Best White Collar Health: Baduanjin

Best White Collar Health: Baduanjin

White-collar workers often feel weak in their limbs, back pain, and poor mentality due to their stressful work and lack of exercise. Xiaobian recommends you to use Baduanjin as a gymnastic exercise, which will definitely improve your work efficiency and boost your spirit.!!

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  Baduanjin is an excellent ancient fitness method in the West. Its exercises are divided into eight sections, so it is called Baduan.

“Jin” is the ancients’ metaphor for its exquisiteness.

Baduanjin originated from the Song Dynasty and gradually developed in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

A more detailed record can be found in Lian Qian’s “The Essentials of Xiuling” in the Ming Dynasty.

The ancient records of the eight-segment brocade sitting and standing.

The stand-up Ba Duan Jin was developed from the seated Ba Duan Jin. The content reduced methods such as swallowing and massaging, and the requirements in terms of ideas were not as good as those of the seated Ba Duan Jin Gao, but the intensity of exercise was enhanced.

Therefore, people of different ages can choose to practice according to their own circumstances.

  It is said that Baduanjin was created by Yue Fei, and there are also legends that Baduanjin was created by Zhong Liquan of the Tang Dynasty, but these statements are not very credible.

In Wei Jin Xu Xun’s “Lingjianzi Guizi Ziji”, there are records about the “Ba Duan Jin” exercise method.

However, the name “Ba Duan Jin” originally appeared was for the book “Yi Jian Zhi” written by Hong Mai in the Song Dynasty.

Therefore, most of the popular songs nowadays are the songs passed in the late Qing dynasty: two hands holding the heavens and the three jokes, and bowing left and right like shooting sculptures.

Regulate the spleen and stomach to be singled out, look after five injuries and seven injuries.

Shaking his head and swinging his tail to his heart, he climbed his feet with both hands.

The punches and angers increased their strength, and behind them, Qidianbaidi disappeared.

This is a stand-up Ba Duan Jin, which is described as follows: the two hands support the natural form of the three-focus natural form, with both feet flat, shoulder width, shoulders and abdomen, and the waist is relaxed.

Head straight up, mouth closed lightly, calming his breath, calming Dan Tian.

Slowly lift your hands to the top of your head, turn your palms upwards, and hold your hands upwards. The heels also rise and fall with your hands.

After holding it several times, turn your palms down with your hands, and slowly press down to the lower abdomen along the body to restore.

  Opening the bow from left to right naturally shoots left, one step to the right, the body squatting down into a riding step, holding hands out of both sides, then draw an arc from the chest upwards to improve the level of milk.

Pull your right hand to the right to the right milk level, about two punches away from the breast, which means tightening the bowstring and opening the bow like a full moon; pinch the sword with your left hand, tilt it to the right, turn your head to the left, and look at the distance through your left hand.It means that the bow and sword are in hand, waiting for the opportunity to shoot.

After a short pause, immediately lift your body up, insert your hands down and bend the arc to re-insert your chest, and reset your left leg at the same time to restore a natural protrusion.

This is left-handed and vice versa.

Swap left and right dozens of times.

  To adjust the spleen and stomach, single-stroke natural protrusions should be lifted slowly, and the left hand should be slowly raised from the side to the head, tilt the palm upward, and lift up to the left, while pressing down with the right hand.

After pressing several times, the left hand slowly lowered along the front of the body and returned to the side of the body.

Right-hand press is the same as left-hand, but the direction is opposite.

  Five labors and seven injuries look back at nature naturally, feet with shoulder width, hands hang down naturally, calmly adjust his breath, and breathe Dan Tian.

Turn your head slightly to the left, and look at the rear left with your eyes. After a short pause, turn slowly to the right, and then turn slowly, and then look slightly to the right and rear to pause.

So dozens of times.

  Shaking his head and swinging his tail to cross his heart with his feet spread out, squatting on both knees, becoming a “riding step”.

The upper body is upright, leaning forward slightly, looking up with both eyes, pressing your hands against the alignment, and supporting your elbows.

With the waist as the axis, the head spine should be straight. Shake the bones to the front left. The left arm is bent, the right arm is straight, the elbow is braced, the head and the left knee are perpendicular., Look at the tip of the right foot; after a short pause, then turn the arc in the opposite direction to the right front.

Repeated a dozen times.

  Climbing the kidneys with both hands to loosen the waist is quiet, with both feet flat, shoulder width.

Lift both arms flatly from the side of your body to the top of your head, turn your palms upwards, and lift up.

Pause for a while, stretch your legs straight, use your waist as the axis, lean your body forward, and climb your feet with your hands. Pause for a while, slowly raise your body straight, your hands are right above your head, arms straight, palms forward., And then gradually fade to the side of the body.  Kickboxing furiously increased strength with both feet spread out, squatting on both knees, showing a “riding step”.

Make a fist with both hands, eyes down.

The left fist hits forward, and the head turns slightly to the left. Both eyes stare into the distance through the left fist, and the right fist pulls back at the same time.

Strike with the left fist to form a kind of support.

Subsequently, the left fist was retracted, and the right fist was hit, the same as before.

Repeated a dozen times.
  The back of Qidianbaiji disappeared with both feet close together, the legs were upright, the body was relaxed, the arms were naturally drooping, the fingers were close together, and the palms were pointed forward.

Then press down with both hands flat, and lift up the heels of the homeopath with a pause, and place the heels on the ground.

Repeat this exercise dozens of times.

What to do to recover the gap in love

What to do to recover the gap in love

Twenty-six-year-old age is not wasted, Liu has had several unforgettable romances, which can be long or short, and he can’t escape the end of the breakup.

Knowing that there are no perfect things in the world, I still pursue the perfection of love without hesitation.

Liu Ye knows that she knows her so-called capital, she is young and beautiful, and she has enough salary to make a slight surplus after she has deliberately consumed it, so there seems to be nothing to seduce her into dizziness except for love.

  It is not accidental to encounter security. Such a man can only play a role in the back. It is the only option to take the initiative.

Fortunately, deliberate encounters have created the perfect beginning of ideal love.

Ann is born with handsomeness, wherever he goes, it feels like a ray of warmth.

What really made Liu unable to extricate himself was the smile he had in mind at the corner of his mouth before the negotiating table.

It’s been a long time before I found out that such a man who is walking at the forefront of the times is like a developed virgin forest. At any time, you will find a pleasant scenery.

Tolerant and rational, calm and courageous, yet gentle and gentle, caring for her is like treating a favorite delicate porcelain, holding it in your hands and hurting in your heart.

  For such a year and a half, love is really the perfection that Liu wants.

I am afraid that such a man would never be forgiven for a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

It seems that there is only a luxurious wedding of the prince and princess.

Liu’s heart was always filled with a joy that could not be hidden.

  The wedding is set at the slightly cool end of October. That day is expanding day by day. Trivial things seem to never end. It becomes a little increase in the fear of marriage. The joy is squeezed into the corner.

That day, even arguing about the color of the bed cover and An, what made Liu sad was that An didn’t tolerate this time, but accepted the move unbearably.

  It was so noisy that dinner was omitted, and when night fell, it was a bit cool. Liu Ye forgot the reason for the original quarrel, only to think that a man can murder a woman so sweatlessly, because his love is no longer there.

He took the towel and lay on the sofa in the living room in tears silently. For a long time, An slightly snoring came from the bedroom.

  At midnight, I got used to drinking water, maybe he could carry himself into the bedroom?

Mr. Liu, who has never closed his eyes, deliberately placed it on the opposite side when An passed the living room. Ke An didn’t seem to hear it and returned to the bedroom without turning his head after drinking water.

After a while, there was a slight snoring sound, all of which were harsh to Liu Fan.

  At dawn, the shells of Willow still shed tears, maybe it was just the decision that she just made to dim her: break up.

It’s time to fall back and look at that stumbling block, but Liu can’t say anything about it now. The quarrel was actually irrelevant, but unfortunately it became an irreparable gap in love.

Children need more calcium in summer

Children need more calcium in summer

In a blink of an eye it’s summer again, do moms know?

The sunny days of the year are the golden season for children to grow. Good natural conditions are conducive to the growth of their bones and the development of body parts.

The “calcium” element created by everyone, as an essential element for promoting bone growth, will also have a higher demand than in the past.

  After summer, children’s outdoor activities have increased significantly.

Under the scorching sun, the discharge of sweat is several times that of the past.

When children return home sweating, mothers must pay special attention to: not only the water lost with sweat, but also the precious calcium in the body.

If the lost calcium is not supplemented in time, it will affect the growth of the child.

  What mothers also need to know is that children’s weak spleen and stomach functions will also become dysregulated with increasing heat.

In a hot and dry environment, children are prone to symptoms such as decreased appetite, partial eclipse, and anorexia. It is difficult for them to obtain sufficient calcium from daily expenditures, and the replacement of calcium is naturally a serious waste of tedium.

This shows that in this important growing season, children and young people need calcium supplements even more.

  How does a smart mother choose the right calcium supplement for her child?

Experts point out that liquid calcium does not require gastric acid to participate in the absorption process, and it does not cause a burden on the child’s small intestines and stomach, and has high safety; therefore, calcium supplements can only be decomposed when they are broken down into “calcium ions”.Fully absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Calcium supplement products that meet all the above advantages are the best choice for mothers, such as calcium gluconate oral solution, which is a supersaturated liquid calcium with high calcium content; good absorption effect of ionized calcium and higher safety; as much as possible,Sweet and sour fruit flavors are more easily accepted and loved by children.

  I hope that every mother can grasp the golden season of calcium supplementation in summer, so that children can grow up healthily and vigorously!