National Flower Tour Team announced the selection list of the 2022 World Championships and Asian Games

China News Service, Beijing, April 27th. On the 26th, the China Swimming Association issued the "National Falter Swimming Team 2022 World Championships and Hangzhou Asian Games Athlete Selection Selection List" notice. "According to the "National Falter Swimming Team 2022 World Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games Selection Measures", the National Falter Swimming Team conducted athlete selection test at the Beijing Muyu Garden Sports School and Nanjing Sports Academy on April 19-21, 2022.Xiang Xuan Xuan.

Gao Bao pulled the squirrel to a Zen room,Asked:“What are you going to steal??Character?Still draw?This thing is not good.,I am selling,People must guess this place.。”

“Neither,Leader,You will know。Not a word painting。”
The two unfolded the reel in the bamboo tube at the table.,It is actually……A pair of oil painting!
If it is not painted with an obvious Chinese water painting,Gao Baoyi is more dangerous to this is that someone has passed through the oil painting.。
“Lord you see,This kind of painting is unprecedented。This is still the second,What did you look at this painting?,This person is really bold.。”
“Take the dragon on the sky?”Gao Baoyi is sighed to say。
This is not the artistic conception of Gao Boyi guess.,But this picture is called“Take the dragon on the sky”,One word is not wrong。
Do not say anything else,If this painting is not given to a high ocean,Then you can get a referendum, you can review it.。
This picture is simple and simple.,In the cloud,One golden dragon head,It seems to be straight to the cloud。
but,If you want to explain this picture?,Ha ha,There are a lot of things inside, saying it.。
first,Dragon represents royal,Put on,That is the child of Gao Huan。
Date of drawing,It is the day before.。
So this is impossible to draw a front picture,This road is blocked。
Second,Jinlong straight fire,Explain that this dragon is not“Cloudy”,Means of,I haven’t taken the position of the emperor yet.。
This is very interesting。
So,What does this painting express??Introduce,That is, Qianlong in the Yuan,Ready to support。
Ha ha,If the ocean sees this picture,I don’t know if I will think.?
Gao Bao looked at the deposit of painting,There is also a seal,Smile with the mouth of the mouth。
“Squirrel,You don’t do it.。I will follow me later.。”
Gao Baoyi this time is a visual, this is not blind.“Thief”Powerful。
“Ancestors,I see where you can run this time.!”
Xu Zhi Talent,Outstanding characters from the South Dynasty Medicine Family Xujia,Because the war was captured in the North Dynasty,Review of Gao Huan,In East Wei Dang,Northasi time continues,There is a rise in stability,Medical skills。
Xu Zhi’s status is super,Indifferent fame,It will be people,Respected by the world and the North Qi Royal。
The most trusted people in Gaoyang is Gao Dezheng and Yang Wei.,Secondly, Xu Zhi Talent。
This is a very political wisdom.,The old good man under the hand。
but,Now this old man also encounters trouble.。
At this moment, he is sitting on his opposite.,And the other person said,Shocking。
“His Majesty…Do you actually have such a ridiculous move??”
Xu Zhi is more than 60,At this moment, it is shocked.。

Qiongzhong set up three preliminary seal -control areas to investigate and judge 38 people

People’s Network Qiongzhong, March 12th (Meng Fansheng) At 22 on March 11, the headquarters of the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic in the Qiong Miao Autonomous County Hainan Hainan Miao Autonomous County held a press conference to inform the current epidemic prevention and control situation and the next step of prevention Control measures, answer the prevention and control of the related epidemic of media reporters.

It is understood that on March 11, Qiongzhong’s active inspection of Qiong Qiong personally detected a new crown virus positive. The county’s headquarters immediately launched an emergency plan and conducted investigation and disposal as soon as possible. Related places implement measures such as disinfection. The leaders and experts of the Hainan Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters rushed to the scene to guide the disposal. At present, the personnel have been transferred to a designated hospital.

Preliminary flow results show that the personnel of the personnel activity: On March 8th, take the HNA HU7320 flight to Haikou Meilan Airport at about 13:00, and take the airport to Qiongzhong at about 13:00. Did not go out later. At about 6 o’clock on March 9, take a private car to Baili Ling for shooting. He worked at 16:30 and went to the county hospital for nucleic acid testing. He returned to Yonghe Hotel at about 18:00. Essence

At about 7 o’clock on March 10, take a private car to Baihuaying for shooting and sample nucleic acids. He returned to Yonghe Hotel in a private car until about 20 o’clock in about 20:00.

The results of the sieve at 9 o’clock on March 11 were positive, and they were immediately transferred to the county people’s hospital for quarantine treatment.

The results of the review were positive, and the provincial clinical expert group was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection of the new coronary virus.

The press conference reported that Qiongzhong implemented seal control management on the area involved in the case of the case as soon as possible, and carried out end disinfection around the trajectory of case activities.

Established three seal -control areas of Yonghe Hotel, Paradise Hotel, and Baihuaying Scenic Area, and quickly tone relevant personnel. The preliminary investigation and judgment of 38 close -ups were found in isolation and control in Qiongzhong, and the nucleic acid testing of the three -controlled area was performed for the first time. The reporter learned from the press conference that the next step of Qiongzhong will be investigated in deep investigation, in -depth investigations and sub -secret contact personnel, quickly and accurate control to ensure "no one leakage"; Personnel push inspection letters; carry out health monitoring of personnel in the seal control area, and properly do a good job of living security; strengthen the management of key places and key groups, and strictly follow the abnormal normalized epidemic prevention and control measures.

At the same time, the masses are also requested to maintain a good attitude, do personal protection, and jointly maintain the normal production and life order.

Please pay attention to the official authoritative information in time, so as to scientifically prevent epidemic prevention, do not believe in rumors, or spread rumors. (Responsible editor: Liu Yang, Xi Xiuqin) Share more people see the client download.

Xia Jian stood in front of the hotel glass window and glanced at his watch,And started to walk out of the room。I didn’t expect that Li Yue would have been waiting with her bag a long time ago。

“President Xia!You go down first。I will let you move your luggage into the car”
Li Yue said,Chong Xia Jian smiled sweetly。The girl heard that Xia Jian was taking her to the provincial capital,She was happy in her heart。She thinks Xia Jian’s facts are too big,You can learn a lot by following him。
Xia Jian didn’t have much time after going downstairs,Li Yue has taken a male waiter from the hotel and moved his luggage downstairs。
After getting in the car,Xia Jian glanced at his watch again and said:“Let’s go!Don’t drive too fast,Let’s go to Pingdu City。Many detours ahead,And people climbed a big mountain,So you have to be stable while driving,Not impatient”
“I know Mr. Xia,Then let’s go”Li Yue said,Started the car。
Xia Jian sat in the back and opened the window,He is blowing the evening breeze,Although my eyes are looking at the beautiful scenery outside the car window,But his heart is thinking about tomorrow。Now all the money is in place,I don’t know if I can get all of these items,This is still an unknown。
Li Yue is quite skilled at driving,Xia Jian hasn’t been there for a while,I closed my eyes and fell asleep。In sleep,He saw Hu Huiru yelling at him。Then it was Zhou Li and his eyes were cold.,Asked why he wanted to take away all the projects of Dongsheng Group Pingdu?
Xia Jian tried hard to explain,Just can’t speak。His desperate effort,Woke up unexpectedly。He found himself in the car,This is just a dream。
“President Xia!Are you having a nightmare?I think you are under too much pressure these days,Should relax。I could hear your breathing difficulty just now”
Li Yue driving,I raised my voice and said to Xia Jian。
The car has already started to descend,You should reach the boundary of Pingyang Town in more than ten minutes。Xia Jian is inevitably a little excited。He took a breath and said:“When I saw this piece of land in my hometown,The pressure in my heart suddenly disappeared”
“That’s good,You sit down,I should speed up”
Li Yue laughed and pressed her feet gently。The car screamed and brought up the dust on the road,Drive quickly towards Pingdu。
At a gas station in the suburbs, Xia Jian asked Li Yue to fill up,Then drove to the side of the road and waited for Guan Tingna’s call。Until half past eight,When the sky is completely dark,Guan Tingna called。
“Hey!We are at the Shizuizi gas station in the suburbs,Where are you,We come to pick you up”One call,Xia Jian asked loudly。
Guan Tingna on the phone smiled and said:“We are at Cai Li Noodle House,Come here quickly!Let’s leave after dinner”
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian asked Li Yue to drive to Cai Li’s noodle restaurant。As soon as I walked into the courtyard,Cai Li greeted me,She smiled and said:“They both just came,Right now?”
“immediately!We are a little busy tonight”

1st Views | Xi Jinping comes to Yangpu Economic Development Zone

  On the morning of the 12th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Yangpu Economic Development Zone in Luzhou City, Hainan Province.Construction of characteristic free trade ports.Yangpu Economic Development Zone is the first national development zone developed by the State Council in 1992 to develop and enjoy the policy of bonded zone policy.

  "1st View" takes you to understand.Planning: Sun Chengbin producer: Sun Zhiping, Chen Liangjie producer: Fan Hua, Liu Changlin coordinated: Wang Huiyu, Chang Junli directed: Du Rui, Ju Xiaoyan video reporter: Yin Jiajie, Liu Chang, Zhou Xuan, Guo Liangchuan, Fang Kuan, Li Maohui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, Li Hui, LiDuojiang Photography Reporter: Li Xuediren, Xie Huanchi, Yan Yan Poster: Du Rui Vision: Qian Cheng and Yin Zhelun Xinhua News Agency audio and video department produced the first studio of Xinhua News Agency.

“I already know your strength.,The game ends here,Let us go in the real world.。”Ten ten meters later。

He also depends on the eyes of the sea.,Drag the eyes of these people to the sea,Stay again for a while,Even if you kill a few people,You can’t make up for the lost time。
“You can’t walk!”
Qi Ya is holding a Asian General Spear in his hand.,Flying to Kay,Space begins to fluctuate,All sides have power to penetrate from subasights.。
“Yes?”Kay is a smile。
The spatial space stopped,The temperature in the whole space declines sharply。
Hidden and Bronia were surrounded by a ice,These ice blocks seem to be free to freeze the space.,Stop the space of shake。
Although Kay is playing with a flavor,But the real power of the body is mainly ice。
He can’t waste time on these people.。
“you”Kay,“Let’s stay in the sea.,I naturally come back to save you next day.!”
An abnormal huge power drives the breath of the whole space,All power contribute in the hands of Kay,He was used by him to simulate the flavor, and the sword of the Sagan of Holy Tree, to Qi Yan。
Qi Yanna wants to use space talent to hide attack,But your strength seems to be locked.,Can’t leave instantly。
Under anxious,Qi Yana put his hands in his chest,Want to hard to resist this hit。
Hanjiang still in the distance is still anxious,Open the kinetic energy of the unpredictable armor to the neutralized point to Zi Ya Na,Even if you can’t block all your strength for her,Target the attack together。
As for Valter,The body just agglomerated,Come within the field of Kay,I don’t have time to rescue.!
In the end, Han Jiang also arrived.,With Qi Yana to resist Kai’s attack。
Two people’s mouth overflows blood at the same time,Han Jiang wiped a mouth,Looking at the Kay you want to leave,Isn’t it let him leave??
Han Jiang is not willing to,The red dragonfly in the hand suddenly shaken two times。
“How is this possible??!”
The red dragonflite is the key to the support of Hanjiang from the hands of Fuhua.,The key to the support is there.,Among them are very bad,The best one is too virtual.、If the sword。
Red quality is slightly poor,That is also good, it’s the key to God.。
The key of God has ambiguous consciousness,The key to the domain is the key of the two gods.,Have your own consciousness。
Han Jiang feels more than once,I know the use of the first rated power,Now the red dragonfly actively transmits the use of zero-rated power to Hanjiang.!
Want to turn on the ground power of the red dragonfly,Then there is the power of the law.。
There are a lot of power to steal the law in Hanjiang body.,How is more rough。
He began to run in accordance with the method obtained from the core of the red dragonfly.,Some similar to running too vain sword,So it is very easy to get started。
One time,The power of several patients in the Hanjiang body began to exchange、Condense,Like Tai Chi graphics,You have me in you,I have you in me.。
Han Jiang’s own source of power is also participated in the power of the law.,When I started the first source of the stars, I suddenly blemarked when I entered the case of the law.,Almost hurt the Hanjiang yourself,In the body, a shock。
Then Han Jiang Lima understand,This is the same as the explosives,As long as you match a certain amount,Can play an unimaginable power。
But everyone knows the formula of explosives.,Do not say power,There are several people who can be distributed without systematic learning.?
But Han Jiang is like a help,Quickly find the appropriate proportion,A explosive force is integrated into the red dragonfly。

Guiyang Shuanglong Ecological Park: Visitors "oxygen absorbing" is a good place

    On May 25, in the Shuanglong Ecological Park in Guiyang, the trees were lush and tourists were on the green.

  It is understood that Shuanglong Ecological Park is located in Xiaobi Township, Nanming District, Guiyang City. It covers an area of more than 1,800 acres. Since its establishment at the end of 2015, a total of more than one billion yuan has been invested.

Through the management of water environment, the construction of soil and ecological afforestation across districts and counties has turned a place with sparse vegetation into a good place for citizens to "absorb oxygen".In recent years, Guiyang City has vigorously strengthened the construction of forestry ecology and played the role of forest -fixed carbon.As of the end of 2021, the city’s livelings accumulated 25.34 million cubic meters.The total forests have reached 10,000 tons, which is the highest value for many years.(Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter Cheng Jie).

“Doctor,Hello,I am the husband of Blue Xin.。”

Doctor is a 50-year-old middle-aged woman,See Lu Haozheng,She laughed:“Congratulations on this gentleman,Your lady is pregnant,Triplet,But her status is not particularly good.。”
“Sash……?,What?”What did he heard??
Lu Hao’s heart is like a drum,The sound of the beating is even listening to himself.。
The doctor said that his wife is pregnant.!
The doctor said that his wife pregnant with a triplet.!
Ah, hahaha……
Lu Haocheng is laughing,Is Lu Hao Cheng really too fierce?,Three。
The doctor looked at him and said that I can’t say it.,“Sir,Don’t be excited first,But how do you engage??Your wife is full of pregnancy57Heaven,And she is too tired,A little slight threatened abortion……”
“Doctor,Threatened abortion,Is it serious??”Lu Haocheng has not been,If a doctor is like a pot of cold water, he woke him.。
The doctor looked at him nervous.,I can’t help but laugh again.:“Don’t be nervous,Not serious。”
Doctor finished,Pick upbSuper to see him。“You look,Three baby’s fetal heart is very good,But this month of pregnant women must bed rest,Keep your mood comfortable,Avoid emotional excitement;Guarantee sleep,Avoid staying up late;Folic acid,One, uncomfortable, timely go to the hospital review。

“Good,Thank you for!I have recorded it.。 ”Lu Haozheng was excited to tears.。
In the ward,Blue Xin faintly woven,Smell a touch of disinfection,She feels some uncomfortable in the stomach.。
I heard Lu Haozheng’s nervous voice,Blue Xin looks to him。
Lu Haocheng sits in the bedside,Tightly holding her hand,Red-red。
“Why is it??What is your big man crying??Did I have a bad disease??”Blue Xin laughs,Recently, she always feels chest tightness and weakness.,She thought that she didn’t have a good rest.,I didn’t expect to fainting today.。
“What are you talking about??”Lu Haozheng tangled。
“Fool,You are pregnant!”
“Really??”Blue Xin is excited to sit up。
Lu Hao Cheng quickly stopped,“Don’t move,Lying hard。”
Blue Xin is very nervous,“Be wrong,I met red.,How is the baby??”She thought it was a holiday.,In fact, it is not,It is a threatened abortion。
This one is in half a month,She is very busy every day,I have forgotten this aunt.。
Careful thinking about it,She didn’t seem to come to a big aunt last month.。
I saw a little red when she went to the bathroom at noon.,I thought it was a holiday.,Can be booked to the bathroom,I fainted in front of my eyes.。
“Blue,Don’t be excited,Don’t be excited,The doctor said that you can’t be excited now.,Our baby is fine,They are very good。”Lu Hao Cheng said like this.,He is actually excited than Blue Xin.,Excited tears come out soon。
Blue Xin heard a keyword,“They.What is meaning?”In her wish,She only wants a little sheep。“嘿嘿.”Lu Haocheng smiled silly,“Wife,Congratulations,I have to be a mother.,And still three children’s mom,Wife,You are congratulations.,I also do my father.。”Lu Haocheng is like a three-year-old treasure of kindergarten.
Treasure,That tone,Soching makes people’s bones.。
Blue Xin:“.”
How can it be three?
“Becoming,You are sure that it is three?”Blue Xin is still someone else,Looking great at him in your eyes,Today is still small,Maybe。
When his brothers and sisters, she was also surprised.。
“Wife,Truly。”Lu Haozheng picks upbSuper single gives her。“Wife,You see a doctor saying that the three babies’ fetal heart is very good.,It is a little threatened abortion,Not serious,Starting from this moment,You have to stay in bed,I must listen to me during the whole pregnancy.。”Lu Hao is very serious,Carefully

Consolidate the party’s organization’s advantages, develop well, and play well (Tide Guan Lan)

The strict organizational system is the advantages, strength of the Marxist party, and the glory tradition and unique advantage of our party. Our party has established a strict organizational system including the party’s central organization, local organizations, and grass -roots organizations. This is a powerful advantage that any other party in the world does not have.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to the construction of the party’s organizational system, highlighting the political functions and organizational power of party organizations at all levels, building a strong organizational system that has been connected and implemented, and gives full play to the party. Political advantages, organizational advantages, and close contact with the masses, and bring together the majesty of the people.

In order to strengthen the construction of the party’s organizational system, the Party Central Committee has made a series of major institutional arrangements. Implement the duty system, strict major matters, please instruction to the reporting system, strictly implement the eight regulations of the Central Committee and its implementation rules, improve the institutional mechanism that firmly maintains the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership, and ensure that the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee is stronger and stronger. "Regulations on the Work of the Central Committee", "Regulations on the Work Regulations of the Communist Party of China", "Regulations on the Work Regulations of the Communist Party of China" and other series of internal party regulations. The advantages and power fully reflect the provision of institutional guarantee … The party’s power comes from the organization. The party’s comprehensive leadership and all the work of the party depends on the party’s strong organizational system. Strict organizational systems and strong organizational advantages have effectively ensured that the Party Central Committee’s decision -making and deployment will be implemented. Whether it is to win the battle against poverty, build a well -off society in an all -round way, implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern, promote high -quality development, or make a good plan for the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. The Party Central Committee maintained a high degree of consistency, enhanced the "four consciousnesses", strengthened the "four self -confidences", achieved "two maintenance", resolutely implemented the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and effectively achieved the order and the ban. "Those who want to build a room will rule their foundations first.

"Grass -roots party organizations are the foundation of all the work and combat effectiveness of the party. Each party member, especially leading cadres, must strengthen the party’s consciousness and organizational concepts, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of party members and cadres. , To play the foundation and solidify basic work, we must give full play to the role of the combat fortress of grass -roots party organizations.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has established a distinctive orientation of grasping the grassroots. Rural grassroots party organizations have become a strong fighting fortress leading the masses to win poverty alleviation to continue the revitalization of rural rejuvenation; in order to open up the "last mile" of serving the masses, the construction of the city’s grass -roots party organizations has become an important starting point for the people to connect the service of the masses and enhance the governance capabilities of the grassroots; build a completion The "roots" and "souls" of state -owned enterprises have provided strong guarantees to promote the reform and development of state -owned enterprises, strengthen the development of state -owned enterprises, strengthen, and make great state -owned enterprises; adhere to and improve the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee of colleges and universities. Political functions, give full play to the role of teachers and students’ party branches, lead the development of higher education, and take on the responsibility of being a party to educate people and the era of national education. The party’s organization and work cover the party building of non -public ownership enterprises and social organizations, and unite the most active organizations and crowds in economic and social development around the party. For the new journey, build a new era.

Party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres should implement the party’s organizational routes in the new era, adhere to organizing the organic combination of the party and the ideological establishment of the party, consolidate the party’s organization’s advantages, develop, and play well. Practical, take a new era of rushing the road.

“Then ask your little uncle,Can this time make,It depends on Zhumen’s face,You didn’t find,Zhu Minglang said that I want to study in Mianshan Jianzong,Is Wen Mengru in interest??”Wu Feng said。

“Little Master……”Yunzhonghe came over,Change the look of pride and pride in the Institution City before,Said poorly。
“Looks like you gave me a gentian,Take you one。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Thank you little uncle,Thank you little uncle!”Yunzhonghe hurriedly said。
“Brother,Where are you going?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“I also pack my bags,Mianshan Jianzong beauty is like a cloud,Brother me……Cough,Mianshan Jianzong is as strong as a cloud,Brother, I’m almost 40,I also want to learn about the strong swordsmanship of Mianshan Sword Sect。”Wu Feng said。
Visit this time,Although it is an official process,But smoother than expected。
It seems that Mianshan Sword Sect actually has the intention to learn and communicate with Yaoshan Sword Sect.,It’s just because of the system of the Mianshan Jianzong where women are inferior to men,Never take the initiative。
Ride the boat,Then don’t have to be like last time,Hit all the way。
quickly,Mianshan Jianzong gave a reply。
They will return to Zonglin in a few days,When the time comes, the people of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan can walk with them。
Zhu Minglang himself did not intend to stay in the imperial capital too long,In addition, Li Yunzi’s condition is indeed serious,As soon as I can get the ancient lantern jade this morning,Lest it really hurts。
Let Fang Niannian purchase some supplies in the Imperial Capital,Zhu Minglang said goodbye to the people in Zhumen,Ready to go。