Believe me, when he hears this, the man is hysterical, and the worst he can think of will all come to mind: Do you want to break up?

Or you accidentally got pregnant!

Any whimsical idea, he has a way to imagine it in a short period of time, his virtue, how can he patiently listen to your utterly lost thoughts.

  Therefore, if you really need to find him, you might as well use the “roundabout” personality skills to make him treat you as a buddy.

At least, while he was scared and scared, you wouldn’t be frightened because you knew what medicine he was selling in the gourd.

  Then, let the two people share the happy experience as a warm field, and then “take advantage of it” to intentionally or unintentionally bring out the “why recent life is not as usual” tone to further explore.

Of course, being aggressive can only make the atmosphere more embarrassing, and it can bring the core of the problem gradually.

  Strategy 2: Be verbal, every word that comes out is the key. Do n’t ask for yourself. Any truth that touches the inner world is a little careless. Men do n’t lose their books.

Especially in the communication process, it is best to avoid using any sharp words, such as “It’s over between us”, “What do you want?”, “It’s sooner or later”, “I’ve had enough” and so on.
Don’t doubt that I didn’t know you before. After you close your mouth, please open your eyes and look carefully to see if this man has started to flex his muscles in addition to his blush and thick neck, ready to ignite the flames of war.

  On the contrary, as opposed to men, it is better to take a turn and change the questioning skills.

  For example, ask him “What do you think?

It ‘s better to ask “What do you think?”

If you do this, you may still get the voice out of the string; at this moment, the man is like a prey caught by hand, step by step towards the “trap” you laid.

Having said that, it was also his willingness, didn’t he?

  Strategy 3: Do n’t stare wide, staring at someone like a polygraph, another woman ‘s common problem is that it ‘s so difficult for a man to be honest with you, your two watery black eyes,They stared at each other’s pupils like cats and mice.

Honestly, men are not used to it, and it is even worse.

Because in the concept of a man, look straight into his eyes, only the following situations: no one wants to provoke, or the great mother, otherwise only lawyers dare to do so.

Of course, instinctual defense can only be solved by resorting to force.

  In fact, it is a good way to ask a man to tell you the truth without any imagination. If you find any opportunity, use the atmosphere of boudoir fun.

With less hostility to each other, intimate skin lovers are better able to lift their hearts off, and men are also more open-minded and talk openly.

Especially when a woman clings to a thick chest and the superiority of a big man’s psychological trouble, you must be the best person he is anxious to care for.

Such a good time and place, how can he care about you!

Usually, when he temporarily loses his “self-defense” instinct, he actually announces the moment of “care for you”.

Make children feel happy to sleep

Make children feel happy to sleep

Case 1: Xuan Xuan, Xiang Xiang, and Xiao Ding 咚 in our class always couldn’t fall asleep faster at noon. They always shook the quilt in bed and couldn’t lie down for a long time.Yes, the little hand is always playing with some gadgets when you are not paying attention, some kind: watercolor pen pad, origami shredded paper, and occasionally the small head must be raised.

In order to make them fall asleep as soon as possible, I thought about it for a long time, although I also came up with some methods, but the effect on these children was not good.

Once at noon, after the children were undressed, I kindly called the children “Today, the teacher will let the children play, and see if the boys sleep faster or the girls sleep faster!”

“The children hurriedly said in their naive voice:” Boy cheer, (girls cheer) “Occasionally, one or two of the slow-moving children will yell,” XX Come on and hurry up and sleep “for a whileThe child just lay down the quilt and covered it. There was no situation that he could not lie down for a long time.

At this time, I found that I was lying on the bed and looking at me with his big eyes. I took the opportunity to say, “Hey, do you want to be the elder brother most?

After falling asleep, your body can grow taller, and you can be your elder brother.

I heard and soon closed my eyes.

Some children like to sleep on their stomachs, so I said, “The children who sleep on their stomachs are like piglets. Only the children who sleep on their backs are beautiful and handsome.

“At this time, the child lay down to sleep quickly, Xiangxiang said,” Teacher, look at me lying down and sleep, I will be very handsome. ”

“Xuan Xuan said,” I also lie down to sleep, I will grow beautiful.

“I have an unprecedented sense of accomplishment in the child’s uniform breathing.

Several children fell asleep quickly under my “temptation”.

Good Nursery Viewpoint: In the day life of a kindergarten, arranging a nap for young children is usually a headache for many teachers.

Some young children are particularly difficult to take a nap, some ca n’t sleep, and some wake up after a while, and then start talking to affect the normal nap of other children.

The use of compulsory measures to force them to fall asleep has little effect, and storytelling hypnosis before bedtime, put on lullaby and other methods are not effective.

I feel that it is not a good idea or harsh science to demand that children must always close their eyes to sleep.

Because for adults, there is also a difference between “feeling more” and “feeling less”, as are young children. Some children are productive and do not like to sleep.

And some parents also reported that they felt too much sleep at noon, and their children refused to sleep well at night and could not get up in the morning.

Therefore, I think we should set ourselves to start from the actual situation of young children and discuss with children how to solve this problem.

The children had a lively discussion.

Among them was the correction: “If you can’t sleep, count the sheep in bed and fall asleep in a while.

“Wake up and lie in bed and play quietly without disturbing other children.

“These so-called are welcomed by the children, I think they can be adopted.

Because it is their own suggestions, they are very willing to implement it. Practice has proved that the effect of napping in the future is really good.