McGmitter (002851) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Platform Advantages Brewing Results Continue to Increase

McGmitter (002851) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Platform Advantages Brewing Results Continue to Increase
Core Views The company released the 2019 first quarter report, achieving net profit attributable to mothers of zero.580,000 yuan (ten years +138.67%).The company lays out several high-quality and high-growth tracks. Based on its own technology and customer advantages, the company acquires minority shareholders’ equity in core assets, which is expected to maintain rapid growth.Maintain 2019-2021 EPS forecast1.03/1.30/1.46 yuan (supplemented by the forecast in 2021). The reasonable estimate range for 2019 is 35x-40x. Maintain the “Buy” rating. Performance continued to grow rapidly, entering the fast track of development.The company released the first quarter report of 2019 and realized operating income7.740,000 yuan (ten years +101.39%), net profit attributable to mother 0.580,000 yuan (ten years +138.67%), reaching the upper limit of the forecasted growth rate range.At the same time, the company’s cost control ability improved during the period of rapid growth in performance, the cost during the reporting period was reduced by 15%, and the sales / management / financial expense ratio was -1 per year.68% /-1.63pcts / + 0.03 pcts, R & D expenses increase by 36 every year.58% to 67.46 million yuan.Net operating cash flow was 1.69 trillion US dollars, benefiting from better reporting of potential customer repayments and discounted bills compared to the same period last year and an increase of 4629 at the same time.12%. Aiming at high-growth industries, demand is building for bottom results.The company’s main layout is several downstream industries that have high growth rates or are about to usher in an industry inflection point: smart bathrooms are undergoing an accelerated penetration period internally, and the sales growth rate is expected to exceed 100% in 2018; the frequency conversion of home appliances and new energy passenger carsHigh-speed growth, railway exchanges are expected to usher in a huge investment of more than one trillion US dollars in three years, the domestic PMI resumed and promoted the continued improvement of industrial control, and the promotion of 5G construction to drive demand for related equipment.Under the company’s diversified layout, the overall demand is improving and its own technology and customer advantages are 都市夜网 better. It will continue to drive rapid growth in performance in the future. The acquisition of minority equity in core assets has long-term positive profitability.In September 2018, the company completed the acquisition of Jardine Sanitary, Shenzhen Driven, and Shenzhen controlled minority equity. The shareholding ratio increased from 52% / 41% / 54% to 86% / 99.7% / 100%, and consolidated since September.The above companies are facing high-end industries such as smart bathrooms, new energy vehicle electric drives, and rail transit air-conditioning control products. The three subsidiaries’ 2018 performance commitments are 7100/5500/13 million yuan, and the actual completion amounts are 7476/9188/1414. Ten thousand yuan, the over-completion rate reached 5, respectively.3% / 67.1% / 8.8%.At the same time, the company issued an announcement on the conversion of convertible bonds 武汉夜生活网 and the further acquisition of the remaining 14% minority shareholders’ equity in Jardine Bathroom. The company intends to raise 6 through convertible bonds.5.5 billion yuan, of which 1.50,000 yuan is intended to be used to acquire 14% equity of Yiyihe Bathroom (if completed, the company will hold 100% equity of Yiyihe).The performance promises of the three subsidiaries for 2019 are 95 million / 70 million yuan / 18 million yuan respectively, and the company intends to continue to acquire minority shareholders’ equity in Jardine Sanitary Ware, which will build a bottom line for 2019 and maintain rapid growth. Risk factors: The production and sales of new energy vehicles are lower than expected; the demand for inverter home appliances and smart home appliances is weak; the progress of rail transit construction is weaker than expected; the manufacturing boom is down. Investment suggestion: The company relies on its own technology platform advantages, acquires a good track, good customer assets, and diversified layout advantages to merge and acquire minority stakes in core assets. The performance is expected to continue to maintain a high growth rate and maintain the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021.Forecast 3.21/4.08/4.57 trillion, maintaining 2019/20/21 EPS forecast1.03/1.30/1.46 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE of 31x / 24x / 22x, we think the company’s reasonable range for 2019 is 35x-40x, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Goodix Technology (603160): Annual report, Q1 performance exceeded expectations Optical fingerprint chip penetration accelerated

Goodix Technology (603160): Annual report, Q1 performance exceeded expectations Optical fingerprint chip penetration accelerated

A brief evaluation of performance in 2018, the company achieved total operating income of 37.

21 ppm, an increase of ten years.

08%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

420,000 yuan, at least -16.

29%; single quarter revenue in the fourth quarter of 201813.

56 billion, an annual increase of 64.

19%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

2.3 billion, previously + 240%.

2019Q1, revenue 12.

2.4 billion, ten years + 114%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

1.4 billion, ten years + 2039%.

Operating analysis The company’s revenue for 2018 was basically in line with expectations, but the net profit attributable to the parent exceeded expectations.

Initially 1) Comprehensive gross margin is 2 higher than our forecast.

5 points.

Among them, the touch chip still maintained a high gross profit margin (58%), exceeding our two expected replacements; the comprehensive gross profit margin of fingerprint chips also reached 51%, exceeding the expected 1.

5 units.

We estimate that the initial gross margin of the capacitive fingerprint chip exceeded our previous expectations.

2) Asset impairment losses were lower than our expectations.

The net profit attributable to mothers in Q1 2019 was much higher than expected.

Initially 1) Gross profit margin reached 61%.

Compared with only 41% in the first quarter of last year, mainly due to changes in product structure, the proportion of high-margin optical fingerprint chip revenue continued to increase.

2) The sales revenue and management expenses have increased relative to revenue, which has realized the improvement 天津夜网 of the company’s product competitiveness and management level.

Optimistic about the company’s future development strategy: 1) Capacitive touch field: The company launched OLED touch products, positioning the high-end OLED on cell market and entering Samsung’s supply chain.

And it has completed mass production of car-specific touch chips, which is expected to become a new growth point in the future.

2) Fingerprint recognition: In the first quarter of 2019, among the newly added devices, the under-screen fingerprint accounted for more than 15%; among the existing devices, the under-screen fingerprint accounted for only 1.

9%, the potential space is huge.

The company will continue to maintain above the optical fingerprint chip faucet.

Car-grade fingerprint products are in the research and development stage.

3) 3D 南宁桑拿 sensing and IoT platforms are expected to bring new growth points in the long run.

We believe that the company has a convenient layout in IoT, and the technology platform of Sensor + MCU + Security + Connectivity has a leading advantage in China.

Profit adjustment and investment recommendations Based on the company’s product competitiveness and gross margin assessment, we raise the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to 2019/2020 to 11.


2 billion, an increase of 6.

5%, 13%.

With reference to the average evaluation of the semiconductor industry, the target price for the next 12 months is 128 yuan, corresponding to PE = 51x in 2019.

Risk warning: the expansion of optical fingerprint chips is not up to expectations; increased competition leads to drift in product gross margins

Eyelid jumping is good or bad


Eyelid jumping is good or bad

Click on the picture to buy. Everyone has encountered eyelid jumping, right, whether it is the left eye or the right eye, this will happen. A certain sentence is like this, the left eye jumps, the right eye jumps.

But in fact, this description is not correct, but many people still believe it. So what is the reason for eyelid jumping?

What about eyelid jumping?

Let Xiaobian decrypt it for you!

  Reading the eyelids from a scientific perspective has nothing to do with good or bad things.

In addition, frequent eyelid jumping may indicate one thing, which may be a sign of a disease.

  What causes the eyelids to jump?

  In anatomy, the eyelid is called the eyelid. There are two main types of muscles that control the movement of the eyelid: one is the orbicularis orbicularis muscle, which is shaped like a wheel and surrounds the eye sockets. When it contracts, the eyelids are closed;The upper eyelid muscle, which opens when the eye contracts.

These two muscles cooperate with each other, constantly shrinking and relaxing, and the eyelids open and close immediately, but if the nerves that govern these two muscles are continuously excited by some kind of stimulation, these two muscles will repeatedly contract and even twist and vibrate, and the boots appearOur outstanding “eyelid jumping” phenomenon.

  Types of eyelid jumpsPhysiological eyelid jumps are often transient, intermittent, short-lived, and have a low degree of beating, most likely because of excessive eye use, or physical exertion, stress, stress, or illness.More common.

  If there is a lack of long-term sleep, excessive alcohol and tobacco, cold, and lack of regular life, people with neurosis will also have eyelids.

However, this eyelid jump does not affect our health. As long as you pay attention to rest and ensure extra sleep, it will ease eyelid jump.

  Pathological eyelid jump Pathological eyelid jump may be caused by eye refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism; foreign bodies in the eye, inverted eyelashes, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.

  Intracranial diseases such as tumors and vascular abnormalities can also cause eyelid beating, the incidence rate is about 1%. This kind of eyelid jumping generally lasts for a long time, and the saccade is large. Most of them occur in elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Varicose veins, along with the facial nerves that dominate the eyelid muscles, are oppressed, resulting in continuous abnormal excitement that causes the muscles to continue to contract and form saccades.

  In addition, there is another kind of monocular saccade. The saccade is consistent with the pulse beat. It is accompanied by eye pain and vision loss. This saccade is often related to cerebrovascular diseases and needs sufficient attention.

  So after the above description, eyelid jumping has nothing to do with good or bad.

The occurrence of eyelid jumps may be indicative of certain diseases in our body.

  Demystifying how eyelid jumps are going on

As the saying goes: left eye jumps fortune, right eye jumps for disaster.

Right eyelid jump means something bad is going to happen. Is this true?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eyelid jumping is related to a person’s physical health.

  The eyelids are responsible for closing the eyes, and are composed of orbicularis muscle muscles that surround the eyes; what we call eyelid jumps, which is caused by the abnormal excitation of the nerves that control the eyelid muscles, is part of the orbicularis muscle fibers.Short-term involuntary and continuous contraction does not affect the skin on it.

  Causes of eyelids jumping.

The eyelids are generally fatigued, and the incidence of jumping is prolonged when using the eye for too long or lacking sleep. Other factors, such as bright light, drug-induced irritation, or foreign bodies being blown into the eye, or smoking and drinking oftenWill irritate the eyes and cause eyelids to jump.

  For eyelid beating, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by chronic illness and overwork to damage the heart and spleen, or liver and spleen blood deficiency caused by chronic wind.

  If it is caused by deficiency of heart and spleen, combined with insomnia, forgetfulness, upset and palpitations, and eating tiredness, you can treat it with “guipi decoction” plus or minus medicine taste; if it is caused by blood deficiency and wind, and often beats,It is similar to the eyebrows, foreheads, face, and mouth corners and cannot be controlled by itself, and it is treated with “Danggui Huoxueyin” plus or minus the medicine.

  Experts say that the most common eyelid jump is the “small muscle tremor” of the orbicularis orbicularis, which jumps for a few seconds to several minutes at a time; under normal circumstances, it will automatically recover after a single pass, and you can also close your eyesTake a break or cover your eyes with a hot towel, and use a balanced daily diet and extra sleep to change the timing of your eyelids beating.

  Experts say that if your eyelids keep jumping, you should see a doctor immediately.

If your eyelids are beating, half-side muscles, eyebrows, and mouth corners are twitching, it may be a distortion caused by the stimulation of the facial nerve, and you should actively treat it, otherwise you will have slanting mouth and eyes.

  Due to different causes, the treatment methods are also different.

  When your eyes are tired, there is a way to help you alleviate this symptom. Then, make a cup of strong tea, then add an appropriate amount of salt, stir well, and then apply a cotton swab to the tea and apply it around your eyes.Can quickly relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.

  How to relieve eye fatigue When your eyes feel uncomfortable or tired, you can use a hot towel to apply it.

After the towel is soaked with hot water and twisted with water, then cover your eyes with a large area, so that the blood around the eyes is activated, and it can stimulate its metabolism, thereby reducing fatigue.

  Pour a cup of chrysanthemum tea, remember to use boiling water, then make tea, keep the eyes under a certain distance under the camellia when it is hot, and then use the heat to smoke your own eyes.Good relief of fatigue.

But remember not to hurt your eyes.

  People who often have eye fatigue, remember that when they can use the eyes a lot, every half an hour or less, they can move their eyes away from the place of focus and look into the distance or look at some green plants.In this way, make your eyes peaceful, without being in a state of tension all the time.

  People with eye fatigue should always have eye drops. Do not choose functional eye drops, but directly choose the one that relieves eye fatigue.

Drop eye drops every two hours. This will also improve your eyestrain in a short time.  Food eye protection.

The eye’s need for vitamins, as well as the need for carrots, is very large. Usually, eating more carrots is also effective for eye protection.

It is also helpful to eat more livers from some animals.

Although it does not relieve fatigue quickly, it can keep eyesight and protect your eyes.

  It is recommended that people who often use eyes can eat more corn in normal times.

Everyone knows that corn contains a substance called lutein, which is very effective in protecting our eyesight.

Moreover, this substance can also have a self-healing function, that is, if the eyes are tired, eating corn will protect itself.

  In normal times, when you feel uncomfortable, you can use your fingers to massage around your eyes. You can compare the acupuncture points. The main acupoints are the eye acupoint, the bamboo bamboo point, and the temple, which can alleviate the fatigue.

If you are uncomfortable, you should find someone to help you massage.

How to ask leucorrhea during gynecological consultation

How to ask leucorrhea during gynecological consultation

Ask the healthy women to have a small amount of colorless, sticky, odorless mucus in the vagina. It is used to moisturize the vagina. It belongs to the normal band and is a normal physiological feature of women.

  If the amount of the band is increased, and accompanied by color, amplitude, odor abnormalities, and systemic or local symptoms, it is called the band disease.

However, between the two menstrual periods (that is, the ovulation period), the premenstrual period and the gestational period increased slightly. This is a physiological phenomenon under the condition of Yin fluid, which is normal.

  Under normal circumstances, the color is deep, the thickness is thick, there is odor, and it is mostly hot; those who are thin or have a fishy odor are mostly cold.

If the band is continuous, the color is white or pale yellow, the weight is heavy, no odor, and the fatigue is weak, and the person who eats less will be spleen.

If there is a large amount, the color is yellow or accompanied by red white, a small amount of sticky, odor, and itching of the vagina, the patient’s tongue is yellow and greasy, it is hot and humid, and poisonous.

If there is a large amount, the drip is continuous, the color is white and cold, and a small amount is thin. The patient has both waist acid and cold in the abdomen, which is a kidney-yang deficiency.

If you take off the white, slightly sticky and odorless, accompanied by vaginal burning, the patient is distressed, belongs to kidney yin deficiency, due to insufficient kidney yin, the fire is relatively strong, and the belt is caused by solid loss.

Nose bleeds shouldn’t suddenly be in danger of hiding!

Nose bleeds shouldn’t suddenly be in danger of hiding!

Healing can be achieved from the above examples. Patients with this kind of nosebleeds can bleed thousands of milliliters in a short rupture, and they are fierce and dangerous. If you relax your vigilance, it will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

  Bleeding in the nose can also be fatal?

Is this alarmist?


Please look at a few real examples: Mr. Wang has been receiving radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer for nearly 10 years, but it has been repeated many times.

One day, suddenly a lot of blood poured out of the nose and mouth, the volume exceeded 2000 ml, and immediately shocked.

  Immediately included in hospital rescue.

It was found after inspection.

The blood came from the nasopharyngeal artery, which was surgically treated to stop bleeding and no further bleeding occurred.

Rescue 3800 ml of CCP blood transfusion.

  Ms. Xue, 53, was shocked by massive nosebleeds and was transferred to our hospital after rescue.

About a week or so in the past, another 800 ml of nasal bleeding occurred, blood was sprayed several feet away, and blood pressure dropped.

The cerebral angiography showed that there was an aneurysm in the cavernous sinus segment of the residual internal carotid artery, which was immediately transferred to neurosurgery, which caused no further bleeding and no sequelae.

  The construction worker, Master Dai, fell from a height of 5 meters a few months ago, landed on his head, and was unconscious with a slight nasal discharge on his head.

Later, a lot of nosebleeds occurred more than 10 times, totaling 1,000?
2000 ml, due to severe anemia, was admitted to hospital for treatment.

It was confirmed by carotid angiography that it was a pseudoaneurysm of the right internal carotid artery. After surgery, the bleeding stopped completely.

  Healing can be achieved from the above examples. Patients with this kind of nosebleeds can bleed thousands of milliliters in a short rupture, and they are fierce and dangerous. If you relax your vigilance, it will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

  The root cause is this “lethal” nosebleed.

It is the most dangerous type of nosebleed. The root cause of bleeding is caused by internal carotid artery rupture, but the cause of “rupture” is different.

In fact, the common causes of “rupture” of the internal carotid artery are as follows: ① head trauma.

Mostly due to a car accident or falling from a high level, it causes a skull fracture and damages the arterial wall to form a pseudo aneurysm. The tumor gradually grows. Under certain incentives, such as holding your breath, cold, fever, etc., bleeding can occur.

This is the case with Master Dai.

  ② Congenital or acquired factors.

Such as cerebral atherosclerosis, resulting in weak arterial walls, local enlargement to form aneurysms.

  ③ radiation damage.

Such as repeated multiple radiation treatments at the skull base area, damage to the arterial tissue, causing softening and necrosis of the internal carotid artery wall, more common in patients with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma multiple radiation treatment.

  The appearance of the internal carotid artery wall that has been mentioned earlier is softened, necrotic, or an aneurysm has formed. It is like a bomb buried in the skull, which may detonate at any time.

But before and after the onset of this nosebleed, there will be some aura symptoms, as if the “wow” sound from the fuse is ignited. If you can “source” the sound to find the source and cut off the fuse in time before the detonation, it will be a life-threatening event.The great calamity may be avoided.

  Conversely, if the risk of the disease is not even thought of at all.

When the clues first appeared, they were confused, missed the opportunity, and even went for a biopsy by mistake. The result was that the “bomb” broke out early, causing them to be caught off guard and killed their lives.

  So, among the many patients with nosebleeds, what clues can reveal that we must be alert to this deadly nosebleed?

  ① Medical history.

As mentioned before, patients with nosebleeds who have a history of head trauma before onset, or a history of high-dose regular radiation therapy on their head, should pay more attention.

  ② accompanied by symptoms.

Because the aneurysm in the cavernous sinus is adjacent to some brain nerves, before and after the nasal hemorrhage is ruptured, symptoms such as affected side migraine, oculomotor nerve palsy and other nerve stimuli or compression often occur. These symptoms must not be taken lightly.

  ③ bleeding characteristics.

Most of them are arterial bleeding, so the bleeding color is bright red, and it is fierce.
The amount of bleeding is very large, often gusting out from the mouth and nose at the same time, and the bleeding site is not easy to determine. It is difficult to stop with conventional packing methods, and the patient can have shock in a short period of time.
  For a further diagnosis of a dangerous nosebleed, carotid angiography must be performed.

It is completely helpful in understanding the presence of an aneurysm, and can show whether the communication between the two cerebral vessels is good. This is important to estimate whether serious complications due to brain tumors will occur when the artery is ligated to stop bleeding.

  It is expected that the bleeding will be suspended or relieved after nasal tamponade, and this examination will be done as soon as possible within the short period of time after the next major bleeding.

The diagnosis is thorough and clear, and the treatment plan can be targeted.

Some black foods that can nourish the kidneys

Some black foods that can nourish the kidneys

Black beans, also known as black beans, are sweet and flat, and enter the spleen and kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black beans are helpful for anti-aging and have the special function of medical treatment and food therapy.

It is rich in protein, traces, residues and carotene, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and other nutrients, and it contains estrogen, which is beneficial to delay aging and beauty.

Black beans are also good for treating edema, and promoting blood circulation and detoxification.

Pharmacological research results show that black beans can nourish yin and nourish qi, and are a strong and nourishing food.

  There are various ways to eat, you can stew, porridge, or make soy milk, and grind it into bean paste to make snacks.

Black bean juice can be used to relieve and treat food and drug poisoning.

  Seaweed is rich in calcium and iron, which can effectively treat anemia in women and children, and can promote bone and tooth growth and health care of children and the elderly.

Laver also contains rich choline components, which can enhance memory.

Laver has the function of softening and stiffening. Because it contains a certain amount of mannitol, it is a very strong diuretic and can be used as a supplementary food for the treatment of edema.

The iodine content in laver is also very high. In ancient times, it was used to treat “big neck disease” caused by iodine deficiency, that is, “goiter”.

Dipping soup or making sushi-like food is delicious.

Soak the hair with fresh water before cooking and change the water once or twice to fully clean.

  Black rice Black rice contains eighteen kinds of amino acids and trace elements B1, B2 such as selenium, iron, zinc, etc., with extremely high nutritional value.

Long-term consumption of black rice can promote sleep and can treat dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, and waist and leg weakness.

Modern medicine believes that black rice has certain effects on blood replenishment, analgesia, and treatment of internal and external injuries.

Maternal eat more black rice food, the body can recover as soon as possible; those who have suffered a bruise or fracture, eat more black rice food or smash the black rice and apply it externally, which can speed up the cure and assist the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

  Suitable for porridge, can also be used to make dim sum, dumplings, dumplings, bread and so on.

Wash the rice with cold water, do not rub, and boil the rice water with the rice to fully preserve its nutritional content.

  Kelp Kelp is known as the “longevity dish”.

Rich in carbohydrates, excess protein and trace amounts.

Compared with spinach and rape, in addition to containing vitamin C, its protein, sugar, calcium, and iron content are several times to dozens of times higher.

Kelp is a kind of seaweed with high iodine content. It is very effective for the prevention and treatment of goiter and other edema diseases.

A layer of hoarfrost-like white powder attached to kelp is a valuable medicinal substance, mannitol, which has the effects of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and swelling.

Kelp also contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, which can reduce blood viscosity and reduce vascular sclerosis. Regular eating can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  Mostly used for stewing soup, making cold dishes, vegetarian food or eating small amounts with meat.

When cleaning, do not wash the white powder on the surface to avoid losing nutrition.

How to interpret your workplace mood

How to interpret your workplace mood

To fully unleash the charm of the workplace, you must learn to manage your emotions, the Pearl River, the mother river of Yangcheng.

The river flows gently through the ancient city, and there are mottled light spots scattered in the warm winter sun, and several tourist ferries are parked in the distance.

Although there is no turbulent expanse, the gentle river is like a charming southern Guangdong girl, giving people a little reverie.

  Sitting in front of the river, in the open-air bar of a four-star hotel, five female managers who grew up in the Pearl River water, together in the two roles of women and managers, change their topics and emotions.

Although women are made of water, the reality of the workplace has begun to make more and more female managers have to bury the emotions caused.

Because only by managing your emotions in the workplace can you win the respect of the workplace.

  Is it emotional or rational?

  Traditional thinking holds that women are emotional and men are rational.

But for modern female managers who have assumed many roles, wandering between life and work, they need to constantly change their emotions.

  ”As a female manager in the workplace, she should be more rational than emotional.

“Zhang Yi, a graduate of telecommunications from North China University of Technology, is very rational in his work.

“It is true that women are emotionally more emotional, but work is a limited act. In order to achieve certain goals, choose rationality and control their emotions, they will not become the judgment and handling of female managers.ability.

“So Zhang Yi, who is responsible for large-scale bidding for wireless communication networks, has always been the essence of his boss.

  Huo Shufen, who is both the director of hotel room service and the acting director of human resources, chooses rationality or sensitivity in her work according to different people and events.

“In terms of implementing company policies and meeting targets, it requires absolute reasonableness and absolute control of emotions.

However, in employee management, female managers must give play to the charm of women, and have more female gentle emotions to influence employees.

“But she is also outstanding. Female managers must master their own degree in emotional management. If they are completely rational in management, they will encounter resistance or fear from their subordinates; if humane management is fully implemented, subordinates will not listen.Your management is out of control.

  Lin Jie, a customer service manager who manages over 300 attendants, manages emotions based on her job and personality.

“My subordinates are very young girls, and my personality is relatively extroverted, so if they are strictly managed, they will often cause rebellious psychology and increase pressure on them.

So in management, I will combine two emotions.

“But when I get home,” I will do my part as a woman and release my emotions emotionally.

“” Sometimes a moderate representation of women’s emotional side can better solve the problem.

“A female subordinate used to have great emotional changes due to the change of position and work. After communication, the human resources manager Wang Jinhua found that the female subordinate’s emotions could not be healed, so she gave her two days off. After returning, herEmotions have stabilized and work efficiency has improved significantly.

“Women managers are rational in thinking, but they can be more emotional in execution or action, because moderate sensitivity will promote your productivity.

“Don’t bring emotions into office workplace management. Women managers are often warned that if they want to behave properly in the workplace, they must learn to control their emotions.

Because of too emotional reactions, it will not only destroy the self-image of female managers, but also affect the team image and company performance.

  ”I will never rebuild my work and life emotions or bring personal emotions to work.

“Since becoming a manager, Huo Shufen has always paid attention to controlling her emotions.

Because she didn’t want her subordinates to watch her “emotional weather” to work.

“If subordinates see that the leader is ‘cloudy’, they will be careful not to report problems, which will delay the team’s work process.

“Emotion is a normal psychological reflection of people on the outside. There are negative and positive points. I will bring positive emotions to the company and let everyone share my happiness, but if I bring negative emotions to work, I willErrors in handling work will also make colleagues slowly alienate you.

“Zhang Haiyan is deeply impressed by this.

On one occasion, a technician worked late in the morning on the first day and was late the next day, affecting the progress of the project.

She happened to be in a bad mood that day, so she couldn’t help but criticize the employee.

It didn’t take long before the employee jumped.

“This incident touched me a lot because I didn’t control my emotions at that time, and I didn’t communicate with him in time and deeply. As a result, the company lost people.

“Wang Jinhua, who is accustomed to thinking about his daily work plan after going out in the morning, will never bring emotions into the office.

“My work is fast-paced, and when I think of work, it’s hard to have time to think about my emotions.In the eyes of many people, Wang Jinhua assumes the role of “housekeeper” in the enterprise, because part of the work of the human resources department is executive, which is easy to cause employee resistance.Misunderstanding and intensifying contradictions.

“If female managers can treat employees with good emotions, they will effectively balance and ease the relationship inside and outside the department and resolve conflicts.

“” Different emotions gradually lead to different work efficiency of the team and themselves.

“Rakuten sent Zhang Yi to insist that he only bring his positive emotions into the office.

Bringing emotions into the office is like bringing colored glasses to your job.

When you’re in a bad mood, you can’t see anything, and you can pick up problems; when you’re in a good mood, you can relax at work and infect your subordinates’ happy work.

  On the other hand, cheerful Lin Jie handled her emotions differently. She only brought negative emotions to the office and talked to her colleagues. At the same time, she only brought home happy emotions to share with her family.

“In the office, I have very good colleagues. When I have a quarrel with my family, I will go to the office and talk angrily and ask my colleagues to help me analyze and organize.

“But she is also a candidate, because she wants to control the emotions of more than 300 people, so once she steps into another work place, she will absolutely control her emotions,” she will never enter the computer room with emotions.

“Stress and failure” infect “emotional viruses.

  ”The nature of China Unicom is very strong, so it has outstanding performance. The company’s mandatory assessment indicators must be completed; and the user consultation problems may be various and need to be solved by us. In addition, the operators I manage are veryYoung, so I feel a lot of work and stress.

Lin Jie travels to and from Guangzhou and Huadu every month to handle her work. The pressure of work has affected her life and mood.

  ”My mood basically comes from work.

Wang Jinhua admits that because the company is developing rapidly, the requirements for human resources managers are very high.

“A lot of new issues that arise from the company require me to think positively, have innovative thinking, and use specific behaviors to guide and express.

“And the boss usually only gives you a short period of time, and it will have an immediate effect.

“It made her nervous and emotionally inconsistent.

But she is still very optimistic. “Since staying in the position of manager, we must bear a lot of pressure. Only in this way will we grow.

“People don’t have absolute success, especially the more roles they assume, the more likely they are to fail.

Only the failed role will cause Huo Shufen’s negative emotions.

“But failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we haven’t thought about the reasons for failure, and we haven’t learned lessons.

The success of a project is also the primary reason for Zhang Yi and Zhang Haiyan’s emotional changes.

Women who value results believe that if the project is not undertaken or is not done well, it will cause emotional changes, make them feel lost and distressed, and there is “a kind of frustration.”

  Learning to control emotions Compared to men, women are more likely to express their emotions.

But as a leader, female managers must master the ability to control emotions and release the charm of the workplace.


The founder of Hill-Successful Science once said: Self-control is the most rare virtue of human beings, and the greatest enemy of success is the lack of control over one’s emotions.

When you are angry, you can’t stop the anger and discourage the collaborators around you; when you are depressed, you indulge your own malaise and waste the fleeting opportunities.

So I think the key to success in the workplace is the ability to control your emotions.

“Whenever Wang Jinhua feels stressed, she will divert her attention.” I will go to various departments to learn about the work of other colleagues. In the process of communicating with colleagues and solving their problems,Relieve your tension, so communication is a good way to relieve stress.

Every time Zhang Haiyan’s mood changes, she must sit down calmly and analyze the reasons.

Getting up and doing yoga for half an hour every morning, her best way to deal with bad moods is exercise.

At the same time, she will talk to her friends about her distress and listen to their opinions and suggestions.

  Lin Jie, who has to stay calm when entering the computer room, uses more psychological hints. When she stepped into the computer room, she warned herself to use hard rules to control her emotions.

  ”If I feel a lot of pressure on one thing, I will move to something that is easy or easier to handle, merge and resolve my bad emotions without delaying other tasks.

“In addition, Zhang Yi also revealed that she likes to eat chocolate to ease the mood, or silently shed tears in the office.” When the tears are over, the mood is gone.

Huo Shufen said with a smile that 360 days of the year are sunny ladies, and a great advantage in the workplace is that he can control his emotions well.

Every time when she was out of control, she liked to walk around the riverside and enjoy the taste of gentle and gentle wind while inspecting the room built near the river.

Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

On September 29th and 30th, Shenyang Hengdatong World, Shenfu New District Hengda Health Valley, Shenyang Evergrande Football Characteristic Town, Fushun Kangxi Ecological Town and other four projects were established in Shenyang, Fushun, and other project sites.The ceremony was officially settled in Liaoning.

Deputy Governor Chen Luping of Liaoning Province, relevant departments of the province, relevant leaders of Shenyang City, Fushun City and Shenfu New District attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Evergrande Project and laid the foundation for the project.

This is another achievement that Liaoning Province has fully implemented in the “No.1 Project” for attracting investment and has been striving to carry out the “Strong and Strong” special action. It is another achievement of Liaoning Province in striving to create an international business environment, marking the same as Liaoning Province.Tongda Group entered a new stage of comprehensive cooperation.

According to reports, Evergrande World is the only indoor, all-weather, all-season fairy-tale mythical theme park built for children and children.

The top-level amusement facilities and technology with the highest technological content create the largest childhood paradise in the world, with Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese stories as the core content, integrating the essence of Chinese culture and world civilization.
The highest grade, the world’s number one theme park.

Evergrande Health Valley creates a new all-round healthy and healthy life, a new model of high-precision multi-dimensional health management, a new high-quality multi-level health pension system, a new system of high-cycle health insurance, and a multi-modal health member.The new mechanism will become the largest, highest-grade, world-class health and endowment insurance in China.

The four projects laid the foundation for the foundation laying ceremony of Shenyang Hengdatong World are the first foundation projects of Liaoning Tonghengda series cooperation projects.

It took only 4 months from project planning to project landing, and the project amount exceeded 100 billion yuan, which created a miracle of attracting investment from Liaoning Province.

(Shenfu Hengda Health Valley Foundation Grounding Ceremony) During the project landing process, the relevant departments of Liaoning Province Zhihe City strictly abide by the requirements of the Secretary of Chen Qifa and the Governor of Tang Yijun, actively docking, closely cooperate, strengthen service, and insist on working once a week.Advance, centrally dispatch once every two weeks, and equip each project with a “project manager”, from the introduction of the project to the ground-breaking foundation, providing a full-process full-cycle “store small two” service, timely helping to solve the land in the project landing process, approvalThe problems in other areas have provided a strong guarantee for the project.

In the follow-up, there will be four Evergrande projects that will be launched in Liaoning and will start construction in April next year.

4 recipes for the elderly to be physiologically pleasing

4 recipes for the elderly to be physiologically pleasing


I often call Teresa, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California, to maintain a long-term friendship that is good for maintaining a happy mood and good health.

It’s not a strange thing to just lower your blood pressure by talking to a friend by phone.

In addition, people who participate in social activities at least once a week will be more sensitive and have a cardiovascular effect.


Recall that in the past, I took some time every week, wrote or recorded it, and even remembered the major events in the past.

Butler, director of the American Longevity Center, said that you can write your life history in different time periods: college age, the beginning of a new marriage, a career, a mother (father), write down the victory, mistakes andLessons for the future.


Recording happy moments and recording happy things can refresh.

Research at the University of California shows that people who write down everything that is worthy of gratitude will be more optimistic in the coming week and more satisfied with their lives.

However, this does not have to be overdone.

Studies have shown that women who write a Thanksgiving diary once a week are more happy than those who are three times a week.

So find the number that suits you so you don’t make it a burden.


Doing good deeds Research by Dr. Sonya, an American psychologist, shows that doing 5 good things a day can make people happy and peaceful.

Of course, you don’t have to plan ahead to do good deeds. Some little tricks and trivial things will make you feel unexpectedly rewarded.

If you have a hard time doing 5 good things and don’t have to worry about it every day, Dr. Sonya pointed out that it is rewarding to do good nature.

Teach you to eat oranges for two months and lose 20 pounds

Teach you to eat oranges for two months and lose 20 pounds

Eating oranges also makes you have a good body and be a skinny beauty!

Orange diet to help you lose weight quickly, healthy weight loss!

If you want to be a thin beauty, take a look at this simple quick-acting orange weight loss method. Let’s lose weight together. The orange color is bright, the skin is thin and juicy, sweet and sour, nutritious, and high in vitamin C content.fruit.

It is currently the most popular fruit on the market. It mainly has navel orange, rock sugar orange, blood orange and American Sunkist orange. The weight loss effect is the same, we can choose freely.

The ripening period of the oranges is from March to November every year, and immediately after the orange is in full bloom, let us eat enough at once, and then lose weight at the end!

  Orange’s principle of weight loss: Orange is called “healthy fruit”, rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene, citric acid, orange peel compounds and aldehydes, alcohols, alkenes and other substances.

Orange multi-fiber and low-calorie, containing natural sugar, is the best choice to replace the desserts such as dinner or candy, cakes, cookies, etc. Those who are sweet and want to lose weight can eat oranges to satisfy the desire for sweets.

In addition, the orange is higher in fiber, and more food helps to defecate, which can reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.


1 Orange daily diet method After getting up, drink 1 cup of warm water with a small amount of salt, then eat 1 egg + 1 bowl of porridge.

  1 bowl of vegetable soup for lunch + +1 fish + 1 bowl of rice.

You can eat 1 orange or 1 cup of juice when you are hungry in the afternoon.

  1 plate of vegetarian dishes + 1 bowl of rice in the evening.

Eat 1 orange after 1 hour.

  The above methods can be eaten for a long time, whether you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape!

Vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences, but try not to eat more oily foods. Usually, you should stretch out and move your legs so that you can keep your slim body!

  Suitable for the crowd: MM especially suitable for cellulite-type obesity.

  Personal experience: A reader and sister “have eaten” for two weeks and found that they are not just thin, and the skin is still shiny enough!

If you want to be beautiful, you may wish to try it!


2 orange quick-acting weight loss single breakfast tomato, one cooked egg, a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

  A bowl of steamed egg for lunch, a bowl of tomato soup, and a fresh orange.

  A cup of freshly squeezed juice in the afternoon tea.

  One tomato for dinner, one cooked egg, one orange.

  When using this diet, it is best not to eat other foods, drink water.

Add a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a vegetable salad between meals.

In addition, this menu can only be used for four days and then stopped for two weeks.

You can use green vegetables and fruits for the time you stop using it.

  Suitable for the crowd: Sisters who want to lose weight quickly are suitable.

  Personal experience: The editorial department used a white vinegar plus this method. It lost 20 pounds in two months. The amazing slimming speed made us not believe, so we recommend it to the sisters now.

Remember to keep your mouth shut and the fat is lost.


3 orange healthy weight loss soup ingredients: orange l000 grams, 50 grams of ginger, sandalwood 25 grams, 20 grams of salt, 50 grams of licorice.

  Practice: Cut the oranges into slices, slice the ginger, and then fry the water together. Add the above seasoning after 30 minutes.

  This soup can be tempered and eliminated.

Take 1 bowl each time, three times a day.

When taking this soup, it is best to maintain a happy mood, exercise more, and feel sweaty throughout the body.

  Suitable for the crowd: MM for medium-sized obesity.  Personal experience: I introduced this formula to a company’s beauty, so-called, there are five MM together.

In two months, three of them lost 15 pounds, one 12 pounds and one 8 pounds.

It seems that the weight loss effect of this side is still quite good!

  Tips: The cause of obesity and the digestive system disorder accumulate fat, and the waste is related to toxins.

Acid-base balance can improve the body’s digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion system, but must be aware that the food is acidic, alkaline or neutral before eating.

Oranges should not be eaten before meals or on an empty stomach, otherwise the organic acids contained in the oranges will irritate the gastric mucosa and are not good for the stomach.

Do not drink milk for 1 hour before and after eating oranges, because the protein in milk will coagulate when it encounters fruit acid, which will affect digestion and absorption.