Seven ways to raise beautiful eyes _1

Seven ways to raise “beautiful eyes”

Eye care is a very important lesson in women’s beauty.
Puffiness, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are enough to make you look in the mirror for a long time.
  Do n’t think that you do n’t need it now. In fact, the modern working and living environment is very unfavorable to our maintenance. For example, working in an air-conditioned room, facing a computer for a long time, bringing contact lenses and so on.
Our eyes are fragile and must be given special care.
Here are seven eye protection recipes provided by experienced people, let’s enjoy it together!
  1. Don’t “keep your eyes closed”, pay attention to frequent and complete blinking movements. Frequent blinking can reduce the time that the eyeballs are exposed to the air and avoid tear evaporation.
  2. Don’t blow the air conditioner for too long, avoid air flow from the seat, and place tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.
  3, eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits, should also eat more green vegetables, food, fish and eggs.
Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce dry eyes.
  4. Maintain good habits, get enough sleep, and stay up late.
  5. Avoid continuously operating the computer for a long time, pay attention to the rest, usually operate continuously for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes.
Look at the distance or do eye exercises during breaks.
  6. Maintain a good working posture.
Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with your eyes upright or a slight downward gaze, will ease the neck muscles and minimize the area of the eye exposed to the air.
  7. Adjust the distance of the screen.
The recommended distance is 50-70 cm, and the phosphor screen should be 10-20 cm below the eye level, showing a lower viewing angle of 15-20 degrees.
Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refractive power and reduce the chance of eye fatigue.
  If you have less secretion of tears and your eyes are prone to dryness, it is not suitable to use contact lenses in front of a computer. Wear frame glasses.
People wearing contact lenses in front of a computer are also better off using high-permeability varieties.
People over the age of 40 are best equipped with bifocal lenses, or with lower power glasses when typing.
If you have red eyes, burns or foreign body sensations, heavy eyelids, blurry sights, or even eye pain or headache, and you still have no obvious improvement after rest, you need to go to the hospital.

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

There are currently about 5 million blind people, accounting for 0 of the total population.

4%, it is one of the blind and visually impaired countries in the world.

With the economic and social development and aging of the population structure, non-communicable eye diseases have become the main cause of blindness caused by complications.

  If you want to have a pair of bright eyes, then some bad habits often need to be changed.

  Alcohol hurts the eyes Alcohol is the number one enemy of the eyes.

Why do people who drink alcohol look flushed and their temperature rises?

That’s because alcohol promotes blood circulation and swells capillaries.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and the blood vessels are very small. If you drink too much, the capillaries can easily break and cause spots.

So, the farther you can go, the better.

  Protect your eyes and quit smoking. The health hazards of smoking often make people think of respiratory diseases, but smoking will cause visual impact, which is not alarmist.

  The most common hazard to eyes from smoking is amblyopia.

Amblyopia is the correction of positive vision below 0.


The cause of amblyopia caused by smoking is because the oxygen inhaled by the human body is consumed during smoking, which causes the oxygen content in the blood to decrease. The eye and retina are particularly sensitive to hypoxia. In the long term, the optic nerve fibers will degenerate and the macular area of the retina will also occur.Atrophy; Second, the smoke tar produced when tobacco is burned will cause the content of vitamin B12 in the body to decrease, and vitamin B12 is a necessary nutrient for maintaining the normal function of the optic nerve.

Under the common influence of these two factors, smokers’ vision is reduced and amblyopia occurs, and severe cases can cause blindness.

  According to surveys by medical scientists, 20% of cataract patients are associated with long-term smoking.

The proportion of people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day to non-smokers is twice as likely to develop cataracts.

  In addition, harmful substances such as nicotine and carbon monoxide inhaled during smoking constrict blood vessels and increase platelet agglutination, which leads to blind eye diseases such as central retinal vessel embolism and macular degeneration.

It has also been clinically observed that smokers sometimes have transient intraocular pressure increases, which is particularly obvious in glaucoma patients. The glaucoma patients have high intraocular pressure. If they smoke again, it will be worse.

  At the same time, scientific research has clearly pointed out that tobacco can also cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Even if you do n’t smoke, you can relax your vigilance. “Second-hand smoke” and “third-hand smoke” will also damage the stump and appearance.

So let’s keep a distance from tobacco.