New Natural Gas (603393) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asian and American Energy Consolidated Contribution Significantly Optimizes Upstream Business

New Natural Gas (603393) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asian and American Energy Consolidated Contribution Significantly Optimizes Upstream Business

Event: New Natural Gas released its 2018 annual report.

In 2018, the company realized operating income16.

3 ‰, an increase of 60 in ten years.

6%; net profit attributable to 佛山桑拿网 mother 3.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 26.

9%; earnings per share 2.

09 yuan.

The company disclosed the dividend distribution plan, and distributed 10 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares and increased 4 shares.

Downstream business is steadily advancing: Benefiting from strong natural gas demand, the company’s Xinjiang regional natural gas sales volume in 20186.

5 billion cubic meters, an increase of 17 in ten years.

8%; gross profit of natural gas supply business increased by 13 in ten years.


Affected by factors such as upstream price increases, the company’s natural gas supply business gross margin in 2018 was 26.

5%, ten-year average 1.

4 units.

In addition, the company’s natural gas connection business has developed steadily, with user installations completed in 20183.

10,000 households, the gross profit of this business increased by 11 every year.


Layout of upstream business, Asia-American Energy and consolidated contribution to performance increase: In 2018, the company successfully acquired the coal-bed gas company Asia-American Energy (2688.

Hong Kong) 50.

5% equity, layout upstream business.

Finally, at the end of 2018, due to exercise substitution, the company held Asian American Energy 49.

93% equity.

Asian American Energy consolidated on August 31, 2018. We estimate that Asian American Energy’s 2018 consolidated performance was 0.

90,000 yuan, accounting for 25% of the company’s net profit attributable to the mother.


Affected by factors such as the consolidation of Asian and American Energy, the company’s 2018Q4 net profit2.

1 ‰, with a previous growth rate of 90%, effectively boosting expected performance.

Optimistic about the development of coalbed methane business: With the rapid growth of downstream natural gas demand, a series of natural gas supply and supply tend to tighten, and the upstream price of natural gas has also increased.

As an unconventional natural gas source, coalbed methane will supplement conventional natural gas supply.

With the advancement of Asia-American Energy Panzhuang and the Mabi Blockchain Project, the company’s coalbed methane business has achieved a “volume and price rise”, which has become the core growth point of the company’s future performance.

Profit forecast and investment rating: Taking into account changes in the company’s operating conditions, the profit forecasts for 2019 and 2020 are lowered. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 and 2020 will be 4 respectively.

400 million, 5.

6 ppm (original value 4).

600 million, 5.

$ 900 million, plus a forecast net profit of 2021 for mothers6.

9.3 billion.

We will not consider the impact of the dividend plan on the share capital for the time being. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.73, 3.

48, 4.

33 yuan, corresponding PE is 15, 12, 9 times.

We are optimistic about the development of the company’s upstream business and maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The sales volume of natural gas is lower than expected, the number of new users’ connection is reduced or the connection cost is reduced, the gas purchase cost exceeds the expected growth, and the gas distribution fee is further down.The risks of change, the cost control effect during the period is less than expected.

Gu Jia Household (603816): Dealer holdings will further promote binding interests to help development

Gu Jia Household (603816): Dealer holdings will further promote binding interests to help development
Event: The company announced that some distributors plan to increase the company’s shareholding: The distributor increased the company’s 天津夜网 shares through the private equity fund of Shanghai Yingshui Investment Management Co., Ltd., which participated in the subscription. Opinion: Issue the plan of increasing the shareholding of dealers, bind the dealers in depth, and share the company’s development bonus.The company released a plan to increase the shareholding of the dealer. The dealer’s shareholding plan has a fund size of 120-200 million. This increase does not set a price range. The purchaser will determine the appropriate purchase price and time to buy it.The holding period is 6 months.The company’s well-known distributor benefits and development, and share the company’s development bonus with the distributor.The plan to increase the shareholding of dealers will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers, deeply bind the interests of dealers, and strengthen the stability of the marketing team.Contribute to the improvement of the company’s channel quality and continuous development, and promote the company’s retail transformation.At the same time, it also shows the dealer’s confidence in the company’s long-term development. The sofa industry has high barriers and a stable competitive landscape.The competition pattern of the sofa industry has been stable in recent years. The two leading companies have established a stable level, and no new sofa leading company has appeared in the industry.Because of the variety of styles, materials, sizes, and colors of leisure sofas, SKUs are more than other furniture categories.Many SKU varieties have extremely high requirements on the supply chain, requiring companies to carry out further organizational management capabilities and alternative supply chain integration capabilities, using the height of the sofa industry’s competition barriers, it is difficult for new entrants to increase their scale and seize the market in a short time.The company has been in the sofa field for many years, has strong organizational management capabilities, outstanding front-end retail and integrated supply chain capabilities, and builds the company’s core competitiveness.High industry barriers and a stable competition pattern will help the company to further seize market share. Earnings forecast and estimation: EPS are expected to be 1 in 19-21.99, 2.39, 2.82 yuan, corresponding PE is 23X, 19X, 16X.Give “Buy” rating. Risk warning: raw material prices rise sharply, Sino-US trade friction escalates

Strong growth signals are released everywhere

Strong growth signals are released everywhere

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  Original title: The release of strong growth signals from various places is expected to be released more than usual. Reporter Liang Min ○ Editor Lin Jian While doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, the trend of local work focus on economic development is becoming more and more obvious.

  ”Efforts to achieve this year’s economic and social development goals” “Research and formulate greater measures to support economic development efforts” “Take extra-conventional alternatives” . Recently, various places have held meetings to deploy a series of work priorities, and many contents and expressions have been passed onStrong signal of solid growth.

  Analysts believe that more local policies for stable growth are expected to be introduced, further increase tax and fee reductions for local enterprises, 杭州桑拿网 and accelerate government industry fund support for advanced manufacturing.

  To make up for the losses caused by the epidemic, in order to implement the relevant spirit of the Central Committee, various localities have recently participated in conferences to study and research opinions, and deployed the next step of work.

  Judging from the contents of the conferences in various places, localities are expected to do a good job of the “six stability”, effectively turn pressure into power, turn crisis into possibility, minimize the impact of the epidemic, and ensure the completion of economic and social development goals and tasks.

  The pressure for steady local growth is not small.

According to Shanghai Statistical Daily reporter’s rough statistics, 30 provinces have announced their economic growth targets for this year.佛山桑拿网

Except for Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Xinjiang, the GDP growth targets are lower than 6%, and other regions are all over 6% or set to 6%.

  ”The publication date of any local government work report is before January 21, 2020, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic had not yet occurred, and these expected targets had high estimates.

“Wang Hongju, a researcher at the Institute of Financial Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said.

  Although the epidemic has affected the local economic operation to some extent, many places have clearly stated that the inertia and causes of economic growth still exist, and the fundamentals that have improved for a long time have not changed.

The governments of various places have put forward the need to pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and to step up economic and social development, and do everything possible to make up for the losses caused by the epidemic.

  For the construction of major projects, clicking the “Fast Forward Key”
will play a key role in effective investment in the deployment of follow-up work, and promote the opening of key projects.

  For example, Sichuan proposed to implement in-depth actions to supplement shortcomings in key areas of infrastructure, accelerate the construction of major transportation projects, and strengthen the guarantee of land, funds, and other aspects.

Combined with the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”, we will plan ahead for large-scale projects based on the advancement of the dual-city economic circle in Chengdu and Chongqing; Ningxia requires to strengthen economic operation and scheduling, stabilize enterprise production and operation, grasp major project construction, and maintain stable economic operation;Hebei also pointed out that we must pay close attention to investment and construction of key projects, continuously expand consumer demand, and ensure a good start in the first quarter.

  The construction of major local projects has already clicked the “fast forward button”

SSE newspaper reporters combed and found that in the past two weeks, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places have successively signed a large number of major projects or started construction, involving an investment scale of over one trillion yuan.

  In essence, Beijing, Fujian, Henan, Yunnan, Jiangsu and other places have also released a list of investment plans for major projects in 2020, with a total investment of more than 11 trillion yuan, of which infrastructure investment is still an important part.

  Su Jian, director of the National Economic Research Center of Peking University, said in an interview with the Shanghai Securities Journal: “The shortcomings of infrastructure construction are still an important starting point for steady local growth.

It is necessary to speed up the issuance of local debt, and to long-term improve the capital system for major infrastructure projects that meet the requirements of special claims.

“Advanced planning to promote the replacement of consumption. Actively promoting consumption is also the next priority for local work. Many places have proposed to plan ahead to respond to consumer demand that may be released quickly after the epidemic has ended.

  Guangxi proposes to vigorously promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional consumption, and do a good job of “going home with cinnamon products” to boost consumer confidence and promote consumption replenishment.

  The relevant person in charge of the Tourism and Culture Department of Hainan Province revealed recently that Hainan is working out a plan to revive the tourism industry after the epidemic.

After the epidemic is stable, the International Tourism Consumption Year series will be fully implemented, giving priority to attracting activities that are highly attractive and stimulating consumption power, and increasing the strength of attracting tourists from outside the island. It will quickly resume charter flights abroad, restore potential and open up the inbound tourism market.
  In addition, many places are outstandingly expanding emerging consumption.

Among them, Guangxi proposed to vigorously develop new economies such as the digital economy, platform economy, creative economy, and flow economy; Sichuan stated that it is actively developing new technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, unmanned distribution, online consumption, medical health and online education, digital entertainment, and digital life.New business model.

  Hu Yuexiao, chief analyst at the Shanghai Securities Research Institute, said that despite the short-term impact of the epidemic, after the weather warms, retaliatory consumption growth will show up, and consumption and industry will jump up after squatting.

  More stable growth policies are expected to be promulgated, and strong signals of stable growth policies have also been released at relevant meetings.

  Guangxi mentioned that it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the research, determine with firm confidence, adopt an ultra-conventional alternative to replace the impact of the epidemic, grab back the lost time, and ensure that the economic and social development goals and tasks are completed; Yunnan is outstanding, and it is determined to prevent systemic risks from occurringBottom line, we should study and formulate more measures to support economic development in a timely manner.

  It seems that there are many references to “adopting supernormal replacements” in work deployments.

In this analysis, Zhang Jun, chief economist at Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities, said: “Extraordinary means can be supported by advanced tax reduction and subsidy policies, guided by industrial development funds, and strengthened support for advanced manufacturing.Speed up economic restructuring.

Tang Jianwei, the chief official of the Bank of Communications, also told the Shanghai Securities Journal that the central government has recently introduced a number of steady growth measures, and that local governments mainly implement central policies.

In addition, local governments can increase tax and fee reductions for local enterprises, depending on the strength of local fiscal revenue.

  In Su Jian’s view, stable car consumption is also a policy option.

Relevant Air Force ministries have explicitly encouraged localities to introduce new energy vehicle consumption based on growth changes, adapt to local conditions, increase restrictions on the purchase of traditional vehicles, and carry out replacements for old and new vehicles.

In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

Talking person: A Hua, male, 41 years old, brand manager Recorder: Our reporter Zhan Jinli A Hua looks like a Confucian business man, with a pair of glasses on the dark black shelf, warm and smart, talkCome and go.

He said that several young people once gave up high salaries and came to his company, preferring to pay only a few hundred yuan a month, following him to learn how to sell and do business.

  But now, this good man has encountered difficulties.

  He was madly in love with a girl, for her, divorced, offended friends, lost business, and almost sacrificed everything but found that she not only has a boyfriend, but also lives a very dangerous life.

Although he knew that the boy was her final destination, he still felt that he had a responsibility to put her on a normal life track.

But she didn’t take his advice and threats seriously, and she did everything she could.

Angrily, he stopped the boy’s phone and told him all the truth . The year of unbelievable encounters charming charm. In October 2003, I invited customers to dinner in a hotel and met Zhu Bi, the hotel’s lobby manager again.

  Zhu Bi is 25 years old, she is very beautiful, and very charming, and men will be uneasy when they see it.

She has been a lady of wine push, which hotel can’t sell wine. As soon as she goes, the sales of wine will rise sharply.

  A week later, Zhu Bi called me and said that she had been too tired in recent years and thought of my company doing things.

I run a company in a joint venture with a friend, and the business is doing well.

I promised at one go that she would be placed in the company as a promotion director with a monthly salary of 1500 yuan.

After two or three days, we will be all right, and rent a house to live together one month later.

Strictly speaking, it was she who seduced me, but I did not intend to live in temptation.

  Ah Hua paused and interjected: “I’m sorry to explain that at the time, I was not yet divorced.

“My wife is an attending physician with a very old-fashioned personality, and I’m alive and lively, and our relationship has not been very harmonious.

We have been separated for three or four years, and only because my mother is a very traditional person, we have not been divorced.

  Soon after getting along, Zhu Bi tried everything to drain my money.

In order to satisfy her selfish desires, I, a person who has always talked about morality, started to do things that I am sorry for my friends.

I used my power to misappropriate the company’s money.

  Among the company’s partners, a woman has been with me for more than 20 years and has a very good opinion of me.

She advised me not to deal with Zhu Bi, saying that this girl is too powerful, and only recognizes money, it will break me down.

Not only did I not listen to her, I turned my face with her.

  None of my friends like Zhu Bi.

As a person, she didn’t give face to anyone who started her temper.

Sometimes when friends meet, she doesn’t agree with each other. She throws a glass in front of my friend and throws a glass.

Gradually, my friends were alienated from me.

Everyone said that if I broke up with her, they would take turns to invite me to dinner.

  There are two salesmen in the company who like Zhu Bi and scramble to pursue her, and the company has a very bad influence.

The company persuaded me to get rid of her. I didn’t agree and stalemate with the company.

Later, at the end of the year, she underwent surgery and did not go to work.

I took great care of Zhu Bi.

  After cohabitation, I found that her heterosexual friends were extraordinary, and she often called him in the middle of the night, and she lied to others and sang outside or drank tea.

Just when she was a little sick, she was playing dark outside.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then I thought she was too wild, and wanted to grind her, so I hit her.

But she still ran outside.

I often suffer from insomnia because I often wait for her.

  There is no impenetrable wall in the world. Later, my wife and I knew about Zhu Bi and she divorced me decisively.She also has a boyfriend.

  Before the Spring Festival, Zhu Bi suddenly told me that one of her relatives was arrested by the Public Security Bureau and asked me to find a way to get him out.

I ran around and managed to get through the joints, but I had to pay 2,000 yuan to let them go.

Who knew that her relatives had been dragging her back to take out the money, but the deadline had passed, and the court sentenced him to four months.

She thundered at me and scolded my friend for not helping.

  I wonder why she is so enthusiastic about it, because she has always been indifferent to others.

She usually doesn’t let me look at her cell phone. One day while she was taking a bath, I secretly took out her cell phone, pulled out the phone of her relative’s house, and dialed it.

I asked, “Who is Zhu Bi from you?”

The other responded, “It’s my daughter-in-law, and my son went to jail.”

“I only knew she had a boyfriend.

  She coaxed me and said she had no feelings for her boyfriend, and only talked to him because her family was poor and she had no other better choice.

  During the Spring Festival, she returned to her hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In order to let her go back beautifully, I transferred the salesperson’s money to her.

After sending her away, I only had tens of yuan left and I ate the arowana at home for a week.

My daughter saw that I had no money, and secretly gave me my New Year’s money.

  Before leaving, Zhu Bixian I cried a while and revealed her true thoughts.

At first, she just wanted to play with me, but who would later fall in love with me.

She said that her favorite person was me, followed by her boyfriend. If she left me, she would feel that life was not tasteful.

But she is very contradictory, because she and her boyfriend have been talking for 4 years, and all their relatives and friends know their affairs. If you break with him, not only will you offend relatives, but her mother will also be sad.

And I’m married, and I have a daughter, and she certainly won’t accept me at home.

She said, “I will marry my boyfriend and be my lover for a lifetime.

“After the New Year, I came forward to work and brought her back to the company to work.

Then I started embezzling public funds to satisfy her.

Later, the partner kindly and politely asked me to separate the business from the private affairs, and I quit the company.

  I had a difficult time.

She always follows me, preferring to borrow money for porridge and stay with me.

Since her boyfriend came out, she has begun to run between me and him. I don’t want to do this, I broke up, and every time she cried very sad, asking me to be responsible for her.

  I knew very well that she would not live with me unless I had 500,000 yuan.

At the same time, I knew very well that if I really had 500,000 yuan, I would not choose her.

I said to her, “You marry your boyfriend and live well.

But there is a condition, if you fool around again, I will tell you your boyfriend.

“Her boyfriend is a more honest person and loves her very much, so she followed him, and I was more at ease.

  During that time, she went to bed in the morning and went online in the afternoon. After having dinner together, I sent her back to her own rental house.

She’s very sophisticated, and her boyfriend talked to her for a few years and didn’t know where she lived.

She kept it from me, but later she moved, and I found out where she lived.

She did this because she didn’t want anyone to interfere with her freedom.

I talked with my boyfriend for 4 years not to get married because she didn’t think she had enough fun.

  Did I really ruin her happiness? Later she went to work and started to yell. She often didn’t answer the phone at night. Later, she simply shut down.

I know her very well, and as soon as she contacts the society, she will have problems.

I wanted to control her through her boyfriend, so as soon as I found out she was wrong, I called their home phone and didn’t speak after connecting.Her boyfriend may be something that happened to her, and looked for her right away.

She scolded me as mean and said I wanted her.

  One night, I called to greet her and told her to be a good person, who knew she was upset and quarreled with me.

I felt uncomfortable and called her boyfriend’s family and said, “Your daughter-in-law lied to my money.

“The next day, she called for three men to negotiate with me, and one of them was called her mistress.

She said she was willing to continue to associate with me. She could be my lover for a lifetime, but she was not allowed to interfere with her freedom.

We didn’t talk about the results that day. When she left, she was going to sing with them. I threatened her: “If you dare to go, I will pierce your lies to your boyfriend.

“But she followed the three men.

  I didn’t give up, and ran to the door of her rental house to wait for her.

At two in the morning, she came back with them. Maybe she saw me and turned and ran away with them again.

I wandered on the street until dawn, and did not wait for her to return.

Angry and suspected that the jaw muscles held my heart, and I finally called her boyfriend’s house.

  Through my personality, I know that he has always doubted her, only to suffer from the failure to catch her.

In order to convince him that I was telling the truth, I told him many details I knew.

I said, “If you really love her, let her move to your house and quickly marry her, control her, and treat her kindly.

“When he heard that she was going out with her three sisters-in-law, he said negatively:” It must not be her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law would never take her to sing. ”

“I didn’t expect this phone call to be uproar.

Her boyfriend broke up with her the next day.

She called and said she would go to court to sue me for libel, and said that I would retaliate against her and ruin her life.

  Our personality is constantly interrupted by Ahua’s ringtone.

He said: “It’s Zhu Bi.

She was close to hysterics and said that if I waited, she would find someone to chop me.

“I comforted that maybe it was just a moment of anger, and he shook his head and said,” I know her temper, very impulsive and shy.

She will do it.

“I’m ashamed. At 40, I’ve done this kind of emotional dizziness.

Calling her boyfriend must be a bit boring, but I really care about her and want to be responsible for her and make her better.

  He asked me in confusion: “You say, should I do this?

(Character in the text is a pseudonym) Reporter’s notes do not interfere with the lives of others in the name of love. The story of Ah Hua makes me cry and laugh.

I believe his motives are good, and according to what he said, Zhu Bi’s life is indeed very problematic.

However, she is an adult and has the freedom to choose her own lifestyle.

He can care for her and help her, but he has no right to interfere with her life, even through the name of love, let alone the love between him and Zhu Bi is deformed.

  What’s more, his approach directly caused her to break up with her boyfriend. From the effect point of view, he is indeed difficult to get rid of the suspect who cannot be destroyed.

I hope he can reconcile with her in a proper way so that she won’t cause unimaginable things under impulse. If so, he might really ruin her life.

  What I want to say to Zhu Bi is, treat life well, treat others well, and stop playing life.

This is what A Hua wants to tell her.

What is good for female anemia?

What is good for female anemia?

The first dietary recipe: wolfberry, red date, 20 grams of wolfberry, 10 red dates, 2 eggs, cook together, remove the shells and cook for 10 minutes.

Eat eggs and drink soup once a day or every other day.

It has the functions of tonic deficiency, benefiting qi and blood, strengthening spleen and stomach.

Can treat anemia, can be used for weak constitution, dizziness and conditioning.

  The second largest dietary prescription: porcine liver porridge (or other animal livers) 100?
150 grams, 100 grams of rice.

Wash and chop the pork liver first, add it to the pot with the previous rice, add 1,000 grams of water and the appropriate amount of onion, ginger, oil, and salt, boil over high heat, and then cook over low heat to cook into a gruel.

Take 1 dose daily and take it several times.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, and has obvious effects, and is suitable for blood deficiency and chlorosis, anemia, chronic hepatitis, night blindness, glaucoma and other symptoms.

  The third largest dietary formula: lotus seeds, longan soup, lotus seeds, 30 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of red dates, and moderate sugar.

Peel the lotus seeds, peel them, wash your heart, add the dried longan meat, red dates to the casserole, add water and cook until the lotus seeds are rancid, and season with rock sugar.

Drink soup before bed to eat lotus seeds, red dates, longan meat, take 1 weekly?
2 times.

This formula has the effect of replenishing heart and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and is suitable for anemia, fatigue and nervous breakdown.

  The fourth largest dietary formula: Angelica mutton soup, goat meat, 400 g diced, astragalus, codonopsis, angelica 25 grams each, put in a casserole, add 1000 ml of water, simmer in wok, and add 25 grams of ginger and salt when the mutton is rotten.Eat meat and soup, often eaten.

This recipe is most suitable for patients with spleen and kidney yang deficiency anemia.

Coping Strategies

Coping Strategies

Coins, small buttons, toy parts . curious babies always like to put everything in their mouths. How do you avoid babies from eating and swallowing them at this time?

  Xu Huaiyi: Founder of the Children’s League.

  Discover that the Kids Alliance is an alliance of Sina’s most popular parenting bloggers, guiding the growth of children seeking critical periods.

  4 types of items are easy for babies to inadvertently eat food. Hidden dangers are not tolerated. Ignoring the characteristics of beans, nuts, fruit cores, jellies, etc. ◆ Soy beans, mung beans and other beans, if the trachea or bronchus is blocked, it will swell by absorbing moisture, eliminating airways, causingasphyxia.
  ◆ Peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and other nut slices are hard, not easy to chew, not easy to digest, small in size, and easy to choke into the trachea.

  ◆ Grape seeds, cherry seeds, apricot kernels and other fruit kernels are also in the range that was easier to be mistakenly eaten by infants because of their small size and indigestion.

  ◆ Jelly is small, smooth and elastic, and most of the jelly is shaped like a stopper. It cannot be eaten by babies under three years old.

  Interpretation of “poison” soap, washing powder, hand sanitizer, washing spirit, disinfectant, toilet cleaning spirit, insecticide and other characteristics in the kitchen and toilet ◆ The main ingredients of washing powder and washing liquid are various surfactants, most of which areLow-toxic or non-toxic substance.

  ◆ The main ingredients of soap are potassium, sodium, ammonium salts of fatty acids and some free fatty acids.

  ◆ Washing spirit, whether synthetic or natural plant type, generally does not produce toxic effects.

  If the above substances are ingested too much, they can easily cause poisoning, digestive symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

  Interpretation of the characteristics of beautiful medicine capsules, sediments, granules, oral liquids, etc. that are easy to be accidentally eaten. ◆ The small capsules are so cute in shape, they are mostly coated with sugar like rainbow beans. These drugs have a lot of temptation in the eyes of curious babies.

  ◆ Different medicines will have different degrees of substitution. If it is a common Chinese patent medicine or vitamin tablets, it is very rare, so don’t worry too much. If it is a western medicine with large side effects, it needs to be based on the specific situation of the medicine and the amount of ingestion.To decide whether to go to the hospital immediately.

  Interpretation of small debris, coins, buttons, pawns, button batteries, etc. that are easy to escape from sight ◆ Coins, buttons, pawns, toy parts, and other debris, although small in size, may also block the trachea, if ingested into the stomachHere, it is necessary to confirm whether it is excreted with the stool.

  ◆ The lethality of the button battery is not small. Once the surface metal protective film is dissolved, a large amount of toxic substances will be released, which will damage the gastric mucosa, burn the esophagus, and severely cause acute renal failure.

  Strategies for preventing infants from eating by mistake. Pay attention to placing items that are prone to eating by mistake as high as possible, or put them in locked cabinets and places.

The container of the container that contains the susceptible food items should be screwed to the extent that the baby cannot open it.

Keep adult medicines and children’s medicines separate and out of reach of babies.

  Good eating habits Develop a good habit of eating quietly. Don’t let your baby make noisy running and jumping during the eating process. Adults should also pay attention not to reprimand, frighten the baby, and don’t make fun with the baby.

When the baby finds that he can’t eat something in his mouth, he promptly corrects it.

Do not take medicines in front of your baby. Babies have a strong ability to imitate, they will imitate unconsciously, and they think that adults are taking “food”.

Process hard food into smaller particles or cook soft and then give it to your baby.

Try to supervise your baby’s feeding process and observe changes in your baby at any time.

  Parents should carefully check whether the buttons on their baby’s clothes are loose.

Toys for babies should be checked for loose parts. Avoid toys that can be disassembled into small parts.

Always check if there are any small objects such as coins, buttons, etc., left in your baby’s reach.

  宝宝误食了后的急救措施宝宝误食的反应◆坚果,豆类或带核食物:另外的咳嗽,呼吸困难,声音嘶哑◆化学性液体:恶心,呕吐,腹痛,呼吸急促,昏迷,休克  ◆Medications: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, rupture, coma, coma during shock first aid steps. ◆ Observe whether the baby can speak or not. If it can still speak, it means that the object is in the esophagus, or part of the slender trachea, and no emergency treatment is required., Directly to the hospital for treatment.

  If vocalization is not possible, the trachea may be completely doubled and first aid should be used immediately.

  ◆ Slap back method is suitable for babies before 1 year old.

The adult sits down, lays the baby upwards and upwards, lays flat on the legs, the head position is slightly lower, the chest is close to the adult’s knees, and the palm of the child is patted with appropriate strength, the foreign body can be pulled out.

  ◆ The abdomen push method is suitable for babies over 1 year old.

The adult stood behind the baby and quickly pressed the back of his left thumb against his upper abdomen, holding his right hand forward, intermittently and forcefully pushing the baby’s chest and abdomen back, forming an air flow, and trying to trap theForeign matter burst out.

  Ingestion of chemicals ◆ Check what your baby eats, how much and how long.

  ◆ Carefully observe your baby’s breathing, pulse and complexion.

  ◆ When you go to the hospital, bring a container with baby food if possible.

  ◆ If you take strong acid by mistake, you can eat raw egg white, milk or vegetable oil to protect the esophagus and gastric mucosa.

If you take strong alkali by mistake, you should immediately consume alternative rice vinegar or lemon juice (residue when carbonate is poisoned), and then take egg white or milk and vegetable oil raw.

  Ingestion of medication ◆ Quickly find out the name of the medication taken, the length of the medication, and the dosage.  ◆ If the medication time is 4?
Within 6 hours, the method of vomiting can be used immediately; if the amount of medication is too large and the time is too long, especially if symptoms of poisoning have occurred, you must immediately send to the hospital for rescue, along with the remaining drugs and instructions.

  “Discover the Children” Alliance members share experience in placing items with care-After Ding Ding had a child, we no longer place any items that may pose a safety hazard to children in the place below 1.5 meters from the groundOn the upper level of the cabinet.

  Shelves and hooks are installed in the openings of our kitchens and bathrooms. All kinds of nut food and washing supplies are placed on high places, or they are hung on the hooks after being put into environmental protection bags.

  Preparing a piggy bank for putting coins-My mother and I used to put coins in the place. After I had a baby, I prepared a piggy bank with coins in my wallet, or found coins during cleaning., Just add it to the piggy bank, so that not only prevents the baby from eating by mistake, but also transforms the saving effect, killing two birds with one stone.

  The magical use of big cola bottles-Ms. Xinxin Our beans are stored in big cola bottles. After use, the bottle caps are screwed tightly and placed in a high place to seal and prevent children from eating by mistake.

  Homemade molar foods to avoid eating by mistake-Miaomiao’s mother, during the teething period, especially likes to bite various items that are picked up at hand. Therefore, I have made some molar foods, which are economical and preventive:Partially dried sweet potatoes, carrot sticks, cooked mushroom cakes (umbrella-shaped portion of mushrooms).

  Leek, corn row of foreign bodies-Chang Chang mother Chang Chang once ate a coin of 5 cents by mistake when he was 1 year old and half, and then sent the child to the hospital in a hurry. The film showed that the coin entered the stomach.There was no prescription, but the child was sent home to eat more leek or corn. As a result, the coin was pulled out on the third day.

Diet allows elderly friends to run well

Diet allows elderly friends to “run well”

The prevention and treatment of senile constipation should promote appropriate exercise to increase the contractility of abdominal muscles and gastrointestinal smooth muscles. Old people who have been lying in beds for a long time can do abdominal massage as appropriate, and gently push from the left upper abdomen to the left lower abdomen.
Drink plenty of water to stimulate bowel movements and blood circulation.
  Food therapy is especially effective for relieving constipation in the elderly.
Cistanche, American ginseng, American ginseng nourish Qi and nourish blood; walnuts, black sesame, pine nuts, plum and plum are rich in oil and intestines; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam and green vegetables are rich in cellulose; honey and bananas stimulate intestinal peristalsis; radishes and beansRelieving qi and reversing qi are beneficial to laxative.
  Constipation should not refuse fatty foods, eat appropriate oil to moisturize.
When the elderly are like sheep faeces, feces are spherical, with abdominal cramps, bloating, and intestinal spasm constipation.
This kind of constipation should be used for meat, eggs, milk, oil and other laxative laxative, should not eat more cold foods and more cellulose foods, should pay attention to the difference.
Sesame oil, banana, and honey are common laxative foods, but the latter two are not suitable for diabetic patients.
Semi-spicy warm foods such as onions, ginger, garlic, etc. are not suitable for constipation with hot stomach. For constipation for other reasons, eat some food that can produce gas and stimulate bowel movements. Favorable bowel movement.Useless.
Develop a habit of bowel movements once a day, preferably at bedtime.
  Examples of dietary prescriptions commonly used for constipation are as follows: 1.
The pig’s large intestine is about 500 grams, washed and cut into pieces, and simmered slowly. Add 30 grams each of peach kernels and sweet almonds. Put the salt and seasonings in. Add about 500 grams of spinach and cook.
200 grams of sea cucumber, sliced with water, stewed at low heat for eight minutes, add 100 grams of water-fried black fungus, cook, add a small amount of lean meat and seasoning, and then simmer for about 15 minutes.
A soft-shelled turtle is about 500 grams, cut into viscera and cut into pieces. Slow-cook until cooked, 50 grams of Cistanche and cooked ground, wash, wrap in gauze, add appropriate seasoning, and simmer for about 30 minutes. You can eat meat and soup.
20 grams of laver, shredded soup, add MSG, soy sauce, shrimp crust, etc., adjust the taste, add 2 tsp of sesame oil and about 50 grams of leek, drink at dinner.
100 grams of barley, 50 grams of black sesame seeds, soak for half a day and then cook porridge, add honey and drink sooner or later.

What can a baby do with toys?

What can a baby do with toys?

By playing with toys, children can understand the world around them, themselves and others.

Therefore, in the first few years of the child’s growth, if parents can choose some toys that can fracture their children and promote their learning, the child will benefit from the critical period of the first life.

So what exactly can toys teach young children?

  The benefits of playing toys one, helping to understand the function of things two, germinating new ideas three, building muscle control and strength training four, enriching imagination five, problem solving ability six, learning how to cooperate with others how to be wiseChoose toys for children but keep in mind that good toys do not refer to expensive toys, and children do not need to own many toys.

How to choose toys wisely for children, the following are for parents’ reference: First, hands-on toys can promote children’s hand-eye coordination, encourage children to think about the function of toys, and thus cultivate children’s cooperative spirit and problem-solving ability.

  Second, books and audio books help children understand text, art, and music.

  Third, the arts can cultivate creativity and the ability to read, write, and discover beautiful things in life.

  Fourth, hardwood blocks teach children about geometry, gravity, shape, and balance, and they are durable.

The process of building blocks builds muscle strength, allowing children to understand the concepts of natural science and numbers.

  Fifth, musical instruments and experimental materials, such as sand, water, and clay, are used by children to express their favorite things, thereby exercising their control.

  6. Active and active game equipment, so that children can have a strong physique and redundant confidence to meet various challenges to the body.

  Seven, ragdolls, toy animals, and imitation drama characters all provide children with an opportunity to try new actions and bring imagination.

  Every child’s growth and development coexist, so children should be provided with thoughts, languages, physical skills, feelings and toys to build friendships that are suitable for their age. Parents should carefully observe the child while playing, and if they can be with the childPlaying will surely make you know what kind of toy is the most suitable, the best, and what kind of game is most suitable for children.

  Good toys should have the following characteristics: First, it is meaningful and fun for children. Second, it is suitable for children’s physical fitness. Third, it meets the requirements of children’s intelligence and social development. Fourth, it is suitable for children to play together. Five, the structure is reasonable, durable, andChildren of applicable ages are considered safe.