China’s resident representative: firm defending the Charter of the United Nations, practicing real multilateralism

New York, New York, September 23, China’s resident representative Zhang Jun attended the "Defending" of the Charter of the United Nations in New York, China on the 23rd, called for firm to defend the Charter of the United Nations and practiced real multilateralism. Zhang Jun said that the "UN Charter" declared the firm belief in the international community, established the basic principles of contemporary international relations.

China is the first country signing on the Charter of the United Nations. The People’s Republic of China has been restored in the United Nations legal seats in the past 50 years, has been defending the "United Nations Charter" in the United Nations, which is always the construction of the United Nations, the construction of the world, the contributor of the global development, the maintenance of the international order, the provider of public goods . Zhang Jun emphasized that in the face of a hundred years of change and new crown epidemic, we need to firmly defend the "United Nations Charter" than ever, need to strengthen group combination in the United Nations platform, and join hands to respond to global threats and challenges. China is willing to meet with relevant parties to promote the international community to reflect the commitment to the "Charter" of the United Nations, practice real multilateralism, jointly maintained the international system based on United Nations, and oppose hegemony. Breakfast and single-sidedism, resolutely resist unilateral compulsory measures, support the United Nations to become a core platform for common security and joint development results, and jointly grasp the core platform of world destiny.

The political statement published by the meeting stressed that the "UN Charter" is critical to building a fair, equality international order, unilateral measures violates the "United Nations Charter" and International Law Basic Guidelines, "Defend" The Charter of the United Nations "Friends" will be in the United Nations The work promotes all parties to comply with international law and maintain multilateralism with the core of the United Nations.

"Defending the" Friends of the United Nations "Friends" is launched by Venezuela and is established in July this year.

At present, members include China, Russia, Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Cambodia, North Korea, Laos, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and Grenadines and other countries.

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Beijing exceeded the standard electric bicycle misappropriation of regular number cards must fight the illegal personnel plus fine

Original title: Over-scale electric bicycle misappropriation of regular number plates will be played yesterday. At a power bicycle in the old line of Tongzhou, the electric bicycle is concentrated, and the workers are taking the "Beijing" electric bicycle "Beijing" in the old "electric bicycle.

Our reporter Cai Express photo news (Reporter Enron) forgery, it is not surprising that the change of motor vehicle number is not surprising, with the ultra-standard electric bicycle transition period, forgery, alter or use other electric vehicle number plates And the traffic violation of the driving license began to take a head.

The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau issued a news, and the police have recently seized such illegal acts.

In addition to being buckled, the driver is also a fine of 1,000 yuan. On the morning of October 29, in the south exit of Coal City Street, Xicheng District, the Sakura Garden Brigade, the Sakura Garden Brigade, the police, was carrying out the electric bicycle illegal.

At around 9:45 am, the police found a take-away electric bicycle hanging on the white plate, driving in the south exit of Coal City Street, from the east to the west, although the electric bicycle has a foot cycling device, but the vehicle is large, and It is different compared to electric vehicles.

Bao Jin lived the rider.

Through query, the electric bicycle vehicle information is inconsistent with the electric vehicle license plate registration information, and the rider is suspected of using other electric vehicle number plates.

  According to Article 28 of Beijing Non-Motor Vehicle Management Regulations: Use forgery, alteration or other electric bicycle driving licenses, number plates, temporary identity, pay for driving licenses, number plates, and temporary identity, driving The person is a fine of 1,000 yuan; the traffic management department of the public security organs can detain the electric bicycle, and notify the driver to receive timely processing. The cycling will face the penalty of 1,000 yuan according to the law. On the same morning, only 1 hour of the Sakura Garden Brigade opened 16 tickets for non-motor vehicles and electric bicycles, including the use of others, violation, red light, retrograde, etc. According to the relevant provisions of the Beijing Non-Motor Management Regulations, from November 1st, the over-standard electric bicycle that hangs temporary identity cannot be driven to the road.

The Traffic Management Bureau said that there are a variety of safety risk hazards in exceeding the standard electric bicycles. Please take the car to take the vehicle as soon as possible, and the traffic regulations should be observed to ensure the safety of travel.

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After three 95 students, the students in London, selling Hanfu, not for making money, only for "吆 吆" Chinese traditional culture

  "Spreading Chinese culture abroad is a very magical experience. There are many locals in a lot of locals. When we boost, they are the most, ‘Sopretty”Soamazing’." Recently, in London, Selling Hanfu The boy Zeng Wei went into the network, and he was 23 years old.

He told the Zappian news reporter, playing the soldiers from the entrepreneurial plan in his class. He and the friend who love Hanfu, and the rain will come to do this. "Although there is not much money every day." But I also want to make more people to understand Hanfu, but also call for more and more international students to join the promotion of Hanfu, and promote Chinese traditional culture. "A stalls sell Hanfu for classroom entrepreneurship plans and small partners Looking for the stall market, although the first time in London, it is October 3, but the three have already had an idea of ??selling Hanfu very early.

Zeng Hao is a Hanfu fan. At the end of September last year, he should go to British study, but due to the epidemic in the Internet class, until the United Kingdom starts in May this year, "Internet class, the teacher makes each person to make each person At the entrepreneurial plan, I will sell Hanfu overseas as my own learning goal. "After coming to the UK, I met my classmate when I got a student apartment.

The birth of the birth in 1998 is a Beijing girl, and her professional is an international public policy. When I chatted with the graduation thesis, I knew that his graduation thesis was about the development of Hanfu in overseas market. It happened that she took more than ten years in foreign countries, and she said to Zeng Hao: "If you need to interview Hanfu lovers, I can recommend some people." In the sky, Zhejiang girl Accepted the interview with Zeng Tiji and became a friend.

During the interview, the three interests of the three people have an idea of ??opening a Hanfu store in the UK. But this idea is far away, and there is not enough funds to rent a shop.

When struggling for this goal, they saw a lot of stalls in the British market to sell Indian apparel, Japanese kimono, "there is a variety of cultural goods in the market, why can’t we sell Chinese traditional costumes in the market?" Three people visited the city of four or five in the city of London, but some markets can only sell products manufactured by the UK and the booth costs.

When I was out of the taxi, I learned a more than 300 years of history from the city center, and I finally decided to use this market as a "big camp" in the city center.

  In mid-September this year, Zeng Hai completed the graduation papers, with abundant time to implement his own entrepreneurship plan, three people officially act. They order Hanfu and jewelery from China, or buy from London’s local students to ensure sufficient supply. B did not use the POS machine to hand in the scene to teach the locals how to use the hairpin, Zeng Hai, I still clearly remember that the first time was on October 3, it was Sunday.

On the first day of the stall, I met what he unexpected – not using POS. It turns out in the UK, mobile payment is far less than domestic development, buy things on the market or use credit cards, and apply for use of POS machines. "The POS machine has rarely used in China, so I am not familiar with it, causing us that we have a POS machine in the first day of stalls, but there is still some hands.

"Zeng Ti said. Because the stall fee is relatively high, they think that there is a lot loss, I didn’t expect to earn the first day.

After deducting the stall fee, they were divided into three or forty pounds. Zeng Ti said: "How much we don’t care, as long as it is not completely lost, it is very satisfied." "Because we sell the jewelry belongs to Mild The thing is low, so the price will be low.

"Zeng Hao told reporters that the items they sell are very cheap, one paper is only 5 pounds, and each Hanfu is generally sold for seventy-eighty pounds. It belongs to the parity goods." The British market will ask for some merchants. Like the thing sold, there is no items that can be referred to the price. The price we sell is very low. The nearby merchants come over and remind us that the things we sell is too cheap. Worried that we have even make it back.

"They didn’t believe in the beginning, but they found that the things sold later were really cheap, and later raised the price.

Zi Niu Journalists saw in the video sent by Zengji, the booth area is not large, only about 10 square meters, but the goods are relatively rich, there are all kinds of Hanfu and hair bands, hairpin, etc. Some fans, rickets, etc. contain small objects with Chinese elements.

According to the sales situation on the first day, Zeng Hai found that the locals mainly interested in Hanfu accessories. Zeng Ti said that the local item is a new thing, and it can be used to fix and decorate the hair, so it is very popular with young ladies, "There are also many female customers try to use it before the booth. The hair is hair, but it will not get it, and the sky is beautiful, how to use hairpin. "In addition, there are many British children who will be interested in the stalls, and they are grasped in their hands.

Because these children have not seen the drums, Zeng Hao teaches them how to play, the voice of the rigging drum is too big, and the sound of the sound attracted the booth and more customers. C When the three people introduce "This is Chinese in Chinese!" I always hear the locals say: "Sopretty! (Too beautiful)" In these months of their stalls, there have been a lot of fun, but Zeng Wei listened the most One sentence is "SOPRETTTTY!" Zeng Ti said that there is a British old lady. I saw a red-blue Hanfu in front of the booth. I feel very beautiful. I will come here: "Isitachristmasdress (this dress is not Christmas? "Zeng Hao explained to her:" NO, IT’SCHINESEHANFU! (Not, this is Chinese Hanfu!) "There are many London locals to discuss Hanfu before they go to the booth, and ask a variety of magical problems.

A little brother also took photos in mobile phone to see Zeng Bai, which is a Tang-made round neck robe. Seeing this dress on the booth, asking if "Chinese Hanfu (Chinese Hanfu)". When he learned that the mobile phone is a photo of Hanfu, he stopped: "Sopretty!" There is also a Bulgarian big brother who sells alpaca scarf next to the booth. "Theking’sclothes". " He wants to tell this big brother is Jinyi Weiwei, but he doesn’t know how to speak in English, saying to him: "Theguardoftheemperor (the Emperor’s Duty Wear)!" The big brother was confused after listening, but still This Jinyi Wei suits revealed the envy of envious eyes. Afterwards, Zeng Shi specially checked the information online, Jin Yiwei’s English is "embroideredunifoemguards", directly translated is "embroidered uniform guard". This matter also left a profound lesson to Zeng Hai, he must carefully learn English translation of Hanfu related words. "To spread our Chinese traditional culture abroad, we must first let foreigners can understand." D make more money, but feel very meaningful to make more international students to promote Hanfu, Zeng Tau, told reporters, now in the streets of London, there is a month, will settle in Saturdays and Sundays, overall in balance of payments condition.

Although the three people earn more money every time, they don’t make much money, but they feel very meaningful. Samai thinks that there is such an experience with friends.

The rain found that some foreigners would mix the culture of East Asian countries. "Local people’s experience in Chinese culture may have a stereotype, I think our small presensit will provide a Chinese culture to the British business. The same perspective. "Zeng Hao told reporters that there are still many international students who wear Hanfu to see the online video," see their arrival, I feel very happy. "In his opinion, this small stall like a Station, there are many international students or Chinese overseas Chinese to fight. "I think the small stall can be used as a medium and connect everyone together.

"We also want to make more people understand Hanfu," I will understand the traditional Chinese culture through their own efforts. "

"Zeng Hao believes that it is close to the local people in London, and more people can understand Hanfu.

  In the next time, they still want to be the mainstay, slowly understand the local Hanfu market, hope to have greater development, "If the balance of payments, we will develop well, and we hope more More students join in the promotion of Hanfu and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture.

((Zi Niu News Trainee Reporter Yu Chunxu).

Armed Police Tibet Corps Shannan Detachment launched the "Three Red Sanjin" activities

  In order to guide the majority of officers and men, the resident, the people and the young people, strong beliefs, with the party, thick love party patriotic emotions, recent "Three Red Sanjin" activities in the campus ", brought a party history to the officers and communities. Since the event, the detachment of the detachment of the detachment has been explained in the station exhibition halls, memorial halls, and has been explained for 6 batch of nearly 300 people.

Through immersive visits and interactive explanations, the officers and station people have visited history and study history.

Red Tellors Luo Peng said: "We are to make the officers and resident people to draw spiritual strength from their own explanations on their own explanations." The detachment of the detachment, considering the universal cultural level, the detachment and co-construction of the cinema, regularly carry out the "red film into the community" activity, use the way of movie, to send the villagers to the party’s care, enrich the culture Life. At the same time, the grassroots units of the detachment also actively diverted primary and secondary schools in various localities and widely launched the "Red Pregnancy into Campus" activities. In Shannan City, complete middle schools, Shannan detachment duty squadron’s red preliminary school history, singing red songs, and launched a lottery event with school teachers and students, and party history.

At present, the party history preaching has been conducted in 13 primary and secondary schools in the station, and the audience reached more than 1,000. Wang Hongwei, the Command of Political Commissar, said the "three red three-way" series of activities, put the red tradition from history, in the movie, books, books, and take the red tutor into the history pavilion, red film into the community, red preaching In the form of campus, guide the officers and soldiers inherit the red gene, play a good red theoretical backbone seed, yeast effect, stimulating officers and men, local people dedicated to the political consciousness of the mission of the new era. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

12 Major E-commerce bedrijven in Beijing

Originele titel: Beijing 12 Major E-commerce eindigt de kortingsbon (Reporter MA Wei) Het tweede "Double Products Network Shopping Festival" gezamenlijk georganiseerd door het ministerie van Koophandel, Industrie en Informatietechnologie, het ministerie van Industrie en Informatietechnologie en de China Consumer Association Van 28 april tot 10 mei hebben meer dan 100 e-commercebedrijven in het land deelgenomen. Een totaal van 12 e-commerce bedrijven in Beijing hebben deelgenomen aan het evenement, eerste in het land.

Deze 12 e-commerce bedrijven hebben betrekking op uitgebreide e-commerce, huishoudelijke apparaten, 3c, fris, afhaalmaaltijden, boeken en andere verticale e-commerce, online onderwijs e-commerce, live-inhoud e-commerce en grensoverschrijdende e-commerce. Onder hen zal Jingdong meer dan 1 miljard yuan van marketing- en promotionele hulpbronnen investeren; Gome zal de tweede golf van 1 miljard yuan online online universele elektronische coupon geven; Dangdang zal 500.000 boeken volledige reductie lanceren, 1 miljoen boeken coupons gratis collectie en andere activiteiten .

Cofco I Koop een netwerk zal worden gebruikt om een ??reeks aangepaste goederen te lanceren; Multi-Point DMALL zal onbedoeld zijn om de subsidies van de consument en volledige reductiesubsidies te overtreffen, en houden continu drie promotionele activiteiten zoals rijstkorrel en olie-eiermelk, dagelijkse benodigdheden ; Daily Preferential is de belangrijkste promotie van fruit, groenten, vlees, water, waterproducten, koude dranken, enz.; Amerikaanse commentaarrecensie zal honderdduizenden gemoedsrestaurantkoppelingen koppelen, preferenti?le promoties uitvoeren, gelokaliseerd "duizend" Duizenden Duizenden Side "Discount Security Delicious Package. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).

The risk of "stroke" is increased in the temperature of the temperature? Experts teach you how to prevent

The stroke is commonly known as "stroke", including "ischemic stroke" and "hemorrhagic stroke". Today we will find out what problems in stroke. 1. Are there of those clinical manifestations and classifications? Stroke is divided into "ischemic stroke" (cerebral infarction) "and" hemorrhagic stroke (brain substance hemorrhage, ventricular bleeding and subaraculous bleeding) ", 80% of the clinic is ischemic stroke.

The clinical manifestations of stroke are mostly language dysfunction, limb numbness or imbalance, and second quick incontinence and eye return.

2. How to save the first time after stroke symptoms? It is found that someone has to implement a rescue after the symptoms of stroke. First, write the patient flat, unlock its collar, let his head towards one side, so as to avoid suffocation, and immediately call 120 emergency calls. 3. What are the high risk factors in stroke? How to prevent strokes in life? Obesity and high blood pressure, people with high blood sugar are prone to stroke symptoms. Eat less greasy food in life, control the amount of salt, eat more fruits and vegetables, adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise, and control the weight. At the same time, we must quit smoking, limited to wine, regular blood routine examination. 4. How should I choose when adopting a medication stroke? If the blood pressure is too high, a calcium ion antagonist can be used. 5. What is the treatment of ischemic stroke? How should he prevent recurrence? If it is acute stroke, multipliotherapy and interventional methods are used. Ischemic stroke has high recurrence rates in half a year, so it is necessary to control its risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, and atrial fibrillation.

6. How to reduce the occurrence of sequelae in stroke? It is necessary to actively carry out rehabilitation training, conduct personalized rehabilitation training for patient physical functions and language functions. 7. What role can the Chinese medicine can play in the primary prevention and secondary prevention of stroke? Preventing the first disease in stroke, prevention, preventing recurrence of secondary prevention after healing. The Chinese medicine has a conditioned, balanced role, and adjusts all kinds of body indicators such as blood pressure blood sugar to achieve a balance, normal state. 8. Why is the winter in winter? How to prevent stroke? Because winter temperate is low, vasoconstrictive, which is prone to increased blood pressure or blood flow cycle disorder. Second, there will be respiratory infections and inflammation in winter, and there will be an effect on the flow of blood vessels.

Stroke is one of the major diseases that endanger my country’s national health, with high morbidity, high-rate residual rate, high mortality, high recurrence rate and high economic burden. At present, stroke has become the first cause of death in my country. In the autumn and winter, it should pay attention to cold and warm, control blood sugar blood lipids such as blood pressure.

Expert: The Chief Physician Hu Wingli, director of the Department of Neurology, Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, please download the Chinese client. (Editor: Liu Jing, Yang Hongguang) Sharing let more people see.

Ranked the world’s largest foreign capital inflow country to highlight China toughness

  January 24, UNCTAD released the latest issue of "Global Investment Trends Monitoring Report" shows that in 2020 foreign investment in China contrarian growth surpassed the US as the world’s largest foreign capital inflow country.

This is an international investor in China’s economic growth toughness, open system environment, future economic prospects and other aspects of "voting with their feet" results, a dash of color to become the world to attract foreign investment.

  Capital is the fame and fortune of the fundamental factors, the decision is foreign to the profitability of the host country, or that economic growth toughness.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, there was a wide range of global shutdown stoppage, even partial supply chain disruptions, global foreign direct investment has shrunk 42%.

Despite the impact of the epidemic around the world suffer the same, but the capacity of national governance, economic growth showed significant differences in toughness. Europe and recovery in developed economies is relatively slower, generally negative growth; China and rapid containment of the outbreak and spread of a wide range of prevention and control of normalization, in 2020 to become the world’s major economies, the only positive growth in the country.

This is "a positive and negative" but also in the absorption of foreign investment data, in 2020 the developed economies to foreign direct investment fell 69%, which the United States has shrunk by nearly half; developing economies fell 12%, with China bucked the trend of 4%.

This is also consistent with recent changes in the world situation, developing economies account for global foreign direct investment in the proportion of 72 percent, a record high, with China accounting for 19% share of the global list. It can be said, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not changed the global economic landscape, still in big changes in today’s world No of a century, but the outbreak exacerbating the existing pattern of evolution.

  China this achievement, indicating that the relative improvement in the external environment.

Since 2018, the United States launched trade disputes with China, to contain China 5G and other technology investment, speculation "along the way" debt trap and other moves, China’s foreign trade and investment environment has deteriorated.

By 2020 the situation was reversed.

The new crown pneumonia outbreak a global pandemic makes Europe focuses on how to deal with the epidemic and restore the economy, multinational trade and economic activities are more pragmatic.

China’s robust economic recovery, the broad consumer market, a complete industrial chain become endogenous motivation to increase foreign investment in China, making China the foreign "safe haven." China German Chamber of Commerce in December 2020, a survey showed that most of the foreign companies in China have been walking on the road to recovery, 72% of companies surveyed have resumed full production, a large number of companies plan to increase investment in China. More importantly, China’s opening up the system to win the confidence of global investors. In recent years, unilateralism, trade protectionism, economic globalization suffered reflux. 2020 Europe and further blockade of the country, in particular, to tighten the review of the technology industry investment. China insisted on the path of globalization, opening the door to bigger and bigger. Fifth Plenary Session of the Party’s ninth suggested that persist in implementing the broader, wider field, opening up a deeper level.

Since 2020, China fully implement the Foreign Investment Law and its implementing regulations, reduced access to foreign investment negative list, introduced the "Hainan free trade port development master plan" to cancel the securities companies, foreign equity restrictions.

Moreover, China and ASEAN, respectively, and some Asia-Pacific countries, the EU signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) region, Central Europe investment agreements.

These initiatives won a highly welcome global investors, inspired confidence in investing in China.

  On the whole, China replaced the US as the world’s largest foreign capital inflow country, is a timely and effective response to the epidemic, the external environment continues to improve and the results of the combined effects of increased dramatically open itself in three areas, reflecting global investors to Chinese governance capacity and economic growth toughness fully affirmed. Facing the future, China as the world’s second largest economy, the global economy will play a more important role in the number of foreign investment continued to grow, and improve the structure. On the one hand, China’s economic growth and the demand outlook is better, help stabilize foreign investment is expected.

According to the World Bank, the IMF and other institutions predict that by 2021 China will remain the main engine of global economic growth, the growth rate of close to or even higher than 8%.

China to promote the formation of a strong domestic market and focus on expanding domestic demand, but also for foreign investment to set up factories in China provides a good opportunity. On the other hand, enhance the level of opening up the system will play a role in long-term, sustained improvement in the investment environment for foreign investment and increase profitability.

Epidemic and the impact of changes in the external environment has a large uncertainty, especially after US President Biden served as the international geopolitical situation is still uncertain, but as long as China continues to enhance the level of opening up, strengthen self-construction of the business environment, reduce restrictions on foreign investment, foreign investment will pouring in.

Moreover, with the high quality of China’s economic development, foreign investment will continue to improve the structure, which is on the horizon in 2020 data.

By 2020 China’s service industry, high-tech industries, high-tech services actual use of foreign investment growth% respectively,%,%, much higher than the overall growth rate of foreign investment. Of course, given that the US foreign investment in 2020 has shrunk by nearly half, and it may rebound to overtake China in the short term, but this does not change the long-term trend of steady growth of foreign investment in China. (Author: CASS Institute of Finance and Economics Strategic Research Associate).

Portuguese legislation prohibits boss non-working time to contact employee foreign media: there is a "one knife cut" suspect

  [Comprehensive report of Global Times] When domestic public opinion is still discussing the working system of "996" "007", Portugal has passed the legislative means to ban the boss to give employees in non-working hours, which causes hot discussion on social media..

  US Consumer News and Commercial Channel (CNBC) reported on the 16th that the Portuguese council adopted the latest labor law earlier this month, and the new law highly emphasized employee rest right. It is believed that employees should enjoy at least 11 hours a day "continuous night rest time"..

During this time, the work unit and the superior non-emergency should not be contacted with the employee, even if the text information related to the transmission work is also considered illegal, the perpetrator will be sentenced to a fine.

However, small micro companies under 10 people under 10 people were not part of the jurisdiction.

Qinghai Province further standardizes labor capacity identification

  On October 13, the reporter learned from the Human Resources Social Security Department of Qinghai Province. Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Qinghai Province will jointly issue a joint issue of the Qinghai Provincial Health and Health Committee, Provincial Medical Board and Provincial General Assembly. Notice, requires the province’s human resources and social security departments to establish improvement of labor capacity appraisal agencies, clear and specific work duties, match with strong special staff, standardize labor capacity appraisal procedures, and conduct labor capacity identification work according to law.

  "Notice" requires that the city (state) human resources social security department refines the labor capacity identification work system and workflow, responsible for the primary review, verification, inside, identification of the application materials, further standardizing labor capacity Identification standards and procedures; objective, fair, strictly organized appraisal conclusions, and strictly implement publicity and confidentiality system; organize labor capacity identification professional training and typical case discussion, effectively strengthen the construction of expert team of labor capacity; + Labor capacity identification "work, realize the electronic closed loop of labor capacity identification, reaching the whole process, can be supervised, traceable, comprehensively improve the level of labor ability appraisal informationization; strengthen labor capacity to identify integrity warning education, compaction subject responsibility From the identification of the standards and requirements of the post configuration, personnel management, authority setting, business procedures, file management, etc., and further improve the internal control system; establish and improve the internal control system; Together, cooperate, form a working force of labor capacity, strengthen electronic file management, and realize the identification files and business integration of labor capacity.

  The Human Resources Social Security Department of Qinghai Province will comprehensively strengthen the guidance and training of the labor capacity of labor capacity at all levels of the province, carry out special inspection operations, strengthen internal and external supervision, improve business verification frequency and quality, and eliminate identification The human factors are disturbed, providing efficient and convenient services for injuries and workers. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Chen Xiu knows that he can’t convince this old man without showing his hand,I looked around the shop and said:“Your old man has a special liking for Ming Dynasty collections,Four Famous Products in Ming Dynasty:Xuande furnace、Cloisonne、Chenghua Cup、Wanli Cabinet。You only need one Chenghua Chicken Cup to be complete here!”

Experts will know if there is any。
Chen Xiu could see the collection in his store at a glance,Fang Zhishan’s eyes are bright。
“You are really good。”
“Of course!”
Chen Xiu has always been very humble,But in order to impress Father Fang, he also deliberately went wild.。
“I’ll test you。”
Fang Zhishan pointed to a landscape painting in the glass cabinet and asked:“Look at this painting!”
Chen Xiu looked around,I saw that it was a slightly yellowed landscape map,Not too big,It’s only about 30 centimeters,The mountains painted above are steep,It seems to be on paper,Visible skill。
Fang Zhishan sees Chen Xiu’s open-mouthed boss,I just thought it stumped him,Said proudly:“young people,Humility is the fine quality of the Xia nation,Don’t be ashamed of not seeing……”
“Huashan map!“
Chen Xiu opened his mouth and said:“This is Wang Lu’s Huashan Picture,Is a famous medical scientist in Ming Dynasty。
At the same time he is good at engineering poetry,Good at painting。Ma Yuan of the Southern Song Dynasty、Xia Gui,Self-made。
Unfortunately,His only surviving work is《Huashan map》,This is Wang Lu1Sketches when visiting Huashan。