Eyelid jumping is good or bad


Eyelid jumping is good or bad

Click on the picture to buy. Everyone has encountered eyelid jumping, right, whether it is the left eye or the right eye, this will happen. A certain sentence is like this, the left eye jumps, the right eye jumps.

But in fact, this description is not correct, but many people still believe it. So what is the reason for eyelid jumping?

What about eyelid jumping?

Let Xiaobian decrypt it for you!

  Reading the eyelids from a scientific perspective has nothing to do with good or bad things.

In addition, frequent eyelid jumping may indicate one thing, which may be a sign of a disease.

  What causes the eyelids to jump?

  In anatomy, the eyelid is called the eyelid. There are two main types of muscles that control the movement of the eyelid: one is the orbicularis orbicularis muscle, which is shaped like a wheel and surrounds the eye sockets. When it contracts, the eyelids are closed;The upper eyelid muscle, which opens when the eye contracts.

These two muscles cooperate with each other, constantly shrinking and relaxing, and the eyelids open and close immediately, but if the nerves that govern these two muscles are continuously excited by some kind of stimulation, these two muscles will repeatedly contract and even twist and vibrate, and the boots appearOur outstanding “eyelid jumping” phenomenon.

  Types of eyelid jumpsPhysiological eyelid jumps are often transient, intermittent, short-lived, and have a low degree of beating, most likely because of excessive eye use, or physical exertion, stress, stress, or illness.More common.

  If there is a lack of long-term sleep, excessive alcohol and tobacco, cold, and lack of regular life, people with neurosis will also have eyelids.

However, this eyelid jump does not affect our health. As long as you pay attention to rest and ensure extra sleep, it will ease eyelid jump.

  Pathological eyelid jump Pathological eyelid jump may be caused by eye refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism; foreign bodies in the eye, inverted eyelashes, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.

  Intracranial diseases such as tumors and vascular abnormalities can also cause eyelid beating, the incidence rate is about 1%. This kind of eyelid jumping generally lasts for a long time, and the saccade is large. Most of them occur in elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Varicose veins, along with the facial nerves that dominate the eyelid muscles, are oppressed, resulting in continuous abnormal excitement that causes the muscles to continue to contract and form saccades.

  In addition, there is another kind of monocular saccade. The saccade is consistent with the pulse beat. It is accompanied by eye pain and vision loss. This saccade is often related to cerebrovascular diseases and needs sufficient attention.

  So after the above description, eyelid jumping has nothing to do with good or bad.

The occurrence of eyelid jumps may be indicative of certain diseases in our body.

  Demystifying how eyelid jumps are going on

As the saying goes: left eye jumps fortune, right eye jumps for disaster.

Right eyelid jump means something bad is going to happen. Is this true?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eyelid jumping is related to a person’s physical health.

  The eyelids are responsible for closing the eyes, and are composed of orbicularis muscle muscles that surround the eyes; what we call eyelid jumps, which is caused by the abnormal excitation of the nerves that control the eyelid muscles, is part of the orbicularis muscle fibers.Short-term involuntary and continuous contraction does not affect the skin on it.

  Causes of eyelids jumping.

The eyelids are generally fatigued, and the incidence of jumping is prolonged when using the eye for too long or lacking sleep. Other factors, such as bright light, drug-induced irritation, or foreign bodies being blown into the eye, or smoking and drinking oftenWill irritate the eyes and cause eyelids to jump.

  For eyelid beating, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by chronic illness and overwork to damage the heart and spleen, or liver and spleen blood deficiency caused by chronic wind.

  If it is caused by deficiency of heart and spleen, combined with insomnia, forgetfulness, upset and palpitations, and eating tiredness, you can treat it with “guipi decoction” plus or minus medicine taste; if it is caused by blood deficiency and wind, and often beats,It is similar to the eyebrows, foreheads, face, and mouth corners and cannot be controlled by itself, and it is treated with “Danggui Huoxueyin” plus or minus the medicine.

  Experts say that the most common eyelid jump is the “small muscle tremor” of the orbicularis orbicularis, which jumps for a few seconds to several minutes at a time; under normal circumstances, it will automatically recover after a single pass, and you can also close your eyesTake a break or cover your eyes with a hot towel, and use a balanced daily diet and extra sleep to change the timing of your eyelids beating.

  Experts say that if your eyelids keep jumping, you should see a doctor immediately.

If your eyelids are beating, half-side muscles, eyebrows, and mouth corners are twitching, it may be a distortion caused by the stimulation of the facial nerve, and you should actively treat it, otherwise you will have slanting mouth and eyes.

  Due to different causes, the treatment methods are also different.

  When your eyes are tired, there is a way to help you alleviate this symptom. Then, make a cup of strong tea, then add an appropriate amount of salt, stir well, and then apply a cotton swab to the tea and apply it around your eyes.Can quickly relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.

  How to relieve eye fatigue When your eyes feel uncomfortable or tired, you can use a hot towel to apply it.

After the towel is soaked with hot water and twisted with water, then cover your eyes with a large area, so that the blood around the eyes is activated, and it can stimulate its metabolism, thereby reducing fatigue.

  Pour a cup of chrysanthemum tea, remember to use boiling water, then make tea, keep the eyes under a certain distance under the camellia when it is hot, and then use the heat to smoke your own eyes.Good relief of fatigue.

But remember not to hurt your eyes.

  People who often have eye fatigue, remember that when they can use the eyes a lot, every half an hour or less, they can move their eyes away from the place of focus and look into the distance or look at some green plants.In this way, make your eyes peaceful, without being in a state of tension all the time.

  People with eye fatigue should always have eye drops. Do not choose functional eye drops, but directly choose the one that relieves eye fatigue.

Drop eye drops every two hours. This will also improve your eyestrain in a short time.  Food eye protection.

The eye’s need for vitamins, as well as the need for carrots, is very large. Usually, eating more carrots is also effective for eye protection.

It is also helpful to eat more livers from some animals.

Although it does not relieve fatigue quickly, it can keep eyesight and protect your eyes.

  It is recommended that people who often use eyes can eat more corn in normal times.

Everyone knows that corn contains a substance called lutein, which is very effective in protecting our eyesight.

Moreover, this substance can also have a self-healing function, that is, if the eyes are tired, eating corn will protect itself.

  In normal times, when you feel uncomfortable, you can use your fingers to massage around your eyes. You can compare the acupuncture points. The main acupoints are the eye acupoint, the bamboo bamboo point, and the temple, which can alleviate the fatigue.

If you are uncomfortable, you should find someone to help you massage.

Whitening Tips-5 Most Effective Homemade Whitening Masks

Whitening Tips: 5 Most Effective Homemade Whitening Masks

There are many small secret recipes handed down to the people, and they have many generations of experience.

There are some whitening methods. Today, let’s summarize them together!

  Folk whitening DIY hottest whitening mask 1, milk whitening prepare a small cup of fresh milk, (in the summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator, put on a cool, more comfortable).

Steam the face with steam, soak the cotton pad with fresh milk, leave it on the ends for about 15 minutes, remove it, and wash the bladder milk with water.

Long-term adherence can make skin tone white and even.

  2. Prepare aloe vera whitening three fingers wide and two fingers long and spotted aloe vera leaves and rinse them, then a piece of cucumber with a length of three centimeters, 1/4 egg white, 2-3 grams of pearl powder, an appropriate amount of flourMake the tone thin).

  Put the aloe vera and cucumber into the juicer and squeeze into a small bowl. Then add egg whites, pearl powder, and a moderate amount of flour to make a paste, which will not flow down.

  Wash your face, apply the adjusted paste on your face, wash it after drying, apply toner, skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

  3, tomato honey whitening This whitening formula can be used for face and hand whitening at the same time.

Especially for acne-prone skin, it can effectively remove oiliness, prevent infection, and make skin fair and delicate.

  Usage: You can mix tomatoes into tomato juice and add an appropriate amount of honey to stir until a paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands and leave to wash for about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

  4, beauty vegetable juice will be green pepper, big cucumber, a quarter bitter gourd, celery, green apple, etc. into a beauty vegetable juice to drink, this vegetable juice has enough vitamin C, very effective for whitening.

  5. Remove the spotted vinegar egg liquid, take one fresh egg, wash it, dry it, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar and soak it for one month.

After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Stir and take one cup a day.

Taking vinegar and egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate and remove all dark spots on the face.


One fresh egg of honey protein film and one small spoon of honey will become whipped and even. Before going to bed, use a clean soft brush to replace the film on the skin. Massage can be performed during this period to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation.

After being turned on and air-dried, wash with water, preferably twice a week.

This mask can also be diluted with water and rubbed hands, which can be used to supplement chapped skin in winter.

Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

“There is a ‘parent-child nutrition consultation room’ in our community. Some people will be regularly invited to give lectures and introduce a lot of nutritional supplements for babies. I wonder if I should buy them for my children?

Recently, Tingting’s mother sent an e-mail to this edition asking how to supplement nutrition for babies 1 and a half years old.

The reporter found that there are many types of nutrition and health care products for babies before the age of two in the market. Colostrum, biosynthesis, calcium lactate, cod liver oil, DHA . dazzled parents.

Tingting’s mother said: “Many people have said that they need to add more health supplements to their children, so that the child’s health is good, but I am worried that the child can absorb so much food?

“Experts remind parents: to provide nutrition to babies before the age of two, reasonable supplementation is the most important, and it is best to take less nutrition.

  Phenomenon hits: How to supplement nutrition, Ms. Chen, a hazy family member who lives in Haizhu, was recently asked to draw blood for her child, test his liver function, and check for lack of trace elements in the body when he was vaccinated at a community hospital.

The doctor said: “Baby over 1 year old must test these things to see if there is something missing, so they can make up for it.

“Miss Chen inquired that it was not easy to check the trace elements in the blood. It was necessary to pay for one check, but since” babies over 1 year old are drawing blood, their children must not fall. ”

Ms. Chen returned to the community and chatted with her neighbors. However, she did not expect to bump into “Baby Marketing” again.

Ms. Chen ‘s neighbour, and her mother, who is the same age as her baby, is a salesperson for a baby health care brand. She told Ms. Chen that her baby is eating colostrum, Synbiotics and DHA, which works well.It is suggested that Miss Chen also try it out. Upon hearing this, Miss Chen immediately decided that she would “buy a little for her child.”

  Interviews by reporters found that marketing of health products for babies not only occurred in shopping malls, but also in communities and community hospitals. Marketing that occurred on a later occasion was more covert and effective.

Babies before the age of two are very fragile, and the mother lacks sufficient experience. It is likely that they are not confident in their own alternatives. As soon as the child’s body moves, the child is worried.

On the other hand, slight poisoning of babies due to blindly supplementing various health products has also become very common.

According to Dr. Liu of the Children’s Health Department of Haizhu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, recently, some babies around 1 year old were admitted to the hospital with symptoms such as “sleeping late, restless sleep”
or diarrhea, but there was no record of eating suspicious food. Upon inquiry, it wasCaused by excessive intake of cod liver oil and synbiotics.

专家表示:“家长对于孩子的保护心理是可以理解的,但为两岁前宝宝补充保健品,必须要十分谨慎,家长自己也要充分调查询问,做到心中有数,切不可‘蒙查查’To trust the propaganda of others.

“Expert opinion: No nutrition is agreed to be given to infants. Special guidance for this issue: Professor Jiang Yifang (Director of Children’s Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, nutrition expert, child replacement expert)” The growth and development characteristics of children are different from those of adults.Before the age, the body was growing rapidly.

However, the nutrition of the baby before the age of two is best absorbed from natural, fresh and safe ingredients. In principle, parents are not encouraged to buy other processed health products.

According to experts, “two years old” is a key point. “Before two years old” and “after two years old” have different suggestions.

Experts remind parents: fortifying a variety of nutrients to babies before the age of two should be a very cautious suggestion made by the doctor after careful individual decisions.

If the business or a “nutrition consultant” simply conducts sales promotion and publicity, it will not only waste the parents’ money, but may also cause the child’s poisoning reaction after excessive supplementation.

  Chinese babies do not need to supplement DHA: DHA is called “brain gold” and is more popular in western countries because the diet there is to eat more fat and rarely eat vegetable oil, so there is no source of DHA in food.

In fact, Chinese babies can completely get DHA from food. The polyunsaturated fatty acid “Omega 3” in vegetable oil can be converted into DHA. Adding vegetable porridge, noodles and other complementary foods with a small amount of vegetable oil to your baby is about 1 year old.When using vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, etc. are all qualified, but there is no such substance in olive oil that can be converted into DHA.

  Synbiotics supplement if necessary: Synbiotics is the nutrition needed by living bacteria in the body, which can help intestinal motility. Babies with poor mutual functions can consider supplementing.

However, the baby ‘s digestive flora is different from adults, and Synbiotics cannot be regarded as a nutrient that “makes up as much as possible”. Experts remind parents that they only need to supplement Synbiotics when necessary.
3 weeks is enough, take 3 days a week, otherwise it will be “unexpected”.

  Colostrum is not suitable for all children: Many parents now give colostrum to their babies, but this practice is not desirable.

Not every baby is suitable for this kind of colostrum.

To be simple, human colostrum is for human babies, and colostrum is for babies.

Children grow an average of 14 pounds a year, and cow babies can grow more than 100 pounds a year, so it is not appropriate to give colostrum to all babies in general.

Experts remind: Colostrum is suitable for premature and intrauterine malnutrition babies, and it is necessary to control the amount and time when supplementing.

  Do not overdose of vitamin D: Vitamin D is the main factor for maintaining calcium and phosphorus in the body. If vitamin D is eaten by calcium-containing foods, the body cannot absorb and use it. The main cause of rickets is vitamin D.

However, if the vitamin D supplementation is excessive, the child will be prone to excitement, sleep late, do not like to sleep, bloating, thinning, hair loss and other symptoms, so be sure to refer to the recommended amount of nutrition society, under the guidance of a doctor to add an appropriate amount.

  In addition to obtaining vitamin D from food and cod liver oil, there is also a dehydrogen free radical in human skin, which can also be converted to vitamin D by sunlight. Therefore, more sun is also a good way to supplement calcium.

Children after the age of two have been able to eat a variety of foods, and temporary outdoor activities are generally not easy to lack vitamin D, which can replace vitamin D preparations.

  Supplementary trace elements to see signs: “Not every baby over 1 year of age needs blood to be tested, let alone test whether the trace elements in the body are sufficient.

“Experts remind parents: To determine if they need to supplement their children with trace elements or take blood tests, the child’s physical signs will prevail.

The lack of certain elements in the body will be manifested in signs. If the child is pale, it is a sign of iron deficiency; if the child is thin, it may lack unnecessary nutrients.

  Calcium supplements need to pay attention to absorption: Doctors usually give infants calcium supplements, but in fact, Professor Jiang believes that not every child needs calcium supplementation.
Intrauterine malnutrition, premature births and babies with calcium deficiency symptoms need calcium supplementation.
Approximately, if the baby within 6 months is replaced with whole breast milk, no additional calcium supplement is needed; if the baby regularly replaces more than 750 ml of formula milk, there is no need to supplement calcium, otherwise, excessive intake will causeCalcium poisoning.

  The theory of calcium supplementation is very popular in the market, but experts point out that there are only about 8 in 1000 mg of calcium gluconate.

1 mg of calcium, and the body needs 300 mg, so the absorption efficiency of calcium gluconate supplement is relatively low, the other two calcium supplements: calcium lactate and calcium carbonate are easier to absorb.

Six Urban Men’s Nourishing Yin and Yang Congee

Six Urban Men’s Nourishing Yin and Yang Congee

(1) Sea cucumber porridge: Sea cucumber (chopped) 50 grams, previously rice 100 grams.

Soak the sea cucumber, cut open the abdomen, dig out the intestines, scrape clean, chopped, and boil with water.

Earlier the rice was washed and put in the casserole with sea cucumber.

Add water, boil it with martial arts, and simmer for 20-30 minutes with simmering heat.

Add onion ginger salt to taste, eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence, nourishing yin and blood, and is suitable for physical weakness caused by kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, waist and knee weakness, insomnia and night sweats.

It can be used to treat the weakness of kidney qi, supplement of essence and blood, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, frequent urination, pale complexion, dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, fatigue and fatigue.

  (2) Cistanche lamb waist porridge Cistanche lamb waist porridge: 10 grams of Cistanche deserticola, one lamb’s waist (removed from the inner membrane, chopped), 100 grams of rice, boiled into the same porridge.

It has the effects of nourishing the kidney and helping the yang, and proficient in defecation, and is suitable for chilling limb cold, waist and knee pain, frequent urination, polyuria at night, constipation, etc. caused by kidney yang deficiency in middle and old age.

  (3) Chinese wolfberry pork loin porridge: 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, one pig kidney (remove the inner membrane, chopped), 100 grams of rice, seasoned with onion and ginger, and boiled together.

It is beneficial to kidney yin, kidney yang, solid essence and strong waist. It is suitable for kidney pain caused by kidney deficiency, yin and yang loss, soft waist and knees, weak legs and feet, dizziness and tinnitus.

  (4) Antler gum porridge Antler gum porridge: 6 grams of antlers gum, 100 grams of previous rice. After the previous rice is cooked into porridge, antler gum is broken into hot porridge to dissolve, and an appropriate amount of sugar is added.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney yang and nourishing sperm, and is suitable for the deficiency of kidney yang, the thinness of the body caused by the deficiency of essence and blood, the softness of waist and knee, pain, impotence of nocturnal emission and so on.

  (5) Stir-fried walnut kernels: 10 grams of walnut kernels.

It has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and warming the lungs, moisturizing the intestines and laxative. It is suitable for those with weak kidneys, low back pain, weak feet, or cold, asthma and constipation.

  (6) Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia ulmoides: Eucommia ulmoides 12 grams, decoction for filtering, a pair of pork loins, remove the inner membrane, cut into kidney flowers, use eucommia liquid to make seasoning juice, stir-fry with onion ginger and salt and eat.

It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, and lowering blood pressure. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with liver and kidney deficiency due to kidney deficiency, low back pain, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, and hypertension.

Improve cold hands and feet, drink more jujube ginger soup

Improve cold hands and feet, drink more jujube ginger soup

Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.

  The main ingredients of jujube and ginger soup are jujube, ginger, and brown sugar. The specific method is 10 jujubes, 5 slices of ginger, an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and decoction for tea, once a day.

  Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.
Jujube has a sweet and warm taste, which has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves; ginger has a pungent taste, which has the effect of stopping vomiting and relieving cold.

The combination of the two can give full play to Jiang Xinwen’s actions, and jujube and warmth to complement each other, and jointly promote the circulation of qi and blood, the blood circulation of the whole body has been improved accordingly, and the hands and feet will naturally warm up.

  In addition, the brown sugar in jujube and ginger soup also has the functions of tonifying, nourishing and activating blood.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that gingerol contained in ginger has a direct excitatory effect on the heart and vascular motor centers, transforming the rapid heartbeat, expanding the blood vessels, exuberant blood flow and smoothing the veins, improving the body surface circulation and making people feel the whole body.warm.

  Need to remind everyone: ginger is warm, friends who are often swollen and painful in the gums, mouth ulcers, constipation and other symptoms of “fire” symptoms, should not take too much ginger; jujube ginger soup is sugar-fractionated, diabetes patients are also not recommended.

Winter indoor air pollution to prevent leukemia

Winter indoor air pollution to prevent leukemia

With the advent of winter, the doors and windows are mostly closed indoors instead of offices or homes. Over time, the indoor air will become dirty, which will easily bring diseases to the body.

  With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the relationship between environmental exposure and childhood leukemia has caused widespread concern.

Indoor air is one of the fastest and closest external environments that people come in contact with. About 70% of people?
90% of the time is spent indoors, and more than the exposure to indoor air pollution, especially children, the long-term indoor air quality is expected to become more and more important.

Leukemia accounts for the largest proportion of children’s tumors, with the highest mortality rate. Epidemiological studies of complications have shown that the incidence of leukemia is on the rise. Prevention and treatment of childhood leukemia are the focus and focus of leukemia research.

  The specific cause of childhood leukemia is now apparent.

Most are thought to be the result of a combination of factors (individual susceptibility and external environment).

Indoor air pollution may play a more important role in the development of childhood leukemia.

  1 Smoking control Smoking is a public health problem that needs to be solved urgently, and the harm caused by passive smoking is particularly serious.

A large number of studies have confirmed that smoking is the initial result of lung cancer. In addition to high blood pressure, it can cause many types of cancer.

According to the WHO report, there are 44 “definite carcinogens” in tobacco smoke.

Parental smoking increases the risk of developing leukemia by 50%, adversely affects the prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and shortens survival.

Maternal heavy smoking (≥10 sticks / day) can increase the risk of AML in children, with the highest hazard ratio reachable2.


  2 Benzene and other organic solvents Benzene is a slightly aromatic organic solvent that has a wide range of uses in industry.

The source of indoor benzene pollution is mainly volatile organic compounds released from air pollution into the interior and interior decoration materials.

Once the interior is renovated, they are always released into the indoor air from the decoration materials.

If the indoor population is over-exposed to typical polluted air, human health will be damaged to varying degrees.

Long-term exposure to low concentrations of benzene can lead to chronic benzene poisoning, aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and even leukemia.

  Studies on the relationship between occupational benzene exposure and adult leukemia have obtained positive evidence. Workers exposed to benzene concentrations of 67 mg / m3 per year are 20 times more likely to develop AML than the general population. Benzene workers have a higher incidence of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)To other people.

There is still research on the relationship between adolescent and child leukemia and direct benzene exposure, but the increasing benzene concentration in indoor air may be one of the causes of childhood leukemia.

Studies by British scholars have found that children living within 100 meters of major traffic lanes or gas stations have higher concentrations of benzene and other hydrocarbons than children in other places, and the risk of leukemia in children is slightly higher than in other areas. AML, ALLCLL is significantly related to the number of cars owned by households, and benzene exposure in gasoline may be the reason.

Childhood leukemia is related to factories near the house, which are two major industrial atmospheric emissions-oil volatiles and smoke from boilers or internal combustion engines that increase their risk.

In some places with severe air pollution, there are many children with leukemia.

  The survey found that 90% of families with children with leukemia had been renovated within 6 months to 1 year, and most of them had used luxury stone and stylish decoration materials.

If mothers are exposed to solvents, paints, substitutes, and cosmetic agents before and during pregnancy, father’s exposure to cosmetic agents before marriage increases the risk of children developing ALL and has a time-effect relationship.

Children’s frequent exposure (more than 4 times / month) to organic solvents will increase the risk of all diseases, and found that the mother lived in a painted room one year before the child’s birth, and the child’s risk of ALL after birth was also increased, so children with ALLThe increased risk is associated with certain indoor activities and paint exposure in children’s homes after birth.

  3 Household chemicals Household chemicals refer to chemical products used in the daily and residential environment of the home.

Household chemicals are widely used, penetrating into people’s clothing, food, housing, and travel, and covering all aspects of life. Therefore, household chemical reagents have scattered uses, large demand, and a wide range of coverage (including multiple ages)Paragraph) and long exposure time.

Various household chemicals can enter the human body through different ways and cause harm to health due to their different purposes, methods and scopes.

Children’s exposure to household chemicals varies greatly depending on the region and the home environment in which pesticides and hair dyes are closely related to childhood leukemia.

  Multiple studies have shown that pesticides are linked to leukemia.

Occupational or home exposure to pesticides is highly correlated with leukemia, especially childhood AML.

Children whose fathers have a history of exposure have increased susceptibility, and children are more at risk of direct exposure to pesticides than adults.

The more types of pesticides used in the home, the higher the frequency and the likelihood of suffering from ALL.

In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

Talking person: A Hua, male, 41 years old, brand manager Recorder: Our reporter Zhan Jinli A Hua looks like a Confucian business man, with a pair of glasses on the dark black shelf, warm and smart, talkCome and go.

He said that several young people once gave up high salaries and came to his company, preferring to pay only a few hundred yuan a month, following him to learn how to sell and do business.

  But now, this good man has encountered difficulties.

  He was madly in love with a girl, for her, divorced, offended friends, lost business, and almost sacrificed everything but found that she not only has a boyfriend, but also lives a very dangerous life.

Although he knew that the boy was her final destination, he still felt that he had a responsibility to put her on a normal life track.

But she didn’t take his advice and threats seriously, and she did everything she could.

Angrily, he stopped the boy’s phone and told him all the truth . The year of unbelievable encounters charming charm. In October 2003, I invited customers to dinner in a hotel and met Zhu Bi, the hotel’s lobby manager again.

  Zhu Bi is 25 years old, she is very beautiful, and very charming, and men will be uneasy when they see it.

She has been a lady of wine push, which hotel can’t sell wine. As soon as she goes, the sales of wine will rise sharply.

  A week later, Zhu Bi called me and said that she had been too tired in recent years and thought of my company doing things.

I run a company in a joint venture with a friend, and the business is doing well.

I promised at one go that she would be placed in the company as a promotion director with a monthly salary of 1500 yuan.

After two or three days, we will be all right, and rent a house to live together one month later.

Strictly speaking, it was she who seduced me, but I did not intend to live in temptation.

  Ah Hua paused and interjected: “I’m sorry to explain that at the time, I was not yet divorced.

“My wife is an attending physician with a very old-fashioned personality, and I’m alive and lively, and our relationship has not been very harmonious.

We have been separated for three or four years, and only because my mother is a very traditional person, we have not been divorced.

  Soon after getting along, Zhu Bi tried everything to drain my money.

In order to satisfy her selfish desires, I, a person who has always talked about morality, started to do things that I am sorry for my friends.

I used my power to misappropriate the company’s money.

  Among the company’s partners, a woman has been with me for more than 20 years and has a very good opinion of me.

She advised me not to deal with Zhu Bi, saying that this girl is too powerful, and only recognizes money, it will break me down.

Not only did I not listen to her, I turned my face with her.

  None of my friends like Zhu Bi.

As a person, she didn’t give face to anyone who started her temper.

Sometimes when friends meet, she doesn’t agree with each other. She throws a glass in front of my friend and throws a glass.

Gradually, my friends were alienated from me.

Everyone said that if I broke up with her, they would take turns to invite me to dinner.

  There are two salesmen in the company who like Zhu Bi and scramble to pursue her, and the company has a very bad influence.

The company persuaded me to get rid of her. I didn’t agree and stalemate with the company.

Later, at the end of the year, she underwent surgery and did not go to work.

I took great care of Zhu Bi.

  After cohabitation, I found that her heterosexual friends were extraordinary, and she often called him in the middle of the night, and she lied to others and sang outside or drank tea.

Just when she was a little sick, she was playing dark outside.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then I thought she was too wild, and wanted to grind her, so I hit her.

But she still ran outside.

I often suffer from insomnia because I often wait for her.

  There is no impenetrable wall in the world. Later, my wife and I knew about Zhu Bi and she divorced me decisively.She also has a boyfriend.

  Before the Spring Festival, Zhu Bi suddenly told me that one of her relatives was arrested by the Public Security Bureau and asked me to find a way to get him out.

I ran around and managed to get through the joints, but I had to pay 2,000 yuan to let them go.

Who knew that her relatives had been dragging her back to take out the money, but the deadline had passed, and the court sentenced him to four months.

She thundered at me and scolded my friend for not helping.

  I wonder why she is so enthusiastic about it, because she has always been indifferent to others.

She usually doesn’t let me look at her cell phone. One day while she was taking a bath, I secretly took out her cell phone, pulled out the phone of her relative’s house, and dialed it.

I asked, “Who is Zhu Bi from you?”

The other responded, “It’s my daughter-in-law, and my son went to jail.”

“I only knew she had a boyfriend.

  She coaxed me and said she had no feelings for her boyfriend, and only talked to him because her family was poor and she had no other better choice.

  During the Spring Festival, she returned to her hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In order to let her go back beautifully, I transferred the salesperson’s money to her.

After sending her away, I only had tens of yuan left and I ate the arowana at home for a week.

My daughter saw that I had no money, and secretly gave me my New Year’s money.

  Before leaving, Zhu Bixian I cried a while and revealed her true thoughts.

At first, she just wanted to play with me, but who would later fall in love with me.

She said that her favorite person was me, followed by her boyfriend. If she left me, she would feel that life was not tasteful.

But she is very contradictory, because she and her boyfriend have been talking for 4 years, and all their relatives and friends know their affairs. If you break with him, not only will you offend relatives, but her mother will also be sad.

And I’m married, and I have a daughter, and she certainly won’t accept me at home.

She said, “I will marry my boyfriend and be my lover for a lifetime.

“After the New Year, I came forward to work and brought her back to the company to work.

Then I started embezzling public funds to satisfy her.

Later, the partner kindly and politely asked me to separate the business from the private affairs, and I quit the company.

  I had a difficult time.

She always follows me, preferring to borrow money for porridge and stay with me.

Since her boyfriend came out, she has begun to run between me and him. I don’t want to do this, I broke up, and every time she cried very sad, asking me to be responsible for her.

  I knew very well that she would not live with me unless I had 500,000 yuan.

At the same time, I knew very well that if I really had 500,000 yuan, I would not choose her.

I said to her, “You marry your boyfriend and live well.

But there is a condition, if you fool around again, I will tell you your boyfriend.

“Her boyfriend is a more honest person and loves her very much, so she followed him, and I was more at ease.

  During that time, she went to bed in the morning and went online in the afternoon. After having dinner together, I sent her back to her own rental house.

She’s very sophisticated, and her boyfriend talked to her for a few years and didn’t know where she lived.

She kept it from me, but later she moved, and I found out where she lived.

She did this because she didn’t want anyone to interfere with her freedom.

I talked with my boyfriend for 4 years not to get married because she didn’t think she had enough fun.

  Did I really ruin her happiness? Later she went to work and started to yell. She often didn’t answer the phone at night. Later, she simply shut down.

I know her very well, and as soon as she contacts the society, she will have problems.

I wanted to control her through her boyfriend, so as soon as I found out she was wrong, I called their home phone and didn’t speak after connecting.Her boyfriend may be something that happened to her, and looked for her right away.

She scolded me as mean and said I wanted her.

  One night, I called to greet her and told her to be a good person, who knew she was upset and quarreled with me.

I felt uncomfortable and called her boyfriend’s family and said, “Your daughter-in-law lied to my money.

“The next day, she called for three men to negotiate with me, and one of them was called her mistress.

She said she was willing to continue to associate with me. She could be my lover for a lifetime, but she was not allowed to interfere with her freedom.

We didn’t talk about the results that day. When she left, she was going to sing with them. I threatened her: “If you dare to go, I will pierce your lies to your boyfriend.

“But she followed the three men.

  I didn’t give up, and ran to the door of her rental house to wait for her.

At two in the morning, she came back with them. Maybe she saw me and turned and ran away with them again.

I wandered on the street until dawn, and did not wait for her to return.

Angry and suspected that the jaw muscles held my heart, and I finally called her boyfriend’s house.

  Through my personality, I know that he has always doubted her, only to suffer from the failure to catch her.

In order to convince him that I was telling the truth, I told him many details I knew.

I said, “If you really love her, let her move to your house and quickly marry her, control her, and treat her kindly.

“When he heard that she was going out with her three sisters-in-law, he said negatively:” It must not be her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law would never take her to sing. ”

“I didn’t expect this phone call to be uproar.

Her boyfriend broke up with her the next day.

She called and said she would go to court to sue me for libel, and said that I would retaliate against her and ruin her life.

  Our personality is constantly interrupted by Ahua’s ringtone.

He said: “It’s Zhu Bi.

She was close to hysterics and said that if I waited, she would find someone to chop me.

“I comforted that maybe it was just a moment of anger, and he shook his head and said,” I know her temper, very impulsive and shy.

She will do it.

“I’m ashamed. At 40, I’ve done this kind of emotional dizziness.

Calling her boyfriend must be a bit boring, but I really care about her and want to be responsible for her and make her better.

  He asked me in confusion: “You say, should I do this?

(Character in the text is a pseudonym) Reporter’s notes do not interfere with the lives of others in the name of love. The story of Ah Hua makes me cry and laugh.

I believe his motives are good, and according to what he said, Zhu Bi’s life is indeed very problematic.

However, she is an adult and has the freedom to choose her own lifestyle.

He can care for her and help her, but he has no right to interfere with her life, even through the name of love, let alone the love between him and Zhu Bi is deformed.

  What’s more, his approach directly caused her to break up with her boyfriend. From the effect point of view, he is indeed difficult to get rid of the suspect who cannot be destroyed.

I hope he can reconcile with her in a proper way so that she won’t cause unimaginable things under impulse. If so, he might really ruin her life.

  What I want to say to Zhu Bi is, treat life well, treat others well, and stop playing life.

This is what A Hua wants to tell her.

25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day

25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day


Exercise for 5 minutes after getting up to recharge your body and double your calories.

Many people mistakenly believe that the morning exercise must climb up at five o’clock and run for several kilometers, which is actually small and unrealistic.

You only need to spend 5 minutes doing push-ups and jumping exercises to increase your heart rate and achieve the desired effect; or punch 100 times in the mirror and feel the process of energy accumulation.


hzh{display:none;}  2.If you develop a habit of drinking water, you will feel debilitated from time to time.

Get up early in the morning to drink a glass of water, do some internal cleansing, and add some “grease” to your internal organs. Drink at least one liter of water a day, but it’s not good.


Pay attention to breakfast. Some studies in the United States have found that people who do not eat breakfast have a high height-to-weight ratio (BMI), which means that they are overweight, and they also like to sleepy and sluggish.
The most nutritious and healthy Western breakfast is: two slices of whole wheat bread.

A piece of smoked salmon and a tomato.

Whole wheat bread is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Tomato’s lycopene is good for bone growth and health, and it is good for the prevention of prostate disease. Salmon’s rich omega-3 fatty acids and protein are more beneficial to the body.


At 10 o’clock, there is no longer a good breakfast. At 10:30 in the morning, the glycogen stored the day before is almost gone.

If you want to remain charged for the rest of the day, you must add extra meals.

A piece of chocolate, or an energy bar.

A few biscuits, in addition to supplementing energy, can also effectively prevent overeating at lunch.


After drinking coffee in the afternoon for lunch, the body’s sleep factors (a molecule that can trigger sleep) gradually increase, and it is the easiest time to get sleepy. At this time, drinking a small cup of coffee works best.

Of course drinking tea is fine, as you like!

Don’t forget not to drink coffee for 4 hours before going to bed, lest you be too excited to fall asleep.


More talk and more comfort can also regulate weakness.

A study in the Netherlands shows that you are introverted at work.

Shy people are more likely to feel tired, while extroverts are more energetic. This is because people who talk to others are good at finding fun and worrying about themselves.

When stress and unlucky things are spoken out, you will not feel tired and boring. On the contrary, you like to be quiet.


People who don’t like to socialize lack such a channel to relieve stress. For a long time, they must feel overwhelmed.


Sitting and sitting poorly, walking, kicking, tugging, shrugging your belly, these are usually signs that your energy is drained.

Sitting in the office is July hours. If you can’t maintain the correct posture, you will feel more tired.

Regardless of whether you are standing or sitting, you should properly abdomen and waist, relax your shoulders, and have a slightly slender neck.


Zhang Chi encountered a difficult problem in his work and couldn’t solve it for a while. It was better to take a break, such as pouring a cup of tea, changing his brain, and then doing it.

When you are too tired to breathe, take a deep breath (count 3 times), and then exhale (count 6 times); or go through sports magazines, browse entertainment gossip online, find someone to chat with, maybe inspirationCame inadvertently.


Get up and answer the phone, stand and call and take the opportunity to stretch and stretch your bones, while breathing deeply, so that the cardiovascular blood flows into the brain.
This simple change keeps you paired up for hours.

Singing while bathing Singing loudly in the shower promotes the body’s release of endorphins, thereby creating a feeling of joy and happiness and reducing stress.

When you are in a bad mood, you have to sing it. As for whether it sounds good or not, you do n’t have to tune it. You care about it!


Make optimistic friends optimistic.

Enthusiastic friends or colleagues are loved, and their positive emotions can always infect people around them.

Always associate with bright and talented people, but also with those who are passionate and motivated; and be pessimistic.

People who like disappointment stay together for 30 minutes, and your energy will be replaced indirectly12.

Big things become small and you can’t eat fat!

Don’t always think about finishing a big project all at once, and then you will get tired down.

May wish to disassemble the large project into several small projects, do the same, and take a break from time to time, so that not only maintain physical strength, but also improve work efficiency, and finally continue to speed up the work progress.


Do you notice that men with a “back-score” type often suffer from special treatments next to the exercise. In this case, the strong abutment makes your work easier than others and does not feel too tired.

The most effective way to exercise the tip is to use a paddler. Pay attention to the correct posture; lay the feet flat, align slightly, and the sculls stop just on the ramp.


Meditate in the morning with sleepy eyes and loose eyes. Let’s not get up quickly, sit comfortably in bed, straighten your back, close your eyes, quickly exhale and inhale with your nose, and your mouth slightly closed.

(This skull exercise is exactly like pulling a bellows, quickly and mechanically) 15.

Exercise every day, no matter how busy you are, stick to exercise, or run or step or swim.

If you are too confident in your physical strength, thinking that youth is the capital, it will not fall down so easily, someone may rush to you.


A nap of about 20
minutes and about 20 minutes is the most ideal, it is actually no different from an hour of nap.

An hour is a bit long for most people, sleeping too heavily and may not sleep well at night.


Iron supplementation If your body’s iron storage is too low, the body cannot make hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood, and people will easily feel tired.

The best way to supplement iron is through diet and food therapy: iron-rich and fever-prone animals with liver.

Kidney; followed by lean meat.




Shrimp and beans.

  18 years old

Eat more fiber foods while driving. Men rarely eat snacks. You can put peanuts and raisins in the car. These things contain a lot of potassium. Your body needs potassium to convert sugar in the blood into energy. Nuts are also good, it replaces carbonic acid.Magnesium, lack of magnesium carbonate causes the body to produce a large amount of lactic acid, and lactic acid easily makes people feel tired.


Aromatherapy put some spices at home, especially rosemary.

Peppermint and ginger can refresh the brain, enhance memory, and treat headaches and migraines.

Watch more comedies and laugh, ten years less.

Laughing exercises your facial muscles and changes your facial circulation to increase your concentration.

A study recently released by British scientists shows that although happiness does not retain youth as the saying goes, those who maintain a happy mood every day are indeed healthier and suffer from cardiovascular disease.
Risk of Diabetes Plasma.

  twenty one

The refreshing effect of going to bed 1 hour earlier and sleeping for 60 minutes is equivalent to drinking two cups of coffee.

This means you go to bed an hour early every day, instead of trying to sleep late on the weekend.

Otherwise, the circadian clock will be disturbed and always feel dizzy.

  twenty two

Playing games with the sun University of Massachusetts research shows that anger and hostility are more intense in winter and less in summer.
Sun exposure increases the content of serotonin in the brain, improves mood, and recharges the body.

Don’t prejudice all business trips or travel opportunities where you can bask in the sun.

  twenty three.

Alcohol control makes you sleepy, but drinking before going to bed will affect your sleep due to excitement. Although your eyes are closed, your eyes keep turning.

You have to keep in mind that you don’t drink two hours before bedtime, and you can only drink a maximum of one or two glasses for dinner.

  twenty four

Adjusting the fitness time A study found that those fitness people go to work after work, feel sour, and go home to take a bath and sleep well. It ‘s not unusual that they get up after getting up. Scholars at the University of Chicago believe that exercise at night can increaseThe level of XXXXX, which is essential for energy metabolism.

  25 years old

Sleeping on the sofa If you quarrel with your lover and you have to sleep on the sofa, you don’t need to feel guilty or anything.

Did you know that occasionally sleeping on the sofa is wonderful for treating insomnia!

Many people say that insomnia is related to their own bedroom. A survey in the United States found that 72% of men slept well on the sofa, and only 27% said they could sleep next to their wife or girlfriend.

The more you wash your hair, the more oily you might try.

The more you wash your hair, the more oily you might try.

Greasy hair affects the image, so many MMs have to wash it every day, but the more they wash, the more oily. What should I do?

Why not try rice water?

  Wash my hair every day, my hair is still greasy?

For girls who love beauty, how can this be tolerated?

However, changing the shampoo is useless. It has been washed every day. How can it be cleaner?

  In fact, the reason why your hair loves oil may be precisely because you wash your hair every day.

If you wash your hair too much, it will cause hair damage. The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is completely washed away, and the hair and scalp lose their natural protective film.

Experts recommend washing your hair 3-4 times a week, some people can even reduce it to 2 times, and using less shampoo can also help your hair be healthier.

  Why wash my hair every day or still love oil?

  Some MMs think that because they are oily hair, they love oil, and often clean. Using shampoos for oily hair is the right way to improve hair oil.

In fact, if you do not wash your hair for a long time, it will lead to oil production. The same is true if you wash too much. The oil on the scalp is completely taken away, and the sebaceous glands will receive a signal of “oil shortage” and then secrete oil again, soThe more you wash, the more oil there is.

  Hair oil is also related to women’s lifestyle. For example, if you like spicy and greasy food, stay up late, face the computer continuously, and work under pressure, it may affect human body secretion, stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, and exacerbate scalp oil.

There are also hair styling products such as hair gels and waxes, which can also make hair more oily.

  In addition, most of the shampoo contains silicone oil, which can make the hair smoother after washing, but the silicone oil can degrade the oil without decomposing the water, and it will be sticky when it is liquid. Silicone oil will not cause health damage.However, long-term use of the same product can easily lead to oil and hair loss.

  Taomi water shampoo removes dirt and still inhibits oil secretion and hair care. There are many folk recipes to try. For example, saponin is the most natural cleansing agent, and Shouwu and sesame can help hair.

In order to prevent hair from getting oily, rice water is really a good choice.

  Taomi water does not remove dirt, but also heats and cools blood, preventing excessive oil secretion.

Collect the rice water, ferment it for 2-3 days, and then use it to wash and wash the hair, so that the roots of the hair are fully exposed to the rice water, and then gently massage the hair so that the rice water can be fully nourished. Finally, useRinse with clean water.

  It should be noted that the temperature of the shampoo should not be too much, and the water temperature close to the body temperature is less irritating, can prevent the secretion of oil, and can also make the hair control the effect of oil.

Can newborns cut their nails?

Can newborns cut their nails?

Many parents love their newborn baby. When they see their little hands scratching purposelessly, they are worried that they will scratch their faces.

Some parents dare not recover nails for their newborns, so they put on a pair of gloves for their children.

Experts believe that wearing gloves may cause multiple injuries to newborns.

  Experts say that wearing gloves looks like it can protect the skin of newborn babies, but from the perspective of infant development, this directly restricts the child’s hands, restricts finger movements, and is not conducive to tactile development.

  Towel gloves or gloves made of other cotton wool, such as thread tips inside, can easily entangle children’s fingers and affect the local blood circulation of the fingers. If not found in time, it may cause neonatal finger necrosis and cause serious consequences.

  Tianjin Children’s Hospital often treats this type of child in neonatal surgery. Most babies are cut off by necrotic fingers because their parents find it too late, which causes lifelong pain for the child and the parent.

  Therefore, experts remind that from the perspective of finger development and safety of newborns, parents should not wear gloves to newborns.

To prevent newborns from scratching their faces, doctors recommend that if the newborn’s nails are long, parents can carefully correct them while he is asleep; be sure to hold the newborn’s small hand when cutting the nails to prevent the child from being shaken by fingersScissors hurt. Also, do not cut your nails too short to avoid damaging the nail bed.