And the three generations of fire is also understanding?I have laid into the wooden leaves before people.,There is no use of all strengths at all.!

When there is a successful compression between the killer,The three generations of fire shocked the power of the night,I want to start worrying that the wooden village after his death。
Although this is said,Some self-destruction wind,But in the three generations of fire,Even the strength of the entire wooden leaves,It is estimated enough to resist this young fog in front of it.。
It’s better to make the three generations of rigid shadows.,Previously, the four generations of water agreed his trading conditions.。
The fog hidden village not only does not temporarily,Fortunately help it until you find“Five-generation rigs”until。
His age is old,Finally, I can help the leaves.,Just this is。
Wooden leaves from him,All the way to gradually decline,The three generations of fire, even since the boy, the two steps, the two, the big shadow.。
As the thousand hand is sealed,The soul of the three-generation rigs is once again cut by the death of the dead.。
Originally,The soul is only one-third of the three-generation rigs,Consciousness is already in the distance。
Even the big snake pills,Incomplete soul leading to your own,It is not the existence of the three generations of nigns.。
I have to stick to it.,Three generations of fire, finally the original plot is general,Seal the big snake pill,Then I finally fall down.。
The big snake pill looks at the arms of death.,There is also a three-generation rigs that completely dead,Directly。
Do you want other wooden?,I saw my own fire.,I have flocked up.,Big snake pill whip·The idea of the corpse has。
The ninjas of the wooden leaves surrounded the big snake pill.,Even the savist is also ready to do,Prepare this scourge of the big snake pill。
Heavenly,Their fog hidden village is coming to watch the show.,As a result, it also became the target of this snake.。
The initial generation and second generation were sealed,Your own arms have been discouraged,Big snake pills that can not be used,Naturally, you won’t stay.。
Give it a message hidden in the dark.,The big snake pill suddenly turned into a white smoke.,Disappeared in the original place……
“Reverse Tongli!hateful,Actually, let the big snake pill rushed away。”
People who have a spirit beast know,Just a big snake pill is obviously invested by his own spirit beast。
It seems that people will run over to attack the leaves.,It is also prepared for even the retreat plan.。
Big snake pill is successful withdrawal,But others are miserable……
Curse the big snake pill squid,Directly uniform,Sands in the woods are also suppressed。
The Naruto once again exploded the end of the runaway,Successfully harvested my love of love。
As for the attitude towards the fog and other people,What should I say?,It is very subtle……
Although they are very grateful to the sauce and other people helped the leaves,But at this time their three generations of fire,Whether it is the roll of the wood, or the high level in the village,Hope to leave the wooden village as soon as possible。
After all, the current wooden leaves are already faded.,And the strength of the fog and other people is not small。
Although I don’t know what the fog is attitude towards the leaves.,But they don’t dare to gamble。
Especially when Kakasi is exposed,Night is a few years ago……
Chapter 472 Returning to a punch
The one who said the Night of Yuxio,Most of the Woods of War,It should be impressed。
If“Tail beast”It is what most people feel weak.,So that person at the time,Let them experience,It is thorough despair!
From that night, the other party,The other party should be the enemy of the leaves。
But today people saved the entire wooden village,Therefore, the manuscript will be subtle to the attitude of the night.。
Things have saved,No warehouse is not intended,Plus the wood leaves,Therefore, the savist is decided to leave the fog hidden village next day.。
“What is the wooden leaves?,The generous gods helped them so much,What is this attitude??”
“The level of those leaf ninja is not very good.,And even the fire is dead.,Maybe we can eat the wooden village now。”
About wooden leaves,The water and the moon are quite uncomfortable.,Even a quiet white,It is also a bit angry at this time.。
But only a few watches and nights.,I feel that the leaves will choose this.,Not worthy of strangeness。

A survey of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan shows that ASEAN vision China is the most important partner of the Foreign Ministry of the Foreign Ministry in the future

According to the WeChat public account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman’s office on May 26, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 26, a reporter asked: The results of the investigation of the Japanese Foreign Affairs Province show that China believes that China is the most important partner country in the future. What is China’s comment? Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that we generally do not comment on the results of polls. I am willing to reiterate here that China always regards ASEAN as the priority of surrounding diplomacy, always firmly supports ASEAN’s central position in the regional structure, and always cherishes and maintains the regional cooperation structure and achievements formed for a long time. Wang Wenbin pointed out that the valuable experience revelation obtained by the China ASEAN has established a dialogue relationship over the past 30 years:: Both parties insist on maintaining peace and opposition to random warfare in regional cooperation; adhere to unity and combination, oppose opposition and confrontation; adhere to mutual benefit and win -win, oppose hegemony and overbearing; Persist in openness and tolerance and oppose splitting him.

China is always a good neighbor that ASEAN can be referred to, a good friend who is reliable, and a good partner who believes in. China is willing to build a comprehensive strategic partnership with China ASEAN, work together to move towards the closer community of China ASEAN, and make new contributions to the construction of the Asia -Pacific destiny community.

Fuzhou Lianjiang Court: Carry out the rule of law under the big banyan tree

Southeast Network March 10 (Reporter Lin Xianchang correspondent Zhu Cuixia) In order to further promote the organic connection between rural revitalization and the construction of the rule of law society, to provide higher -quality judicial services for grassroots people. On March 3, the Lianjiang Court Party Branch Organization The court police officer of the court went to Hengyu Village, Jiangnan Town to carry out the "rule of law under the banyan tree" for the local people.

At the event site, the court police officer placed a table and propaganda materials at the Dan Rong Tree, Hengyu Village Cultural Park, attracting a large number of local people. In response to the majority of local elderly people, the court police officers based on maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly as the starting point, and introduced the laws and regulations related to the interests of the elderly in the inheritance of the inheritance, the marriage of the elderly, the marriage of the elderly, and the marriage of the elderly in the civil code. Detailed answers to the elderly through typical cases around them. In response to some elderly people who do not understand Mandarin, the court police officers answered them patiently in dialects and received unanimous praise from the masses.

At the same time, combined with telecommunications network fraud is increasingly frequent, the elderly are vulnerable to deception. The court police officer detailed the main way of being deceived by the elderly. Through the latest fraud cases around them and the news that appeared in the news, let everyone understand the new types of fraud and enhance the prevention of the elderly to prevent prevention of the elderly. Deception consciousness, discerning ability, and anti -fraud skills, and for the popularization of them after being deceived, so that the elderly can effectively understand the law, abide by the law, and use it, and pick up legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Gao Bao pulled the squirrel to a Zen room,Asked:“What are you going to steal??Character?Still draw?This thing is not good.,I am selling,People must guess this place.。”

“Neither,Leader,You will know。Not a word painting。”
The two unfolded the reel in the bamboo tube at the table.,It is actually……A pair of oil painting!
If it is not painted with an obvious Chinese water painting,Gao Baoyi is more dangerous to this is that someone has passed through the oil painting.。
“Lord you see,This kind of painting is unprecedented。This is still the second,What did you look at this painting?,This person is really bold.。”
“Take the dragon on the sky?”Gao Baoyi is sighed to say。
This is not the artistic conception of Gao Boyi guess.,But this picture is called“Take the dragon on the sky”,One word is not wrong。
Do not say anything else,If this painting is not given to a high ocean,Then you can get a referendum, you can review it.。
This picture is simple and simple.,In the cloud,One golden dragon head,It seems to be straight to the cloud。
but,If you want to explain this picture?,Ha ha,There are a lot of things inside, saying it.。
first,Dragon represents royal,Put on,That is the child of Gao Huan。
Date of drawing,It is the day before.。
So this is impossible to draw a front picture,This road is blocked。
Second,Jinlong straight fire,Explain that this dragon is not“Cloudy”,Means of,I haven’t taken the position of the emperor yet.。
This is very interesting。
So,What does this painting express??Introduce,That is, Qianlong in the Yuan,Ready to support。
Ha ha,If the ocean sees this picture,I don’t know if I will think.?
Gao Bao looked at the deposit of painting,There is also a seal,Smile with the mouth of the mouth。
“Squirrel,You don’t do it.。I will follow me later.。”
Gao Baoyi this time is a visual, this is not blind.“Thief”Powerful。
“Ancestors,I see where you can run this time.!”
Xu Zhi Talent,Outstanding characters from the South Dynasty Medicine Family Xujia,Because the war was captured in the North Dynasty,Review of Gao Huan,In East Wei Dang,Northasi time continues,There is a rise in stability,Medical skills。
Xu Zhi’s status is super,Indifferent fame,It will be people,Respected by the world and the North Qi Royal。
The most trusted people in Gaoyang is Gao Dezheng and Yang Wei.,Secondly, Xu Zhi Talent。
This is a very political wisdom.,The old good man under the hand。
but,Now this old man also encounters trouble.。
At this moment, he is sitting on his opposite.,And the other person said,Shocking。
“His Majesty…Do you actually have such a ridiculous move??”
Xu Zhi is more than 60,At this moment, it is shocked.。