Face-lifting yoga helps you lose your beauty

Face-lifting yoga helps you lose your beauty

How can I lose face?

Let’s take a look at this simple weight loss method!

After supplementing the lotion for the skin, coupled with the key facial yoga exercises, the facial lines are lifted, the law lines are eliminated, the double chins are resolved, and the skin that is elastic, tight and bright is close to your eyes.Face MM’s MM quickly follow suit.

  Action 1: Centering on the clavicle, shift upwards and downwards, expelling toxins from the body.

  Action 2: Put your fingers on your shoulders, turn your elbows back and forth over your head, and do 8 times.

  Action three: Use both hands to pull outward from under the ears, stimulate the lymph and promote blood circulation to the face and head.

  Action 4: Massage the double of the head in a circular manner with your fingertips, as if pulling your muscles behind your head.

This can improve the facial lines and remember effective weight loss methods!

  Action five: Block the eyebrows with the thumb and abdomen for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times to reduce intraocular pressure.

  Action 6: Press the middle finger directly under the black eyeball for 3 seconds to eliminate eye fatigue and lighten the dark circles.

  Action 7: Place the second joint of the fist under the cheekbones of the cheeks, and do it 3 times like pushing the meat up.

  Action eight: Raise your face upwards, extend your tongue to the maximum limit and hold it for about 5 seconds to do 3 times, you can solve the double chin.

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

The most bad habits that hurt the eyes

There are currently about 5 million blind people, accounting for 0 of the total population.

4%, it is one of the blind and visually impaired countries in the world.

With the economic and social development and aging of the population structure, non-communicable eye diseases have become the main cause of blindness caused by complications.

  If you want to have a pair of bright eyes, then some bad habits often need to be changed.

  Alcohol hurts the eyes Alcohol is the number one enemy of the eyes.

Why do people who drink alcohol look flushed and their temperature rises?

That’s because alcohol promotes blood circulation and swells capillaries.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and the blood vessels are very small. If you drink too much, the capillaries can easily break and cause spots.

So, the farther you can go, the better.

  Protect your eyes and quit smoking. The health hazards of smoking often make people think of respiratory diseases, but smoking will cause visual impact, which is not alarmist.

  The most common hazard to eyes from smoking is amblyopia.

Amblyopia is the correction of positive vision below 0.


The cause of amblyopia caused by smoking is because the oxygen inhaled by the human body is consumed during smoking, which causes the oxygen content in the blood to decrease. The eye and retina are particularly sensitive to hypoxia. In the long term, the optic nerve fibers will degenerate and the macular area of the retina will also occur.Atrophy; Second, the smoke tar produced when tobacco is burned will cause the content of vitamin B12 in the body to decrease, and vitamin B12 is a necessary nutrient for maintaining the normal function of the optic nerve.

Under the common influence of these two factors, smokers’ vision is reduced and amblyopia occurs, and severe cases can cause blindness.

  According to surveys by medical scientists, 20% of cataract patients are associated with long-term smoking.

The proportion of people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day to non-smokers is twice as likely to develop cataracts.

  In addition, harmful substances such as nicotine and carbon monoxide inhaled during smoking constrict blood vessels and increase platelet agglutination, which leads to blind eye diseases such as central retinal vessel embolism and macular degeneration.

It has also been clinically observed that smokers sometimes have transient intraocular pressure increases, which is particularly obvious in glaucoma patients. The glaucoma patients have high intraocular pressure. If they smoke again, it will be worse.

  At the same time, scientific research has clearly pointed out that tobacco can also cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Even if you do n’t smoke, you can relax your vigilance. “Second-hand smoke” and “third-hand smoke” will also damage the stump and appearance.

So let’s keep a distance from tobacco.

How to interpret your workplace mood

How to interpret your workplace mood

To fully unleash the charm of the workplace, you must learn to manage your emotions, the Pearl River, the mother river of Yangcheng.

The river flows gently through the ancient city, and there are mottled light spots scattered in the warm winter sun, and several tourist ferries are parked in the distance.

Although there is no turbulent expanse, the gentle river is like a charming southern Guangdong girl, giving people a little reverie.

  Sitting in front of the river, in the open-air bar of a four-star hotel, five female managers who grew up in the Pearl River water, together in the two roles of women and managers, change their topics and emotions.

Although women are made of water, the reality of the workplace has begun to make more and more female managers have to bury the emotions caused.

Because only by managing your emotions in the workplace can you win the respect of the workplace.

  Is it emotional or rational?

  Traditional thinking holds that women are emotional and men are rational.

But for modern female managers who have assumed many roles, wandering between life and work, they need to constantly change their emotions.

  ”As a female manager in the workplace, she should be more rational than emotional.

“Zhang Yi, a graduate of telecommunications from North China University of Technology, is very rational in his work.

“It is true that women are emotionally more emotional, but work is a limited act. In order to achieve certain goals, choose rationality and control their emotions, they will not become the judgment and handling of female managers.ability.

“So Zhang Yi, who is responsible for large-scale bidding for wireless communication networks, has always been the essence of his boss.

  Huo Shufen, who is both the director of hotel room service and the acting director of human resources, chooses rationality or sensitivity in her work according to different people and events.

“In terms of implementing company policies and meeting targets, it requires absolute reasonableness and absolute control of emotions.

However, in employee management, female managers must give play to the charm of women, and have more female gentle emotions to influence employees.

“But she is also outstanding. Female managers must master their own degree in emotional management. If they are completely rational in management, they will encounter resistance or fear from their subordinates; if humane management is fully implemented, subordinates will not listen.Your management is out of control.

  Lin Jie, a customer service manager who manages over 300 attendants, manages emotions based on her job and personality.

“My subordinates are very young girls, and my personality is relatively extroverted, so if they are strictly managed, they will often cause rebellious psychology and increase pressure on them.

So in management, I will combine two emotions.

“But when I get home,” I will do my part as a woman and release my emotions emotionally.

“” Sometimes a moderate representation of women’s emotional side can better solve the problem.

“A female subordinate used to have great emotional changes due to the change of position and work. After communication, the human resources manager Wang Jinhua found that the female subordinate’s emotions could not be healed, so she gave her two days off. After returning, herEmotions have stabilized and work efficiency has improved significantly.

“Women managers are rational in thinking, but they can be more emotional in execution or action, because moderate sensitivity will promote your productivity.

“Don’t bring emotions into office workplace management. Women managers are often warned that if they want to behave properly in the workplace, they must learn to control their emotions.

Because of too emotional reactions, it will not only destroy the self-image of female managers, but also affect the team image and company performance.

  ”I will never rebuild my work and life emotions or bring personal emotions to work.

“Since becoming a manager, Huo Shufen has always paid attention to controlling her emotions.

Because she didn’t want her subordinates to watch her “emotional weather” to work.

“If subordinates see that the leader is ‘cloudy’, they will be careful not to report problems, which will delay the team’s work process.

“Emotion is a normal psychological reflection of people on the outside. There are negative and positive points. I will bring positive emotions to the company and let everyone share my happiness, but if I bring negative emotions to work, I willErrors in handling work will also make colleagues slowly alienate you.

“Zhang Haiyan is deeply impressed by this.

On one occasion, a technician worked late in the morning on the first day and was late the next day, affecting the progress of the project.

She happened to be in a bad mood that day, so she couldn’t help but criticize the employee.

It didn’t take long before the employee jumped.

“This incident touched me a lot because I didn’t control my emotions at that time, and I didn’t communicate with him in time and deeply. As a result, the company lost people.

“Wang Jinhua, who is accustomed to thinking about his daily work plan after going out in the morning, will never bring emotions into the office.

“My work is fast-paced, and when I think of work, it’s hard to have time to think about my emotions.In the eyes of many people, Wang Jinhua assumes the role of “housekeeper” in the enterprise, because part of the work of the human resources department is executive, which is easy to cause employee resistance.Misunderstanding and intensifying contradictions.

“If female managers can treat employees with good emotions, they will effectively balance and ease the relationship inside and outside the department and resolve conflicts.

“” Different emotions gradually lead to different work efficiency of the team and themselves.

“Rakuten sent Zhang Yi to insist that he only bring his positive emotions into the office.

Bringing emotions into the office is like bringing colored glasses to your job.

When you’re in a bad mood, you can’t see anything, and you can pick up problems; when you’re in a good mood, you can relax at work and infect your subordinates’ happy work.

  On the other hand, cheerful Lin Jie handled her emotions differently. She only brought negative emotions to the office and talked to her colleagues. At the same time, she only brought home happy emotions to share with her family.

“In the office, I have very good colleagues. When I have a quarrel with my family, I will go to the office and talk angrily and ask my colleagues to help me analyze and organize.

“But she is also a candidate, because she wants to control the emotions of more than 300 people, so once she steps into another work place, she will absolutely control her emotions,” she will never enter the computer room with emotions.

“Stress and failure” infect “emotional viruses.

  ”The nature of China Unicom is very strong, so it has outstanding performance. The company’s mandatory assessment indicators must be completed; and the user consultation problems may be various and need to be solved by us. In addition, the operators I manage are veryYoung, so I feel a lot of work and stress.

Lin Jie travels to and from Guangzhou and Huadu every month to handle her work. The pressure of work has affected her life and mood.

  ”My mood basically comes from work.

Wang Jinhua admits that because the company is developing rapidly, the requirements for human resources managers are very high.

“A lot of new issues that arise from the company require me to think positively, have innovative thinking, and use specific behaviors to guide and express.

“And the boss usually only gives you a short period of time, and it will have an immediate effect.

“It made her nervous and emotionally inconsistent.

But she is still very optimistic. “Since staying in the position of manager, we must bear a lot of pressure. Only in this way will we grow.

“People don’t have absolute success, especially the more roles they assume, the more likely they are to fail.

Only the failed role will cause Huo Shufen’s negative emotions.

“But failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we haven’t thought about the reasons for failure, and we haven’t learned lessons.

The success of a project is also the primary reason for Zhang Yi and Zhang Haiyan’s emotional changes.

Women who value results believe that if the project is not undertaken or is not done well, it will cause emotional changes, make them feel lost and distressed, and there is “a kind of frustration.”

  Learning to control emotions Compared to men, women are more likely to express their emotions.

But as a leader, female managers must master the ability to control emotions and release the charm of the workplace.


The founder of Hill-Successful Science once said: Self-control is the most rare virtue of human beings, and the greatest enemy of success is the lack of control over one’s emotions.

When you are angry, you can’t stop the anger and discourage the collaborators around you; when you are depressed, you indulge your own malaise and waste the fleeting opportunities.

So I think the key to success in the workplace is the ability to control your emotions.

“Whenever Wang Jinhua feels stressed, she will divert her attention.” I will go to various departments to learn about the work of other colleagues. In the process of communicating with colleagues and solving their problems,Relieve your tension, so communication is a good way to relieve stress.

Every time Zhang Haiyan’s mood changes, she must sit down calmly and analyze the reasons.

Getting up and doing yoga for half an hour every morning, her best way to deal with bad moods is exercise.

At the same time, she will talk to her friends about her distress and listen to their opinions and suggestions.

  Lin Jie, who has to stay calm when entering the computer room, uses more psychological hints. When she stepped into the computer room, she warned herself to use hard rules to control her emotions.

  ”If I feel a lot of pressure on one thing, I will move to something that is easy or easier to handle, merge and resolve my bad emotions without delaying other tasks.

“In addition, Zhang Yi also revealed that she likes to eat chocolate to ease the mood, or silently shed tears in the office.” When the tears are over, the mood is gone.

Huo Shufen said with a smile that 360 days of the year are sunny ladies, and a great advantage in the workplace is that he can control his emotions well.

Every time when she was out of control, she liked to walk around the riverside and enjoy the taste of gentle and gentle wind while inspecting the room built near the river.

Where does a happy marriage come from

Where does a happy marriage come from

Many people think that after finding a partner, they can no longer be lonely, and did not expect that marriage is not the answer, but creates a great contradiction.

  In fact, most couples marry for the wrong reasons, but as long as a few changes are made, the relationship between husband and wife can begin to return to life.

  A couple or partner is like a double dance. Although the initial change will be chaotic for a while, as long as the other party still wants to continue to dance with you in this branch of double dance, you must adjust to your changes.

  Taming yourself can tame a husband. Why is marriage lonely?

Mostly because of expectations.

I originally expected our partner to meet our needs and heal our wounds, but I did not expect that as long as the excess needs were unsatisfactory.

Sometimes the other party has no ability to tolerate the pain in your heart, just like two people holding empty bowls, desperately asking the other party to give them some first, and finally the two of them snatch them, the bowl is broken, and nothing is obtained.

  Many people punish others for problems buried in their hearts.

In fact, everyone grew up with the wounds of their native family, and everyone was somewhat regrettable.

Studies have found that people who have a fatal attraction often have similar characteristics to those of their parents who have hurt themselves.

  Perhaps if his father’s scolding is unconfident, this person is particularly likely to be attracted to someone with the same characteristics as his father.

But she hopes that this time the other party will change for herself, so that she can regain her confidence and the wound can be healed.

However, often things didn’t work out and she was hurt again.

  Let go of each other’s expectations

Many times when someone talks, we feel hurt and angry. Actually, it is because the old injury in our heart has not healed, but now this person stepped on the pain and detonated the mine.

Learn to accept and let go, to feel and bravely accept the resonance emotions you have in the moment.

  The power of change is actually sowing a seed, and each time it is put down, it is like constantly irrigating the seed. You must heal yourself first and make yourself better.

One day, when I think about the other party, I am no longer angry, and I have been expelled from the grievances that have been allocated for many years. Not only does it feel easy, but I can also make more room to love others for the gift you want. You give what you want the other party to give you.May wish to give each other first, and slowly will change.

People have the inferiority of “the more you want me, the less I want”, the more you want to change the other party, the more difficult it is to achieve your goals.

  For example, a woman always expects her boyfriend to give her affirmation and praise, but the other person always gives her more criticism and analysis than comfort, which makes her often angry and avoid.

However, to make some changes, first learn to praise each other unwillingly, and unknowingly cause positive interaction between the two.

  Praise each other from the heart People often love each other in the way they think they love, but that is not what the other person wants.

Actually, there are ways to praise and support. One is to be sincere and not to return, and the other is to use a way that the other party can accept.

  For example, you do n’t have to cook to cook mountain and sea food, or even remember to bring back your favorite snacks after work to make them aware of your real concern.

  No matter how a man views himself, if you treat him as a prince, he will “become” a prince.

For women, there is also the opportunity to become a princess.

  Women and men need different support. Women need to listen, share, and encourage, but most men do n’t know it. Instead, they say, “I tell you what to do best .”
The man actually told his observations, butWomen who have the courage to confess their feelings like a pig are very frustrated.

  However, men have been hard pressed to do something but have been criticized. They feel frustrated and do not want to do it.

  The nature of men is very gentle, and women do not prevent trying to appreciate, accept the way he loves you, and then praise him without hesitation and let him know how to treat you.

  True love does not hurt. The most important thing is that women should never sacrifice sacrifice and role play.

Love is natural giving and receiving. Those who sacrifice hard give, but cannot accept it. They will be exhausted after a long time.

Especially love cannot be exchanged for sacrifice.

Maybe because someone keeps changing his life, but he keeps on giving up without getting any returns, he frequently asks: “Why only I change, and the other party never needs to change?

“If your change is only in exchange for the other party’s change, it usually won’t produce good results.

It is better to face the issue of marriage seriously and bravely, and to consider whether there is any reason to maintain it. If so, it may be a happy evil wife!

When women know how to let go, they become relaxed and happy, and let men know what to do.

  ”I feel so happy to do this for me”, this is the best compliment to my partner.

  However, at the beginning of the change, you may feel frustrated, and sometimes even your partner will be angry and think you are taunting him by praise.
But we must continue to do it, anyone can irrigate with love.
  How does the magic of recommitment regain your love for your partner?

The secret is “continuously recommit.”

It is not easy to fall in love with whiteheads. After marriage, you will also encounter the temptation of having an affair. You don’t need to deliberately cut off all the attractiveness, because you will not see the attractiveness of your partner.

  When reviewing the original intentions of your heart, you will encounter someone you like. Do n’t develop into an affair. Instead, thank the person in your heart. Then return this feeling to your partner and choose to promise your partner again. These humansThe charm of the body is transferred to the partner better.

  Commitment not only transforms major conflicts in relationships, it also makes people feel more free.

Even if it is dead and intimidating when you see each other, as long as someone on both sides starts to make a commitment, you can bring each other into a better partnership and regain the original feeling of heart.

Children need more calcium in summer

Children need more calcium in summer

In a blink of an eye it’s summer again, do moms know?

The sunny days of the year are the golden season for children to grow. Good natural conditions are conducive to the growth of their bones and the development of body parts.

The “calcium” element created by everyone, as an essential element for promoting bone growth, will also have a higher demand than in the past.

  After summer, children’s outdoor activities have increased significantly.

Under the scorching sun, the discharge of sweat is several times that of the past.

When children return home sweating, mothers must pay special attention to: not only the water lost with sweat, but also the precious calcium in the body.

If the lost calcium is not supplemented in time, it will affect the growth of the child.

  What mothers also need to know is that children’s weak spleen and stomach functions will also become dysregulated with increasing heat.

In a hot and dry environment, children are prone to symptoms such as decreased appetite, partial eclipse, and anorexia. It is difficult for them to obtain sufficient calcium from daily expenditures, and the replacement of calcium is naturally a serious waste of tedium.

This shows that in this important growing season, children and young people need calcium supplements even more.

  How does a smart mother choose the right calcium supplement for her child?

Experts point out that liquid calcium does not require gastric acid to participate in the absorption process, and it does not cause a burden on the child’s small intestines and stomach, and has high safety; therefore, calcium supplements can only be decomposed when they are broken down into “calcium ions”.Fully absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Calcium supplement products that meet all the above advantages are the best choice for mothers, such as calcium gluconate oral solution, which is a supersaturated liquid calcium with high calcium content; good absorption effect of ionized calcium and higher safety; as much as possible,Sweet and sour fruit flavors are more easily accepted and loved by children.

  I hope that every mother can grasp the golden season of calcium supplementation in summer, so that children can grow up healthily and vigorously!

The tip of the tongue must have a cherry flavor in early summer

The tip of the tongue must have a cherry flavor in early summer

The spring clothes are closed, the pointed high heels are mounted, and the warm wind is blowing in front of you, telling you secretly that the summer is coming!

Now that it’s hard to switch to early summer mode, where can I miss this delicious cherry season?

When it comes to cherries, when I think of the sweet and sour taste, anyone is drooling!

  What’s so good about cherries?

Who is suitable for eating?

  Let ‘s talk about who should n’t eat more cherries first.

Because the cherry is hot, it can cause asthma due to asthma and fever, so it is not recommended to eat more if you have fever, sexually transmitted disease, cough, and yin deficiency.

  Others will be happy.

The cherries are in season, it’s hard to taste the best taste late.

  Cherry is good for spleen and stomach, nourish liver and kidney, astringent essence and diarrhea, rheumatism and skin moisturizing.

It has a good therapeutic effect on diseases such as weak spleen and stomach, less diarrhea, spleen and stomach yin injury, dry tongue, insufficient liver and kidney, soft waist and knee, weak limbs, nocturnal emission, nocturnal emission, blood deficiency, weak body, shortness of breath, palpitations, and fatigue.
  Girls, old people, children, can eat something.

There are not many fruits that are warm and not humid.

  1. The anemia cherry is so red, it must be able to nourish blood and nourish it.

Nutrition also believes that cherries have high iron content, and eating cherries can supplement body iron and promote hemoglobin regeneration, which can not only supplement iron deficiency anemia, but also enhance physical fitness and improve brain health.

  2. The rheumatism cherry is warm, has the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing qi, can expel wind and dehumidify, and has good effects on rheumatism and waist and leg pain.

Later, we will introduce a cherry wine, which treats old cold legs. Importantly, it is also very delicious!

  3. Anti-measles cherry has the effect of carbonized measles.

Measles is more frequent in spring and summer. Drinking cherry juice for children can prevent it.

The cherry core also has sweating, rash and detoxification.

  4. Astringent analgesia test shows that cherry juice has a unique effect on burns and scalds.

Squeeze out the juice from the cherry to avoid smearing on the burned area, it can relieve pain immediately, avoid wound infection, and prevent blistering and pus.

But if the symptoms are severe, you must seek medical treatment in time.

  5. The nutritional value of Cherishing Cherries need not be said, so expensive!

Tell the truth, protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, etc. are far ahead of most fruits, especially high in iron.

It tastes delicious. Rubbing the face with fruit juice can make the skin rosy and tender, and remove wrinkles and spots.

Simply a must-have for beauty.

  6, protect eyesight Everyone knows that cod liver oil protects eyesight, the effect of cherry is not bad!

Especially suitable for vegetarians.

The content of vitamin A per 100 grams of cherry is higher than that of grapes, apples and other fruits?
5 times, regular eating can help to improve eye pain caused by lack of vitamin A, vision loss, and fear of light.

  7. Alleviate muscle soreness Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, anthocyanins, vitamin E, etc. These nutrients are effective antioxidants and have a good effect on eliminating muscle soreness.

Eat some cherries after exercise, add energy and hydrate, and prevent soreness. It can’t be better.

  Keep the taste of cherry!

  Cherries are not easy to keep. If you buy more, you may use it to make wine to keep the taste of late spring and early summer.

  Cherry wine is a touch of pink, with a hint of cherry fragrance. When it is hot in summer, it is so pleasant to drink a glass of iced cherry wine!

And cherry wine is also very suitable for elderly people to drink, it has an improvement effect on old cold legs!

  1. Wash the cherries, dry them, remove the stalks, and remove the nuclei.
Lemon peeled and sliced.
  2. Put cherries, lemons and rock sugar in sealed jars and pour white wine (above 35 degrees).

A pound of wine and two pounds of cherry.

  3. Store in a cool place. Shake frequently during storage to make the taste even. Unsealed and drink after two months.

  All right?
Having said so much, don’t you feel itchy?
Then act quickly!

Not looking for work

Not looking for work


Prospects for industry conversion The world economy is developing rapidly, and new business models and new positions continue to appear. No one can guarantee that they will not change jobs after ten years.

In this case, a person needs to constantly master new job skills to adapt to new job opportunities. Of course, there is a corresponding price to pay. The question is how much this price is and whether it is worth it.

No one can guarantee that they will not change jobs after ten years.
In this case, a person needs to constantly master new job skills to adapt to new job opportunities. Of course, there is a corresponding price to pay. The question is how much this price is and whether it is worth it.

It is not easy to retreat and let a person give up a field that he or she is familiar with or even has achieved., But if all these are targeted for investment, the whole thing becomes relatively simple: you are not changing jobs, but investing in a new field.

When switching industries, as mentioned above, it is like choosing another trunk. There is also a process of retreating. In this process, it is difficult to avoid the reduction of income and the reduction of posts, but as long as the direction of reselection is correct,This phenomenon is only temporary. It is only a matter of time to surpass the old positions and salary.

If enough people climb on the old trunk, the cracks that occur when they retreat to climb the new trunk will occur. No matter how high or low the climb is on the old trunk, if he thinks the direction of change is inevitable, he must not hesitateThe longer he waits, the more he pays.

On the contrary, the more timely the response, the more controllable the corresponding cost can be.


Don’t look for a job and find a job. When people apply for a job, their first thought is often to find a good job. In fact, finding a good company is more important. Good companies often produce really good jobs and can provide excellent talentLarge-scale development space.

Therefore, when changing the gate, in addition to examining the new company’s product and service types and development trends, we must also try to find job opportunities in those companies with first-class talents, first-class management, and good social image.

Zero deposit, pick up, walk out, health

Zero deposit, pick up, walk out, health

When it comes to fitness, many people immediately think of morning exercises in the park, dancing, Tai Chi, doing aerobics, going to the gym, robes thinking of swimming, playing basketball, running, etc. These are of course good fitness methods, as long as there are conditionsIf you have time, you can take whatever you want.

In fact, walking is also a fitness method, but we pay special attention to it again.

  It is the most reasonable and economical. It can be said that it is a zero deposit for health. At present, many people in the city go out by special cars, taxis, buses. If you are afraid that you will take one more step, if the pace of life is not too tight,Walking is really good for us.

Roughly speaking, for fitness, walking has at least three major benefits.

  From a medical point of view, taking advantage of your stride, you will gain strength and health.

A famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, Cao Tingdong, said in Lao Lao Heng Yan: “If you sit for a long time, you will have a stagnation of the veins, and when you walk calmly, you will be physically fit and vigorous.

“It’s true that walking can achieve this effect, especially if you stick to it often, for years.

From a psychological perspective, walking outdoors can help you eliminate all kinds of troubles.

An experimental report by American psychologist Sarah Snowras pointed out that someone can get uplifted with just a few strides.

This is because the natural instinct of movement, which is supposed to have the seventh sense of human beings that has been lost in the life of rehabilitation, is re-incorporated into life, so it is full of vitality and vitality from the body to the spirit.
At the same time, when you are upset, you can exercise immediately, you can transfer the excitatory focus of the brain, so that the excitatory center of the brain is transferred from the left brain to the motor area of the cerebral cortex, the right hemisphere that grasps the spatial direction, and the cerebellum implanted in the body’s balance function.The main brain logical thinking, the left and right hemisphere of the calculation of gains and losses can be suppressed, so the feelings of worry and depression will be forgotten and relieved.

  What’s more important is that once the left brain is temporarily inhibited, the brain regions in the main movement, especially the right brain hemisphere, will no longer secrete happy hormones, and can secrete hormones that were originally lacking in the cerebral nervous system through the body.So refreshing.

Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

On September 29th and 30th, Shenyang Hengdatong World, Shenfu New District Hengda Health Valley, Shenyang Evergrande Football Characteristic Town, Fushun Kangxi Ecological Town and other four projects were established in Shenyang, Fushun, and other project sites.The ceremony was officially settled in Liaoning.

Deputy Governor Chen Luping of Liaoning Province, relevant departments of the province, relevant leaders of Shenyang City, Fushun City and Shenfu New District attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Evergrande Project and laid the foundation for the project.

This is another achievement that Liaoning Province has fully implemented in the “No.1 Project” for attracting investment and has been striving to carry out the “Strong and Strong” special action. It is another achievement of Liaoning Province in striving to create an international business environment, marking the same as Liaoning Province.Tongda Group entered a new stage of comprehensive cooperation.

According to reports, Evergrande World is the only indoor, all-weather, all-season fairy-tale mythical theme park built for children and children.

The top-level amusement facilities and technology with the highest technological content create the largest childhood paradise in the world, with Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese stories as the core content, integrating the essence of Chinese culture and world civilization.
The highest grade, the world’s number one theme park.

Evergrande Health Valley creates a new all-round healthy and healthy life, a new model of high-precision multi-dimensional health management, a new high-quality multi-level health pension system, a new system of high-cycle health insurance, and a multi-modal health member.The new mechanism will become the largest, highest-grade, world-class health and endowment insurance in China.

The four projects laid the foundation for the foundation laying ceremony of Shenyang Hengdatong World are the first foundation projects of Liaoning Tonghengda series cooperation projects.

It took only 4 months from project planning to project landing, and the project amount exceeded 100 billion yuan, which created a miracle of attracting investment from Liaoning Province.

(Shenfu Hengda Health Valley Foundation Grounding Ceremony) During the project landing process, the relevant departments of Liaoning Province Zhihe City strictly abide by the requirements of the Secretary of Chen Qifa and the Governor of Tang Yijun, actively docking, closely cooperate, strengthen service, and insist on working once a week.Advance, centrally dispatch once every two weeks, and equip each project with a “project manager”, from the introduction of the project to the ground-breaking foundation, providing a full-process full-cycle “store small two” service, timely helping to solve the land in the project landing process, approvalThe problems in other areas have provided a strong guarantee for the project.

In the follow-up, there will be four Evergrande projects that will be launched in Liaoning and will start construction in April next year.

Survey finds that 80% of college students are trapped by love

Survey finds that 80% of college students are “trapped by love”

“My freshman feels ‘Li Liyuan Shang Cao’, my sophomore laughs at ‘Qing Qing He Bian Cao’, and my senior year sighs ‘Where there is no fragrant grass'”.
This kit is very popular among the students of Shencheng University.
However, while talking about love is prevalent in college, it is more confusing to students.
A few days ago, Shenyang University of Technology held a large-scale on-site mental health consultation activity. Director Qin Manli of the University Student Mental Health Service Center found that the psychological problems that currently plague university students are mainly emotional problems. Rough statistics show that about 80% of students are emotionally trapped.
  As society attaches importance to mental health issues, more and more college students dare to seek help from psychiatrists.
Director Qin Manli told reporters that more college students are now seeking help in the psychological counseling room. This not only shows that they have improved their understanding of psychological problems, but also shows that more students encounter psychological confusion.
  What is unexpected is that emotional problems are the most common problems encountered by college students among many psychological problems.
“Yesterday, four college students came for consultation, all of which were troubled by feelings.
Sun Yang, the instructor of the Mental Health Service Center of Shenyang University of Technology, told reporters that judging from the question of consultation, the majority of the emotional problems will not be dealt with. The common emotional problems encountered by college students are painful due to secret love.Emotional instability or emotional difficulties.
  In fact, even if college students have no problems in emotional confusion, employment pressure, etc., they will encounter other psychological confusions. The emergence of these problems is just a “future”.
Director Qin Manli’s analysis based on the emotional problems encountered by college students found that, on the surface, the students were confused because their feelings were not smooth, and actually exposed the weaknesses of the only child and family education.
According to Director Qin, many college students are baffled when they fall in love. They think they are excellent but they are not favored. This is more common among male students.
Girls are usually eager to fall in love because they have a narrow social circle and are too dependent on others. They do n’t know that such a relationship is vulnerable. Once they lose love, they will feel pain because they have no other friends and no dependants.