Create a new wisdom business circle that highlights "味"

  "We will fully implement brand gathering, consumption upgrade, environmental beautification, landmark shaping, and build Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen world famous business district …" Recently, Yuzhong District proposed that to 2025, Jiefangbei – Chao Tianmen Business Circle Collect 500 international famous brands, and realize the total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Combine the development trend of new technology applications and new consumption patterns, the local system should create a new smart business circle, Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen business district takes a solid step toward the world’s famous business district. The Jiefangbei with a long history – Dynasty Tianmen Business Circle, has always been a "golden signboard" in the commercial field of our city.

In particular, the Lands in the Jiefangbei area is a veritable business "Golden Street". Chongqing and Sichuan teamed up to formulate specialized action programs, clearly build Jiefangbei – Dynasty Tianmen World Well-known business district, Jiefangbei to Chao Tianmen location will be from a single commercial pedestrian street form, integrate integration of cultural, commercial, tourism and other integration . To this end, further improve 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other digital technology applications, continuously improve the digitization of business districts, intelligent development, and accelerate Jiefangbei – the construction of Tianmen Smart Business Circle is imperative.

  Development industry first card, regional first store, brand first show and other construction "Cross Golden Street", relying on Raffles Building an open portal landmark, layout imported goods bonded warehouse and display trading platform, pull cross-border e-commerce direct purchase stores and other imported consumption … .

Taking the construction to create Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen Business Circle, must continue to introduce global high-quality products in the "commercial speaker", in the "front desk" to enrich commercial consumer, improve the quality of consumer service; Intelligent hardware facilities, build a large data platform for smart business districts, effectively docking with cross-border e-commerce systems, UnionPay financial systems, sovereign electronic currencies, etc. This attracts consumers with "high quality" and uses "high IQ" to enhance the consumer experience. It is suitable for the local system to create Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen Smart Business Circle, in the promotion of the offline and offline channel depth, continuous expansion of the radiation range of the business district, while the vendors of the business circle, but also use the live cloud computing, block chains and other new Technology, further integrate the green development concept into the whole process of the transformation, construction, management and service of the smart business district, thereby more low carbon environmental protection in building materials, electric water, waste treatment, etc., let the Jiefangmun The business district leads the green consumption economy.

  The new year bell rings of the Jiefang Tower, the dumplings on the Bayi Road, copy, Chongqing, the stone street of the Tianmen Motto … Jiefangbei – Chaotian Men’s business circle historical hemp, unique historical and cultural and business memory It has spawned a number of "net red card", attracting many foreign tourists, infecting the city feelings of the world, and gathered for a long-lost business. With the continuous promotion of the intelligent transformation of the business district, in the excavation history, packaging and remains, in series, strive for thousands of people, one store, release special urban culture "味" is endless, let position "world-class" Jiefangbei – Dynasty Tianmen Smart Business Circle, continued to write a new era in ancient and modern Huiyi. (Editor: Qin Jie, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.

Develop a new situation in digital economic development (now ?)

Original title: Develop a new situation in digital economic development (now Yu " At the City Conference, the host Henan frequently broke the big hand, recruiting the intersection platform, providing "hard core support" for "digital Henan, intelligent Zhongyuan". Today, from the tip of the tip to the fingertips, from the field to the workshop, from the health code to "one network to do" … digital production, digital life, digital management of a scene of fresh scenes, fully prove: Digital economic health development is conducive to promoting the construction of new Development pattern. Implement "two guarantees", fully implement the "Top Ten Strategies", we must talk about the Henan story of the digital economy. Last year, the number of digital economy in our province is nearly 10%, and GDP accounts for nearly 30%, but the gap between Guangdong, Zhejiang and other developed provinces.

The gap is the potential. Henan, have unique advantages such as data resources, integration, transmission speed, market potential, and three provincial laboratories, there are unique advantages of three provincial laboratories, which are undoubtedly the "back waves" of the digital economy. , Have a power to interpret the wonderful.

"Today, digital technology, digital economy is the leader of the world’s scientific revolution and industrial change. It is a new round of international competition, we must seize the opportunity and seize the future development system." Accelerate digital transformation as leader, strategic engineering, based in the field characteristics, focusing industries, traffic, agriculture, population, etc., to build new digital infrastructure systems, promote major landmark projects, develop digital core industries, and improve the number Ability, all-round to create digital strong provinces, Henan Province will explore new and developing digital economic development, cultivate new kinetic energy in informationization, promote new development with new development, and create new glories in new development. (Editor: Yang Xiana, Huang Sha) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

5G industry application integration landing focus clear

Original title: 5G industry application integration landing in clear focus 5G 2021 World Assembly is approaching, China Mobile Research Institute Huang Yuhong in an interview with Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed a "triumph" to express the process of global development of 5G. 5G of licenses issued has been more than two years, the number of individual users rising industrial applications full bloom, but also pointed out that Huang Yuhong, 5G still difficult business model innovation in the integration of applications in vertical industries, industry application requirements vary widely, and many other problems to be solved . 5G triumph of global development to achieve "an unprecedented three" Turning to the current development of 5G, Huang Yuhong gives the "three unprecedented." First, 5G is at an unprecedented speed rapid deployment and commercial in the world.

  According to GSA data, as of the end of April 2021, the global total of 64 countries and regions, 163 operators launched 5G business services.

  Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of May, my country’s three telecom operators 5G phone terminal connections up to one hundred million, a net increase of one hundred million over the previous year.

  Secondly, 5G unprecedented multi-industry applications.

  Huang Yuhong said: "Many industries use 5G gave unprecedented attention and enthusiasm if more than a year ago to talk about 5G, more of a vision, some programs, after this year’s efforts, many applications have been successful landing. implementation.

"Huang Yuhong introduced, China Mobile has the floor for 15 industries in more than 100 leading enterprises nationwide demonstration projects, the provinces also have more than 2000 local industry application landing, many companies have personal experience to bring 5G production efficiency and enhance the level of security .. as well as the technical direction of the leading, China’s contribution to the unprecedented large Huang Yuhong According to reports, the band 5G, and other large-scale antenna has become mainstream; and led the development of my country’s leading 5GSA (independent network) model pioneered in the commercial world, and gaining more and more operators support; a positive contribution to our country 5G second version R16 standards have been frozen, the construction industry is about to enter the network and the application stage, 5G will therefore release more powerful capabilities.

  Wisdom is everywhere, everything can be controlled sense, be considered force unlimited storage, data value creation, application locally available, known whereabouts at any time …… With the continued integration 5G and artificial intelligence, networking, big data, edge computing technology symbiosis, this scene will no longer be imagined.

  As the world’s leading operators, China Mobile and actively promote technological innovation and industrial development, led 5G international standards, promote joint research with the information and communication industry restructuring and development. 5G industry application integration efforts will be necessary breaking 5G-enabled digital social development, application integration is the key vertical industries, but also the transformation of telecom operators focus of development.

  Huang Yuhong said that hinder landing 5G industrial applications, there are still many challenges.

  First, the industry needs vary widely, they not only need to connect capability, but also more differentiated ability to solve various problems in production, these capabilities are compatible with legacy protocols and system problems can not be ignored.

  Secondly, the traditional communication service charges dimension is relatively simple, compared to large 5G difficult business model innovation, global telecom operators are in exploration. In addition, the current capacity of 5G still can not meet the needs of certain industry-specific application scenarios, still waiting for standards continue to improve. At the same time, the industry standard application 5G deletion results in many industries can not and will not copy application.

  Another obstacle to the development of large-scale industrial applications 5G, the industry application terminal differences, the cost is still high. According to Huang Yuhong introduced, in order to solve these problems in the development of China Mobile are joining forces in a targeted manner to find solutions with industry and industry to meet "the needs of the common discovery, product co-innovation, project co-delivered, work together to create value," the purpose.

  For different demands of industrial users, China Mobile launched the "excellent, professional, respect" customized network services model, while the introduction of a 9one platform, that is, including industry, agriculture, health, education, finance, urban, park, etc. nine in the open platform for different industries to meet different types of customer’s business needs. 5G innovation in the business model, China Mobile launched the "BAF multi-dimensional" 5G private network business model, revenue model supports multi-dimensional bandwidth rate, the number of connections, so that billing is more flexible, customizable hierarchical equity experience, so more intimate services "a la carte" setting, reduce the customer’s use of difficulty.

  For terminal differences, the high cost of the problem, China Mobile is promoting universal module standards, to promote research and development for the industry’s low-cost chip, through the "5G industry terminal sail plan" Strengthening industry needs to carry out joint research and development, to promote the industry to the terminal the size and cost of development.

  According to Huang Yuhong that, to constantly enrich 5G capacity, China Mobile while continuing in ISO 3GPP promote the improvement of relevant standards to ensure timely completion of the standard R16, promoting R17, R18 and even standards.

On the other hand, to promote 5G energize the industry, China Mobile is active in all kinds of cross-industry cooperation organization and industry customers, partners Fusion standards.

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Beijing Haidian District: The number of digital economic added increased by more than 8% in the next five years

People’s Network Beijing August 27th (Li Bo) At the "14th Five-Year Plan", the "14th Five-Year" high-precision industrial development planning press conference held on August 27, Lin Jianhua, deputy director, Haidian District, Beijing, introduced the next five years The added value of Digital Economy in Haidian District increased more than 8%, and strive to cultivate 1-2 family with 500 billion companies with global competitiveness and 3-5 billion-level enterprises, cultivate 10 high-growth, high-value numbers. Economic invisible champion, unicorn companies, developing a batch of bone innovation enterprises in digital economy, building 1-2 trillion industrial clusters, forming an international first-class high-precision industrial cluster. By 2025, high-precision industry accounted for more than 60% agricultural value, and high-tech enterprises have exceeded 4 trillion yuan, software and information service industry revenue reached 2 trillion yuan, 10,000 people’s invention patented possession 700 Parts, high-tech companies have reached%, the number of unicorn, and the number of high-tech enterprises continue to maintain a leading advantage. "Beijing" 14th Five-Year Plan "Times High Solden Industrial Development Plan" will be listed in the new generation of information technology and medical health as Beijing International to lead the pillar industry, layout integrated circuit, block chain, artificial intelligence and other high-precision industries.

Haidian District will give full play to resource endowments, strengthen the construction of underlying technology innovation and major innovation platforms, and promote industrial development. Concentrate the strength to consolidate the development advantage of large information industries. The new generation of information technology industry in Haidian District has accounted for 77% of the city’s total revenue, and the lead drive effect is obvious.

In recent years, Haidian District has continued to focus on the construction of major information innovation platforms, and actively protect the construction of national laboratories, promote the construction of new R & D institutions such as Xiyuan Research Institute, Micro-Core Research Institute, and the Quanyuan Laboratory, support intersection and training platform. The construction of block chain grade experimental platforms, research and development of "Wu Dao", Changan Chain and other major achievements. A group of leading leading enterprises such as byte beating, millet, Baidu, US group, emerged as an unprofit innovation, Zhongke Chuara, fourth paradigm and other well-known innovation enterprises; Lingqi Tian movement, dragon core, autonomous open source framework Baidu avets, 旷 天 天, etc.

Do a strong intensive industry system.

Strengthen medical health, intelligent manufacturing and equipment, green energy and energy-saving and environmental protection, new materials and other industries and other industries and other industries and other industrial top floor design and planning, and accelerate the promotion of innovative incubation platforms and projects. Promote a number of major innovation platforms such as the International Hydropic Society, the Global Health Drug R & D Center; a group of professional incubation platforms such as Pai, Nest, and Shadow.

A number of leading innovations such as Cooperation, Natong, Tengsheng Pharma; lay out around digital simulation design, digital medical, hydrogen fuel cell, front and new materials, etc. China Airlines, Truth, Medical Robot Innovation Center, etc. More innovation projects.

The forward-looking layout seizes the future industrial system. Prospective planning future industrial development, focusing artificial intelligence, quantum technology, photonic chip, satellite space, transformitive materials development and other fields, to create a new industrial echelon and growth point. Continue to promote the quantum research institute, the construction of the graphene research, build the "Star Valley" aerospace industry aggregation area. Docking satellite Internet fields landing, introducing more than 30 innovative enterprises such as Star Network Network System Research Institute Co., Ltd. Next, Haidian District will give full play to digital industrial advantages such as artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, 5G, continuously improve the innovation energy level, strengthen the underlying technical layout and key core technical research, and promote digital technology to integrate digital technology and solid economic depth.

In the future, Haidian District will accelerate the construction of new digital infrastructure construction, planning a group of high-precision industrial landmark projects, promoting major projects and space resources accurate match, and participate in the global industrial chain supply chain rebuke restructuring, play power source, Leading the industry’s high-energy development in the digital economy, and create a new high-efficient system for future high-efficiencies.

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Accelerate the high quality development of cotton industry

On the morning of the 16th, the first plenary meeting of the Cotton Industry Development Leading Group in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, analyzed the situation and tasks of the current development of cotton industry in Xinjiang, and studied the key work of high quality development in cotton industry.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, president of the autonomous region, the leadership group of cotton industry development leadership group, presided over the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that Xinjiang is an important mission of maintaining and protecting national cotton industry safety as a national high quality cotton base.

In recent years, Xinjiang cotton production has been stable and improved, and the industrial structure is continuously adjusted, and the industrial chain is continuously extended.

All relevant departments should improve the political station. From the completeness and accurate implementation of the highness of the party’s rules of the country, from the high level of the high-quality development of Xinjiang, fully understand the importance, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency. Focusing on the continued health development of cotton industrial chain, focusing on improving the quality and international competitiveness of Xinjiang, focusing on stabilizing cotton production scale, improving textile capacity, and focusing on the quality, advantages and prospects of Xinjiang cotton, let "high production, quality" New Xinjiang cotton at home and abroad is more deeply rooted, accelerating the promotion of international domestic branders and consumers well-known and use Xinjiang high quality cotton.

The meeting emphasized that strengthening cotton source quality control, strengthening seed management, and vigorously promoting the application of quality varieties. To accelerate the construction of high quality cotton base, optimize cotton production layout, and promote the improvement of cotton improvement. It is necessary to further improve the price reform policy and supporting measures of cotton target, promote the quality of cotton, and ensure the basic benefits of cotton farmers. It is necessary to speed up the quality control of the cotton market supervision system, strengthen the acquisition processing and other links, and promote the construction of high quality cotton brands. To optimize the development of textile and apparel industries, promote industrial resources to concentrate on existing industrial parks, gather, intensive development, and continuously improve the cotton industry chain supply chain.

It is necessary to firmly establish a vast question and achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, and integrate development. The development leading group and office of the autonomous region, each member unit, all departments of all parts of the autonomous region, should have their own positions, the responsibilities, strengthen cooperative cooperation, and further form a working combination of high quality development in cotton industry.

The meeting emphasized that it is currently a critical node of cotton acquisitions and new cotton. It is necessary to clarify the goal, grab the opportunity, strengthen measures, strengthen management, increase supervision, promote key tasks, and focus on improving cotton industrial chain technology level and intelligent supervision. Ability, all-round improvement of cotton quality management level, promote cotton stabilization.

Chen Weijun, deputy head of the Cotton Industry Development Leading Group, Jilla, Shadon, Zhao Qing, Liu Su, and Kong Xinglong attended the meeting.

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Beijing exceeded the standard electric bicycle misappropriation of regular number cards must fight the illegal personnel plus fine

Original title: Over-scale electric bicycle misappropriation of regular number plates will be played yesterday. At a power bicycle in the old line of Tongzhou, the electric bicycle is concentrated, and the workers are taking the "Beijing" electric bicycle "Beijing" in the old "electric bicycle.

Our reporter Cai Express photo news (Reporter Enron) forgery, it is not surprising that the change of motor vehicle number is not surprising, with the ultra-standard electric bicycle transition period, forgery, alter or use other electric vehicle number plates And the traffic violation of the driving license began to take a head.

The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau issued a news, and the police have recently seized such illegal acts.

In addition to being buckled, the driver is also a fine of 1,000 yuan. On the morning of October 29, in the south exit of Coal City Street, Xicheng District, the Sakura Garden Brigade, the Sakura Garden Brigade, the police, was carrying out the electric bicycle illegal.

At around 9:45 am, the police found a take-away electric bicycle hanging on the white plate, driving in the south exit of Coal City Street, from the east to the west, although the electric bicycle has a foot cycling device, but the vehicle is large, and It is different compared to electric vehicles.

Bao Jin lived the rider.

Through query, the electric bicycle vehicle information is inconsistent with the electric vehicle license plate registration information, and the rider is suspected of using other electric vehicle number plates.

  According to Article 28 of Beijing Non-Motor Vehicle Management Regulations: Use forgery, alteration or other electric bicycle driving licenses, number plates, temporary identity, pay for driving licenses, number plates, and temporary identity, driving The person is a fine of 1,000 yuan; the traffic management department of the public security organs can detain the electric bicycle, and notify the driver to receive timely processing. The cycling will face the penalty of 1,000 yuan according to the law. On the same morning, only 1 hour of the Sakura Garden Brigade opened 16 tickets for non-motor vehicles and electric bicycles, including the use of others, violation, red light, retrograde, etc. According to the relevant provisions of the Beijing Non-Motor Management Regulations, from November 1st, the over-standard electric bicycle that hangs temporary identity cannot be driven to the road.

The Traffic Management Bureau said that there are a variety of safety risk hazards in exceeding the standard electric bicycles. Please take the car to take the vehicle as soon as possible, and the traffic regulations should be observed to ensure the safety of travel.

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Bright eye data shows China’s economic high quality development results

  The total economic volume is close to 1 trillion yuan. The per capita gross domestic product exceeds 10,000 US dollars, and the foreign trade export is more than 5%. The urban new employment has increased by 13.52 million, and the retail of social consumer goods increased by 8% year-on-year … Face to domestic and foreign risk challenges Obviously rising complex situation, in 2019, my country’s national economic operation was overall, and the development quality was steadily improved. The bright data shows the high-quality development of China’s economy, reflects the light of the Chinese economy that cannot cover.

  The economy has grown in the world, and contributes to the global economy. China’s GDP accounts for more than 16% in 2019, China’s economic growth is expected to reach 30% to world economic growth.

China is still the most powerful train head in the world economy.

China ‘s% growth is among the best in the world’s major economies.

This% is not low, and the increased value of high-tech manufacturing and strategic emerging industries increases by% and%, and under the advancement of structural reform, the results of "three go to one reduction" will be consolidated. .

  The per capita GDP exceeded 10,000 US dollars, and China ‘s stepped into a secondary income country. From 2001, the per capita GDP exceeded $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 in 2019, China was used in less than 20 years. The per capita GDP is more than 10,000 US dollars is an important node for the development of the national development of the medium. It means that China’s people’s consumption capacity is stronger. A large market that has great potential is rising. China’s economic compression capacity and stability are also Further enhancement is obtained.

  Foreign trade exports grow against the trend, China’s foreign trade in adversity "is not easy, coloring foot". It is more appropriate to describe the four words "frightened and dangerous" to describe the foreign trade situation last year. In fact, due to the toughness of foreign trade in my country, the power is large, the air is enough, we have not only spent the difficulties, but also created new results. This also proves China’s potential strength.

  The urban new employment is 1.35.2 million, and the% of the annual goals are completed. Urban new employment has maintained more than 1.3 million in 7 consecutive years, which is significantly higher than the expected goal of more than 11 million.

Employment work has progressed, benefiting from economic development, and the pulling capacity of employment is constantly enhanced.

my country’s economic scale continues to expand, the industrial structure is gradually optimized, the service industry has developed rapidly, new industries, new models continue to emerge, create many new employment opportunities and new employment forms. The retail of social consumer goods has increased by 8% year-on-year, and the 400 million population is not available.

In 2019, the total retail sales of my country’s social consumer goods was trillion, and the consumption governance contribution rate was%, pulled GDP growth, and became the first pulling force of economic growth for 6 consecutive years. Consumption is continuously upgraded, especially the refurbishment of consumer scenarios, and the "expansion" of the consumer market, the supply capacity is enhanced, and it has played "open source" for consumption growth.

Opened the sinking market, consumer heat from the first line city to the three or four lines and rural markets ".

This is a new dynamic of consumer ecology. The bright data shows that China has good economic toughness, potential, and has great quality quality in China’s economy.

  China’s economic toughness is good. It is said that the Chinese economy has a solid foundation. In 190 years, New China has established a complete industrial system for more than 40 years. China has established a complete industrial system, which has laid a more thick material and technical foundation. The national strength is constantly enhanced, and the impact of the big wind waves.

  China’s economic potential and featuring China has a huge domestic demand market and investment prospects.

In the case of uncertainty in the world, the external environment is continuously weak, and the domestic demand consisting of consumption and investment will continue to become the main driving force for promoting China’s economic growth.

The backward advantages of science and technology can also become a development potential.

  China’s economic cyclone is large, and it is expressed as the vastness of China. The east is not bright, and the wide land can carry economic variables.

  The bright data is our boiling confidence, providing the power to continue to struggle.

  At the moment, although the sudden epidemic has a certain impact on the Chinese economy, we have confidence to defend this epidemic. China’s economy does not change the trend of long-term development, and the substance of the strong economic accumulation is the most basic condition we defeated the epidemic. Open as scheduled after the Chinese stock and foreign exchange market, the raging epidemic has not changed this year’s document, and many manufacturing companies are also under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic. The Chinese economy does not "stop the China economy" ". We have confidence and the spring breeze ride rolled with the bright data, and strive for the economic continuation in 2020.

(Cai Enze).

Crack puzzle Yongxiang polysilicon technology achieves a major breakthrough

It is understood that in the newly organized 10,000 tons of high-purity crystalic silicon projects, there are 1 kilogram of capacity to produce electronic grade polysilicon.

According to the relevant person in charge of Yongxiang Stock, the electronic level and solar level control standards are different, and the number of elements involved is also different.

These quality indicators are in the near future, and the quality indicators are still refreshing the optimal level. High-purity crystal silicon is rolled, slice, battery, etc.

"Yongxiang more than 90% is available for N-type. At present, our silicon has passed the N-type single crystal verification and mass supply through Lower Ni, Jingke, Yuze and other manufacturers.

"Yongxiang personally said. Yongxiang New Energy Phase II Project 1 thousand tons of electronic-level polysilicon, process technology, product quality will further improve in the original basis, representing a huge breakthrough in China’s enterprises in the electronic grade polysilicon (张清) (Editor: Luo Wei, Xue Yutian) Sharing let more people see.

Anderen helpen voor 28 jaar, stelt hij een nationale eenheid en lof samen.

  Yizhen zei: voor deze jaren verliest hij veel politieagenten.

Zijn eigen lichaam is niet goed, ik heb ons geholpen, mijn lichaam is goed, ik hoop dat zijn lichaam goed is. In 2004 werd Pang Xin geraakt door het Shanshan County Shuangshui-politiebureau.

Hier leerde hij dat de echtgenoot van hete Si Dan · Koop Tinya de dood veroorzaakte, waardoor twee jonge dochters en tienduizenden yuan-schuld had. Tijdens het bezoeken, leerde Pang Xin dat de grote dochter van Western Woods obstakels had gehoord, en de kleine dochter had een ondervoeding. Het lichaam is dun en het gezin vertrouwt alleen op de 6 hectare druiven in het contract. Pang Xin heeft onmiddellijk besloten om haar twee dochters te financieren en de Shanshan County Officuted Federation heeft geco?rdineerd, zijn hoortoestel voor haar grote dochter ge?nstalleerd. Tegenwoordig leefden met de hulp van Pang Xin de woorden van Western Dan in het nieuwe huis. Haar twee dochters zijn getrouwd en hebben kinderen. Elke keer dat ze terugkeren naar het gezin, zullen ze altijd Pang Xin noemen, hem uitnodigen om te bezoeken.

Nadat je weet dat Pang Xin een Mongools is, noemen ze hem allemaal Bartel.

Bartel is de betekenis van de Mongoolse held, de held.

  Hete Sweet Muhnia zei: Boter is bijzonder goed, hebben ons geholpen, zoals mijn broer! Nu financiert hij mijn kleinkinderen op school en onze familie is erg dankbaar.

  Doneer aan het rampgebied in anonieme vorm, de laatste maand van de vorige maand zal worden betaald door speciale feestkosten, doneer 10.000 yuan om antioptactide & hellip te helpen; gedurende 28 jaar duurde Pang Xin meer dan 30 miljoen yuan om ouderen te helpen , gefinancierde studenten, wezen, oefen de initi?le missie van de communistische partijleden met praktische acties. In de afgelopen jaren is hij beoordeeld als een autonome regio, de stad, de provincie Nationale Eenheid, heeft de mooiste Xinjiang-mensen verkregen, raakte de eretitel van Xinjiang-personages, de zevende autonome regio aan. Tao Huan, Department Science, Political Engineering Department, zei: Voor zoveel jaren heeft hij altijd de ouderen geholpen, de financiering van wezen, de student, zijn Geest, heeft me aangeraakt, verraadde me.

In het werk is hij verantwoordelijk voor zijn due diligence, die onze jonge mensen begeleidt om toe te delen en onvermoeibijn. Als de politie van een volk moeten we leren van de geest van het helpen van anderen, onzelfzuchtige toewijding, hard werken in gewone banen, en zich strikt eisen.

2021 National Network Security Promotion Week wordt gehouden van 11 tot 17 oktober

Op 30 september wordt 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week gehouden in Beijing. SUN Weimin, directeur van het Central Security Network Security Coordination Bureau, het Permanent Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, de minister van Propaganda, introduceerde de voorbereiding van het evenement en beantwoordde vragen van de verslaggever. 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week zal van 11 tot 17 oktober van 11 tot 17 oktober worden gehouden, het thema is "Netwerkbeveiliging voor de mensen, netwerkbeveiliging die op mensen vertrouwen."

Onder hen zullen belangrijke activiteiten zoals openingsceremonie worden gehouden in de provincie Xi’an, Shaanxi.

De relevante afdelingen van provincies (districten, gemeenten), centrale en staatsorganen zijn verantwoordelijk voor het organiseren en begeleiden van de administratieve regio, het systeem, de bedrijfsnetwerkbeveiliging promotie week activiteiten.

Sun Weimin, het net en de week van dit jaar blijven het belangrijke idee van generaal Secretary XI Jinping promoten op het netwerk van sterke landen, en de belangrijke secretaris van Xi Jinping’s "vier persistentie", "vier persistentie", bevorderen, het vieren van de 100e Verjaardag van de oprichting van de Chinese Communistische Partij. De belangrijkste prestaties in het 18e nationale congres van de partij hebben thema publiciteitsactiviteiten uitgevoerd, gecombineerd met de wettelijke en voorschriften, beleidsnormen, belangrijke maatregelen en de all-in-de-gerelateerde hete problemen , Publiceer de netwerkbeveiliging en promoten van netwerkbeveiliging, promotie-netwerkbeveiliging. Veiligheidsvaardigheden cre?ren krachtig een sterke sfeer van de hele samenleving om een ??netwerkbeveiligingslijn te bouwen, het enthousiasme van de hele samenleving verder te stimuleren om de netwerkbeveiliging te behouden.

Bij de openingsceremonie zullen ook de eerste nationale netwerkbeveiliging geavanceerde collectieve en geavanceerde individuen worden erkend.

Zhang Lin introduceerde dat hij onder het online netwerk van online beveiliging de kenmerken van de connotatie benadrukt. Ten eerste is het forum strak in het beleid. Surround de nieuw vastgestelde wetten en voorschriften en nieuwe velden, nieuwe hotspots, nieuwe vooruitgang en nieuwe prestaties en houd meerdere subforums. De tweede is de synchrone expo in de online-regel.

De thema-tentoonstelling voor netwerkbeveiliging begint bij het Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center aan de vooravond van de openingsceremonie en de online digitale tentoonstelling bereikt multi-dimensionale online weergave via Web3D, digitale re-enactment en andere technologie?n.

Ten derde wordt de multi-dimensionale propaganda gepresenteerd. Via multi-dimensionale integratie, innovatieve vormen van nationale interacties, driedimensionale dekking van de top tien blokken, enz., Verbeteren de openbare aantrekkingskracht en sociale invloed van "Network Security Promotion Week". Network Security Expo, Network Security Technology Summit Forum, Network Safety Education Club, Network Security Events en Topics Day-activiteiten tijdens Netan Week, online beveiligingslijnen.

2021 National Network Security Promotion Week bestond door de centrale propaganda-afdeling, het centrale nieuwsnetwerkkantoor, het ministerie van Onderwijs, het ministerie van Industrie en Informatietechnologie, het ministerie van Openbare Veiligheid, de Bank van China, de Nationale Radio- en Televisie Bank van China, , de nationale federatie van vakbonden, het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Jeugdcompetitie, de nationale damesfederatie en andere tien gezamenlijk gehouden.