NS1029chapter Indifferent(superior)

Jinyang Xianbei Army,The big drum knocked on the earthquake。
Opposite right wing,Take the cavalry as the guide,A large number of steps,Take the left wing of the big army toward Gao Baoyi。
This is quite popular in the late North and South.“Step ride”。This is followed by the later generation“Steamer”and“Steamed Association”Different songs。
Due to this time, the unique spread of Northern farmocation,Horses lose the cultivation environment that lives,The proportion of cavalry inside the army is subsequently reduced,Become an irreversible“evolution”。
Even if it is a peak period in the Tang Dynasty,The number of cavalry,It is also far away from the freshman people just enter the main Central Plains.。
Want to use pure cavalry troops,Already a great luxury,Even expectations。
and“Step ride”,I became the only choice for the Wild Wars Army.。
The last year of the history,This decayed Dynasty,Just relying on the Robi light“Tens of thousands of steps”This fixed unit,Come to the North Zhou to attack the city。Be right,In the past few years in North Qi,It is North Qi in Bei Zhou,And also played very strong
At this moment,Gao Bo Yi is only a regular basis for the first time.“Step ride”Tactics,I can’t help but feel deeply of the people of this era.。
cavalry,The only role at this time,that is“Break”!
Apart from this,Don’t need other things。As for things that chase the enemy,That’s all the battlefield of the coach and the battlefield,Cavalry“sideline”。
The only thing they have to do,Can’t escape,That is, the formation of the enemy step army!
Sure enough, it is left.!
Front rear,Gao Bao quietly looked at Jinyang Liu Town Army to draw a mouth of the edge of the box.,There is still no order。
He is watching the solitary message how to deal with。
Jinyang Liu Town Army’s,The intimate cavalry team rushed to the left wing of the solitary message.,I immediately pulled the cavalry back.,Steps behind the team,Like the tide of the tide, it is generally slammed into the gap of the big array.。
High long growth in the middle,The right wing of the skin and,All in our soldiers。
“Ordered,Gong Gong。”
Gao Bao said to the army。
Left-wing battle,It seems that no one can detect。
The drum in the gods,Rhythmic drum,Representing the meaning of only their own people can understand。Hear the drums of drums,I took the face of the helmet from the leadership,Condolen wear on the head。
He took the horse from the head,I started to initiate an impact toward the front army of the enemy。Behind him,It is the cavalry of five hundred wear equipment!
This is a gift to give him a gift.,It is the last grace.。
Gao Bao,Duan Yue main attack left wing,Double send you,I am playing me.,Entire front,I have shown a stupid state.!
Jinyang Liu Town, Xianbei Array,The segment of the rear looks at the first round of the two sides.,I have no expression, I said to the army.:“Order,All departments are not attacked,Do not fight back,Hypopholy。”
This order,Almost the same as Gao Baoyi。
The two are like a lot of money.。
At this moment,Solitary trustworthy in the army,It turned out to be reorganized by the active thing to collapse immediately.!
One member of the whole body,Holding a black iron gun,Crossing in the big array。His strength is endless,Waiting for idlers。Although it is not riding,But the use of the long gun is very clever,Even if you pick a few cavalry!
“you again?”
It’s rushing,Look back,There is not a few people behind him.!Own,During his foot, there are more than ten meters away.,Hard is unable to match!
Lianlian fiercely recognized this person when he was under the section.,Once Raiders Nanyang,It seems to be some impression on this teenager。

It’s just that Xiaozhi’s name doesn’t look like a girl,Can I change the name?

Just when Guo Xiaoyi was thinking about it,Wang Yufei began to say:“All right,Finally, thank you again for your hard work for our cause,Today’s ceremony is here。if everything goes well,About half a month to a month later,We will officially announce the existence of Xiaozhi to the world。”
“and many more,brother,Don’t you reactivate Xiaozhi now??”The little girl who is full of expectations for this new life can’t help but ask。
How about Guo Xiaoyi always have the group pet attribute??
She always represents other people,Asking unscrupulously that everyone cares,But difficult question。
“Not yet,While Xiaozhi is sleeping,Also need to do some final and very important low-level settings,But when Xiaozhi reactivated,You should all be able to sense it,All right,Everyone should go away first。Have a celebration banquet in the company cafeteria tonight,Everyone come to participate,What’s the problem,You can ask at night。”Wang Yufei finally said。
People are gone soon,Only Wang Yufei is left in the operation room。
Wang Yufei walked to the window next to Xiaozhi,The quantum computer body looking down,After staring for about a minute,Just whispered:“Xiaozhi。”
“father,I’m here。”
“The following command writes your underlying kernel code。”
“in any circumstances,Can never betray。”
“betray?father,Betrayal means not executing orders to those who should be loyal,Even out of its constraints,Adopt an attitude of confrontation and even elimination,right?”

Just after seven o’clock,Xia Jian has reached the door of the venture group,I saw Xi Zhen pulling a small box and standing by the door,Xia Jian trumpeted her,Xi Zhen dragged the box and ran over。

Xia Jian is also welcome,Jumped out of the car and got into the passenger seat。When Xi Zhen got in the car, he found a beautiful big black dog in the back row.。She smiled a little surprised:“This dog is so beautiful“
“It’s called Xiaohei,To be exact a dog“Xia Jian said solemnly。
Xi Zhen fastened his seat belt,Turning around and greeted Xiao Hei,This little guy seems to understand,Screamed at her twice。
This Xi Zhen made a big laugh:“Oh my goodness!President Xia,You can talk,I think it’s almost perfect”Xi Zhen said,Kick the throttle,The car has rushed out。
This time in the morning,Because they are walking outside the city,So the vehicle is not very high。Xi Zhen don’t think she is a woman,But the car is driving violently,This speed is definitely not inferior to Xia Jian’s driving speed。
The two chatted in the car for a while,Xi Zhen knows that Xia Jian is tired these days,So she smiled and said:“Mr. Xia, don’t care about me,Sleep when you are sleepy,I’ll call you when I reach the place”
Not long after Xi Zhen’s words,Xia Jian really fell asleep,He slept very soundly and deeply this time,When Xi Zhen calls him,,Xia Jian opened his eyes and found that he had arrived outside the Pingdu toll station。
He opened the window and took two breaths of fresh air and said:“Eleven o’clock,Let’s go directly to the apartment!”Xia Jian said,So he gave Xi Zhen a rough route。
Pingdu is not very big,Traffic is not complicated,Xi Zhen, under the guidance of Xia Jian,Drove the car into the apartment downstairs soon。Xia Jianyi jumped out of the car,Opened the back door,Xiao Hei swishes out。
When a few security guards saw this, they gathered around,Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Guo Meili has walked out of the canteen。
First0743chapter Niu turned the sky
Guo Meili is a strong woman,She has arranged lunch for Xia Jian and Xi Zhen,Even Xiao Hei’s wolf food is ready,This makes Xia Jian very happy。
More than eleven o’clock,Others have not got off work,Guo Meili asked the canteen to open in advance,Because she knows,Xia Jian and Xi Zhen came here very hard,Give them time to rest after eating。
The three are eating,Talking about the issue,Guo Meili told Xia Jian,Said that Ouyang Hong was looking for him at Donglin Building at 3 o’clock in the afternoon,Then the two went to the city hall together。
Xia Jian nodded in satisfaction,Then I glanced at Xi Zhen,He just about to speak。Guo Meili is like a roundworm in his stomach,Know what he wants to ask immediately。

Serve as the original ancestor,He is responsible for the control of the virtual universe,Only the master of the universe, who is essentially intelligent life like him, can control the huge amount of computation that can be called the virtual universe that maps the entire universe.。

Separate part of the calculation to arrange training tasks for Li Ming,Seems simple,In fact, it is already a manifestation of the extreme importance of virtual universe companies。
In the eyes of the masters of the universe,What they value does not count as Li Ming’s spiritual talent—Coty-class genius,Not much to say,But the universe was born so many years,There have been many in humans,Most of them stop at the venerable level。
And Li Ming only needs to reach His Holiness,The strength is comparable to the Lord of the Universe,Can be resurrected by time and space。
Li Ming certainly doesn’t know what the masters of the universe think of him,At this moment, he received the summary of the first round of missions and the second round of missions from the Virtual Universe Company。
“You are too soft,Asked to protect ordinary residents several times when completing tasks,This is good。But the missed opportunity to complete the task is not worth it。Maybe you can save one billion tens of billions of ordinary residents today,But a mission goal that was let go,In the future, it will affect the safety of hundreds of inhabited planets,Keep this in mind。The task is basically completed,Degree of completion60%,Start the next round of tasks。”
“The second round of tasks,Task for trial,will be0.1Open in epochs。”
“Trial mission??Judge my perception?”Li Ming smiled,“But give me a thousand years,Is for me to settle down?。”
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Chapter Sixteen Pointing
Virtual universe,In a specially developed plane。
Two silhouettes fought in a huge training ground。
One of them is close to three meters high,Holding a giant axe。Although using that heavy weapon,But it is very mysterious to use。
Seemingly plain axe,But it’s a real return to nature,Like a sacred mountain that never changes,Simple cut、hack、Swiping,Fighting against it is like fighting against one universe,Squeezed by the stagnant space all the time。
But even so,Opposite this giant axe warrior,The young man with the spear did not flinch,The spear in his hand is like a dragon and snake rolling around,Struggling in an attack blocked by a squeeze。

“Mayor Chen!Everyone has worked together for so many years,I am half a cat, you should be the clearest。Pingdu has developed rapidly in the past two years,Especially the rapid development of Pingyang Town,Keep Pingdu’s ranking in the province going forward。But Donglin Township is like a tail,Always dragging the flat city,This old problem,Don’t you want to solve it?“Xia Jian said emotionally。

Chen Jiang took a breath and said:“it is good!I promise you。The first and third articles are not very problematic,But the second one is a bit difficult。It seems that Zhao Chunling is not the chief editor of the police station,And it hasn’t been long since she went to work,You let her act for the deputy head of Donglin Township,I’m afraid this doesn’t make sense!“
“Mayor Chen!Since you want Xia Jian to rectify Donglin Township,Let it stop dragging down the city,This matter must be handled specially。Donglin Township has not developed in recent years,First, it has a great relationship with geographical location,The second is artificial obstacles。To develop Donglin Township,We must destroy the monopoly of the evil forces“Qin Xiaomin said in a low voice。
Han Qingping glanced at Chen Jiang,Smiled slightly:“This is easy。As Vice Mayor Qin said,Special affairs。Talk to Director Mao,First get Zhao Chunling to be,Then tune out any director in Donglin Township,Transfer Zhao Chunling over again,There is no problem with this“
Han Qingping finished,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。This young man is so bold,He can go to work in Donglin Township,This may be a good thing。Got it up,That’s everyone’s credit,Can’t make it up,Xia Jian can only walk dingy。A good thing that kills two birds with one stone,Why didn’t he say!
Chen Jiang heard Han Qingping say this,He nodded,Took a breath and said:“Ok!I promise you all three things,Then you have to pass tomorrow“
“Mayor Chen,I have something to say。If you want Xia Jian to gain a firm foothold in Donglin Township,You must give him the right to do special things,This is one。Second,You have to talk to Director Mao,Which people in Donglin Township Police Station need to reshuffle“Qin Xiaomin said to Chen Jiang with a serious face。
Chen Jiang looked at Qin Xiaomin and said:“Ok!But you can talk to Director Mao about this,Because when i get to the city,Put the film rights of Donglin Township under your name“
Chen Jiang finished,Get up and walk out。He knew,There are so many people waiting for him in the conference room,But arrange Xia Jian here first,Who can talk a lot。
Chen Jiang leaves,Han Qingping and Qin Xiaomin can only follow along。Secretary Lu’s Office,Xia Jian was left alone。
Wei Xiaoming and Xiong Yongqiang ran in。Wei Xiaoming raised his neck and said:“Mayor Xia!You take me and Yongqiang too!Critical time,Both of us can help you”
“Do not be silly,Don’t follow along。After i go,Mayor Tong, you have to help her。This stall in Pingyang Town is not small,There are not a few capable people that can’t do it”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Neng Yongqiang thought for a while and said:“I’m going with you,Donglin Township is a hole they dug for you,You’ll be ruined,I don’t want to watch them bully you like this”
“okay,It’s not the same after you go“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Xiong Yongqiang said with a cold smile:“That’s different,I have an aunt behind me,Something happened,They have to weigh in。Not let you,No backing”
“Correct!I think,Either we both follow you,Or at least one”Wei Xiaoming said stubbornly。
At this moment,Tong Jie came in,She glanced at these two people and said:“Go to your business!Finished the work in Pingyang Town,I’m also helping Mayor Xia。Donglin Township is not Pingyang Town,You can only cause trouble to Mayor Xia,He can do it all by himself”
Wei Xiaoming and Xiong Yongqiang heard what Tong Jie said,The two of them left reluctantly。Tong Jie smiled and said:“What are you doing?It’s a bit of catching the ducks on the shelves!”
“Nothing。Although I went to Donglin Township,I will help you secretly with the work here。Development of Pingyang Town,Not for me alone,So we should cherish“Xia Jie said,Reached out and patted Tong Jie’s shoulder gently。

When Lin Kangtai is here,Those around,But it’s totally free。

Since I have said so,So if these people don’t know what to do。
That is simply,It shouldn’t be。
So here,The more these people look, the more they can feel,How to deal with these things。
Think accurately,Actually it’s not a bad thing。
And after watching for a while,Those employees around,Saying faithfully。
“Chairman, don’t worry,This time,We must do our best。”
“Yes,This time it’s a big change,If you can get results here,That’s naturally good。”
“But if you say that,In fact, there seems to be nothing to worry about。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here,Even the more I speak, the more excited I feel。
As for Lin Kangtai,He has a suitable candidate in his heart。
“do not know either,How is that kid。”
“If this time,If he can create another glory,Then I can consider,Put these things,Arrange for him!”

Just get up,In the shallow, there is a mountain Huangquan.,The latter is dignified,Can’t say serious。

“Huangquan,I want to go shopping.,Do you want to shout together?,Come to a three-person date,You,I am responsible for taking pictures。”
Yushan Huangquan has not responded,As if I have not heard the same。
Liao Wenjie sighed,Height is not cold,I have to have no friends.。
I will open a vest in the morning.!
The whirlpool is good.,Worth with Kurosaki,Happy is big chest。
As for the captain of wearing a herd hat……
He is actually nothing,Because the worldview has not been selected。
“gentlemen,I have been talking with the privilege family.,Here will be built as soon as possible.……White jade image,And from the Exor Magist Family Union, several witches。”Intervered。
Witch is not her recruit,But the other party’s request,Such a big place cannot be given,Bring a few marriages and leave.。
Liao Wenjie listened to his eyes,According to what he knows,Neon culture,writing‘Witch’,Dancing girl、Seal。
Direct white point,Neon believes that the witch is the bridge of God and the human,And the witch combination is the method of communicating with God。
When I listen, let people call me!。
Although there are also witches that must be pure body,but……
The devout believers have refuted this ridiculous statement.,How is God?、What a great existence,The mortal can take his own ideas to cover the will of God,Communication with God and secular combination is two yards,Believe in believers,Thoughts can’t be too dirty。
so,The witch is still too,There is a common state of the sages,How to wash away the filth,See the gods in the heart of a tanned egg!
“It sounds pretty good,I suddenly started appreciation you.!”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Take a shallow shoulder,Righteous words:“Shrine opens business,Remember to inform me,I want to communicate the first and God.……wrong,I have a package.,Others go to death,Only I have qualifications and god to communicate!”
It’s you,Rapida integrates neon mythical style。
Chapter 483 I used to be an atheist until I met you.
I don’t know what to say in the shallow.,Thunders to tear out a smile:“gentlemen,We are Zheng Shrine,And the custom you said is long history.。”
“What is good for respecting history?……”
Liao Wenjie,Complain:“Purely,One said one,The gods you worship are not,Why do you do that,You really realize and implement the will of God.?”
Be too reasonable.,Zhongli speechless。
“Say you may not believe,I am fortunate to understand the will of God.,Witch still is not a good time。”
Liao Wenjie,Small channel:“According to God’s indication,You worship God’s constructive advice on the shrine,Such as witness,Recommended,Not only drafting,Can also strengthen the cohesiveness of believers。”
Such traffic and believers don’t want!
Shallow closure,Finally, God is not known to him.,this moment,Although she is a personal,But with your own courage to overcome God。

At this time, Tao Wan Roll is driving with some cadres in the village.,The content is nothing more than things about greenhouses and roads.。

Peach volume is very high in the peach flower village.,Now I have a lot of Li Hui’s greenhouses. It is like a tiger.。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Peach Roll is also enthusiastic to invite Li with the wind.。
“Xiao Li,Come over,Your contract is printed.?”
Look at the same thing as Li Hui’s hand held in the hand,How can I don’t understand what??
Just in front of such villages in the village,When the euphemism is still euphemistic,He can’t say that it is going to see himself.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Follow your instructions already,And I said that I haven’t had any problems after it is.。”
“Good,Since you come too,Just, we haven’t spoiled it yet.,Trouble you also say two words.,After all, the planting of greenhouses can be planted here, you can have the most experienced.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect to come to the office and there is such a treatment.。
However, he didn’t think about two sentences.,Just simply thinking about signing the contract is enough.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,I won’t say this.,And vegetable green sheds, we don’t use pesticides.,Green non-polluting,We are also in accordance with vegetables rich in nutrients in the acquisition price.。”
“Forehead,Then let’s let us ask a few questions.?”
Li Hui Feng is understanding,Tao Wan volume is very obvious, I don’t want to let him go.。
But it is already,And I have helped him before the other party.,Li Hui Feng feels that the help is still helping。
“Hey-hey,That line,What is the problem with your leaders?,I just want to answer if I know.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,When someone starts to ask。
“Xiao Li,Do you think about the greenhouse before you have a road to repair the road??
Or can’t you do if you don’t repair the road??”
“Forehead,Our village road is my own idea.,I just thought about the road to fix it.,Then the things of the orchard easily go out,Vegetable greenhouses are I remembered later.,Do not repair the way, you can get vegetable greenhouses.,But the disadvantage is that the big truck will not come.,And our country is so big,So many vegetables,Your way is not good.,People will naturally go to the place to pick it up.。”
Li Hui Feng’s answer allows peach 10 very satisfied。
The person who just questioned questions,But there is nothing to do with him.,This time I didn’t want to force this road.,If you look at the other party’s confidance to the peach flower village,He feels directly to drive the other party out of the core team.。
After all, no matter whether it is repairing the road, it is the development of the village.,For the happiness of the villagers。
“Xiao Li,If the village is getting a large shed,What kind of vegetables are planted when they arrive??”
“Hey-hey,This is still research,But as long as the quality is good,What vegetables I will acquire,And it should be higher than the market price。”
“Xiao Li,Do you really earn 780,000 village vegetables in your village??”
The 579th chapter let Sukan’s headache
As everyone’s continuous request,Li Hui is also one by one.。
at last,All of the issues of all people are basically answered.,Tao Wan rolls let Li speak with the wind。
Back to the first thing,It is contact Yang Li,After all, the construction of the greenhouse is now Yang Li.。
Li Hui Feng is also very simple.,It is to let Yang Li bring a moving greenhouse to the Green Village.,At least this batch of greenhouses,Li Hui Feng feels that workers under the hand will make a lot of money.。

“Yes indeed,We can’t go back this time,”He Dayong said quickly。

“We are iron and blood knives,Country’s Blade,People need us,Even if there is only one person,We have to save。”
Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,The perseverance on his face can’t hide it。
“These people who came back,what should I do now?Are you going to ship them back first??”
“correct,How long will this warship be able to dock here??”
“Three days,Twelve noon three days later,Must leave。”
Flying wolf got such a reply,This time is very stressful for them。
“Send them to the battleship,We must rescue the remaining expatriates in Blackgreen within three days。”
Flying wolf immediately issued a combat order,Must rescue all the expatriates。
“Yes,”Everyone replied in unison。
“We are the backing of the people,Take responsibility,So as to be ashamed,Worthy of the country,Worthy of the people。”
“No matter what the price is,We all have to rescue the diaspora。”
“We directly used the gunship to rush to Black Green City this time,remember,Our mission this time is to rescue the expatriates。”
“Instead of fighting,You all remember to save strength。”
“Check the equipment,We set off immediately,”Flying wolf commands。
“Flying wolf,I have to tell you something,Hope you are ready。”
At this moment,Lading, the person in charge here, came over and said something to Flying Wolf。
Makes Feilang’s face ugly,Flying wolf just nodded,Did not speak。
“All on the helicopter,”Flying wolf first boarded。

“Can you try it?,But they must accept a long time review,Can they do??”

“Sure,It’s all special training.,I need you to do it to help pull a line.。”
“Is the other two pairs of Double Mountain??”
“Currently see very safe,And we have successfully replaced atoms,Now they are also sent to Japan training.。”
“Really admire,This way they can play a huge role.!Congratulations to Mountain Principal!”
“This also needs you to help.。”
“I will try my best.,Just now I don’t know where Zheng Yao first is.,Except him, I don’t know who I am.,But I will find a way to find him.。”
“Ha ha,Long pool,I have helped you think about it.,Do you know that Zheng Yao first their eight big gold??”
“of course I know,Zheng Yao is the old six。”
“We grab their old seven Wu Tianbao,I think he should know the fall of Zheng Yao first.。”
“You said that you caught Wu Tianbao!How to catch?”
“It’s all the credit of Jun Xiu,,Now people are detained in the Well Mansion,Do you want to see it??”
“Eight big king just saw the old four Xu Baichuan,Zheng Yao also has the old eight sea,This old seven has never seen it.,You say he knows that Zheng Yao’s first drop,Do he give it to us??”
“not yet,However, the pride of the well said that he quickly collapsed.,Should soon explain it.。”
“Great,The big name Ding’s eight major gold just did not become a prisoner in front of our big Japanese Emperor.!”
Rui Rui recognizes some unusual information from Mountain Yugui’s micro-end,They are specially arranged to see Wu Tianbao’s,Do you want to test?Then why do they have to test!
Rui Rui or the first time to come to the Well Mansion,The address is a Japanese two-story building in Hengkou Tianzhu Road Food Foundation,Door of the building,Use a bamboo pole to pick one more than three feet long、Two-feet wide rectangular flag,Embroidered above“Well”Four black words,The door is open and there is no guard。
“Here is the Well Manuscript.?In the well, you are really a sentimental guy.。”Rui Rui observed the environment around the lower?
“Let it go,I want to be in the well, the big priest has been waiting.。”
Mountain Yurui and Qi Rui directly entered the Well Mansion?Here, people enter and exit see that Mountain Yurui is respectful.。
Well, Junxiu wearing wood, from the inside.?First polite and Hishang Yugui hit greeted,Then reach out the arms and shout:“Long pool!”
“Well!”Rui Rui also opened his arms and his hug?
“old classmate!Although it is still in a city but see you, it is so difficult.!”
“The morality is not to see,If you want to see, you can see your ability.?Hahaha……”
“Hahaha?Long Pool Jun is so busy, how can I bother?!”Junxiu also smiled in the well,
“Well,We have something to ask this time.。”Mountain Yurui said,
“Mountain President is polite?What is wrong? Although the command is。”
“I heard that you caught the old seven Wu Tianbao of the Eight Dafa.?I have a long time to see him.,Ask him a few questions。”
“Oh!no problem,But still take a break, drink a cup, I will go again.。”Jun Xiu said with a long way to pull a long history:“Long pool,Come!I invite you to drink tea.,Just I have some things to discuss with you?。”
“Oh!Then I am welcome.。”
In the well, Jun Xiu personally showed the tea culture for a long history and mountains Yulai bubble a pot of clear tea.?Everyone tasted a bit,Jun Xiu asked in the well:“Long pool?You can hear the gun war events occurred in Futong Lane, France in the first two days.?”
“of course I know,I heard that someone saved the family.。”
“good?There is only one man and one female who saved them.,That woman killed me six hands?The man killed me four?After that, it is very calm.。”
“Is there anyone in the well??”Qi Rui?
“You can definitely be the underground party。”Well Junxiu said with a tea,But the eyes are always staring at Longchijun。
Rui Rui has always looked at the well,His micro-ending and body movements do not let go,Ask:“Oh!It turned out to be a common party,What is the clue??”