Maybe it is really tired.,He has been sleeping until 78 o’clock in the evening.。

Wake up the first thing, he is going to watch the phone.。
very good!supernbDoctors have no patient consultation news!
He looked at the small program hang up time is8Hours,Total revenue160Yuan!
Too fake.……
Zhou Ye can’t believe that people who have not had a negotiation have actually made money in the outpatient clinic.。
This time I really have a welfare of hospitals and departments.。
“Does this belong to illegal practice??”Zhou Niwu is a bit fear。
But he gives some health guidance.,Nothing,Nor,Nothing to do。
He turned his eyes,And this is the,He doesn’t understand himself,Does the hospital leaders don’t understand??
Looking at the income of the Ming,Zhou Yewu’s eyes must be glitter!
“The feeling of making money is really cool。”He is thinking that you should hang him a night.!
But I always feel a weird feeling.,Is it so easy to make money??
Zhou Ye looks at supernbdoctor,Some of the top eight in the heart。
“This will not have anything 啥 钱,For example, patients have been consulting during the treatment period without timely reply.,Deduction50Powder。”He always feels that the software will change it.。
Otherwise, it is just a script-level thing to make money.!
Anyway, things don’t have high height,Zhou Ye is crying and smiling:“Heiki with Laozi!”
Is it possible to press money??
WeChat news is quite more,Daddy、Shu Lu、Weekly and Chen Youwang bless Wuhan’s trip。
Zhou Ye went to the message,Warm flow。
I have made big money today.,Zhou Ye went to add sausage fried rice,I don’t know what day today.,The takeaway actually sent a few coupons for free.,One meal, actually ten dollars!
Finish,He looked at the lung infection of the eye.,Until at 11 o’clock in the evening, I will sleep again in bed.。
“Tomorrow is the beginning of Wuhan.。”He has some tossing in the evening.。
I can’t say it, why can’t you sleep?,I didn’t want anything in my heart.,But there is always an invisible thing in troubled itself.。
That is half-sleep,He slept to the dawn。
“This Nima sleeps,I really want to eat sleeping pills.。”Zhou Ye must even doubt that it is a bit of anxiety disorder.!
Get up and wash,Zhou Jixu has packaged everything,I got out of the door。
When I went to the door,He suddenly looked back at his own small house.。
“Again。”He entered the elevator slightly smile.。
I finally came.,this day,Zhou Ye walks on the way to the hospital,Some of my heart began.。
Sure enough, the closer the beginning of things,The easier the person’s spirit is too high.。
Looking at the empty street and depression shop,A sort of“The strong man is not re-wish”Feeling!
Zhou Ye came to the hospital door,I have found that today’s Fengren People’s Hospital is different.。
I have been a lot of journalists today.,Striping in the door of the hospital,Form a contrast with the cool street road。
Zhou Niwu clearly saw the emergency door to pull the banner“Happy to the Tianfeng Medical team went to Wuhan to develop disease!”
He stopped holding a suitcase in a distance, there is something dare not.。
It’s already at 7:30 now.。

Especially she doesn’t want the third person.,Know the existence of the nine,Otherwise this“weakness”It’s too obvious……

Chapter 338 Hospitality
Wang Yizhen is very angry!
Murong Fu,what do you mean?
Actually still spess?
Is to humiliate me?still is……Work with me is good,Put the relationship between me and Chu Da Ge?
“Still,I will have a friend with friends in Fuzhou.,Thank Xie Murong……Gongzi!”Chu Deiren said quickly。
Murong is coming out of expression,Chu Defei is weak when it is weak.。
Wang Yizhen has not perceived other differentials,What does the little fish seem to be aware?,Doubtful sneak aiming to deer people and Murong。
If you are not Murong, you will be used as a man.,Some behaviors are very male,The little fish can see it.“he”A female dress,Unfortunately, the little fish is only suspected.,These two people are not……Click one’s tongue,It seems that there is a terrible thing outside the valley outside.!
Chu Deiren saw Murong to play the eyes,This is loose,However, at this time, Wang Yin suddenly held his left hand.——Chu Deman:???
After that, I saw Wang Yan’s red face.,Release。
Chu Deirens naturally do not know,Wang Yizhen is to see him eager to refuse Murong Fu,I thought it was because Murong remained myself.,And make him unhappy,So I have actions。
Although it is under the table,But Murong Fu also noticed this,Send a unclear cold。
Originally Wang Yin, there is still some shy,But I heard such a sound.,Immediately rid of Murong,Just finding that Murong did not look at himself.,Just angry, look at the Chu Deirers。
Ok, you!
When you are angry,It’s all watching Chu Da Ge.?Sure enough, just when I was“thing”NS?
Wang Yizhen,Murong is full of Chu Deirers,Chu Deman……look steadily forward,Straight the West Lake vinegar fish in front of。
Scene is not a bit awkward!
In the old age, Deng Baichuan,I have been busy with a few scenes.,Order the atmosphere,And finally a banquet……
Although the Chu Deiren is watching《Fossil》Rear,It is already possible to speculate,Why did Murong have only eat white water yesterday?,But Murong Fu is in order to maintain people today.,Still only in front of yourself,A few plates。
Chu Deirers after the banquet,The beginning of the eye and the West Lake vinegar fish in front of,I don’t care about why I don’t know why.,It’s a bit uncomfortable, Wang Yin,And the right side know why,Very unsatisfactory Murong Fu……
Do not,Maybe you should be called Murongjiu?
Chu Deirers have not completely accepted this setting,However, there is a contrast,It is some understanding——Murong nine is tall,Plus some lanting silent“Fine-tuning”Easy tolerance,Minimum traces,Male chemicals that achieve overall appearance!
Because Chu Deirers、Wang Yizhen,And the Murong of the main banquet,Today is very silent,Not long-lasting banquetcPosition,It has become a small fish and the package.,The two will play again,And there are no individual packages, you have been self-contained.。
“you!”Some anger is suffering from different packages。
“Three brothers!”Deng Baichuan watched the endless three in this unscrupulous。
Packages see the big brother,This is the mouth。
“Hahaha,The little brother really heroes……But it is not known.,Which senior person is a master??”Deng Baichuan is wide and the little fish is cold。
Dun Baichuan age,There is already white,Extremely strong、Even on the basis of strong,Some slim fat,He still remembers the heavy responsibility of Mu Rong’s,I also hope to help my master master to help。
Yesterday because Murong Removal Off is interrupted,The four major families hope that the banquet ends as soon as possible.,There is no redundancy in different packages.,And today……
Chu Deirens are not big by Deng Baichuan,Or……Today is very restraint?
Taking into account Wang Yin’s relationship,Deng Baichuan and others are also misunderstood,Thought is the reason this,So there is no more communication with Chu Deirers.。
“I?I don’t have Master.,My ability is to learn from my uncle.。”Little fish laughs,Give people feel very well。
“Oh?The little brother is still a famous door.?”Deng Baichuan is more interested in。
“Mingmen family can’t talk,How many uncle is uncle,There is no relative relationship,It is very good to me.……They have exited the rivers and lakes for a long time,In the mountains,Everyone is also happy。”
Listening to the little fish,Don’t understand him,Probably the brain has made the high-end foreign foreignity。
“Oh?Old husband walks for forty years,The little brother even if I don’t want to say my name,You can also talk about what your uncle is good at?,Look at the people who have the old man,”Deng Baichuan also expects to find a master that can draw。

The second floor is also a bar!On the exposed walkway,Some men and women,Holding a wine bottle in one hand,One hand on the railing,Waist and hips follow the rhythm of the music,Shaking randomly。

Xia Jian glanced,I took a look,Wang Lin beside,Holding on to Xia Jian’s clothes corner,Whisper:“Shall we have a private room on the second floor?!Below is too messy“Can see,Wang Lin should rarely visit this place。
On the second floor,A guy with a walkie talkie around his waist ran over,said laughingly:“Mr. Xia, please,Your spending tonight,All free“
Sit here,Drinking wine, you can see everything in the lobby on the first floor,Next to the stage,Put some round tables and high chairs,Young men and women tired of jumping,Just sit up,There will be a waiter with a drink to deliver it。
Near the corner is a bar,There are a few worn exposed,But the long beautiful female service is busy,A group of men and women sitting around the bar,The most exciting thing is,By the bar,Erect an iron pipe,There is a coquettish woman,Playing with the rhythm of the music,Big pole dance。
“President Xia!We go down first,You and Mr. Wang have two glasses first,Come down and jump in a while“Dragon Ball can’t help Nai’s impulse,Pulled Fang Fang down the first floor,I fell into the crowd with a light eye。
Wang Lin smiled slightly,Raise wine glass,Chong Xia Jian said:“Come,I have a couple of drinks with you“
Under the fantastic lights,Wang Lin Shui Lingling’s two big eyes,Keep staring at Xia Jian,She seems to have something to say,But somehow,Always drink only,not talking。
“Come here to sit,Sit too far to speak“Xia Jian laughed and said to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin nodded,Very well-behaved and sat down next to Xia Jian,She still didn’t say a word,Just pour and drink,This makes Xia Jian very puzzled,He couldn’t help asking:“President Wang,Do you have something on your mind?“
“Come here tonight,Reminds me of my studying abroad,At what time,I often go to this place,Crazier than here,Chaos”Wang Lin whispered in Xia Jian’s ear。
Xia Jian looked back a little surprised,Said with a smile:“I didn’t expect you to be a veteran of dance,We also jump?”
Wang Lin nodded,Tie the long hair back,He pulled Xia Jian to stand up,The two jumped up on the terrace,Xia Jian never thought,Wang Lin is always gentle,Dance,It turned out to be such an explosive,For a while,A few young people with weird hair circled behind her。
Come to this occasion,What you seek is a different kind of stimulation,Xia Jian deliberately jumped around Wang Lin,Make these people almost inaccessible to Wang Lin。
Finish one song,Dragon Ball and Fang Fang, sweating profusely, just ran up:“President Xia,You and Mr. Wang are great,We have all seen below,Come, let’s have two drinks”
Woman goes crazy,More crazy than men,For a while,Several boxes of beer were all empty bottles,On this occasion,Xia Jian’s words are not very useful。
Dragon Ball and Fang Fang desperately toast Xia Jian,Wang Lin sitting on the side just laughed,Not discouraged at all,It seems their intention is to drink Xia Jian well,Until drunk。
While drinking and floating,The three women started dancing again on the terrace,Three beauties appeared at the same time,The power of nature is not small,quickly,There are a lot of men and women around them。

“such,You let Niu Xiaohu take them first。After finding a place to park the car,Mix me one by one to the floor where we negotiate,Hear the order and go in。Don’t go out all at once,Who broke,Who is responsible。The three of us took a taxi”Wang Youcai lowered his voice to explain to Wu Wu。

Take Wu Wu down one by one,Turn around and walk away quickly。Wang Youcai and Tian Wa slowly walked out of the rental room,Walk towards the side of the road。He Chen Feng said he would negotiate at six o’clock,I just don’t listen to his story。This is Wang Youcai’s true thoughts,He just wants to fight Chen Feng。
I want to,He was coerced by the bastard Chen Feng to do some unglamorous things,He will never forget it for the rest of his life。Think about these things,Wang Youcai can’t wait to take off the skin of this bastard Chen Feng。
Now he also figured it out,Chen Feng is domineering in Pingcheng,Don’t you just take advantage of his brother Chen Jiang’s power??He Wang Youcai is no worse than him,His second brother can work in the provincial government,Although Wang Youdao doesn’t care about his brother,,But others don’t know!Figured this out,Wang Youcai is not afraid of Chen Feng now。
Dongfangyuan is located on the edge of the city,It is a leisure place with dining and teahouse。I heard that the people who come here are generally mixed people in society。
When Wang Youcai took Wu Wu and Tianwa out of the car,Found that the business here is not very good,I don’t know why it’s still not there yet,Or why this place is too biased,In short, he didn’t see a few people。
Pushed open the antique glass door and walked in。A welcome lady wearing a cheongsam said softly:“welcome!Is it Boss Wang?!Boss Chen welcomes everyone on the third floor”
Hey!This Wang Ba Laozi also learned how to look like a person by wearing a top hat。Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Stepped the elevator。But the moment I entered the elevator,He still glanced at the lobby on the first floor。There are only a few waiters in the lobby,Besides,He didn’t see other people。
*Jing is also a terrible,Wang Youcai has a deep understanding of this。Spent so many years in Pingdu,Some things he has gained a little knowledge。So Wang Youcai is not what it used to be,At least he thinks so。
There are thick carpets in the passage on the third floor,It’s very comfortable to step on。The lights are bright throughout the passage,Apart from meeting a few waiters face to face,No one else saw。
“Wang Ge!All of us went to the men’s bathroom”Take a step forward,Whispered to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai nodded,Whisper:“Send a message to them,Let them be honest,Don’t act rashly,The atmosphere tonight is a bit wrong,Everyone brought me up”
Wang Youcai and they walked over,Then a male waiter greeted him,He said with a smile on his face:“Boss king!this way please”The waiter said,So he brought Wang Youcai into the Haobao。
Haobao,Indeed a little imposing。In addition to this private room,The decoration inside is very particular。This is if it is in normal,Wang Youcai will definitely say a few words,But today,His mind is not here。
“Boss Wang!Why is it late,Don’t you look at me Chen??“With a big laugh,Chen Feng came out of the bathroom。

Xia Zecheng glanced at Xia Jian,No more words,But went back to the room in silence。At this moment,Sun Yuejuan’s dinner is ready,Xia Jian ran to the kitchen,Helping my old lady serve rice。

The weather is warm,Plus sitting in the small courtyard, the air is good。They do,Everything is for the sake of pregnant women。Xia Jian understands his parents’ wishes。
Very happy dinner。Sun Yuejuan kept serving Ma Yan with vegetables,But Ma Yan secretly served Xia Jian again,This family is really interesting。
Finished eating,After a tiring day, Xia Jiangang wants to go back to the room to rest。But my mother, Sun Yuejuan, said:“You accompany Ma Yan out for a walk,Don’t go far,Go back wherever you go to the vegetable shed”
Xia Jianyi listen,I had to help Ma Yan up,The couple walked outside the village。at this time,It’s completely dark,The street lights in the village are all lit up。Ma Yan is holding Xia Jian’s arm,Follow Xia Jian’s steps with happiness,The two walked slowly。
A group of kids who had dinner,Chase and play at the entrance of the village,The scene is very lively。Watching this scene,Xia Jian seems to have returned to which era。
“Are you envious of them??But can’t go back,Let your son help you complete your wish!”
Ma Yan said,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Whispered:“How do you know it’s a son?If it is,That’s a lot of trouble”
First2432chapter The deep meaning of willingness
Ma Yan heard what Xia Jian said,She said deliberately:“I say son is son,how,You are not happy?”
“Ah!You say i can get up happily?Three sons!This in our village,To build a three-house,Marry three wives,Isn’t this killing me??”
Xia Jian deliberately joked with Ma Yan。
Ma Yan lightly hit Xia Jian and said:“Look at your promise,If you have three sons, you must live in Xiping Village!You can’t let them study well,Go out and mix the world in the future,It’s okay to follow you!”
Ma Yan’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took it out and took a look,Hu Huiru called,Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised。To know,Hu Huiru’s bidding,I haven’t contacted him for many days,Call this time,Is it true that Guan Tingna is right??
Xia Jian hesitated,But still got the call:“Hey!Hu Hui!We have not spoken in ages,You call now,Not inviting me to a bar!Then i can tell you,I have eaten it now,People in Xiping Village”
“Xia Jian!Are you sloppy with me?!It’s useless for you to talk less,If you still want to cooperate with me,Rush to my hotel right away,I’m in a hurry to discuss with you,It’s ok if you don’t come,But you have to think clearly”

The center of the sea of gods,A huge tunnel appeared,The area connecting the core of this chaotic world。

A shark man with blood-red scales is teaching several sharks,Suddenly stopped,Look into the distance。
“More than a hundred Chaos Era has passed。”
“The master’s temple should be opened again”
“How unfair,My clan of Scarlet Sharks will always guard here,But never hope to enter the temple of the gods。”
“We all have the birth of Taoist monarchs,Accumulated in this generation,If you can enter the temple of the gods,Maybe an eternal emperor will be born。”
The eyes of the red file shark are bright with hope,But quickly faded。
because,He felt that the breath of the three realms far surpassed himself appeared。
“unfortunately,But there is no hope。”
“This is the Temple of God”Li Ming’s tone,Can’t help but feel a little shocked。
Even he,There are many memories passed down from the ancestor of Master Tianqiong,I have seen many treasures in the universe。
But whether it’s Pantheon Palace or Star Tower Space,Compared to the Temple of God。
The shape of the pupil hall is somewhat similar to a pyramid,The base is embedded in the void,Space-time confusion。But there are six sides,There is an eye pattern on each side。
Earth lines eyes,Khaki,Eyes slightly closed,The overall shape is as heavy as a mountain。
Breeze pattern eyes,Emerald,God pattern intersection,Pupils are like a knife。
Water lines eyes,light blue,My pupils are like drops of water。
Flame pattern eyes,Crimson,Fire in the eyes。
Bright lines eyes,pure white,Endless light blooms。
Dark lines eyes,Dark black,Eyes closed,Darkness。
Six eyes,There is a hint of eternal mood in everything,If you look at it as a whole,Its eternal mood is even more powerful

If it is an ordinary martial arts world,Even if the martial artist in this world is better than Ning Daoqi、Tyrant,I want to kill those monsters who know how to spell,I’m afraid it’s not easy。

And the monsters in the forest of monsters do not know where,If the human race in this world does not have absolute strong suppression,Relying on the strength of Tiannan Kingdom,Tiannan Bazhou has long become a monster paradise。
The speed of Baiqikou is greatly reduced without the horse,Although Liu Xuan took people around,,Still stopped the embarrassed Li Baiqi and others。
At this moment, Li Baiqi has a powerful warrior beside him,Already less than forty people,But Liu Xuan has 70 or 80 people。
There is no nonsense when the two meet,At this time, everything is nonsense,The only way to meet is to kill the opponent,I can survive by myself。
Wang Hong followed Liu Xuan to Li Baiqi at the moment,Holding a cold knife bought at a high price from Earth Star,A simple step forward,Behead this famous horse bandit。
But Li Bai has so much experience in riding and fighting,Slightly sideways and avoided the knife,At the same time, take a look at the saber,Stabbed Wang Hong’s belly and chest。
Liu Xuan’s speed is not as fast as Wang Hong,Just arrived at the moment,Hurriedly pierced Li Baiqi’s throat,Want to force him back。
After all, Li Baiqi is a warrior in the late acquired period,Even though it was very expensive just now,At this moment, some internal forces have been restored。
At the moment he is doing two things,Condensed left hand in palm,With a single blow, Liu Xuan’s long sword was missed,The right saber still stabbed Wang Hong firmly。
Just when Liu Xuan was shocked,Wang Hong is not in a hurry,Do not dodge,Leng Gang Knife in hand reversed,Cut to Li Baiqi’s right arm holding a knife!
Although Li Baiqi saw this knife,But he showed a disdainful smile。
I want to force him back with injury for injury?
Really a whimsical young man!
Not to mention which of the chest, abdomen and right arm is more important,Wang Hong’s knife speed alone,It’s impossible to come first。
Once his saber hit Wang Hong first,The other party will be seriously injured even if they are not dead。
The knife that hit his right arm by then,Will definitely lose strength,Even deviate directly,There is no possibility of injury for injury!
Chapter Fifteen Kill

White people’s fists are not good,Can be drilled with a spicy and boxing,And Muayan is not at a horizontal line。

This fist,Not Liao Wenjie,He stands still,Can live the white people。
Unspeakable white and strong man,The same,Boxing perfusion,The offensive is fierce, I want a wave of flow to fight,Don’t give Liao Wenjie a chance to breathe。
Liao Wenjie did not respond,Because it is not used,The fist is lightly frustrated as the goose hair,Give some reaction, even if he lost。
wrong,A little itchy。
Ten after a punch,Liao Wenji silk is not moving,The grunge of the wind is scared to the white people.,He fell two steps,Eye gradually floating。
Preparing the eyes of the running road。
“Ager,faster,Grinding,You talk to ghosts.?”
yellowSirShouting a scorpion next to it,At the foot is a green face,Doubt the big flight of life。
One said one,Big fate is good,I have given a double flower red stick before,One hit five is not here。
YellowishSirwho is it,Fly like this,Don’t say twisted feet,It is a feet tie up,Big flying is not his opponent。
A sudden sound,Zhou Xingxing,His opponent looks up。
Four people have ended over,In addition to Liao Wenjie,Cao Dada is also the same,I can’t find the North, I am found to be found in the north.。
“Daxie is powerful,In a glance, I broke the sinister rivers and lakes.,Humbled,Humbled。”
Liao Wenjie feels a sentence,Turn back,His opponent picked up a steel bar from the car,Re-opening the posture。
“Opposite guy,Do you want to help??”
Zhou Xingxing good proposal,Worried that Liao Wenjie was injured。
That night, Liao Wenjie and Thai men single,When he arrived,I only see that the Muh male shrinks in the corner.,I don’t know that Liao Wenjie has a few two kilograms.。
He only listened to Cao Dada,Liao Wenjie can play,How can I play?,Cao Dada,Can hit a bottle of wine。
“It’s ok,I can get it。”
Liao Wenjie deeply took a breath,Concentrated spiritual mobilization,Between a moment,Earmodity,The nerve reaction is faster than three points.。
White people holding a steel bar,Double-handed,Liao Wenjie looks in the eyes,The body is deflected by the foot tip.,Also come to the other side while avoiding。
He is now selling,Left fairy,The fist of the straight door is scared that the white big Chinese is close to the eyes。
The face is a slap in the face,very light。
Next second,Waist belly soft rib,Liao Wenjie Saya,Right hook first。
Disgust,White people,Classed steel pipe falls off。
Liao Wenji eyes fast,Empty brick tube,Pulling the past。

“Um,Go down!”

the next day,Ye Fengchun’s people have returned。
Seeing your big team back,Ye Fengchun is also laughing。
He feels Nie Yang is a fool,I didn’t expect him to say this.。
“Brothers have worked hard,This time, though it is planted.,But this also makes us have a good foundation.。”
“I am going to play with the opposite side.,Do you have any interest??”
These people have heard that Ye Fengchun is in order to save them.,Directly apologize to the door,Then I interrupted one of my own beliefs.。
Now these people listened to Ye Fengchun.,Every one is ignorant。
“Ye Boss,You will do it.,Let us do!”
“Correct,Ye Boss, we all listen to you.,Brothers this life is your。”
The person below listens to Ye Fengchun to revenge,One of them is indignation。
Ye Fengchun completed the emotions of everyone,road:“This time I am not ready to be hard with him.,After all, he is red.,I want to join the other two boss,Package the boy together,Your task is not to give me a lot.,I listened to me during this time.。”
“Of course, some of them will go to the bar.,One part to Di Hall,Another part goes to their engineering team,What do you have to do?,Every day, I will take a few times, I can do it more, I can stay there.。”
“If they dare to do,Direct alarm,I believe this time he can’t eat it.。”
With the words of Ye Fengchun,The rest of the younger brother said this little thing is no problem.。
They don’t do their best,But it is rogue that is very lineless.。
With the arrangement of everyone,Ye Fengchun starts to contact the other two boss。
At this time, Li Hui is in the hospital.。
See Li Hui,Jin Xijie is also an embarrassment of a face.,Why didn’t he think that the last one will have a traitor?。
But he also knows the processing results.,This result is still satisfied with him.。
The only thing that makes him angry is too cheap Ye Fengchun.。
If it is him,He will never let Ye Fengchun are so easy to retreat.。
But thinking of he is not there.,Still Nie Yang,He also doesn’t say much?。
“Lee Boss,I am so cultivated.。”
“Golden boss,You are too seen with me.,What is this?,After all, who can’t think of the most trusted people around you will betray.,How are you recovering now??”
“much better,I feel almost discharged tomorrow.。”
When I said this,Jin Xijie is also flashing。
Since you want his life,So don’t blame him.。
Li Hui is also a murder of the bottom of Jin Xijie.。
I immediately asked:“What is prepared after going out??
“Forehead,Will not,how could be!If you go out, I will definitely business.,By the way, put them on a network。”
“Um,Don’t you do a stupid thing?,If you really kill,You can’t get it?,And just drive them away,There is no need to do it.。”
Li Hui Feng, this is completely reminded Jin Xijie,I hope that the other party should not take the road.。

It’s wild and wild,Even if the owner repeatedly restrains,The nature of the saber-toothed tiger dragon is still uncontrollable,I defecated on my face!

Raptor dragons are also extremely grumpy creatures,Although the saber-toothed tiger dragon is in front,But its speed is faster than the saber-toothed tiger dragon running,I saw the raptors flapping their wings quickly,The claws of the bird dragon straightly grabbed at the eyeballs of the black mosasaur!
The black tyrannosaurus does not love war at all,It took a big stride towards the river。
On the speed of action,It is indeed no better than the saber-toothed tiger dragon and the flying raptor,Soon it was pinched by the two fastest dragons。
But Tyrannosaurus black is not a cattle and sheep on the grassland,With its front paws, it grabbed the Raptor dragon that was leaping toward it,Then he smashed it heavily at the saber-toothed tiger dragon that was biting up.!
Monquesaurus entangled with sabertooth tiger dragon,Rolled out more than ten meters away。
quickly,Other dragons have arrived,They are fierce,Furious,They are all going to eat raw black mossosaurus。
The black tyrannosaurus jumped decisively into the river,Set off a large wave,And then swam towards the other side of the river。
Speed in water,Other dragons can’t be compared with the black mosasaur,Even the dwarf species of red-clawed dragons dare not go down the river,Very likely to be washed away by the river。
“Black teeth,Go ashore!”I wish Minglang speak loudly。
Crossed the river,The other dragons are thrown away a lot,Only the flying raptor and a scarlet pterosaur chased this side of the shore。
Zhu Minglang glanced at the two flying dragons in the sky,Take another look at most of the dragon pets that have chased into the river。