Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out in the border area

Xinhua News Agency, Thailis, November 16 (Reporter Li Ming) Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out armed conflict in the border area on the 16th, both parties accused the other party to launch military attacks. According to the news released by the Azerbai Division website, the Armenian troops launched "large-scale provocation" on the Alan Bittan. The Asian side uses different caliber weapons and grenade launches to fire to the Afang, causing two soldiers from Afang injured.

Afang took counter-action, slammed the opponent’s attack, and captured the Asian soldiers and seized some weapons and equipment.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense issued a message on the same day and accused Azerbaijan "invading" Armenian territory.

Afang used artillery, armored vehicles, and different calibers, the army took the lead in engaged, and the Asa destroy some armored vehicles in the response action, and Afang suffered from personnel. At the same time, four soldiers were injured and 12 soldiers were captured.

Both parties said that the current situation in the border areas are highly tight. After the Soviet Union, the War of the Idah countries were in the issue of Nagorn Karabach (Naka) region. In 1994, both parties reached an agreement on a full ceasefire, but the two countries have been in the hostility of NAC issues, and there is an armed conflict. In September 2020, the two countries broke out a new round of conflicts due to Naca issues.

On November 9, the same year, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenian leaders signed a statement, and announced that Naka area was completely ceased from Moscow time on 10. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Accelerate the high quality development of cotton industry

On the morning of the 16th, the first plenary meeting of the Cotton Industry Development Leading Group in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, analyzed the situation and tasks of the current development of cotton industry in Xinjiang, and studied the key work of high quality development in cotton industry.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, president of the autonomous region, the leadership group of cotton industry development leadership group, presided over the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that Xinjiang is an important mission of maintaining and protecting national cotton industry safety as a national high quality cotton base.

In recent years, Xinjiang cotton production has been stable and improved, and the industrial structure is continuously adjusted, and the industrial chain is continuously extended.

All relevant departments should improve the political station. From the completeness and accurate implementation of the highness of the party’s rules of the country, from the high level of the high-quality development of Xinjiang, fully understand the importance, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency. Focusing on the continued health development of cotton industrial chain, focusing on improving the quality and international competitiveness of Xinjiang, focusing on stabilizing cotton production scale, improving textile capacity, and focusing on the quality, advantages and prospects of Xinjiang cotton, let "high production, quality" New Xinjiang cotton at home and abroad is more deeply rooted, accelerating the promotion of international domestic branders and consumers well-known and use Xinjiang high quality cotton.

The meeting emphasized that strengthening cotton source quality control, strengthening seed management, and vigorously promoting the application of quality varieties. To accelerate the construction of high quality cotton base, optimize cotton production layout, and promote the improvement of cotton improvement. It is necessary to further improve the price reform policy and supporting measures of cotton target, promote the quality of cotton, and ensure the basic benefits of cotton farmers. It is necessary to speed up the quality control of the cotton market supervision system, strengthen the acquisition processing and other links, and promote the construction of high quality cotton brands. To optimize the development of textile and apparel industries, promote industrial resources to concentrate on existing industrial parks, gather, intensive development, and continuously improve the cotton industry chain supply chain.

It is necessary to firmly establish a vast question and achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, and integrate development. The development leading group and office of the autonomous region, each member unit, all departments of all parts of the autonomous region, should have their own positions, the responsibilities, strengthen cooperative cooperation, and further form a working combination of high quality development in cotton industry.

The meeting emphasized that it is currently a critical node of cotton acquisitions and new cotton. It is necessary to clarify the goal, grab the opportunity, strengthen measures, strengthen management, increase supervision, promote key tasks, and focus on improving cotton industrial chain technology level and intelligent supervision. Ability, all-round improvement of cotton quality management level, promote cotton stabilization.

Chen Weijun, deputy head of the Cotton Industry Development Leading Group, Jilla, Shadon, Zhao Qing, Liu Su, and Kong Xinglong attended the meeting.

(Li Yang) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

2021 National Network Security Publicity Zhou Gongfang-activiteiten officieel gelanceerd

Het Permanent Comité van de Municipate Partijcommissie van Langfang, de minister van Propaganda woonde het evenement bij en spreekt.

Hij zei dat de National Network Security Publicity Week, om het fundamentele concept van "Network Security door de People’s Network Security door de People’s te oefenen", stevig de mensen gecentreerde gedachten en het juiste netwerkveiligheidsconcept.

Om een ??duidelijke beveiligingsnetwerkruimte te bouwen, onderhoud ernstig een goede netwerkopdracht en de vitale belangen van het volk. Om de publiciteitsformulier voor netwerkbeveiliging voortdurend te innoveren, verhoogt u de promotie van netwerkbeveiliging, een genormaliseerde publiciteitspositie van netwerkbeveiliging, bouwen beveiliging, gezondheid, beschaving en kleurrijke netwerkomgevingen. De plaatsvervangend directeur van de PROPAGANDA-afdeling van het Municipal Comité van Langfang, de directeur van het Municipate Party Committee, Wang Guohui, wees erop dat online beveiliging een belangrijke gebeurtenis is voor het levensonderhoud van de mensen en is gerelateerd aan honderden miljoenen Netizens.

Het organiseren van het doel van online beveiligingspubliciteit, het doel van de bescherming van de nationale netwerkbeveiliging, waarborgt de netwerkrechten van de brede massa’s van mensen, en het bouwen van veiligheid en gezonde cyberspace.

Hij sprak aan alle richtingen vanuit alle lagen van het leven om de "National Network Security Promotion Week" -drager volledig te gebruiken en een goede baan te doen in het onderwijs en de training van het netwerkbeveiligingsbewustzijn en vaardigheden, het leveren van een solide netwerkbeveiligingsgarantie voor uitgebreide constructie van "vijf Langfang "En streven naar" drie rijen ". Langfang Education Bureau, Gemeentelijke industrie en Informatietechnologie Bureau, Gemeentelijk Public Security Bureau, China People’s Bank of China Langfang Downtown Branch, Gemeentelijke Federatie van Trade Unions, Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, Municipal Communication Management Office, Enz. Het werk zet vooruit een vurig bericht.

Het evenement speelde 2021 National Network Security Publicity Zhou Gongfang Event Propaganda Film.

Agricultural Bank Dalian Branch: Silver Tax Interaction Says "Cross Sea Entering Island" for the masses

Since the study of party history, the Agricultural Bank of China Dalian Branch has launched the "I have a practical thing for the people" activities and insist on solving problems for the masses. "In the past ten years, in order to pay company social security, you need to enter the island every month. If you take time, you will have a single-time travel fee of 260 yuan. It will be nearly 3,000 yuan a year, which is not to encounter extreme weather. The cost of the island. For our small micro-enterprise, it is true to be a small expenditure! "Dalian Hong Yue Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Finance staff Hou Xiaoyan talked about the experience of the past business, revealing a helplessness.

"Now, I have lost a resident comprehensive service window, and I don’t need to come back to the island to come back." Hou Xiaoyan told reporters.

"Now only need to go to Dalian Zhongshan Taxation Bureau for payment business, only need two or three minutes from accepting to the completion, the cost cost is almost zero. That is to help us save time, and help us save money. Really want tax Department and Agricultural Banks! "Hou Xiaoyan immediately told this news to Zhu Guangmo, the company manager of Dandong speech, Zhu Bai Li, said to the head of the Changhai County Taxation Bureau sincerely:" I didn’t expect that we passed in March The demand proposed by the tax small two ‘service WeChat group, in such a short period of time, the two units of the tax and the Agricultural Bank have turned our memorial to reality, but I not only thank you, but also to serve the two units to serve the company. Solving the stories of the problem to help develop to more people.

"Since the premium of the self-sufficiency, considering the factors in the regional special and financial sectors of Changhai County, the social security payment is opened in Dalian Longhai Branch in the Agricultural Bank of China, accepting the payment of the registration of Changhai County registration.

After receiving the business needs of the Changhai County Taxation Bureau, the Agricultural Bank of China has attached great importance to it, and the solution is carefully studied.

After all parties carefully prepared, closely cooperate with this Huimin initiative to successfully land in Dalian.

Zhang Jintao, deputy director of the Dalian Changhai Support, said that under the strong support of the Dalian Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, adhering to all the principles of the masses, piloting for customers to solve all kinds of problems, doing things, do practical things, and successfully solved in the shortest time. The technical puzzle of the POS Machine Collection Society is installed across the region. At the same time, we will also use this as an opportunity to strengthen the interaction of the Silver Tax, the full-scale service entity economy, and provide services to the high quality development of the island area.

Li Zhonggang, secretary of the party committee and director of the Changhai County Taxation Bureau, said: "After the Changhai County Taxation Bureau received the contributions, he immediately studied the ideas and approaches to solve the solutions, and took the initiative to docking with the Dalian Changhai Branch of the Agricultural Bank. Under the support of multi-sectoral, resident The service window function is upgraded, and the tax bank is combined, and it has been effectively explored in the difficult problem of resident payment.

(Editor: Wang Swin, Danglong).

Shaanxi Province Fufeng County: Promoting the "Five Division of Five Division" model in the community to improve the level of urban party building

Fufeng County has 6 urban communities (5 of the plate-type communities, 1 unit-type community), and establish 6 party branches, 465 party members.

In recent years, we have actively adapted to the party construction and new normal, to explore new ideas, new initiatives, new breakthroughs for innovative grassroots, new measures, and adhere to the work of the service leading community, based on functions, bold innovation, and explore "Five-fifth time" New service model, promote community party construction and service organic combination, effectively improve the level of urban grassroots party construction work. The background of the city grassroots party organization is the foundation of the party in urban work. It must adapt to the urban economic structure, the new changes in social structure. Where is the people, where is the party member, where is the party’s construction? Do a good job in the construction of the city grassroots party, in the support of the wind and county, the most important thing is to build a community party as the core. With the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people have begun living in urban and communities, the community has become a "nerve ending" and "capillaries" and "capillaries" and "capillaries" and "capillaries" and "capillaries" in contact with the masses, serve the masses. Community work, especially community party building work, and many of the working measures of the community party organization have not followed the needs of the new situation, urgently need to explore new mechanisms and roads.

The practice and effectiveness of the wind and county based on the city’s party construction resources, explores the implementation of "grid management, precision docking, menuization service, publicization commitment, standardization operation" and "usual master, timing card, timely, timely feedback" The content of "Five-Time" model is effective in promoting the role of urban party organizations and party members, and raises the scientific level of party construction work. The number of the flexible is implemented. According to the size of the community population, the number of party members, the "point, line, and face" is implemented, and the basic situation of each community is fully grasped. According to the community construction branch, the part of the party team, the building is divided into a number of pieces, a number of units, and live, work, and live in the grid, all kinds of party members living, work, and live in the grid. I organize the management.

By grid, the information collection, processing, feedback, supervision of the whole process of "capillary" style extends to every corner, to achieve full coverage, all-round, the whole process of dynamic management and services, the formation of rapid response mechanisms serve the masses. Currently, the county six towns 198 residential community had established a grid 65, grid administrators from 98 cumulative resolve contradictions and disputes, investigation and security risks 76, for area residents and authorities in the communities and institutions to achieve effective management. Heavy demand, promote the precision of docking.

Community organizations through the establishment of community residents wish box, micro-channel group, hotline, residential and home visits and other feedback channels to collect the demands of the residents.

By "usually grasp, regular grooming, timely handling, timely feedback" and "seasons" Work Act, the establishment of service work registration, audit, contracting out, feedback, evaluation mechanism, the precise form of community service from start to finish of the closed loop.

This year, the total of the masses seek to cultural activities, volunteering, opinions aspects of property management, care of vulnerable groups such as recommendations 146, 125 to solve the problem, the masses satisfaction rate of over 96%.

Take the platform, the implementation of the menu of services. Community social services matters on a regular basis to conduct a comprehensive sort, set to establish the Community Party, culture, labor, family planning, civil affairs, housing, women and persons with disabilities as one of the "menu service repository." LED screen by propaganda, micro-channel group and the distribution of leaflets, which allows the community get acquainted with all kinds of matters work processes, the creation of community "service menu ‘subsection of the community micro-channel public number, so that the residents can be anytime, anywhere access to community work. Community organizations as necessary needs of the masses and the development and construction of community, the scientific development "menu volunteer activities", gathered there to the strengths of the members, according to their occupational characteristics and personal expertise to provide professional services "menu-driven" to register in the community.

Through the establishment of a volunteer "menu" in a manner "you point me in," the volunteers with expertise to build their love of the platform, and provide residents with volunteer service orientation, effective docking community needs and volunteer expertise.

Currently, the county a total of more than 1,300 party members and volunteers declared specialty services to the community, the community has organized legal aid, Huimin clinic, volunteer work, care for empty nesters and other volunteer activities 35 times the number of total participation of more than 1380 people.

Bright image, to carry the open commitment. Community party branch party members to carry out the "bright identity, light post, light duty, bright promise; ratio dedication, than the service, than the result; striving to be an outstanding member of striving for advanced party organizations" as the main content of the "three to four bright two create "activities, the implementation of the open commitment to actively guide the party to fulfill its obligations, to play a role, the lead model, serving the public, so that party members give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members to establish the image.

Organize Party members to actively participate in community dispute resolution, employment assistance, helping the difficulties, environmental remediation and other activities, the implementation of "quantitative feedback" management mechanism for serving party members and volunteers, work performance and regular periodic performance feedback to their party members and party organizations in the community services cases, efforts to form communities and other units "were in one place, concentric to build a" working atmosphere.

Up to now, the county has 2620 working party report back to the community, 33 volunteer teams have been organized service activities more than 40 times, and do practical things for the community good more than 200 pieces. Strong organization, promote the standardization of operation.

Party branch adhere to the unity of positions and institutional construction, earnestly implement the "three will be a lesson" and other organizational life within the party system, pay close attention to community members education management.

According to party members within area of ??mobility, management of difficult characteristics, actively explore the "Floating Party members online branch" new management model. Party members of the community using the micro-channel flow platform, the timing to push their community work of party building dynamic, conduct online research and network organization of life, to ensure no loss of flow of party members, party leave their homes.

Up to now, six positions in all community activities reached more than 300 square meters, and have built a set of civil, labor, family planning, comprehensive management letters and other business as one of the "one-stop" service hall. Thinking recommendations First, improving the mechanism to build, build. Establish the concept of party building large cities, and actively explore neighborhoods and communities, Garrison units, the emerging field of regional-based party building a new model to the area of ??non-public and social organizations all Party organizations incorporate the implementation of "dual management of government departments and institutions within the jurisdiction of the party ", will co-ordinate all aspects of power up and integrate into the community management services to them, to build a good platform for the sharing of resources to build, to lead the party building innovative social governance.

The second is to strengthen community leadership ranks.

Integration of civil affairs, human society, comprehensive management and other resources from all sources, according to the number, geographical area the size of the population of the community and other factors with reasonable community workers, through government procurement of services, continue recruiting full-time community workers, etc., continue to strengthen the power of community work .

Strictly implement the relevant provisions to protect the treatment community leaders, community leaders to improve the treatment of safeguard mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of community leaders serving the people. By "bringing in, going out" approach, strengthen education and training efforts to enhance community workers working level. The third is to strengthen the education and management of party members.

Actively promote the education and management of party members "Internet +" mode, to build effective online learning party members, party members online flow management, "under the line + line" two-way service platform for all kinds of party members in the online security community "home." Serious community party political life, strict implementation of the system "theme party day +", "three will be a lesson" and other innovative forms of activities to enhance the attractiveness and cohesiveness of the party organization, party building work to promote the city to a new level.

(Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).

Rongping: a aesthetic city with a city

The ceremony, list, scene.

On April 23, Chengdu Tongji Park, China’s beautiful life city (2020-2021) released the ceremony, China’s beautiful life city series list announced, Chengdu was selected as "the city of Damei" and "the city year".

These days, Chengdu clear sky, Snow Mountain Blue Sky."My eyes remember your beautiful beauty, my heart left you inner affection." This is the deputy director of the Social Psychological Service Research Center, Tsinghua University, Ni Zijun, deputy director of Tsinghua University Happiness Science and Technology LaboratoryChengdu.

The romantic verses in Shakespeare, with the aesthetic style of the city, form a wonderful fit.

● Beauty, is the thriving scene of the scene.

Aesthetic Master Zong Baihua said that the beauty is the subjective life sentiment and the objective natural scene integration is mutually infiltrated, and it is a flavor of the fish, and the lively and exquisite spirit.

The beauty of Chengdu, falling in the eyes of people, it has become a vibrant spirit. And look, the park city outline the beauty of the snow.

From Longquan City Forest Park to Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain, from 仙, 桑 桑 园 百 百 园 园 园 大 百 大 大 大 园 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大The scene, but also appreciate the "window of Xiling Qianqiu Snow" in Du Fu, "Grass Tree Yunshan, such as Jinxiu". Since ancient times, there is a wonderful verse and a beautiful painted painting.

Today, Chengdu is still as early as the first urban landscape, to examine urban development with aesthetics, through the intersection of the city, with green camp, with Water Runcheng, put the city’s full landscape, poetic city, vivid poetic city New paintings, becoming a new idea of ??modern city with unique aesthetic value. And listen, the pace of "Dongjin" has a beautiful music.

Through the cloud, cross the mountains, January 22nd, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport welcomed the first civil aviation passenger. Such a scene will become a normal state after May 20, and will become a landscape that is chased. Learning, the eastern New District, Sancha Lake Bilo, Dan Jingtai, towering, Danxi River, Dragon Shanlin Mussen … Green muscles, gave birth to an endless beautiful landscape.

The green hill is the bottom, the green road is the shaft, the river is the pulse, the natural mountain water, the Geely Academy books, the integration of "medical, teaching, research, production" in the future medical city technology is full … this is blue and green , Fresh and bright urban beauty form is a high quality green space system. And walk, the scene creates a rich aesthetics.

Sing from "Chengdu" to "embroidery", from Jinchenghu to Qinglong Lake, walk from Chunxi Road to Xiangxiang Lane … There is always a scene suitable for you, here is Chengdu, this is Chengdu.

At the moment, various "scenes" are redefining urban economy and life, traditional community space is integrated, life, emotion, value, etc., based on such status, Chengdu fully played the imagination and creativity, Fully build a number of scenes with world influence and meet different groups.

Wuchai Bridge, Dan Jingtai, Dawei Lane … Incensely enrich a city’s new aesthetic form, enriching a city’s aesthetic image.

● Beauty, is the beauty of human pairs of human pairs in the middle, it is worthy of heart. Some time ago, the Professor of the International Relations Institute was stored in Chengdu, said that Chengdu people are the perfect sample of the Chinese.

The perfect Chinese in his eyes is an optimistic, open-minded, cheerful, open-minded, and cheerful.

Such a positive state, rooted in this land-generated city culture, it can’t see, but in a tacit approach, it flows between people. People-oriented, laying the spirit of the United States.

People are the main body of the city, and the city is the main scene carrying a beautiful life. Make the city more beautiful, more comfortable, the public is more happily is the answer to Chengdu must hand over; build beautiful cities, create a better life, is the highest goal of Chengdu’s sustainable development. Chengdu adheres to the "core of the city" concept and "people’s city" camp logic, proposing the construction of beautiful and livable park cities, shaping the "Human City High-level Harmonious Unity".

Thus, we saw that the Eastern New District is rising in the new city, and seeing high-quality enterprises have settled in Chengdu. Seeing the continuous construction of new scenarios to meet the needs of citizens. I saw that young people used their feet to vote, and Zurong City.

Community governance, paving the basics of beauty. The city’s rules of the people and the social rules. The beauty of Chengdu is also the beauty of community governance. The community is the living homes of the public and the basic unit of the city. Community is playing an increasingly important role in urban work. The neighbor is good, the beauty of the benevolence.

In Chengdu, community governance is known, the Chengdu community governance under the leadership of party construction, showing such a scene: Tonglu Lin Community, a "community patrol team" composed of foreigners is patrolling in the street; Xinqiao Community In the Fuhe Photography Park, the children made three fifth complexes quickly made games … refined, high-quality community construction, so that ordinary people’s happiness, feelings, safe and safe, and can be found. The beauty of the birth of the harmony, the beauty of euthanas, so that this city has become a "perfect sample" in the mouth of Professor. Beautiful life, pointing to the highest shape of the United States. Recently, there is a "infarction" on the Internet – what is a happy planet? This is a bit "unclear" question, in the development of urban development, is a happy life.

Specific arrivals, it is the top of "China’s most happy city" in 12 consecutive years. It is "the new people’s new government" attracted more than 10,000 young people to settle, and the "China Best Talents City Award" continued. At the beginning of 2021, Chengdu put forward the implementation of "10 Works of Happiness and Wonderful Life", always standing in the perspective of the public, focusing on the citizens’ food and clothing, focusing on the work of life, so that the public and enterprises become the host of the city, become a positive participant of urban development, The biggest beneficiaries, the final judge. The beauty of the city is to put a grand idea, internalization into the end of the branches, and become a happy life that can be seen. "The highest realm of art is to make people feel your soul, let people discover natural beauty, the beauty of life, the beauty of the soul." Chengdu’s beauty is the big beauty in the park city, satisfying people. Pursuit of green hills; in the implementation of the "10 Project of Happiness and Wonderful Life", people’s forwarding of people’s life.

(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).

Commercial Secret Civil Litigation

Background Recently, the tenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress adopted a new anti-unfair competition method, increasing Article 32 after the original provisions, and re-allocated the burden of violations of business secrets. .

How to understand the provisions of Article 32 of the Unfair Competition Law, rational allocation of proof responsibility in the business secret civil infringement case, worthy of attention. The responsibility of the proof refers to the obligation of the parties to propose evidence, and violates the corresponding obligations to take responsibility. According to the evidence rules of civil laws, who advocates, "who has a proof", the original anti-unfounded competition law distributes the burden of responsibility to commercial secrets, mainly proves the existence of business secrets and infringement, and new anti-unfair Competition law has made significant adjustments to this. The new anti-unfair competition method for the branch of commercial secrets, Article 32, paragraph 1, with the first paragraph of commercial secrets, to prove that it has adopted confidentiality measures to the claimed business secrets, and reasonably demonstrates trade secrets Infringement, the suspected infringers should prove that the trade secrets claimed by the rights of the rights. The provision mainly involves the branch of the branch of business secrets, technical information and business information should constitute a business secret must meet the publicly known for the public, and have the business value, and the corresponding confidentiality measures are adopted. According to the above provisions, whether the right holder only needs to prove that it is necessary to confidential measures to trade secrets, the transfer of proof responsibility can achieve the transfer of the suspected infringement certificate is not trade secrets. The author believes that such an understanding is that the right person should provide preliminary evidence that the information involved in compliance with the business secrets can eventually be transferred. From the perspective of Squaning, the premise of trade secrets is the premise of the business secrets, only the rights of the rights will prove that the information involved in compliance with the business secret "three requirements" can constitute a business secret to become a complimentary business secret. Rightman.

The level of legislation emphasizes that this feature to adopt confidential measures is because judicial practices have low certificate standards for the rest of the two requirements, and the rightsters usually have a proven to complete, so the prove responsibility of the rights holder is mainly reflected in adopting confidential measures.

Not known for the public is negative facts, the right holder only needs to provide initial evidence that the information involved is not universally known or not easy to obtain, mainly by the suspected infringent proven information has been a positive fact that the public is known for the public. Has business value does not require relevant information that has actually produced profits, which can bring competitive advantages or provide potential trading opportunities to be widely identified as commercial value.

According to the first paragraph of the new anti-unfair competition law, the initial prove responsibility for the rights of business secrets is still in the initial proof responsibility of the rights, and the certificate of proves on the business secret rights. Transfer to the suspected infringent. The burden of proof of suspected infringement According to the second paragraph of the new anti-unfounded competition law, the business secrets provide preliminary evidence to reasonably indicate that commercial secrets have been violated, and there is an infringement, suspected of infringers should prove that they do not exist. Aviation of business secrets. This clause mainly involves the transfer of business secret infringement proof. Combined with new anti-unfair competition law Article 32, when the business secrets provided preliminary evidence to reasonably showed that the business secrets were violated, the branch of the business secretary branch was transferred to the suspected infringent, proved by it The information involved does not meet the business secret constitutes, if the suspected infringement can complete the burden of proof, there is no need to assume infringement responsibility; when the suspected of the infringers can’t complete the proof obligation, the information involving the case is commercial secret, and the business secrets provide initial evidence to prove infringement. The existence of behavior, at this time, the burden of charge has moved to the suspected infringent, which proves that there is no violation of the business secret.

If you can’t complete your bonus, you need to assume civil liabilities that violate trade secrets.

Article 32 of the New Anti-Unfair Competition Law stipulates that the three situations of business secrets initially demonstrate the presence of infringement. First, there is evidence that suspected infringers have channels or opportunities to obtain trade secrets, and their information is the same as that of this business secret. The provisions established the estimated rules of business secret civil infringement cases, complex, complicated, and probably in the business secret, complicated, and in the proposed manner, it is common to "substantially the same contact contact" standard.

Under the premise of the presence of the business secrets, the rightsman proves that the infringement has some kind of contact to trade secrets, and the information used is the same as commercial secrets.

At this point, the right holder accuses all the burden of proof suspected infringers violations of their trade secrets have been completed, and the burden of proof is transferred to the suspected infringer.

It is suspected of improving its illegal acquisition, illegally uses trade secret behavior, or proves that it has obtained business secrets through legal channels such as reverse engineering. Second, there is evidence that business secrets have been disclosed, used or disclosed, and useful.

This regulation is a major adjustment of this revision. In the commercial secret infringement, the rights of the rights will not prove that the defendant has disclosure, use behavior, as long as it is suspected of the risk of infringers, the risk of use, and the burden of proof will be transferred to the suspected infringer. The so-called risk, that is, the possibility of violation, not direct infringement in reality.

The suspected infringers set up companies, recruiters, rental venues, and access to commercial preparations for the implementation of trade secrets, which will cause commercial secrets that are used in business secrets. Even broad understanding, as long as the trade secret is in the control of the invader, it will be disclosed and used.

From this perspective, the provisions of the provisions of the proof of infringement have mainly allocated to the suspected infringers.

The third is that there are other evidence that the trade secret is suspected of infringement.

As the terms of the leaflet, this provision is a certain space in the future, and it is not appropriate to expand the use range when the law is applicable.

Article 32 of the new anti-unfair competition law makes a major adjustment of the budget of commercial secrets, and transfer the bid responsibility to the infringent under the preliminary proof of the initial proof of business secrets.

The transfer of burden of proof will greatly reduce the burden of the proof of the rights of the trade secrets, which has strongly promoting the protection of trade secrets. (Chen Jian’s "Editor: Wang Xiaoyan, Wang Yu) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Standing at 38 ° north latitude 114 °, see the great China today!

The Chinese civilization is long, and the water of the Yangtze River in the north-water will make the Yangtze River water to change the north stream, making the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the Yangtze River meets the Great Wall.

According to the Water Conservancy Department, Southern Water Northern Pis Dong, the first phase of the mid-line project has been fully transported, as of November 1, 2021, the total amount of water toned, the total amount of water, including the mid-line water transfer billion, the east line water to Shandong 100 millionCubic meters, the beneficiary population has increased from billions from the beginning of the water.

The north latitude is 114 °, 114 °, Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhengding County in Jiazhuang Village, Nanshui North Radio, China, China, China, China, China, China, China.

On the left, there are 140 tons of Nanshui to the north every second; on the right, there is a high-speed rail whistle every three minutes … Water network, high-speed rail network, road network, power grid, etc.Domestic engineering drawings.

The Beijing Municipal Party Committee of the Civil Engineering, studied the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China

Original title: The civil engineering Beijing Municipal Party Committee learns the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China, "Today’s learning is really dry, let me feel very scientific, guiding and forward-looking. This is both our future thought. The sail is also a guide to our actions.

"" A hundred years of history of a hundred years of coming, and opened the second hundred years of magnificent chapters. We should continue to travel forward and innovate. "" Greet the challenge at a higher starting point, and the 19th Fifth Plenary Session put forward great call to the whole society. Next, we must understand the book by words and truly unify our thoughts and actions to the spirit of the plenary. "… On the afternoon of November 9, in the third floor of the Beijing Municipal Democratic Party Community Building, Beijing civil and construction members have expressed their own learning experience. They have just participated in the intensive Beijing Municipal Committee Theory Center Group Study (Expansion) will At the meeting, Professor, deputy director of the Ministry of Economics of the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration), and Professor of the Subject Head of the Subject of the Subject of the Sino-Social Commission for 19th CPC Plenary Session, the Ministry of Civil Engineering Beijing Municipal Committee, Mission, Sima Hong, implemented The spirit of the 19th National Committee of the 19th Plenary Session is deployed, and the executive Deputy Chairman Zhang Ya, Li Shenghong, A Ting, Secretary-General, Wang Hong and member committee members of the Municipal Party Committee, member of the Municipal Committee, and committees of the Committee. From the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" "The Historic Achievements made by the Thirteenth Five – Central Committee" "The Main Content of the 14th Five-Year Economic and Social Development" "2035 Economic Social Development Vision Target" Interpretation. Participants heard the gods, the venue sounded from time to time, the report triggered everyone’s warm discussion. At the study meeting, Sima Hong put forward three requirements in the spirit of the 19th National President.

She said, we must deeply understand the significance of the 19th National Fifth Plenary Session and quickly set off a learning boom.

Beijing civil engineering should conscientiously implement the requirements of the Central Committee of the Central Committee and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and learn the major political tasks of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China. The Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Symposium is relying on the integration of the spirit of the Plenary Session into the institutional self-confidence education, integrating into various learning and training, practical unity, clear direction, constantly enhances "four awareness", firm "four confidence" To achieve "two maintenance", the "first part of the" first part of the spirit of the Five Plenary Senescale ", continuously condense the" Struggling ’14th Five-Year Plan ", the new journey of the new journey".

To accurately lead the core elements of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China, it will use its starting point and the foothold of the planning work and fulfill its functions. To grasp the new stage, use dialectical thinking to treat new opportunities for new opportunities in the new development stage, and profoundly understand the stage of comprehensively building socialist modern countries, based on Beijing’s actual, firm development confidence, and help Beijing take the lead basically modernization. To implement new concepts, combine Beijing’s "four centers" features and improve the "four service" levels, accelerate development of modern industrial systems, discovery non-capital functions, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, and to further promote the national quality development contribution . To build a new pattern to expand domestic demand, promote the national economic development, smooth the domestic market leading the national economic circulation, enhance the development of scientific and technological innovation, and improve the stability, safety and competitiveness of industrial chain supply. To learn from the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC, in order to develop and implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan. In-depth learning, Xi Xi Xinxin, China’s characteristic socialist thinking is mainline, conscientiously implement three technical spirit, strive to improve the construction level of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and become the construction of Beijing civilian construction to "talk about political, knowledge, strict requirements, good performance Socialist Participation in China ‘s Characteristic Socialism.

To guide the spirit of a plenary, to make current work, planning next year. In the development and implementation of Beijing "14th Five-Year Plan", it is necessary to form a group of valuable, visible, and distinctive research results. It is necessary to reflect the ideological dynamics and interests of the majority of members and the people in contacts, assist the party and the government to work hard, enhance unity, and maintain stability.

More than two hours of reporting, seats were full, the atmosphere was warm. Members’ study notes recorded a full piece of paper. Everyone has said that we must carefully study the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC, fully understand the new development stage, the new development concept, the basic characteristics and requirements of the new development pattern, focus on the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, focus on the Central Committee of the Communist Party The key issues in the focus of the CPC Municipal Committee, the key issues in the development of national economic and social development contribute to the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. (Editor: Xie Qian, Yan Yan).

Provisions on Several Issues of Applicable Laws on the Applicable Law of the Civil Dispute Corporation of Infringement Information Network

The Supreme People’s Court’s Regulations on Several Issues Concerning the Applicable Law of the Applicable Law of the Information Network Communication Rights Civil Dispute Cases (November 26, 2012, the 1561th meeting of the Trial Committee on November 2, 2012) announced on December 17, 2012 Since January 1, 2013, it will be implemented to correctly hear the civil dispute case of the relevant information network, protect the rights of information networks, promote the healthy development of information network industry, safeguard the public interest, according to the "Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China" "China The Infringement Responsibility Law of the People’s Republic of China, the "Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China" "Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China" and other relevant legal provisions, combined with the trial, and formulate this provision.

Article 1 The People’s Court heard the investigation of civil disputes in infringement of information networks. When performing discretion according to law, the interests of the rights providers, network service providers and the public will be taken into account. Article 2 These Provisions, including the information network, radio and television network, fixed communication network, mobile communication network, etc., including computer, television, fixed telephone, mobile phone, mobile phone, etc. Public open local area network.

Article 3 Internet users, the network service provider has not been permitted, and the people’s court shall identify its composition by providing the right to information network distribution rights. Infringement of information network distribution rights behavior. By uploading to the web server, set the shared file or utilize file sharing software, the works, performances, and recording record products are placed in the information network, so that the public can get, browse or other ways in personal selection time and location. The people’s court should identify its implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph. Article 4 It has evidence that the network service provider jointly provides works, performances, recording records, and constitutes a joint infringement with others, and the people’s court shall commit the joint responsibility. The network service provider can prove that it only provides network services such as automatic access, automatic transmission, information storage, search, link, file sharing technology, advocates that it does not constitute common infringement, and the people’s court shall support it.

Article 5 Network service providers provide related works to the public by providing web snapshots, thumbnails, and other means, and the people’s courts should provide behavior.

The provisions specified by the preceding paragraph do not affect the normal use of the relevant works, and unreasonable harm to the legitimate rights and interests of the work, the network service provider advocates the right to exchange the information network, and the people’s court shall support it.

Article 6 The plaintiff has initial evidence that the network service provider provides related works, performances, recording records, but network service providers can prove that they only provide network services, and the people’s courts should not be recognized as constituuling infringement.

Article 7 The network service provider will teach or help network users to implement the right to infringement of information network communication rights when providing network services. The people’s court shall order him to assume infringement responsibilities.

Network service providers are induced by speech, promotion technical support, reward points, etc., encourage network users to implement violations of information network communication rights, and the people’s court should recognize that it constitutes abetment and infringement. Network service provider knows or should know that network users use network services to infringe information network distribution rights, unable to remove, shield, disconnect, or provide technical support, etc., the people’s court should identify its constitution to help infringement .

Article 8 The People’s Court shall determine whether it is responsible for the abetment and help infringement according to the fault of network service providers.

The fault of the network service provider includes a known or known for network users to infringe information network propagation rights.

The network service provider did not review the behavior of network users to transfer the right to information network, and the people’s court should not be able to identify it with fault.

The network service provider can prove that it has taken reasonable and effective technical measures, and it is still difficult to find that the network users have violated the information network spread rights, the people’s court should identify that it does not have faults.

Article 9 The people’s court shall consider whether the following factors should be considered in accordance with the specific facts of network users to violate the information network. The following factors are considering whether the network service provider constitutes awareness: (1) Based on the nature, way of providing services based on network service providers. It triggers the possibility of infringement, the ability to manage information; (b) the ability of the propagation, performance, recording and recording products, the obvious degree of visibility and infringement information; (3) whether the network service provider actively actively , Performance, recording record products have selected, editing, modifying, recommending, etc .; (4) whether the network service provider actively adopts reasonable measures to prevent infringement; (5) whether the network service provider sets the convenient program to receive infringement notice and timely Reasonable response to infringement notice; (6) whether the network service provider has adopted corresponding reasonable measures for the repeated infringement of the same network user; (7) Other related factors. Article 10 When the network service provider is recommended to the new mobile TV works, such as the network service, etc., and the contents of the list, the directory, index, descriptive paragraph, the content introduction, etc., and the public can follow directly on its webpage, Browse or other ways, the people’s court can identify its application of network users to infringe information network distribution rights. Article 11 Network Service Provider directly obtains economic benefits from the works provided by the network users, the people’s court should identify its behavior of the network users to infringe information network communication rights. .

The network service provider is targeted for specific works, performances, recording and recording products, or obtains the economic benefits of other specific links, performances, and recording record products, which should be obtained, should be identified as the direct acquisition of economic benefits as specified in the preceding paragraph. The network service provider charges general advertising fees, service fees, etc., and does not belong to the situation specified by this paragraph.

Article 12 With one of the following circumstances, the people’s court can identify network service providers who provide information storage space services to provide information network distribution rights: (1) The new mobile TV works will be made to the information network. The home page or other major page can be obviously perceived by the network service provider; (2) the subject of the thermal broadcasting film, etc., the content is actively selected, edited, organized, recommended, or set up a special list of special listings. (3) Others can clearly perceive related works, performances, and recording records for unauthorized, there is still no reasonable measures. Article 13 The network service provider receives the notice submitted by the right to letters, faxes, email, etc., and does not take the necessary measures such as deletion, shielding and disconnection links in time. The people’s court shall identify its knowledge of relevant infringement information networks. Communication right behavior.

Article 14 The people’s court determine whether the deletion, shielding, disconnect link, etc., etc. Nature, the type, performance, performance, and the type, awareness, quantity of the recording product, etc.

Article 15 The civil dispute cases of infringement of information networks shall be judged by the infringement or the people’s court of the defendant.

The infringement includes a network server, a computer terminal, and other devices that implement a proactive infringement. The infringement is difficult to determine or abroad. Article 16 From the date of implementation of this Regulation, the Supreme People’s Court explains the interpretation of several issues related to the applicable law involving the copy of the computer network copyright disputes "(Frame [2006] No. 11). This provision is applied to this provision after the implementation of this provision. The provision has been finalized before the implementation of this regulation, and the parties apply for retrial or according to the trial supervision procedures, and does not apply to this provision.