Net profit skyrocketed by 1801%, 80 companies were able to raise funds in Beijing

Net profit skyrocketed by 1801%, 80 companies were able to raise funds in Beijing

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  Annual report kidney 2: Net profit surged by 1801%!

80 companies won the Northbound Fund to increase their positions Source: Securities Market Red Weekly Original Red Weekly Recently, a number of listed companies have issued annual report notices, and companies whose performance has exceeded expectations have continued to increase significantly.

Among all the companies with positive performance, the company has turned its losses into profit, its performance has been revised upwards, and its performance has accelerated.

Today, it is expected that the annual report turned to profit Gauss Bell (rights protection), Jiu’an Medical stopped rising strongly.

In this year’s annual report series, let’s focus on three types of annual report stocks: turning losses into profits, upward revisions in performance, and increasing capital in Kitakami.

(Click to read Series 1: Nearly 60% of the company ‘s performance is good, and the annual report has outstanding stock selection stock pools (gold stocks).) 85 companies have turned losses in annual reports, and Daqing Huake has increased by more than 18 times until 15:00 on January 14th.A total of 734 companies disclosed annual report announcements (not including performance reports), of which 85 companies expected to turn losses into profit.

Turning losses into profits can be regarded as a reversal in performance to a certain extent, and investors are expected to have more intense conversions, so it is worth paying attention to.

  Among the above 85 companies whose annual report is expected to turn a profit, 63 companies have clearly switched the annual report pre-increasing range (net profit growth).

Specifically, Daqing Huake, Tongda Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongqiang, Ningbo Fubang and Ai Shide are expected to have lower growth limits of 1801%, 965%, 477%, 455% and 445% respectively, which are temporarily among the top five.

  Experts are needed. Among companies that turn a profit, the scale is achieved through one-time income such as asset disposal, investment income, financial subsidies, transaction preferences, etc. This situation does not guarantee the company’s performance growth and sustainability, soThe degree of attention of such companies is also normal (such as Qin’an shares, Royal Bank shares, etc. in Table 1).

On the contrary, partly because of the industry’s reversal, new product launches, capacity releases and other performance growth, its growth quality and growth stability is higher.

  On the company side, Daqing Huake expects annual report net profit of 49 million to 58 million yuan, an increase of 18.

01 times to 21.

14 times.

The company’s annual report will turn losses into profits, and the annual report growth rate is expected to exceed the three quarterly report growth rate.

Rongjie expects to report annual net profit of 4.5 million yuan to 11 million yuan, a growth rate of 1.

64 times to 2.

56 times; the reason for the loss was that “the subsidiary Rongda Lithium Lithium Mine officially resumed production in 2019, and the sales of lithium concentrate produced produced benefits.”

Western Mining is expected to report an annual net profit of about 10 ppm with a growth rate of 1.

49 times; the company stated that “the production and sales of major products increased compared with the same period last year, effectively improving the company’s operating performance.”

  The upward revisions of the annual performance of the five companies ‘results have affected investors’ expectations. The upward revisions of performance indicate that the company ‘s actual operating conditions are better than expected, and therefore deserve continued attention.

On the contrary, if the company’s performance decline is corrected, it needs to be alert to the company’s operating conditions, especially in the short term.

  As of 15:00 on January 14th, a total of 25 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have issued annual performance revision announcements, of which 5 companies have revised upwards, while Han’s Laser and Beiwei Technology have revised downwards.

  As for the company, Shengnong Development reported an annual net profit from 37.

0.5 billion to 38.

5.0 billion, raised to 4 billion.

8 ppm to 42 ppm; corresponding increase from 1.

46 times to 1.

53 times, up to 1.

71 times to 1.

79 times (the overall price of chicken meat has increased significantly, and the company’s sales price has exceeded previous expectations).

The growth rate of Pulit’s annual report was raised from 80% -120% to 130% -180% (the production and sales of the company’s products have improved compared with the first half and the same period last year).

  Although Zhongxing Bacterial Industry Co., Ltd. last year revised its annual report performance, it is still in a situation of decline for several years (the decline has narrowed); the correction of Zhongnan Construction’s performance is due to the impact of actual business settlement, and the revision of Jiu’an Medical’s performance is mainly the impact of non-recurring gains and losses.Therefore, the long-term continuous driving force is relatively weak (note: because Jiu An Medical Care has significantly decreased from its previous performance, it has been revised up to a significant increase, so it also has a short-term alternative stimulus).

  The 80 annual report pre-increasing companies have obtained Kitakami funds to increase their positions. Kitakami Funds is good at grasping the rise and fall of the market. It has repeatedly successfully bottomed out and escaped the top. Therefore, it is called “smart capital”, and the stocks that have received a large amount of Kitakami funds to increase their positions are also very smallStrong.

  Of the 370 companies whose annual reports are pre-increased, 80 companies have been able to increase their positions in Kitakami Capital within the last month.

Among them, 23 companies have increased their shareholding ratio by more than 0.

5%, 10 companies increased their shareholdings by more than 1%.  As for the company, among the companies that have forecasted the annual report growth, the proportion of Jinshi Resources’ northbound funds to increase positions increased by 4.

2%, temporarily ranked first.

Benefiting from the increase in both the sales volume and the sales price of fluorite products, the company’s annual report has increased by more than 50%, and the company is expected to increase by more than 35% since December last year.

  The proportion of Zhaoyan New Medicine’s northbound capital increase has 夜来香体验网 increased by 2.

03%, ranking second.

The company expects annual report net profit1.

5.2 billion to 1.

7.3 billion, an increase of 40% to 60%.

The company stated that the prosperity of the CRO industry continued to improve, and the company’s order acceptance continued to grow steadily, resulting in better completion of orders in 2019; at the same time, the company expanded its experimental facilities in Suzhou, which must reduce the situation of insufficient production capacity and further improve profitabilityEnhanced.

  In addition, Siyuan Electric, Livzon Group, and Tiger Pharmaceuticals took 1.

8%, 1.

72% and 1.

39% ranked second to fifth.

At the same time, China National Travel, Boss Electric and other companies also rank among the forefront, showing that funds from the north favor pharmaceuticals, consumption and other stable performance industries. These industry leaders deserve long-term attention.

Yinlun shares (002126) comment report: performance temporarily under pressure, thermal management growth can be expected

Yinlun shares (002126) comment report: performance temporarily under pressure, thermal management growth can be expected
Event: The company released the 2019 semi-annual performance report, reporting and achieving the company’s total operating income of 26.9.5 billion, an annual increase of 2.65%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.2.0 billion, down by 0 every year.twenty two%. Key points of investment: Adversity and pressure, performance is better than the industry: In the case of vertical growth in global cars and negative growth in domestic car sales, the company achieved revenue reduction in the 无锡夜网 first half of the year.65% and net profit attributable to mothers decrease slightly by 0 every year.22% is rare.In the first half of the year, domestic car sales were 1,232.30,000 vehicles, down 12 every year.40%, important automotive thermal management customers such as Ford (2019H1 sales in China increased -22%, the same below), GM (-15%), Geely (-15%), GAC (-1.7%), Dongfeng Nissan (-1.3%) and other average sales performance in the first half of the year, while the company ‘s performance has only slightly decreased, showing the ability to withstand stress during the transition. The expected performance is basically the same as last year, mainly due to the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year to drive thermal management of construction machinery.The high growth of the business and the thermal management of new customers, and the good expansion of new projects have transformed the impact of shifting automobile sales.On a quarterly basis, revenue for the second quarter was 13.100 million US dollars, a decline of -8% per year, attributable to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies.300 million U.S. dollars, down 7% from the previous quarter, at least to a certain extent compared with the previous quarter. Looking ahead, we will gradually recover to the bottom of the downstream vehicle. As a leading domestic automotive thermal management company, the company’s thermal management business will promote a rebound. The new energy thermal management project has a complete reserve and is expected to follow up: It is time to develop the new energy vehicle thermal management business under the global trend of automotive electrification, and the continuous fire of electric vehicles, it is particularly important to improve the performance of the new energy vehicle thermal management system.The company’s thermal management business currently has mass production of front-end modules, water-cooled plates, battery cooler assemblies, etc., which have been supplied to customers in Ningde Times, GAC, BYD and other customers in batches. In 2018, they successively obtained battery coolers and cooling plate products for the Geely PMA platform.The fixed-point supplier, Changan Ford’s battery-cooled plate product fixed-point supplier, won Jiangling’s new energy heat pump air-conditioning order in early 2019, and has a complete new energy thermal management project reserve.With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the increase in scale, the company’s new energy thermal management business is expected to expand in the future. Emission standards are becoming stricter, and the tail gas treatment business continues to grow: The company’s tail gas treatment business is mainly SCR, DPF, DOC systems, etc., because the national six emission standards are more stringent on the basis of national five, diesel engines need to be comprehensive to meet national six standardsWith the use of exhaust gas treatment technology, the average price of diesel engine exhaust gas treatment equipment will increase significantly during the fifth and sixth national flights.The company takes the lead in the layout of exhaust gas treatment. Together with Virginia and Pilberg, it will increase the exhaust gas treatment technology and brand influence. It will increase the production capacity of EGR and DPF and gradually consolidate the market size of exhaust gas treatment business. It also owns FAW and Dongfeng.China National Heavy Duty Truck, Beiqi Foton, Yuchai and other high-quality customers have upgraded the country’s national standards through the country’s fifth emission standards. The company’s tail gas treatment business is expected to develop at a high speed. Profit forecast and investment recommendations: We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.46 yuan, 0.52 yuan and 0.63 yuan, combined with the closing price of 7 on July 30, 2019.32 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 15.8, 14.1 and 11.5 times.Considering that the company is a leading thermal management company, the traditional thermal management business has the ability to resist adversity, and the automotive exhaust treatment business under the National Six Standard is expected to grow rapidly. The new energy thermal management business has a bright future. Risk reminder: Sales volume of downstream customers is lower than expected, National VI policy promotion is lower than expected, and new energy thermal management development is lower than expected

Signal to add positions?

Chen Guangming, Fu Pengbo at the helm of the public offering suddenly opened a large amount of subscriptions

Signal to add positions?
Chen Guangming, Fu Pengbo at the helm of the public offering suddenly opened a large amount of subscriptions

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Fund boss Chen Guangming and Fu Pengbo at the helm of the public offering suddenly opened a large amount of purchases of Ge Jia to set sail on the science and technology board, while the Shanghai Composite Index hovered at 2900 points. Fund leader Boss Chen Guangming and Fu Pengbo’s Ruiyuan Growth Value Mixed Fund suddenlyAnnounced the release of large purchases.

  On July 24, surging news reporters learned that the Ruiyuan Growth Value Hybrid Fund became effective on July 26 and opened a large amount of subscriptions.

The fund also confirmed the news by issuing an announcement on July 25.

  In this regard, some representatives were very excited to say that the position of Ruiyuan Growth Value Hybrid Fund 北京夜网 was close to 80% at the end of the second quarter. At this point, the large-scale purchases were released and the scale of expansion seemed to be a structural opportunity for the two fund managers.And ready to signal a position increase.

  ”This time Ruiyuan’s growth and opening up may be the last chance to catch a ride on Ruiyuan Fu Pengbo.

“A bank channel financial manager told the surging news reporter that this time Ruiyuan plans to increase some scale, and the subscription share will not be proportionately placed. However, the fund manager also has certain expectations on the scale limit, and does not rule out expansion toAfter a certain scale, the subscription will be suspended.

  The above-mentioned bank channel financial management manager further found that according to his understanding, the fund manager had always felt that it was not time to add positions. Now it is more appropriate to place around 2900 points, so he opened a large amount of purchases.

  On March 21, the first fundraiser of the “Guangyuan + Fu Pengbo” fund gang combination made Ruiyuan’s growth value mixed fund the first fundraiser was enthusiastically sought after by the market. This product with a size limit set at 6 billion US dollars was eventually over 72 billionFunds snapped up and became the equity fund with the highest subscription amount on the first day of this issue quickly.

  On March 27th, Ruiyuan Growth Value Hybrid Fund announced the effective date of the contract. The fund was established on March 26, and 410,000 people effectively subscribed. The per capita subscription was 170,000 yuan, and the Class A allocation ratio was as low as 7.

03%, after the placement, the funds A and C shared the total raised amount of 58.

700 million.

  It is obvious that the employees of Ruiyuan Fund Company subscribed for the distribution of Fund A at the time of the initial launch.

660,000 copies, accounting for 0.

002%; subscription C share 2344.

50,000 copies, accounting for 0.

399%, a total of 2357 subscriptions.

20,000 copies, accounting for 0% of the fund’s total shares.


  However, the mandatory announcement of the fund contract showed that Fu Pengbo and Zhu Xi did not hold the fund at the time.

I don’t know whether the fund managers Fu Pengbo and Zhu Xi will invest in this product for the first time due to the opportunity to release large purchases.

  On June 25, Ruiyuan Growth Value Mixed Fund, which was established for 3 months, ushered in the first open subscription and redemption.

However, restrictions are still imposed on large-scale purchases. Individual fund accounts subscribe for and purchase Class A shares on a single day. The total amount of Class C shares does not exceed 1 million.

  So, how is the performance of this explosive fund?

  Ruiyuan’s growth value mix disclosed in the second quarterly report of 2019 recently showed that after the opening of the second quarter, the net value of Ruiyuan’s growth value mix fund has declined.

  As of the end of the second quarter, Ruiyuan’s growth value mixed A fund share net value.

9,865 yuan, the average value of the report, the growth rate of this type of fund share net value is -1.

40%, the benchmark income for the same period of performance can be -1.

99%; as of the end of the reporting period, Ruiyuan Growth Value Mixed C Fund allocated net value.

9,854 yuan, the average value of the report, the growth rate of this type of fund share net value is -1.

50%, the benchmark income for the same period of performance can be -1.


  However, as of July 24, the fund’s net A-share value has rebounded to 1.

At 0253, C’s total net value rose back to 1.


  Ruiyuan Growth Value Hybrid Fund A / C share net worth performance Ruiyuan Growth Value Hybrid Fund’s second quarter report showed that the fund’s share at the end of the period was 59.6.6 billion copies, an increase of 92.19 million copies, an increase of 1 when it was established earlier.


That is to say, although the market experienced a decline in the second quarter, the fund’s net value also fell by 1.

40%, but Ruiyuan’s growth value share is still increasing.

  Regarding the fund’s investment strategy and operational analysis, Fu Pengbo and Zhu Qi said in the second quarterly report that after the fundraising was established, the fund completely operated for a quarter in the second quarter of 2019.The adjustment process of liquidity from relatively loose to moderately counter-cyclical.

Following the agreement of the fund contract, the fund gradually increased its position and reached a relatively high position by the second quarter.

  In the construction of the portfolio, the two fund managers relatively dilute the timing and focus on optimizing the position structure.

Focusing on industries such as advanced manufacturing, medical health, and food consumption.

He also stated that the existing holding companies represent high-quality enterprises within the domestic subdivided industries. To a certain extent, their core competitiveness can help companies withstand changes in the economic cycle and uncertainties in external demand.

Shenzhen Airport (000089) 2018 Annual Report Comments: High Q4 Costs Achieved Slightly Lower-than-Expected International Passengers Maintained High Growth Rates Optimistic about the Company’s Development Prospects

Shenzhen Airport (000089) 2018 Annual Report Comments: High Q4 Costs Achieved Slightly Lower-than-Expected International Passengers Maintained High Growth Rates Optimistic about the Company’s Development Prospects

The company released its 2018 annual report: 35 operating income.

99 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

68 ppm, an increase of ten years.


Performance was slightly lower than expected.

Looking at quarters: Q1-4 revenue was 8 respectively.

49, 9.

1, 9 and 9.

400 million, and the profit is 1.

6, 2.


1 and 0.

9 ‰, the total operating cost of Q4 is high (1 qoq.

(700 million or 24%), the single-quarter profit replacement rate of 42% was the main reason for the lower-than-expected performance.

Operating costs increase by 12 per year.

95%, higher than revenue growth, resulting in slower growth in net profit.

1) Company operating costs26.

68 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

95%, higher than revenue growth rate of 8.

4%, gross profit margin decreased by 3.

0 digits to 25.

9%, resulting in slower growth in net profit.

2) Operating cost increase 3.

0.6 billion, mainly from the total cost of the main aviation industry.

5.2 billion, an increase of 13 in ten years.

4% in increments of 2.

7.9 billion.

The statement notes show that the company’s total budget increased this year.

5.4 billion, an increase of 10 years.

0%, an increase of about 1.

100 million; transportation costs in the value-added aviation business were 78.32 million, an annual increase of 33.

5%, an increase of 19.65 million; the selling expenses decreased from 23.41 million to 8.46 million, a decrease of 15 million, mainly due to the increase in transportation passengers in 2018 and the incentives for wide-body aircraft investment in the calculation of operating costs.

The total incremental cost of the above items is about 1.

500 million, and other detailed costs such as marketing, maintenance, and security are expected to increase.

Business volume indicators are at the top, and internationalization is advancing rapidly.

The company completed 北京养生会所 a maximum of 35 landings.

60,000 sorties, passengers exploded 4,934.90,000 person-times, an increase of 4 per year.

6% and 8.

2%, passenger explosion growth ranked first in the top ten airports.

Initially, 15 new international passenger navigation cities were opened, of which 9 new intercontinental navigation points including London, Paris, and Zurich were newly opened, and 12 international passenger routes were encrypted.

International (including regional) passenger explosions reached 458.

40,000 person-times, an annual increase of 27.

4%, accounting for 7.

9 increased to 9.


The number of international passengers increased, and the number of newly opened intercontinental routes replaced the country’s number one. The number of international routes developed and the quality improved.

In the past 18 years, the company has completed 152 business outlets and brand upgrades.

The company’s air force announced that it would entrust the commercial resources of the T3 terminal to the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Aviation City Operation Company, for operation management.

The commercial resource income is still owned by the company, and the company pays the entrusted management fee to the Aviation City Transport Management Company.

19-year guaranteed income 3.

4.4 billion yuan, and the basic entrusted management fee was 20.63 million yuan.

Commercial resources are entrusted to professional organizations to help the effective realization of the value of commercial resources.

The release in the summer and autumn season is obvious, and the international line is expected to maintain high growth.

In the summer and autumn of 19, the company’s growth rate was five years.

6%, of which the total international + regional growth rate is 21 at all times.

8%, a gradual growth rate since the 17th winter and spring, and the foundation for the company’s 19 years of continuous internationalization.

The company proposed in the annual report will accelerate the opening of intercontinental routes in key cities such as New York, San Francisco, and more than 8 new international routes in 2019, and strive to achieve 50 international routes as soon as possible.

Investment suggestions: 1) The company is in the period of potential release from the relocation of the international hub, the improvement of the competitive environment, the strategic period of overlapping of the three zones, and more importantly, the development of the main base airline company.

2) As a stable asset with long-term allocation value, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect funds will quickly flow into Shenzhen Airport in 2019, and the shareholding ratio has increased from 3% at the beginning of the year to 9 at the end of March.


3) Taking into account the company’s subsequent commercial bidding progress and capital expenditure plan, we adjust our profit forecast and expect to achieve 8 in 2019-2021.

5.7 billion (previous forecast 9).

37, -8.

5%), 9.

96 (Origin 11.

13, -10.

5%) and 10.

400 million, corresponding to PE is 24, 21 and 20 times.

As the strategic target of the traffic moat, the airport is optimistic that the company is in the period of potential release, continues to promote internationalization, and new contracts for exit tax exemption may constitute a catalyst, and it is recommended to continue to pay attention to the company’s development.

Risk warning: The economy is down, the internationalization strategy is less than expected, and the non-aviation tendering is less than expected.

Good Mrs. (603848) Annual Report Review: Smart Home Rapid Development E-commerce Channels High Growth

Good Mrs. (603848) Annual Report Review: Smart Home Rapid Development E-commerce Channels High Growth

Net profit attributable to mothers increased by 27% in 2018, and performance was basically in line with expectations. Good wife realized revenue in 201813.

10 ‰, an increase of 18% in ten years; net profit attributable to mothers2.

61 trillion US dollars, an annual growth rate of 27%, basically in line with our growth rate expectations.

18Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 single-quarter revenue increased 33% / 13% / 13% / 17% year-on-year; net profit attributable to mothers increased by 54% / 57% / 13% / 9% in the single quarter.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0 respectively.

79, 0.

99, 1.

24 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The smart home business has developed rapidly. The revenue from traditional drying products has slightly arranged the company to implement a dual-brand operation strategy. The “good wife” brand focuses on the drying sector. The “Keleni” brand cuts into the smart home market with AI smart locks and multi-product smart connection systems.

Breakdown of the company’s traditional clothes rack business revenue in 20186.

2% to 5.

USD 1.7 billion, of which sales decreased by 10% to 1.97 million units, the average price increased by 4%, affected by the optimization of product structure, gross profit margin increased by 0.

9pct to 43.

2%; smart home business performed well, with revenue growing 45 per year.

1% to 7.

US $ 6 billion, of which the sales volume of 天津夜网 smart drying racks increased by 38%, forcing the wholly-owned subsidiary of the smart door lock business to achieve revenue of 35 million yuan, the current profit is still slightly insufficient.

Well-known brand publicity and technology research and development, during which the expense rate slightly increased. The company continued to increase brand promotion and brand reputation building. In 2018, it organized activities such as the Chinese clothes drying festival and the Good Wife Festival to enhance brand awareness. In 2018, the sales expense ratio increased by 1.

0pct to 14%; improve product and technology innovation, increase research and development efforts of smart home products and intelligent control systems, until the end of 2018 the company gradually transformed into 371 effective patents, the current R & D expenditure increased.

8%, increase of management + R & D expense rate increased by 0.

5 points.

Net operating cash flow decreases by 4 per year.

8% to 2.

9 trillion, mainly due to the increase in stocking of smart home products.

The channel construction is very effective. The e-commerce channel high-growth company is focusing on the main business positioning of “smart home” and shifted to multi-scenario and multi-entry sales. By the end of 2018, the company had more than 800 dealers and a net increase of 697 specialty stores.It has more than 2200 stores and more than 30,000 terminal sales outlets. In 2018, it achieved 10 in offline channels.

23 ppm, an increase of 11% in ten years.

In addition, the company is also actively promoting the construction of e-commerce channels. In 2018, the e-commerce channels achieved revenue2.

800 million, an increase of 50 in ten years.


The follow-up company will use the strategy of “grab channels, enjoy traffic, and expand radiation” to build a multi-dimensional channel structure covering B-side and C-side, create a new retail model of all channels, and expand consumer coverage.

New businesses such as smart home products, smart clothes drying racks, and smart door locks are developing rapidly. In view of the improvement in the traditional drying business, we have slightly lowered our profit forecast. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 3.

2, 4.

0, 5.

0 million yuan (2019?
2020 original value 3.

3, 4.

100 million), EPS is 0.

79, 0.

99, 1.
24 yuan.
With reference to the 23 times PE value of the comparable company in 2019, considering the rapid development of the company’s smart home business, the ROE is higher than that of the comparable company, giving the company 30 in 2019?
32 times PE estimate, corresponding to a reasonable price range of 23.


28 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: Real estate sales exceed expectations, and smart home business development is below expectations.

Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

“There is a ‘parent-child nutrition consultation room’ in our community. Some people will be regularly invited to give lectures and introduce a lot of nutritional supplements for babies. I wonder if I should buy them for my children?

Recently, Tingting’s mother sent an e-mail to this edition asking how to supplement nutrition for babies 1 and a half years old.

The reporter found that there are many types of nutrition and health care products for babies before the age of two in the market. Colostrum, biosynthesis, calcium lactate, cod liver oil, DHA . dazzled parents.

Tingting’s mother said: “Many people have said that they need to add more health supplements to their children, so that the child’s health is good, but I am worried that the child can absorb so much food?

“Experts remind parents: to provide nutrition to babies before the age of two, reasonable supplementation is the most important, and it is best to take less nutrition.

  Phenomenon hits: How to supplement nutrition, Ms. Chen, a hazy family member who lives in Haizhu, was recently asked to draw blood for her child, test his liver function, and check for lack of trace elements in the body when he was vaccinated at a community hospital.

The doctor said: “Baby over 1 year old must test these things to see if there is something missing, so they can make up for it.

“Miss Chen inquired that it was not easy to check the trace elements in the blood. It was necessary to pay for one check, but since” babies over 1 year old are drawing blood, their children must not fall. ”

Ms. Chen returned to the community and chatted with her neighbors. However, she did not expect to bump into “Baby Marketing” again.

Ms. Chen ‘s neighbour, and her mother, who is the same age as her baby, is a salesperson for a baby health care brand. She told Ms. Chen that her baby is eating colostrum, Synbiotics and DHA, which works well.It is suggested that Miss Chen also try it out. Upon hearing this, Miss Chen immediately decided that she would “buy a little for her child.”

  Interviews by reporters found that marketing of health products for babies not only occurred in shopping malls, but also in communities and community hospitals. Marketing that occurred on a later occasion was more covert and effective.

Babies before the age of two are very fragile, and the mother lacks sufficient experience. It is likely that they are not confident in their own alternatives. As soon as the child’s body moves, the child is worried.

On the other hand, slight poisoning of babies due to blindly supplementing various health products has also become very common.

According to Dr. Liu of the Children’s Health Department of Haizhu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, recently, some babies around 1 year old were admitted to the hospital with symptoms such as “sleeping late, restless sleep”
or diarrhea, but there was no record of eating suspicious food. Upon inquiry, it wasCaused by excessive intake of cod liver oil and synbiotics.

专家表示:“家长对于孩子的保护心理是可以理解的,但为两岁前宝宝补充保健品,必须要十分谨慎,家长自己也要充分调查询问,做到心中有数,切不可‘蒙查查’To trust the propaganda of others.

“Expert opinion: No nutrition is agreed to be given to infants. Special guidance for this issue: Professor Jiang Yifang (Director of Children’s Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, nutrition expert, child replacement expert)” The growth and development characteristics of children are different from those of adults.Before the age, the body was growing rapidly.

However, the nutrition of the baby before the age of two is best absorbed from natural, fresh and safe ingredients. In principle, parents are not encouraged to buy other processed health products.

According to experts, “two years old” is a key point. “Before two years old” and “after two years old” have different suggestions.

Experts remind parents: fortifying a variety of nutrients to babies before the age of two should be a very cautious suggestion made by the doctor after careful individual decisions.

If the business or a “nutrition consultant” simply conducts sales promotion and publicity, it will not only waste the parents’ money, but may also cause the child’s poisoning reaction after excessive supplementation.

  Chinese babies do not need to supplement DHA: DHA is called “brain gold” and is more popular in western countries because the diet there is to eat more fat and rarely eat vegetable oil, so there is no source of DHA in food.

In fact, Chinese babies can completely get DHA from food. The polyunsaturated fatty acid “Omega 3” in vegetable oil can be converted into DHA. Adding vegetable porridge, noodles and other complementary foods with a small amount of vegetable oil to your baby is about 1 year old.When using vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, etc. are all qualified, but there is no such substance in olive oil that can be converted into DHA.

  Synbiotics supplement if necessary: Synbiotics is the nutrition needed by living bacteria in the body, which can help intestinal motility. Babies with poor mutual functions can consider supplementing.

However, the baby ‘s digestive flora is different from adults, and Synbiotics cannot be regarded as a nutrient that “makes up as much as possible”. Experts remind parents that they only need to supplement Synbiotics when necessary.
3 weeks is enough, take 3 days a week, otherwise it will be “unexpected”.

  Colostrum is not suitable for all children: Many parents now give colostrum to their babies, but this practice is not desirable.

Not every baby is suitable for this kind of colostrum.

To be simple, human colostrum is for human babies, and colostrum is for babies.

Children grow an average of 14 pounds a year, and cow babies can grow more than 100 pounds a year, so it is not appropriate to give colostrum to all babies in general.

Experts remind: Colostrum is suitable for premature and intrauterine malnutrition babies, and it is necessary to control the amount and time when supplementing.

  Do not overdose of vitamin D: Vitamin D is the main factor for maintaining calcium and phosphorus in the body. If vitamin D is eaten by calcium-containing foods, the body cannot absorb and use it. The main cause of rickets is vitamin D.

However, if the vitamin D supplementation is excessive, the child will be prone to excitement, sleep late, do not like to sleep, bloating, thinning, hair loss and other symptoms, so be sure to refer to the recommended amount of nutrition society, under the guidance of a doctor to add an appropriate amount.

  In addition to obtaining vitamin D from food and cod liver oil, there is also a dehydrogen free radical in human skin, which can also be converted to vitamin D by sunlight. Therefore, more sun is also a good way to supplement calcium.

Children after the age of two have been able to eat a variety of foods, and temporary outdoor activities are generally not easy to lack vitamin D, which can replace vitamin D preparations.

  Supplementary trace elements to see signs: “Not every baby over 1 year of age needs blood to be tested, let alone test whether the trace elements in the body are sufficient.

“Experts remind parents: To determine if they need to supplement their children with trace elements or take blood tests, the child’s physical signs will prevail.

The lack of certain elements in the body will be manifested in signs. If the child is pale, it is a sign of iron deficiency; if the child is thin, it may lack unnecessary nutrients.

  Calcium supplements need to pay attention to absorption: Doctors usually give infants calcium supplements, but in fact, Professor Jiang believes that not every child needs calcium supplementation.
Intrauterine malnutrition, premature births and babies with calcium deficiency symptoms need calcium supplementation.
Approximately, if the baby within 6 months is replaced with whole breast milk, no additional calcium supplement is needed; if the baby regularly replaces more than 750 ml of formula milk, there is no need to supplement calcium, otherwise, excessive intake will causeCalcium poisoning.

  The theory of calcium supplementation is very popular in the market, but experts point out that there are only about 8 in 1000 mg of calcium gluconate.

1 mg of calcium, and the body needs 300 mg, so the absorption efficiency of calcium gluconate supplement is relatively low, the other two calcium supplements: calcium lactate and calcium carbonate are easier to absorb.

When you graduate, do n’t let the three major emotions end

When you graduate, do n’t let the three major emotions end

A survey conducted by the China Youth University for Political Sciences on the psychological status of university graduates shows that there are 40.

6% of graduates faced “feeling bad” and “irritable, nervous, sad, and pessimistic” when they graduated, becoming their main words to express their graduation mood.

How to manage, debug the psychology before graduation, and take every next step well?

Peking University recently invited relevant psychologists to participate in a lecture on graduate emotional management on this topic.

  In the four years of college, there are many wonderful people and things worth remembering, and the sorrow when graduating and parting is gradually.

Moderate expression of grief can help graduates deal with separation and can also make them more emotionally connected to those around them.

  Farewell: The purpose was to slap Gu Naxin’s “snap”, a kettle was thrown out of the dormitory window of a Beijing university and shattered.

The harsh voice scared freshman Cao Yan.

After inquiring, she learned that this was the teacher who was leaving school in a few days and was venting her feelings of departure.

  However, from the perspective of graduate Tao Li, throwing a kettle was far from venting his sadness at parting.

He and the three brothers in the same bedroom painted the openings of the dormitory with the words “graduated” and “get out of the way”. When they were done drawing, they drank drunk, and drunk, they hugged and cried.

Although he felt that this “fragile” was very shameless, he really did not know how to control his own sentimentality.

  Yang Mei, a professor of psychology at the Capital University of Economics and Business, said in his lecture that there is no good or bad emotion, but only timely and moderate problems.

After graduation, many students express their sad feelings of parting by throwing away unwanted things, graffiti, drinking, etc. It is indeed a way of venting.

But there should be a bottom line for venting, and that is not to be too capricious and indulgent.

  Wang Zhiyan, a psychological consultant at the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of Peking University, suggested that graduates “express grief appropriately.”

She said that the essence of separation is to say goodbye to what you have in the past, release your inner capacity, and accept more new experiences.

  Graduates have been studying in school for four years, and there are many wonderful people and things worth remembering. It is gradual to feel sorrow in the face of graduation at graduation.

But sadness is also a very destructive emotion.

Too intense grief exacerbates people to become very vulnerable, and expressing grief moderately can help graduates deal with separation, and at the same time can make themselves more emotionally connected with those around them.

She said that graduates attending the graduation ceremony, recording their feelings, finding important people to share, or crying alone alone are all good ways to express sadness.

  Wang Zhiyan said that although some graduates may meet and have the opportunity to return to the campus, in this current status, the opportunity to meet in such an environment will never be returned.

It is because of this that parting is so sad.

  ”Although you can’t move out of school, you can take away memories or clues about them.

“Finally, Wang Zhiyan suggested that the sad graduates collect some clues related to the past:” Record the places where I am nostalgic with photos, videos, and documents.

A few leaves, a few books, a classmate’s message, a magazine I have run, a hairpin, a backpack, etc. can all help graduates reduce their worries about leaving.

“University students are not mature enough. When they fall in love, they mainly consider whether their personalities are similar, but they do not consider too many realistic and objective factors such as family and work.

An objective and fair understanding of the reasons for a breakup can help those who have broken love reduce pain.

  Broken love: Give each other a better future. “After graduation, I saw that many people in love had to break up, and it was very painful.

“In the lecture, a graduate boy raised this question to Professor Yang Mei.

A survey conducted by the China Youth University for Political Sciences shows that more than 60% of the graduates in love have to suffer the pain of splitting up or temporarily separating. The division of love has become an important factor that brings great psychological pressure to the graduates.

  ”From acquaintance to love, there must be many good things happening in this process, and after graduation, you have to break up.

This is indeed an anxious and painful process.

Yang Mei suggested to look at this issue from multiple angles.

First of all, Yang Mei believes that an objective and fair understanding of the reasons for the breakup can help the brokenheartedness reduce the pain caused by guilt and self-blame.

Yang Mei analyzes that college students’ psychology is still immature, and most of them consider whether their personalities are similar when they fall in love, without giving too much consideration to family, work and other realistic and objective factors.

With the deepening of their contact with society, the things considered are becoming more and more realistic, and love is marginalized, so it is inevitable for many campus couples to break up.

  There is no doubt that Yang Mei inspired students to see graduation breakup from three good aspects: reorganization, love needs a new social test.If you don’t have the confidence to let the simple campus love experience this test, then breaking up in advance is to give each other more free development space and a better future. It may not be a good thing; it is not a painful emotional experience.

  Graduates can tell themselves “In this simple and beautiful love, I have learned a lot and gained a lot, which may be the most precious emotional experience and wealth in my life.

“Furthermore, the failure of love on campus does not mean the failure of a lifetime relationship. In the future, you may find more suitable relationships due to this love affair.

However, Yang Mei was not afraid that the broken lovers would over-press their pain. When necessary, they could talk to a friend, or find a place where no one was crying.

  Facing the new environment, everyone needs to spend time to adapt, but the length of time will be different for different people.

But it is this temptation process that cultivates people’s sense of trust and security in the environment, so as to survive and develop and develop their abilities.

  Work: It takes time to adapt to changes. “Teacher, I have to go to work as soon as I leave school. Suddenly I have to face a completely unfamiliar environment. There is no time for adjustment in the middle. I feel so scared and nervous.

“This kind of worry has appeared in one month of a graduate of Peking University. When he couldn’t bear it, he walked into the school’s mental health education and counseling center.

  ”For graduates who are about to enter a new environment, worry and anxiety are always there, it just takes time to adapt to changes in the environment.

Wang Zhiyan said that in the face of the new environment, everyone needs to spend time to adapt, but the length of time required by different people will be different.

But it is this temptation process that cultivates people’s trust and sense of security in the environment and enables us to find our own unique way to survive in the new environment and continue to develop and develop our abilities.

Wang Zhiyan suggested that graduates can try the following four methods to relax themselves: First, learn about the new environment in advance through various channels.

Graduates who are about to move to a job position can give themselves an overkill if they can start spending some time internships in new units early.

No longer, graduates can talk to relevant people or go online to collect relevant information.

In short, we must be able to find some ways to approach the new environment that we are about to enter under limited conditions.

  ”You can also bring your familiar threads to the new environment.

“Wang Zhiyan believes that this is a simple, convenient and practical method.” Bring your favorite music, your computer or tea cup, these things will evoke the feeling of safety and beauty you have had in the past and help you overcome the new environmentThe worries that give you the power to deal with conflicts and challenges.

Eight foods for women to nourish the kidney

Eight foods for women to nourish the kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “kidney is the innate foundation”, and its main physiological function is “storing essence, holding Qi, and main water”. The kidney is especially important for women. The growth and development from upper to lower menstruation, belt, fetus, birth and kidney are related.A woman’s life!

  1. There is a saying in the animal liver that “visiting the internal organs with viscera”. Animal livers are rich in protein, trace amounts and multivitamins, and have the effect of nourishing kidney and refining.

  2. Shrimp may have extremely rich protein, lipids, minerals and other nutrients, and the extraction of shrimp meat is rich in substances that enhance immunity, so eating shrimp has the effect of nourishing kidney and detoxifying.

  3. Pork waist flower Pork waist flower has a high cholesterol content and is not consumed by people with high blood lipids, but it has the effect of nourishing kidney qi, and it is often used as a food for kidney.

  4, walnuts eat walnuts can enhance the vitality of the brain, supplement the body’s lack of inositol, and Hetai has the function of kidney and Gujing, diet is often used as one of kidney food.

  5. Eggs, eggs, proteins, traces, vitamins, and various trace elements are recognized as extremely nutritious foods. Eating more eggs can promote human growth and improve immunity, and it is also a type of food that prolongs life.

  6, chestnuts chestnuts not only have the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, but also the role of kidney and strong waist, eat more chestnuts, can alleviate the symptoms of low back pain caused by kidney deficiency.

  7, people with wolfberry kidney deficiency, eating wolfberry effect is very good, wolfberry has the effect of kidney and liver, eat more wolfberry kidney to prolong life and relieve long-term low back pain.

  8. Hippocampus Hippocampus is a food that has the same kidney-reinforcing effect as ginseng. Its value is comparable to that of ginseng. The method of eating hippocampus is to grind it into powder, serve it with rice wine, and take it daily.

Six best health soups for August

Six best health soups for August

The time is August, when the summer heat is not gone, and it will be transferred to autumn. In this season, people are prone to lack of appetite, the body consumes a lot of body fluid, and the nutrients are easily lost, especially inorganic salts.

At this time we must not only increase the absorption of vegetables, but also drink more soup!

Today, Xiaowei will introduce you to six classic soups that are suitable for August to relieve heat and dampness, and nourish yin and lungs!

  Recipe 1: Prunella Vulgaris Black Bean Soup. Prunella vulgaris is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used for diet in summer and summer in Guangdong.

Chinese medicine believes that it is cold, tastes bitter, and has the functions of clearing fire, eyesight, loosening and swelling.

Black beans are commonly used as food supplements in Guangdong. Some people mistakenly think that it is hot and dry. In fact, Chinese medicine believes that it is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing the spleen, water, and detoxification.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish the kidney yin, moisturize the lungs, dry the wind, and promote blood circulation to detoxify.

The two are combined into a soup, which is used in this summer and autumn and summer, as well as tonifying kidney water and calming the liver.

  Ingredients: 30 grams of prunella vulgaris, 50 grams of black beans, moderate sugar.

  Method: Soak the prunella vulgaris, wash it, pack it with gauze or soup bag, soak the black beans, and wash them. Put them into a clay pot together, add 1250 ml of water (about 5 bowls), and change to a fire pot after the boiled pot is boiled.About 30-40 minutes, add the right amount of rock sugar.

  Recipe 2: Lotus Tang Biguo Decoction Luo Han’s fruit is cool and sweet, and has anti-inflammatory and heat-reducing effects, soothing throat and throat.

Its peel can also be used to soak water or make soup.

In addition to the lotus roots can nourish the lungs and relieve heat, it can also strengthen the spleen and promote appetite.

The elderly often eat ravioli, and can also implement the effect of nourishing blood and rejuvenating and prolonging life.

In addition, the ingredients of this sweet soup are cold, the stomach is cold, and people with diarrhea should not eat more.

  Ingredients: 2 Luo Han Guo, lotus root section, about 10 red dates, rock sugar section.

  Method: Wash the red dates with water and soak them in water for later use, then wash the outer skin of Luo Han Guo, gently pat the shell with a knife, and remove the flesh.

Peel the lotus root, wash it, and cut into thin slices.

Then add Luo Han pulp and red dates to the pot and add 1.

After about 5 liters of water, boil over high heat, and then change to a simmering pot for 20 minutes.

Finally, add lotus root slices and rock sugar, and simmer for another 15 minutes.

  Recipe 3: Apple Tremella Soup Apple is mixed with crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, assist the human body to expel wastes smoothly, and reduce harmful substances to the skin.

Apple also contains a lot of trace elements such as magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, etc., which can make the skin delicate, smooth, rosy and shiny.

Tremella fungus is a natural and natural botanical gum. With its soothing effect, long-term use can moisturize and remove melasma and freckles on the face.

Apple Tremella Soup, refreshed and annealed, nourishing Qi.

  Ingredients: apple, white fungus, lily, lotus seed.

  Method: Bubble the Tremella for more than 4 hours, cut into small flowers, and soak the lotus seeds with warm water for two hours.

Then, the apples were washed and cut into pieces, and the white fungus, lily and lotus seeds were put into the pot, and then boiled on high heat for half an hour.

Finally, add jujube, pour in apples, add rock sugar, and simmer slowly for more than an hour.

  Recipe 4: Lotus leaf melon pot Laoya Tang melon contains vitamin C decomposition, and high potassium content, sodium content replacement, hypertension, kidney disease, edema and other patients eat it, can achieve swelling without hurting righteousness.

Glycolic acid contained in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can make the body fit.

The fresh lotus leaves in the soup clear the heat and dampen the heat, and the melon clears the heat and relieves the heat, and the old male duck can nourish the yin and nourish the blood, and benefit the stomach.

The combination of the three can both clear away heat and relieve heat and dampness, and can also benefit the stomach.

  Ingredients: One piece of fresh lotus leaf, one to half a catty of fresh winter melon, and half a catty of male duck meat.

Method: Wash the above three kinds of food, put them into a clay pot together, add water to make a soup, season with salt, and drink soup to eat melon and duck meat.

  Recipe 5: Bamboo Duck Old Duck Soup Bamboo Duck Old Duck Soup, especially suitable for hot summer, has a good effect of summer heat and dampness, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing lungs and clearing heat.

Bamboo soup with duck soup is an excellent and classic match.

Because bamboo skewers and old ducks are foods that are cooler in nature, they are not easy to get angry in summer.  Ingredients: half a duck, 10 grams of Dendrobium, 1 bag of bamboo shoots, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 section of Beijing onion, 20 ml cooking wine, 2 liters of water, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, MSG.

  Method: Duck after washing, cut into pieces, soak Dendrobium for 10 minutes and put it into a soup bag. Ginger pat the flat, cut the green onions into small pieces. Put the duck pieces with ginger and green onions in the pot and pour the water.Remove the duck, ginger and spring onion after boiling the bleeding foam, rinse the foam with water, and put it in the soup pot.

Pour 2 liters of water into the soup pot, add Dendrobium, cooking wine, cover the pot with high heat and boil, then turn to the fire for 1 hour.

Remove the bamboo shoots 20 minutes in advance and repeatedly soak them 4 or 5 times to wash the sediment.

After 1 hour, open the lid, add salt and monosodium glutamate, then pour in the bamboo shoots, cover the lid and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

  Recipe 6: Lily and lotus seed soup Lily and lotus seed soup is made from lotus seeds, lilies, etc. Lily and lotus seeds have the effect of soothing the heart, soothing the lungs and relieving cough.

Therefore, the lily lotus seed soup, soothe the nerves, strengthen the spleen and stomach, the most suitable for consumption before and after the summer solar terms.

  Ingredients: 100 grams of dried lily, 75 grams of dried lotus seeds, 75 grams of rock sugar.

  Practice: After soaking the lily overnight, rinse it off.

Soak the lotus seeds for 4 hours and rinse.

Put lilies and lotus seeds in a pot of clear water. After the fire is boiled, add rock sugar and cook for another 40 minutes.

  At the same time, Xiaowei also reminds you that although the weather is hot, do not use “ice” to relieve heat.

Although the cold soup can relieve the heat, the cold air can easily damage the stomach gas and cause diarrhea and dizziness. The hotter the weather, the more obvious this situation is.

Don’t substitute cold soup for drinking.

When eating soup, eat the main ingredients.

Consuming soup strips before meals can supplement the necessary nutrients for the human body, which is very beneficial to the “bitter summer” crowd.

Not looking for work

Not looking for work


Prospects for industry conversion The world economy is developing rapidly, and new business models and new positions continue to appear. No one can guarantee that they will not change jobs after ten years.

In this case, a person needs to constantly master new job skills to adapt to new job opportunities. Of course, there is a corresponding price to pay. The question is how much this price is and whether it is worth it.

No one can guarantee that they will not change jobs after ten years.
In this case, a person needs to constantly master new job skills to adapt to new job opportunities. Of course, there is a corresponding price to pay. The question is how much this price is and whether it is worth it.

It is not easy to retreat and let a person give up a field that he or she is familiar with or even has achieved., But if all these are targeted for investment, the whole thing becomes relatively simple: you are not changing jobs, but investing in a new field.

When switching industries, as mentioned above, it is like choosing another trunk. There is also a process of retreating. In this process, it is difficult to avoid the reduction of income and the reduction of posts, but as long as the direction of reselection is correct,This phenomenon is only temporary. It is only a matter of time to surpass the old positions and salary.

If enough people climb on the old trunk, the cracks that occur when they retreat to climb the new trunk will occur. No matter how high or low the climb is on the old trunk, if he thinks the direction of change is inevitable, he must not hesitateThe longer he waits, the more he pays.

On the contrary, the more timely the response, the more controllable the corresponding cost can be.


Don’t look for a job and find a job. When people apply for a job, their first thought is often to find a good job. In fact, finding a good company is more important. Good companies often produce really good jobs and can provide excellent talentLarge-scale development space.

Therefore, when changing the gate, in addition to examining the new company’s product and service types and development trends, we must also try to find job opportunities in those companies with first-class talents, first-class management, and good social image.