“Don’t you say,Just two”Wang Youcai said and started the car。

While he is driving,While thinking,Why did Du Xiaohong do this just now?Is it really that his business is too small to make money??
A little white water town,I can’t buy a few bags of noodles in a day,At this point,Wang Youcai’s already investigated。So the olive branch he threw away,Most people will rush to do it。
“Hey!Boss Wang,This is also a grain and oil store,Don’t you go down and have a look”Liu Ying suddenly pointed out the car window。
Wang Youcai stopped the car,But he found an old man sitting in this small shop,So he shook his head helplessly and said:“Doing business with the elderly is the most troublesome,I don’t think so”
Wang Youcai finished,Refuel on the foot,The car swished out。Half an hour later,Wang Youcai’s car has been parked in the compound of the base。
Tian Wa and Wang Xiaomei helped move everything in the car into the kitchen。Tian Wa quickly introduced Liu Ying and Wang Xiaomei to each other。
Tian Wa saw Wang Youcai changed a car and drove,Happily keeps going around the car,He asked with a smile:“Wang Ge!This car costs a lot of money, right!”
“What money,Are given by the boss”Wang Youcai laughed and said。
Tian Wa happily gave Wang Youcai a thumbs up。The person who can let the boss match the car,Really not easy。In what age is this situation,Especially the backward places,Really rare。
“How many people work now?Why didn’t you stare at them”Wang Youcai’s face suddenly changed,Coldly questioning Tian Wa。
Tian Wa has a complacent expression,He glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“I called six people,These six people are young and strong,Work is a good hand,Never lazy。Just a few days,Have done a lot of work,I just came back to get the tools”
Tian Wa said,Pointed to the shovel in the corner of the wall。Wang Youcai realized that he was suspicious,Tian Wa is not a lazy person。
Just in front of Wang Xiaomei and Liu Ying,He gotta show off。At this time,The phone in his office rang,Wang Youcai let go and ran in。
My god,This call is from Hu Huiru。Wang Youcai quickly connected,Hu Huiru’s gentle voice came from inside:“Manager Wang!You go back?You just need to drive carefully”
“I came back as soon as I drove to the car,This car is ok,Driving easier than I used to,Just take the goods。You know,What do dozens of people here want to eat,But it all depends on this car”Wang Youcai is so shrewd。
But what he didn’t expect was that Hu Huiru became angry when Wang Youcai said this.,She said sharply:“You mean let me equip you with another truck?Overcome the problem yourself,Don’t ask me any questions”
“You misunderstood me, Mr. Hu,I just said casually。Twenty people have been working for four days here,And the progress is pretty good,Is it fully started??” This is Wang Youcai,He has his own way of dealing with Hu Huiru。
Tian Wa told him clearly,There are only six people working,He turned into twenty people,What kind of concept is this。

of course,Li Tianzhi in danger,Feel more dangerous and uneasy,The most frightening thing is that the two big arms have disappeared,Maybe it’s been refined by a teenager,If so,The big guy is at stake now,Over time,It was completely killed by a boy,Until then,The blue barrier may not be so strong。

The teenager who lacks an eye‘eternal’Looks very hideous,Compared to the gentle and elegant before, they are already different,The conversion between Sven and the Beast is often between the lines,It’s just that Li Tianzhen didn’t understand,Good end,Why the boy’s eyes were blinded,He seems to be a little impressed in the dimness,This matter is related to myself。
As for how to,Li Tianzhen has no time to think more,Because the young man under the rage began to madly attack the blue barrier,Does not provoke any rules,It’s all punches and kicks,Don’t talk about constitution at all,Thinking of some magical powers, I bombarded wildly,Sometimes they even start chewing like a beast。
The seemingly fragile blue bubble is under this crazy blow,It feels a bit shaky,Li Tianzhen is very suspicious,Although this foam barrier can resist the force of rules,But not necessarily able to guard against magical powers and fists,He has to prepare,Although there is no other way to press the bottom of the box,Also prevent the crazy fish outside from breaking the net。
The situation seems to be reversed,Before, it was Li Tianqi who wanted to blew himself up as the last resort to deal with the teenager,Now he wants to prevent the boy from hurting both sides,Because the other party merged‘Creation’,Swallowed another half‘destroy’Then became a monster,The conflict between the underlying laws has a wide range of influence,Li Tianzhen couldn’t predict the terrible consequences。
Fortunately, the boy just had a seizure for a while and then panted and stopped.,This is hard to imagine,A strong person with supreme magical powers and the power of laws will become like a dog because of a vent.,Li Tianzheng can’t understand,But what the eyes see is very real,The other party was obviously hit hard,But how heavy,unknown,It’s hard to judge whether you are sane,There is another possibility,Is the illusion created by the teenager。
Li Tianzhen is very cautious,The blue bubble is his last barrier,Won’t be removed easily,And I always feel that the other party’s anger seems to have a feud with him,And he actually has a similar feeling in the subconscious,Just vague,This is weird,Could it be from the blind eyeball,For teenagers, injuries that can be easily recovered,But can’t recover,Weird everywhere。
The teenager seems exhausted,Simply slumped on the ground,The intact eyes on the face no longer stare at Li Tianzhi,But the other two eyes on the forehead are not honest,Eyeballs keep turning,Observe the vision in this chaotic world,They are still under the control of the big guy,After a while, both eyes looked at Li Tianzhi again and again,That kind of eager emotion,Seems to have found the fatal weakness of the teenager。
Hunk‘destroy’Obviously preparing for the last fight,Frequently give signals to Li Tianzhen to join forces,But Li Tianzhen is not so naive,Except for a wry smile,I can’t signal the other person to stay safe and rest under the eyes of the teenager,Observe carefully。
The big guy who didn’t get a response was obviously disappointed,But it still decided to do it,The resolute emotion of the eyes makes Li Tianzhen feel that something is not good,Although it is difficult to have a tacit understanding between him and the big guy,But never want to lose this only ally,So haha laughed,It’s like a mockery of a teenager who just became epilepsy。
“Hey,Who poked your eyes?Looks serious。”
To attract the attention of the teenager,Which pot is Li Tianzhen naturally?,Pick up the opponent’s scars。
The boy raised his head again,The blind eye is still bleeding,Looks quite miserable,But the anger is gone,Seems to have restored the elegance and arrogance before,He even smiled at Li Tianzhen,It’s just that there’s an indescribable horror to this smile。
The other two eyes on the boy’s forehead looked at Li Tianzhi at the same time,Exuding that anxiety and determination,Obviously making the final offer to him。Li Tianzhen turned a blind eye,Also laughed at one of the youth newspapers,If the reaction at this time is slightly abnormal, the opponent will catch it,The consequences are self-evident。
“You knowingly ask to expose my scars,What is intended?”The boy’s voice suddenly became tender,If not meet,Just hear it,Such rhetorical questions are not annoying,On the contrary, it feels like a spring breeze。
“Sorry,Sorry,I did not do it on purpose,Just to show concern,After all in my world。”Li Tianzhi pretends to be stunned,The attitude of apology and self-blame really has a sense of sincerity。
This time it’s the teenager’s turn to be horrified and moved,After a moment of stunned laughter suddenly,“I am surprised how fast you grow,But my eyes really have something to do with you,Not in your world,But a very far place。”

With Fang Yu’s movements slowly unfolding,There was a burst of sound from the bones of the old man Zang。

Zang Yun looked worried,Can think of Fang Yu’s medical skills,But dare not say more!
Half an hour later!
Old man Zang sweats profusely。
I feel warm all over,Feel full of energy。
Previous discomfort,All disappeared!
“Doctor Fang……You have this hand,Don’t tell me earlier……”
Old man Zang recovered,A look of anger。
but,He also knows that Fang Yu is a doctor。
Very busy,It’s impossible to see him every day!
It’s just a small complaint!
“This one……Didn’t I return to the People’s Hospital recently。So a little busy!”
Fang Yu replied。
“So to say……I can visit you in the People’s Hospital from now on?”
Old man Zang smiled。
“Not necessary……I will prescribe you some medicine now,Promote blood circulation。Your legs and feet will be better by then,Go climbing,Actually it’s more useful than my hospital!”

Pomegranate looked at his car and said:“I’m afraid you can’t keep up with this car!”

“Not so much?”Leopard looking at the speedometer。
“Nothing,Drive to play,Just open it slowly。”Chikusa has passed the period of obsessed with speed,Entering early can be fast or slow,Simply like riding a motorcycle,So I don’t care。
“Just tomorrow night!I just bought my car,Also want to have fun。”A Bao is full of enthusiasm,Can’t wait tonight,But he knew that for Xiao Xiao,It’s late,Since she was with Chen Wenjin,Go home early at night。
“Yes you can。”Qiancao agreed,She didn’t ride a bike for a few days,About her father,So she hasn’t been in a mood lately,It’s a little calmer now,I want to ride a bike to adjust my emotions。
Chen Wenjin drove Pomegranate and Qiancao home,When turning back,Just say to buy a motorcycle in Qinghe District。
Xiao Xiao said strangely:“Just drive my dad’s car。”
“Inappropriate,In case of knocking,It’s not about maintenance,Your father’s heart,Commemorative。”
“Ok……such,I asked him,If he is still thinking,Don’t touch it as a souvenir,If you forget the car long ago,I let him give it to。”Xiao Xiao dialed the phone directly,asked,Her father hadn’t been in the garage for a long time before,I have forgotten the existence of that motorcycle.,But asked her in surprise:“That car has been left?I seem to have told your mother,Give it away if you need it,Thought it was gone。”
“Is that dad still driving??Or,Do I need to keep the car as a souvenir?”
“no need,After driving twice, even if I realized my young dream,Nothing to commemorate。”
“Send me the car,What to do,Also give me full control,May I?”Xiao Xiao directly asked,Her father already guessed that nine out of ten cases were related to Chen Wenjin,Without mentioning,Just smiled and said:“of course can!The motorcycle is officially given to you,You can throw it in the water,Good as a gift,Take it apart and play,Without anybody’s consent。”
“Thank you dad,Then don’t bother you to rest,I hung up,Go home in about twenty minutes,I won’t call you goodnight anymore。”
“it is good,go to bed early。”
hang up the phone,Xiao Xiao said with a smile:“There is no problem now?”
“No problem。”Chen Wenjin really has no worries。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Five Such a mother and daughter

“do not come!Who will come again,I threw the rope down!”Alex already faintly felt bad,But still stick to my beliefs。

At this moment,Lu Menglin finally couldn’t help but speak。
“Alex,None of your business,You put down the rope!With their skills,Jumping from a height is easy,Much easier than climbing up,Don’t continue to provoke them。”
Alex heard this,Rounded eyes,With an expression of disbelief。
He is the world’s top rock climber,But he is really hard to imagine,Why do these people who have practiced Chinese Kung Fu,Will have such incredible power。
But he can only choose to believe,Because he had seen Lu Menglin’s feat of jumping more than ten meters before,Think about it again,These people jump from high to low,It does not seem to be a big deal to cross such a long distance。
It turns out that the method I came up with can’t threaten these people!Alex’s frustrated face,He even raised a strong desire in his heart,If I can survive this time,Then he must also practice Kung Fu,Practice Chinese Kung Fu,Become as strong as these people。
As the world’s top rock climber,Whether it’s a mentality,Physical fitness,Or self-confidence is unusually strong,Physical fitness is far superior to ordinary people,He just doesn’t understand Kung Fu,So in this environment, there is only mermaid meat,There is no way。
“This foreigner is in the way,Why don’t I just clean him up?,Drop into the abyss,One hundred。Gong Anguo grinned and said。
The remaining five people are calm,No objection。
obviously,They think five people are enough to clean up the young man in front of you,Gong Anguo always likes to be lazy,He wants to choose a more relaxed job,It’s him。
Gong Anguo took two steps forward,The bones all over the body rang out loudly,The whole person seems to be taller and stronger,This is the illusion caused by his strong martial artist。
“Foreign boy,Are you planning to be thrown away?Or just jump down?With your ability to climb trees,Maybe still alive!”Gong Anguo laughed。

Not to mention Zhong Liying and Xu Ling,They only hate that they have only two hands,Too slow to draw,How can I pay attention to who is in the store?,Don’t even look up。

And Liu Taosheng,He played cards with these three villains,Nature and extra care,I don’t even care about others。
Wang Yang and Hao Jianyang stared at Lu Menglin and the group for a long time,The other party just didn’t care about them,Don’t even have a look,It hurts self-esteem。
Wang Yang coughed slightly,Turned to look at Hao Jianyang。
Hao Jianyang is also very popular this time,He frowned,Striding to the table of Xu Ling and Zhong Liying。
“Hey,Zhong Liying!What are you doing here?”Hao Jianyang stepped forward and knocked on the table,Loudly。
Zhong Liying and Xu Ling woke up,The two raised their heads together,Looking at Hao Jianyang。
“I’m busy!”Zhong Liying saw that she was a classmate in the department,Didn’t think much,Replied casually。
Hao Jianyang saw her answer so lightly,Feel lost,Tilted his head and said:“what do you mean?Hiding here with other men。”
“I.With other men.Hide here?”Zhong Liying looked dazed,Repeat。
The work at hand finally stopped,Zhong Liying’s big beautiful eyes opened round,Looking at Hao Jianyang in front of him with disbelief。
“how?You forgot your identity?Am I not your boyfriend??”Hao Jianyang cocked his mouth,Yelled with unhappy face。
“I?Have boyfriend!Uh.I do not know how?”Zhong Liying smiled embarrassedly。
Hao Jianyang’s mouth slightly enters the field,Putting on the evil smile of the hero of the idol drama,Proudly:“You now have!I decided to be your boyfriend。are you happy?”
Zhong Liying blinked,Can’t help but look at Lu Menglin,Then he looked at Xu Ling next to him,She wants to make sure her companions will laugh at herself。
“Hao Jianyang,Do you misunderstand me?I didn’t invite you to be my boyfriend?”Zhong Liying frowned。
Hao Jianyang laughed loudly:“I knew you were shy!Didn’t you tell the girls in your class that you liked me last time??”

“but,The better you,The happier I am,Know why?”A Jianglong asked with a smile。

Lu Menglin frowned,Seize the time to adjust your breath,Restore the energy I just consumed,Step forward,Trying to take advantage of the opportunity to speak,Shorten the attack range。
“Because only you are good enough,To show how strong I am!There hasn’t been an opponent like you in many years.。No one dares to challenge me,So boring!”A Jianglong hangs his hands,Smiled。
“is it?I don’t think you are strong!”Lu Menglin was talking,Two steps closer without moving。
“Your body is tough,Tougher than the Sommeron I modified with the head drop technique,This is the reason you can beat him。but,in my opinion,It didn’t work!Because your level is too low,You don’t know how to use power,The so-called occult medicine,In front of my A Jianglong,Just a bunch of barbarians,It’s useless to come。”
A Jianglong is in high spirits,Whisper,Seems to weaken Lu Menglin’s fighting spirit with words,And his tone is extraordinarily sincere,It is hard to suspect that what he said is not true。
“is it?Then you can give me a punch!”Lu Menglin won’t argue with him either,But standing about five meters away from A Jianglong,Fist away。
Fist,Many people present were taken aback。
Is it really impossible to fight cows across the mountain??The two sides are so far apart,It’s good to be pure,Internal strength,Can really fight?And can it still be powerful??
Lu Menglin’s blow,In fact, he is already very cautious。
He always feels that A Jianglong might have a problem,Although I can’t perceive the strong fluctuation of Qi and blood in the opponent,But Lu Menglin is still reluctant to approach,But resorted to such amazing attack methods。
A pillar of air exploded from Lu Menglin’s fist,Through the void,Blasted towards A Jianglong。
This punch is invisible,Can’t see the power at all。

the second week,《Human and ghost》’S box office only dropped slightly10Percentage point,Over again3800Ten thousand dollars of North American gross box office firmly occupy the top position of the box office list,not only,It also opened a box office gap of tens of millions of dollars with the second place。

Two consecutive weeks,Total box office revenue exceeds8000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Here,Fools know《Human and ghost》Fire!
Not only《Human and ghost》Fire,Covered by Richard Carpenter《Human and ghost》Theme song:Righteous brothers in1955Year for the movie《Prison Hero》Singing《unchained melody》This song is also popular,You’re welcome,Walking in the streets,This song is everywhere。
After sister Karen Carpenter,Richard, who was gradually forgotten by the Americans。Carpenter has once again returned to the stage of a superstar。
“Mr,Thank you,Thank you……”
Holding Chen Geng’s hand,Richard Carpenter’s excitement is unacceptable.。
To express my gratitude to Chen Geng,Richard Carpenter came to Detroit from San Francisco with his sister Karen Carpenter,To express my gratitude to Chen Geng:“If not you,I don’t know what it looks like now。”
“you are welcome,”Chen Geng smiled and waved,《Human and ghost》Made money,It also means that as a producer, I also make money,Chen Geng is of course more happy,After calmly accepting the gratitude from Carpenter brothers and sisters,Chen Geng smiled:“how about it?It feels good to be back in the public eye, right??”
Richard Carpenter hasn’t spoken yet,Karen Carpenter is already smiling happily:“Mr,You don’t know,Now Richard has started to have a headache for accepting the invitation of which TV station。”
“This is a good thing,”Hear this,Chen Geng laughed:“correct,You haven’t taken medicine this time, right?”
Richard Carpenter hasn’t spoken yet,Karen Carpenter is already smiling happily:“Mr,You don’t know,Now Richard has started to have a headache for accepting the invitation of which TV station。”
“This is a good thing,”Hear this,Chen Geng laughed:“correct,You haven’t taken medicine this time, right?”
Ask in a low voice,Brothers, give me a monthly pass, OK??
Ask in a low voice,Brothers, give me a monthly pass, OK?? (First1/1page)
Ask for monthly pass this time,Really lacking confidence,At the beginning of the month, I vowed to say that this month’s update is every day5oooGuaranteed,Strive for6ooo,As a result, only4ooo,Ashamed,So I didn’t dare to show up and ask my brothers for monthly tickets for a whole month,One is afraid of being beaten by brothers and sisters,Second, the cowhide exploded,I really don’t have confidence in my heart。
But anyway,I want to give my brothers and sisters something(Even if my brothers think that the millennium is just making excuses),Brothers who have watched before should know,There are very few millennial updates in July and August each year,Less updates are a thousand years, this person is more afraid of heat,Even if there is air conditioning in the room,The whole person is also irritable,Heart is not easy to calm down,Upset,Codewords have some influence,This is real,It’s really not a thousand years to find excuses and reasons,Let’s take a look at the books a thousand years ago,It’s like this in July and August every year。
I had no confidence to ask for a monthly pass,But now I can’t ask for it,The beginning of the month,In order to have a better ranking on the monthly ticket list,I can only brazenly gamble on the tolerance of my brothers and sisters for a thousand years:Bros,Give me a little monthly pass for the millennium, OK??
As for the update of the month,Ok,8month7Autumn is coming,Liqiu is cool,Our total updated word count for August is set at15All good?

I feel like being overwhelmed by the mountains,Not breathing smoothly。It seems that the old family completely think of her as“Cash cow”or“backing”,But her ability is only enough to support herself on this land,I can’t even think of high-quality survival。

Like a group of people falling into the water,Water is like a poor life,Kishi is like living a quality life。Just climbed now“shore”Tian Lu,Still panting on the shore,And a bit exhausted,People in water,Reaching out to the shore to call for help。
Tian Lu hastily leaned over the branches to draw her loved ones in the water,Pull one by one,Haven’t waited to get to the shore,Tian Lu lay on the shore helplessly,She really can’t pull it,Pull again,She will also fall into the river。
The current situation of Tian Lu is that she is struggling at the forefront of hardship in life.,But you have to work hard to pull“River”People in,She feels overloaded,But you can’t just watch your loved ones struggling in the water。Heart is like a knife,It’s like not seeing your relatives struggling on the poverty line,Even though I barely make ends meet in a prosperous area,Even if you grit your teeth, you have to help the relatives who ask for help。
Tian Lu talks with people in her hometown,In fact, it happened to be heard by Ye Xingkong who came in。
Ye Xingkong’s shoes appeared in Tian Lu’s drooping sight,Tian Lu slowly raised her head,See it is Ye Xingkong,Stand up immediately,Shout out in surprise:“Starry sky?!”
Ye Xingkong took out a gold bank card from his pocket,Let Tian Lu continue,Tian Lu watery double eyelids, big eyes flickering,Looking at Ye Xingkong,What does it mean to not react。Thought,Did he hear my call with my second aunt and grandma just now??
Ye Xingkong smiled and shook the card in front of Tian Lu again,A kind smile on his face,The other finger pointed Tian Lu and pointed at the card。Tian Lu’s consciousness was awakened,Like asking in a translator:“You want to give me?”
Ye Xingkong still has a well-meaning smiley face,I stretched out an index finger and shook it from side to side twice,Means not。
Tian Lu stared at him with wide eyes。
Ye Xingkong did not rush to find the phone,Type a line。There is some money on the card,Can solve the urgent need,Not for you,Is for you,The money can be paid anytime。
There is a smirk behind the wordQQexpression。
Tian Lu’s sad look unfolds,Eyes wide open,Be blocked by tears,Already blurred by tears,She shrugged her nose,Choked:“thank you,But i can’t use your money,Because I might not be there in a short time,You have helped me enough,I can’t trouble you anymore,I will find a way。”
Then turned around,Wiped away tears,Try not to let Ye Xingkong see his unbearable。
Ye Xingkong sighed,Type a line again,Show her in front of Tian Lu:“I’m not for you,Is for you,you know,The money to me,No use,But it is very helpful for your current situation,I said I didn’t give,Borrowed。”
Seeing Ye Xingkong’s eyes full of sincerity,Let Tian Lu feel powerless to refuse。