What is good for female anemia?

What is good for female anemia?

The first dietary recipe: wolfberry, red date, 20 grams of wolfberry, 10 red dates, 2 eggs, cook together, remove the shells and cook for 10 minutes.

Eat eggs and drink soup once a day or every other day.

It has the functions of tonic deficiency, benefiting qi and blood, strengthening spleen and stomach.

Can treat anemia, can be used for weak constitution, dizziness and conditioning.

  The second largest dietary prescription: porcine liver porridge (or other animal livers) 100?
150 grams, 100 grams of rice.

Wash and chop the pork liver first, add it to the pot with the previous rice, add 1,000 grams of water and the appropriate amount of onion, ginger, oil, and salt, boil over high heat, and then cook over low heat to cook into a gruel.

Take 1 dose daily and take it several times.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, and has obvious effects, and is suitable for blood deficiency and chlorosis, anemia, chronic hepatitis, night blindness, glaucoma and other symptoms.

  The third largest dietary formula: lotus seeds, longan soup, lotus seeds, 30 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of red dates, and moderate sugar.

Peel the lotus seeds, peel them, wash your heart, add the dried longan meat, red dates to the casserole, add water and cook until the lotus seeds are rancid, and season with rock sugar.

Drink soup before bed to eat lotus seeds, red dates, longan meat, take 1 weekly?
2 times.

This formula has the effect of replenishing heart and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and is suitable for anemia, fatigue and nervous breakdown.

  The fourth largest dietary formula: Angelica mutton soup, goat meat, 400 g diced, astragalus, codonopsis, angelica 25 grams each, put in a casserole, add 1000 ml of water, simmer in wok, and add 25 grams of ginger and salt when the mutton is rotten.Eat meat and soup, often eaten.

This recipe is most suitable for patients with spleen and kidney yang deficiency anemia.

The most suitable fruit for papaya right now

The most suitable fruit for papaya right now

The famous doctor of the Song Dynasty recorded an interesting story in “The Competent Party”: When Gu went out in Anhui, he accidentally swelled his legs and legs and could not walk, so he had to go home by boat.

On the boat, he put his two feet on a bag packed with goods. When he disembarked, he found that his leg and leg swelling and pain had overcome a lot, and he was very surprised. He asked the boater what was in the bag and the boater answered it was papaya.

After Gu returned home, he bought some papaya slices, put them in a bag, and put his feet on it every day. Soon, his foot and leg disease was cured.

This shows that papaya does have a magical effect on rheumatism and pain.

  Of course, the above is a medicinal papaya, also known as iron foot pear, because it is produced in Xuancheng (Ancient Xuanzhou) in Anhui, it is called Xuan papaya, a plant of the family Rosaceae.

The papaya that is usually eaten, that is, the papaya in the fruit shop, is native to tropical America and is an exotic product. Therefore, it has been used to call foreign countries Fanban and Fandi since ancient times, and because of its fruits such as melons and woody, it is namedPapaya, also known as mango fruit, is mainly produced in Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan and other places.

The two original plant species are completely different, so their sexual taste and efficacy are also different and should be distinguished.

  Xuan papaya is warm, sour, has aroma, enters the liver, and spleen meridian. Its main function is to relieve liver and tendons, dampen the stomach, and to cure leg pain, cramps, and athlete’s foot.

Mostly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, waist and knee pain, athlete’s foot swelling, cramp muscle cramps and fractures, and also help digestive function.


hzh {display: none; }  番木瓜性微寒、味甘平,具有健脾胃、助消化、润肺燥、除热痰、通乳汁、利二便和防止肌肤老化、去黑斑、雀斑等功效.
  Modern pharmacological studies show that Xuan papaya contains sugars, proteins, trace amounts, minerals, vitamins A, B, C, E and carotene, flavonoids, pectin, saponin, papain and papain, malic acid, citronAcid, tartaric acid and other ingredients

Among them, papain can help digestion, and papain has strong anticancer activity against lymphocytic leukemia cells.

The latest research shows that papaya can also strengthen the body’s resistance, prevent atypical pneumonia and human rehabilitation.

  It can be seen that both papaya and papaya are good things.

Papaya has a magical effect in preventing and curing diseases. It is both a medicine and a food; it can be used as both a vegetable and a fruit.

  The effect of folk papaya for treating diseases and activating collaterals, dispersing blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, and analgesic and numbing effects.

  The papaya cream is based on the declared papaya main medicine, compatible with frankincense, myrrh, etc. It is steamed and smashed to make a paste. It is added with raw yellow juice and served with rice wine, which can cure the symptoms of strong neck tendons and inability to turn sides.

  Papaya porridge with 30 grams of Xuan papaya, previously 100 grams of rice, add to the medicinal sauce, boil until the rice rotten porridge is cooked, add the right amount of brown sugar, cook a little bit and dissolve immediately, take daily and evening, even for several days, can cure calf cramps, athlete’s footEdema.

  Take 100 grams of papaya slices, 300 milliliters of honey, 2 grams of ginger, boil with water and boil for another 10 minutes. Change to heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Eat melon and soup to treat psoriasis.

  Take a large piece of papaya milk and cut it into several small pieces. Then prepare half a cup of milk, add it into the juice, add a small amount of water, honey, and stir well to form papaya milk.

  Papaya tincture uses 100 grams of papaya, 15 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of northern apricot, 12 grams of southern apricot, moderate amount of rock sugar, put together in a pot and stew, can be eaten after 20 minutes, can nourish the lungs, nourish the skin, delay aging,Thoroughly treat hot and dry cough, dry cough without sputum, bloody sputum and other symptoms.

  Papaya honey uses 4 xuan papaya, steamed and mashed into mud, and mixed with 1 000 grams of white sand honey.
2 spoons, 3 times a day, can treat joint pain.

  Papaya decoction is made from Xuan papaya with Wu Zhi, fennel, shiso, ginger, etc., decoction, can cure vomiting and twitching chest tightness.

Eye cream use is not broken down by age


Eye cream use is not broken down by age

Experienced beauticians will remind you that you must use eye cream for eye skin, and how to use eye cream correctly, there are many knowledge.

  The use of eye creams that are not classified by age is a must for most people.

In some special cases, eye cream should be used as soon as possible: one is for extremely dry skin. There are many extremely dry skin in girls. According to this, 18?
Normal skin is the most common at the age of 24, but normal skin tends to appear dry or oily at some point.

The second is the seasonal factor. Many places are getting drier, especially today’s global warm winter phenomenon, which makes short air humidity less and less, and the continuous use of heating and air conditioners makes the face lack of water, and the eye skin is the first.
The third is overuse of eyes. Most modern professional women cannot do without words and computers. Coupled with a large number of newspapers and magazines, video discs dominate leisure time, extreme fatigue of eye muscles, leading to premature skin wrinkles around the eyes.

  Face cream is not a substitute for eye cream. People who do not use eye cream always carry a wrong concept: eye cream and face cream are the same thing.

They think the eye cream is just finer, more advanced, and expensive, and can be replaced with a reliable quality cream.

  Indeed, the ingredients of eye cream and facial anti-wrinkle cream are the same, in order to moisturize the skin, supplement nutrients and moisturize, and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

However, eye creams and face creams are still not interchangeable, because the oiliness and alignment components of the two are completely different. Some people think that the eye skin is very delicate, so they need very nourishing ingredients, and they prefer oily eye creams.

This is also wrong.

The most fundamental function of eye cream is that it is easy to absorb, but cannot bear the burden of excessive nutrition.

Pre-synthesized crude oily ingredients can be quickly absorbed.

The eye cream that works best for you is not greasy, or it is completely absorbed by the skin surface, feeling comfortable, soft and elastic.

Not doing it or getting tired is the best choice.

  Eye cream use Do not use eye cream. The correct way is to gently massage the inner corners of the eyes, upper eyelids, tails, and lower eyelids to make the skin completely absorbed.

Do not use too much eye cream each time. The skin on the eyes is extremely thin. If you use too much, it will not absorb it, but will cause a burden on the skin and accelerate aging.

The correct amount should be the size of two mung beans at a time.

At the same time pay attention to the hygiene of the hands to avoid secondary pollution of eye cream, especially the nail seams must be clean.

Seven traditional Chinese medicine blood supplement medicated recipes

Seven traditional Chinese medicine blood supplement medicated recipes

Under normal circumstances, women will bleed every physiological period every month, and some nutrients lost in the body will easily lead to symptoms of anemia in women, such as pale and yellow, dizziness, and insomnia and forgetfulness.

How can women replenish blood and improve physical resistance?

Medicinal diet is one of the simple and effective methods.

Now let ‘s take a look at seven traditional Chinese medicine blood supplements that women must eat: 1. Tremella fuciformis jujube soup, also known as the “poor bird ‘s nest”. Although bird’s nest supplements, it is expensive.

Tremella fungus is similar to bird’s nest in terms of color, taste and efficacy, and it is cheap, so it is called poor bird’s nest.

Bird’s nest is too easy to get angry, Tremella fungus has a moisturizing effect.

Dry gas and fire gas are not good for the human body.

Method: Use white fungus, dried longan, wolfberry, and red dates to make a soup. This soup is not only delicious, but also breast enhancement, making your face white and red, and light and slim.

2. Black glutinous rice and bloody porridge Black glutinous rice, longan and red dates are known to be good for blood, plus yam with high nutritional value, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood is more significant.

Method: Use black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, yam, brown sugar to boil soup, remember to drink every month.

Old Chinese medicine reminds that although longan can replenish blood gas and promote blood circulation, it is not easy to digest. It can be done by putting seven glucose each time (friends with cold stomach can order 2 slices of red ginseng).

3, Angelica red dates and ribs change seasons, the skin is easy to dry and rough, tearing . You can use one ribs, the right amount of wolfberry, 12 red dates, 4 pieces of angelica, add ribs washing blood to the casserole, add wolfberry, red dates, angelica, orAdd onion, ginger slices, boil over high heat, and simmer over low heat until the ribs are crispy, season with salt and chicken essence.

The above several ingredients are mixed together and stewed, which can receive the auxiliary effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing and nourishing skin.

4, beauty and blood oatmeal first soaked walnuts, red dates, longan dry, clean the oats, pour into the rice cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, boiled!

Remember to check the time. When the porridge is gone, change to a porridge stall and put some brown sugar before the pan.

5, Shuanghong Buxuetang 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 grams of red dates, brown sugar amount, 2000 ml of water, prepare and boil together when the sweet potatoes are cooked, and then add brown sugar when they are ripe. Those who like to eat pumpkin can also change sweet potatoes into pumpkins.

6. Soy bean and pear pig’s foot soup often drink pear soup is very good for women. Pears have been known as the “Zong of Fruits” since ancient times. Using Sydney to make soup can relieve cough and lungs, and clear the skin.

Drinking this Sydney Soy Pork Hand Soup has obvious effects on the skin and skin, relieves the sound of sand, dry mouth, and lowers blood pressure.

Method: 1 Sydney, 50 grams of soybeans, half of pig’s feet, a piece of ginger, salt, pork feet to remove odors, divide into pieces; add pitted and sliced Sydney, soybeans, pig’s feet and ginger slices, add plenty of waterCook until boiled, keep on high heat and continue to boil for 15 minutes. Slowly cook for another hour, then cook the soup. Add salt to taste before drinking.

7, papaya white fungus soup, white fungus, papaya beans, red dates, rock sugar, boil the white fungus, boil the red dates, turn off the low heat and boil for half an hour, boil the rock sugar and papaya to boil, you can swell.

Fat people should wear tights when exercising

Fat people should wear tights when exercising

When exercising, people hope that the energy of all parts of the body can be fully exercised. However, when obese people are exercising, they often suffer from excess and excess meat shaking, friction between thighs, and bouncing muscles.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Health Science Research Center have found that the above conditions can cause excessive people to change their gait, making them more vulnerable to injury or joint disease.

  Researchers compared the biomechanical status of 20 adults while walking and found that when too many people landed on their feet, the width between the legs was greater than that of a normal-weight person.

Wide steps are used to keep the balance as short as possible to support a wider abdomen and hips while reducing friction between the thighs.

But this stride transfers the power of exercise to the body, making people more susceptible to arthritis.

  Fitness trainer Brian said wearing tight, stretchy clothing can reduce tremors in the stomach, thighs and hips.

Wear tights to minimize muscle bounce during exercise.

In addition, the choice of water sports can also reduce the excess bouncing.

Nose bleeds shouldn’t suddenly be in danger of hiding!

Nose bleeds shouldn’t suddenly be in danger of hiding!

Healing can be achieved from the above examples. Patients with this kind of nosebleeds can bleed thousands of milliliters in a short rupture, and they are fierce and dangerous. If you relax your vigilance, it will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

  Bleeding in the nose can also be fatal?

Is this alarmist?


Please look at a few real examples: Mr. Wang has been receiving radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer for nearly 10 years, but it has been repeated many times.

One day, suddenly a lot of blood poured out of the nose and mouth, the volume exceeded 2000 ml, and immediately shocked.

  Immediately included in hospital rescue.

It was found after inspection.

The blood came from the nasopharyngeal artery, which was surgically treated to stop bleeding and no further bleeding occurred.

Rescue 3800 ml of CCP blood transfusion.

  Ms. Xue, 53, was shocked by massive nosebleeds and was transferred to our hospital after rescue.

About a week or so in the past, another 800 ml of nasal bleeding occurred, blood was sprayed several feet away, and blood pressure dropped.

The cerebral angiography showed that there was an aneurysm in the cavernous sinus segment of the residual internal carotid artery, which was immediately transferred to neurosurgery, which caused no further bleeding and no sequelae.

  The construction worker, Master Dai, fell from a height of 5 meters a few months ago, landed on his head, and was unconscious with a slight nasal discharge on his head.

Later, a lot of nosebleeds occurred more than 10 times, totaling 1,000?
2000 ml, due to severe anemia, was admitted to hospital for treatment.

It was confirmed by carotid angiography that it was a pseudoaneurysm of the right internal carotid artery. After surgery, the bleeding stopped completely.

  Healing can be achieved from the above examples. Patients with this kind of nosebleeds can bleed thousands of milliliters in a short rupture, and they are fierce and dangerous. If you relax your vigilance, it will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

  The root cause is this “lethal” nosebleed.

It is the most dangerous type of nosebleed. The root cause of bleeding is caused by internal carotid artery rupture, but the cause of “rupture” is different.

In fact, the common causes of “rupture” of the internal carotid artery are as follows: ① head trauma.

Mostly due to a car accident or falling from a high level, it causes a skull fracture and damages the arterial wall to form a pseudo aneurysm. The tumor gradually grows. Under certain incentives, such as holding your breath, cold, fever, etc., bleeding can occur.

This is the case with Master Dai.

  ② Congenital or acquired factors.

Such as cerebral atherosclerosis, resulting in weak arterial walls, local enlargement to form aneurysms.

  ③ radiation damage.

Such as repeated multiple radiation treatments at the skull base area, damage to the arterial tissue, causing softening and necrosis of the internal carotid artery wall, more common in patients with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma multiple radiation treatment.

  The appearance of the internal carotid artery wall that has been mentioned earlier is softened, necrotic, or an aneurysm has formed. It is like a bomb buried in the skull, which may detonate at any time.

But before and after the onset of this nosebleed, there will be some aura symptoms, as if the “wow” sound from the fuse is ignited. If you can “source” the sound to find the source and cut off the fuse in time before the detonation, it will be a life-threatening event.The great calamity may be avoided.

  Conversely, if the risk of the disease is not even thought of at all.

When the clues first appeared, they were confused, missed the opportunity, and even went for a biopsy by mistake. The result was that the “bomb” broke out early, causing them to be caught off guard and killed their lives.

  So, among the many patients with nosebleeds, what clues can reveal that we must be alert to this deadly nosebleed?

  ① Medical history.

As mentioned before, patients with nosebleeds who have a history of head trauma before onset, or a history of high-dose regular radiation therapy on their head, should pay more attention.

  ② accompanied by symptoms.

Because the aneurysm in the cavernous sinus is adjacent to some brain nerves, before and after the nasal hemorrhage is ruptured, symptoms such as affected side migraine, oculomotor nerve palsy and other nerve stimuli or compression often occur. These symptoms must not be taken lightly.

  ③ bleeding characteristics.

Most of them are arterial bleeding, so the bleeding color is bright red, and it is fierce.
The amount of bleeding is very large, often gusting out from the mouth and nose at the same time, and the bleeding site is not easy to determine. It is difficult to stop with conventional packing methods, and the patient can have shock in a short period of time.
  For a further diagnosis of a dangerous nosebleed, carotid angiography must be performed.

It is completely helpful in understanding the presence of an aneurysm, and can show whether the communication between the two cerebral vessels is good. This is important to estimate whether serious complications due to brain tumors will occur when the artery is ligated to stop bleeding.

  It is expected that the bleeding will be suspended or relieved after nasal tamponade, and this examination will be done as soon as possible within the short period of time after the next major bleeding.

The diagnosis is thorough and clear, and the treatment plan can be targeted.

Don’t let the fragrance quietly poison you

Don’t let the fragrance quietly “poison” you

Fragrances come in many forms. Fragrances can also be called “public perfume” or “environmental perfume”, although it is not necessarily “water”.
  Broadly defined fragrances include all products that specifically deodorize and impart fragrance to the environment.
According to the appearance form and “scent” form, they are roughly divided into several types, namely liquid-type fragrances, aerosols, gel-type fragrances, sublimation-type fragrances, plastic-type fragrances, incense candles, and boiling waterFragrances, electrothermal diffusers and sanitary incense.
  Boiled water-based fragrance is a popular indoor fragrance method-put a few drops of essence in clear water, heat it with a candle fire, and the water will bring out the fragrance when the water is slightly boiling.
Some people call it “modern incense burner”.
It has a variety of shapes, and more are made of ceramics, which are attracted by young people.
Plastic fragrances are “fragrant plastics” that are made by mixing and extruding thermoplastic resins, flavors, and plasticizers with good air permeability. They can be made into various shapes and placed in homes, offices, and other places to diffuse fragrance.
  正规厂家生产的芳香剂对人体无害  绝大多数人相信闻到令人愉悦的香味对人有好处,但也有人认为,现在面市的各种芳香剂,在使用中易产生一些难以预料的化学The reaction may have adverse effects on the human respiratory tract, skin and central nervous system.
In fact, this statement is a bit alarmist and easily causes unnecessary panic.
  Relevant experts point out that various fragrances sold on the market are healthy and safe for the human body except for fake and shoddy products.
The flavors used by regular manufacturers to produce fragrances are carefully researched by perfumers and have done a lot of “perfuming experiments”. The factory has formulated them strictly according to the formulas formulated by perfumers.
  As long as there are experiments that point out that a certain perfume is highly toxic or “potential”, even if “the evidence is not sufficient”, the perfumer would rather not use it. The nitro musk perfume that was once used in large quantities is currently eliminated.Good example.
Experts suggest that when choosing fragrances, it is best to buy from regular manufacturers in regular stores, so that the quality will be more guaranteed.
  Make your own toilet “fragrance”. According to the perfumer’s classification, various odors in nature can be divided into 4 types: fruity, grassy, powdery, and sweet.
  Everyone has their own favorite scent. Is there a “lovely” scent?
The answer is yes.
It is generally believed that the aromas of some fruits, such as apples, pears, oranges, and lemons, that grow in the cold to subtropical zone can be loved by most people, and the use of these aromas in public places generally does not cause dissatisfaction.
Many tropical fruits do not work. The smells of durian, mango, pineapple, guava, litchi, etc. are all loved and scared. It is best not to use it in public places.
  The toilet is the place where people need the fragrance most urgently. The smell of the toilet is best covered by the smell of grass or fruit. The grass smell of laundry soap is effective to cover the smell of feces and urine. The best effect is to push mint and stayLanxiang, they are all grassy spices.
  Cologne can also be used in the bathroom to deodorize and fragrance. A bottle of cologne can be used for months.
Most perfumes (regardless of high-end, mid-range or low-end) are not suitable for bathroom use, because they contain more or less “animal-like” fragrances (such as musk), which will aggravate the smell of feces, and the more high-endThe more animal fragrance the perfume contains.
  In fact, you can also solve the odor problem in the bathroom yourself.
Place a cup or bowl containing citric acid (available in chemical stores) on a small shelf in the bathroom. Place a few pieces of soap (remove the wrapping paper) or laundry soap next to the cup. The acid can absorb and neutralize ammonia andTrimethylamine, soap’s free base absorbs hydrogen sulfide, which can effectively remove the main odorous components in the bathroom.

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing

Introduction: Healthy skin care and healthy beauty are our necessary common sense. Beauty has become a must for many people’s lives. How to make a healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

Special moisturizing skin care tips after winter cleansing.

  Special moisturizing techniques after cleansing. In order to let the lotion penetrate into every corner of the skin, it is necessary to use three times.

After 90 seconds of washing your face, it is the highest point for your skin to dry easily, so you must use the lotion as soon as possible within 90 seconds of washing your face.

  1. Gently apply a penny-coin-sized lotion to the palm of your hand and gently spread it evenly from inside to outside with both hands.

  2. Tighten the arm, apply it vertically, then pour a dollar-dollar-sized lotion on the palm of your hand, spread your hands evenly on the body vertically, tighten the arm, and bring the hand to be naturally vertical.

  3. Rub the hands to increase the temperature. In the third step, pour a dime and a coin-sized lotion on the palms of the hands. Rub the palms to increase the temperature. Although it is small, it can penetrate the skin better.

  4, four-step care with temperature lotion for care, first massage on the cheeks three times, and then apply on the forehead and chin, the movement should be gentle.

  5. Around the eyes, the hands are shaped like scissors to care for your fingers. Make a slight touch on the eyes, because the eyes are easy to dry around, and the lotion is not easy to apply, so don’t forget.

  6. Finally, check to see if it has completely penetrated. Touch your cheek carefully. If it is soft, it is OK. If it is still dry, please repeat steps 2 to 4 again.

Eight foods for women to nourish the kidney

Eight foods for women to nourish the kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “kidney is the innate foundation”, and its main physiological function is “storing essence, holding Qi, and main water”. The kidney is especially important for women. The growth and development from upper to lower menstruation, belt, fetus, birth and kidney are related.A woman’s life!

  1. There is a saying in the animal liver that “visiting the internal organs with viscera”. Animal livers are rich in protein, trace amounts and multivitamins, and have the effect of nourishing kidney and refining.

  2. Shrimp may have extremely rich protein, lipids, minerals and other nutrients, and the extraction of shrimp meat is rich in substances that enhance immunity, so eating shrimp has the effect of nourishing kidney and detoxifying.

  3. Pork waist flower Pork waist flower has a high cholesterol content and is not consumed by people with high blood lipids, but it has the effect of nourishing kidney qi, and it is often used as a food for kidney.

  4, walnuts eat walnuts can enhance the vitality of the brain, supplement the body’s lack of inositol, and Hetai has the function of kidney and Gujing, diet is often used as one of kidney food.

  5. Eggs, eggs, proteins, traces, vitamins, and various trace elements are recognized as extremely nutritious foods. Eating more eggs can promote human growth and improve immunity, and it is also a type of food that prolongs life.

  6, chestnuts chestnuts not only have the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, but also the role of kidney and strong waist, eat more chestnuts, can alleviate the symptoms of low back pain caused by kidney deficiency.

  7, people with wolfberry kidney deficiency, eating wolfberry effect is very good, wolfberry has the effect of kidney and liver, eat more wolfberry kidney to prolong life and relieve long-term low back pain.

  8. Hippocampus Hippocampus is a food that has the same kidney-reinforcing effect as ginseng. Its value is comparable to that of ginseng. The method of eating hippocampus is to grind it into powder, serve it with rice wine, and take it daily.

What should arthritis patients eat?

Recommended 7 Arthritis Food Recipes

What should arthritis patients eat?
Recommended 7 Arthritis Food Recipes

Arthritis is a common chronic disease, so do you know how to treat it?

The best way to treat arthritis is through conditioning.

So what do you know about arthritis?

Are there any classic diet recipes?

Let’s take a look together.

  Arthritis 1, Panax notoginseng porridge Usage 10-15 g of panax notoginseng, 15-20 g of salvia miltiorrhiza, 30 g of chicken blood vine, wash, add appropriate amount of water to cook and thicken the boiled rice, add 300 g of rice beforeWhen the porridge is ready, add medicinal juice and cook for a while.

Take 1 ad libitum each time.

Efficacy: Activating Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis, Tongluo Analgesic.

Indications of blood stasis internal resistance, unfavorable meridian joint pain.

  2. Usage of Panax notoginseng chicken 1 male black chicken, 6g of panax notoginseng and 10g of astragalus root. Totally involved in the belly of the chicken, add 10ml rice wine and simmer over low heat until the chicken is cooked.

Dip in soy sauce at random once every other day.

Efficacy: Wenyang, Qi, and pain.

Indications for knee arthritis, the card is yang deficiency.

  3. Use porcine kidney porridge to take 1 pair of washed and sliced pork kidney, 6 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of walnut meat and 200 grams of existing rice, and add appropriate amount of water to cook porridge. Take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Qufeng dehumidification, nourishing kidney qi.

Attending knee arthritis, the syndrome belongs to the kidney deficiency.

  4. For windproof porridge, use 12g of windproof, wash the white onion, add an appropriate amount of water, decoction with low fire; then take 60g of rice before cooking, and add the juice when the porridge is ready to cook.

1 dose daily for breakfast.

Efficacy: Remove rheumatism.

Attending knee arthritis, the card is rheumatism.

  5. Peach kernel porridge usage: Wash 10 grams of peach kernel, mash it like mud, add water to remove the residue, boil with 30 grams of barley kernel, 100 grams of rice all the time for porridge, take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Yiqi Huoxue, Tongli joints.

Indications for knee osteoarthritis are syndromes of qi deficiency, blood stasis and joint blockage.

  6. Winter melon barley soup uses 500 grams of winter melon sliced with skin, co-boil with 50 grams of barley kernels and add appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat until the melon is ripe, and add salt to taste when eating.

Take 1 dose daily.

Efficacy: Spleen, clearing away heat and dampness.

Indications for knee osteoarthritis, the card belongs to damp-heat content and damp-dampness.

  7, Pueraria puerariae pueraria congee, 15 grams, decoction to remove juice, 20 grams of red adzuki beans, 30 grams of rice before a total of porridge to take, suitable for cervical spondylosis stiff neck.