Chengdu Qingbaijiang: 1326 old party members voluntary donation support epidemic prevention and control

Since the epidemic of the neighborhood, the old revolution, old cadres, and old party members in the Chengdu Qingbaijiang District have actively responded to calls, aggregates, and raises the rate, and raise their temperament. At the same time in the physical and investment of epidemic prevention and control, actively donate to support epidemic prevention and control work, stayMany touching moments have been moved.

The initial heart is "rope" "Fang" to the 92-year-old 离 干 部 部 万 万 元 非 无 无 无 名 名 名 元 元 元……… 名…….

Countless old revolutions are the establishment, construction and development of New China, and they don’t come to famous, not to return, silently sticking.

Fang Yixi is the retired cadre of the big bending party branch of the Qingbaijiang District, and now has been 92 years old."I was the party I entered on February 24, 1949, and when I was particularly clear if I was paying attention to the party.

This old party member with a 71-year-old party, a gun, and his backpack has passed away. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we will participate in the education. The elderly life of the teacher from the teacher is extremely simple. The home exhibition is a few decades of vintage furniture; hanging in the wardrobe has been worn in the clothes of ten years; the table is putting a pickled pickled pickled vegetables.

Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the first thing he got up every day is to open the TV to understand the changes of the epidemic. He also records various data in detail, which is convenient to perform comparison analysis. After being known as the party’s volunteering, the party’s volunteering, voluntary contributions and prevention and control work, the Fang Man took the initiative to contact Party organization, indicating that it is necessary to donate 10,000 yuan. Fang said: "I will always remember the vow when I enter the party, we have to worry about the party!" Fang Zhi’s large bending party branch in the Qingbaijiang District of the rope, founded in 1986, existing three other than him Comrades from the old age, they are the longest and average party foreigners in the whole district.

Now Wei Yushan, Du Wei, Zhang Pei and other three old comrades are not very good, but they learned that the Central Committee on Party Members voluntarily donate, they all entrusted their children to transfer their donations to party organizations, expressing support for epidemic Prevention and control work Red sincerity.

The mission is full of "Wu", Wu Li Shou donated 5,000 yuan, "I have embarked on this road, no matter what difficulty and frustration, I will have no remedontism, no regrets." Wu Li Shou, the old party member of the Qingbaijiang District Development, etc. Say, it has always been doing this. After 18 years of retirement, he has been more than 20 million yuan to the northwest, the 5 county education bureaus, 6 colleges, and the mainland to facilitate the education bureau of 24 primary and secondary schools, 6 universities and mainland China. The total trip has exceeded 20,000 kilometers.

The "Basic Chinese Choice" and other readers suitable for children in ethnic areas. During this epidemic, he was not idle.

This is true for revitalizing national education, is also true for victory of neoguanpneumitis.

In order to express the support of epidemic prevention and control, on February 8, he took the initiative to pay 3,000 yuan to the party, and used poetry, he wrote, "all the people work together, and rule the guard against the Kwak.

I proposes to do good, and I have a décor. "

In fact, Wu Lao’s lover is hospitalized for a long time, so that this is not a lot of family life to see the elbow.

However, after the party’s central government issued a call, March 3, Wu Lishu decided to donate 2,000 yuan again, after the staff learned, "Wu Lao, you have already donated, your family is still sick, also You need to use money, you will no longer donate.

"He said," I can’t make anything in my difficulties, I will overcome it.

There is difficulties in the country, we have to work together, and it is difficult to share.

"Watching each other," building "true love – Hu Xianjian clinical bed responded to the donation call on Yao Village Guangming Village Party always" Hands "Hui Xianjian, yet, there is no fine taste, the family, the year The fun is driven by a strong sense of responsibility. The first time returned to the village and participated in the epidemic prevention.

Watching helps "building" true love, in addition to active assistance of the village support "two committees" to investigate and investigate, Hu Xianjian also uses his own experience, and launches 469 households of the cooperative to hold "Love Ball Action", coordinating and helping Village farming. The owner successfully sold more than 30,000 pounds and leads the party members’ volunteer team to send eggs 500 pounds for the nursing home of Qingquan Town.

On February 28, Hu Huanjian burst into a sudden illness was continuously fought, and he lived in the hospital. He always missed the epidemic prevention work, and he responded to the central call.

Belief for expensive "thank you" accompanied by the old companion to complete the donation. Xie Baizu is the old director of the Qingbaijiang District Finance Bureau. It has been 80 years old, and the cancer, the awareness is blurred, and it cannot be walking.

His lover learned that the party committee called on donations, came to the unit immediately, metabolic donations. The staff said to her: "Thank you old sick sales, it is recommended not to donate.

"But Xie Lai said:" I have been with the old Xie Feng to go for a few decades, I understand him! " I used to tell me, as long as there is a breath, I have to go with the party. The organization called voluntarily donate, I would help him complete this wish, please organize certain acceptance, don’t let him leave regret. "Concentric Immunity, the old party members of the party’s walking court" are not waiting, can’t wait! I am going to the community, I will donate the community first.

The Party Central Committee called, this matter can be waispeted! "The new crown pneumonia epidemic, the old judge who still winds and fires Hu Hu Hu Hui years after the severe situation of the epidemic, I am very anxious, I want to do something for the epidemic prevention and control. He usually actively cooperates with the community epidemic prevention work, take the lead to do home epidemic prevention Actively persuade friends and relatives to comply with epidemic prevention requirements. At the same time, he also pays attention to news every day to understand the prevention and control of the national epidemic.

After being learned from the Parties Central Committee, he found the community party organization in the first time to express his mind.

The sea is closed in the sea, and it is concentric immortal energy. When the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Jiang Haizhao, who is carrying out the granddaughter in the Qingbaijiang District Court of Foreign New Year, and timely call the staff, indicating that the donation will be given to the organization through WeChat. He said, "I have a big age, party foreigner, should take the initiative to respond to the call of the Party Central Committee, and it is also to give young comrades to make a table rate." The Heart of the Boxing, the firwork, the family, Huaiji.

Up to now, the Qingbaijiang District has received voluntary contributions from 1326 old party members. The old comrades use the most elephant action to express their loyalty to the party, love the family’s love, and the confidence of victory of the epidemic.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

Charged forward

  Recently, General Secretary of Xi Jinping in Yunnan came to Zhongzhai Moram Village, Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City, and shared the people’s happiness with the people of the villagers. Si Mora, 佤 佤意 is "Happy place".

Xi Jinping said that under everyone’s efforts, you have achieved poverty alleviation and work hard to get into the new development goals.

After building a well-off society, we must fully promote the revitalization of rural villages, further solve problems such as urban and rural development, develop rural industries, revitalize the rural economy, and increasing income, improve people’s livelihood, so that the happiness of the people is more happy! In 2020, it is also a year of decentralization. The charge number has already been blown.

We have to get the fine one, the more difficult, the more difficult it is, and the short board is added to some, and the foundation will be rely on some. Resolutely win the poverty of the poverty, and realize all the rural poor people under the current standard, all the poverty poverty, poor counties Halt.

  The charge will finally win the poverty attack, to abide by the initiative, and take the mission.

Get rid of poverty and carry the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The historical curtain that has been finally won, and we have to use the "unforgettable, remember to remember the mission" theme’s penetration infection, biting the goal of struggle, and condense the pound of thousands of horses, and then The distant road will be reached, and the steep peak will eventually be conquered. History will only care about the firm, the hard work, the fight, and will not wait for hesitative, slack, afraid.

Since the 18th National Congress, 2.8 million poverty alleviation, the first secretary went to the poverty poverty battlefield, rushing in the forefront, keeping the final, fought, touches the crawling, and condensed the battle with wisdom and sweat .

Being courageously, good at acting as a solemn commitment to the people, to the people.

  The charge will finally win the poverty attack, try to sprint, a drum. This is the moment of biting the teeth, but also the moment of condensing strength, more than spelling. The more, the more you have to stick to the channel, the bullse is disappeared. At this moment, where there is the hardest "hard bones", there is the strongest responsibility to take and the hottest poverty poverty, as long as there is a one or even a person does not get poverty, we have to anchor the target does not relax , Not winning the whole victory. It is necessary to tilt in the deep poverty-stricken area in the special industries, the relocation, ecological poverty alleviation, financial poverty alleviation, social help, cadres and talents, etc., ensuring that these areas and the people of the country have entered a comprehensive well-off society.

It is necessary to promote transformation and upgrading and enhance industrial capacity, strengthen agricultural science and technology in accurate poverty alleviation, and actively explore the effective way of science and technology poverty alleviation. The charge will finally win the poverty attack, ask truth, and true performance. General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized that "ensuring the pragmatic work of poverty alleviation, the poverty reduction process is solid, and the result is true", and pointed out "taken out the poor, really getting poverty".

Deversion of poverty, cleaning the battlefield, statistical results, need real and accurate, can not be done, and can not be made by extreme techniques. On January 7 this year, Jiangsu Province announced that the gap has reached more than%, there are still 6 households, and 17 people have not poverty.

The rest should be achieved by helping to achieve continuous poverty intensity, rather than the bumbles.

This kind of truth from seeking is a sharp point. It is tone to the poor, it is trivial, it is really hidden, and the charge will make up the poor to win the poverty and strive. To be responsible to the people, responsible for history.

  Only struggle to all, not will be lost.

Let us won the harvest with sweat in the decline, and launched the final training to eliminate the absolute poverty to eliminate the absolute poverty to eliminate the absolute poverty. (Cai Enze).

Continue to create a literary experience for commercial empowerment Delta Center

  In October, Dametan Center once again became the Beijing International Design Week.

During the "Double Festival", Delta Center continued to create a new experience through Beijing International Weekly Design Week, Golden Week Literary Activity Performance.

  From October 6th to October 8, Dameda Center held a lot of activities such as "playing holiday Justplay", literary movies, on-site jazz, animated short film exhibition. From now on, Artist Nie Jingzhu’s "Unfamiliar Contact: Nie Jingzhu Drama Poster Exhibition" will continue to be exhibited. At the same time, as an important part of the opening of the exhibition, "Design, Drama, Contemporary Art Parallel Space" Art Sharing will be held on October 7. In this dialogue forum, Zhao Jing, general manager of Nie Jingzhu and Daval Investment Asset Management Center, Zhao Jing, and photographer Chen Xugar, launched a cross-border discussion. It is reported that Daval Center will "art awaken city" as a business philosophy, aim to build a new way of art, innovation, cross-border, experience, and social integration. The project is divided into two districts, consisting of 6 industry states. Among them, the complex of office buildings, hotel-style apartments, art business, and all-in-law, the bureaucratic bureaucrats are the Eastern District; the West District is the 8-family office that is building 8 single-family office, as well as a raising project cooperation with CITIC.

Craftsman’s spirit "精 精 细" number 2021 Shanghai "Smart Craftsman" released

The first prize winner photo is a network, and a network of open management is the best sample of Shanghai urban digital transformation. On this "smart craftsman" election stage, many builders tell their "International Digital All" Construction Office. Do contributing.

Guo Zhi, deputy general manager of Shanghai Metro Maintenance Co., Ltd. In 2020, Shanghai Metro operation mileage reached 772 kilometers, he led the team to update one line control system hardware equipment, run more than 30,000 "zero fault", breaking the import equipment technology monopoly, achieving 15 million equipment asset delay operation.

Waiting for the first prize of Shanghai Telecom’s professor Higher China Director Dongbin, has been developing a line of work in communication in communication, responsible for mobile business network, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other professional fields of technical planning. Shanghai Net speed has been in the country for many years. In recent years, it has been the main force of Shanghai "Three Gigabit City".

He participated in the "Wisdom 1000" and other projects, during the epidemic, using technology such as 5G, artificial intelligence, helping 12345 citizen hotline quickly solved the backlog order. More and more cross-border players are also highlighting this year.

Wang Xin, Director Wang Xin, Director of the Fudan University Informatization Office, was held in the sixth session of the "Smart Craftsman", and participated in the first college professor. He led the team’s 5G + IPv6 campus network, which is the first 5G campus special network in the country, the first campus private network to realize cross-domain.

Wang Xin said that universities have specially needed such a stage (wisdom craftsman selection activities), let everyone know the style of campus informationization IT people.

Huang Peng is known as "the most mysterious player today." He is a master of Shanghai Arts and Crafts, national craft artist, in the ancient art in Zisha Cot, more than 20 years. On the game, Huang Peng said a story through "Internet Self-rescue".

During the epidemic, the traditional teapot business model was heavily blown. To this end, Huang Pengcheng organizes team to start "live band", and in order to adapt to the Internet e-commerce model to SKU requirements, he improved the traditional production process of the teapot, through 3D printing, the development process of a new pot is shortened from 1 month to 2-3 days. As a cross-border player, he won the second prize.

"There is a temperature" "Adhere to", the spirit of craftsmanship is the same in previous years, the "smart craftsman" is a "Shanghai craftsman" reservoir.

After credit audit, publicity, etc., will eventually produce 10 "smart craftsmen", "Wisdom Craftsman" nomination prize, will eventually be produced. According to the relevant conditions, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions declares the "Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal" or "Worker Pioneer" and other honors, choose the "Shanghai Craftsman" to the "Shanghai Crafts" Selection Tree Campaign. Wu Jian, who received the second prize of Wanda Information Co., Ltd., the executive vice president of the center of the centers, and the understanding of the artisan spirit is – choosing a thing, a life.

He has set the work to yourself, using products 3 times a day, put forward 3 optimization opinions; deep into 2 cities per week, solve the problem; solve a citizen pain point every month, through daily drop "Equivator is thin", let the public bring temperature to the people of the people.

British is cool! Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Women Iron Ride Dead

People’s Daily Network Xi’an July 25 (Wu Yue, Jia Kaiki) Bachelor degree, the average age is 25 years old, the average body is a female police! On the morning of July 25, on the Danfengmen Square in Daming Palace in Xi’an, the first iron rider formed by 50 policewoman was officially unveiled. At 9:30 in the morning, Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Iron Rights held in Danfengmen Square in Daming Palace Ruins, and Wang Xiaolin, the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, and the Ministry of Organization for the women’s iron ride, with the deputy director of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau, traffic police The detachment team leader Ma Chupi loudly, the women’s iron ride first visited Xi’an ancient city and accepted the public.

This woman’s iron rider has an average age of 25 years old. The average height is bachelor degree or above. It is the first building of Xi’an to build a female iron ride. The Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police is strictly filtered from all grassroots brigades and has excellent traffic management business integrated capabilities and strong driving skills. After two months of centralized training, they can wear handsome cycling clothes, skilled driving about 600 pounds of police heavy-sized motorcycles, walking in the streets of Xi’an, mobile police, and letters.

At the ceremony, Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police demonstrated a series of high-hard police skills, including traffic police gesture performance, women’s iron ride standing, winding, concealed riding, etc. Then, the poles are cool, and they have the same towel.

Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Iron Ride will focus on building data empowerment, precise command, and fast and efficient new service operation mechanisms, comprehensively enhance the ability to control complex traffic management work.

In the full-service security, accident prevention, duty law enforcement, service guarantee work, rushing in front, don’t be afraid, not afraid, not afraid, with "first battle with me, use me to win" belief, resolutely complete various Security work task.

The female rider has a strong affinity, and it is easier to communicate with people in the process of law enforcement, and better serve the masses.

In the future, they will go to the male roller, with patrol management, static value to be supplemented. Give full play to the characteristics of iron ride "small, fast, spirit", in the patrol management area, quickly reach the accident site, restore traffic in time, facing the emergency response, accurate attack, and efficient disposition.

At present, the "14th Yun" security work has entered a comprehensive sprint phase, the establishment of Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police, the establishment of Xi’an Public Security Traffic Management Work Mobile, rapid response, and high-efficiency disposal mechanism add new vitality, marking Xi’an New Times. Comprehensively strengthen the construction of the public security traffic police team, has become a new level, becoming an important window of Xi’an image, Xi’an style and beautiful business card, guaranteeing urban transportation to smooth, guarding the safety of the masses. (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see.

The first "Small October" Youth Writer Creation Camp held five predecessors in Beijing

Cao Wenxuan issued a mentor-based writer for the predecessors of the 5 children’s literature circles.

The picture from the right to left is: Cao Wenxuan, Xue Weiimin, Sun Jianjiang, Xiang Daughter, Wu Ran, Zhang Zhi Road, Coldlin Wei’s opening ceremony, writer Cao Wenxuan is Zhang Zhi Road, Wu Ran, Xiang, Sun Jianjiang, Xue Weiimin 5 children’s literature The predecessor writer awarded the mentor. The instructor issued a certificate for 21 campers of the first "October" youth writer creation camp, and future tutors will continue to create exchanges and discussions with youth writers.

As a tutor, the famous writer Zhang Zhi Road is mainly surrounded by sci-fi literature. He combeds the development history of science fiction, type characteristics, stylistic characteristics, etc., and the whole lecture has a lot of information and strong professionalism.

The predecessors of the children’s scattered libraries have combined with their own experiences to talk about the creation of the prose. He believes that children’s prose should be children with children’s interest, but also to break the stylist, write the prose in multiple ink, write the article.

The lecture of the poet Xue Wei Min launched the poetry and childhood of children’s poems. He combined with a large number of works, the relationship between the two was analyzed, giving younrew writers to enlighten.

Cao Wenxuan said that "October" is the most particular meaning is that it provides a beautiful, high-quality, excellent work for thousands of readers, especially small readers. Since its initial, it has always adhered to the fundamentals of literature and literature. I adhered to the reader to be cultivated. I hope that by reading works in "October Juvenile Literature", it has cultivated taste, texture, and realm.

"I hope to create a platform for a small October Youth writer to create an open, persistent children’s literary creation and exchange." The person in charge of "July Youth Literature" said.

It is reported that after this live event, youth writers will continue to communicate online with "tutor tutoring, students ask for advice", and continue to hold a variety of line activities, in the next year, writers Explore the creation in-depth communication and launch a group of outstanding works. (Beijing Publishing Group for map) (Editor: Pool Dream, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Tianjin Sand is high and the sports carnival

Original title: Tianjin Sand is high, and there are recent sports carnival, the new and old members of Tianjin beach volleyball team gather in the sanding venue of Zhongye and Yuehui in the West District. Through the 3rd of the sports carnival activities, it fully demonstrates the beach volleyball.Charm.Former Tianjin beach volleyball team coach Zhao Xueqi and Zhang Jingkun, Liu Chunying, Yang Jie, etc. have come to the event site. The Tianjin beach volley team re-established at the end of last year also debuted in this event. Bing / Yang Linlin, Li Xiaochen / Wang JingyiThe two pairs of combinations have been submitted to the 14th National Games Beach Volleyball Women’s Adult Group, and they also came to the scene to carry out the sand training show, and also staged a sand platoon show for the audience..(Reporter Liang Bin) (Editor: Han Yujun, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.

State Food and Drug Administration: Since the test and batch issuance of a total of 3 billion new crown vaccine

People’s Network Beijing September 6 (Reporter Sun Hongli) Today, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the "stimulating market vitality to regulate market order to help comprehensively build a well-off society".

Chen Shi Fei, deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration, said that the State Food and Drug Administration has approved 24 new crown virus vaccines into clinical trials, of which 4 new crown virus vaccines have been baked. At the same time, more than 8,000 batchs of testing and batch have been completed, with a total of 3 billion doses, all of the new crown vaccines meet regulations, and strongly protect the vaccination requirements of vaccines.

Chen Shi Fei introduced that a series of measures were taken: the second is the research and development of the research and development of the research, rolling review, and accelerate the new crown vaccine. The State Food and Drug Administration organized an expert team to promote the development of vaccines with the study unit. At the same time, it has implemented scrolling submitted research materials, scrolling review examination, synchronous launch inspection and inspection, and accelerates the market speed of new crown vaccines. The third is to actively participate in international cooperation. At present, there have been 2 new crown virus vaccines in my country, are included in the World Health Organization.

In the supervision of the vaccine, Chen Shi Fei pointed out that the State Food and Drug Administration has taken measures, ensuring the quality and supply of vaccines: Second, seminating 77 new crown virus vaccines to 14 new crown virus vaccines The whole process of production is implemented, close to the service and supervision, supervising and guiding production enterprises in strict accordance with GMP standardization, and timely coordinating various difficulties encountered in production, ensuring that vaccine production can be continuous; It is a quality inspection, strictly checking; "through the above series of work measures, ensuring that each new crown virus vaccine inoculated by the people is qualified, all safe.

"Chen Shi Fei said.

Shanxi opened the first "province inner tour" tourist train

  With the acceleration of domestic economic and social order, July 11th to 12th, "Take the train tour Shanxi-Yellow River" tourist from nearly 600 tourists from the Yuncheng Station, opened the Luliang Revolutionary Old District Weekend Holiday Tour journey of.

This is the first provincial tourist special train in Shanxi, since the epidemic.

  After the epidemic prevention and control, after the normalization, the newly founded new catering tourism company under the Taiyuan Railway, the China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., took the initiative to connect with Lu Liang City Culture and Tourism Bureau, tourist attractions, transportation companies, and tourism companies and other hands. Train Tour Shanxi – Yellow River "Tourism Special, Help Tourism Order Recovery. The special train is a safe and comfortable advantage of train, to create an experience product that is integrated with elements such as mountains, humanities, red, and clean government, rich in connotation, compact, can meet different ages, group diversification, personalization needs. In the two-day itinerary, tourists can experience the "Jiuqu Yellow River First Town", the ancient town of Qikou, the scenery of the Taoist Holy Land, North Wuwang Mountain, "The First Lixia" in the Holy House of the Communist Party of China Cultural monuments and Luliangshan scenery. The tourist train consists of 8 air-conditioned compartments, and more than 600 people.

  Next, the railway department will rely on the advantages of the road network of the West, Tai Bank of China, and the Tourism. Tourism specialization, help the development of the Shanxi tourism market and the development of regional economy.

(Reporter Li Tao correspondent Lu Yufei Zhang Qi Chen).

Xia Jianyi listen,I immediately understood what Grandma Luo meant。He sighed and said:“grandmother!Since you think so,Then live well。I will do my best,Let you go through your life journey without suffering”

Xia Jian said to the end,Don’t know how to say,He had no choice but to come。
Grandma Luo shook her head and said:“It doesn’t matter,What matters is your appearance。Makes my old lady quite happy。If i believe in fate,You can run into our vegetable garden,This shows that we are destined,There must be such a time”
“Is a bit unclear”Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。
When Grandma Luo heard Xia Jian say this,,Sat up straight,A very serious look。She took a long breath,And then spit it out gently。
Xia Jian saw the embarrassment of Grandma Luo,He whispered:“grandmother!If you have anything to say。We should not see each other”
“Good boy!Grandma’s time is running out,I think before I leave,Entrust Luo Yi to take care of you,Don’t know if you want to?”When Grandma Luo said this,,Looking at Xia Jian with two eyes。
Xia Jian knew in his heart Grandma Luo’s intentions during this time,But he didn’t expect,Grandma Luo will be so quick。It seems that the old man’s body is getting worse and worse。
This is not a trivial matter,Cannot be exported easily。Xia Jian is a little hard to do,He stood up,Walking around in Grandma Luo’s room。Logically,Facing the request of an old man about to die,He should readily agree to it,But he is a responsible person,Can’t write bad checks。
“What’s the matter kid,Do you look down on Luo Yi?”When Grandma Luo said this,,May be too anxious,Actually coughed twice。
Xia Jian hurriedly walked over,He reached out and patted Grandma Luo’s back gently twice。Wait for Grandma Luo to ease her breath,He whispered:“grandmother!Luo Yi is beautiful,And the group boss。There should be many people chasing her,So I think,You should give her more choices”
What Xia Jian said is really wonderful。
Grandma Luo smiled and said:“Now is a society where money flows。In people’s hearts,Is the desire for money。And you are not,At this point,I think people are quite accurate。You’re right,There are so many men chasing Luo Yi”
“One is that Luo Yi didn’t have a fancy,None of these two satisfy me。Until you show up,Not only makes me shine,Even the girl Luo Yi was moved,Don’t you feel it?”
“grandmother!Thank you so much for your appreciation,Actually I am not as good as you see”Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished。Grandma Luo had another violent cough,At this moment Ali and Luo Yi also ran in from outside。Xia Jian had to shut up。