TD Optics (002632): Reflective Materials Business Prospects Positive for First Coverage Buy

TD Optics (002632): Reflective Materials Business Prospects Positive for First Coverage Buy
TD Optics is a domestic company specializing in the sale and production of reflective 成都桑拿网 materials.Reflective materials are mainly used for road / highway traffic signs, car number plates and reflective safety clothing.Mainly driven by the increase in road / highway construction projects, the potential market size of reflective materials has steadily increased, but we see that more than 80% of them come from repeated renewal requirements.We expect that TD Optics will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 25% / 28% in 2018-21, benefiting from the company’s gradual increase in market share in the field of high-end microprism reflective films and automotive license plates. The driving factors include: 1) Competitive product pricing (15-20% lower); 2) Recently, end-customer interest in domestic suppliers has risen when Sino-US trade relations are strained; 3) The company has taken measures to improve brand awareness and product 杭州桑拿 performance.The stock is currently expected to correspond to 12 times the 2020 expected price-earnings ratio, and then listed since the historical average of 17 times.Considering the expected attractiveness, growth prospects and potential gains we have a 12-month target price of 8.The growth space of 30 yuan is 29%. For the first time, we covered the stock’s budget purchase. Excellent product quality will drive growth. At present, TD Optics’ business focus is tilting from low-end interference applications to high-end reflective films (microprisms and glass beads), which means that gross profit margins will rise.We believe that TD Optics will achieve market share growth in this business area with its more than 8 years of experience in the development of microprism-type reflective films and significant progress in winning orders for domestic automotive license plates.We expect the company’s microprism reflective material market share to rise from 20% to 20% by 2021.

Ziguang (000938) Interim Review: Continued high R & D investment in ICT business to expand market structure

Ziguang (000938) Interim Review: Continued 返回码: 404 网站打不开?重查 high R & D investment in ICT business to expand market structure
Event: Recently, the company released the first half of 2019 report and achieved revenue of 228.74ppm, an increase of 1 per year.92%, realized net profit attributable to mother 8.4.7 billion, an annual increase of 15.51%, the net profit of non-returned mothers 5 was realized.USD 9.8 billion, an annual increase of 2.39%, in line with expectations.The products cover a wide range of fields, and the operator market is gradually opening up. It is expected that the performance in the second half of the year will continue in the first half. Investment highlights: Xinhua III’s revenue declined slightly, but its core business grew steadily: H3C revenue in the first half of 145.$ 5.2 billion, with an average of 4 per year.12%. Due to the increasing downward pressure on the economy and the company’s promotion of private label servers, revenue from agency HPE products declined; however, digital infrastructure and services for core business grew steadily with revenue of 115.$ 1.5 billion.05%; gross margin is 33.98% twice a year.43%, due to the increase in the proportion of private label server and storage revenue, will increase through high value-added services and overseas market expansion. R & D expansion to lead the market application with innovation: 2019H1 R & D investment18.2.2 billion, an increase of 15 every year.21%; continuous high R & D, technology integration and innovation, around the “4 + N” concept, covering AI network modules, WiFi 6 wireless products and 5G convergence solutions, etc. to achieve comprehensive 5G product coverage; currently, the company has comprehensively improved its productsThe intelligent application and services of the solution, and the in-depth implementation of multiple industry projects will fully benefit in the future. Focusing on 5G construction, the operator market pattern opens: 5G has entered a large-scale construction period. The company expanded the operator market in the first half of the year and launched a full range of 5G mobile backhaul bearer network products.Routers break through the operator market and achieve partial commercialization; WLAN has won the largest scale in winning bids for operators’ equipment collection projects and achieved a breakthrough in scale; SDN / NFV has in-depth cooperation with operators, etc.The company is committed to improving the operator’s product line, and its business restructuring features are prominent, with better performance in the second half of the year. Security and small base stations will become the new growth points: 1) The company takes the lead in proposing the concept of “active security”, integrates artificial intelligence, quickly builds a product system, releases a new generation of AI firewalls, and wins hardware firewall product projects with the largest share;To achieve technological breakthroughs, for the first time to release a 5G white-box indoor small base station to beat traditional equipment vendors, we believe this will become the company’s new performance growth point. Profit forecast and investment advice: It is estimated that the company will achieve net profit of 23 in 2019, 2020 and 2021.10 billion, 28.89 billion, 36.9.7 billion, the corresponding EPS is 1.13 yuan, 1.41 yuan, 1.81 yuan; corresponding to the current expected PE is 29 times, 23 times, 18 times; we maintain the company’s “Buy” rating. Risk factors: 5G construction fails to meet expectations, Sino-US trade frictions intensify, and the risk of goodwill impairment.

Di Su Fashion (603587): Small and beautiful multi-brand fashion group

Di Su Fashion (603587): Small and beautiful multi-brand fashion group

Report Summary: Multi-brand mid-to-high-end women’s fashion operation group, expanded to men’s clothing brands.

Disu Fashion was established in 2002 in Shanghai. It is a multi-brand apparel fashion group. It has three core women’s clothing brands, DAZZLE, DIAMONDDAZZLE, and d’zzit, which respectively cover the mid-to-high-end, high-end and mid-end women’s clothing markets, forming aThe women’s market is multi-dimensional and penetrates deeply.

In the second half of 2007, the company launched the men’s clothing brand RAZZLE, which further enriched the company’s brand connotation and expanded its coverage.

It is said to be Euromonitor. The company’s main brand “DAZZLE” ranked third in the mid- to high-end women’s market in 2014 and third in 2015.

The market for mid- to high-end women’s clothing is large, and design will be the focus in the future.

Women’s spending power has improved, consumption concepts have improved, and the growth of high-net-worth individuals has driven the development of mid- to high-end women’s wear.

According to Euromonitor’s forecast, the retail sales of the women’s clothing market in the whole year of 2020 will reach US $ 112.5 billion, and the retail sales of the mid-to-high-end women’s clothing market will reach US $ 178.7 billion.

Women’s constant demand for clothing personalization, design is the most important trend.

Focus on design and pursue quality.

The company has a team of experienced, energetic and innovative design R & D teams. We always strictly select the designer team and attach importance to all aspects of independent training. It has both an international fashion sense and a deeply localized beauty.

R & D investment has continued to increase, attracting international design 佛山桑拿网 talents, and focusing on training designers.

Grasp the supply chain and cooperate with foreign high-quality fabric suppliers to pursue quality.

Strong profitability, improved channels, and great room for expansion.

The company’s gross profit margin and net profit margin are significantly higher than those of mid-to-high-end women’s wear companies in the same industry. ROE is high, and its profitability is among the highest in the industry.

Compared with comparable company benchmarks, the company’s store efficiency has a lot of room for improvement, and the VIP customer base has increased significantly.

With the completion of the channel adjustment, the company entered the stage of channel expansion, and the retail space of each brand was subdivided.

Profit forecast: It is expected that the company’s revenue 杭州夜网论坛 for 2019-2020 will be 23 respectively.

8.1 billion, 27.

600 million yuan, an increase of 13.

36%, 15.


EPS are 1.

60 yuan, 1.

84 yuan, currently corresponding to the company’s PE in 2019 is 13.

3 times, give overweight rating.

Risk warning: terminal consumption continues to weaken, store efficiency increases and store expansion is less than expected

Yingfeng Environment (000967) Quarterly Comment: Net profit is increasing by 9 each year.3% employee shareholding + equity incentives highlight development confidence

Yingfeng Environment (000967) Quarterly Comment: Net profit is increasing by 9 each year.3% employee shareholding + equity incentives highlight development confidence
Focus on environmental protection, divest non-core businesses, and increase net profit by 9 per year.3% of the companies released the 2019 third quarter report: the company achieved operating income of 87 in the first three quarters.2.6 billion (previously -3.2%); achieve net profit of 9.820,000 yuan (ten years +9.3%), of which the net profit attributable to the parent company is 9.64 ppm. The increase in net profit is due to the company’s equipment sales and the 都市夜网 disposal of non-core business assets (upper wind and 100% equity of Ningxing Technology).1.5 billion.The company ‘s gross profit margin in the first three quarters increased short-term1.13 points, net operating cash flow -7.310,000 yuan (-19 in the same period last year.02 billion). The target 3 years is to deduct non-net profit of 5 billion. Employee shareholding + equity incentives highlight the company’s development confidence. The company announced that it plans to raise no more than 5.The $ 3.5 billion employee shareholding plan covers no more than 150 company executives and core technical backbones.At the same time, it is planned to grant 65.34 million stock budgets to 250 company executives and core backbones. The exercise conditions are to achieve a net profit of no less than 14,16 in 2019-2021, respectively.8,200,000 yuan, 南宁桑拿 the three-year performance totaled over 5 billion yuan, showing the company’s development confidence. Continue to consolidate the leading position of sanitation equipment, actively develop the sanitation operation and further waste disposal areas. The company’s equipment market share continues to lead, with an overall market share of over 20% in 2018. Sanitation operation services have been accelerating, and the total value of newly signed contracts in 2018 is 80. ppm, an increase of 80 in ten years.2%, ranked fourth in the top 100 of the South Division of Environmental Affairs.In terms of waste incineration, as of the end of 2018, the first phase of 4 projects in Lianjiang, Xiantao, Funan and Shouxian had been completed and put into operation.In the future, the company will focus on the field of napkin kitchenware waste treatment. Currently, it has won the food kitchenware projects in Huai’an, Jiangsu, Xiantao, Hubei, Foshan, Guangdong and other places. In September 2019, it won the bid for the kitchenware garbage treatment project in Lu’an.The field of disposal continues to expand. Benefiting from the high prosperity of the solid waste industry, with both capital and strength, maintaining the “Buy” rating is expected to the company’s EPS in 2019-2021 is 0.42, 0.52, 0.63 yuan / share, corresponding to PE at the latest closing price of 15 respectively.5, 12.5, 10.2 times, Yingfeng Environment is a leading domestic sanitation equipment company, quoting more and stronger equipment sales and industry-wide industrial chain layout advantages from its peers. The company’s compound growth rate will exceed 20% in 2019-2021.Value, corresponding to 8.A reasonable value of 31 yuan / share, benefiting from the high prosperity of the solid waste industry, the company has both capital and strength, and maintains a “buy” rating. Risk reminders: market competition intensifies; operation advancement fails to meet expectations; government investment scale declines.

5 pictures to understand the market in May: the list of the top ten bull and bear stocks is here

5 pictures to understand the market in May: the list of the top ten bull and bear stocks is here

5 pictures to understand the market in May: the top ten bull and bear stocks are on the last trading day of May. The three major 苏州夜网论坛 A-share indexes closed collectively on the green disk.Now, the new shares have surged.

Looking back on May, the Shanghai Stock Index fluctuated around 2900 points, with a drop of 5 in May.

84%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 7.

77%, GEM Index fell 8.


  Which sectors are strengthening against the market?

Which stocks are performing amazingly?

21 Data Journalism Lab gives you a quick overview with 5 pictures.

  Turnover has shrunk by 40%. In May, the Shanghai stock index fluctuated in a narrow range. In May, the Shanghai stock index fluctuated below 3,000 points. In only four trading days, the index rose more than 1%, and the remaining trading days were within 1%Shock.

It may be that the Shanghai Stock Exchange rebounded when it hit around 2830 points three times.

  From the perspective of turnover, the trend of opening higher and lowering is obvious. The average monthly turnover is 4.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 40% of the average value in April.

    As an important force in the A-share market, the movement of funds to the north has always received much attention.

Wind data shows that the capital of Kitakami reached over 53.7 billion in May, the largest monthly net vertical record in history.

During the period, only two trading days, May 15 and May 18, had a net inflow record.

    Rare concept fires assisted the only 28 non-ferrous metals industries that received the sun, and only the non-ferrous metals received the sun, which rose by 2 in May.

52%, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, food and beverage, banks, and home appliances that rose against the market last month also showed relative resistance.

The auto sector led the two markets down.

    The reason why non-ferrous metals grow against the market is not unrelated to the hotness of rare earth concept stocks.

  According to wind data statistics, out of 139 popular concept plates, the rare earth concept plate has 24.

88% of the increase was ranked first, followed by artificial meat, which rose 18 in the month.


The most bearish concept stocks belonged to low-priced stocks, which fell 33 in the month.


    Jinli Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. led the daily limit tide for 10 days and 9 shares. ST shares were collectively buried in the fiery market of concept stocks in May. Jinli Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. (300748).

SZ) led the round of ups and downs with a performance of 9 boards in 10 days.

On the evening of the 30th, Jinli permanently announced that it does not directly own the rare earth mining resources, and on the 31st it still rushed to the daily limit.

Rare earth concept stocks

SZ) followed closely with a monthly increase of 91%.

North Mining Technology (600980.

SH), Minmetals Rare Earth (000831.

SZ), research and development of new materials (600206.

SH) and other five-month increases have exceeded 40%.

  Seed stocks also performed well in May.

Fengle Seed Industry (000713), which has the dual concepts of artificial meat and seed industry.

(SZ) monthly increase of 135%, this year has increased by more than 260%, but it is due to the large increase-the shareholders’ holdings are still effective in its practice, Fengle Seeds announced on the 27th that major shareholders intend to reduce their holdings in the next 6 monthsNo more than 2% of shares.

Dunhuang Seed Industry (600354.

SH), Wanxiang Denong (600371.

SH) and other seed stocks rose more than 60%.  Ice and fire two days.

  Some companies here have the potential to double, and some companies have been lying on the daily limit in May.

    The most tragic concept in May is ST / * ST shares, with 11 shares stretched out and swept the list of May bear stocks.

Under the strict supervision of A shares, the ST sector started a straight-down mode.

* ST Northern News (002359.

SZ), * ST Opal (Protection of Rights) (002711.

SZ) did not even open the limit board for a whole May.

Some people point out that in the future, the survival space of ST stocks will become smaller and smaller, and investors should pay attention to investment risks.

  Disclaimer: The content of this article conforms to the reference and is not used as an investment basis.

Investors do so at their own risk.

Improve cold hands and feet, drink more jujube ginger soup

Improve cold hands and feet, drink more jujube ginger soup

Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.

  The main ingredients of jujube and ginger soup are jujube, ginger, and brown sugar. The specific method is 10 jujubes, 5 slices of ginger, an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and decoction for tea, once a day.

  Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.
Jujube has a sweet and warm taste, which has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves; ginger has a pungent taste, which has the effect of stopping vomiting and relieving cold.

The combination of the two can give full play to Jiang Xinwen’s actions, and jujube and warmth to complement each other, and jointly promote the circulation of qi and blood, the blood circulation of the whole body has been improved accordingly, and the hands and feet will naturally warm up.

  In addition, the brown sugar in jujube and ginger soup also has the functions of tonifying, nourishing and activating blood.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that gingerol contained in ginger has a direct excitatory effect on the heart and vascular motor centers, transforming the rapid heartbeat, expanding the blood vessels, exuberant blood flow and smoothing the veins, improving the body surface circulation and making people feel the whole body.warm.

  Need to remind everyone: ginger is warm, friends who are often swollen and painful in the gums, mouth ulcers, constipation and other symptoms of “fire” symptoms, should not take too much ginger; jujube ginger soup is sugar-fractionated, diabetes patients are also not recommended.

Fat people should wear tights when exercising

Fat people should wear tights when exercising

When exercising, people hope that the energy of all parts of the body can be fully exercised. However, when obese people are exercising, they often suffer from excess and excess meat shaking, friction between thighs, and bouncing muscles.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Health Science Research Center have found that the above conditions can cause excessive people to change their gait, making them more vulnerable to injury or joint disease.

  Researchers compared the biomechanical status of 20 adults while walking and found that when too many people landed on their feet, the width between the legs was greater than that of a normal-weight person.

Wide steps are used to keep the balance as short as possible to support a wider abdomen and hips while reducing friction between the thighs.

But this stride transfers the power of exercise to the body, making people more susceptible to arthritis.

  Fitness trainer Brian said wearing tight, stretchy clothing can reduce tremors in the stomach, thighs and hips.

Wear tights to minimize muscle bounce during exercise.

In addition, the choice of water sports can also reduce the excess bouncing.

Discovery: depression can be eaten

Discovery: depression can be “eaten”

Eat some desserts and drink fruit juices to relax your mood.
  The annoying thing of melancholy is like a discouraged balloon, which is not angry all the time; it is so distracting that it is so heavy that it even embarks on the road to self-destruction.
  If you live in a fast-paced society, if you do n’t know how to relieve your worries, you can easily get entangled in depression, and you will be depressed forever.
  There are many ways to get rid of depression. Here we focus on the diet and see how we can “eat” depression.
  Diet is one of the powerful ways to improve and influence an individual’s mood.
The variety of food, sweets, alcohol, sugar, etc., has a considerable impact on our lives.
  Everyone has a similar experience. When you are restless and frustrated, the sweeter food or wine can quickly increase the serum tension in the brain, etc., so that the nervous system can be temporarily relieved, but the situation is even worse in the future.He became more melancholic and tired.
  Therefore, knowing the way to a healthy diet is the most convenient and effective shortcut to coping with stress and depression.
  What food can relieve depression?
  I. Polysaccharide foods: Saccharides can relieve stress and improve mood through the increase of serotonin, but monosaccharides are absorbed too quickly and go fast. If you can use carbohydrates as much as possible, use a polysaccharide diet.They are better because they digest more slowly and the serotonin promotion process is smoother, making them an ideal food source.
  Many refined foods in modern times lack polysaccharides, mainly monosaccharides, which are not suitable under high pressure environment.
  Polysaccharide foods include whole grain rice, barley, wheat, oats, melons and vegetables and fruits with high fiber polysaccharides.
  Protein foods: Many proteins that are directly related to mood stability are amino acids that are used to make emotional hormones. For example, tryptophan can form serotonin and melatonin, leucine can make growth hormone, and thyroxine.Are all indispensable components of the human body, such as bananas, dairy products, turkey meat, etc., are tryptophan-containing foods, which can be fully ingested by people with depression.
  3. Fat foods: Excess cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke, but excessively low cholesterol concentration is also one of the causes of depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even mental disorders, so we must pay attention to maintaining normal cholesterol intake.the amount.
  In addition, fish oil is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids. Medically proven to have health care effects on heart disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal cancer, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Recent prospective studies have also shown that taking more fish oil can improve depression and anxiety.
In addition, vegetable oils are also effective in the treatment of depression because they contain high amounts of linolenic acid (GLA).
  4. Vitamins and mineral foods: Vitamins are essential for all biochemical processes in the body, including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, carotene, folic acid, etc.Equally important, in addition, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, etc. cannot be ignored.
Women’s intake of calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. has a greater proportion to prevent osteoporosis after menopause and depression after menopause.
  V. Water: More than 80% of the human body is water. Water is the basic environment for all body operations. If you want to be healthy and worry-free, drink more water, increase waste excretion, and cleanse your body and mind.
  How to get rid of depression and eat healthy is up to ourselves.

What is covered by men’s health

What is covered by men’s health

The so-called male health or health concept is not unique to men. Men’s health topics discussed hereafter mainly refer to patients with male sexual dysfunction. The health care of such patients should be paid attention to from the following aspects.

  The first is mental health care. Men’s sexual dysfunction and psychological disorders are the most common. More than 90% of patients do not have organic lesions, which are caused by psychological reasons. Our country has a long and longThe history of feudal society, so Chinese men have a sense of self-closure, which is very different from Western men, so self-adjustment is the most important treatment.

  The second is organic lesions. A few people have organic lesions, which can be basically solved according to today’s medical technology. Even real impotence patients can also be fitted with prostheses for treatment, which can meet their physiological needs.

  The third is about aphrodisiac drugs. There are many men, especially middle-aged men and over, looking for some aphrodisiac drugs. In fact, the only medicine in the world that is directly active against male sex is Viagra.Reproductive organ blood vessels achieve therapeutic purposes, however, the drug is a therapeutic drug, not a health-care drug, and must be taken under a doctor’s order, otherwise it may cause danger to life.

Test: Are you mentally healthy?

Test: Are you mentally healthy?

In the following questions, there are 4 alternative answers to each question. Please choose the answer that is most suitable for you based on your actual situation: A means that this situation has not occurred more than one day in the last week, and B means that there have been 1 in the last week?
This happened in 2 days, C said 3 in the last week?
This happened in 4 days, D said that there had been 5 in the last week?
This happened in 7 days.

  1. I’m upset about something.

  2, appetite is not good, do not want to eat.

  3, I feel distressed and difficult to eliminate.

  4. I always feel that I am inferior to others.

  5, unable to focus when doing things.

  6. Conscious depression.

  7. Doing everything feels laborious.

  8. I feel hopeless.

  9. Feeling that your life is a failure 10. Feeling scared.

  11, poor sleep.

  12. Not happy.

  13, speak less than usual.

  14. Feeling lonely.

  15. People are not very friendly to me.

  16. I think life is boring.

  17, I have cried.

  18. Feeling sad.

  19. I think people don’t like me.

  20, unable to continue daily work.

  Each answer is worth 0 points, B is worth 1 point, C is worth 2 points, and D is worth 3 points.

Each question is wonderfully added.

Statistics total score.

  Below 16 points, you may have mild psychological problems, you can try to conduct self-psychological counseling; when the popularity is above 16 points, it indicates that you have more serious psychological problems. At this time, you should consider the hospital for psychological counseling.

  When people feel powerless to cope with external pressures, they often produce such negative emotions, accompanied by emotional experiences such as disgust, pain, shame, and inferiority.

For most people, emotional disturbances only occur occasionally and last for a short period of time. Things will change and they will soon disappear, but some people will frequently and quickly fall into a bad psychological state and can’t dial up.

Patients with long-term depression suffer severe physical damage, which prevents people from working, studying and living normally.

In this case, you should consult a professional psychologist.