Lin Yoona is shopping in an online clothing store。He probably also wants to take a look at the clothing in this online store,What design styles are there,Want to learn。

That’s why I looked so serious as Xiao Fan came to him,He didn’t even notice that Xiao Fan told him after he came back:“What to watch?Want to learn,Is it their design??”
Lin Yuner was startled when she heard Xiao Fan’s voice,Because he’s looking at the phone intently,Didn’t notice Xiao Fan。
“You scared me,Whoops。Yes,I am here。Take a look at what new designs are available in this online store。”
“The reputation of this online store is good,Also loved by the public,Don’t we design clothes just to do what we like,Can more people buy by letting the public love it?。”
“So take a look。What styles people like now?I haven’t designed it for too long,Must be more involved,Study well。”
Xiao Fan said:“You are thinking of you all day,This design work,I told you,The design of the teaching building is more than a month away。”
“You don’t have to worry so much,If you practice a little every day, then you and Bai will be two,I can rest assured of the things you design together,You don’t need to be so nervous。”
Lin Yuna said:“I’m not nervous,Can not do it,I’m really worried about embarrassing you then,I have to fight12Split spirit。”
“Then come up with a good result。Mr. Xiao,All so good,Mrs. Xiao definitely can’t drag her so many legs!”
Xiao Fan said:“You won’t be holding back,I have confidence,You should have a little confidence。”
“Let’s go,Shut your hand off,We will go home soon!It’s too early,Don’t you say you want to go home early to rest??What do you want to eat tonight?I do it for you。”
Lin Yuna said:“really?You cook for me yourself。”

“Don’t be too happy,”Chen Geng waved his hand,Looking at Joshua meaningfully:“If you cannot complete inspection and supervision,Light fine,If the problem is serious……”

What happens if the problem is serious?of coursebossConsider oneself incompetent,Kick yourself away。
I thought I had nothing,Just a guy who relies on strength to eat,If kicked by the boss,Where can I find such a monthly salary2000Dollar high-paying jobs go?
Struck up,Joshua quickly said:“boss,please do not worry,I will not let you down。”
Joshua, who was promoted and wealthy, left happily,Chen Geng touched his chin thoughtfully:“It seems that we need to expand our staff。”
He didn’t expect,My own company’s first wave of expansion came so soon,And I don’t want to expand。
First of all,Joshua’s cleaning department needs to increase at least2Full-time employees;
Secondly,Must have at least2Familiar with car repair、Experienced automotive engineers come to share the work of fault diagnosis for the car,Now all my time every day is wasted on helping the car to diagnose,No time to manage the company,This won’t work;
Secondly,The scale of sales and reception should also be expanded,Although Fei’s current customers are all coming to the door on their own initiative,But this model is not the norm after all,As the business volume expands,You can think of it with your heels. Just two or three kittens can’t meet the needs of the business.……
Do it with your fingers like that,Chen Geng found that at least6Personal hand,And it does not rule out the possibility of further increasing manpower as the business volume expands。
Since there is a demand for this,Then there is nothing to hesitate,Say hello to Miss Rachel,tell her,Paging to yourself if there is something important in the company(Yes,The American emperor at this time is so awesome),Picked one from the consignment car1972Lincoln Continentalcontinental MARK 4Drove out。
Looking at the suit、Chen Geng in a Lincoln Continental,The boss of the employment agency ran out of the office,Helping Chen Geng to open the car door,Asked Chen Geng with a smile on his face:“Mr,Welcome to Tom Employment Service Company,I am tom,We have the most complete job search information in the entire state of Michigan,Can i help you?”
Americans are also about face and pomp,That Americans don’t care about face,Go out and turn left and face the wall for half an hour,Do you think driving a tattered Beetle can enjoy the same treatment as Lincoln Continental??
“Business expansion of my company,Need to increase a few manpower,”Chen Geng said reservedly:“Everyone says you are good here,Hope you won’t let me down。”
“Mr,I assure you,If you can’t find someone suitable for me,You will never find anyone who meets your requirements elsewhere,”Chubby Tom smiled brightly like a blooming chrysanthemum:“No matter what kind of person you need,I can find it for you,As long as the price is right。”

At the same time Qu Tianyi was also secretly surprised,Look at Xiangchen’s age,It doesn’t seem to be much older than his two subordinates,But the means of killing,Experience against the enemy,But I don’t know how much to enrich。

gradually,Qu Tianyi retracted his previous thoughts,What this kid said after killing three people around,30% sure to kill yourself,It doesn’t seem to be exaggerated now,He really has this ability!
Embarrassed smiled,Because of the excitement just now, I accidentally scratched the cup of fragrant tea,Shocked everyone around,Qu Tianyi gently waved his hand to indicate that it was OK。
“Unexpectedly, after the power has fallen to completion,Still have the skills to turn losses into profits,I only thought it was a theoretical possibility,Saw today,Inevitably a little excited。”
Qu Tianyi smiled and explained to Li Futang,The former also smiled to express understanding。
“If it weren’t for the endless situation,Who wants to get things to this point,We are the most delicate in business,Just the hatred of the dead wife,No one to explain,Always sleepless。”
Li Futang also smiled and agreed with Qu Tianyi,And quietly expressed his attitude。
Li’s money can be taken,It’s just never so easy to take!
Qu Tian nodded,Nothing more,But I have already had some cares in my heart。The Li family’s money is really hard to get,But now it has donated to the country in name,This is a good start,How can the remaining chess move well?,I still need to go back and plan with some old guys。
Turned his head to look at the person who hasn’t moved since he appeared,It’s the first time in his life that Qu Tian feels that he is entrusted。
Thinking about whether to arrange the people outside to also do it,But here I look at the statue-like subordinate next to me,Qu Tianyi still sighed,Thinking about it, let’s take a look at the performance of this stinging head!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twelve Relay battle
Qu Tianyi’s heart began to think of other things,And Xiang Chen and the others have also completed the warm-up phase.。
Two sets of standard clothing,A black shirt,All have different degrees of wrinkles,But this does not affect the state of the three people fighting。
Take a look at Mo Mo, who has accelerated the preparation,Qu Tianyi shook his head slightly,I still can’t dream about it at home all day,Actual combat can test the truth,The thoughts of older brothers are still practical today。
Qu Tianyi didn’t speak for a long time,As a subordinate following him,Naturally, he knows his temperament。I usually claim to be one in a million,Now it’s not working when I meet a retired breaker!
“Twenty seconds left,Not playing with him!”

Her unusual behavior,Surprised the students around。

Usually Su Xuehen rarely plays with classmates,Every day after school, I will drop in with my two fixed female companions home,Never changed。
What day is today?Su Xuehen actually went to the back row?What is she going to do?
Everyone was surprised to see Su Xuehen walk all the way to the last row of the classroom,Came to Lu Menglin’s desk。
“do not go,wait for me。”Su Xuehen’s expression is extraordinarily calm,Staring intently at Lu Menglin,Speak softly。
Although her expression is calm,But her clenched little hand accidentally exposed her true mood。
Lu Menglin nodded,I didn’t feel surprised at all。
After Su Xuehen finished speaking, she turned and left,Leaving only a fluttering white back。
The students all around who noticed this scene looked at the two people who were talking with full of surprise,Are guessing,These two people who are usually unrelated,How can you get involved?
The soul of gossip in the eyes of Fatty Wang Shaoxiao is burning,Lie down all at once。
“Boss,Boss!What’s going on?Su,Su.Why did the monitor find you??What is she looking for?”
Wang Shaoxiao didn’t even dare to call out Su Xuehen’s full name,Hold back for a long time,It was replaced by the squad leader before daring to shout。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled faintly:“how could I know?She didn’t say why。”
In fact,Lu Menglin already felt it,The squad leader didn’t pay attention to himself all day today,And also deliberately avoided my gaze,As if treating him as air。
Maybe it has something to do with meeting Jiang Jinghong in the guest house last Saturday!Lu Menglin secretly wondered。
text Chapter Twenty Four trouble
then,Those few words of Jiang Jinghong when he was leaving,It is indeed ambiguity,And I did go to the appointment the next day。So although Lu Menglin didn’t do anything,,But when facing Su Xuehen,I always feel a little unnatural,Feels weird。

Chapter Nine Hundred and Eighty Seven Leading needs

() As the saying goes,People are not as good as heaven。
Lu Menglin didn’t expect,There will be such a change。
Liu Wenzhang is back,But it’s not about the mission of the Fallen Lands.,But told his Wu Hao brother,The six princes,Let Wuhao join the Black Blood Cavalry,Served as the captain。
Came with him,There are also two black blood guards,They came to bring Chief Wu Hao into the post。
Lu Menglin didn’t think there was anything,Liu Wenzhang is apologetic。
“Wuhao Brothers,I am sorry,I thought the Sixth Prince would meet you。Your Royal Highness has many things recently,Don’t worry,Take office with peace of mind,Perform well in the military,I will take care of you for my brother。”Liu Wenzhang smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin understood immediately,It seems that my previous arrangement was not wasted,The top of the gods,It’s not all like this brother Wen Zhang in front of me.,They don’t trust themselves,I am afraid that even Liu Wenzhang may not believe it,It’s not so easy to let yourself join the Fallen Land quest。
but,Lu Menglin is not worried,Because one’s own identity is indeed someone,In Hongliu City, proper arrangements have already been made,The chance of flaws is small。
and,This Sixth Prince is worried,I’m afraid it’s not Wu Hao’s background.,But more worried about Wu Hao being an undercover agent sent by his opponent。At least at this point,Wu Hao played by Lu Menglin,Is really innocent,It’s definitely not an undercover agent of other forces in the god nation,He is not even a god。
“Nothing。I happen to have to practice seriously。Since I joined the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Training resources and equipment,There should be no shortage?”Lu Menglin smiled。
Liu Wenzhang heard this,Straightened his chest immediately,Loudly:“of course!Black Blood Cavalry Guard is the trump card,Never lack training resources。Besides, there is still me!”
“go,I’ll take you around the camp first,Get to know someone,It will be more convenient in the army in the future。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Laugh without talking。
then,Liu Wenzhang personally led Lu Menglin,And the two black blood guards,Walk towards the school together。
On the school field,Those black blood guards are practicing hard。
They are in groups,Gather together,Someone is practicing,Someone is thinking hard,More people are sweating,Stimulate one’s own potential。
Liu Wenzhang takes Lu Menglin,Did not set foot on the school ground,But along the school field,Came to the rear camp quarters。
“Liu Dutong,What brings you here?”The talking was a middle-aged officer sitting at the door of the warehouse,This man keeps a double-faced moustache,Eyebrows are as thick as a beard,A pair of small eyes sparkling。

Not bad!This cut,He has started earning。Jade,Is enough for him to earn more than two billion。In other words,Every back,As long as the emerald,All earned。

Zuo Xingye and a group of people are unbelievable,This is the third cut!
At this moment,They deeply regret,It looks like,A lot of jade can be cut out later,Definitely want to make a big profit,but,Was sold by them with a profit of 10 million。
On the edge,People from Chow Tai Fook were struck by lightning,Several people were held down by the fixation technique,The smile on his face froze,Astonished as a wooden man。
If you say you will lose it?Does this seem to be a loss?
“This material,Kind of weird!Logically,Jade should not be cut out on this side。”
“Who is right?Separated by a layer of skin。and,From the performance of Napi,Was going to collapse。”so,Sometimes some so-called experience,Actually, it’s not 100% accurate,Will also go wrong。
The team of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company talked a lot,Obviously I can’t understand the standard king。
“Still Zhao has the courage,Otherwise, I’m so crazy,No one dared to pay the bill for me。”Hu Yang smiled。Although a little regret,Failed to win,But people who are close to them get rich,Also happy,Fertilizer does not flow out of the field。
“Brother Zhao,Going to send a big red envelope。”Huazi teased。
Xin Zhao laughed:“Have,Both have!Give me a big gift later。”
“Boss Zhao,Would you like to hang up a firecracker to celebrate?”Someone asked。
Xin Zhao nodded:“need!Brother do a favor,I’ll count the money for you later。”
That person heard,Ran out to buy firecrackers。

Of course,Geng Tao’s skills are very strong,But the biggest problem is that he looks too ugly,Every time when he compares Ruchuan Feng,Will be laughed at by a group of people。

then,He will turn this ridicule into a stronger motivation,Desperately put the basketball game into the hoop。
Lu Menglin even felt,Whether this guy looks,Still the style of basketball,Not like Rukawa Maple,It’s like Mr. Futian of Lingnan team,That tough guy with thick lips,Resilient。
“Come,Lu Caizi,Come try to grab a rebound with me!”Geng Tao beckoned,Grinned。
Lu Menglin nodded,Walked under the basket。
He Jin took a few steps away cheerfully,Become the one who shoots。
Lu Menglin knows,In fact, Geng Tao can’t get He Jin as a center,That’s why I want to find myself to brush up on my presence。
“I vote!”He Jin takes off and shoots from outside the free throw line,Shouted。
boom!The basketball hit the edge of the hoop.,Made an iron-like sound。
Geng Tao’s ass pout,Want to beat Lu Menglin,In the end, Lu Menglin held her waist with one hand,He just didn’t push up。
Followed by,Geng Tao felt the wind blowing up above his head,Someone has risen,Picked the basketball easily from the top of his head。
Even Lu Menglin was taken aback,When I was in high school,The jumping ability is so good?
Geng Tao blushed immediately,Grumbled:“Not count,Not count,He pulled my clothes just now。”
“Haha!You are no one tall,It’s normal!”He Jin laughed loudly。
“Worthy of a genius,Learn fast!”He Jinchong Lu Menglin gave a thumbs up。
Geng Tao is not convinced,Yelled:“Come again,Come again!”
Lu Menglin threw the basketball to He Jin,He Jin throws it away,Hit the backboard with a thump。
The basketball bounces over the heads of the two,And at this moment,Lu Menglin squatted down naturally,Lower the center of gravity,Blocked Geng Tao behind him。
Geng Tao has enough strength to eat milk,But I was stunned to find that I was facing a big mountain,The other person’s feet seem to have taken root,I won’t move at all。
This time,Lu Menglin didn’t even take off,Reached out and took the rebound。

“do not come!Who will come again,I threw the rope down!”Alex already faintly felt bad,But still stick to my beliefs。

At this moment,Lu Menglin finally couldn’t help but speak。
“Alex,None of your business,You put down the rope!With their skills,Jumping from a height is easy,Much easier than climbing up,Don’t continue to provoke them。”
Alex heard this,Rounded eyes,With an expression of disbelief。
He is the world’s top rock climber,But he is really hard to imagine,Why do these people who have practiced Chinese Kung Fu,Will have such incredible power。
But he can only choose to believe,Because he had seen Lu Menglin’s feat of jumping more than ten meters before,Think about it again,These people jump from high to low,It does not seem to be a big deal to cross such a long distance。
It turns out that the method I came up with can’t threaten these people!Alex’s frustrated face,He even raised a strong desire in his heart,If I can survive this time,Then he must also practice Kung Fu,Practice Chinese Kung Fu,Become as strong as these people。
As the world’s top rock climber,Whether it’s a mentality,Physical fitness,Or self-confidence is unusually strong,Physical fitness is far superior to ordinary people,He just doesn’t understand Kung Fu,So in this environment, there is only mermaid meat,There is no way。
“This foreigner is in the way,Why don’t I just clean him up?,Drop into the abyss,One hundred。Gong Anguo grinned and said。
The remaining five people are calm,No objection。
obviously,They think five people are enough to clean up the young man in front of you,Gong Anguo always likes to be lazy,He wants to choose a more relaxed job,It’s him。
Gong Anguo took two steps forward,The bones all over the body rang out loudly,The whole person seems to be taller and stronger,This is the illusion caused by his strong martial artist。
“Foreign boy,Are you planning to be thrown away?Or just jump down?With your ability to climb trees,Maybe still alive!”Gong Anguo laughed。

Because although this ghost giant is dead,But the space energy in its body has not dissipated,And this is for the god people who believe in the power of light pattern,It’s just a piercing poison,Every step,Can feel that their body is being corroded by the evil spirit of the dark race。

at last,Zhou Shen walked to the left atrium of the Shadow Giant,Visual inspection should be this place。
Zhou Shen raised the scalpel in his hand,Gritted his teeth,Stabbed in。
An indescribable stench came on your face,This is for the people of God,It’s a suffocating smell,Very unpleasant。
but,Zhou Shen smiled,This stench is so strong,Explain a problem,It’s just that the heart of this ghost giant is still fresh,The fel energy in it has not escaped,And this also represents the high quality of the sacrifice。
A fresh heart of the ghost giant,It should be worth a top sacrifice, right?!
Zhou Shen slashed open the chest of the Demon Shadow Giant,The whole person almost got in。
I saw my companion disappear,Yusheng below is a little worried,Can’t help but call out in a low voice。
“Lao Zhou!Are you OK?Do you want me to come up and help?”Yu Sheng whispered。
“No need to!Don’t come up!I’ll be well soon!”Zhou Shen’s voice came from the chest of the Shadow Giant,Yusheng breathed a sigh of relief。
The waiting time is always very long,Obviously only ten breaths have passed,But for Yusheng below,It’s like a century has passed。
at last,There was a puff over my head,What seems to be Leaking sound。
Followed by,A figure appeared above Yusheng’s head,That thin body,It is his good friend Zhou Shen。
Snapped!Zhou Shen threw down a pocket。
Yusheng quickly caught,This pocket is heavy,And it exudes an indescribable breath。

The big man’s voice fell off,The people behind all laughed wretchedly。

This person didn’t notice Xiao Fan’s cold eyes instantly,Continue to say:“how about it?Just a meal,Save your kowtow,Do you know how much cheaper you picked up?!”
“what!”That person’s voice just fell off,I saw Xiao Fan didn’t know when he had already arrived in front of him,And accompanied by,And the pain in my arm。
Look down,Actually folded!
The man looked at Xiao Fan incredulously,Anger:“you,How dare you……”
Xiao Fan said coldly:“I warn you,Dare to say anything frivolous to my wife,You have only one end,That is——dead。”
The man was startled by the horrifying aura that suddenly emanated from Xiao Fan,He even stepped back unconsciously。
All of a sudden,Shouted to the other brothers:“Bros,Give me up,I must abolish him today!”
Others saw that their boss was hurt,Anger comes from it,With the weapon in his hand, he rushed towards Xiao Fan together。
But they didn’t even approach Xiao Fan,Was blasted away by a strong air current。
Xiao Fan said coldly to them:“roll!”
A few people left this place of right and wrong after crawling on the ground。
The thoughts in their hearts now are,This person is too strong,If you want to survive,You have to go faster。