Liao Jie bites his teeth,Supplement:“Even if you are auspicious,I will also cooperate with you.。”

Although it doesn’t work,But it is indeed a good man with a good job.。
“very good,Since you are willing to cooperate,Then I don’t talk nonsense.,Fu Zhezhi collects a diamond,Night curse,Reliable intelligence,This diamond is in your hand。”
“Be right,Diamond in my hand。”
Liao Jie brows:“I do not understand,Diamond’s things only have me and Fu Zezhi,Perhaps the rich family of people know,But they can’t disclose them.,Where did you get information??”
“I said,Don’t do excessive things,Didn’t you listen??”
I have a brightening:“Or,Because our attitude is too friendly,Let you feel the qualifications for negotiations?”
“Big brother,Don’t talk nonsense with him,Waiting for my beautiful beauty,He is honest.。”I love my hands before my life.,Scared to tears and screamed。
Liao Jie:“”
If the sister has no camouflage,He is definitely helping to abuse,Help hit the hands and feet,And the eyes are not blind。
“Be,No need to scare me,I never thought about doing extra things.。”
Liao Jie’s interruption,I saw the future of the love closed down on the side.,Heart to make a practical evaluation,This yellow hair,He can cheat eight times a night。
“tell me,Where is the diamond??”
“Can I tell you where diamond?,But as a transaction,You have to tell me first.,Where did you get information?。”
Liao Jie Weimen,I am not waiting to come to the mouth,First step first:“This is not a redundant thing,For safety considerations,I have to figure out,if not,How do I know that after the diamond?,You are choosing to let go or choose to kill?”
“We only ask for money!”
“I do not believe,From your intelligence capabilities,And bring me a crime of Fuze Turquity Hotel,They all indicate that you are not ordinary kidnappers.。Thus,I am with the identity of this ram person.,You should also be very clear。”
Liao Jie pair,Contact,Continuously apply pressure:“So the problem is coming.,Don’t put watermelon,Staring at a sesame,What is the problem??”
Want to eat,Liao Jie is more calm than the three sisters.,This paragraph is not prepared to stand up.,She can’t answer。
“answer me,Who is your side behind?,Is it a Fu Zhidian’s second child??”
Liao Jie asked,Self-speaking:“Because of my reason,The eldest son Fuze is too lost to the family inheritance,Three sons Fu Zexiong three into the possibility of the next family’s helm increase。He hates you,Pass you kidnap me,It is intertwined,Diamond is just excuses。”
Liao Jie is willing to think so,Three sisters have no opinions,Come to tears, even,Fu Zhujia water too deep,Still moving to a living。
“not talking,I will be by default.。”
Liao Jie smiled:“Tell Fu Zea 2,His mind is too simple,Single is intelligence source,And easily bring me out of these two,He can’t elute suspects。”
“what do you want?”
“Private grievances,Let’s put the big lady who came to the students.,I will chat with you.,or,Let Fuzea two and I talk about,All like this,He is not what he has hide again.。”
“hehe,You are very smart,But you forgot a little”
Come to life,Draw away the script directly,Pull out the pistol to point to Liao Jum:“You are a captive,No negotiation。”
“This is what you can’t afford.?”
“What is it?,I have a gun,I am rule。”
I have a cold.:“The last time I ask you,Where is the diamond?,Dare to talk nonsense,Our brothers give the big lady around you.。”
“speak,Don’t talk, I have to do it.。”Candid love strange,Everyone is acting,She is serious。
“I bet, there is no bullet in your gun.!”

Zhuneng Yunzi reported this situation to the wine wellmeal。

“Cloud,Long Pool should be no problem,He has destroyed several contact points of several power officers.。”Wine Yi Yibei once again advised,
“But it’s all small characters.,An important figure did not catch!”
“This is not blamed,There is a top secret task in the same way,I have come to the big fish.,What is to let us have lurked our own people.。”
“The three people running in the train station?”
“Correct,The whole plan is a long history,What is to let them escape。”
“Will not save people in Long Tiri!”
“Cloud!The two people have been secretly seen,They are all in the same way of cultivating a fourteen,Now by Long Chunjun,In addition, I have recently investigated twenty-six-year-old person who sent the same textbook.,They are also the elite of the same example,And these people are also secretly performing a top secret task.,Cloud,If the long pool is a problem,How can he pushed two top secret actions at the same time?。”
“Do you really have to determine if you are class??”
“I am very sure,And I also determined to Yaichi President.,Long Pool Jun Fu is indeed a student of near Weiwen Mo,These tasks are the receipts of the front guards to execute.。”
“Then I will go see what kind of role he caught this time.。”
“Cloud,What should I be in the Paramount joint?,Maybe this is a way to apologize to you.。”
“The length of the class is to say that he is a cold thing.?”
“Yes,Long Pool should be a little guilt for the cold.,So I will give you this opportunity.,Cloud!Work with him,Find and destroy Zheng Yao first as soon as possible,Ok??”
“I see。”
afternoon,Rui Rui is very decent with Zhuneng Yunzi to come to Bailemen,After coming in, they didn’t dance.,But in the second floor, I found a horizon in the open position to observe everyone in Bailemen.。
Rui Rui made Wang Mun bring her brigade.,And this time is to let her perform the arrest task。
“Long pool,Why do you trust this Chinese woman named Wang Munchun??”Zhunexin,
“Not trust,But use her inner hatred,And I know that she will go all out.,Others will also express our best to see these owners.,So I dare to guarantee that this action is not lost.。”
“Long pool,So many people entering out here,You are sure that you can find a joint person from these people.,Do you really don’t know who is it??”
“Yunzi Miss,I promise you that I don’t know who it is.,Inversion,Identifying the enemy, I am our compulsory class,If you can’t find them,That is what we learn is unbeatable.!”
Zhuneng Yunzi is the student of Tufeng Yuanxian,But she will not identify and simulate portrait of the teacher,So rush to let her come to dispel her doubts about myself.。
Kill her is not more expensive,Who doesn’t want to kill,Not there is also a chance。
Capture each person’s facial expression and eyes,Soon, I locked a middle-aged man.,Search after this person comes in,Everyone did not let him go,Finally, his eyes stopped on a thirty-year-old woman.,This woman dresses trendy,The bag on her arm is very exquisite.。
Qi Rui pays this woman,I didn’t leave her arm when she came in this bag.,It looks like it is like showing her own taste to people.,Now I do now, this bag is a connector.。
Sure enough for a while,The man in the past invites women to dance,At this time, the woman put the bag in the seat.,And please people with the same table to help her look。
“What did you find??”Zhunexin,
“Did you find anything??”
“no,Maybe because I didn’t learn in a regular military school.。”
“Are you always followed by the Turquinner??”
“Yes,Teenage is followed。”
“Yunzi Miss,I will send you a woman today.,It is made to make up for me before.。”

“rest well,After this war,Your strength should skyrocket,I’ll go back to Zhumen to find some materials,Create a better dragon armor for you。”Zhu Minglang said to the big black tooth。

The silver-green heavy armor is broken。
Originally, Zhu Minglang planned to make a better one,And with the craftsmanship of the inner courtyard,It can also be used to create a piece with far more functions than the silver blue heavy armor!
“Xiaoqingzhuo,You come back too。”
Shenmu Qingshenglong is obviously more dominant,On the one hand, there are not as many flying dragons as terrestrial dragons.,On the other hand, Shenmu Qingshenglong seems to be about to enter the next period.,Much stronger than other flying dragons。
Its air fight,Not too much suspense,Zhu Minglang allowed Shenmu Qingshenglong to play freely。
Out of the battlefield,Soon there will be a group of people in servant costumes,They flooded into the bloody bronze battlefield,Quickly wash the entire venue……
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha are not very interested in the next game。
Their purpose is to enter a higher round,Compete against members of the stronger forces。
of course,As a Dragon Shepherd,In fact, no matter which ladder it is fighting,Can blend in well,After all, all the dragons raised by Master Mu Long,Can’t all be at the same level,In order to train their younger dragon beasts,Many Dragon Shepherds who are strong in their own right,Will also appear in this kind of mixed battle。
Nan Lingsha shouldn’t play,She already has the qualifications to enter a higher round。
Zhu Minglang has a keen interest in this battlefield。
Nowhere is this battlefield more suitable for training Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus and Shenmu Qingshenglong。
So before the second round,He decided to swim more in this fish pond bureau……

“Hey-hey,Need not,Isn’t this nothing??”

“correct,Guan Da Ge,Cui Yongan?
Why didn’t I see him??”
For Cui Yongan,Li Hui Feng is also very firm。
The other party learned that he taught the very fast,Otherwise, Cui Yongan can’t escape so fast.。
“That kid is meditation?,Is the way you teach,Some of the demon recently。”
“It is not to say that he has reached a certain realm.,Can also be the same as those people。”
About this, let Li Hui also bitterly smiled.。
He didn’t think that Cui Yongan really would work hard.。
Originally, he also said.,But it can’t be made,Li Hui’s own heart has no bottom.。
His success,That’s because I have already had a feeling。
“Guan Da Ge,This is what I said.,This is like this。”
Originally Guanyun is not believed,But Li Hui Feng, this exit,He is a tribute to half.。
“What the meditation you said,Reach a certain realm,I really have to break through,Can even be the same as those who hold lightning?
Can also have some specific functions?”
“Um,In theory, this is theoretical., After all, I have succeeded.。”
Say,Li Hui’s hands are also lightning flashing,This scene made Guan Yun shocked。
He never thought that Li Hui Feng passed that it would be so subtle。
“Lee brother,It seems that I have time to have time.。”
“Forehead,Guan Da Ge,This is just right.,Don’t excessively strive,Over-demand, maybe。”
Guan Yun laughs:“I just said,Be happy in the Spring Festival,Are you ready to stay here??”
Listen to the relationship between Guanyun,Li Hui Rong stunned。
He only took care of cultivation.,I forgot the Spring Festival.。
“Guan Da Ge,Then I may have to go back.,After all, there is still a lot of things to handle.,I have forgotten that time is so fast.。”
“That line,Let’s take a rest for a few days.,By the way, I also take you everywhere.。”
Heard this,Li Hui Feng did not refuse。
Next day,He follows Guan Yun is also to play the mountain everywhere.。
When he returned to China again,The change in this time has made him a little surprised.。
At the same time, he is also curious for so long.,I have some of my little friends, no one contacts him.。
This makes him feel the feeling of being lost.。

“of course。Runyu City is already very rich,There are many gem mountains around,It is also the only way to Nihai Commercial Road,There are also many spiritual veins,The Shenfan Academy announced its abandonment,The Order has positioned the city as the city of sin,Many factions that are unwilling to plunder Runyu City due to their reputation can take action without scruple.,Soon Runyu City will be divided up with nothing left!”Hu Chongming said with indignation。

most of the time,Some gangsters wandering outside are not scary,The scary thing is that all the people become robbers,This is an unstoppable force。
Shenfan Academy does not need to do it yourself,Just give this order,Judging Runyu City as a sin city,Then the greed of the whole brown earth,It will make Runyu City irresistible!
So this is equivalent to the death penalty!
“Isn’t the orderer abusing his power??”Hu Bailing said。
“He is using power,But not abusing power,Runyu City before we took over,There is indeed a risk of being sentenced to the city of sin,It’s just the orderer’s raid on us this month,Turn a blind eye。”Yao Junshi said。
“A piece of land,At least two orderers,I don’t know who the other Orderer is,If he can get his approval,Runyu City is still saved。”Hu Chongming said。
“The premise is that the relationship between the two orderers is not in harmony,Disagreement。”
“or,We just follow what the school affairs of Shenfan Academy said,Pay 2 million gold every month?”Yao Junshi whispered。
“impossible,How much do we earn every month,And also need to invest in the construction of the city、management、Policy implementation,Not to mention the money spent on recruiting and buying horses……”Hu Chongming and Hu Bailing both opposed。
A rich city-state,Every month may not be able to produce two million gold in tax,Not to mention the mess city of Runyu City,Money to invest,Tens of millions of gold is not enough,I have to pay the protection fee to Shenfan Academy??
Their Shenfan Academy did nothing!
Even Hu Chongming doubted,Shenfan Academy deliberately took advantage of the fact that Runyu City is about to be judged as a city of sin,Blackmail them who plan to rebuild Runyu City。
Otherwise why not announce it a month ago,I didn’t wait until Runyu City got better.。
and,Although the forces in charge can be replaced。
But it must be a real deterrent in the brown earth。
If you change to Zhumen,,Zhu Men has no branch in the brown land at all,No deacon。
Replaced with Zhumen,Imaginary,Can’t play any protection or deterrent effect。

Looking at the high pole five meters away,Onlookers began to praise“This year’s lottery is much higher than in previous years!”

“Which is,People in Xiping Village are rich this year,This color is indispensable,Of course it has to be higher”
Listening to everyone’s praise,Stepping on the idea of gongs and drums,Xia Jian jumped out,Chen Erniu behind,Clutching his belt,Two people danced wildly。
jump、Teng、jump、Channel,Step by step,The few people playing the instrument are exhausted,They never expected,This lion head man is so great this year。
“Who is doing lion dance,How do you dance so well?”Wang Degui asked Chen Gui beside him nervously。
Chen Gui shook his head and said:“I really don’t know,Anyway, Xia Jian is impossible,His mother and Zhao Hong strongly opposed,Even Sanye Xia doesn’t support him,Let’s talk about the lion he practiced for a few days”
“Damn!Can’t control so much,If they hire someone from outside,Won’t count”Wang Degui left such a sentence,So busy with other things。
Chen Gui hurriedly responded:“That definitely doesn’t count”
The field has reached the most intense time,The head lion of Wang Xia family,Started fighting,Just over,Xia Jian was definitely wrong,This person is very familiar with his routine,Tactics,Always resolved。
He couldn’t help being surprised,Through the moment the lion opened his mouth,He found,Of the lion head,It is Wang Youdao,This guy,Murakami Lion Dance,It’s him and Xia Jiandou,No wonder he is so familiar with Xia Jian’s routines。
I can think of it,Others can still think of,Xia Jian felt that he underestimated the Wang family。
Springboard,Upper table,These actions,The head lions of the Wang Xia family were completed almost at the same time。Then comes the hardest part of lion dance,Is on the stake,This requires the cooperation of two people before and after,If one person moves slightly slower or faster,Not only can this stake not go up,And it will fall。
Seeing Wang’s head lion,Fly up,Fell firmly on the stake,The onlookers screamed,This put the pressure on Xia Jian,He never expected,This Wang Youdao looks gentle and gentle,It seems that his work hasn’t stopped these years。
“Don’t be afraid!I’ll call the number,On the second”Chen Erniu behind,Because he can’t see the previous situation,So I feel calmer at the moment,Xia Jian responded。
When Chen Erniu just exported,Xia Jianqi Shen Dantian,Stand up,Chen Erniu behind him is perfectly matched,Two people fell on the stake almost at the same time,There was deafening applause on the court。
The gongs and drums are almost broken right now,Sixteen stakes,Two male lions pedaling on the drum,Leaned on the high pole with gold ingots hanging in the middle of the field。
In this process,How to be particular,Three backs,Not only have to be steady,And it must match the sound of gongs and drums,It looks good,It also reflects the skills of lion dance。
I haven’t been on a stake for many years,Xia Jian was still a little timid,Not quite decisive,Chen Erniu who has rich experience in this field,Speak loudly behind him:“Don’t go straight,bends”Xia Jianyi listen,Immediately follow,Immediately stabilized a lot。

“Let you buy it!Let your dad drive!“Dragon Ball mother smiled and said to her daughter。

Dragon Ball shook his head and said:“mom!Don’t follow along,Can my dad drive at his age??“
“Hey!You really don’t underestimate me,I drove in the army tanks,Such a good road,What can’t I open“Uncle Long said,Proudly patted the chest。
at this time,Manager Tong wiped his sweat and ran in,He panted and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!The money has been taken back,Would you like to go over and watch He Er pay everyone??“
“Manager Tong,President Xia won’t go there anymore,Who do you ask Ho Er to bring the money and account to me,Let President Xia supervise and send it to everyone here“Uncle Long suddenly said。
Xia Jian hesitated,Nodded and said:“Just do what Uncle Long said“
First0405chapter Man
Manager Tong smiled slightly,Ran out of the courtyard。
Xia Jian chatted with Uncle Long again,Found that the sun was about to set,But you can also see the figures of Manager Tong and He Er。Uncle Long glanced at Xia Jian who was a little worried,I couldn’t help but curse:“these people,Doing small things is protracted,It’s really not worrying,Dragon Ball go and see“
Dragon Ball responded,Then left quickly。Watching her disappear from the back,Uncle Long said with emotion:“It’s better to be young,in those days,I do things like Dragon Ball,Neat“
Xia Jianzheng wants to be in front of Uncle Long,Praise his baby girl,But at this moment,Dragon Ball ran in with a nervous look,She shouted:“President Xia!problem occurs,He Er ran away with engineering money“
“what,Who did you listen to?“Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up surprised。

Xia Jian quickly connected,And said to the phone:“Good morning Mr. Luo!Just say what you have,Luo Yi she is by my side”

“Oh!I don’t find her。Is such that,Where are the people from our company in a while?,First, an identification of the object,Then valuation。if there is no problem,This thing must be delivered to our company by your people,This money can be loaned to you”
“This is the program,Not a few。remember,This is business,Money and love must be clearly separated in the business field。Even brothers have to settle accounts”Luo Jun said very seriously on the phone。
Xia Jian hurriedly agreed:“Good manager Luo!I will do as you say”This is the truth,Ten million can’t be loaned to them in one sentence!Although Luo Yi is the general manager of the group,But this matter is a group business after all。And in this matter,Risks are everywhere。
Luo Jun deserves to be an old Jianghu,Be careful and cautious。Xia Jian has learned an extra trick,Encounter something like this in the future,Don’t worry about it。
“This old man,Getting timid。He doesn’t even believe my eyes”Luo Yi on the side could not help cursing coldly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Should,There is nothing wrong with Uncle Luo doing this。We just do”Xia Jian said very politely。
Heiwa parked the car at the elevator entrance of the underground parking lot。Xia Jian pushes the car door,Pulling Luo quickly into the elevator。He is very anxious,Thus,The money will arrive later。
In the office,A few women all in。Even Jin Yimei is here。Xia Jian hurried over,Shake hands with Jin Yimei and say hello。Then he gave him the content of the call Luo Jun called,I’ll explain it to everyone。
Xiao Xiao took a breath and said:“There is no problem with this。Please wait for the result!Xi Zhen makes tea for President Luo”
What Xiao Xiao said,Mostly quiet down。After all, this matter is still unknown,If the experts sent by Luo Jun have different opinions on the identification of this object,Then these ten million are not in the soup?
Not just everyone sitting,Even Xia Jian’s heart shrank。How to do it?Xia Jian walked around in the living room a little anxiously。
Luo Yi glared at Xia Jian and said:“Hold your breath,Please believe my vision is good?”Luo Yi is upset,Xia Jian had to sit back honestly。
About ten thirty,A three-person delegation from Longdong Group arrived。One of the old men said that he is 60 years old,It seems that he is the protagonist today。
They didn’t even drink their saliva,Took out the instrument and started work。Xia Jian did not expect,There are so many advanced instruments to assist in identifying these things。It took more than an hour,The three people sat together and discussed for a while。

With Fang Yu’s movements slowly unfolding,There was a burst of sound from the bones of the old man Zang。

Zang Yun looked worried,Can think of Fang Yu’s medical skills,But dare not say more!
Half an hour later!
Old man Zang sweats profusely。
I feel warm all over,Feel full of energy。
Previous discomfort,All disappeared!
“Doctor Fang……You have this hand,Don’t tell me earlier……”
Old man Zang recovered,A look of anger。
but,He also knows that Fang Yu is a doctor。
Very busy,It’s impossible to see him every day!
It’s just a small complaint!
“This one……Didn’t I return to the People’s Hospital recently。So a little busy!”
Fang Yu replied。
“So to say……I can visit you in the People’s Hospital from now on?”
Old man Zang smiled。
“Not necessary……I will prescribe you some medicine now,Promote blood circulation。Your legs and feet will be better by then,Go climbing,Actually it’s more useful than my hospital!”

Then he and the Valkyrie have done everything,Isn’t it about to be thrown into the pan by the Li family?,Then wrap a large vegetable leaf to relieve greasiness and feed the dragon???

First7chapter Little transparent wish bright
The Zulong city-state stands on a large fertile plain,Three snowy rivers meander their bodies and irrigate from the mountains far away,Pass through countless villages、town、city,Finally meet in the silver-grey Zulong city state!
The city-state is divided into two parts,It is divided by the quiet and majestic silver-grey tall state wall。
And the most shocking part of Zulong City State is this state wall,At the moment of flying into this Qingmo Plain,It seems to have witnessed an ancient dragon that touched the world’s original earth crawling on the horizon。
“According to legend, the ancestral dragon city state was transformed by the body of an ancestor dragon,See you today,It’s not fake!”Zhu Minglang sighed in his heart。
Saw the Zulong City State,The stagnation in Li Yunzi’s heart has not dissipated much,And when I think of the people who know me,She feels breathless again。
“Miss Yun Zi,You don’t have to worry about that,I will kill them all。”Luo Xiao seems to see the complexity of Li Yunzi’s heart,Showed this special consideration。
Li Yunzi did not answer。
Adjusted a little bit,Li Yunzi’s eyes restored the luster like cold stars and frost,Just lightly said:“Let’s go。”
Li Jianan。
For a long time, these two famous clans ruled this Zulong city-state,When I heard the name of the Valkyrie,Zhu Minglang knows her origins。
No wonder she was able to rule Yongcheng for a year in such chaotic wasteland,The background must be unfathomable。
But why was she overthrown overnight?
Escort all the way,Frightened,The task is finally completed,But Zhu Minglang can’t leave for now。