ZTE (000063): Continuous improvement in performance and 5G construction meet major opportunities

ZTE (000063): Continuous improvement in performance and 5G construction meet major opportunities

The main business resumed with stable and better performance.

The company’s total operating income for H1 in 2019 was 446.

09 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

12%; Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

71 ppm, an increase of 118 in ten years.

80%, the basic profit return is 0.

The 35 yuan is mainly due to the increase in the operating income of government and corporate affairs over the same period last year.

The company estimates that the first three quarters of net profit will be 3.8-4.6 billion, an annual increase of 152% -163%.

Continue to focus on the main business and develop steadily.

Operator network, government affairs, and consumer business continued to develop. The company’s H1 operator network operating income in 2019 was 324.

8.5 billion, an annual increase of 38.

19%, gross margin increased to 44.

73%, mainly due to the internal FDD system equipment and internal optical transmission products operating income and growth; government and corporate business operating income of 4.7 billion, an increase of 6.

02%, gross profit margin increased to 36.

95%, mainly due to the increase in operating income of international data center products, international optical transmission products, and international FDD system equipment.

Consumer business income 74.

2 billion, 35 from the previous decade.

41%, gross profit margin increased to 16.


Improve the layout at home and abroad and increase investment in research and development.

2019H1 company’s domestic market realized operating income of 274.

2.2 billion yuan, accounting for 61% of revenue.


Focus on key projects, improve customer satisfaction, maintain stable 4G market share and network layout, and at the same time do a good job of 5G layout, seize the opportunity of technological change through long-term technology accumulation and product competitiveness; the international market achieved operating income of 171.

8.7 billion yuan, accounting for 38% of revenue.


Adhere to the formulation of strategies, continue to focus on the telecommunications operator market, focus on high-quality core customers, and consolidate the existing market, strengthen 5G cooperation with mainstream operators, and continue to strengthen the breakthrough and layout of core products.

R & D expenses for the first half of the year 64.

700 million, an annual increase of 27.

89%, found R & D and investment in chips. At present, all 深圳spa会所 core communication chips are self-developed, and more than 100 types of chips have been gradually developed and successfully mass-produced, covering wireless network access, fixed network access, bearer, terminal and other fields.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations: Taking into account the company’s business recovery and investment income, the company’s profit forecast is raised. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother for 2019-2021 will be 51.

2 billion, 6.3 billion, 79.

30,000 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding dynamic PE is 24 times, 19 times and 15 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: 5G is not progressing as expected; trade war risks.

The daily limit or the daily limit depends on Tesla?New energy battery sector trend differentiation

The daily limit or the daily limit depends on Tesla?New energy battery sector trend differentiation
Tesla zooms in, battery-related industry chain is good!Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post. Original title: Look at the daily limit of Tesla?New energy battery sector trend is extremely differentiated Source: Shanghai Securities News a word?The movement of the new energy battery sector was extremely differentiated, and the analyst had another news in the morning of a fierce operation of Tesla. The original fiery new energy vehicle sector experienced a huge earthquake.  On February 18, it was reported that the negotiations between Tesla and Ningde Times are in the follow-up stage. Tesla plans to use “cobalt-free” Ningde Times batteries in pure electric vehicles produced at Chinese factories.  As soon as this news came out, market investors were uproar.You know, in this round of bottoming rally since February 4, the strong performance of the new energy vehicle sector has contributed.Among them, cobalt resources-related stocks performed particularly well. Huayou Cobalt and Hanrui Cobalt had the largest average gains of more than 20% since February 4.Tesla’s news that the battery “excluded cobalt” at this time caused more or less influence on the industry.  In early trading today, the new energy battery sector was extremely differentiated.Positive stocks of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery-related stocks have further increased, and many stocks have broken out of the “single-point limit.”In the meantime, cobalt resources-related stocks suffered a severe setback, and Huayou Cobalt and Hanrui Cobalt closed their daily limits.  What is the difference between “with cobalt” and “without cobalt”?  Since the news of Tesla came out, the Merger Brokers Research Institute urgently followed up the research report and explained the difference between “with cobalt” and “no cobalt” in new energy batteries for investors’ reference.  Citic Construction Nonferrous Metals team pointed out that new energy vehicle batteries can be divided into two categories: ternary power batteries and lithium iron carbonate batteries.The ternary battery contains cobalt, and the lithium iron carbonate battery excludes cobalt.  The Guoxin Securities new energy team said that the existing cobalt-free battery solutions mainly have two directions: the first is the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery path, by improving the energy density of alternative cells and CTP, blade batteries and other technologies to reduce costsSynergy; the second new cobalt-free material battery.On July 9, 2019, Hive Energy, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, released cobalt-free materials and quaternary materials batteries.From the current perspective, the cobalt-free battery path of 南宁桑拿 lithium iron phosphate is more technologically mature.  Minsheng Securities’ new team said that lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary power batteries are mainly different in cost and energy density: in terms of cost, compared with ternary, lithium iron phosphate has a clear cost advantage, which is conducive to reducing vehicle costs.Taking a square battery as an example, the current average price of lithium iron phosphate ternary cells is 0.58 yuan / Wh, 0.At 73 yuan / hour, the average price of lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery packs is 0.73 yuan / Wh, 0.88 yuan / Wh, the average price of lithium iron phosphate batteries and battery packs is about 21% and 17% lower than the three yuan.  In terms of energy density, improvements in the process structure can help increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate 无锡夜网 batteries.The CTP battery pack introduced by Ningde Times can maximize the volume of traditional battery packs by 15% -20%.  How will it affect the cobalt and lithium carbonate industries?  The long-term impact of the cobalt industry is not significant CITIC believes that if the news is true, the short-term demand for cobalt may be affected, and the long-term impact is expected to be small.  Specifically, the cost of lithium iron phosphate batteries is lower than the cost of ternary batteries. Due to cost considerations, it is expected that the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries used in low-cost cars will increase, which may affect the short-term demand for cobalt.However, due to the performance advantages of ternary batteries, it is expected that ternary power batteries in new energy vehicles, especially high-end vehicles, will continue to be the mainstream. At present, the proportion of new energy vehicle production in automotive output will decrease, and the conversion of new energy vehicles in the future will continue to drive.In the long run, the demand for cobalt is considered to have little effect on the demand for cobalt.  Favorable lithium carbonate producer CITIC Construction Investment suggests focusing on lithium carbonate-related producers.  Ganfeng Lithium is one of the leading companies in the lithium industry and has existing lithium salt production capacity.One of which is lithium carbonate 4 oxide and lithium hydroxide 3.1 unit (5 indicators of capacity under construction). It is estimated that the output of lithium carbonate will be 2 in 2019.5-3, lithium carbonate production capacity can be further released in 2020.  Tianqi Lithium is one of the leading companies in the lithium industry, and now has lithium salt production capacity4.It is estimated that the production capacity of lithium carbonate is about 4, and the production capacity of lithium hydroxide is 0.5. The capacity of lithium carbonate under construction is 2, and the capacity of lithium hydroxide under construction is 4.8 digits.The company has the world’s lowest cost spodumene mine Thalesin lithium ore, and the cost advantage of lithium carbonate is obvious.  Yahua Group’s lithium carbonate production capacity is 0.6 (where battery level is 0.4)), existing lithium hydroxide production capacity1.2 samples (2 samples under construction).  Weihua’s existing lithium salt production capacity1.3 inches (of which lithium carbonate 1 additive, lithium hydroxide 0.3)), capacity under construction 2.7 (expected to be completed in the first half of 2020), and the total throughput will reach 4 (including lithium carbonate 2).5, lithium hydroxide 1.May). In November 2019, the company’s 75% -owned Jinchuan Oino Mining went into production. In 2020, the company’s lithium salt costs are expected to decline significantly.

The more you wash your hair, the more oily you might try.

The more you wash your hair, the more oily you might try.

Greasy hair affects the image, so many MMs have to wash it every day, but the more they wash, the more oily. What should I do?

Why not try rice water?

  Wash my hair every day, my hair is still greasy?

For girls who love beauty, how can this be tolerated?

However, changing the shampoo is useless. It has been washed every day. How can it be cleaner?

  In fact, the reason why your hair loves oil may be precisely because you wash your hair every day.

If you wash your hair too much, it will cause hair damage. The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is completely washed away, and the hair and scalp lose their natural protective film.

Experts recommend washing your hair 3-4 times a week, some people can even reduce it to 2 times, and using less shampoo can also help your hair be healthier.

  Why wash my hair every day or still love oil?

  Some MMs think that because they are oily hair, they love oil, and often clean. Using shampoos for oily hair is the right way to improve hair oil.

In fact, if you do not wash your hair for a long time, it will lead to oil production. The same is true if you wash too much. The oil on the scalp is completely taken away, and the sebaceous glands will receive a signal of “oil shortage” and then secrete oil again, soThe more you wash, the more oil there is.

  Hair oil is also related to women’s lifestyle. For example, if you like spicy and greasy food, stay up late, face the computer continuously, and work under pressure, it may affect human body secretion, stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, and exacerbate scalp oil.

There are also hair styling products such as hair gels and waxes, which can also make hair more oily.

  In addition, most of the shampoo contains silicone oil, which can make the hair smoother after washing, but the silicone oil can degrade the oil without decomposing the water, and it will be sticky when it is liquid. Silicone oil will not cause health damage.However, long-term use of the same product can easily lead to oil and hair loss.

  Taomi water shampoo removes dirt and still inhibits oil secretion and hair care. There are many folk recipes to try. For example, saponin is the most natural cleansing agent, and Shouwu and sesame can help hair.

In order to prevent hair from getting oily, rice water is really a good choice.

  Taomi water does not remove dirt, but also heats and cools blood, preventing excessive oil secretion.

Collect the rice water, ferment it for 2-3 days, and then use it to wash and wash the hair, so that the roots of the hair are fully exposed to the rice water, and then gently massage the hair so that the rice water can be fully nourished. Finally, useRinse with clean water.

  It should be noted that the temperature of the shampoo should not be too much, and the water temperature close to the body temperature is less irritating, can prevent the secretion of oil, and can also make the hair control the effect of oil.

How to deal with the residue of Chinese medicine soup-

How to deal with the residue of traditional Chinese medicine soup?

Should the Chinese medicine soup sediment be thrown?

Most people who have ever fried a medicine have such a doubt, it depends on the medicine.

The cooked Chinese medicine decoction is served warm, and the bottom of the bowl often has a mud-like precipitate.

Whether this mud-like precipitate is mixed with a little water, or simply discarded is a practical problem. Don’t underestimate it, it is directly related to the efficacy.

  Professor Liu Zhanwen of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that whether the sediment of Chinese medicine decoction is drunk or thrown depends on the medicine.

Professor Liu gave a general introduction to the situation that Coptis chinensis and licorice can be co-fried. The main active ingredients of Coptis chinensis are alkaloids such as berberine, and the main active ingredients of licorice are acidic components such as glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetic acid.

The two types of solubility in water are dissolved, so they can be dissolved from the Chinese herbal medicine pieces when they are cooked with water. When the two kinds of drugs are co-fried, the berberine and glycyrrhizic acid that enter the water each may meet and form a salt or a salt with less solubility in water.The compound is suspended in the frying liquid as a fine granular solid to make the frying liquid turbid. If the frying liquid is placed in the frying liquid, it may settle to the bottom of the bowl and form mud particles.

Coptis chinensis and licorice are jointly cooked with water. If the amount of licorice is prolonged, and the resulting soup solution is repeatedly placed, the supernatant can achieve no bitterness, but the antibacterial effect is greatly reduced.

This shows that the berberine, which has antibacterial effect and is extremely bitter, is precipitated to the bottom of the bowl, that is, in the mud-like sample.

It can be seen that if the prescription containing Coptis chinensis and licorice is co-fried, after the obtained soup solution is placed in a bowl, the slime obtained at the bottom of the bowl will be affected if it is discarded.

  The correct way is to add a little water to the mud-like precipitate, stir it, put it in the turbid solution and finish it. It is suitable.

According to Professor Liu, until the end, it still cannot completely replace any hard-to-decompose water substance formed between the drugs, whether it is effective or ineffective, but for the sake of insurance, that is, to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, do not discard the mud.It is advisable to take it off.

  Regarding the decoction of Chinese medicine, although ancient doctors did not know that the compound might produce difficult-to-dissolve substances in water, or that the reason for the precipitation in co-decoction was unknown, but in clinical practice, it has been noticed thatThe resulting precipitate cannot be easily removed. Among the methods adopted is filtration of the medicinal solution.

The purpose is to allow the sediment to enter the medicinal solution for use.

Even today, this method is still used, that is, filtering with only a layer of roving cloth or mesh cloth.

In short, although the traditional Chinese medicine decoction is turbid, it makes sense to mix it. Don’t try to look good. Take the traditional Chinese medicine decoction easily and make it into a clear solution. Drink the whole decoction.

Decompression Method-Yoga Meditation Ideas

Unzip method

Yoga theory believes that the health of the nervous system is the most important of the entire human health.

And yoga practice and yoga meditation are more beneficial to the human nervous system than any exercise system.

Yoga also brings the hyperactive nervous system back to normal function.

Therefore, practicing yoga is the only way to relieve stress.

  Efficacy: This posture allows the practitioner to break through distractions, concentrate strength, calm people down, and tap the highest potential of people.

It strengthens and contracts leg muscles and improves the balance of the practitioner.

  Posture: 1. Stand upright, legs close together, hands hang down naturally.

  2, shift the center of gravity to the left foot, bend the upper right, so that the calf belly as close as possible to the thigh, feet up, grasp the right foot with both hands and put it to the root of the left thigh.

  3, loosen your hands, lift your hands to your chest, put your palms together and keep breathing naturally.

  4. Keep balance and try to stay longer.

  5. Repeat the process with another leg.

Make children feel happy to sleep

Make children feel happy to sleep

Case 1: Xuan Xuan, Xiang Xiang, and Xiao Ding 咚 in our class always couldn’t fall asleep faster at noon. They always shook the quilt in bed and couldn’t lie down for a long time.Yes, the little hand is always playing with some gadgets when you are not paying attention, some kind: watercolor pen pad, origami shredded paper, and occasionally the small head must be raised.

In order to make them fall asleep as soon as possible, I thought about it for a long time, although I also came up with some methods, but the effect on these children was not good.

Once at noon, after the children were undressed, I kindly called the children “Today, the teacher will let the children play, and see if the boys sleep faster or the girls sleep faster!”

“The children hurriedly said in their naive voice:” Boy cheer, (girls cheer) “Occasionally, one or two of the slow-moving children will yell,” XX Come on and hurry up and sleep “for a whileThe child just lay down the quilt and covered it. There was no situation that he could not lie down for a long time.

At this time, I found that I was lying on the bed and looking at me with his big eyes. I took the opportunity to say, “Hey, do you want to be the elder brother most?

After falling asleep, your body can grow taller, and you can be your elder brother.

I heard and soon closed my eyes.

Some children like to sleep on their stomachs, so I said, “The children who sleep on their stomachs are like piglets. Only the children who sleep on their backs are beautiful and handsome.

“At this time, the child lay down to sleep quickly, Xiangxiang said,” Teacher, look at me lying down and sleep, I will be very handsome. ”

“Xuan Xuan said,” I also lie down to sleep, I will grow beautiful.

“I have an unprecedented sense of accomplishment in the child’s uniform breathing.

Several children fell asleep quickly under my “temptation”.

Good Nursery Viewpoint: In the day life of a kindergarten, arranging a nap for young children is usually a headache for many teachers.

Some young children are particularly difficult to take a nap, some ca n’t sleep, and some wake up after a while, and then start talking to affect the normal nap of other children.

The use of compulsory measures to force them to fall asleep has little effect, and storytelling hypnosis before bedtime, put on lullaby and other methods are not effective.

I feel that it is not a good idea or harsh science to demand that children must always close their eyes to sleep.

Because for adults, there is also a difference between “feeling more” and “feeling less”, as are young children. Some children are productive and do not like to sleep.

And some parents also reported that they felt too much sleep at noon, and their children refused to sleep well at night and could not get up in the morning.

Therefore, I think we should set ourselves to start from the actual situation of young children and discuss with children how to solve this problem.

The children had a lively discussion.

Among them was the correction: “If you can’t sleep, count the sheep in bed and fall asleep in a while.

“Wake up and lie in bed and play quietly without disturbing other children.

“These so-called are welcomed by the children, I think they can be adopted.

Because it is their own suggestions, they are very willing to implement it. Practice has proved that the effect of napping in the future is really good.

9 benefits of eating coarse grains fruits and vegetables

9 benefits of eating coarse grains fruits and vegetables

Babies should develop a good habit of eating coarse grains fruits and vegetables from an early age. The so-called coarse grains refer to cereals other than refined white rice, rich flour or standard flour.

After children add supplementary food from 4-6 months, they can consider eating coarse grains.

  1. Clean the internal environment. Various coarse grains and fresh vegetables and fruits contain a lot of supplementary fibers. These plant fibers have important physiological functions such as balance, improve absorption, absorption and excretion, and play the special role of “body cleanser”.

  2. Controlling the baby’s obese sedimentary fiber can absorb several times or even dozens of times its weight in the sintered tunnel, increase the volume weight and weight by dozens of times, and form a gel-like substance in the inhalation tract to produce satietyReduced eating helps to control weight.

  3. Preventing pediatric diabetes dietary fiber can slow down the rate of internal sugar absorption, can avoid the phenomenon of hyperglycemia after meals, improve the body’s degree of tolerance to sugar, and help stabilize blood sugar.

  Plasma fiber inhibition inhibits the secretion of thickin and enhances the full function of the body.

  4, relieve the pain of constipation In the daily diet, eat only the baby that is fine and not thick, because of the plant fiber, it is easy to cause constipation.

Therefore, letting your baby eat a moderate amount of fiber-implanted food every day can stimulate tandem peristalsis, accelerate defecation, and relieve the pain caused by constipation.

  5, is conducive to reducing the rise in the incidence of cancer among children with cancer, and is closely related to poor eating habits.

Bingham, a nutritionist at the University of Cambridge, UK, has analyzed and studied that the more starchy foods are consumed, the lower the incidence of colorectal cancer.