Comrade He Luli’s body is in Beijing.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 23rd, the famous social activist, the outstanding leaders of the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, close friends of the Communist Party of China, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Ninth and Ten National People’s Congress, and the Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative The vice chairman of the 8th National Committee, the remains of Comrade He Luli, the eighth, ninth, and tenth Central Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, and cremated at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery on the 23rd.

Comrade He Luli died at 0:45 on March 19, 2022 at 0:45 at the age of 88.

During Comrade He Luli’s serious illness and death, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Han Zheng, Wang Qishan, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, etc., went to the hospital to visit or expressed mourning and mourning and mourning in various forms. Explain deep condolences to his relatives.

On the morning of the 23rd, the auditorium of the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery was solemn and mourned.

On the top of the main hall, the banner with black background "mourn Comrade He Lu Li", below the banner is the statue of Comrade He Luli. Comrade He Luli’s body was lying in the cypresses of flowers.

At 9:40 in the morning, Xi Jinping, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, etc., slowly came to Comrade He Lu Li’s body in the sorrow, bowed silently, bowed to Comrade He Lu Li’s body three, and expressed deep condolences to Comrade He Lu Li’s relatives.

Relevant leaders of the party and state go to bid farewell or express condolences in various ways. The relevant departments of the central and state organs are responsible for comrades, and Comrade He Lu Li also went to bid farewell in Jingsheng’s predecessor and his hometown representatives.

Blood atticiency,Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine blood gods,Every one is hosting his Yuanshen,Blood attire,Hiku is not dead。

This is only listening to the blood god of the nap,At this moment, in the mobilization of the blood,Decisive,Abandon the dark investment,Turned into a dog。
Keypri,He has a blind eye to the blood,Hidden hands in secret,Ending the blood showed that the enemy, one thousand self-damaged eight hundred, the broken boat is ready to do it well.,But I didn’t think of it.,His gods actually betray himself。
And not one,All。
I didn’t have nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine resurrears.,Hiqiu knows that this high-end bureau is white to,Heart cursed blood magic was killed in the outside world.,Turned to the distant distant escape。
No two steps,A huge suction came from behind,Hostprint face despair,Yuan Shen,Containment with the body,Stroved by blood clouds。
Blood magic refining,Restructive coin plus one,Number of amazing 10,000,I only feel that the world is large.,No more,Little field outside the country,Can kill it between。
Liao Wenjie,Look in the nest of the stakes and blood,Don’t worry about the contest,Split a group of blood clouds,Then I will enter and exit by winning the sanctuary.,No bottom, swallowing blood gas, strengthening itself。
Shengxian is not a god,Want,The process of becoming a change in the quality change is essential。
certainly,This is just the first step,Thorough transformation, you need to keep back for forward。
“I like to eat so.,Let you eat a full。”
Blood magic resentment,Waving a big blood cloud covering the evil sword,With this handle, eat snake away from the battlefield,Blocking it and Liao Wenjie。
Remove the same,Blood demon noble,A resurrection is integrated into the fuish,Into my body,Killing tight lock Liao Wenjie。
Gratitude,Blood demon,Blood lighting fingertips,Continuous under the void point。
Daozi spread,Bloody bloody sea storm,One time,Red manipulation,Sale whole, I am shrouded by red sky.。
Plasma column,Creating a shadow of the mountains,Friction air explosion flame,Rolling Magic。
“not bad!”
Liao Wenji,The stronger the strength of the blood,The larger the possibility of winning the evil sword,Look at the volume of the current blood magic show,Not only win the evil sword,He also makes great profits to enhance your own opportunity.。
Blood color macarre under pressure,Hurricane hot waves,Liao Wenjie,Single hand and take a picture。
Blood color printed wind soaring,Collision,Size difference。
Air slightly vibrating,Next second,The energy depressed。
Running through the roots of the world,Shock wave,Complaced the blood sea variable plane,Vastly dusty,Crack slits are blinking outside the eyes。
A group of people far in the mountains of Wutai Mountain,Also blocked by the sky,Respect for watergases for snooping battle。
Central Committee,Suffering,A series of roars,Bloodstand、Blood column festival collapsed,Heavenly blood shocks。
Liao Wenjie hit the palm print from bottom to,Throughout the blood cloud, exploding a big hole in the sky,In one way,Get the flesh of the flesh。
Blood sea,Blood magic face,Eyes such as Sun Month,Spit,Rolling Magic oppressed mountains and rivers。
“Outside the world,I still have nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine blood gods.,How many times can you kill me??”
“There is only zero times in the world and 10,000 times,Never never once,This truth does not understand this,Have your IQ take a change??”Liao Wenjie smiled,I look back in the sorrowful sword direction。
Good appetite!
Can eat is a blessing,Casual evil sword, no longer hurry,Blood demon is to be killed by him。
Blood magic will take Liao Wenjie’s move to the eye,Misted as he,To win the evil sword,Bite your teeth,Another big group of blood cloud,Resolutely not let the wins and swords close to Liao Wenjie half-step。
Liao Wenjie:(one`one)
what is this,Just seek speed death?
Liao Wenjie secretly admire,I didn’t expect the blood magic.,Actual is a pure man,And let the winning evil sword eat fast,He really can’t support this.。
“Outside the world,There is only zero times in the world and 10,000 times,No two times,Well,I have to kill me for the second time.。”Blood magic lead,Griffine,Creating a round of red sun,Pack Liao Wenjie。

Hangzhou Linping Community Education Practice All Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Koen "High Wall"

  At the signing forum, Zhang Yu, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Linping District, introduced the overall situation of Linping Education and focused on the achievements of community education in recent years.

Fu Zhengping, a member of the Party Committee and deputy supervisor of Qiao Si Prison, introduced the basic situation of the education and transformation of Qiao Si prison.

Based on the purpose of resource sharing, mutual benefit, and common development, the two sides conduct in -depth discussions and exchanges on the construction of cultural education collaborative work mechanisms, improving the quality of teaching, and improving the cultural quality of prisoners. Normalization.

  At the end of the meeting, the two parties signed the "Supervisor Cooperation Agreement". The agreement clarified the duties of both parties in the supervisor and made an agreement on the cooperation of key tasks such as cultural education and teaching courses, teaching plans, teaching process management, and examination issuance of prisoners. The relevant person in charge of the Education Bureau of Linping District said that through the signing cooperation, the bureau and Qiao Si Prison will jointly explore new ideas and methods of cooperation in supervision.

In the next stage, the two parties will carry out in -depth cooperation on the construction of the rule of law education base and party members and cadres and cadres.

(Zhu Xiaoyan) (Responsible editor: Ye Binde, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Thousands of loose pops,Full of blood,I didn’t see the initial anger and killing.。

It is a deep trick and fear.。
“summer,Don’t deceive too much!”
Summer faceless expression,Sound calm,“Don’t think you are victim,This way,How many times have you exposed me??You should be very clear,I have repeatedly endured,Don’t worry with you,You have repeatedly looking for death,today,Laozi is all you。”
Say,Big step forward。
He is unhappy,But as if a giant is very heavy,The ground under the foot is trembled。
Powerful pressure makes thousands of squatting,The killing of the swan is close to the bones.,Let him breathe。
Heart fear,Remorse。
But now,He feels that the summer is not dead.,Can’t be good at all。
“I am fighting with you.”
He holds a long sword,Struggling, if you are more struggling。
Summer body is full of light,Originally left a disabled,Hands with palm printing and punch,Thousands of push to vomit blood,Hard to support。
He roared,The long sword is stirring with a thousand swordsman,Hollow the strength of the Tongtian level to the extreme,Want to hit summer。
but,With the rainbow,Everything efforts of Thousandsurong failed。
Summer stepping into a knife,Take a few meters long and more,The moment is oblique to the child’s body。
Blood splash!
Thousands of straps,Two interceptors fly out of more than ten meters,Bring a large blood flowers。
Finally fall on the ground,Each is full of blood。
The watched numerous conspire is all about Qi Qi.,Paled face。
One time,Far near is quiet to the extreme,Leaf falls。
No one wants,I will look at a Tongtian strong person to kill it on the spot.!
That is a strong person.,Standing the peak of the world,Shouyuan unlimited,Gujiang Mountain……That is a real respect!
Just like this!
Summer quiet,not moving at all。
Before the war,Causes the murderous crazy in the heart,After you can do it again,Thousands of pine is too weak。
Empty skyline hierarchy,Other aspects, no。
The big Luo Zun who killed by him is too much.。
For a long time,The war is forced to converge,Everything is restored。

Protect the grassland ecology in the plateau (beautiful China)

  The core reading is located in Tibet, which is located in high -cold areas. For reasons such as excessive grazing and grassland degeneration, it is faced with grass and livestock contradictions and ecological problems.

In recent years, Tibet has promoted artificial grass planting projects in Naqu, Shigatse and other places, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry, and came out of a "grass -cultivated land, grass -breeding livestock, forest and grass work, sand gathered together in the forest and grass" that were suitable for plateau. The road of grass industry development.

    There is a large area of ??natural grasslands in Tibet. Grass animal husbandry is the basic industry that local farmers and herdsmen depend on survival and development.

"In Naqu, Ali, etc., due to long -term excessive grazing, coupled with high altitude, cold, and drought, the low grass production and slow recovery after degeneration have led to different degrees of grassland degeneration, weakened ecological functions, and decreased productivity.

Yu Chengqun, director of the Tibet Plateau Grass Industry Technology Research Center. Since 2010, Tibet has promoted artificial grass projects in the entire region to alleviate the grassland ecological safety issues caused by the contradictions of grass and livestock, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry, and relieve the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry. The pressure of grassland resources and environment has obtained good ecological and economic benefits. "In such a high place in altitude, I did not expect grass to be successful." A few days ago Personnel are preparing grass seeds and fertilizers. According to reports, because of the high cold climate, the soil has not thawed in April, and grass can be officially started at the end of May.

  "In such a high place, I did not expect that the grass was successful. Here, the average oats were high, and the high can be tadpie.

Yan Jun, a animal -priest of Grassland Station in Naqu City, said that in 2021, they created a full -process mechanized regional artificial grass model at the Wan Mu Organic Fedry Base in Nima County, which accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the grass herdsmanship and the recovery of grassland.

  As a major animal husbandry production base in Tibet, the grassland has a large area, but the altitude and the ecological environment are very fragile. To this end, the relevant departments of Naqu City took the species to screen and promote the high -quality pastoral varieties that are suitable for high -cold pastoral areas, increased the total amount of pasture, reduce the pressure of grassland, and alleviate the contradictions and grassland degradation issues caused by pastoral.

  The webmaster and senior animal pastor of Naqu City Prairm Station led the team to have been committed to the screening and screening of pastoral grass for a long time.

After more than 10 years of hard work, they introduced more than 100 species of pasture from inside and outside the area, successfully screening 19 species of pastoral grass species planted in different areas of Naru, and successfully promoted high -quality high -yielded herds of grass oats in 2021. After the house, 10,000 acres are planted.

  "At present, we have explored 4 regional artificial grass models, namely the" front house behind the house and the circle nest ‘of the past few acres of land for the pastoral households. Cao animal husbandry science and technology innovation demonstration village ‘artificial grass planting, the "moderate scale’ of the" moderate scale ‘of the cooperatives and the breeding of hundreds of acres of the cooperatives and the breeding households, and the "full -process mechanization’ artificial species of large -scale cooperatives and enterprises with large -scale cooperatives and enterprises Grass mode.

"Danju Rob said that the development of regional artificial grass, in terms of preventing and controlling soil and soil loss, wind sand and desertification, improved the output of forage, and accelerated the ability of natural grassland self -repair, etc., all have promoting effects.

  "Now not only can cattle and sheep be full, our village is also beautiful." It is located in Nirura Township, Kangma Prefecture, Shigatse, located in the northern foot of the Himalayas. Workers are planning in an orderly manner on the 10,000 acres of artificial grass bases. Scene.

  "We are preparing to continue planting purple flowers, oats and green wheat grass this year." Nirvana Township Chief Gama Dada said that over the past 6 years, Nirvanu Township has opened up 10,000 acres of artificial grass bases, and it has built supporting facilities. The sheep breeding industry and grass particles production line make the village greener and beautiful, and also increase income to the masses.

  The 41 -year -old Zhanduo is a villager in Gongba Village, Nirura Township. He went out to work for two or three months in the past year, and worked at home for the rest of the house. The annual income was about 10,000 yuan.

Since there is a cooperative, it has been busy than before. "I am mainly feeding sheep in the cooperative now. There are 4,500 yuan per month, and there are dividends at the end of the year." Zhandu said happily. "At the Tower of Poverty and Relocation of Easy Earth, at the end of the year, it can be dividend at the standard of 70 yuan per sheep. Last year, 400 villagers in the township participated in the dividends, totaling more than 500,000 yuan.

"The person in charge of the cooperative introduced that in addition, the cooperative also attracted more than 200 employment in the project area.

  Workers are busy in the cooperative’s forage processing workshop. According to Li Xin, in the next step, they will increase the added value of forage, make full use of dried green grass, and produce granular feed. "Now not only can cow and sheep be full, but our village has become beautiful.

"66 -year -old villager Lun Zhu said.

  In recent years, relevant Tibetan departments have vigorously developed artificially planting grass, planting grass, raising animals, forests and grass, and fixing water in accordance with the work ideas of "policy quotation, project promotion, technical promotion, and typical belt". At present, the reserved area of ??artificial grass in the region has reached 1.57 million mu.

  "Let each grass give full play to its ecological and economic benefits." The director of the Tibet Autonomous Region (Tibet Autonomous Region Remote Sensing Application Research Center) said that artificial grass is the material basis for alleviating grass and livestock contradictions and consolidating the development of animal husbandry. Governing the ecological environment and other aspects plays a positive role. According to Yu Chengqun, Tibet is currently facing environmental problems such as degeneration, desertification and desertification.

Artificial grass has obvious advantages in the production, quality and anti -natural interference, regional soil and water conservation, and ensuring the stability of pasture resources.

Studies have shown that compared with grasshopper grounds, the ground runoff is reduced by 47%and the amount of scouring is reduced by 77%.

Artificial grass grows rapidly. Large -scale development of artificial grass can also effectively reduce the erosion of wind to the soil and effectively sand.

  Screening appropriate forage varieties and carrying out artificial grassland construction will help improve the conditions of soil nutrients and improve vegetation coverage, height and density.

Artificial grass plant leaves are large, the use of light energy and productivity is higher, and the capacity of forage has stronger air purification.

In recent years, in order to quickly, accurate, and scientifically judge the effectiveness of artificial grass, the Tibet Autonomous Region Remote Sensing Research Center has used high -resolution satellite remote sensing data to select 153 in the 1066 artificial grass plots provided by the Autonomous Region Agricultural Animal Hall. The typical land is carried out on the analysis and evaluation of artificial grass satellite remote sensing monitoring.

The analysis results show that the pastoral planting area of ??pasture is growing up.

  "Artificial grass has enabled natural pastures to rest, and at the same time, it has played a significant role in the production, quality, anti -natural interference, and regional soil and water conservation.

"Bian Duo said, next, they will continue to use remote sensing technology to continue to increase the monitoring of artificial grass, improve the level of research and application in the aspects of the use of remote sensing technology to evaluate the appropriateness of grass species. Sexual evaluation work, avoid blind planting, ensure grass -growing grass, and allow each grass to give play to its ecological and economic benefits. "Turn design: Zhang Fangman.

Rear generations,The angle will relatively neutral,The farther the time, the more neutralized。Carefully think,Ming Gong is really not wrong,The human emperor at the time tried to tear an agreement to attack the demon,This is essentially a kind of extraordinary。Human emperor is nothing,I have changed in the morning.,No one is not observing that the agreement is said to say something.,But when signing the agreement at the time,Minggong can be an important role,He is not willing to violate?

Minggong is the most ill-old blight, he chose to become a demon.,But it is also the peace between the two families.。
Otherwise, his life is the most hundreds of years.,He once died,Two respects,Not a creature carbon。
The latter is relatively difficult to。
Yin Le is not only to explain to them.,Strive to prevent these people to disturb、Entangle,Also let them realize how rare in China is China?,Still
The final result is that someone will return to Chunming with him.,Confirm the willingness to confirm,To confirm that he is really reluctant to participate in the depth。
After another, I will hand over and pass it.。
Yin Le heard the rice。 Dish is not yet。
Their five are eaten together,Vegetables are usually very delicate,Good taste,But the vegetables are not a lot,Because I have a meeting after I have finished eating.。
That is so busy。
The few people who meet with them are more busy than they.,They are all eating fast food,Two or three have finished eating,There are more things to discuss。Let Yin Le think that these big days seem to be as good as he imagined.。
I heard that the highest leaders are more tired.。
May only have those corpse、Water is good。
Yin Le heard his belly。
Other four estimates can’t stand it.,While chatting while talking to the door,Even someone reminded a sentence。
As for chat content,Unknown Minggong and now。
Three men and a woman in four people,Both different provinces,Different people are different from person。
There is a call,From Zhangzhou,Very quiet,Surface temperature does not love,The fact is very indifferent。
There is a call,Personality is straightforward,Previously, the public is a traitor’s、I am going to have a meal,All is him。He also often comes out at the meeting, it should be eliminated by the demon,Even than Yin Le。After all, Yin Le did not show the radical side.,He felt that there was something stupid to do this at this time.。
Girls call Longping,Yin Le only saw this surname,It is a pity that some are too ordinary.。
Yin Leoti took her time from time to time.。
There is also a boulty called Li Ji.,Simplest,I saw that he was protected from a small by the family.,Just like an ordinary college student。Others are good because of the different experiences from small and peer people, they are bullied by the same age.,Be entangled、It is the worst of the demon is the worst,So I usually learn to protect myself earlier.,At least more mature than the same age。
It is estimated that this is his future teammate.。
What does it do?,Differences and defects are normal,Isn’t he not??It’s good to work together.。
Finally on the vegetables。
Yin Le is aiming at the desktop,Hand playing the key to the ancestral,Looking at a disc exquisite dish on the table,Silently, these dishes have made a flower whistle,A few plates can’t arouse him a pot of chaotic,Really。
Alcoholic meal,Everyone went out of the taste。
Nan Ge is a drink,Red-red,People also become more beautiful,It is more cute to the common qi directly to。
“I have to go to the lake.!!”
“See you so much,Don’t be planted in Dianchi at the time.。”Zhou Zhiwei with her shoulder,Pretend that she is unstable, she wants her.,I also deliberately regardless of the pace of nanong still steady.,“Still back to bedroom to sleep。”
“I will pick me up on the other side.!”
“not going,I will send you back to bedroom。”
“Have to go!”
Nanbang is very affirmative:“Go to blow,Catch a few seagulls back to stew!”
Zhou touched her head,Hand pinching her red roping face,I feel particularly hot,语 气:“Dianchi,What if you get drunk a blow, how to do it again??This time, it’s not that it is so simple.,I have to take a needle,Also isolated,Also tested,You brushed into the nucleic acid test in the shake.?So long”

South Korea’s new crown epidemic has stabilized and mild patients’ admission center will be suspended from June 1st

  May 31st. According to the Yonhap News Agency quoted the Ministry of Emergency Response Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Department on the 31st, with the decrease in the new crown cases in South Korea, it is responsible for the "living treatment center" and temporary screening of patients with the treatment of mild diagnosis patients. It will be suspended from June 1.

  According to reports, 12 living therapy centers designated by local governments in South Korea will be operated until 31st.

Except for a living and treatment centers for the treatment of foreign centers, the remaining therapy centers will be suspended from June 1.

  It is reported that on March 2, 2020, in the early days of the new crown epidemic in South Korea, in order to solve the problem of shortage of beds in the key epidemic area, the epidemic prevention department opened a living treatment center for the first time to treat patients with asymptomatic and mild symptoms. Since January 2021, a total of 361,831 cumulative treatment personnel have reached 361,831. However, as the situation of the new crown epidemic in South Korea has stabilized, the use rate of beds in the living treatment center has continued to decline. As of 5 pm on the 29th, the use rate of beds was only%.

  In addition, the South Korean government has also decided to shut down temporary screening stations distributed in all parts of South Korea from June 1. The work of screening stations is taken over by the new crown screening stations of health stations in various places.

Nothing can’t。

“Let the two emperors come together with the palaces.,No matter who can’t say anything。Go to Taishan Fengchan,I am afraid that I have been in the winter.。The so-called night long dream,The Queen and Your Majesty are not,Changshan Wang Chang Guang Wang is negotiable,It is easy to let the baby in the two 襁褓 in the palace.。”
Gao Biyi continued to persuade the heart。
Let such a small child rushing all the way,Seems to be a bit wrong。Only,This is the best way.。Stay in the palace,In case of the same,What should I do if I am poisoned??
to be honest,The ocean is also in this regard.,Just these words can’t say it is。
“I know,I went to you at night.,You don’t leave you in this night.。”
The ocean seems to have decided,Wave,Immediately transferred no words。
Gao Bo Yi carefully wing,Slowly withdraw 书 房,When coming out,Rear back is all sweathed。
Today, he tested high in the palace.,It is really a behavior for death.,The verified is completely a guess.。
If the high ocean has guess and alert to the mother,Then he will definitely take the road with Zhao Zhaojun.。Tonight’s own discourse,Nothing is nothing。
If there is a good relationship between the high ocean heart,Mother is a helplessness attitude,So Gao Bi is a trick of this night.。The so-called alienation is this truth.。
From the results,Gao Bo Yi is gambling this time.。
Gao Yang is anger and worry about Jinyang’s fresh-defined end.,It’s far away from the mother and child between Zhaojun.。In his mind,Your mother is a tie between the high home and the prosperity of Jinyang,It is also the spiritual leader there。
This is the true attribute of the other party.!
As for the blood in the water,Can only be in the second place。
Ruthless Most Emperor’s Home,Sometimes it is not a good thing.。Can get something,Then it means you will lose something,God said to some extent,It is indeed fair。
the next day,Gao Yang came to Wanshou Palace,I talked to Zhaojun.,Even Yang Zhisheng took away。How about talking about it?,The face is calm when the ocean leaves.,Unlike is angry。
But it is also impossible to be happy and happy.。
Waiting for him,Zhao Zhaojun immediately found Yang Yao,And the screen retreats all the palace female eunuchs。
“Your Majesty said to go to Taishan Fengchan,Torning the sky with his death。And want to let the sorrows to witness the glory,What should you say that the mourning family should go?,Still shouldn’t you go??”
Yan Zhaojun asked with a wing。
Don’t blame her now, ask a child that is ten years old.,It is really that Yang Zhizhi is too uncommon.。
Before,Yang Yao suggested with himself,Li Zuyu’s young child,Take it around with Duan’s children,Come now,Gao Yin is poisoned,These two children have become fragrant in an instant!
This is really no one.。Although some luck ingredients,But you can also say this.,Yang Zhizhi’s political vision,Really blown。
Now I can’t help her at the critical moment.,Yang Yao has become the most effective and reliable candidate.。
That’s more,昭 君 没有 没有 directly,But it’s important,Let yourself think about it again。
“Too,Slave,This trip must go。”
Yang Yao said very firmly.。
He rarely speaks like this,So Zhaojun asked curiously:“Why do you see??”
“Too,Slaves have heard some rumors,Said that the Changshan Wang Changwang wants to come to find too late,Let the Majesty to the Prince。No matter what this is really fake,Your Majesty,Will not deal with。
If the two kings just come to test the secondary attitude,And my Majesty is really true.,This is a depression,It’s not a gas to wind.。”
Yang Yao means very clear。
You have always been biased with high performance and Gao Zhan.,Don’t like a high ocean。Now Gao Yang goes to Taishan,You stay in Yucheng,Don’t he don’t worry that you will pursue Jinyang soldiers and horses.?
If there is such concerns,Don’t he get started to be strong?,Get something, to kill danger in the bud?

Consumption development has not changed for a long time (pulse)

  Recently, due to the many domestic outbreaks, the growth of consumption recovery in my country has been affected. In April, the total retail sales of consumer goods in April declined to a certain year -on -year. Growth pressure.

But in general, this impact impact is staged and temporary. The characteristics of strong consumption toughness and sufficient potential in my country have not changed, and the long -term fundamental fundamentals of consumption development have not changed. Consumption is a stabilizer and cockpit stone for economic growth, and stabilizing the basic consumer is of great significance to stabilize economic growth. In response to the outstanding difficulties facing the current consumption growth, it is urgent to "three -pronged" to stabilize the basic consumption disk, better play the role of consumption’s traction on the economic cycle, help promote the return of the economy to normal track, and ensure that it runs in a reasonable range. Focus on boosting consumption confidence.

To stabilize consumption, we must first boost consumption confidence, especially to boost confidence in consumer power growth, so that consumers have stable employment expectations and revenue growth expectations, consumption has "confidence". This requires further implementation of relevant policies for the rescue of market entities, especially for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. It is necessary to provide measures such as low interest rates or interest -free loans, reduction and exemption of hydropower, rent, etc. Help it to reduce its operating costs. Implement the employment priority policies, and increase policies such as stabilizing the return of unemployment insurance, retained workers training, and reserved subsidies.

Encourage state -owned enterprises and institutions to add employment trainees of college graduates to optimize and upgrade entrepreneurial support policies.

At the same time, increase the rescue of low -income groups and group difficult groups for temporary life due to the epidemic to ensure their basic consumer needs. Vigorously unblock consumer channels. The circulation channels for consumer goods from producers to final consumers are more convenient and efficient, and have a great effect on stabilizing consumption. Affected by the epidemic and international situation, the supply chain of some large consumer goods such as automobiles since March has been impacted, the production cycle has been obviously extended, and spot sales have been forced to convert a long period of reservation and sales, which limits some consumer needs. To this end, we should strive to ensure the stable and smooth supply chain of the industrial chain, safe and reliable, scientifically and orderly promoting resumption of work and re -production, and effectively unblock all aspects of supply and marketing. Accelerate the construction of a batch of storage, sorting, processing, packaging and other functions in the scientific planning and construction of large and medium -sized cities to ensure that the circulation of consumer goods is constantly chaotic under emergency situation. In addition, promote the deep integration of online and offline consumption, guide and support circulating enterprises to create more diversified consumption scenarios, and stimulate more consumer vitality. Strive the consumption threshold. For a period of time, there have been some institutional mechanism obstacles and hidden barriers to some institutional mechanisms, which has pushed up the threshold and cost of consumption, and suppressed normal and reasonable consumer needs. At present, the consumption such as residential and transportation should accelerate the reform and policy adjustment of relevant systems, and promote sustainable consumption growth. Optimize the relevant policies of automobile consumption, implement the phased reduction of some passenger car purchase tax policies, effectively reduce the cost of car purchase, and make more popular and upgraded car consumption demand for successfully release.

Guide localities to adjust real estate regulation policies in combination with local actual conditions to better meet rigid and improved housing needs.

Encourage conditions for regions to take measures to support consumers to replace or purchase home products such as green energy -saving appliances, environmental protection furniture, etc. to improve the quality of living consumption.

In short, we must actively release consumption potential to better meet the people’s longing for a better life.

  (The author is deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Foreign Economic Research of the China Macroeconomic Research Institute) (Editor: Hu Yongqiu and Yang Guangyu) Share more people to see recommendation reading.

And the three generations of fire is also understanding?I have laid into the wooden leaves before people.,There is no use of all strengths at all.!

When there is a successful compression between the killer,The three generations of fire shocked the power of the night,I want to start worrying that the wooden village after his death。
Although this is said,Some self-destruction wind,But in the three generations of fire,Even the strength of the entire wooden leaves,It is estimated enough to resist this young fog in front of it.。
It’s better to make the three generations of rigid shadows.,Previously, the four generations of water agreed his trading conditions.。
The fog hidden village not only does not temporarily,Fortunately help it until you find“Five-generation rigs”until。
His age is old,Finally, I can help the leaves.,Just this is。
Wooden leaves from him,All the way to gradually decline,The three generations of fire, even since the boy, the two steps, the two, the big shadow.。
As the thousand hand is sealed,The soul of the three-generation rigs is once again cut by the death of the dead.。
Originally,The soul is only one-third of the three-generation rigs,Consciousness is already in the distance。
Even the big snake pills,Incomplete soul leading to your own,It is not the existence of the three generations of nigns.。
I have to stick to it.,Three generations of fire, finally the original plot is general,Seal the big snake pill,Then I finally fall down.。
The big snake pill looks at the arms of death.,There is also a three-generation rigs that completely dead,Directly。
Do you want other wooden?,I saw my own fire.,I have flocked up.,Big snake pill whip·The idea of the corpse has。
The ninjas of the wooden leaves surrounded the big snake pill.,Even the savist is also ready to do,Prepare this scourge of the big snake pill。
Heavenly,Their fog hidden village is coming to watch the show.,As a result, it also became the target of this snake.。
The initial generation and second generation were sealed,Your own arms have been discouraged,Big snake pills that can not be used,Naturally, you won’t stay.。
Give it a message hidden in the dark.,The big snake pill suddenly turned into a white smoke.,Disappeared in the original place……
“Reverse Tongli!hateful,Actually, let the big snake pill rushed away。”
People who have a spirit beast know,Just a big snake pill is obviously invested by his own spirit beast。
It seems that people will run over to attack the leaves.,It is also prepared for even the retreat plan.。
Big snake pill is successful withdrawal,But others are miserable……
Curse the big snake pill squid,Directly uniform,Sands in the woods are also suppressed。
The Naruto once again exploded the end of the runaway,Successfully harvested my love of love。
As for the attitude towards the fog and other people,What should I say?,It is very subtle……
Although they are very grateful to the sauce and other people helped the leaves,But at this time their three generations of fire,Whether it is the roll of the wood, or the high level in the village,Hope to leave the wooden village as soon as possible。
After all, the current wooden leaves are already faded.,And the strength of the fog and other people is not small。
Although I don’t know what the fog is attitude towards the leaves.,But they don’t dare to gamble。
Especially when Kakasi is exposed,Night is a few years ago……
Chapter 472 Returning to a punch
The one who said the Night of Yuxio,Most of the Woods of War,It should be impressed。
If“Tail beast”It is what most people feel weak.,So that person at the time,Let them experience,It is thorough despair!
From that night, the other party,The other party should be the enemy of the leaves。
But today people saved the entire wooden village,Therefore, the manuscript will be subtle to the attitude of the night.。
Things have saved,No warehouse is not intended,Plus the wood leaves,Therefore, the savist is decided to leave the fog hidden village next day.。
“What is the wooden leaves?,The generous gods helped them so much,What is this attitude??”
“The level of those leaf ninja is not very good.,And even the fire is dead.,Maybe we can eat the wooden village now。”
About wooden leaves,The water and the moon are quite uncomfortable.,Even a quiet white,It is also a bit angry at this time.。
But only a few watches and nights.,I feel that the leaves will choose this.,Not worthy of strangeness。