What to do for men with kidney deficiency

What to do for men with kidney deficiency

Speaking of kidney deficiency, this involves a term in traditional Chinese medicine. The “kidney” in the concept of “kidney deficiency” referred to in traditional medicine refers to both the anatomical kidney and a wide range of physiological functions. It is related to human reproduction and growth.Digestion, endocrine metabolism and other important organs have a direct or indirect relationship.

“Kidney deficiency” is a broad concept. It includes diseases related to the urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine and metabolic system, neuropsychological system, and digestive, blood, and respiratory systems.

  People who are prone to kidney deficiency: 1. People who smoke and drink again; 2. People who have irregular lives and diets; 3. People who work and are nervous; 4. People who drink strong tea; 5. People who use computers for a long time; 6, patients in rehabilitation; 7, people who have been sedentary for a long time; 8, people who have changed their sexual life; 9, men who often take fast-acting aphrodisiacs; 10, the elderly.

  Two ancient diet tonic porridge, nourishing yin and kidney, and Shenxian porridge Fang Yuan: “Remnants of Dunhuang Historical Materials” Composition: 500 g of yam, Zhishi, 250 g of rice each, or 100 minced leek?
150 grams.

  Production: Steamed and peeled yam, steamed and peeled yam, mashed into mud, yam, and yam, cooked with porridge of rice, cooked into porridge, eat on an empty stomach.

Adding minced chives is more effective.

  Efficacy: Tonic labor, Zhuang Yuanyang, Yiqiqiang.

  Applicable symptoms: chronic illness, impotence due to exhaustion, nocturnal emission, body wasting, fatigue, weakness, etc.

  Fang Jie: Yam-like sweet, flat, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing spleen, lung and kidney; “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” said: “In the main injury, tonic deficiency.

Buzhong, Yiqi strength, long muscles, strong yin. ”

The Compendium of Materia Medica contains: “Yishenqi, strengthening the spleen and stomach”, which is really a good supplement.

Beneficial kidney solid essence, compatible with yam, there are nourishing and astringent, so that qi and yin are to be supplemented, and nocturnal emission is stopped.

This recipe is easy to eat and is commonly used.

  Leek porridge Fang Yuan: “Compendium of Materia Medica” composition: fresh leek 30?
60 grams or 5 leeks?
10 grams, previously 100 grams of rice, a small amount of refined salt.

  Production: Take fresh leek, wash and shred, or grind the leek and grind it into fines. First cook the previous rice as porridge. When the porridge is almost ready, add the leek or leek minced fines, refined salt, and cook the porridge.

  Efficacy: kidney and aphrodisiac, Gujing Zhiyao, spleen and stomach.

  Applicable symptoms: impotence caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney, premature ejaculation, frequent urination, soreness in waist and knees, cold pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, etc.

  Fang Jie: Leeks are also known as Yang Cao and Aphrodisiac.

It is a food that warms the kidney and yang.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud: “Leek porridge, warm and warm.”

Can nourish liver and kidney, impotence and solid essence.

It should be used with the previous rice phase, which can nourish liver and kidney, warm the spleen.

“Diet Therapy Guide” records that “the leek porridge is warm and moderate, and the waist and knees are cold.

“If you have the above symptoms, take it for a long time to get better results.

This way, the skin will become more and more oily!


This way, the skin will become more and more oily!

There are many reasons for oily skin. It may be due to the use of skin care products that are too oily, it may be oily skin itself, or it may be caused by washing the face too alternately . but no matter what the reason, you should use the correct method for oil controlOtherwise, the skin becomes more controlled!

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 1: Oil control does not rehydrate Many people with oily skin are afraid of stickiness, so they often do not apply lotion after cleaning.

This is a very wrong method. If you don’t use toners and lotions, the skin will lose moisture.

Therefore, follow-up maintenance must be performed after cleaning. It is recommended to choose refreshing skin care products.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 2: The state of the skin is most sensitive to abnormal living habits. When the stress is too high, the body is tired, and the quality of life is deteriorated, the hormone secretion in the body will show a temporary imbalance, and the skin will appear imbalanced. For the T-shaped part,The phenomenon of oil out becomes more obvious.

And those spicy, fried foods, although delicious, can easily dry the skin, so it is better to eat less.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 3: Excessive Washing of Your Face

That’s wrong. Our skin itself has the function of grasping the “water-oil balance”. Repeated face washing will only make it easier for the skin surface to penetrate water.

In fact, it is enough to wash your face twice a day in the morning and evening. Do enough cleansing every time. Don’t touch your face all the time, the side will not be too oily.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 4: If oily makeup is only used to enhance oil control on basic maintenance, but some greasy makeup products are used for makeup, the skin will still be shiny.

Therefore, you must store those creamy, creamy, oily makeup products first, and add some refreshing products to yourself.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 5: Excessive Sebum Removal Even if you have excess sebum, you cannot remove the sebum rashly.

The correct method should be to suppress the excess and lock the moisturization inside the skin while protecting the refreshing feel of the skin surface.

Therefore, do not use too many oil control products.

Eating different foods can prevent different diseases

Eating different foods can prevent different diseases

Specific foods have a good therapeutic effect on specific diseases, which is the basis of our diet.

Let’s take a look at some foods that are most relevant to us.

  1. Milk: suffering from bronchitis. Recently, a statistical data from American scientists showed that 31 of the patients with chronic bronchitis who smoke.

7% never drink milk, while smokers who drink milk daily have less than 20% of people with bronchitis.

Why is this?

Scientists believe that milk contains a large amount of vitamin A, which can protect the trachea and bronchial walls and reduce their chance of inflammation.

  2. Pumpkin seeds: Prostatic hypertrophy is a major problem for men over 50 years of age.

Recently, American researchers have proposed a new method for recruiting enlarged prostates, which is to eat 50 grams of pumpkin seeds every day.

Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can restore the second stage symptoms of prostate hypertrophy to the initial stage, and significantly improve the third stage disease.

Because the active ingredients in pumpkin seeds can eliminate swelling in the early stage of the prostate, and also prevent prostate cancer.

  3. Spinach: Preventing Retinal Degeneration The latest research from Harvard University in the United States shows that eating 2?
Spinach 4 times can significantly reduce the risk of degradation.

The key factor that protects eyesight from spinach is that it is rich in carotenoids. This compound is found in green leafy vegetables and prevents sunlight from damaging the retina.

Retinal degeneration is just the initial loss of vision in the elderly over 65 years old. Therefore, eating more spinach is likely to improve the vision of the elderly.

  4. Fish: Preventing diabetes Experts at the Dutch National Institutes of Public Health have found that fish contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can enhance the body’s ability to break down sugars and utilize them to maintain normal glucose metabolism.

Pointing fish, eel, halibut, cuttlefish, tuna, red thistle, etc. are all great products for preventing diabetes.

  5, Tartary buckwheat: Hypertensive, high blood pressure, Sichuan’s specialty tartary buckwheat, known for its bitter taste and rich nutrition.

According to analysis, the food contains many trace elements necessary for human body, and the content of magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and other elements is particularly rich.

These elements are closely related to the function of the heart and brain blood vessels of the human body. Therefore, those who eat bitter buckwheat often have normal lipids and plasma in their blood.

  6. Chinese Cabbage: Eat anti-breast cancer scientists every day after comparing three meals recipes in various countries in the world. It is cited that the incidence of cancer in Chinese and Japanese women is lower than that in Western women because they eat more Chinese cabbage.
Chinese cabbage contains a compound, indole-3-methanol, which helps break down the estrogen related to titanium sulfide.

According to estimates, eating Chinese cabbage every day can make the body absorb this compound, which can achieve the purpose of preventing diabetes.

  7. Garlic: One and a half days to prevent bowel cancer. New Zealand scientists used experimental mice to study the anti-cancer mechanism and dosage of garlic. It was confirmed that the anti-cancer effect of garlic comes from the substitution of disulfide diene.It removes carcinogens and protects the body, making people suffer from cancer.

The diallyl disulfide contained in half a clove of garlic is sufficient to prevent cancer. Therefore, just sticking to eat half a clove of garlic every day can effectively prevent bowel cancer.

  8. Black tea: The “killer” of the flu. The flu involves a wide range of people and is harmful to the human body. It cannot be ignored.

Japanese scientists have discovered that the flu virus loses contagion as soon as it comes in contact with black tea.

Experts suggest that in the high season of flu, drinking black tea or sticking to mouthwash with black tea water may be an alternative and effective preventive measure.

  9, strawberries: the best fruit for insomnia Turkish medical experts believe that it is best to use natural things to treat insomnia, rather than rely on drugs.

Strawberry has the magical effect of healing insomnia. This effect is mainly due to its rich potassium and magnesium, potassium has a sedative function, magnesium can soothe the body, and the combination of the two can achieve the effect of sleep.

Woman’s navel is the sexiest to look healthy from the shape of the navel

Woman’s navel is the sexiest to look healthy from the shape of the navel

Core tip: The abdomen is one of the sexiest positions for women.

The ladies can’t wait to put on the umbilical dress, trying to use the sexiest part of the woman as a weapon to conquer the man.

As everyone knows, the navel dress is not casual.

  Looking at the health status from the shape of the navel, the navel, also known as the navel eye, is called “sacred shrine” in Chinese medicine.

Foreign doctors clinically found that the shape of the navel eye can grind the body health or not, replaced as follows.

  Upward shape: The navel eye extends upwards, almost becoming a triangle with the top upwards.

People with this kind of navel should pay more attention to the health of the stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas.

  Downward shape: Attention should be paid to prevent suffering from gastric sagging, constipation, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and gynecological diseases.

  Round: If the navel is perfectly round, women indicate good health and good ovarian function; men indicate high blood pressure, normal blood pressure, and all internal organs are healthy.

  Sea snake shape: It is a sign of liver diseases such as cirrhosis, so pay attention.

  Full Moon: It looks strong and plump, with a flexible lower abdomen, which is a good indicator of ovarian function for women.

  Left belly button: Should prevent poor gastrointestinal function, constipation or large intestinal mucosal lesions.

  Right belly button: Hepatitis, duodenal ulcer and other diseases should be paid attention to.

  Navel bulge: When there is a lot of hydrops or ovarian cysts in the abdomen, the navel will enlarge and protrude.

  Navel depression: In the case of obesity or abdominal inflammation, if you have adhesive tuberculous peritonitis, the navel will sink inward.

  Navel is often at the expense of health. The navel is the weakest part of the human body’s resistance to the outside. The cold is not dispersed. Sometimes women are sick because of wearing a navel.

In addition, in the spring, the bacterial reproduction ability is strong, and the person’s resistance is weakened. When the exposed umbilical cord is worn, the waist and abdomen are exposed, which may easily cause the disturbance of internal functions and lead to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

Test: How strong are your sexual needs?

Test: How strong are your sexual needs?

“Sex” is the desire of people. Although everyone’s needs are different, whether it is too much or not, it is not a good thing. Do the following tests to understand your demand for sex.

  Question: If you can only drink one beverage, coffee, juice, tea, water in your life, you will choose which one you think will always be the recipient?

A, coffee B, juice C, tea D, water resolution: choose A, coffee sexual demand 99% “coffee” is an addictive beverage, your sexual needs are like the physiological needs of drinking coffee every day, almostEvery day; when it ‘s serious, it will be broadcast 24 hours a day like a news program, and it is heavy and heavy.

If you choose B, you will need 70% of your juice demand. Your sexual needs are like a series of eight o’clock stalls. At a fixed time, you will perform similar plots in the same mode.

Choose C. Tea with a scent of fragrant tea at 20% of the tea demand is always put on the role of degreasing and greasy after meals; it is just the finishing touch to your sexual needs, as well as the special program.

Choose D. Water with 50% colorless and odorless water is like your bland sex life. You can’t feel its existence, but it is an indispensable physiological need.

How to deal with the residue of Chinese medicine soup-

How to deal with the residue of traditional Chinese medicine soup?

Should the Chinese medicine soup sediment be thrown?

Most people who have ever fried a medicine have such a doubt, it depends on the medicine.

The cooked Chinese medicine decoction is served warm, and the bottom of the bowl often has a mud-like precipitate.

Whether this mud-like precipitate is mixed with a little water, or simply discarded is a practical problem. Don’t underestimate it, it is directly related to the efficacy.

  Professor Liu Zhanwen of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that whether the sediment of Chinese medicine decoction is drunk or thrown depends on the medicine.

Professor Liu gave a general introduction to the situation that Coptis chinensis and licorice can be co-fried. The main active ingredients of Coptis chinensis are alkaloids such as berberine, and the main active ingredients of licorice are acidic components such as glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetic acid.

The two types of solubility in water are dissolved, so they can be dissolved from the Chinese herbal medicine pieces when they are cooked with water. When the two kinds of drugs are co-fried, the berberine and glycyrrhizic acid that enter the water each may meet and form a salt or a salt with less solubility in water.The compound is suspended in the frying liquid as a fine granular solid to make the frying liquid turbid. If the frying liquid is placed in the frying liquid, it may settle to the bottom of the bowl and form mud particles.

Coptis chinensis and licorice are jointly cooked with water. If the amount of licorice is prolonged, and the resulting soup solution is repeatedly placed, the supernatant can achieve no bitterness, but the antibacterial effect is greatly reduced.

This shows that the berberine, which has antibacterial effect and is extremely bitter, is precipitated to the bottom of the bowl, that is, in the mud-like sample.

It can be seen that if the prescription containing Coptis chinensis and licorice is co-fried, after the obtained soup solution is placed in a bowl, the slime obtained at the bottom of the bowl will be affected if it is discarded.

  The correct way is to add a little water to the mud-like precipitate, stir it, put it in the turbid solution and finish it. It is suitable.

According to Professor Liu, until the end, it still cannot completely replace any hard-to-decompose water substance formed between the drugs, whether it is effective or ineffective, but for the sake of insurance, that is, to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, do not discard the mud.It is advisable to take it off.

  Regarding the decoction of Chinese medicine, although ancient doctors did not know that the compound might produce difficult-to-dissolve substances in water, or that the reason for the precipitation in co-decoction was unknown, but in clinical practice, it has been noticed thatThe resulting precipitate cannot be easily removed. Among the methods adopted is filtration of the medicinal solution.

The purpose is to allow the sediment to enter the medicinal solution for use.

Even today, this method is still used, that is, filtering with only a layer of roving cloth or mesh cloth.

In short, although the traditional Chinese medicine decoction is turbid, it makes sense to mix it. Don’t try to look good. Take the traditional Chinese medicine decoction easily and make it into a clear solution. Drink the whole decoction.

When you graduate, do n’t let the three major emotions end

When you graduate, do n’t let the three major emotions end

A survey conducted by the China Youth University for Political Sciences on the psychological status of university graduates shows that there are 40.

6% of graduates faced “feeling bad” and “irritable, nervous, sad, and pessimistic” when they graduated, becoming their main words to express their graduation mood.

How to manage, debug the psychology before graduation, and take every next step well?

Peking University recently invited relevant psychologists to participate in a lecture on graduate emotional management on this topic.

  In the four years of college, there are many wonderful people and things worth remembering, and the sorrow when graduating and parting is gradually.

Moderate expression of grief can help graduates deal with separation and can also make them more emotionally connected to those around them.

  Farewell: The purpose was to slap Gu Naxin’s “snap”, a kettle was thrown out of the dormitory window of a Beijing university and shattered.

The harsh voice scared freshman Cao Yan.

After inquiring, she learned that this was the teacher who was leaving school in a few days and was venting her feelings of departure.

  However, from the perspective of graduate Tao Li, throwing a kettle was far from venting his sadness at parting.

He and the three brothers in the same bedroom painted the openings of the dormitory with the words “graduated” and “get out of the way”. When they were done drawing, they drank drunk, and drunk, they hugged and cried.

Although he felt that this “fragile” was very shameless, he really did not know how to control his own sentimentality.

  Yang Mei, a professor of psychology at the Capital University of Economics and Business, said in his lecture that there is no good or bad emotion, but only timely and moderate problems.

After graduation, many students express their sad feelings of parting by throwing away unwanted things, graffiti, drinking, etc. It is indeed a way of venting.

But there should be a bottom line for venting, and that is not to be too capricious and indulgent.

  Wang Zhiyan, a psychological consultant at the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of Peking University, suggested that graduates “express grief appropriately.”

She said that the essence of separation is to say goodbye to what you have in the past, release your inner capacity, and accept more new experiences.

  Graduates have been studying in school for four years, and there are many wonderful people and things worth remembering. It is gradual to feel sorrow in the face of graduation at graduation.

But sadness is also a very destructive emotion.

Too intense grief exacerbates people to become very vulnerable, and expressing grief moderately can help graduates deal with separation, and at the same time can make themselves more emotionally connected with those around them.

She said that graduates attending the graduation ceremony, recording their feelings, finding important people to share, or crying alone alone are all good ways to express sadness.

  Wang Zhiyan said that although some graduates may meet and have the opportunity to return to the campus, in this current status, the opportunity to meet in such an environment will never be returned.

It is because of this that parting is so sad.

  ”Although you can’t move out of school, you can take away memories or clues about them.

“Finally, Wang Zhiyan suggested that the sad graduates collect some clues related to the past:” Record the places where I am nostalgic with photos, videos, and documents.

A few leaves, a few books, a classmate’s message, a magazine I have run, a hairpin, a backpack, etc. can all help graduates reduce their worries about leaving.

“University students are not mature enough. When they fall in love, they mainly consider whether their personalities are similar, but they do not consider too many realistic and objective factors such as family and work.

An objective and fair understanding of the reasons for a breakup can help those who have broken love reduce pain.

  Broken love: Give each other a better future. “After graduation, I saw that many people in love had to break up, and it was very painful.

“In the lecture, a graduate boy raised this question to Professor Yang Mei.

A survey conducted by the China Youth University for Political Sciences shows that more than 60% of the graduates in love have to suffer the pain of splitting up or temporarily separating. The division of love has become an important factor that brings great psychological pressure to the graduates.

  ”From acquaintance to love, there must be many good things happening in this process, and after graduation, you have to break up.

This is indeed an anxious and painful process.

Yang Mei suggested to look at this issue from multiple angles.

First of all, Yang Mei believes that an objective and fair understanding of the reasons for the breakup can help the brokenheartedness reduce the pain caused by guilt and self-blame.

Yang Mei analyzes that college students’ psychology is still immature, and most of them consider whether their personalities are similar when they fall in love, without giving too much consideration to family, work and other realistic and objective factors.

With the deepening of their contact with society, the things considered are becoming more and more realistic, and love is marginalized, so it is inevitable for many campus couples to break up.

  There is no doubt that Yang Mei inspired students to see graduation breakup from three good aspects: reorganization, love needs a new social test.If you don’t have the confidence to let the simple campus love experience this test, then breaking up in advance is to give each other more free development space and a better future. It may not be a good thing; it is not a painful emotional experience.

  Graduates can tell themselves “In this simple and beautiful love, I have learned a lot and gained a lot, which may be the most precious emotional experience and wealth in my life.

“Furthermore, the failure of love on campus does not mean the failure of a lifetime relationship. In the future, you may find more suitable relationships due to this love affair.

However, Yang Mei was not afraid that the broken lovers would over-press their pain. When necessary, they could talk to a friend, or find a place where no one was crying.

  Facing the new environment, everyone needs to spend time to adapt, but the length of time will be different for different people.

But it is this temptation process that cultivates people’s sense of trust and security in the environment, so as to survive and develop and develop their abilities.

  Work: It takes time to adapt to changes. “Teacher, I have to go to work as soon as I leave school. Suddenly I have to face a completely unfamiliar environment. There is no time for adjustment in the middle. I feel so scared and nervous.

“This kind of worry has appeared in one month of a graduate of Peking University. When he couldn’t bear it, he walked into the school’s mental health education and counseling center.

  ”For graduates who are about to enter a new environment, worry and anxiety are always there, it just takes time to adapt to changes in the environment.

Wang Zhiyan said that in the face of the new environment, everyone needs to spend time to adapt, but the length of time required by different people will be different.

But it is this temptation process that cultivates people’s trust and sense of security in the environment and enables us to find our own unique way to survive in the new environment and continue to develop and develop our abilities.

Wang Zhiyan suggested that graduates can try the following four methods to relax themselves: First, learn about the new environment in advance through various channels.

Graduates who are about to move to a job position can give themselves an overkill if they can start spending some time internships in new units early.

No longer, graduates can talk to relevant people or go online to collect relevant information.

In short, we must be able to find some ways to approach the new environment that we are about to enter under limited conditions.

  ”You can also bring your familiar threads to the new environment.

“Wang Zhiyan believes that this is a simple, convenient and practical method.” Bring your favorite music, your computer or tea cup, these things will evoke the feeling of safety and beauty you have had in the past and help you overcome the new environmentThe worries that give you the power to deal with conflicts and challenges.

Why does the old man like to think of the time?

Why does the old man like to “think of the time”?

“Little grandson, grandpa was so prestigious that no one in the village was not afraid of me.
Because I have great strength!
“Grandpa, you’ve said it dozens of times, and I can remember it!”
“Little grandson covered his ears and strongly” protested. ”
  Some elderly people like to talk about their youth when they are young. They often describe their successful experiences and painful experiences in the form of “elders” in order to educate future generations.
They also like to “rely on the old and sell the old” in front of others, show off their past glorious experiences and deeds, and seek a kind of psychological satisfaction.
Even among their peers, they like to remember the past, and in similar experiences, everyone will resonate with each other.
This phenomenon of overremembering the past, pulling the individual’s spiritual life from reality back to the past, is a kind of psychological “rumination”, which is called “returning psychology” in psychology.
  Return psychology is a kind of bad psychology, which often makes the elderly fall into a negative state of mind.
Elderly people often compare what is going on now with what happened in the past, and feel lonely.
The “old yellow calendar” is also commonly used to educate children and cannot convince them.
They always feel like the years are flowing and the past is flowing.
  Returning to the mind is a kind of negative psychology. If the old man lives in nostalgia for the past, and even sighs sadness, it will inevitably increase the sense of loneliness and loneliness of the old man, and then produce depression.
This negative mental state will increase the burden on the brain and easily cause mental fatigue. It may also cause brain function or nervous system disorders, anxiety, depression, and inferiority emotions, which will cause people to lose confidence and courage in later life.
This state of mind and body is very susceptible to various diseases.
  Elderly people should remember the past in a positive way, and at the same time cherish the precious time of old age, engage in useful activities and appropriate family or social labor, exercise, cultivate sentiment, and live a happy old age.

How to ask leucorrhea during gynecological consultation

How to ask leucorrhea during gynecological consultation

Ask the healthy women to have a small amount of colorless, sticky, odorless mucus in the vagina. It is used to moisturize the vagina. It belongs to the normal band and is a normal physiological feature of women.

  If the amount of the band is increased, and accompanied by color, amplitude, odor abnormalities, and systemic or local symptoms, it is called the band disease.

However, between the two menstrual periods (that is, the ovulation period), the premenstrual period and the gestational period increased slightly. This is a physiological phenomenon under the condition of Yin fluid, which is normal.

  Under normal circumstances, the color is deep, the thickness is thick, there is odor, and it is mostly hot; those who are thin or have a fishy odor are mostly cold.

If the band is continuous, the color is white or pale yellow, the weight is heavy, no odor, and the fatigue is weak, and the person who eats less will be spleen.

If there is a large amount, the color is yellow or accompanied by red white, a small amount of sticky, odor, and itching of the vagina, the patient’s tongue is yellow and greasy, it is hot and humid, and poisonous.

If there is a large amount, the drip is continuous, the color is white and cold, and a small amount is thin. The patient has both waist acid and cold in the abdomen, which is a kidney-yang deficiency.

If you take off the white, slightly sticky and odorless, accompanied by vaginal burning, the patient is distressed, belongs to kidney yin deficiency, due to insufficient kidney yin, the fire is relatively strong, and the belt is caused by solid loss.