Wait for the young man to walk in a door behind,Everyone can hear a little sound coming from inside,It seems that Xin Zhao and the others are not the first people to see the goods。

For walking.smuggled goods,Everyone is quite interested,Not bad quality,And the price is slightly cheaper,Good quality and cheap。Plus the old man Wang’s vision of picking goods,Is also appreciated by everyone。
From Yunnan to here,Mr. Wang has accumulated many old customers,Basically, we are doing regular customer business。Here with him,Often deliver good goods,That’s why everyone patronizes。
Populus looked around for a while,Know these jade,It’s actually just for the facade,Worthless。
Hua Zi touched a jade carving on the counter,Is a toad biting a coin,Three-legged toad,Three-legged toad。
In Taoism, the three-legged toad is called“toad“,Legend has it that it can spit money,It’s a prosperous thing。
rumor,Liu Haixiu Dao,Conquer Jin Chan to become immortal,Later, the Chinese folks spread“Liu Hai Plays Jin Chan,Fish for money“the legend of。
then,Now we have this kind of Feng Shui method。
The three-legged golden toad is made of copper,There are also jade carvings,Material can be unlimited,Anyway, how do you like it?。
in fact,Chinese people like homophony。
Toad homophony“Wrap around“,Connotation of family wealth、Home rich,Beasts, money and money、Bless business is booming。Business man,Well-connected people,This will make the money roll。
Jade three-legged toad sees all directions sharply,The alert and smart eyes are like gathering money,Prosperous business for wearers、Wealth,It’s the best and most prosperous auspicious for business。
Xin Zhao smiled:“This three-legged toad,It should be the only genuine product in this store。”
After all, this is not for sale,Put here on purpose,For feng shui。Old man Wang is a person who believes in Feng Shui,He feels that he hasn’t had an accident in the past ten years,Made a lot of money,All because of Feng Shui。

the second week,《Human and ghost》’S box office only dropped slightly10Percentage point,Over again3800Ten thousand dollars of North American gross box office firmly occupy the top position of the box office list,not only,It also opened a box office gap of tens of millions of dollars with the second place。

Two consecutive weeks,Total box office revenue exceeds8000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Here,Fools know《Human and ghost》Fire!
Not only《Human and ghost》Fire,Covered by Richard Carpenter《Human and ghost》Theme song:Righteous brothers in1955Year for the movie《Prison Hero》Singing《unchained melody》This song is also popular,You’re welcome,Walking in the streets,This song is everywhere。
After sister Karen Carpenter,Richard, who was gradually forgotten by the Americans。Carpenter has once again returned to the stage of a superstar。
“Mr,Thank you,Thank you……”
Holding Chen Geng’s hand,Richard Carpenter’s excitement is unacceptable.。
To express my gratitude to Chen Geng,Richard Carpenter came to Detroit from San Francisco with his sister Karen Carpenter,To express my gratitude to Chen Geng:“If not you,I don’t know what it looks like now。”
“you are welcome,”Chen Geng smiled and waved,《Human and ghost》Made money,It also means that as a producer, I also make money,Chen Geng is of course more happy,After calmly accepting the gratitude from Carpenter brothers and sisters,Chen Geng smiled:“how about it?It feels good to be back in the public eye, right??”
Richard Carpenter hasn’t spoken yet,Karen Carpenter is already smiling happily:“Mr,You don’t know,Now Richard has started to have a headache for accepting the invitation of which TV station。”
“This is a good thing,”Hear this,Chen Geng laughed:“correct,You haven’t taken medicine this time, right?”
Richard Carpenter hasn’t spoken yet,Karen Carpenter is already smiling happily:“Mr,You don’t know,Now Richard has started to have a headache for accepting the invitation of which TV station。”
“This is a good thing,”Hear this,Chen Geng laughed:“correct,You haven’t taken medicine this time, right?”
Ask in a low voice,Brothers, give me a monthly pass, OK??
Ask in a low voice,Brothers, give me a monthly pass, OK?? (First1/1page)
Ask for monthly pass this time,Really lacking confidence,At the beginning of the month, I vowed to say that this month’s update is every day5oooGuaranteed,Strive for6ooo,As a result, only4ooo,Ashamed,So I didn’t dare to show up and ask my brothers for monthly tickets for a whole month,One is afraid of being beaten by brothers and sisters,Second, the cowhide exploded,I really don’t have confidence in my heart。
But anyway,I want to give my brothers and sisters something(Even if my brothers think that the millennium is just making excuses),Brothers who have watched before should know,There are very few millennial updates in July and August each year,Less updates are a thousand years, this person is more afraid of heat,Even if there is air conditioning in the room,The whole person is also irritable,Heart is not easy to calm down,Upset,Codewords have some influence,This is real,It’s really not a thousand years to find excuses and reasons,Let’s take a look at the books a thousand years ago,It’s like this in July and August every year。
I had no confidence to ask for a monthly pass,But now I can’t ask for it,The beginning of the month,In order to have a better ranking on the monthly ticket list,I can only brazenly gamble on the tolerance of my brothers and sisters for a thousand years:Bros,Give me a little monthly pass for the millennium, OK??
As for the update of the month,Ok,8month7Autumn is coming,Liqiu is cool,Our total updated word count for August is set at15All good?

As for doing so, it may have an impact on the sales of personal computers.,It also does not conform to the strict confidentiality of their own designs by various personal computer companies today……Hi!What are you doing??Anyway, we never got anything from this,Naturally there is no loss。

And another benefit brought by this is Garrett200Its other application software can almost run on these without any modification“Miscellaneous”PCon。
After thinking of the huge benefits,Chevat·Egarford and Gary·Kiredale’s face was red with excitement:They seem to see Dassault“Falcon”50Lille-35Beckoning to myself。
money,Always be the biggest driving force for progress,After realizing how much benefit lies in this,Chevat·Egarford was the first to jump up:“Gary,You feelIBMWilliam·How about Lowe?”
“The William you said·Lowe,is not itIBM‘Entry-level system’Manager William·Lowe?”
“Yes,it’s him。”
“I think it can。”
“Ok,That’s him,Also do you thinkDECJack·How about hidds……”
Chevat excited by money·Egarford and Gary·Kilidare,Have started to discuss how to goIBM、DECAnd Apple digging people and the list of people digging。
Of course digging is not that simple,Which company does not look at its core talents like eyeballs?But since I want to eat meat,Then don’t hesitate,Do just。
Chevat·Egarford and Gary·Kilidare lists the people to be dug,Chen Geng ordered:“Chevat,The digging is left to you and Dorothy,Don’t be afraid to spend money,We have money now,Just dig people up,How much money can be earned back in the future,I just look at the result。As for you,Dorothy,After this matter is over,You go to be Miss Rosemary’s assistant for a short time。”

“If it’s 60 billion, I definitely don’t,The company may have,But i don’t have any

Control of。According to Mr. Qin Feng,,Come here for me,I’m afraid there should be other things to say?It’s like you left me a business card in the beginning.”
Wang Guangming doesn’t want to play Tai Chi with Qin Feng,After all, the family must not know what he came out。If he let his father know that he met Qin Feng,Presumably Wang Guangming will be beaten into the cold palace。
In fact, there are rumors in the arena,Wang Fang has his own bastard。But he never admits,Wang Guangming and his mother can’t find out anything,But this is heart disease after all。Plus has been unwilling,So this became the fuse for him to find Qin Feng。
Yes,If in ancient times,His behavior can be said to be rebellion!
Now it’s the company seizing power!
“Ha ha,cāo)Easy to make。Then you come to report,Your father went straight in。Plus I have your cousin in my hands,These evidences can be aimed at one person,He is your father Wang Fang。As long as your father gets in,You can only take over the rest。But the problem is,Will you kill your relatives righteously??”Qin Feng finished,And took a sip of tea calmly。
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Wang Guangming is in a cold sweat!
Although he knew he might take this move before he came here。But when this word comes out of Qin Feng’s mouth,Wang Guangming still feels uncomfortable when he hears it。
He was never a confident person,Others looked at him beautifully,But this is just his disguise。Because of his father’s education, he has always been very inferior。
Besides,He has the right to sign contracts for more than 10 million orders in the company,Of course he can’t accept this kind of thing!
“I.”Wang Guangming wants to say something,But after all, I still couldn’t speak out。Because he knows,I have entered Qin Feng’s after I came here。
He must do it even if he doesn’t want to!
Because if he refuses,No need to think,Qin Feng must have other actions here。Replaced by Wang Guangming standing in Qin Feng’s position,Maybe he will also get rid of all opponents。Since it’s not on my side,It must be to kill such a person。
And he was mentally prepared before he came,So I can only sigh and say:“alright,What to docāo)Make?”
“Very simple!You don’t even need to show up!”

But ok,Under normal circumstances, they will not meet those big people,After all, the level difference between the two sides is too far。

As for the identity registry they went to at the moment,It’s at the junction of the VIP area in the general area,Which is one-half of Lingxiao City。
After getting this news,Xia Chenglong decisively proposed to take the car,Because it looks like a simple number is nearly seven or eight kilometers away,I’m afraid it will be dark when I walk to heaven。
Obviously he is not so luxurious,Put time on shopping。
get off,Xia Chenglong had to pay,It’s not good after thinking about it,After all, he is just a kid from the village,Money is a very vague concept!
Cross the street,See what they call the office lobby。
From the superficially meaningful design,Fit its identity。
“Aaron,This ID card is relatively simple,Just confirm whether you have a criminal record,The second is to confirm that you have not been registered。”
Xia Chenglong nodded,The two walked to the lobby。
“Ah ah ah,stop,Please show ID!”The guard at the door rubbed his fingers,Stop the two while talking。
A discerning person wants benefits at first sight,And I think I dress them in ordinary,Just bullied。
“Unable to prove your identity,Can’t go in。”The guard said hurriedly。
Funny,Here is the certificate,They haven’t got the certificate there。
“Big brother,You are accommodating,We’ll show you after we finish。”
“No way,You can only go in after showing me!”
The guy said,Keep rubbing your fingers。
If it’s normal,Yingzi swallowed his anger,But today I just don’t want to give。

The crowd retreated like a tide,There was a big empty space in an instant。

I saw a middle-aged man who was as thin as a bamboo pole leaning on his waist,Walked slowly in front of the convoy。
This person has a pointed mouth monkey gill,It’s unpleasant at first sight
Species,And skinny,Looks like a drug addict,But his eyes are shining,Like the eyes of an owl,With a kind of terrifying light。
“Tu Ching,I heard that you have made great progress in the past two years,I have done several important things for that side,There must be a lot of rewards?”Asked the thin bamboo pole with a smile。
Tu Ching shrugged his shoulders,Cold road:“Fan Chu,Don’t you stay in South America,Actually went to the Golden Triangle to do things,Your arms and legs are stretched too long, right?!”
It turns out that this thin bamboo pole is Venerable Fan Chu,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but look at each other a few more times,At this moment, I can’t actually feel the fluctuation of the strength of the opponent’s body,It can be seen that the other party has reached the state of sending and receiving freely。
“What a joke!Liu Niu’er and I are friends,I came to his place as a guest,See you guys have fun betting,Just play two,Doesn’t it work?”
“Row!You can play whatever you want!Just follow the rules。Talking more is not helpful,See you in the arena!”Tu Chuan responded loudly。
“it is good!I also want to take a look,The seeds you brought,How many catties are there。”Venerable Fan Da sneered twice,Waved。
Liu Niu’er gave an order,Two heavy trucks that blocked the road restarted,Cross the road,Fly away。
Chatuchai and Hong Taeran got in the car too,The team keeps going,Go to the designated place where they should go。
These two groups of people from beginning to end,I didn’t even look at the dead who were killed by Venerable Fan Da.,As if in their eyes,Those living beings are nothing worth mentioning。

just,Bei Gongya’s thoughts are turning around,I always think it’s unreliable to squat here with this madman and play heroic。

In case someone else’s Black Blood Cavalry really comes,The two have not had time to introduce themselves and establish a relationship,What should I do if I was cut as a silly bird blocking the road??
“Brother Ya,Do you think I am unreliable?”Lu Menglin put down the wine sprinkle,Outspoken。
Bei Gongya smiled bitterly,Said:“It doesn’t matter if you are reliable,The important thing is that we can really persuade success,Blocking this soldier is the right way。”
“Nothing,Old City Lord gave me three strategies,Guarantee!”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Sansaku?I’m afraid they won’t listen to you at all,Black Blood Guard Horseshoe Crossing,No grass grows! How can I listen to your nonsense!”Bei Gongya helplessly。
Lu Menglin laughed,Tao:“Brother Ya,How old are you?”
Bei Gongya was taken aback for a moment,Bright eyes,Replied:“I’m level 34!what happened?”
Lu Menglin smiled contemptuously:“You are also a warrior who uses judgment,Since it’s so advanced,Afraid!”
“If those black blood guards dare to stop us from seeing our acquaintance,Let’s kill them!Make a big noise!You can’t even beat other soldiers!”
Listen to Wu Hao,Bei Gongya’s eyes widened,I thought this guy was a joke, right?!So impassioned,Even the Black Blood Cavalry Guards dared to charge?Is it true?!
Bei Gongya knows it,Own level 34,I will never lose even the little pawn of the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,But if it ran into the army,Things are going up,The ghost knows if his life is still alive!
“Ugh!It’s not difficult to see that City Master Liu,I’m just worried,He won’t give you this face!What about saving grace?Hongliucheng has such a big interest,Who can let go?Besides, everyone has brought soldiers and horses!”Bei Gongya tried to get the topic back on track,Said sadly。
Lu Menglin laughed loudly:“do not worry,All said that the old city lord gave me a strategy,If I can’t convince him,We also have a way。”
He was so mysterious,Bei Gongya can’t help but be curious,Asked:“What strategy?tell me the story,I might be able to help by then。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Said seriously:“Of course Brother Ya will help!You are so good,It’s a waste not to help。”
“How to say?”Bei Gongya asked in a low voice。
Lu Menglin deliberately shrank his face,Said with a serious face:“The way is actually very simple。By my relationship,It’s not difficult to get close to Liu Chengzhu,If only he listened,If you don’t listen,Let’s both hands up and down,Cut him on the spot!”

“Hey,Yes,Want to win but fear to lose,This is the No. 1 taboo in the investment market!”Qiao Tianyu sighed。

“But I still admire Nathan?Rothschild’s,He was actually160I came up with such an exquisite style of play years ago,Really awesome!”One more person has been added to the list of admirers of chubby face。
“Don’t belittle yourself!To be smart, we have to be Chinese!”Qiao Tianyu patted Chubby’s face on the shoulder,Said with a smile。
“More than two thousand years ago,Sun Wuzai《The Art of War》Wrote in,‘Soldier,Deception。So it can show it can’t,Use it instead of,Close and show far,Far away but near。Profit and induce,Take it randomly,Unprepared,By surprise’,This is the truth!”
“Oh oh,This is the truth!”Little fat face listens carefully to the teacher’s teaching,She is so satisfied with this master。
“Hehe,master,I have one more question for you,I don’t know if I can answer it?”The chubby face suddenly changed into a grinning expression。
“Oh?what’s up?”
“master,Who are you?Too amazing,I don’t believe you are just a wild.amount.Secondary school students!”Asked chubby face curiously。
Sure enough, every girl has one in her heart“Gossip”Furnace!
Ask who am i?
Ha ha,I want to know who I am more than anyone?
But when Qiao Tianyu was thinking about how to respond to the chubby face,But was held by the chubby face,Nervously pointing at the brown building in front of him and exclaimed。
“master!master!Look!Someone is going to jump off the building!”

My voice is low when I say this,It should be the Dark Lord。

“Youngest,It’s all this time, I’m still here,Let’s get the contents first。”
“Do not,I want to kill Xia Chenglong first!”
Hideous,This sentence should come from Yang Tian!
Ye Chi frowned:“what happened,Why is the original soul still?”
This kind of rigid competition for the body,The most important thing is mental power,Now it seems,Ye Chi’s mental power has been completely wiped out。
“Oh,Just a funny guy,Do not worry,Will not affect our plan!”
Join forces,And it’s an extremely powerful existence,This situation makes everyone unexpected。
Just what to do now?
Everyone looked at Xia Chenglong,Naturally he became the backbone of everyone’s mind,Nothing else,Just because he saved an opponent who wanted to kill him a few minutes ago。
“Don’t entangle,Go inside。”
There are things even these guys want in it,If we are dragged by Yang Tian now,Let another find,The consequences are disastrous。
“I was careless just now,You go in first,Leave this guy to us。”Jian Xiao said again。
This is a shame,he,Or the title of descendant of Wan Jianzong can’t afford to lose this person。
Xia Chenglong glanced at each other,Didn’t say anything,Go straight to the hall,Others immediately follow,Leave space to Yang Tian and the descendants of Wanjian Sect。

I feel like being overwhelmed by the mountains,Not breathing smoothly。It seems that the old family completely think of her as“Cash cow”or“backing”,But her ability is only enough to support herself on this land,I can’t even think of high-quality survival。

Like a group of people falling into the water,Water is like a poor life,Kishi is like living a quality life。Just climbed now“shore”Tian Lu,Still panting on the shore,And a bit exhausted,People in water,Reaching out to the shore to call for help。
Tian Lu hastily leaned over the branches to draw her loved ones in the water,Pull one by one,Haven’t waited to get to the shore,Tian Lu lay on the shore helplessly,She really can’t pull it,Pull again,She will also fall into the river。
The current situation of Tian Lu is that she is struggling at the forefront of hardship in life.,But you have to work hard to pull“River”People in,She feels overloaded,But you can’t just watch your loved ones struggling in the water。Heart is like a knife,It’s like not seeing your relatives struggling on the poverty line,Even though I barely make ends meet in a prosperous area,Even if you grit your teeth, you have to help the relatives who ask for help。
Tian Lu talks with people in her hometown,In fact, it happened to be heard by Ye Xingkong who came in。
Ye Xingkong’s shoes appeared in Tian Lu’s drooping sight,Tian Lu slowly raised her head,See it is Ye Xingkong,Stand up immediately,Shout out in surprise:“Starry sky?!”
Ye Xingkong took out a gold bank card from his pocket,Let Tian Lu continue,Tian Lu watery double eyelids, big eyes flickering,Looking at Ye Xingkong,What does it mean to not react。Thought,Did he hear my call with my second aunt and grandma just now??
Ye Xingkong smiled and shook the card in front of Tian Lu again,A kind smile on his face,The other finger pointed Tian Lu and pointed at the card。Tian Lu’s consciousness was awakened,Like asking in a translator:“You want to give me?”
Ye Xingkong still has a well-meaning smiley face,I stretched out an index finger and shook it from side to side twice,Means not。
Tian Lu stared at him with wide eyes。
Ye Xingkong did not rush to find the phone,Type a line。There is some money on the card,Can solve the urgent need,Not for you,Is for you,The money can be paid anytime。
There is a smirk behind the wordQQexpression。
Tian Lu’s sad look unfolds,Eyes wide open,Be blocked by tears,Already blurred by tears,She shrugged her nose,Choked:“thank you,But i can’t use your money,Because I might not be there in a short time,You have helped me enough,I can’t trouble you anymore,I will find a way。”
Then turned around,Wiped away tears,Try not to let Ye Xingkong see his unbearable。
Ye Xingkong sighed,Type a line again,Show her in front of Tian Lu:“I’m not for you,Is for you,you know,The money to me,No use,But it is very helpful for your current situation,I said I didn’t give,Borrowed。”
Seeing Ye Xingkong’s eyes full of sincerity,Let Tian Lu feel powerless to refuse。