And Qin Feng immediately understood。

“Then i……”
“Go,I will take care of sister。”Jiang Yan at this time,She looks like a family daughter,If you take off professional attire,Plus a little red face because of shyness,Really can’t tell,Is a proud president。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Two Grandson can stand it
“Then i’m going,If it is too late,I drop by to buy vegetables,Make good food for you tonight。”Qin Feng finished,Ran out quickly,I’m afraid I’ll be caught back later。
“Ziyu,How are you doing,feelling better?dad,How are you,Still want to pull?”Hua Tianyi looks at his son and father lying on the bed separately,Asked anxiously。
“dad,I’m going to die,I’m so uncomfortable,I think i’m dying。”Hua Ziyu said weakly。
“son,Why are you uncomfortable,You tell dad,Dad takes you to the hospital。”Speaking, Hua Tianyi picked up the phone,Need to call an ambulance。
“Can’t go to the hospital,Ziyu, you believe in grandpa,What you eat is that half of the beauty essence,Grandpa was just like you,Just hold on,Tomorrow will be fine。”How could the genius doctor Hua agree to let Hua Tianyi call an ambulance?。
If you get to the hospital,The doctor asked,I’ll be known by others,Two grandparents of the Hua family,Was admitted to the hospital for eating rat shit。
In the future, except for the face,,I’m afraid that the sign of his doctor Hua will also be smashed。
“grandfather,Do not worry,Grandson can stand it。”Hua Ziyu this time,Still not forgetting to be his good grandson in front of the genius doctor Hua。
But say so,Actually I’m already scolding my mother,I have this virtue,Not let go to the hospital,I have to wait until I’m really dying,Can i go?
But Hua Ziyu can only curse in his heart,Still dare not say it。
Because he knows,Survived this time,I’m in Grandpa’s heart,Would definitely have a high opinion of myself。
So Hua Ziyu thought,I have to persist anyway,Even if you can’t hold on,Then father and grandpa wouldn’t watch them hang up like this。

Qin Feng finished talking and looked at the two people on the sofa,At this time two people are grabbing a trash can,Spit watermelon juice。

“I,I do not know,Moreover,Do we have a fruit knife,Why don’t i know where。”Jiang Yan looked at the grasshopper and the eagle with a sorry expression,At the same time pouting his mouth and asking blankly。
“I remember,I put it away,No wonder you can’t find it。”Qin Feng looked at the brother Jiang Yan wanted to do,Behave like a good wife and mother,Also to give Qin Feng enough face in front of his friends。
But by coincidence,She herself knows nothing about kitchen things,Even if you put that set of knives in front of her,Let her find out which one is a fruit knife,Qin Feng suspects she can’t find it,Not to mention letting her find it herself。
But anyway,Qin Feng was particularly moved by Jiang Yan’s actions,Qin Feng has never expected it for so long,Husband will be called out from Jiang Yan’s mouth。
If it weren’t for Wang Mengmeng, he wouldn’t be back,I believe Jiang Yan can’t be exported,So indirectly,Qin Feng also thanks Wang Mengmeng。
“OK OK,Don’t eat this,I’ll cut another one。”Jiang Yan said embarrassedly。
“All right,Wife, don’t be busy,They don’t eat。”Qin Feng glared at the two on the sofa。
But the grasshopper and the eagle lower their heads and dare not look at Qin Feng。
“Husband,How do you talk?Even if they are your friends,No matter how good the relationship is, they come to our house,That’s our guest,How can you be so rude to guests?”Jiang Yan pouted and scolded。
While two people listen
To Jiang Yan to support herself,Touched almost tears in my eyes。
“Good good,It is my fault,Wife, rest first,I will cut,I know where the fruit knife is。”Qin Feng saw Jiang Yan got angry,Ran into the kitchen immediately。
Take out a watermelon from the refrigerator,This is obviously Jiang Yan just put inside,After Qin Feng cleaned the watermelon,Put on chopping board,Cut the watermelon neatly into small pieces,Installed in it。

Re-ventilation,And then reformulate the next few palms,Confidence shines in Zhu Guosheng’s eyes,Not sure if I can kill Xiang Chen,But in Zhu Guosheng’s eyes, Xiang Chen has no retreat,So life and death are unknown,Victory or defeat。

“You are too old!”
Xiang Chen smiled,It’s the smile on Zhu Guosheng’s face,Can be considered to ease my state of mind。
Zhu Guosheng smiled but said nothing,No one shouted to start,Zhu Guosheng and Xiang Chen shot almost at the same time。
Rushed towards each other,But first took root,Zhu Guosheng was half a step fast。
After landing, it was launched with a palm,Xiang Chen hasn’t stood up yet,Just forcefully reverse it to avoid Zhu Guosheng’s attack。
The violent palm wind pushed Xiang Chen,Even if Zhu Guosheng didn’t beat Xiang Chen,The latter was also led by Zhu Guosheng,Back again,Xiang Chen felt like his waist was pinched severely,That sourness is beyond words。
Fortunately, I didn’t suffer any substantial harm,Xiang Chen is fortunate secretly,The second move of Zhu Guosheng has already hit Xiang Chen’s。
Continue sideways,Xiang Chen lunges and clasps Tiger Soul with both hands,Press down hard,If all goes well,The arm that Zhu Guosheng pushed towards him separates from his body,It’s just that the probability of such a result is too small。
In fact,Xiang Chen fiercely,The dagger held in both hands has not touched Zhu Guosheng’s arm,The whip leg that Zhu Guosheng raised had already kicked Xiang Chen’s body。
Xiang Chen who was kicked by Zhu Guosheng didn’t fly far,My feet bounce back like a spring。
Xiang Chen’s idea is very simple,Zhu Guosheng gave himself a whip,I have to kick it back.,Otherwise, you will suffer!
Just kicked Xiang Chen back,Let Lan Youmeng excite again。
In Lan Youmeng’s memory,Xiang Chen always grabbed other people’s feet and shook them around,But it looks like this,Xiang Chen was grabbed by someone’s ankle and thrown out like a sandbag,This is the first time I saw Lan Youmeng。
Bang,Xiang Chen hit the tree,Then fell to the ground and fell hard。
Although the trunk that Xiang Chen hit was not broken,But this time,Lan Youmeng looks so painful。
“Who said the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward?Who is the remnant party of this era??New Era?Did not take my ship?I can’t make waves?”
Zhu Guosheng’s arrogance when speaking makes people afraid to look directly,No need to explain,Everyone knows,After just a dozen moves,Something Zhu Guosheng hid in his body has been awakened。
Now it’s not just Zhu Guosheng who wants to stop Xiang Chen from disturbing his daughter’s engagement,And the cells hidden in the body,Both were awakened by a brief fight between two people。
Lan Youmeng can feel it,Zhu Guosheng, who is not far away, now sincerely wants to kill Xiang Chen。

Pomegranate looked at his car and said:“I’m afraid you can’t keep up with this car!”

“Not so much?”Leopard looking at the speedometer。
“Nothing,Drive to play,Just open it slowly。”Chikusa has passed the period of obsessed with speed,Entering early can be fast or slow,Simply like riding a motorcycle,So I don’t care。
“Just tomorrow night!I just bought my car,Also want to have fun。”A Bao is full of enthusiasm,Can’t wait tonight,But he knew that for Xiao Xiao,It’s late,Since she was with Chen Wenjin,Go home early at night。
“Yes you can。”Qiancao agreed,She didn’t ride a bike for a few days,About her father,So she hasn’t been in a mood lately,It’s a little calmer now,I want to ride a bike to adjust my emotions。
Chen Wenjin drove Pomegranate and Qiancao home,When turning back,Just say to buy a motorcycle in Qinghe District。
Xiao Xiao said strangely:“Just drive my dad’s car。”
“Inappropriate,In case of knocking,It’s not about maintenance,Your father’s heart,Commemorative。”
“Ok……such,I asked him,If he is still thinking,Don’t touch it as a souvenir,If you forget the car long ago,I let him give it to。”Xiao Xiao dialed the phone directly,asked,Her father hadn’t been in the garage for a long time before,I have forgotten the existence of that motorcycle.,But asked her in surprise:“That car has been left?I seem to have told your mother,Give it away if you need it,Thought it was gone。”
“Is that dad still driving??Or,Do I need to keep the car as a souvenir?”
“no need,After driving twice, even if I realized my young dream,Nothing to commemorate。”
“Send me the car,What to do,Also give me full control,May I?”Xiao Xiao directly asked,Her father already guessed that nine out of ten cases were related to Chen Wenjin,Without mentioning,Just smiled and said:“of course can!The motorcycle is officially given to you,You can throw it in the water,Good as a gift,Take it apart and play,Without anybody’s consent。”
“Thank you dad,Then don’t bother you to rest,I hung up,Go home in about twenty minutes,I won’t call you goodnight anymore。”
“it is good,go to bed early。”
hang up the phone,Xiao Xiao said with a smile:“There is no problem now?”
“No problem。”Chen Wenjin really has no worries。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Five Such a mother and daughter

“Ha ha,I really want to know,If our negotiation fails,What will you do to me?Kill me?”Qin Feng didn’t answer the other party’s question,But instead question,After all, he knew he couldn’t agree to the party’s conditions。

“This one,If we don’t say well, we will really do it。of course,Not just you,Your two friends will also be implicated。”Just finished,He looked at Qiao Shan,“This little brother,Actually you can join our Zhang family,Don’t you like Yao Xiaoqin??We give you a chance to get along with her slowly。After all, feelings are all about getting along,Maybe you will be in love for a long time after working together for a long time?”
Qiao Shan, who was initially in a trance, didn’t participate in the dialogue between Qin Feng and Zhang Qiang.。But after hearing what the other party said, the whole person suddenly got a shock,As if full of vitality instantly。
“really?She will fall in love with me?”
“Yes indeed!Didn’t you see him working for our Zhang family now??If you also join the Zhang family,Many things will be solved,And you don’t have to be locked here。”Zhang Qiang continues to seduce。
But at this moment Qin Feng couldn’t help but sneer,“Ha ha,Qiao Shan,The person in front of you is Zhang Qiang,Which is Yao Xiaoqin’s fiance。it’s him
Took away your favorite,It was impossible for a pharmacist to join the world,Even you can continue to live the most primitive and happy life among the ancients,The person in front of you took all this!”
“It’s him?”
Qiao Shan glared at Zhang Qiang,Didn’t wait for Zhang Qiang to explain,Qiao Shan has already rushed up to fight with Zhang Qiang。
Unfortunately,There is a big difference in strength between the two sides,Zhang Qiang in front of you is not Zhang Enci’s incompetent son。
So even if Qiao Shan rushed on frantically,The end result was just kicked by Zhang Qiang,He wants to stand up again,But Zhang Qiang stepped on the ground。
Wanyu saw this scene and wanted to help,But it stopped when the gap between the two sides was so big.。Because he knows,Going up by yourself is just a gift,In that case,Why should he bother himself??
“Humph,Overweight。Do you think I need your trash?It’s just to see you poor and the Qiao family behind you。”Zhang Qiang hum,Anger on the face,After all, he feels that people who are emotionally out of control after being provoked at will have no need to control。
“Qin Feng,Since you don’t know good or bad,forget about it。”Leave this sentence,Zhang Qiang is gone。
Wan Yu helped Qiao Shan up,But the latter returned to the trance look。

Lu Menglin thought about it seriously,Nodded:“Ok!You all go over!I’ll take my parents over there after a while,After all, staying in the country may not be really safe。”

This remark,A hint of astonishment flashed across Father Su’s face,He finally grasped what Lu Menglin really thought。
It turns out that he wanted to build Burma into his own territory,Like a mountain on the water,Occupy the mountain as king,Not controlled by the imperial court,Naturally, there is no need to worry about the revenge of the family。
but,Where is his confidence?Has he already taken the entire territory of Burma??Otherwise, how could there be such a bold idea?
The more Father Su thinks about it, the more scared he gets,He finally knew why even a real big man like Ming Liuyin,Will give up in front of this kid。
so,Su Family and Lu Menglin,Maybe it’s a big opportunity,Great Fortune,If it is the Su family, it can also have a new world of its own abroad,Where do you still need to be exploited and oppressed by the rich and powerful!
For a time,Old man Su has a hot heart,I am full of expectations for this trip to Myanmar。
Capital,Ming Family Mansion,Backyard Study。
One o’clock,The whole courtyard was turned off and rested,Only in the post army study room is still lit,The light is like a lighthouse on the dark sea,Illuminate the route for lost wanderers。
Dong dong!Crunch!
There was a rush and messy footsteps in the yard,Accompanied by the sound of dead branches being trampled on the roadside。
Obviously only one person came quickly,But can step on such a noise,It’s easy to perceive the restless heart of this man。

“I go!nurse?Where’s the nurse?This guy must have taken the wrong medicine,Why are you so epileptic??”Zhang Qingtan made a gesture to cover Liu Guofeng’s head,The two are in a mess。

Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Suddenly I thought I might be thinking too much。
Even if you are a martial artist,What about Xiaozhi’s help?With the strength of a single country in Myanmar,And the five permanent members are not at the same level,Strength is not the same,The sky is falling and there is a big man against it,Foreign affairs,to be honest,It’s really not my turn to worry about it。
If needed in the future,Whether it is for China,It’s enough to contribute to all mankind,Other things,It’s useless to think more。
Once you understand this truth,Lu Menglin’s mood relaxed a little,I can’t help but want to go home。
Missing relatives and friends at home,Miss Su Xuehen’s innocence and cuteness,Miss Kim So Yeon’s hot and bold,Miss too much。For a time,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly,Smiled。
“report,Mr. Lu,Liu Changguan,Zhang Changguan!General Will invites you over。”at this time,A soldier’s voice came outside the door said。
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Frame
Lu Menglin and his party,The soldiers who passed the order came to the barracks。
This military camp is stationed in the very center of the city,Central plaza for citizens to walk,It should represent peace and tranquility,But because of this abrupt military camp,And the soldiers with live ammunition,And it seems to be a bit more murderous。
The source of the red mist has been cleared,Even the density of the red mist in the city has weakened a lot。This is for ordinary people who come to the red zone,Undoubtedly a safer news,But for the mutant,It is equivalent to losing the living environment,Makes them very anxious。
This unstable factor spread quickly,But the mutants in the city are unexpectedly silent,They seem to be waiting,Waiting for an opportunity for an outbreak,The overall atmosphere in the city at the moment,Like the peace before the storm。
In front is the temporary combat headquarters,Lu Menglin and Liu Guofeng,Zhang Qingtan is walking side by side,I saw Carlo standing at the front of the command department,Seeing three people come together,A wry smile suddenly appeared on his face。
“General Will is inside,go in!”Carlo smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin nodded at him,Strode into the headquarters。
Glance over,Lu Menglin was stunned immediately,The whole person stayed。
In a daze like him,And Liu Guofeng and Zhang Qingtan,Both of them have an expression of seeing a ghost。
Because in front of the command’s combat desktop,Except for General Will,There are two more people standing beside him。

The four elders who made up their minds disappear,The next moment the bamboo appears directly in the bamboo forest,The majestic force of the whole body directly shook the bamboo leaves hovering around.。

After all, he is a master of the eighth rank entering the holy realm,In the absence of human control,This power is not enough to cause any influence on him。
Even if the bamboo leaves that were shaken fly back into the basket again,Want to punish this provocative guy,But in the end it was lost because of the difference in strength.。
Of course its role has been completed。
Old man Ma didn’t think about killing each other by relying on these,All he wants is entanglement。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Nine Absolute suppression
The scale of this battle can be said to be the largest in Lingxiao City in the past ten years,The number of participants is no longer counted,The main reason is that there is no chance。
The sun shines from dawn to this moment,Everything is going on tensely,Fighting and death seem to have become the norm。
From outside to inside,Countless Ren fell and countless people rushed in。
The roots of resistance of the people in the manor are tenacious,After all, this is their only chance to survive,No one will give up before the last minute。
This is a battle from the bottom,They are consuming each other’s little patience,Seems to be torturing,Endless torture。
All morning,The fighting in this place has not stopped,Knowing that the entire manor was invaded by the butcher’s shadow,This kind of fighting sound gradually subsided。
Is the war over,There is no local!
This is just the end of the bottom battle,The people in Lingxiao City have not seen the huge aura light,The high-level battle has not yet begun,So this is the beginning。
Wuchang, a huge place in the Union Manor, is also the most lively place in decades.。
There are many people standing on the martial arts field,The breath of these people is extremely strong,Is the reason for the high level,So they can still stand。
Some people can’t even stand up,They are martial artists below Rank 5,In the morning,Become the first batch of top personnel to enter the battle。
Nearly seven or eight hours of resistance,Make them exhausted,Being able to lie here is just wanting to see the friends who talk and laugh together on weekdays。
Old man standing in the center,Look forward with your hands behind your back,Because after the black shadows of those butchers appeared,A strong breath is coming here。

Ye Xinye advises everyone,Basement floor of the museum,Five floors above ground,Mainly equipped with exhibition hall、Collection preservation system、Educational service facilities、Business research facilities and security、Public Service、Integrated management system, etc.;The pavilion is divided into a history pavilion、Nature Pavilion、Four major parts of the art gallery and temporary exhibition hall。

“Everybody,Do you know what the treasure of this museum is??”Hu Yang asked。
Among the audience in the live broadcast room,There are natives,There are also people who have been to the museum,Gave the answer immediately。but,They said they haven’t seen it,Because it seems to be closed to the public。
Everyone,All interested。Blessed by Brother Hu,Destined to see the legendary Qianjin Monkey King Inkstone。
“Yes!Thousand Golden Monkey King Inkstone。This square inkstone,We seem to have mentioned it before。right now,Let’s go see it together!”Hu Yang said to everyone。
Ye Xin led Populus and Huazi forward,Now that we are at the museum,I haven’t seen the treasure of the town hall,That’s too bad。
Through glass,Everyone can see the inkstone placed inside。This is the thousand-gold monkey king inkstone, known as the top of the three wonderful inkstones in the world,Many people are curious,What does it look like。
I saw the inkstone was a flat cuboid,Carved from the precious Duanxi Laokeng Daxi Cave stone,Stone color purple blue with a little green,Dense stone、solid、exquisite,As tender as a child’s skin,Fish brain jelly、Huo Nian、Stones such as blue and white and gold thread。
“Everyone see?Yantang has natural fish brain jelly that looks like a macaque,And surrounded by rouge fire,Under the flames,The macaque image is vivid and lifelike,Lifelike。It’s all formed naturally,A masterpiece of nature,Also because of this,It was named the first of the three most wonderful inkstones in the world。”Hu Yang told everyone。
In addition,Inkstone、Inkstone、Yanbei、The inkstone side is thin、Basal carving,Tailoring、Carved out the mountains and mountains、Flowing Spring Waterfall,Peach trees and other patterns。
Inscriptions on both sides of the inkstone,Right inscription:“Thousand Golden Monkey King Inkstone,Guangxu Renchen,Yushan He Family’s Old Man Collection“,Left side:“Guo Lanxiang made inkstone,Xiang Xinnan“。
“I saw a friend in the live broadcast room asking how much it was worth,Theoretically,This treasure,Priceless。But if you have to use money to measure,Take it for auction,Tens of millions must be grabbed by many people,What sky-high prices can be photographed,Nobody knows。
Now that I watched the golden monkey Wang Yan,Then we must see another Duan inkstone,It is also one of the three wonderful inkstones,Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone。
So much!I shut up immediately,Let the beauty tell you,You bastards。”Hu Yang didn’t say many words,Was demolished by the audience in the live broadcast room。
He found,These guys are getting more and more presumptuous。
With longer contact,The relationship between the audience in the live broadcast room and Brother Hu is getting closer,All joking unscrupulously。
Probably because of this,They feel Hu is very close,Obviously a rich man,There is no shelf at all。
Ye Xin told everyone:“Everyone look here,It is the Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone, one of the three wonderful inkstones mentioned by Brother Hu just now。”
I saw it was blue and blue,The stone is delicate and delicate,Inkstone is rectangular。The name of Fang Yan is engraved on the upper left corner of the forehead“Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone“。

Feng Li shook his head subconsciously:“Nothing,It was really your brother who accidentally ran into me just now。”

Hu Yang looked in a certain direction,Make Feng Li panic,But still calm down。
“Give me a fight that guy,Your family’s ancestral porcelain is easy to say。”
Everyone in the live room saw that guy,I heard what Hu said,Suddenly clapped and laughed,Is this going to use money to let the ghost push??have to say,Sometimes money can really do whatever it wants。look,It’s so convenient to do bad things,No need to do it yourself,No direct responsibility。
“This wave of operations,Yes you can!The cost is a bit high。”
“For Brother Hu,Trivial!”
“Ok!Brother Hu I like is back。”
Feng Li was taken aback,Hit old yellow,I’m willing to take over his pieces“Ancestral porcelain”,Is that simple?Say it early!I have nothing to do with Lao Huang。
“Oh?That kid is a bit of a cockroach head,Doesn’t look like a good person,Provoke you brother?This is easy,give it to me,Leave it to me。”Feng Li immediately stated。
The audience in the live broadcast room seems to be watching a comedy movie,Please!You don’t look like a good person?
“but,brothers,That’s it。My porcelain,Six more,The expert said,At least this number。”