Create a new wisdom business circle that highlights "味"

  "We will fully implement brand gathering, consumption upgrade, environmental beautification, landmark shaping, and build Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen world famous business district …" Recently, Yuzhong District proposed that to 2025, Jiefangbei – Chao Tianmen Business Circle Collect 500 international famous brands, and realize the total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Combine the development trend of new technology applications and new consumption patterns, the local system should create a new smart business circle, Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen business district takes a solid step toward the world’s famous business district. The Jiefangbei with a long history – Dynasty Tianmen Business Circle, has always been a "golden signboard" in the commercial field of our city.

In particular, the Lands in the Jiefangbei area is a veritable business "Golden Street". Chongqing and Sichuan teamed up to formulate specialized action programs, clearly build Jiefangbei – Dynasty Tianmen World Well-known business district, Jiefangbei to Chao Tianmen location will be from a single commercial pedestrian street form, integrate integration of cultural, commercial, tourism and other integration . To this end, further improve 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other digital technology applications, continuously improve the digitization of business districts, intelligent development, and accelerate Jiefangbei – the construction of Tianmen Smart Business Circle is imperative.

  Development industry first card, regional first store, brand first show and other construction "Cross Golden Street", relying on Raffles Building an open portal landmark, layout imported goods bonded warehouse and display trading platform, pull cross-border e-commerce direct purchase stores and other imported consumption … .

Taking the construction to create Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen Business Circle, must continue to introduce global high-quality products in the "commercial speaker", in the "front desk" to enrich commercial consumer, improve the quality of consumer service; Intelligent hardware facilities, build a large data platform for smart business districts, effectively docking with cross-border e-commerce systems, UnionPay financial systems, sovereign electronic currencies, etc. This attracts consumers with "high quality" and uses "high IQ" to enhance the consumer experience. It is suitable for the local system to create Jiefangbei – Chaotianmen Smart Business Circle, in the promotion of the offline and offline channel depth, continuous expansion of the radiation range of the business district, while the vendors of the business circle, but also use the live cloud computing, block chains and other new Technology, further integrate the green development concept into the whole process of the transformation, construction, management and service of the smart business district, thereby more low carbon environmental protection in building materials, electric water, waste treatment, etc., let the Jiefangmun The business district leads the green consumption economy.

  The new year bell rings of the Jiefang Tower, the dumplings on the Bayi Road, copy, Chongqing, the stone street of the Tianmen Motto … Jiefangbei – Chaotian Men’s business circle historical hemp, unique historical and cultural and business memory It has spawned a number of "net red card", attracting many foreign tourists, infecting the city feelings of the world, and gathered for a long-lost business. With the continuous promotion of the intelligent transformation of the business district, in the excavation history, packaging and remains, in series, strive for thousands of people, one store, release special urban culture "味" is endless, let position "world-class" Jiefangbei – Dynasty Tianmen Smart Business Circle, continued to write a new era in ancient and modern Huiyi. (Editor: Qin Jie, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.

8 villages villages in the mountain Miao Township

  The big snow has passed, the winter solstice is not until the winter solstice, Peng Shui Miao Tujia Autonomous County takes the dam village, the morning fog is white. The white plant of the 芟 芟 有 有限公 公司 is situated in the green water of the green mountains. In the factory, the automatic noodle machine is working on the noodles.

  The building dam area is deeply mountain, why will there be a corporate that works noodles? "Not just the building dam, the 8 villages, the villages have a company." Wang Song, secretary of the party committee of the hometown, introduced 5,187 villagers, 17,837 people, and the Miao-based, all rural level collective economic existing walnuts 2000 mu, the pepper is 2000 mu, the oil tea is 5,000 mu, the sheep belly is 100 mu, the sweet potato is 1500 mu, "relying on existing industries, each of our villages has set up a village-level collective company, not only increase the income, but also the whole Drive 1653 farmers to achieve stable income.

"Restore the traditional industry to promote the rational use of the land resources. The habit of noodles, before, every household watermaster pushes himself grinding. In the last century, almost everyone has a wheat, which can be reached in this century, and the villagers of wheat are also reduced annually.

  So, why is the building dam village still have to set up the company’s production noodles? Wheat doing noodles, what come from? "Since the ecstasy, the wheat produced by the house, the entrance is smooth, widely welcomed.

We hope that through the establishment of the company to produce noodles, flowing land or drive villagers to grow wheat, driving industrial development.

"The person in charge of the building dam told the Chongqing Daily reporter, next year, the city will plan to plant 500 mu of wheat first, and the villagers can use land shares to participate in dividends, and the land stream can also be transferred to the village collective company, and the company is responsible for planting," as long as the strip is open, " Restoring the traditional industries of the horses and noodles can drive the villagers to stabilize income.

"Development New Agricultural Industry Promotes the Wheat Planting of Village Stabilized Increases Building Dam Village and It is still in planning, and Long Shengcun’s sheep storm is on the end of thousands of households.

  Xiaogou River water, in the river, the villager Li Zhenghua is working on the micro tillage to turn the land, preparing for the sheep bacteria.

  "Sprinkle after two days, 55 days later, can be used to pick two months in succession." Three years ago, Li Jian, who was foreign workers returned to the country, and established Xinzhong Company with the collective economy of Long Shengcun, introduced the sheep belly. Plantation of bacteria.

  Today, Xinzhong Company has two kinds of sheep planting bases in the horses, with a total area of ??about 50 mu, and the acre is about 300 pounds. Li Jian said that a pound of plastic bacteria is about 100 yuan, a pound of a pound average price is about 600 yuan, "the total output value this year is about 1.2 million yuan. After all of the sheep belly, the places can be rounded and other vegetables. "Next, Li Jian plans to circulate the land and drive the villagers to plant 500 acres of honey," Honey Book pumpkin pubescens two tons, 800 yuan per ton, I have found sales channel.

"We have 150 yuan a day, and there is also a revenue. "Li Zhenghua said, in addition to this, many villagers have shared their land and have a dividend every year.

  At present, Xinzhong has directly driven more than 50 villagers’ income. Vigorously developing the Chinese herbal medicine planting and consolidating the poverty campaign, the wind, Wanjia Village Dashan Hillside, the secretary of the Village Party Branch, Dai Xiyin, has been happy.

  "Time and winter are good, this year’s income is not big." Wang Xiu Min said, Wanjia Village established Fu Wei Development Co., Ltd. "" There are about 30,000 yuan per mu, and the village collective economy dividends are more than 200,000 yuan, and the cost of workers who pay the villagers also have nearly 800,000 yuan per year.

"This year, the village has also added 400 mu Huangjing planting, and has now entered the seedling stage.

Wang Xiu Min said that next year is prepared to further improve the large-scale Chinese herbal medicine industry, and the total area of ??zenezed and ternate is expanded to about 5,000 mu. The Chinese herbal medicine industry in Wanjia Village has made the villagers tasted the sweetness, and the Chinese herbal cultivation of the building dam has just started.

  The veterans Cheng Hui returned to the building dam village, and established Pengshui Chengling, Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which has been established with the village collective. It has planted more than 80 acres of winter. It is understood that the collective company of 8 villages in Ma Tong, or directly funded by the village, or established with the joint venture of returning home business, plus 15 professional cooperatives in the country, effectively driving the industrial development of the whole country, Helping to consolidate the effectiveness of rural revitalization and rural residence.

2019 Network recensie Blue Book: Mainstream Media en Commercial Platform Realisatie Fusion Development

China Network op 31 december (Reporter), 30 december ": China Network Reacties Development Report (2019)" wordt uitgebracht in Beijing. Blauw boeken wees erop dat er een groot verschil in de ontwikkeling model en de logica van de mainstream media en zakelijke platforms, en er is ook een groot verschil in inhoud van de communicatie, agenda-instellingen en discours systemen.

Met de vooruitgang van het netwerk van de ruimte uitgebreide management, de commerci?le platform integreert actief in de belangrijkste melodie. De mainstream media actief gaat diep samenwerking in de commerci?le platforms, en verschillende media platforms hebben, geleidelijk de status van gezamenlijke ontwikkeling. 2018 "twee sessies" communicatie, Tencent en de People’s Daily klant, Xinhua News Agency, enz, voor het uitvoeren van de samenwerking, het verlenen van technische en platform ondersteuning voor mainstream media-inhoud producten.

Tijdens de "twee sessies" -periode, de video live-uitzending is een nieuw record van China ‘s netwerk platform videonieuws. Baidu Joint People’s Daily, CCTV, en Economic Daily en andere mainstream media, bouwen de "twee sessies" nieuwsonderwerp informatiestroom pagina’s, set "twee sessies", "twee sessies", "twee sessies", "voorstel voorstel" en andere content secties.

Op hetzelfde moment, mainstream media actief nederzetting aan de derde partij commercieel platform om de voordelen van zakelijke platforms spelen.

Tegen het einde van 2018, in aanvulling op de zendfrequentie in Weibo, de geaggregeerde nieuws client is lager, de dekkingsgraad van zelf-plaatsen zoals kranten, uitzendingen, televisie, en zelf-constructie klanten en op Weibo, WeChat, aggregatie nieuws de stationaire platform van de klant, geaggregeerde audiocli?nt en geaggregeerde videoclients dan 90%. Volgens de "2018 National Party News Fusion Report" vrijgegeven door de People’s Network, zijn er 12 gecentraliseerd kranten in het rapport 377 Party en 33 provinciale kranten partij, en 332 prefectuur niveau partij krant.

Volgens de gegevens, de website heeft de hoogste opening percentage van de website, is%, het aantal WeChat openbare rekeningen, de opening tarief%, 74% van de partij krant bouwt zijn eigen client (APP),% van de partij krant in de geaggregeerde nieuws opdrachtgever;% de partij krant opende de offici?le Weibo account.

Op 28 december 2018, de 40ste verjaardag van de 40ste verjaardag van de hervorming van de viering en het openen van een door de Stichting China Internet Development,, enz., De 40ste verjaardag van de 40ste verjaardag van de ", de vier -jarig korte video collection", de tentoonstelling, de tentoonstelling, de tentoonstelling, zal uitnodigen, Central de mainstream media zoals Guangwang heeft ook betrekking op de persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de commerci?le platform en productiebureau van Tencent aan de rol van de korte bespreken video in positieve energie communicatie, een samenvatting van de uitwisseling van korte video-creatie, het bevorderen van mainstream media en zakelijke platforms in korte video velden. "Network recensie Blue Book: China Network Reacties Development Report (2019)" wordt gezamenlijk uitgebracht door de Zijin Media Research Institute (Beijing) University Zijin Media Research Institute (Beijing).

http: /// Opinion_23_.

China @ 四 川 | "I wish you all the best!" – he came out of the mountain

  On April 19th, Huang Guoping said in "a letter to netizens", "as one of the students who came out from the mountains, benefited from the help of national, governments, schools, society and teachers and love people, including but not Limited to Torch Township Primary School, Daxie Town Middle School, Yilong Middle School, Mianyang Nanshan Middle School, Southwest University, School of Sciences Automation, especially the Ph.D. Tutor Zong Chengqing, I can go to today.

"Although the family is poor, the destiny is bumpy, but many care and their tenacious spirit support him from the mountain.

In the awareness of the paper, Huang Guoping said that his belief is "put the book, then go out, don’t live in the world." The "walking out", in addition to physically walking out of the mountain, more spiritual broadening horizons. Like Huang Guoping, in these years, more and more children come out of the mountain.

Rao Bin introduced that the 7 people in Huang Guiping have been admitted to the Harbin University of Technology, Chongqing University, Southwest Jiaotong University and other famous schools.

In the past three years, nearly 300 students have entered the national key university. "Since 2017, there have been a total of 10,000 students in our county have confirmed that they have a poverty-stricken student. In education and poverty alleviation, we have established an controlled mechanism to ensure that there is no such thing in the compulsory education." Yilong County Education Wang Yinglong, Director of the Science and Technology and Sports Bureau, introduced that the county has put into account for the county education and expansion project in the county in the county, and "where the city is developing, and the school is built."

  "Colden Gate" is not allowed to "strive to end" The world makes me bruises, but the wound grows from wings.

Although Huang Guoping’s way of studying, although he is hard, his strong willpower and tough spirit also motivate many people. Wang Cuiping, a student of Qiyi County Middle School High School (23), said that Huang Guoping’s school leader is hard, but he has always been full of teenagers. "My family is not very good, but the seniors have set an example for their rural children.

The most important thing is to read.

Waiting for the ability, then funding people like us in learning and life.

"" The present, some young people retired and retreat, there is a self-contained mind.

Huang Guoping’s experience is an incentive and alert.

"Deputy Chief Physician of the Psychiatrics of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu, the national intermediate psychotherapist Jia Xiaofei said that people’s life, difficulties will be encountered, escaping can not solve the problem, maintain a positive attitude, in order to overcome difficulties "Da Mountain" in the heart. As Huang Guoping said to the netizen: "I wish you all the best! "(over).

Oriental on seven days to talk about win-win! Shanghai high level is open, embrace Chinese and foreign companies

Building a high level of open platform is the goal of the continuous efforts of Shanghai. From the establishment of the first self-trade test area, to establish a new film area of ??the HKE-Hong Kong, and then to Pudong to create a socialist modernization and lead the area. These initiatives have different times, and the focus is different, but there is a common topic – high level reform and opening up .

This high-level reform and opening platform is not only opportunities for Chinese companies, but also opportunities for global companies. In the second quarter earnings reported in Tesla, the annual capacity target of Shanghai Super Factory was "450,000" to "greater than 450,000".

In the context of its German Berlin Super Factory "Extension Production", Super Factory in Shanghai, China assumes more global delivery tasks.

According to the data released by the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference, the export volume of the first quarter is basically stable in 2 to 30,000, and China’s growing demand is added, and "export" + "local needs" " Dual Motor "function has made important contributions to the second quarter of Tesla. Linbang’s new film area has accumulated 765 projects in the past two years, involving investment billions; new enterprises 40329 households, an average annual growth rate; registered funds increased by about 674.2 billion yuan, year-on-year growth%, an average annual growth rate%. This shows that more and more companies have begun to take advantage of this platform and get new development.

Such trends will continue, and China and foreign companies will have a greater development opportunity here.

On August 12th, the "14th Five-Year Plan" issued by China (Shanghai) Free Trade Test Zone, China (Shanghai).

"Plan" proposes that by 2025, the establishment of a mature investment trade liberalization facilitation system system has become an important carrier of my country’s deep integration into economic globalization, and has become a hub node of Shanghai to build domestic international dual cycle strategy links. Basic build services The opening of the development pattern, promoting the strategic growth of high quality development, and the preferred place of global talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

On August 26th, the "Pudong New Area Industrial Development" 14th "Planning" and "Pudong New Area have promoted the high-quality development of manufacturing" 14th "planning" officially released.

"Industrial Plan" pointed out that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will build an integrated circuit, biomedical, artificial intelligence three world-class industrial industries, leading the development of advanced manufacturing clusters in the "six hard core industries" to "six major service economics" "Promoting the high quality development of modern service industry.

"Manufacturing Plan" proposes that by 2025, Pudong will become a high-end industry agglomeration leader, and the scientific and technological innovation strategy is remarkable. The election resources are excellent, and the open hub function is strong, leading economic high-quality development industry highlands and domestic international double cycle. Strategic place.

Pudong has been open for 30 years, and a large number of foreign companies have got rapid growth in Pudong.

It can be imagined that in the next five years, there will be a large number of Chinese and foreign companies here to achieve greater growth space.

Shanghai builds a high level of open platform, is an interaction, win-win process. The more domestic and foreign companies have gathered, the more you understand the demand of the company, and the driving force of the business environment is stronger; the better the business environment and the soft environment, the stronger domestic enterprises gathered in Shanghai, the more powerful enhancements big.

Grab the opportunity, seize the highland, Shanghai Zhang opened your arms are waiting for you! (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

Sino-Cambodian agricultural cooperation epidemic

Reference Information Network On August 13 (Wen / Mao Pengfeng Gao Bingnan) In the context of the global spread of new crown epidemics, Sino-Cambodian agriculture cooperation continued to advance. Cambodian, Cambodia, etc., China and Cambodia continue to grow, and China Cambodia has recently announced the completion of bilateral free trade agreement negotiations to inject new kinetic energy to both agricultural cooperation. On July 16th, in Cambodia – China Tropical Ecological Agriculture Cooperation Demonstration Zone, workers handled the bananas just harvested.

(Mao Pengfei) Agricultural trade is more and more data provided by the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia show that China-Cambodian bilateral trade has reached 100 million US dollars. Chen Qi, a general manager of China Inspection and Certification Group, Cambodian Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCC Cambodian), told reporters that Cambodia has exported 74 agricultural products to the international market in 2019, with nearly 6.94 million tons, and exports reached 100 million US dollars. Cambodia exports from China mainly with rice, cassava, starch, cashew nuts, corn, bananas and rubber.

In the first half of this year, the CCC Cambodian company’s test qualified exports of rice reached 10,000 tons increased by 6% over the same period last year, accounting for 40% of the total export of Cambodia. Chen Qi Sheng said that in May 2019, Cambodia bananas were exported to China for the first time. At the end of last year, approximately 130,000 tons.

Since last year, all bananas registered orchards from the export qualifications have been constantly expanding bananas. It is expected that by 2020 in the second half of the year, Cambodia can reach 100 containers in 2000 tons per day, and the annual export bananas are available throughout the year. It is expected to reach 300,000 tons.

In addition, China and Cambodia have been signed in June this year, and the Mango Orchard and Processing Factory approved by the General Administration of Customs of China can export mango to China.

It is expected that the mango exported to China will reach 500,000 tons per year. On July 20th, the negotiation of the Sino-Cambodia Self-Trade Agreement was officially announced, involving all the ways of all-way initiatives, goods trade, service trade, investment cooperation, economic and technical cooperation, e-commerce, etc., further open bilateral trade, promoting investment, will be two countries The people brings more practical interests and opportunities. Chen Qi Sheng also said that China Cambodia is still promoting Cambodian Long-Eye, Dragon Fruit, Coconut, Pepper, Bird’s Nest, Aquatic Products Lixia Quarantine Academy. It is expected to have more preferential quality products to China in the next few years. Agriculture is one of the Cambodian pillar industries. The Sino-Cambodian Self Trade Agreement will bring more price advantages to Cambodian agricultural products to help cooperate between agricultural fields in the two countries.

Ten years of cultivation of the Demonstration Zone is located in the Cambodia Orange Agricultural Development (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Agriculture) has been cultivated in the local area for 14 years.

Gao Zhihua, general manager of Oasis, in an interview, the company encountered a lot of difficulties in the development of more than ten years, the industrial support is not perfect, the level of agricultural product processing, insufficient traffic infrastructure, high transportation and logistics cost, customs clearance declaration The efficiency is high, the power supply is tight, the water conservation facilities is not perfect, but the advantages of Cambodia develop ecological agriculture are also very prominent, and China-funded enterprises are available here. From the Cambodian capital of the Cambodian, I went to the Northeast for 5 hours, I came to the park of Oasis Agricultural Investment Development Cambodia – China Tropical Ecological Agriculture Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

After entering the door, the person should get off at the disinfection tank to disinfect the sole, and the vehicle also needs to drive through the disinfection tire to disinfect the tire to prevent the external soil to enter the park. This ceremony allows all those who come here to the demonstration zone. Fine management is impressed.

However, more surprising is that the park is large, and there is still more than 10 kilometers from the office living area of ??the entrance to the park. The exemplary area is planned for more than 10,000 hectares. There are about 5,000 hectares of natural protection forest land, which can be opened 8,181 hectares in the land. It has been reclaimed by about 3,000 hectares. It has grown an area of ??about 1,500 hectares, planting rubber, teak, banana, pepper, mango, etc. Tropical crops. Opened all the way, there are two ribbon farms such as rubber, Banana Park, Pepper Park along the road, and the functional areas such as lush, nursery, reservoirs, protected areas, and buildings such as ribbon.

The rainy season of Cambodia is obvious, floods and droughts will bring crops to the crops, and the water conservancy facilities are insufficient, and become an important constraint in the development of Cambodia.

When the park is now building, it is entirely original, and the water conservancy irrigation, traffic such as agriculture, and other facilities such as traffic. Don’t say a variety of supporting modern agriculture needs. Gao Guanhua said to reporters, we have to start from scratch , One trench, one tile, a brick, one tile, the foundation for the development of the industry. After 14 years of success, there is currently 250 kilometers of roads, 10,000 square meters of factory buildings, 10,000 square meters of living area, 5 large reservoirs, a number of small reservoirs, and more than 60 mechanical equipment.

In June 2017, the Demonstration Zone was identified by the China Ministry of Agriculture as China’s overseas agricultural cooperation demonstration zone.

Advantageous complementary industrialization development domestic consumers are getting bigger and bigger, so we have to do tropical agriculture, we must go to a real tropical country. Gao Zhihua said that the past Cambodian agriculture can say only agricultural products, but there is no industry.

It is basically pure natural farming, and infrastructure will not reach industrial development requirements.

But the advantage of Cambodia is natural conditions.

Gao Zhihua said: China has funds, technology, management experience and huge quality agricultural demand market, Cambodia has a large number of land and young labor populations that have not yet been developed, green and non-polluting, complementary agricultural cooperation, can provide a large number of high-quality agricultural products for China Help Cambodia to develop a modern agricultural industry.

The Cambodian government attaches great importance to the development of the demonstration zone.

Wengsha Air, Montera, Montenee, and the Demonstration Zone to investigate, he hopes to accelerate the development speed, sign the relevant planting plan, strengthen contact with local government, organize planting technical training for the people, and improve the income of local people, improve their living condition. The advantage of China and Cambodia combines a very significant effect in the banana industry.

Gao Guanhua said to reporters that before 2016, Cambodia did not have a large-scale industrial, large-scale bananas, and lack relevant supporting companies. In 2016, Oasis Agriculture and Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture cooperated to build a core demonstration base of banana industry in Cambodia and promoted the development of the banana industry. Today, Cambodian banana planting companies have increased to 15, with more than 60,000 mu, but also expanded, group culture seedlings, organic fertilizers, carton plants, bags and cold-chain logistics companies, etc. A series of industrial development has been established.

However, Gao Guanhua believes that Cambodia investment agriculture, but also prepares to solve several problems. First, to deal with the land dispute. Second, in view of the small domestic market very small, we must focus on solving the problem of product export market. The third is the problem of technology, and it is necessary to combine his experience and Cambodia soil, so that you can take less. Fourth, there is a long-term plan, we must deeply cultivate this land, agricultural investment is large, the cycle is long, if you want to make quick money, it is difficult to make something.

To love this land, love the people here, you can become friends and agricultural cooperation can be sustainable.

Gao Zhuan said. Investors optimistic about the development prospects in the fifth meeting of the Sino-Cambodian Intergovernmental Coordination Committee, both parties will encourage more Chinese-funded enterprises to invest in, implement cooperation projects in agricultural development planning, environmental protection, people’s livelihood and other fields. The two sides will accelerate the implementation of the Mango Yunhua Site, actively expand the banana, cassava, etc., the advantages of agricultural products are exported to China. China will actively consider the provision of financing support for infrastructure construction projects such as the Cambodian Cambodia, Bridge, Power Grid, and Water Resources Irrigation, and will continue to support the improvement of people’s livelihood improvements.

Wang Bingnan, the honorary chairman of Shanghai, Shanghai, China, recently gave a team to Cambodia.

Wang Bingnan said to reporters that the company has repeatedly sent people to Cambodia, discovered that the local agricultural resources, many kinds of fruits, good quality, very good quality, and the prospects of Cambodian agriculture, especially fruit industry development prospects.

During this epidemic, it is necessary to drive the project to land. Wang Bingnan said that China has been upgraded in recent years and consumers demand.

Enterprises to find goods from origin, hoping to bring Cambodian high-quality fruit to China consumers, and promote the Tropical Fruit Industry Development in China and International Market Fruit Industry. In 2014, I have a new progress in front of Cambodian Mango, Cambodia (hereinafter referred to as Eighth Agriculture). The company has a new progress: the company’s technical, farmers, exquisite and artificial, mean planting area added 6000 hectares. Lindeen, general manager of Eight-Dian Agriculture, is full of confidence in the prospects of Cambodia Mango, and we have signed an intent agreement with relevant partners such as shipping companies. It plans to configure 30 cold-chain weight trucks, 10 container heavy trucks, high colors 10 sets, the freezer is approximately 1,200 freezers, and the direct route of the port of Sihanouko, Cambodia, who is opened to China Haruk to China. After approved the Registration of Mangohe Garden and Packaging Factory, it will be implemented within 7 days after obtaining the General Administration of China. Fresh mangoes come from Cambodia to Chinese customers.

All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.

Responding to the cold wave, the stone heat transfer enterprise is warmed to ensure that the masses warm winter

It is understood that Shijiazhuang City Wisdom Heating Service Platform has completed the provincial-level joint test on October 15. On October 27th, it is necessary to ensure the safety of this year’s winter heat.

The platform has fully covered all 67 heating companies, 356 heat sources, and 3,399 thermal stations. Through data automatic acquisition, 98% of the main heat sources and more than 90% of the main thermal stations have been automatically monitored. Shijiazhuang City Heating Affairs Center will continue to pay attention to the supply of heat, the intelligent heating supervision platform is 24-hour duty, 24 hours uninterrupted, monitoring, analyzing, analyzing, analyzing, system warning and user The complaint report, promptly dispose, ensuring that the people of the city warm winter.

Shijiazhuang City Heating Affairs Center reminded the public if residents find abnormalities in the heating system, can be contacted with heating companies, or through the "Shijiazhuang Heating" public account to report to Shijiazhuang Heating Affairs Center, the center will pass Shijiazhuang City Wisdom Heating Management Service Platform Transmission, and track the results.

Shengnan Caocatrial College Student Growth and Development Center: Building a innovative education platform for "big thinking"

Not long ago, the students of the Southwest University of Money Institute, the 2017 level of audit doctoral student Zheng opened, after participating in the recruitment meeting of the PetroChali Financial System, which participated in the College Student Growth and Development Center, sincerely sigh: "Student Growth and Development Center It is worth finding the way for students to find a good helper for students. "The growth of students’ growth and development centers in the Southwest Casting Institute has been running more than a year.

Cast soul, guide students to deduct the first table of life, according to the Southwest Corporate Secretary Liu Xiaobin, the college is one of the second batch of 42 "Sanquan Educated" comprehensive reform pilot colleges in colleges, 2019 The Ministry of Education was approved.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Southwest University of Finance, the college further agresses all parties to educate people’s resources, and constantly build an integrated education system.

Based on this background, in September last year, the Southwest Casting Institute integrated the original professional planning and employment guidance center and psychological workstation, and joined college students’ thinking and labor practices elements, relevant counseling teachers linkage, establish a student growth and development center, The Secretariat has established three departments of the central decision-making body, settled the resource development department, the planning department and the media operation department, and launched the "Accounting Institute’s Growth and Development Center" "Accounting Institute’s standard and employment" public account.

In this way, a dynamic mechanism specializing in the growth and development of "empowerment", started to run strong motors.

Initially sprouting this creative student work office, the center instructor Yan Ying said: "Always use the students as a center, from the students’ long-awaited, through pragmatic activities, tempering students grow, driving students, and wholeheartedly Student services realize the Lid Tree people. "" Talents, the capital of Germany; the German, the handsome ", the way of educating people, the words of the words."

How to temper students’ ideological and morality, improve students’ political quality, and put the "total switch" of the students in the future, guide students to deduct the first table of life, this is the students’ growth and development center "cast soul project" in the Southwest University of Contributions. The first "question in question". In this regard, Ma Yongqiang, the Dean of the Southwest University of Money, believes that the accounting of humanities and sciences, when needed, the humanity, and focus on "polishing the background". In May of this year, Chengdu "Five Old", "Five Old", is held in the Southwest University of Make Schools. The report will invite Chengdu NGC and Wenjiang District NTR, "Five Old" preliminary proclaimers Jia Yugong made party history preaching reports. The 85-year-old Jia Dynasty gathered in China’s history, especially the new Chinese history and party history, and shared his experience in the battle of three enemy fighters in the battle of Shanggunling. The teachers and students present were infected with deeds.

Sisters have said, "We must never forget how much the strong and richness today is not easy, and never forget those heroes that have been in the best life for today’s good life, youth students must use the hero’s spirit to nourish themselves. Strengthen the ideal belief, let your youth make more brighter.

"Active planning, fundamentally grasp the students’ future development and development center of the Southwest Casting Institute of Education and Development Center from the original mental health education team and employment professional planning team and other student teams, have been running more than a year, has become a service student Develop students to help students grow up and achieve personalized development talents. Not long, at the establishment of the second student growth and development center, Liu Xiaobin said: "Relying on the resource provided by the center, enhance the students’ connotation. Drive the growth of the teacher; innovate work, optimize the management method, thereby forming a working group with specialized color. "Yan Ying’s height of the party and the country’s use of people, from the perspective of" the initial heart of the teacher ", from the depth of the growth of students, and determined that the students work again and again Reform and innovation. She said: It is repeated to hammer and let students gain growth and development.

“exactly!Let’s only drink tonight,Don’t talk about anything at work”Huang Qiang observes his words,When he found that Li Yueming was unhappy with what Wu Xiong said,He hurried out to make a round。

Wu Xiong immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing just now,So he smiled and said:“Manager Li!Brother drank too much,Some words should be blown by a gust of wind,Don’t go inside”
Li Yueming smiled slightly,Took Wu Xiong and sat on the sofa。At this moment,Which Lina came over with a girl with heavy makeup。
“Li Ge!I’m very happy to be here,This is a good sister of mine,Let her accompany Brother Li tonight,I promise Li Ge is satisfied”Nari said,A light push。The girl sat down on Li Yueming’s lap。
Li Yueming is not restrained in front of everyone,He put his arm around which girl’s waist,Then laughed and said:“Everyone just play”
What Li Yueming said,The music rang again。Lina also sat in Wu Xiong’s arms,Where did these four people drink with their glasses。So everyone played their own,Someone is dancing with her arms around,Someone is drinking。Xia Jian is afraid of being discovered,Pull over Bai Li,Arms around her***,Jumped up slightly。
First2191chapter major discovery
From this time in the private room,Never turn on the light again,Completely under dim light。Like dancing,Guessing and drinking。Even Wu Xiong came out to sing a birthday song for Lina,The lights are also dim。
Xia Jian didn’t understand until later,If you don’t turn on the lights, you can do things。Everyone in the private room,They are all in pairs。
Xia Jian carefully observed,I found Huang Qiang and which Liu Erlong,The two guys are also holding the woman in their arms。But based on Xia Jian’s experience,,These women are allKTVEscort。
Said it was for Lina’s birthday,Actually everyone put gold on Wu Nan’s face。People who come here,They all rushed over to toast Wu Xiong。With Wu Xiong’s men,Friends who are also doing business with Wu Xiong。But Xia Jianneng can hear it,Most people are still builders here。
Some earthmoving,Also engage in electrical installation,Of course, firefighting is indispensable。Anyway between these people and Wu Xiong,Have a certain interest relationship。
So many people came to toast Wu Xiong,No matter how heavy the alcohol is, people can’t stand it。I heard Wu Xiong’s yelling at the beginning,After that, there was no sound。
suddenly,Bai Li pulled Xia Jian。Xia Jian looked back,Li Yueming has got up and walked outside,And Wu Xiong’s little lover Lina also followed out。
Xia Jian was taken aback,So he pulled Bai Li out of the private room。There is no figure of Li Yueming in the passage,Xia Jian thought for a moment,He took Bai Li and walked towards the elevator。
Elevator door,Which woman is standing Lina。Because Xia Jian, Bai Li and Lina didn’t meet each other,So this woman doesn’t know them。
When I approached Xia Jian, I found out,This woman is more than twenty-four years old。If it’s not for heavy makeup,He thinks this woman is at least 27 or 18 years old。
It’s really good for radish and eggplant,Xia Jian really doesn’t understand。Why did Wu Xiong celebrate her birthday??He can analyze it,Since Lina is Wu Xiong’s little lover,,That means Wu Xiong still has a wife or a formal girlfriend。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,There was a sound of stumbling footsteps。I saw a silhouette,Li Yueming came over drunkly。
“Lina!Why haven’t you gone back?”When Li Yueming said this,,Tongues are knotted。

right now,Ye Xuan’s life has reached thirty。

Ugh,Really not confused,Only thirty。
Only thirty days of life,Enough for what?
but,Go to the company and get sick。
Back to business department,Every colleague presents a milk tea and cake。
These colleagues have a good relationship with Ye Xuan,So everyone is very concerned。
“Ye Xuan,You are discharged,how about it,Are you feeling better??”
“Don’t take advantage of this time to rest for a few more days,Why did you return to the company so early??”
“That’s right,Ye Xuan,We plan to see you in these two days。”
Felt the sincerity of colleagues,Ye Xuan was filled with emotion。
It’s better to go to work,Can feel the greetings of colleagues,Like spring。
But not long,Ye Xuan found out,A middle-aged man in his forties came over。
This person,It is Xia Siyang’s father Xia Chaoxian。
Ye Xuan handed over the prepared milk tea drink directly:“General Manager Xia,These are for you,Every colleague has。”
“This one,I waited in line for a long time before I bought it。”
Anyway, just say that,Other people’s milk tea cake,More than 30 in one set。
Xia Chaoxian,More than twenty dollars,At best, the packaging looks better。
“Yep,well,Leaflet,look at you,Why did you come to work after being injured??”
“you all,Must learn Xiaoye’s spirit of not getting under fire。”