“Is such that……”

Bi Shujun told Fang Yu what happened just now。
That Zhao Mutong must have a problem,But he doesn’t want to say。There is the ability to persuade Zhao Mutong,I’m afraid only Fang Yu!
“That’s it……Where is he?Let me talk to him!”Fang Yu said。
Fang Yu is also an intern,Know the suffering。
If Zhao Mutong is really unspeakable,It’s okay to help!
“I’m going to eat……The nearby restaurant is his favorite place!Let’s go……”
Bi Shujun said,Take Fang Yu to find Zhao Mutong nearby。
In a small restaurant,The two found Zhao Mutong。
“Zhao Mutong……I called Doctor Fang。He is the doctor in charge of Jackson……Even if it can’t be cured,Can also solve this!You can rest assured to tell that thing!”
Small restaurant,Bi Shujun said seriously。
“Doctor Fang……You originally,Really worked as an intern for three years?Never been on the operating table?”
Zhao Mutong looked at Fang Yu,Curious。
“This is real……Dr. Fang also made efforts to reach this point。Compared to Doctor Fang,Your conditions are not bad……You can consider after the internship,To get a better degree,There will be more opportunities……
after all,Not everyone is Doctor Fang!”
Bi Shujun is determined。
“but……I now……”

“Not far from you,A man has been staring at you,So after you give me the baby,It’s best to hold your bag in your arms,Cover with clothes,Create the illusion that the child is still in your arms”The woman said softly。

Zhou Li trembled,She asked softly:“You are Fang Fang?”
“Correct!I am Fang Fang”Fang Fang said,Lightly took Xiao Chenchen from her hand,Then wrap it in a coat。
Zhou Li hurriedly bent over,Pulled out the bag under the seat,According to Fang Fang’s arrangement,Wrapped this in my own trench coat,Look far,Like holding a baby。
“Listen well,You get up now to find the conductor,I have already told her,Just say your name is Zhou Li。Train leaving from Bucheon,Will stop at a small station in half an hour。Nowhere,But you can go down,This will completely throw away the man staring at you,Do you understand me?”Fang Fang whispered。
At this time the train has started to board passengers,There are so many customers in Bucheon,All at once filled the carriage,At this time,Fang Fang suddenly said:“Hurry up and get caught in these tourists,Go to the conductor”
Zhou Li nodded,Holding the handbag in his arms, he walked forward。
All morning,Xia Jian didn’t do anything,He sat with Zhao Hong,They are quietly waiting for Fang Fang’s call。Sun Yuejuan and Xia Zecheng,Walking around the house in a hurry。
lunch,Sun Yuejuan didn’t do it,Everyone just ate steamed buns and some leftovers。Until three o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Everyone gathered around Xia Jian。
Fang Fang called,Xia Jian quickly connected,Fang Fang’s happy voice came from inside:“The child has been safely delivered to President Xiao Beishan’s home,Aunt Ding will take care of me temporarily。It’s just that this guy can make trouble,Your family should come here as soon as possible”
“it is good!I will let my mother come first at night,But I have to trouble you about renting”Xia Jian said in a low voice。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Mr. Xiao said where he lives,Not let you consider。So I didn’t find it for you,But you must be there tonight,Because the little guy recognizes people,Just ignore us”
“Ok,Thank you”Xia Jian finished,Hung up the phone。

The center of the sea of gods,A huge tunnel appeared,The area connecting the core of this chaotic world。

A shark man with blood-red scales is teaching several sharks,Suddenly stopped,Look into the distance。
“More than a hundred Chaos Era has passed。”
“The master’s temple should be opened again”
“How unfair,My clan of Scarlet Sharks will always guard here,But never hope to enter the temple of the gods。”
“We all have the birth of Taoist monarchs,Accumulated in this generation,If you can enter the temple of the gods,Maybe an eternal emperor will be born。”
The eyes of the red file shark are bright with hope,But quickly faded。
because,He felt that the breath of the three realms far surpassed himself appeared。
“unfortunately,But there is no hope。”
“This is the Temple of God”Li Ming’s tone,Can’t help but feel a little shocked。
Even he,There are many memories passed down from the ancestor of Master Tianqiong,I have seen many treasures in the universe。
But whether it’s Pantheon Palace or Star Tower Space,Compared to the Temple of God。
The shape of the pupil hall is somewhat similar to a pyramid,The base is embedded in the void,Space-time confusion。But there are six sides,There is an eye pattern on each side。
Earth lines eyes,Khaki,Eyes slightly closed,The overall shape is as heavy as a mountain。
Breeze pattern eyes,Emerald,God pattern intersection,Pupils are like a knife。
Water lines eyes,light blue,My pupils are like drops of water。
Flame pattern eyes,Crimson,Fire in the eyes。
Bright lines eyes,pure white,Endless light blooms。
Dark lines eyes,Dark black,Eyes closed,Darkness。
Six eyes,There is a hint of eternal mood in everything,If you look at it as a whole,Its eternal mood is even more powerful

Liao Jie bites his teeth,Supplement:“Even if you are auspicious,I will also cooperate with you.。”

Although it doesn’t work,But it is indeed a good man with a good job.。
“very good,Since you are willing to cooperate,Then I don’t talk nonsense.,Fu Zhezhi collects a diamond,Night curse,Reliable intelligence,This diamond is in your hand。”
“Be right,Diamond in my hand。”
Liao Jie brows:“I do not understand,Diamond’s things only have me and Fu Zezhi,Perhaps the rich family of people know,But they can’t disclose them.,Where did you get information??”
“I said,Don’t do excessive things,Didn’t you listen??”
I have a brightening:“Or,Because our attitude is too friendly,Let you feel the qualifications for negotiations?”
“Big brother,Don’t talk nonsense with him,Waiting for my beautiful beauty,He is honest.。”I love my hands before my life.,Scared to tears and screamed。
Liao Jie:“”
If the sister has no camouflage,He is definitely helping to abuse,Help hit the hands and feet,And the eyes are not blind。
“Be,No need to scare me,I never thought about doing extra things.。”
Liao Jie’s interruption,I saw the future of the love closed down on the side.,Heart to make a practical evaluation,This yellow hair,He can cheat eight times a night。
“tell me,Where is the diamond??”
“Can I tell you where diamond?,But as a transaction,You have to tell me first.,Where did you get information?。”
Liao Jie Weimen,I am not waiting to come to the mouth,First step first:“This is not a redundant thing,For safety considerations,I have to figure out,if not,How do I know that after the diamond?,You are choosing to let go or choose to kill?”
“We only ask for money!”
“I do not believe,From your intelligence capabilities,And bring me a crime of Fuze Turquity Hotel,They all indicate that you are not ordinary kidnappers.。Thus,I am with the identity of this ram person.,You should also be very clear。”
Liao Jie pair,Contact,Continuously apply pressure:“So the problem is coming.,Don’t put watermelon,Staring at a sesame,What is the problem??”
Want to eat,Liao Jie is more calm than the three sisters.,This paragraph is not prepared to stand up.,She can’t answer。
“answer me,Who is your side behind?,Is it a Fu Zhidian’s second child??”
Liao Jie asked,Self-speaking:“Because of my reason,The eldest son Fuze is too lost to the family inheritance,Three sons Fu Zexiong three into the possibility of the next family’s helm increase。He hates you,Pass you kidnap me,It is intertwined,Diamond is just excuses。”
Liao Jie is willing to think so,Three sisters have no opinions,Come to tears, even,Fu Zhujia water too deep,Still moving to a living。
“not talking,I will be by default.。”
Liao Jie smiled:“Tell Fu Zea 2,His mind is too simple,Single is intelligence source,And easily bring me out of these two,He can’t elute suspects。”
“what do you want?”
“Private grievances,Let’s put the big lady who came to the students.,I will chat with you.,or,Let Fuzea two and I talk about,All like this,He is not what he has hide again.。”
“hehe,You are very smart,But you forgot a little”
Come to life,Draw away the script directly,Pull out the pistol to point to Liao Jum:“You are a captive,No negotiation。”
“This is what you can’t afford.?”
“What is it?,I have a gun,I am rule。”
I have a cold.:“The last time I ask you,Where is the diamond?,Dare to talk nonsense,Our brothers give the big lady around you.。”
“speak,Don’t talk, I have to do it.。”Candid love strange,Everyone is acting,She is serious。
“I bet, there is no bullet in your gun.!”

Feng Li shook his head subconsciously:“Nothing,It was really your brother who accidentally ran into me just now。”

Hu Yang looked in a certain direction,Make Feng Li panic,But still calm down。
“Give me a fight that guy,Your family’s ancestral porcelain is easy to say。”
Everyone in the live room saw that guy,I heard what Hu said,Suddenly clapped and laughed,Is this going to use money to let the ghost push??have to say,Sometimes money can really do whatever it wants。look,It’s so convenient to do bad things,No need to do it yourself,No direct responsibility。
“This wave of operations,Yes you can!The cost is a bit high。”
“For Brother Hu,Trivial!”
“Ok!Brother Hu I like is back。”
Feng Li was taken aback,Hit old yellow,I’m willing to take over his pieces“Ancestral porcelain”,Is that simple?Say it early!I have nothing to do with Lao Huang。
“Oh?That kid is a bit of a cockroach head,Doesn’t look like a good person,Provoke you brother?This is easy,give it to me,Leave it to me。”Feng Li immediately stated。
The audience in the live broadcast room seems to be watching a comedy movie,Please!You don’t look like a good person?
“but,brothers,That’s it。My porcelain,Six more,The expert said,At least this number。”

Because in the mind of Bencheng,Never give up any of my brothers。

“how,Didn’t you keep saying that the affairs of the Qi family are the affairs of your Wang family?,Now changed?”
“I,that,This is the two sessions,Put me back,I must persuade the Wang family to change my mind,From now on, Zhao’s horse will be the first one!”
ridiculous,Such nonsense can also be said,I really don’t know how the other party became Wang’s elder。
“rest assured,I won’t kill you today。”
Wang Rongping is overjoyed,I thought it was because he had no opinion to move out of the family, which shocked the opponent。
“Hahaha,I just said,How could Bincheng have the guts,Dare to shoot against my royal family?”
“Not killing you doesn’t mean you can leave safely,Want to get out from here,Ten tricks to pick me up!”
Wang Rongping pupil dilation,Because he felt an unusual atmosphere。
Warriors in Ben Thanh,More or less under the guidance of Xia Chenglong,Especially Cheng Lao who has withstood the test like this,He will give each other these benefits。
So in addition to the improvement of realm,What the old man has is not what it used to be。
To Qi family this night,For this elder Wang Jiajiu,All seem extremely long!
One night later,Many residents of this city get up to work according to their normal schedules,But there are some people who vaguely feel the unusual place。
The arrogant and domineering Qi family son,Seems to disappear suddenly,The more they think about it, the more weird it becomes……
As for the Qi family courtyard,The eyes of the Zhao brothers who were still alive were excited and proud,Because they just won a battle。

“Letter,Let’s go up now,Still wait?”Think about meeting Sun Wukong soon,Ge Xiaolun was a little excited。

“Find a place to rest first,And speak quietly here,If anyone makes a loud noise,After going back, I run a day’s walk by myself,And don’t stop,Is there a problem!”
“No!”Six people answered quietly。
“All right,Let it go,When looking for a place to rest,Pay attention to concealment,Don’t swagger!”After warning,Xin Zhao took the map and went behind a big tree,Start to research。
“Rose is still cute,What do you guys say Xin Zhao doing there?,Shouldn’t we go up and see Brother Monkey now?”As soon as Qilin said something,It directly proves that Brother Monkey’s fans have added another。
Qiangwei looked at Xin Zhao who was in that corner who didn’t know what to study,Then look at those three machine friends,Suddenly I feel that Xin Zhao is a little better than these three。
and many more,Why do I have this idea?,This bastard,change!state!
“rose,What are you doing looking at Xin Zhao?,Could it be that you like him?”After Qilin finished,I noticed Qiangwei’s eyes looking straight at Xin Zhao,Can’t help but tease。
And after listening to Qilin’s words,Qiangwei really wants to open her head and take a look,What does this guy think,Even if she likes Ge Xiaolun,Would not like to change!State!
and many more,Think so,Like in the team of the company,There seems to be no normal man。
“Qilin is still cute,I was thinking,Since Xin Zhao dared to peep,That angel’s skirt!bottom,Why haven’t we seen him attack us for so long,Could it be that we are far worse than those angels??”

But ok,Under normal circumstances, they will not meet those big people,After all, the level difference between the two sides is too far。

As for the identity registry they went to at the moment,It’s at the junction of the VIP area in the general area,Which is one-half of Lingxiao City。
After getting this news,Xia Chenglong decisively proposed to take the car,Because it looks like a simple number is nearly seven or eight kilometers away,I’m afraid it will be dark when I walk to heaven。
Obviously he is not so luxurious,Put time on shopping。
get off,Xia Chenglong had to pay,It’s not good after thinking about it,After all, he is just a kid from the village,Money is a very vague concept!
Cross the street,See what they call the office lobby。
From the superficially meaningful design,Fit its identity。
“Aaron,This ID card is relatively simple,Just confirm whether you have a criminal record,The second is to confirm that you have not been registered。”
Xia Chenglong nodded,The two walked to the lobby。
“Ah ah ah,stop,Please show ID!”The guard at the door rubbed his fingers,Stop the two while talking。
A discerning person wants benefits at first sight,And I think I dress them in ordinary,Just bullied。
“Unable to prove your identity,Can’t go in。”The guard said hurriedly。
Funny,Here is the certificate,They haven’t got the certificate there。
“Big brother,You are accommodating,We’ll show you after we finish。”
“No way,You can only go in after showing me!”
The guy said,Keep rubbing your fingers。
If it’s normal,Yingzi swallowed his anger,But today I just don’t want to give。

Net profit skyrocketed by 1801%, 80 companies were able to raise funds in Beijing

Net profit skyrocketed by 1801%, 80 companies were able to raise funds in Beijing

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  Annual report kidney 2: Net profit surged by 1801%!

80 companies won the Northbound Fund to increase their positions Source: Securities Market Red Weekly Original Red Weekly Recently, a number of listed companies have issued annual report notices, and companies whose performance has exceeded expectations have continued to increase significantly.

Among all the companies with positive performance, the company has turned its losses into profit, its performance has been revised upwards, and its performance has accelerated.

Today, it is expected that the annual report turned to profit Gauss Bell (rights protection), Jiu’an Medical stopped rising strongly.

In this year’s annual report series, let’s focus on three types of annual report stocks: turning losses into profits, upward revisions in performance, and increasing capital in Kitakami.

(Click to read Series 1: Nearly 60% of the company ‘s performance is good, and the annual report has outstanding stock selection stock pools (gold stocks).) 85 companies have turned losses in annual reports, and Daqing Huake has increased by more than 18 times until 15:00 on January 14th.A total of 734 companies disclosed annual report announcements (not including performance reports), of which 85 companies expected to turn losses into profit.

Turning losses into profits can be regarded as a reversal in performance to a certain extent, and investors are expected to have more intense conversions, so it is worth paying attention to.

  Among the above 85 companies whose annual report is expected to turn a profit, 63 companies have clearly switched the annual report pre-increasing range (net profit growth).

Specifically, Daqing Huake, Tongda Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongqiang, Ningbo Fubang and Ai Shide are expected to have lower growth limits of 1801%, 965%, 477%, 455% and 445% respectively, which are temporarily among the top five.

  Experts are needed. Among companies that turn a profit, the scale is achieved through one-time income such as asset disposal, investment income, financial subsidies, transaction preferences, etc. This situation does not guarantee the company’s performance growth and sustainability, soThe degree of attention of such companies is also normal (such as Qin’an shares, Royal Bank shares, etc. in Table 1).

On the contrary, partly because of the industry’s reversal, new product launches, capacity releases and other performance growth, its growth quality and growth stability is higher.

  On the company side, Daqing Huake expects annual report net profit of 49 million to 58 million yuan, an increase of 18.

01 times to 21.

14 times.

The company’s annual report will turn losses into profits, and the annual report growth rate is expected to exceed the three quarterly report growth rate.

Rongjie expects to report annual net profit of 4.5 million yuan to 11 million yuan, a growth rate of 1.

64 times to 2.

56 times; the reason for the loss was that “the subsidiary Rongda Lithium Lithium Mine officially resumed production in 2019, and the sales of lithium concentrate produced produced benefits.”

Western Mining is expected to report an annual net profit of about 10 ppm with a growth rate of 1.

49 times; the company stated that “the production and sales of major products increased compared with the same period last year, effectively improving the company’s operating performance.”

  The upward revisions of the annual performance of the five companies ‘results have affected investors’ expectations. The upward revisions of performance indicate that the company ‘s actual operating conditions are better than expected, and therefore deserve continued attention.

On the contrary, if the company’s performance decline is corrected, it needs to be alert to the company’s operating conditions, especially in the short term.

  As of 15:00 on January 14th, a total of 25 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have issued annual performance revision announcements, of which 5 companies have revised upwards, while Han’s Laser and Beiwei Technology have revised downwards.

  As for the company, Shengnong Development reported an annual net profit from 37.

0.5 billion to 38.

5.0 billion, raised to 4 billion.

8 ppm to 42 ppm; corresponding increase from 1.

46 times to 1.

53 times, up to 1.

71 times to 1.

79 times (the overall price of chicken meat has increased significantly, and the company’s sales price has exceeded previous expectations).

The growth rate of Pulit’s annual report was raised from 80% -120% to 130% -180% (the production and sales of the company’s products have improved compared with the first half and the same period last year).

  Although Zhongxing Bacterial Industry Co., Ltd. last year revised its annual report performance, it is still in a situation of decline for several years (the decline has narrowed); the correction of Zhongnan Construction’s performance is due to the impact of actual business settlement, and the revision of Jiu’an Medical’s performance is mainly the impact of non-recurring gains and losses.Therefore, the long-term continuous driving force is relatively weak (note: because Jiu An Medical Care has significantly decreased from its previous performance, it has been revised up to a significant increase, so it also has a short-term alternative stimulus).

  The 80 annual report pre-increasing companies have obtained Kitakami funds to increase their positions. Kitakami Funds is good at grasping the rise and fall of the market. It has repeatedly successfully bottomed out and escaped the top. Therefore, it is called “smart capital”, and the stocks that have received a large amount of Kitakami funds to increase their positions are also very smallStrong.

  Of the 370 companies whose annual reports are pre-increased, 80 companies have been able to increase their positions in Kitakami Capital within the last month.

Among them, 23 companies have increased their shareholding ratio by more than 0.

5%, 10 companies increased their shareholdings by more than 1%.  As for the company, among the companies that have forecasted the annual report growth, the proportion of Jinshi Resources’ northbound funds to increase positions increased by 4.

2%, temporarily ranked first.

Benefiting from the increase in both the sales volume and the sales price of fluorite products, the company’s annual report has increased by more than 50%, and the company is expected to increase by more than 35% since December last year.

  The proportion of Zhaoyan New Medicine’s northbound capital increase has 夜来香体验网 increased by 2.

03%, ranking second.

The company expects annual report net profit1.

5.2 billion to 1.

7.3 billion, an increase of 40% to 60%.

The company stated that the prosperity of the CRO industry continued to improve, and the company’s order acceptance continued to grow steadily, resulting in better completion of orders in 2019; at the same time, the company expanded its experimental facilities in Suzhou, which must reduce the situation of insufficient production capacity and further improve profitabilityEnhanced.

  In addition, Siyuan Electric, Livzon Group, and Tiger Pharmaceuticals took 1.

8%, 1.

72% and 1.

39% ranked second to fifth.

At the same time, China National Travel, Boss Electric and other companies also rank among the forefront, showing that funds from the north favor pharmaceuticals, consumption and other stable performance industries. These industry leaders deserve long-term attention.

Yinlun shares (002126) comment report: performance temporarily under pressure, thermal management growth can be expected

Yinlun shares (002126) comment report: performance temporarily under pressure, thermal management growth can be expected
Event: The company released the 2019 semi-annual performance report, reporting and achieving the company’s total operating income of 26.9.5 billion, an annual increase of 2.65%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.2.0 billion, down by 0 every year.twenty two%. Key points of investment: Adversity and pressure, performance is better than the industry: In the case of vertical growth in global cars and negative growth in domestic car sales, the company achieved revenue reduction in the 无锡夜网 first half of the year.65% and net profit attributable to mothers decrease slightly by 0 every year.22% is rare.In the first half of the year, domestic car sales were 1,232.30,000 vehicles, down 12 every year.40%, important automotive thermal management customers such as Ford (2019H1 sales in China increased -22%, the same below), GM (-15%), Geely (-15%), GAC (-1.7%), Dongfeng Nissan (-1.3%) and other average sales performance in the first half of the year, while the company ‘s performance has only slightly decreased, showing the ability to withstand stress during the transition. The expected performance is basically the same as last year, mainly due to the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year to drive thermal management of construction machinery.The high growth of the business and the thermal management of new customers, and the good expansion of new projects have transformed the impact of shifting automobile sales.On a quarterly basis, revenue for the second quarter was 13.100 million US dollars, a decline of -8% per year, attributable to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies.300 million U.S. dollars, down 7% from the previous quarter, at least to a certain extent compared with the previous quarter. Looking ahead, we will gradually recover to the bottom of the downstream vehicle. As a leading domestic automotive thermal management company, the company’s thermal management business will promote a rebound. The new energy thermal management project has a complete reserve and is expected to follow up: It is time to develop the new energy vehicle thermal management business under the global trend of automotive electrification, and the continuous fire of electric vehicles, it is particularly important to improve the performance of the new energy vehicle thermal management system.The company’s thermal management business currently has mass production of front-end modules, water-cooled plates, battery cooler assemblies, etc., which have been supplied to customers in Ningde Times, GAC, BYD and other customers in batches. In 2018, they successively obtained battery coolers and cooling plate products for the Geely PMA platform.The fixed-point supplier, Changan Ford’s battery-cooled plate product fixed-point supplier, won Jiangling’s new energy heat pump air-conditioning order in early 2019, and has a complete new energy thermal management project reserve.With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the increase in scale, the company’s new energy thermal management business is expected to expand in the future. Emission standards are becoming stricter, and the tail gas treatment business continues to grow: The company’s tail gas treatment business is mainly SCR, DPF, DOC systems, etc., because the national six emission standards are more stringent on the basis of national five, diesel engines need to be comprehensive to meet national six standardsWith the use of exhaust gas treatment technology, the average price of diesel engine exhaust gas treatment equipment will increase significantly during the fifth and sixth national flights.The company takes the lead in the layout of exhaust gas treatment. Together with Virginia and Pilberg, it will increase the exhaust gas treatment technology and brand influence. It will increase the production capacity of EGR and DPF and gradually consolidate the market size of exhaust gas treatment business. It also owns FAW and Dongfeng.China National Heavy Duty Truck, Beiqi Foton, Yuchai and other high-quality customers have upgraded the country’s national standards through the country’s fifth emission standards. The company’s tail gas treatment business is expected to develop at a high speed. Profit forecast and investment recommendations: We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.46 yuan, 0.52 yuan and 0.63 yuan, combined with the closing price of 7 on July 30, 2019.32 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 15.8, 14.1 and 11.5 times.Considering that the company is a leading thermal management company, the traditional thermal management business has the ability to resist adversity, and the automotive exhaust treatment business under the National Six Standard is expected to grow rapidly. The new energy thermal management business has a bright future. Risk reminder: Sales volume of downstream customers is lower than expected, National VI policy promotion is lower than expected, and new energy thermal management development is lower than expected