Juewei Food (603517): Volume and price of main business rise, convertible bonds boost production capacity expansion

Juewei Food (603517): Volume and price of main business rise, convertible bonds boost production capacity expansion
A brief evaluation of performance The company achieved operating income in 201843.6.8 billion, +13 in ten years.45%; net profit attributable to mother 6.4.1 billion, previously +27.69%; earnings per share 1.56 yuan / share, 6 dividends for every 10 shares.1 yuan to 4 shares. The number of operating analysis stores increased by 9.5%, single store revenue increased by 3.6%: The company’s 18-year Q4 revenue and net profit attributable to mothers were 11 respectively.2.0 billion (previously +14.71%) and 1.5.3 billion (previously +23.6%), the growth rate was mainly due to the faster opening of stores in Q4 and the increase in single store revenue.As of the end of 18 years, the company has established 9,915 stores (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in the country, with a continuous growth9.5%, 862 new stores were added, the total number of stores exceeded 10,000 at the end of the first quarter of 19, and officially entered the era of 10,000 stores.18 years of single-store revenue 42.500 million, an annual increase of 3.6%, single store efficiency improved.In the future, the company will continue to maintain the opening speed of additional 800-1200 stores, and the market expansion speed of overlapping “string pepper” flavors of overlapping stores will accelerate to ensure continued growth in revenue. Both the volume and price of fresh goods rose, and the channel structure was good: the company’s fresh goods revenue was 4.2 billion, previously +13.62%, of which the amount increased by 4.7%, the price increased by 8.9%.In terms of categories, the income of poultry / livestock / vegetables / other products was +16 respectively.87% / 35.26% / 29.22% / 11.2%, both achieved double-digit growth.The sales volume of each sub-category also achieved double-digit growth.Benefiting from the price increase at the end of 2017, the company’s ex-factory ton price of fresh goods increased by 8.5%, of which the price of poultry increased by 7.7%, the price of livestock increased by 11%, and the price of vegetables increased by 6.9%.In terms of different regions, the Central and East China main sales areas grew steadily, and realized revenues11.400 million and 11.200 million, previously +12.4% and +11.8%, rapid growth in Northwest and 天津夜网 South China, +78 respectively.7% and +17.0%, the overseas market also achieved 56.63 million in revenue, forming a stable core region, accelerated growth regions, a good channel layout of emerging regions heavy volume. Cost-side pressure eased and the capacity of convertible bonds increased: the company achieved gross margin of 34 in 18 years.4%, 1%.With 49 average values, the cost of ducks and affiliates in 18 years has risen to the pressure of gross profit margin. In order to cope with the pressure of rising raw material prices, the company has gradually stocked and processed. The company achieved a net interest rate of 14 in 18 years.7%, increase by 1 every year.7 units, mainly due to the decline in sales expense ratio of 2.A total of 8 increase the efficiency of cost placement.The company’s 18-year convertible bonds were issued smoothly, and the funds raised were 杭州夜网论坛 used to further increase the capacity construction. Tianjin, Jiangsu, Wuhan and Hainan are expected to add 7 after reaching capacity.93 maximum capacity, complement existing capacity, consolidate the advantages of capacity, and continue to strengthen the competitive advantage. Earnings forecast We expect the company to achieve operating income of 50% in 2019-2021.29/57.01/63.2.1 billion, previously +15.13% / 13.36% / 10.88%; net profit attributable to mother 7.69/9.01/10.5.1 billion, +20 in ten years.00% / 17.20% / 16.61%; realized expected return1.87/2.20/2.56 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 24.2 times / 20.6X / 17.7x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks suggest that store growth is lower than expected, raw material prices rise, food safety issues

This World Marriage (603369): High growth certainty in the coming year, current value is undervalued

This World Marriage (603369): High growth certainty in the coming year, current value is undervalued

According to grassroots research feedback, the company’s current inventory level allows and the price is stable. It is expected that the Spring Festival will have a good performance.

In the context of the increase in the base in Nanjing and the adjustment of competing products, some investors threaten the sustainability of the company’s future growth. We believe that the adjustment of competing products will take time, the company’s channel comparative advantage is still in place, and Nanjing Guoyuan Consumption has been formed.The channel dividend is expected to continue to be released, and the company is well prepared for the future. One is to lay out higher-end V-series in advance, and the other is to focus on the blank market in the province. Nanjing is expected to be the main force for growth in the future.

We believe that the company has a strong accumulation of products, maintains a high profit margin for its products, continues to adhere to the group purchase model to promote consumer effects, rich internal teams and distributors, channels are circulating, the current potential energy dividend is just released, and the growth of the next year is high.

Maintaining EPS 1 for 19-20 years.

15 yuan, 1.

40 yuan, currently corresponding to only 22X for 20 years, the safety margin is high, given 28 X for 20 years, maintaining a target price of 40 yuan, maintaining the “strong recommendation-A” rating.

Complete the task ahead of time, the current inventory level is sufficient, the price is stable, and it is expected that the Spring Festival will have a good performance.

According to grassroots research feedback, the company has completed the 19-year task ahead of schedule, and the additional part of the advance payment has been placed in 20Q1.

The current overall inventory level is reasonable, 1-1.

In May, the stock price of Nanjing, a key market, was currently 250-255 on folio and 380-385 on quarto. The price rose steadily.

The company’s current Spring Festival policy has not yet been issued. It is expected that the policy will be on the 18-20 sunrise, and dealers will begin to make payments during the Spring Festival.

Manufacturers are currently doing two things: one is to let the dealers withdraw funds, and the other is to let the dealers clean up the warehouse and prepare for the Spring Festival.

The current channel inventory is low and the price is stable. It is expected that the Spring Festival will have a good performance.

The structure continued to upgrade, the national borders of main products maintained high growth, and V series sales exceeded expectations.

In 19 years, the national border continued to maintain high growth, and its share of total income increased from 65% in 18 to about 70% in 1919. Among them, the main product Folio / Sikaikai maintained a high growth rate of more than 50%.

In addition, the company’s V-series revenue in 19 years reached 300 million (sales caliber), exceeding the company’s initial expectations.

The company regards the V series as the key layout in the future. For the V 杭州桑拿 series, a high-end wine promotion department has been set up. V9 is a high-end image, V3 and V6 are sales, and higher price bands are set in advance.Reached about 20%.

From defense to offense, the channel’s potential energy is continuously released, and the high increase continues.

The company has maintained a high growth rate for 17 years. This year, in the context of the increase in the market base of the Nanjing market, the profit of the channel has declined slightly, and the channel adjustment of competing products has caused investors to worry about the sustainability of the company ‘s future growth.The company still expects to maintain high growth: 1) Although the channel profit in the Nanjing market has slightly decreased compared to the previous period, the channel profit is still significantly higher than that of the 天津夜网 competing products, and the company has taken relevant measures in 19Q3 to reduce the amount of expenses and actively control the growth.
The chairman is worried about the obstacles of consciousness and requires quality to be faster than speed. He will not rush through the channels to press the goods to increase growth, but to develop healthily and benignly while ensuring channel profits.

It will take time to adjust the competition channel in the province. The company’s comparative advantage is still in place. At present, Nanjing’s national consumption transformation has been formed, the channel is in a positive cycle, and the dividends continue to be released. 2) Looking ahead, the Nanjing market will experience high growth in recent years.Under the background of increasing bases, it is reasonable to subdivide the growth rate in the future. The company has prepared in advance: first, on the product, the higher-end V series is deployed in advance to supplement national border products; second, regionally,It will focus on other blank markets in the province, including potential markets in southern Jiangsu, central Jiangsu, and Xuzhou. It will continue to expand the number of dealers, increase resource input and channel construction. The growth rate in 19 years has increased significantly, and Nanjing is expected to become the main growth force in the future.

Investment suggestion: The growth rate for the coming year is high, the current value is underestimated, and the “strongly recommended-A” rating is re-determined.

We believe that the company has accumulated a lot of money, maintained a high profit margin for its products, continued to adhere to the group purchase model to promote consumer effects, and the internal team and dealers have made rich returns.

It will take time to adjust the competitive product channels. The company’s comparative advantage is still in place. The current potential energy dividend is being released at the right time, and the growth in the coming year is highly certain.

Maintaining EPS 1 for 19-20 years.

15 yuan, 1.

40 yuan, currently corresponding to only 22X for 20 years, the safety margin is high, given 28 X for 20 years, maintaining a target price of 40 yuan, maintaining the “strong recommendation-A” rating.

Risk warning: demand falls, competition in the province increases, and expansion outside the province is less than expected.

Tower Group (002233) Annual Report Comment: Regional Supply and Demand Structure is Good

Tower Group (002233) Annual Report Comment: Regional Supply and Demand Structure is Good

Net profit reached a record high, and the dividend rate remained high. On the evening of March 11, 2019, the company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 66.

300 million, a year-on-year increase of +45.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 17.

200 million, a year-on-year increase of + 139%, both hitting a record high, but slightly lower than our expectations, the price increase was less than our expectations.

The company strives to achieve a net profit target of more than 2 billion in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 16%.

At the same time, the company announced that it is expected to distribute a cash dividend5.

10,000 yuan, a total of 10 dividends over ten years.

10,000 yuan, the dividend ratio reached 58.

8%, based on the closing price on March 11th, the company’s dividend yield has reached 7%, which is already attractive.

We expect the company to benefit from the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the strategy of “village revitalization” in 2019. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-21 will be 1.



16 yuan, corresponding to the target price of 13.



90 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

The price of 18H2 increased in volume, and the profitability increased month-on-month. In 2018, the company sold cement 1795 sockets, YoY + 16%, which is the increase in the number of first-line cathodes put into operation at the end of 2017.

We calculated that the company’s average price per ton in 2018 was 344 yuan, which was previously increased by 72 yuan, and the net profit was gradually increased to 92 yuan per ton, which was previously increased by 45 yuan. The profitability has significantly improved compared to 17 years. The supply and demand pattern in South China is good and the company’s cost control is stable.
Among them, 1005 samples of cement were sold in the second half of the year, an increase of 27% from the previous month.

However, we estimate that the company’s average ton price in the second half of the year will replace 19 yuan to 336 yuan, which is affected by the high-temperature rain in the third quarter.

In the second half of the year, the ton fee rose by 8 yuan to 25 yuan, of which the management fee rose by 94% from the previous month.

The increase of 87 trillion and long-term deferred expenses resulted in a net profit shift of RMB 25 to RMB 81 per tonne.

The forecast for cement demand in Guangdong province in 2019 is slightly increased, and the supply is controllable. According to the company’s conference call communication, the company judges the real estate demand or orientation in Guangdong in 2019, but benefits from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area construction and rural revitalization strategy. It is expected that demand will continue to grow.

According to the 2019 government work report of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province will increase its efforts to compensate for shortcomings in infrastructure, and expand the investment in key provincial projects by US $ 650 billion, an increase of 8.

3%, while vigorously promoting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area construction and rural revitalization strategy.

On the supply side, as of the end of 2019, except for the company’s consolidation of second-tier 400 insertion capacity, there is no additional capacity in Guangdong Province (including capacity replacement projects). We judge that Guangdong Province will still maintain a good supply and demand pattern in 2019, and cement prices may remain high.
The second phase of employee shareholding expands the size of the company, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the future development of the company. The company released the second phase of the employee shareholding plan. In addition to the first phase of directors and supervisors and mid-level management cadres and more than 150 people, the company also added middle-level management technology backbones.About 1,150 people, total or more than 1,300 people, accounting for 43% of the company’s total number of employees.

At the same time, the company also announced the budget of the employee stock ownership plan for 2018-2023, which is implemented in six phases, each of which is independent and has a basic duration of 60 months.

The employee shareholding plan is expected to achieve a win-win situation for employees and the company, showing the company’s development confidence.

Yuedong Cement Leader, maintain “Buy” rating. We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 20/24/26% (the original forecast for 19-20 was 22/24%), YoY + 17% / 17%/ 9%.

Comparable companies have consistently expected a PE of 5 in 19 years.

7x, considering the company’s initial second-line commissioning, given the company a certain evaluation premium, recognized the company’s 8-10xPE in 深圳spa会所 19 (corresponding to a reasonable target price of 13).


90 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: The start of major projects fails to meet expectations, and the company’s production capacity is not up to expectations.

COFCO Sugar (600737) In-depth Report: Hold on to the Upside Opportunity of Sugar Price Under Expected Production Reduction

COFCO Sugar (600737) In-depth Report: Hold on to the Upside Opportunity of Sugar Price Under Expected Production Reduction

Investment Highlights: Deserved leader in the sugar industry.

The company is a leading domestic sugar company, and its business scope includes homemade sugar, trading sugar, processed sugar and tomato sauce, which is an alternative basis for ensuring domestic sugar supply.

The company’s self-made sugar production capacity accounts for about 10% of the country’s production capacity, trade sugar accounts for half of the country’s trade volume, and the production capacity and trade volume convert sugar enterprises to the highest value.

With a capacity of 150 years / year for processing sugar in the port and a storage capacity of more than 200 tons, the tomato business is the largest in China.

The company’s major shareholder COFCO Group holds 51 shares.

53%, enjoying the upstream and downstream resources of the group.

The sugar cycle is expected to restart and industry opportunities are coming.

The sugar price has a significant mutation. The cycle of 5-6 years, the current decline in sugar prices has lasted for 2 years and 7 months, nearing the end, the sugar cycle gradually changed.

The demand for sugar is stable in the short-term and grows slowly in the long-term. The price is mainly at the supply side.

In terms of domestic supply, the area planted to sugarcane decreased from 1401 thousand points in 2016 to 1371 thousand points in 2017. The current ending stocks have been reduced to half of 2015. In addition to the current low sugar prices, it is predicted that the current domestic production will start to decrease and pushSugar prices are rising again.

According to the USDA’s forecast, global sugar production in 2019 is 17,892.

In June, it fell by 8 杭州夜网论坛 each year.

00%; of which sucrose yield was 13,910.

In September, it fell by 7 every year.

89%; beet sugar yield 3981.

In July, it fell by 8 every year.


Brazil, the main sugar producer, is forecast to decline by 24.

16%, India fell by 3.

61%, Thailand fell 3.

53%, the EU-27 fell by 12.

72%, the export volume of the main producing countries accounted for about half of the global export volume. The reduction in production in the main producing countries will affect the global sugar supply, and tighter supply will push the sugar price back up.

The company took advantage.

Over 90% of the company’s revenue comes from the sugar business, and its profit is directly linked to the price of sugar.

The company’s own production capacity exceeds 100 mm, accounting for about 10% of the country’s production capacity, far exceeding its peers.

The company traded 40 tons of sugar within ten years, and rationed an additional 160 tons, and the trade volume overlapped halfway.

The maximum amount of inventory is 35, which is the highest amount for sugar enterprises.

With the advantages of production capacity, trade volume, and inventory, the company can obtain the industry’s dividend to the greatest extent during the upward period of sugar prices.

In addition, the company has good financial data, leading the industry in terms of revenue and gross profit margin, excellent management of three fees, and sufficient cash flow.

Backed by COFCO, the company enjoys the advantages of sales channels and management methods.

Comprehensive analysis of the company’s qualifications is the best for listed sugar companies.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s annual income in 2019 and 2020 will be 0.

32 yuan and 0.

53 yuan, corresponding estimates are 29 times and 17 respectively.

5 times.

The company is the leader of sugar companies. It has the highest production capacity in the industry and half of the domestic trade volume. It will benefit significantly during the global capacity shift and the sugar cycle is up again. The company’s future performance is expected to improve significantly. The current scale is reasonable. Maintain a recommended rating.

Risk Warning: Climate change, sugar price increase, etc.

25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day

25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day


Exercise for 5 minutes after getting up to recharge your body and double your calories.

Many people mistakenly believe that the morning exercise must climb up at five o’clock and run for several kilometers, which is actually small and unrealistic.

You only need to spend 5 minutes doing push-ups and jumping exercises to increase your heart rate and achieve the desired effect; or punch 100 times in the mirror and feel the process of energy accumulation.


hzh{display:none;}  2.If you develop a habit of drinking water, you will feel debilitated from time to time.

Get up early in the morning to drink a glass of water, do some internal cleansing, and add some “grease” to your internal organs. Drink at least one liter of water a day, but it’s not good.


Pay attention to breakfast. Some studies in the United States have found that people who do not eat breakfast have a high height-to-weight ratio (BMI), which means that they are overweight, and they also like to sleepy and sluggish.
The most nutritious and healthy Western breakfast is: two slices of whole wheat bread.

A piece of smoked salmon and a tomato.

Whole wheat bread is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Tomato’s lycopene is good for bone growth and health, and it is good for the prevention of prostate disease. Salmon’s rich omega-3 fatty acids and protein are more beneficial to the body.


At 10 o’clock, there is no longer a good breakfast. At 10:30 in the morning, the glycogen stored the day before is almost gone.

If you want to remain charged for the rest of the day, you must add extra meals.

A piece of chocolate, or an energy bar.

A few biscuits, in addition to supplementing energy, can also effectively prevent overeating at lunch.


After drinking coffee in the afternoon for lunch, the body’s sleep factors (a molecule that can trigger sleep) gradually increase, and it is the easiest time to get sleepy. At this time, drinking a small cup of coffee works best.

Of course drinking tea is fine, as you like!

Don’t forget not to drink coffee for 4 hours before going to bed, lest you be too excited to fall asleep.


More talk and more comfort can also regulate weakness.

A study in the Netherlands shows that you are introverted at work.

Shy people are more likely to feel tired, while extroverts are more energetic. This is because people who talk to others are good at finding fun and worrying about themselves.

When stress and unlucky things are spoken out, you will not feel tired and boring. On the contrary, you like to be quiet.


People who don’t like to socialize lack such a channel to relieve stress. For a long time, they must feel overwhelmed.


Sitting and sitting poorly, walking, kicking, tugging, shrugging your belly, these are usually signs that your energy is drained.

Sitting in the office is July hours. If you can’t maintain the correct posture, you will feel more tired.

Regardless of whether you are standing or sitting, you should properly abdomen and waist, relax your shoulders, and have a slightly slender neck.


Zhang Chi encountered a difficult problem in his work and couldn’t solve it for a while. It was better to take a break, such as pouring a cup of tea, changing his brain, and then doing it.

When you are too tired to breathe, take a deep breath (count 3 times), and then exhale (count 6 times); or go through sports magazines, browse entertainment gossip online, find someone to chat with, maybe inspirationCame inadvertently.


Get up and answer the phone, stand and call and take the opportunity to stretch and stretch your bones, while breathing deeply, so that the cardiovascular blood flows into the brain.
This simple change keeps you paired up for hours.

Singing while bathing Singing loudly in the shower promotes the body’s release of endorphins, thereby creating a feeling of joy and happiness and reducing stress.

When you are in a bad mood, you have to sing it. As for whether it sounds good or not, you do n’t have to tune it. You care about it!


Make optimistic friends optimistic.

Enthusiastic friends or colleagues are loved, and their positive emotions can always infect people around them.

Always associate with bright and talented people, but also with those who are passionate and motivated; and be pessimistic.

People who like disappointment stay together for 30 minutes, and your energy will be replaced indirectly12.

Big things become small and you can’t eat fat!

Don’t always think about finishing a big project all at once, and then you will get tired down.

May wish to disassemble the large project into several small projects, do the same, and take a break from time to time, so that not only maintain physical strength, but also improve work efficiency, and finally continue to speed up the work progress.


Do you notice that men with a “back-score” type often suffer from special treatments next to the exercise. In this case, the strong abutment makes your work easier than others and does not feel too tired.

The most effective way to exercise the tip is to use a paddler. Pay attention to the correct posture; lay the feet flat, align slightly, and the sculls stop just on the ramp.


Meditate in the morning with sleepy eyes and loose eyes. Let’s not get up quickly, sit comfortably in bed, straighten your back, close your eyes, quickly exhale and inhale with your nose, and your mouth slightly closed.

(This skull exercise is exactly like pulling a bellows, quickly and mechanically) 15.

Exercise every day, no matter how busy you are, stick to exercise, or run or step or swim.

If you are too confident in your physical strength, thinking that youth is the capital, it will not fall down so easily, someone may rush to you.


A nap of about 20
minutes and about 20 minutes is the most ideal, it is actually no different from an hour of nap.

An hour is a bit long for most people, sleeping too heavily and may not sleep well at night.


Iron supplementation If your body’s iron storage is too low, the body cannot make hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood, and people will easily feel tired.

The best way to supplement iron is through diet and food therapy: iron-rich and fever-prone animals with liver.

Kidney; followed by lean meat.




Shrimp and beans.

  18 years old

Eat more fiber foods while driving. Men rarely eat snacks. You can put peanuts and raisins in the car. These things contain a lot of potassium. Your body needs potassium to convert sugar in the blood into energy. Nuts are also good, it replaces carbonic acid.Magnesium, lack of magnesium carbonate causes the body to produce a large amount of lactic acid, and lactic acid easily makes people feel tired.


Aromatherapy put some spices at home, especially rosemary.

Peppermint and ginger can refresh the brain, enhance memory, and treat headaches and migraines.

Watch more comedies and laugh, ten years less.

Laughing exercises your facial muscles and changes your facial circulation to increase your concentration.

A study recently released by British scientists shows that although happiness does not retain youth as the saying goes, those who maintain a happy mood every day are indeed healthier and suffer from cardiovascular disease.
Risk of Diabetes Plasma.

  twenty one

The refreshing effect of going to bed 1 hour earlier and sleeping for 60 minutes is equivalent to drinking two cups of coffee.

This means you go to bed an hour early every day, instead of trying to sleep late on the weekend.

Otherwise, the circadian clock will be disturbed and always feel dizzy.

  twenty two

Playing games with the sun University of Massachusetts research shows that anger and hostility are more intense in winter and less in summer.
Sun exposure increases the content of serotonin in the brain, improves mood, and recharges the body.

Don’t prejudice all business trips or travel opportunities where you can bask in the sun.

  twenty three.

Alcohol control makes you sleepy, but drinking before going to bed will affect your sleep due to excitement. Although your eyes are closed, your eyes keep turning.

You have to keep in mind that you don’t drink two hours before bedtime, and you can only drink a maximum of one or two glasses for dinner.

  twenty four

Adjusting the fitness time A study found that those fitness people go to work after work, feel sour, and go home to take a bath and sleep well. It ‘s not unusual that they get up after getting up. Scholars at the University of Chicago believe that exercise at night can increaseThe level of XXXXX, which is essential for energy metabolism.

  25 years old

Sleeping on the sofa If you quarrel with your lover and you have to sleep on the sofa, you don’t need to feel guilty or anything.

Did you know that occasionally sleeping on the sofa is wonderful for treating insomnia!

Many people say that insomnia is related to their own bedroom. A survey in the United States found that 72% of men slept well on the sofa, and only 27% said they could sleep next to their wife or girlfriend.

Woman’s navel is the sexiest to look healthy from the shape of the navel

Woman’s navel is the sexiest to look healthy from the shape of the navel

Core tip: The abdomen is one of the sexiest positions for women.

The ladies can’t wait to put on the umbilical dress, trying to use the sexiest part of the woman as a weapon to conquer the man.

As everyone knows, the navel dress is not casual.

  Looking at the health status from the shape of the navel, the navel, also known as the navel eye, is called “sacred shrine” in Chinese medicine.

Foreign doctors clinically found that the shape of the navel eye can grind the body health or not, replaced as follows.

  Upward shape: The navel eye extends upwards, almost becoming a triangle with the top upwards.

People with this kind of navel should pay more attention to the health of the stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas.

  Downward shape: Attention should be paid to prevent suffering from gastric sagging, constipation, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and gynecological diseases.

  Round: If the navel is perfectly round, women indicate good health and good ovarian function; men indicate high blood pressure, normal blood pressure, and all internal organs are healthy.

  Sea snake shape: It is a sign of liver diseases such as cirrhosis, so pay attention.

  Full Moon: It looks strong and plump, with a flexible lower abdomen, which is a good indicator of ovarian function for women.

  Left belly button: Should prevent poor gastrointestinal function, constipation or large intestinal mucosal lesions.

  Right belly button: Hepatitis, duodenal ulcer and other diseases should be paid attention to.

  Navel bulge: When there is a lot of hydrops or ovarian cysts in the abdomen, the navel will enlarge and protrude.

  Navel depression: In the case of obesity or abdominal inflammation, if you have adhesive tuberculous peritonitis, the navel will sink inward.

  Navel is often at the expense of health. The navel is the weakest part of the human body’s resistance to the outside. The cold is not dispersed. Sometimes women are sick because of wearing a navel.

In addition, in the spring, the bacterial reproduction ability is strong, and the person’s resistance is weakened. When the exposed umbilical cord is worn, the waist and abdomen are exposed, which may easily cause the disturbance of internal functions and lead to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing

Introduction: Healthy skin care and healthy beauty are our necessary common sense. Beauty has become a must for many people’s lives. How to make a healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing.

  Special moisturizing techniques after cleansing. In order to let the lotion penetrate into every corner of the skin, it is necessary to use three times.

After 90 seconds of washing your face, it is the highest point for your skin to dry easily, so you must use the lotion as soon as possible within 90 seconds of washing your face.

  1. Gently apply a penny-coin-sized lotion to the palm of your hand and gently spread it evenly from inside to outside with both hands.

  2. Tighten the arm, apply it vertically, then pour a dollar-dollar-sized lotion on the palm of your hand, spread your hands evenly on the body vertically, tighten the arm, and bring the hand to be naturally vertical.

  3. Rub the hands to increase the temperature. In the third step, pour a dime and a coin-sized lotion on the palms of the hands. Rub the palms to increase the temperature. Although it is small, it can penetrate the skin better.

  4, four-step care with temperature lotion for care, first massage on the cheeks three times, and then apply on the forehead and chin, the movement should be gentle.

  5. Around the eyes, the hands are shaped like scissors to care for your fingers. Make a slight touch on the eyes, because the eyes are easy to dry around, and the lotion is not easy to apply, so don’t forget.

  6. Finally, check to see if it has completely penetrated. Touch your cheek carefully. If it is soft, it is OK. If it is still dry, please repeat steps 2 to 4 again.

Seven ways to raise beautiful eyes _1

Seven ways to raise “beautiful eyes”

Eye care is a very important lesson in women’s beauty.
Puffiness, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are enough to make you look in the mirror for a long time.
  Do n’t think that you do n’t need it now. In fact, the modern working and living environment is very unfavorable to our maintenance. For example, working in an air-conditioned room, facing a computer for a long time, bringing contact lenses and so on.
Our eyes are fragile and must be given special care.
Here are seven eye protection recipes provided by experienced people, let’s enjoy it together!
  1. Don’t “keep your eyes closed”, pay attention to frequent and complete blinking movements. Frequent blinking can reduce the time that the eyeballs are exposed to the air and avoid tear evaporation.
  2. Don’t blow the air conditioner for too long, avoid air flow from the seat, and place tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.
  3, eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits, should also eat more green vegetables, food, fish and eggs.
Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce dry eyes.
  4. Maintain good habits, get enough sleep, and stay up late.
  5. Avoid continuously operating the computer for a long time, pay attention to the rest, usually operate continuously for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes.
Look at the distance or do eye exercises during breaks.
  6. Maintain a good working posture.
Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with your eyes upright or a slight downward gaze, will ease the neck muscles and minimize the area of the eye exposed to the air.
  7. Adjust the distance of the screen.
The recommended distance is 50-70 cm, and the phosphor screen should be 10-20 cm below the eye level, showing a lower viewing angle of 15-20 degrees.
Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refractive power and reduce the chance of eye fatigue.
  If you have less secretion of tears and your eyes are prone to dryness, it is not suitable to use contact lenses in front of a computer. Wear frame glasses.
People wearing contact lenses in front of a computer are also better off using high-permeability varieties.
People over the age of 40 are best equipped with bifocal lenses, or with lower power glasses when typing.
If you have red eyes, burns or foreign body sensations, heavy eyelids, blurry sights, or even eye pain or headache, and you still have no obvious improvement after rest, you need to go to the hospital.

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

There are currently about 5 million blind people, accounting for 0 of the total population.

4%, it is one of the blind and visually impaired countries in the world.

With the economic and social development and aging of the population structure, non-communicable eye diseases have become the main cause of blindness caused by complications.

  If you want to have a pair of bright eyes, then some bad habits often need to be changed.

  Alcohol hurts the eyes Alcohol is the number one enemy of the eyes.

Why do people who drink alcohol look flushed and their temperature rises?

That’s because alcohol promotes blood circulation and swells capillaries.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and the blood vessels are very small. If you drink too much, the capillaries can easily break and cause spots.

So, the farther you can go, the better.

  Protect your eyes and quit smoking. The health hazards of smoking often make people think of respiratory diseases, but smoking will cause visual impact, which is not alarmist.

  The most common hazard to eyes from smoking is amblyopia.

Amblyopia is the correction of positive vision below 0.


The cause of amblyopia caused by smoking is because the oxygen inhaled by the human body is consumed during smoking, which causes the oxygen content in the blood to decrease. The eye and retina are particularly sensitive to hypoxia. In the long term, the optic nerve fibers will degenerate and the macular area of the retina will also occur.Atrophy; Second, the smoke tar produced when tobacco is burned will cause the content of vitamin B12 in the body to decrease, and vitamin B12 is a necessary nutrient for maintaining the normal function of the optic nerve.

Under the common influence of these two factors, smokers’ vision is reduced and amblyopia occurs, and severe cases can cause blindness.

  According to surveys by medical scientists, 20% of cataract patients are associated with long-term smoking.

The proportion of people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day to non-smokers is twice as likely to develop cataracts.

  In addition, harmful substances such as nicotine and carbon monoxide inhaled during smoking constrict blood vessels and increase platelet agglutination, which leads to blind eye diseases such as central retinal vessel embolism and macular degeneration.

It has also been clinically observed that smokers sometimes have transient intraocular pressure increases, which is particularly obvious in glaucoma patients. The glaucoma patients have high intraocular pressure. If they smoke again, it will be worse.

  At the same time, scientific research has clearly pointed out that tobacco can also cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Even if you do n’t smoke, you can relax your vigilance. “Second-hand smoke” and “third-hand smoke” will also damage the stump and appearance.

So let’s keep a distance from tobacco.