Lu Hao Cheng took a deep breath,Only low calm voice slowly:“later,At night in a thunderstorm,I once again had a dramatic dispute with my father.,At that time, I,Already slowly understand,Why does my mother leave Dad?,Why leave us!

Children’s world,Maybe I will not understand the meaning of the two words.。
But I will understand it later.,Because Dad’s betrayal,Mom will leave me and my sister,I ran to Question that night.,Why betray my mother??
Why do you want to fall into me?,I want to take my home on my house.!
Maybe it’s me talking too much.,Touch my father’s bottom line,I was called two-slaughter.,He was also awkward in his stomach.。
Can never have the pain in your heart。”
“I ran again that night.,Blue and her second brother are also in my home,When I ran out,Blue and blue are also followed by me, I ran out.。”Lu Haocheng stopped,Breathing。
NS345chapter:Haojiao brother,I am back

NS345chapter:Haojiao brother,I am back
Lan Xin has not opened it in question,Still quietly,Waiting for his soothing and continuing。
even,this moment,She doesn’t dare to watch men’s painful face。
I am afraid that this look,Will always brand in the bottom,Unable to abrasive。
Memory in life,Will let her think about it very pain every time。
And Lu Hao Cheng,It is also a quiet listener.。
Blue Xin is fine, tastes the pain in his words.,Lu Hao became the sound of pain,Slowly ring:“The rain in that night is very large.,Big almost not clear the front line,I am very painful,I just want to vent the pain of my heart.。
I am fighting for life.,My back blue,I don’t give up behind me.。
When I ran tired,Stopping,Suddenly thought of blue and blue still behind me,I quickly go back to find her.,But I didn’t find her.,Fast nine years,I have never seen her.”
Lu Haocheng has repeatedly said a lot!
Blue Xin also didn’t say anything else.。
When Lu Hao Cheng really stopped,Lan Xin looked up at Lu Haozheng,Her movements are somewhat stiff,But in the moment of fixed in his handsome.。
unconsciously,Her face,There is already a tear。
And Lu Hao’s face is also,The white skin,Let him tears more crystal clear。
But at this moment he is fragile expression,Just like fragile porcelain dolls,Gently touch,I will disappear even the soul.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the tears on her face,Heart like torn pain!
“Blue。”He is full of words with the thoughts.。
Slightly,Touching her tight,Head buried in her shoulders,Close eyes,Feel the feeling of holding the world!
Blue Xin looks slightly,Let him hide himself tightly,The mind still echoes his words that every word is a heart.。
He describes the words in the line,Why do she have a feeling of feeling?。
I didn’t expect rumors in a ruthless big president.,There is such a tragic past,There is also a side of infatuation.。
Then in just a few years,But it became the embarrassment of his life.,Become a guardian and waiting for his life。
Of after all, humanity,In this era,Many only look at interests,What will happen??

He looked at the summer cheeks,Refers to the dimples on both sides of his mouth,“Peach,Peach,Little friend,You will have a lot of red in this life.,so,You will be full of bumps with the marriage of the girl.,A little accidentally,She will only be a peach flower inside your peach.。”

Summer mouth。
It’s so accurate that he is also possible.,Is there anything to be omitted?。
But he didn’t show it on his face.,Even the impulse of each other two feet,Definitely,“Old fairy,I don’t know how to know.。”
“The poor pass did not say you now,In the future。”
Next to Xianti can’t help but ask,“Old fairy,That,so what should I do?”
“Two doctors,Since you have a poor pass,Description We have,Naturally, you can help the two campsions for the road。”
Toned,Not awkward,Inside the drawer from the table,Take out two pendants with peace buckles,But not jade,But transparent,The inside is folded together yellow paper。
“Have two characters here,Heart print,Two only need to wear,Self-determination of all suffering”
The old man began to tell the effect,Enter the boast mode。
Summer and Xianti listened seriously。 They don’t have an urgent need,Not anxious at all。
Nothing, no hairs。
Always wait until the old man,Summer smiles,“Old fairy,How much is these two characters?。”
Old man,I didn’t expect that summer is so straightforward.,He is still preparing to continue to fool.。
See this,Xianti smiled,Stretching two security buckles in hand,“Old fairy,You open a price.。”
“Ugh,Ok,The heart of the poor is in a fate,But the two little friends are so enthusiastic,The poor road is not good.,How about this,Two only give me a fare price,20,000。”
Seeing his appearance,Surrounding that a fortune telling,Two eyes,Be unable to envy。
This old liar,I can cheat one ticket every day.。
“20,000。Not expensive。”
Summer a large number of things,Directly,But the summer and fantasy next,But he stayed with wooden chicken。
“Let it go。”Summer looks at Xianti。
“Ugh,so boring”Xianti Yi Xiang,“However, this guy is still very listening.。”
“Like this kind of liar is like this,Volume ridge,Seems to be,Make people feel unpredictable,Then add some hints,Walking in his topic,You fell in。”
“So this is ah。”Xianti nodded deeply,Old man,“Two hundred soldiers do not sell?”
Summer is a glimpse,“He is a liar。This is not worth it.。”
“I know。”Xianyi’s face does not matter,“Look at him, I said, half a day.,Look very tired,Hey,Old fairy,Two hundred soldiers do not sell,Don’t sell us,。”
Old man:“”
Heart 10,000 grass mud horse rushing。
I don’t know if I am a liar.。
Be big。
Welcome the eyes of the summer and the fairy,The old man asked with a smile,“Can you add more,I have processed a one hundred and five,Two give this money.。”
Xian Ti is very happy,Summer paying。
Summer is also very helpless,But I am not good to sweep the fairy,After tanhing the leather clip,The two left the flower grass market。
“Give you。”