Select TV program type to see attitude

Select TV program type to see attitude

Which of the following popular script types are some of the most appealing to you?


With professional knowledge (such as legal or medical) B.

Hilarious comedy class C.

Romance class D.

Mystery Reasoning Choice A: You have high demands on others and yourself. Some people have a lot of psychological pressure when you get along with you, but in fact, you have a knife-shaped tofu heart. If others can admit their mistakes, even the biggest things will becomeTrivia.

  Option B: You are easy to be oppressed by the bully of the war, and always fall behind.

However, although the feeling of being used is not good, and you are back to life at that time, you can forget it after a while and it will not affect your trust in others.

  Choice C: What you are after is a passion. Even if you are already old, you are looking forward to another vigorous love.

  Choice D: Because of being ignorant of human affairs, try to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

If a conflict occurs, “pretending to be dead” is your trick. Attempting to divert the other party’s attention is your attitude towards the conflict.

Acupuncture side effects, improper use, damage to internal organs

Acupuncture side effects, improper use, damage to internal organs

Although acupuncture weight loss has not been recorded in ancient medicine, it has recently been clinically acupuncture to suppress appetite and achieve weight loss. It has basically been affirmed, especially for those who use weightless drugs or drugs to reduce weight. Traditional Chinese medicine acupunctureThe way to lose weight is actually a good weight loss method.
  针灸不当可能损伤内脏  据调查,目前许多生活美容院都存在着针灸减肥的项目,她们往往打着“快速减肥”“一针见效”的广告语来招揽顾客,但实际上,在生活美容院里It is completely illegal to carry out such acupuncture weight loss.
Because of improper acupuncture, it causes heart, lung, liver and other visceral injuries.
  In addition, after the silver needle is inserted into the acupuncture point of the human body, the capillaries may be broken. Therefore, if the silver needle is not fully autoclaved during repeated use, it is easy for patients to spread blood and hepatitis B diseases.
  针灸减肥不卫生感染传染病  在一些针灸减肥场所没有严格按照“一人一针一穴”的基本原则,用完后立即丢弃;也没有必要的消毒设备,如果使用非一次性的针灸针,那么每After passing through acupuncture points, the needle should be put up and soaked, and then autoclaved, so as to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through acupuncture needles.
Soaking only with disinfectant does not solve the problem.
In this case, the risk of contracting infectious diseases is quite large.
  Acupuncture to lose weight improperly fainting coma No effect is the most wasted money, delaying the time, the most terrible is “to tie things out.”
When acupuncture is used for weight loss, the needle of the abdomen cannot enter too deep, otherwise the organ may be injured.
Especially for young women with thin abdominal walls, more attention should be paid.
In addition, acupuncturists should also have the ability to handle abnormal phenomena such as fainting, stagnation, curved needles, and folding needles.
“Acupuncturists” who have not systematically studied anatomy, acupuncture and moxibustion, may have no understanding of the above situation. Their technical level is not only doubtful, but also fearful.
  Acupuncture weight loss method is suitable for young and middle-aged obese people aged 20 to 50. Here, Feihua Net Xiaobian also reminds everyone that acupuncture weight loss is not a panacea, so when taking acupuncture, pay attention to professional Chinese medicine acupuncture to lose weight.Institutions, in order to be protected, will avoid some of the side effects of acupuncture weight loss.

Survey finds that 80% of college students are trapped by love

Survey finds that 80% of college students are “trapped by love”

“My freshman feels ‘Li Liyuan Shang Cao’, my sophomore laughs at ‘Qing Qing He Bian Cao’, and my senior year sighs ‘Where there is no fragrant grass'”.
This kit is very popular among the students of Shencheng University.
However, while talking about love is prevalent in college, it is more confusing to students.
A few days ago, Shenyang University of Technology held a large-scale on-site mental health consultation activity. Director Qin Manli of the University Student Mental Health Service Center found that the psychological problems that currently plague university students are mainly emotional problems. Rough statistics show that about 80% of students are emotionally trapped.
  As society attaches importance to mental health issues, more and more college students dare to seek help from psychiatrists.
Director Qin Manli told reporters that more college students are now seeking help in the psychological counseling room. This not only shows that they have improved their understanding of psychological problems, but also shows that more students encounter psychological confusion.
  What is unexpected is that emotional problems are the most common problems encountered by college students among many psychological problems.
“Yesterday, four college students came for consultation, all of which were troubled by feelings.
Sun Yang, the instructor of the Mental Health Service Center of Shenyang University of Technology, told reporters that judging from the question of consultation, the majority of the emotional problems will not be dealt with. The common emotional problems encountered by college students are painful due to secret love.Emotional instability or emotional difficulties.
  In fact, even if college students have no problems in emotional confusion, employment pressure, etc., they will encounter other psychological confusions. The emergence of these problems is just a “future”.
Director Qin Manli’s analysis based on the emotional problems encountered by college students found that, on the surface, the students were confused because their feelings were not smooth, and actually exposed the weaknesses of the only child and family education.
According to Director Qin, many college students are baffled when they fall in love. They think they are excellent but they are not favored. This is more common among male students.
Girls are usually eager to fall in love because they have a narrow social circle and are too dependent on others. They do n’t know that such a relationship is vulnerable. Once they lose love, they will feel pain because they have no other friends and no dependants.