Because although this ghost giant is dead,But the space energy in its body has not dissipated,And this is for the god people who believe in the power of light pattern,It’s just a piercing poison,Every step,Can feel that their body is being corroded by the evil spirit of the dark race。

at last,Zhou Shen walked to the left atrium of the Shadow Giant,Visual inspection should be this place。
Zhou Shen raised the scalpel in his hand,Gritted his teeth,Stabbed in。
An indescribable stench came on your face,This is for the people of God,It’s a suffocating smell,Very unpleasant。
but,Zhou Shen smiled,This stench is so strong,Explain a problem,It’s just that the heart of this ghost giant is still fresh,The fel energy in it has not escaped,And this also represents the high quality of the sacrifice。
A fresh heart of the ghost giant,It should be worth a top sacrifice, right?!
Zhou Shen slashed open the chest of the Demon Shadow Giant,The whole person almost got in。
I saw my companion disappear,Yusheng below is a little worried,Can’t help but call out in a low voice。
“Lao Zhou!Are you OK?Do you want me to come up and help?”Yu Sheng whispered。
“No need to!Don’t come up!I’ll be well soon!”Zhou Shen’s voice came from the chest of the Shadow Giant,Yusheng breathed a sigh of relief。
The waiting time is always very long,Obviously only ten breaths have passed,But for Yusheng below,It’s like a century has passed。
at last,There was a puff over my head,What seems to be Leaking sound。
Followed by,A figure appeared above Yusheng’s head,That thin body,It is his good friend Zhou Shen。
Snapped!Zhou Shen threw down a pocket。
Yusheng quickly caught,This pocket is heavy,And it exudes an indescribable breath。

The big man’s voice fell off,The people behind all laughed wretchedly。

This person didn’t notice Xiao Fan’s cold eyes instantly,Continue to say:“how about it?Just a meal,Save your kowtow,Do you know how much cheaper you picked up?!”
“what!”That person’s voice just fell off,I saw Xiao Fan didn’t know when he had already arrived in front of him,And accompanied by,And the pain in my arm。
Look down,Actually folded!
The man looked at Xiao Fan incredulously,Anger:“you,How dare you……”
Xiao Fan said coldly:“I warn you,Dare to say anything frivolous to my wife,You have only one end,That is——dead。”
The man was startled by the horrifying aura that suddenly emanated from Xiao Fan,He even stepped back unconsciously。
All of a sudden,Shouted to the other brothers:“Bros,Give me up,I must abolish him today!”
Others saw that their boss was hurt,Anger comes from it,With the weapon in his hand, he rushed towards Xiao Fan together。
But they didn’t even approach Xiao Fan,Was blasted away by a strong air current。
Xiao Fan said coldly to them:“roll!”
A few people left this place of right and wrong after crawling on the ground。
The thoughts in their hearts now are,This person is too strong,If you want to survive,You have to go faster。

Luo Dahua was relieved to let go。

Before Tian Lu leaves,Hug my dearest mother in the house、Farewell,Let Mom Juxiu take care of her body,Call her if you have anything。
Although Ju Xiu felt unwilling to give up,But there are some things she can’t help but,Tian Lu understands her mother’s heart。
Hug mother tightly for a long time。Then to the other wing,Say hello to other relatives one after another,The family sent her to the door of the village,I didn’t turn around and walked towards the house until I got on the country line bus。
Their eyes,It’s estimated that only Jusu is reluctant to give up her daughter,In the eyes of other people,I am afraid it is a formal need。
Sometimes the burden of family affection really makes Tian Lu unable to bear it,Make her breathless,After getting in the car,Although I don’t want to give up to relatives,But still a long sigh of relief。
It’s almost called“escape”Leave home like that。
Outside the window,The yellow ears of rice in the village head down heavily,It’s the harvest season again,Now it’s all harvested mechanically。
Think of childhood,Grandpa is directing in the field,Division of labor and cooperation,Harvested with a sickle、Tied with grain rope、Towed to the field with a cart,Then wait for the locomotive to press the rice into bags。It all seems to be yesterday,Vividly。Grandpa is no longer now,The grass field was requisitioned into farmland,Machinery instead of labor,My hometown has changed,The ever-evolving laws of nature make her somewhat invisible to her childhood memories。
The rural home keeps her warm,Also feel heavy responsibility。Move forward with weight,But it has to be easy。
Change environment,May have a different mood。
Arrive at destination,She got off the bus,Sit in a famous historical ancient capital,To feel the different customs。
Before this tour,She hardly traveled alone,And I was alone in the industrial park“Play forward”,Is a different case,Is to take work tasks,Motivated by pressure,And traveling alone are two different things。
and so,Go out alone,She is a little worried。

“OK,”Chen Geng was not polite to Little MacDonald,To say something unkind,I can investMD-12,For Little McDonald and McDonnell Douglas Group,If at this time little MacDonald dared to care about the share of his own,Then there is no need for investment,His tone,Said:“In addition, I suggest you add someDC-10The modification work is handed over to Lockheed to complete……”

“OK,no problem,I’ll contact them later,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Little Macdonald said immediately:“They had production before‘Samsung’Airliner experience and technology,RefitDC-10No problem for them。”
As long as Lockheed is willing to investMD-12,Part ofDC-10Lockheed、Let Lockheed make some money first,Little Macdonald doesn’t think there is anything wrong with doing this。
“well,”Little MacDonald promised so happy,Chen Geng is also very happy:“The second point of this matter,We need to find someone who is willing to place an order for us。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
For a time,Little MacDonald almost doubted whether he was hearing a hallucination,He knows the significance of Chen Geng’s investment too,It can be said,Chen Geng is using his unprofitable investment reputation to giveMD-12guarantee,And what is certain is,When seeing Fernandez·Chendu InvestmentMD-12After the project,Those big investment institutions and investment banks、Investors can’t say for the time being,But those medium and small investment institutions will definitely flock——Before Chen Geng’s investment myth was broken,Chen Geng’s brand is so loud。
“What else can i do?”Chen Geng sighed:“But I will explain to you in advance,The 500 million dollars I invested,In terms of shares……”
“I know,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Little MacDonald said immediately:“do not worry,I will never let you suffer。”
Chen Geng InvestmentMD-12The demonstration significance of the project is huge,Assuming that normal investors invest5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Can get5%Of bonds convertible into equity,Then Chen Gengtou’s5One hundred million U.S. dollars,To Chen Geng10%All at a loss。
“OK,”Chen Geng was not polite to Little MacDonald,To say something unkind,I can investMD-12,For Little McDonald and McDonnell Douglas Group,If at this time little MacDonald dared to care about the share of his own,Then there is no need for investment,His tone,Said:“In addition, I suggest you add someDC-10The modification work is handed over to Lockheed to complete……”
“well,”Little MacDonald promised so happy,Chen Geng is also very happy:“The second point of this matter,We need to find someone who is willing to place an order for us。”
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Because in the mind of Bencheng,Never give up any of my brothers。

“how,Didn’t you keep saying that the affairs of the Qi family are the affairs of your Wang family?,Now changed?”
“I,that,This is the two sessions,Put me back,I must persuade the Wang family to change my mind,From now on, Zhao’s horse will be the first one!”
ridiculous,Such nonsense can also be said,I really don’t know how the other party became Wang’s elder。
“rest assured,I won’t kill you today。”
Wang Rongping is overjoyed,I thought it was because he had no opinion to move out of the family, which shocked the opponent。
“Hahaha,I just said,How could Bincheng have the guts,Dare to shoot against my royal family?”
“Not killing you doesn’t mean you can leave safely,Want to get out from here,Ten tricks to pick me up!”
Wang Rongping pupil dilation,Because he felt an unusual atmosphere。
Warriors in Ben Thanh,More or less under the guidance of Xia Chenglong,Especially Cheng Lao who has withstood the test like this,He will give each other these benefits。
So in addition to the improvement of realm,What the old man has is not what it used to be。
To Qi family this night,For this elder Wang Jiajiu,All seem extremely long!
One night later,Many residents of this city get up to work according to their normal schedules,But there are some people who vaguely feel the unusual place。
The arrogant and domineering Qi family son,Seems to disappear suddenly,The more they think about it, the more weird it becomes……
As for the Qi family courtyard,The eyes of the Zhao brothers who were still alive were excited and proud,Because they just won a battle。

“I don’t know if it’s too late for me to accept the invitation?”

Xiang Chen looked at Lan Youmeng,From top to bottom,The state shown is not serious。
“You might try,There may be unexpected gains。”
Lan Youmeng smiled,Turned and returned to his place,It’s still working time after all,It is always not good to leave without permission。
“Such a lady loves Mr. Xiang,But Mr. Xiang can be indifferent,It’s really surprising。”
Zhou Ziyi glanced at the direction Lan Youmeng was leaving,It’s not difficult for a discerning person to see that Lan Youmeng has some affection for Xiang Chen,But it’s because everyone is a discerning person,So it’s not hard to see,Xiang Chen’s indifference to Lan Youmeng。
“Why?Do you want to be a matchmaker??”
Xiang Chen looked at Zhou Ziyi with an unhappy expression,And the latter didn’t touch much,Just watching Xiang Chen quietly,Or more accurately,Zhou Ziyi is looking at the person behind Xiangchen。
Xiang Chen also discovered the changes in the surrounding atmosphere,Turned around and looked over。
In terms of the average height of the Chinese,This little old man is already considered stalwart。
“Zhixing Chuanyi?”
Xiang Chen looked at the elderly Heguo in front of him suspiciously。
Zhixingchuan nodded,Then smiled to Xiang Chen:“I asked my servant to invite you,But everyone refused,I thought it was abrupt,So I came here to say sorry to everyone。”
The smile on his face is very kind,The voice is also very kind,Zhixingchuanyi is like the uncle next door。
Xiang Chen and Zhou Ziyi got up,Ye Qingmei and Liu Qingmei are the same,Li Tianxing and Ding Sheng。
After apology,Zhixingchuan smiled to everyone,It’s a good night and a happy blessing,Then stopped talking,Turned away。
Xiang Chen did not speak,Because they know,After Zhixingchuan came to say hello in person,,The next plot will be the same as my own brain supplement。

Not to mention Zhong Liying and Xu Ling,They only hate that they have only two hands,Too slow to draw,How can I pay attention to who is in the store?,Don’t even look up。

And Liu Taosheng,He played cards with these three villains,Nature and extra care,I don’t even care about others。
Wang Yang and Hao Jianyang stared at Lu Menglin and the group for a long time,The other party just didn’t care about them,Don’t even have a look,It hurts self-esteem。
Wang Yang coughed slightly,Turned to look at Hao Jianyang。
Hao Jianyang is also very popular this time,He frowned,Striding to the table of Xu Ling and Zhong Liying。
“Hey,Zhong Liying!What are you doing here?”Hao Jianyang stepped forward and knocked on the table,Loudly。
Zhong Liying and Xu Ling woke up,The two raised their heads together,Looking at Hao Jianyang。
“I’m busy!”Zhong Liying saw that she was a classmate in the department,Didn’t think much,Replied casually。
Hao Jianyang saw her answer so lightly,Feel lost,Tilted his head and said:“what do you mean?Hiding here with other men。”
“I.With other men.Hide here?”Zhong Liying looked dazed,Repeat。
The work at hand finally stopped,Zhong Liying’s big beautiful eyes opened round,Looking at Hao Jianyang in front of him with disbelief。
“how?You forgot your identity?Am I not your boyfriend??”Hao Jianyang cocked his mouth,Yelled with unhappy face。
“I?Have boyfriend!Uh.I do not know how?”Zhong Liying smiled embarrassedly。
Hao Jianyang’s mouth slightly enters the field,Putting on the evil smile of the hero of the idol drama,Proudly:“You now have!I decided to be your boyfriend。are you happy?”
Zhong Liying blinked,Can’t help but look at Lu Menglin,Then he looked at Xu Ling next to him,She wants to make sure her companions will laugh at herself。
“Hao Jianyang,Do you misunderstand me?I didn’t invite you to be my boyfriend?”Zhong Liying frowned。
Hao Jianyang laughed loudly:“I knew you were shy!Didn’t you tell the girls in your class that you liked me last time??”

Chen Tianjiao also didn’t expect Lu Menglin to suddenly show up at this critical moment.,Suddenly his eyes rounded。

Yao bald head retreated to the corner instinctively,Staring vigilantly at the oncoming Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin walked to the center of the company entrance,Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on him。
Lu Menglin hasn’t spoken yet,Wang Shaoxiao, who was overjoyed, had already leaped in front of him,Tell him quickly what happened just now。
Listen to Lu Menglin,I still smile on my face,Nodded gently。
I don’t know why,Everyone in the Menglin Group only needs to see Lu Menglin appear,Everyone’s heart is like putting down a big rock,Suddenly relieved。
As long as Lu Menglin is back,All the problems are nothing。
Lu Menglin raised his head,First, his eyes passed Chen Tianjiao,Then it fell on Yao’s bald head。
“Boss Yao,Oh it’s you!”Lu Menglin stared at each other,Said a thoughtless sentence。
Yao’s bald head trembled all over,Finally raised his head,The shame on his face was gone,Instead, there was a weird smile。
“What about me?You are unlucky,Why should someone die with you!”Yao bald sneered。
“is it?The source code of the game was also leaked to Sheng Hall!I was not unlucky at that time,Why are you doing this?”Lu Menglin seemed to know everything,Faintly asked。
Everyone in the Menglin Group was shocked,This is the reaction。
It turned out that Yao Bald had betrayed the company long ago,The person who leaked the game source code turned out to be him!
Without him, leak the game source code,There is no Blue Moon Legend,Blood Legend will become the most popular online game in history,none of them,Naturally, there will be no later things。
Everyone has never doubted Yao’s bald head before,That’s because his Deep Blue Game is integrated with Menglin Group,Lose everything,All glory,Who would have thought he would do such a stupid thing!
“Not bad!I did it!So what?The Internet cafe channel is originally mine,Why are you Lu Menglin?Just by a mouthful,I’m all working!Why should I be at your mercy!”Yao bald head sternly。
Lu Menglin heard this reason,Just smile,Shook his head:“forget it!Lao Yao,We have known each other for so long,You still fool me with this reason?You look down on me?Still look down on yourself?”
This remark,Most of the people present were taken aback。

Lu Yinger’s body is falling fast,Old Lu shot instantly,Drag it back to the shore with an invisible force。

to be frank,The scene just now was too dangerous,If you are not careful, Lu Yinger will be buried in the blood pool。
You must know that even Xia Chenglong didn’t want to get involved。
Chapter seven hundred and ninety four Magic sword
“Ying Er,You are too reckless!”
“father,Jiuyou Sword Quilt……”
No wonder women are so,If he changes, he will be like this。
Even if the blood spirit essence around Lu Ying’er’s black sword is forcibly pulled by Xiaotianjian,But there is enough energy in the blood pool,So it can last a while。
did not expect,This will be the case after two swords enter the blood pool at the same time,This is a bit difficult。
what can we do about it?
Mr. Lu has already taken action,But from the current situation, it’s not easy to handle。
I want to take it out without damaging the sword itself,This requires a certain degree of difficulty。
What’s even more difficult is that Xia Chenglong is gradually losing control of Xiaotian Sword.,If you wait for the blood aura in the blood pool to be absorbed by the opponent,Then it will be more difficult to control。
No way,There must be other ways。
At this moment,Somewhere in Daxinganling,A group of guys carrying swords are stopping,They seem to be aware of something。
“Great elder,Are you sure Xiaotianjian is here?”The middle-aged man next to him asked suspiciously。
“Ok,I can already vaguely perceive its breath,Everyone follow me!”
This group of people’s badges are engraved with a large“Cast”word,The word was cut again by a sword,Seems quite cultural。

When he goes out,Hit a few people head-on,Headed by Long Zhanye。

Walked in with Long Zhanye,There are also three generals from Hongliu Mansion,The three black blood masters of the past,Wind flow、Xiao Ning,Zhao Liehui。
As soon as the three saw Lord Wu Hao,Bow down。
“Lord Wuhao,You can return safely,It’s so good!”Xiao Ning said with a smile。
Zhao Liehammer stepped forward directly,Open arms,Gave Master Wu Hao an affectionate hug。
Although there is no action in the wind,But the light of joy in the eyes can’t be concealed either。
“How’s the situation in Hongliu Mansion??”Lu Menglin asked in a deep voice。
Xiao Ning looked at the wind,Nodded and smiled:“Fairly normal!Our Red Willow Mansion and the dark races on the border occasionally clash,Most wins,The troops there are almost trained,Mainly because our weapons are well equipped,High morale。”
“What about income?”Lu Menglin asked again。
Zhao Liezhu grinned,Hold fist:“Income and military spending are basically the same,People have a good life,Hongliu Mansion because of low taxes,Good business environment,No shortage of supplies!”
The wind raised his brows,Wryly smiled:“Only trouble,It’s the Sixth Prince,His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince sent envoys several times,Said to transfer our elites to God City,Fight for him。I have rejected him several times,If you don’t come back,The trouble is big。”
“Fortunately, Master Wuhao came back in time!Finally, nothing has happened in the Red Willow Mansion。”Xiao Ning added with a smile。
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“The Controversy between the Six Princes’ Mansion and King Ning,What do you think?”
Three of them were shocked at the same time,Look at me,I see you,Did not speak。
Finally, Xiao Ning smiled slightly,Tao:“Lord Wuhao,Since our Black Blood Cavalry Guard has been put into effect, my lord,Everything depends on the adults。”
Lu Menglin laughed,Tao:“Of course I will call the shots,I mainly want to hear your opinions。”
Raise your head in the wind,Shen Sheng:“Beware of the six princes!”