“exactly!Let’s only drink tonight,Don’t talk about anything at work”Huang Qiang observes his words,When he found that Li Yueming was unhappy with what Wu Xiong said,He hurried out to make a round。

Wu Xiong immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing just now,So he smiled and said:“Manager Li!Brother drank too much,Some words should be blown by a gust of wind,Don’t go inside”
Li Yueming smiled slightly,Took Wu Xiong and sat on the sofa。At this moment,Which Lina came over with a girl with heavy makeup。
“Li Ge!I’m very happy to be here,This is a good sister of mine,Let her accompany Brother Li tonight,I promise Li Ge is satisfied”Nari said,A light push。The girl sat down on Li Yueming’s lap。
Li Yueming is not restrained in front of everyone,He put his arm around which girl’s waist,Then laughed and said:“Everyone just play”
What Li Yueming said,The music rang again。Lina also sat in Wu Xiong’s arms,Where did these four people drink with their glasses。So everyone played their own,Someone is dancing with her arms around,Someone is drinking。Xia Jian is afraid of being discovered,Pull over Bai Li,Arms around her***,Jumped up slightly。
First2191chapter major discovery
From this time in the private room,Never turn on the light again,Completely under dim light。Like dancing,Guessing and drinking。Even Wu Xiong came out to sing a birthday song for Lina,The lights are also dim。
Xia Jian didn’t understand until later,If you don’t turn on the lights, you can do things。Everyone in the private room,They are all in pairs。
Xia Jian carefully observed,I found Huang Qiang and which Liu Erlong,The two guys are also holding the woman in their arms。But based on Xia Jian’s experience,,These women are allKTVEscort。
Said it was for Lina’s birthday,Actually everyone put gold on Wu Nan’s face。People who come here,They all rushed over to toast Wu Xiong。With Wu Xiong’s men,Friends who are also doing business with Wu Xiong。But Xia Jianneng can hear it,Most people are still builders here。
Some earthmoving,Also engage in electrical installation,Of course, firefighting is indispensable。Anyway between these people and Wu Xiong,Have a certain interest relationship。
So many people came to toast Wu Xiong,No matter how heavy the alcohol is, people can’t stand it。I heard Wu Xiong’s yelling at the beginning,After that, there was no sound。
suddenly,Bai Li pulled Xia Jian。Xia Jian looked back,Li Yueming has got up and walked outside,And Wu Xiong’s little lover Lina also followed out。
Xia Jian was taken aback,So he pulled Bai Li out of the private room。There is no figure of Li Yueming in the passage,Xia Jian thought for a moment,He took Bai Li and walked towards the elevator。
Elevator door,Which woman is standing Lina。Because Xia Jian, Bai Li and Lina didn’t meet each other,So this woman doesn’t know them。
When I approached Xia Jian, I found out,This woman is more than twenty-four years old。If it’s not for heavy makeup,He thinks this woman is at least 27 or 18 years old。
It’s really good for radish and eggplant,Xia Jian really doesn’t understand。Why did Wu Xiong celebrate her birthday??He can analyze it,Since Lina is Wu Xiong’s little lover,,That means Wu Xiong still has a wife or a formal girlfriend。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,There was a sound of stumbling footsteps。I saw a silhouette,Li Yueming came over drunkly。
“Lina!Why haven’t you gone back?”When Li Yueming said this,,Tongues are knotted。

“Is such that……”

Bi Shujun told Fang Yu what happened just now。
That Zhao Mutong must have a problem,But he doesn’t want to say。There is the ability to persuade Zhao Mutong,I’m afraid only Fang Yu!
“That’s it……Where is he?Let me talk to him!”Fang Yu said。
Fang Yu is also an intern,Know the suffering。
If Zhao Mutong is really unspeakable,It’s okay to help!
“I’m going to eat……The nearby restaurant is his favorite place!Let’s go……”
Bi Shujun said,Take Fang Yu to find Zhao Mutong nearby。
In a small restaurant,The two found Zhao Mutong。
“Zhao Mutong……I called Doctor Fang。He is the doctor in charge of Jackson……Even if it can’t be cured,Can also solve this!You can rest assured to tell that thing!”
Small restaurant,Bi Shujun said seriously。
“Doctor Fang……You originally,Really worked as an intern for three years?Never been on the operating table?”
Zhao Mutong looked at Fang Yu,Curious。
“This is real……Dr. Fang also made efforts to reach this point。Compared to Doctor Fang,Your conditions are not bad……You can consider after the internship,To get a better degree,There will be more opportunities……
after all,Not everyone is Doctor Fang!”
Bi Shujun is determined。
“but……I now……”

right now,Ye Xuan’s life has reached thirty。

Ugh,Really not confused,Only thirty。
Only thirty days of life,Enough for what?
but,Go to the company and get sick。
Back to business department,Every colleague presents a milk tea and cake。
These colleagues have a good relationship with Ye Xuan,So everyone is very concerned。
“Ye Xuan,You are discharged,how about it,Are you feeling better??”
“Don’t take advantage of this time to rest for a few more days,Why did you return to the company so early??”
“That’s right,Ye Xuan,We plan to see you in these two days。”
Felt the sincerity of colleagues,Ye Xuan was filled with emotion。
It’s better to go to work,Can feel the greetings of colleagues,Like spring。
But not long,Ye Xuan found out,A middle-aged man in his forties came over。
This person,It is Xia Siyang’s father Xia Chaoxian。
Ye Xuan handed over the prepared milk tea drink directly:“General Manager Xia,These are for you,Every colleague has。”
“This one,I waited in line for a long time before I bought it。”
Anyway, just say that,Other people’s milk tea cake,More than 30 in one set。
Xia Chaoxian,More than twenty dollars,At best, the packaging looks better。
“Yep,well,Leaflet,look at you,Why did you come to work after being injured??”
“you all,Must learn Xiaoye’s spirit of not getting under fire。”

“What to do with our boss?”

“Underlying a book,Another matter,I don’t tell you.,I have to see your boss in person.,Otherwise, our boss will be angry.。”
“We have been angry with our boss,That is not letting me come over the door.,Maybe take people directly to cut with you.。”
I heard the scorpion came over.,The two younger brother at the door are also stunned.,At the same time, the attitude is also not very good.。
“You are afraid that you are not dead.?
I don’t know the status of the blood wolf to help here.?”
“Hey-hey,knowledge,Just because I know,Take me to find your boss,Otherwise I can go。”
When the scorpion said this,It also looked at the four weeks.,In order to avoid it for a while,I really have to get up to the other side and have a place.。
Nie Yangcai is drinking a small wine,Then two women next to themselves。
He is a very careful,Very cautious person。
Blood wolf helps can have now in the city,Cautiously cautiously with him, but there is an unparalleled relationship。
It is because he is careful,So he didn’t come over there.,Because I know him,Once he wants to do anyone,That is to prove that the other party is basically no winning。
And he is also a convenience for the little forces around him.,Who wants to make great power in his site,Then the next time is his time to cut leeks.。
Guarantee the clean net。
A few days ago, I came to a group of people to stand here.,He is also no nonsense,Directly,Let the other party know difficult。
If the other party still does not know,He doesn’t mind, it is directly to go to the county.。
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-eight chapters shocked Nie Yang
“What is the life of the people in the county??”
Nie Yang is gently aiming at the woman standing at the door.,Greedy meaning,Overflow。
“Nothing big movement,Just inquire about your things everywhere,There is also your location,There is also the owner of the boss who is guarded.。”
“that’s it?
They have no unacclaimers to prepare for revenge?”
I heard the other party’s report,He has something to do in the city of the county.。
According to the reason, people in the county in the county should belong to that kind of not very brain.,Pay attention to the existence of brothers who are directly rushing directly.!He is even ready,The other party wants to tangle people,He has a direct alarm to prepare a word.。
Results The other party does not move the hand,Just investigation,This makes him feel unique。
“Then who you know??”
“knowledge,And it is yesterday,They still have someone to retreat.,It seems that I don’t want to follow the boss.。”
“Hahaha, this?
I still want to make it right with us.?
This is simply going out, don’t bring your brain.?”
Say,He also continues to lying down,Then let two beautiful women continue to serve him。
Two young women,One mouth contains ice cubes,A warm water,He studied new gameplay,Ice fire two days。
“Boss,Nothing,I went first.。”
Seeing the appearance of Nie Yang,Women at the door can’t see it.。
After all, she is also a woman.,Some things don’t want to help,But people have to bow under the roof。
“Row,Continue to monitor them,If they dare to make a hand,Let us pick up our people,If you don’t work, you will withdraw our people directly.,Then the alarm processing。”
Say this,Nie Yang closed his eyes,Then waving a waving to let each other。


First226chapter Who to worship before making the armor?
Fang Niannian really brought back the dragon silk and ice pattern leather that I wish Minglang needed,Have such a capable assistant,Zhu Minglang wants to give her some salary。
Dragon silk and ice grain leather are not very rare items,But you have to buy those that meet Zhu Minglang’s current casting needs,You need to spend a lot of time searching in the market,The way to save a little time is to post rewards directly,This often costs several times the original price。
Can be found in such a short time,Not easy!
Complete materials,The blueprints are so memorized,The rest is to start!
This armor suits the stove、Forging table requirements are not very high,I wish Minglang just find a casting room。
Just do it,Zhu Minglang looked around for Mr. Koi first。
Mr. Koi is the mascot of Zhumen,When the general elders do what god armor and saint clothing,I will invite it over。
Even though Zhu Minglang is a great man、Tao Fa、Human youth,Do not believe in those ignorant metaphysics,But I thought that the materials are so expensive,I think it would be much better to ask Mr. Koi to sit by。
Find a circle,I didn’t see Mr. Koi。
This makes Zhu Minglang a little bit difficult,Isn’t it taken away by the back chef??

Fang Yu ran away again……

I’m tired thinking about it!
“There are some herbs,Have to find!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“that……Forget it!”
Hu Yili helpless。
I had to send Fang Yu back!
Fang Yu went to Fang’s pharmacy and bought most of the herbs,Then go to that small alley,Bought some special herbs。
Ground powder。
Then start boil!
More than an hour later。
Finally got the ointment。
“son……What is this ointment,Why does it smell so bad?”
Fang Deyun saw that his son had made a big pot of ointment,Surprised。
This thing,Who wants to use it?
“This is because one of the medicinal materials,Smelly……But it works well!”
Fang Yu made sure。
“You want to go out?”
See my son leaving,Fang Deyun still wants to ask what’s the role。

“Not far from you,A man has been staring at you,So after you give me the baby,It’s best to hold your bag in your arms,Cover with clothes,Create the illusion that the child is still in your arms”The woman said softly。

Zhou Li trembled,She asked softly:“You are Fang Fang?”
“Correct!I am Fang Fang”Fang Fang said,Lightly took Xiao Chenchen from her hand,Then wrap it in a coat。
Zhou Li hurriedly bent over,Pulled out the bag under the seat,According to Fang Fang’s arrangement,Wrapped this in my own trench coat,Look far,Like holding a baby。
“Listen well,You get up now to find the conductor,I have already told her,Just say your name is Zhou Li。Train leaving from Bucheon,Will stop at a small station in half an hour。Nowhere,But you can go down,This will completely throw away the man staring at you,Do you understand me?”Fang Fang whispered。
At this time the train has started to board passengers,There are so many customers in Bucheon,All at once filled the carriage,At this time,Fang Fang suddenly said:“Hurry up and get caught in these tourists,Go to the conductor”
Zhou Li nodded,Holding the handbag in his arms, he walked forward。
All morning,Xia Jian didn’t do anything,He sat with Zhao Hong,They are quietly waiting for Fang Fang’s call。Sun Yuejuan and Xia Zecheng,Walking around the house in a hurry。
lunch,Sun Yuejuan didn’t do it,Everyone just ate steamed buns and some leftovers。Until three o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Everyone gathered around Xia Jian。
Fang Fang called,Xia Jian quickly connected,Fang Fang’s happy voice came from inside:“The child has been safely delivered to President Xiao Beishan’s home,Aunt Ding will take care of me temporarily。It’s just that this guy can make trouble,Your family should come here as soon as possible”
“it is good!I will let my mother come first at night,But I have to trouble you about renting”Xia Jian said in a low voice。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Mr. Xiao said where he lives,Not let you consider。So I didn’t find it for you,But you must be there tonight,Because the little guy recognizes people,Just ignore us”
“Ok,Thank you”Xia Jian finished,Hung up the phone。

think carefully,Seems to be okay,The instructor no longer speaks,But there is no follow-up after the action?There seems to be no coherent plan,Always feel nondescript,such as,Emergency measures in case of problems, etc.,of course,The instructor did not say anything,Luo Changhua made up,It is also recommended to report the action decision to Bureau Liu,Bai Xiaojun is emotionally impatient,But still did,Collective decision,Even if something goes wrong, I can help these two,No reason to refuse。

“Old rice,You can help and supervise Mudaoren,Let’s each have a share,Go back to eat now、rest,Still gathering here at eleven o’clock in the evening。”Bai Xiaojun patted the instructor’s shoulder enthusiastically,Unconcealed。
“SZThe case in the city has changed a bit,I’m afraid I’m going to take a trip。”
“Oh?What changes?”
“It’s another murder case involving Zhang Zhiqiang,but,Not finalized yet。”The instructor’s answer is a bit vague,Liuyunguan’s things over there,He doesn’t want to let the other party know。
“not sure yet?Then hand it over to the local,Here is the point,The superior has just dropped the notice,The dead body case will end before the end of the month,A lot of pressure。”Obviously Bai Xiaojun will no longer let instructors run around,He is now the overall commander in charge,There are orders from superiors,Naturally, you have to hold chicken feathers as the arrow。
The instructor frowned,But there is no alternative,I wanted to talk to Liu Ju about this,But after thinking,The other party is likely to push him back to Bai Xiaojun in one sentence,Undoubtedly boring,And it’s easy to get out of business at this critical time,Still bear it。
Liuyunguan found the body of Zhang Zhiqiang’s associate,It stands to reason that the instructor should at least ventilate the task force,But he decided to take a moment,On the one hand, the timing is not ripe,On the other hand, it was also out of distrust of Bai Xiaojun,There are also two eyewitnesses who have to find a place to transfer protection,do not know why,The instructor was a lot more cautious at once。
Have dinner in a hurry,The instructor returned to his residence,Carefully checked the corners of the room,Confirm that there is no monitoring、After eavesdropping on devices,He just called‘Doctors’,Let him and Shen Yingjie do three things as soon as possible,One is to try to contact the local public security agency,Protect the dead body,What procedures are needed, he thinks of ways to make up;The second is to protect the two witnesses,It is best to move,;third,No matter what method,Be sure to ask the doctor to go to Liuyunguan to see Baiyun first,Save Baiyun’s life。
Eleven o’clock late at night,Moonlight,Around the small building is like an enemy,The interrogation method in the eagle room on the second floor has just begun,Luo Changhua arranged three groups of personnel,Take a wheel fight against Zhang Zhiqiang,More than ten sets of various problems have been designed,Inverse interrogation,There are also auxiliary means,Fluorescent lamps of large wattage were erected on the corners on both sides,The effect is comparable to the spotlight on the stage,Put on headphones for Zhang Zhiqiang,Bracket at the chin,Want to pretend to sleep,Immediately there was a roaring metal rubbing sound,Make it dying。
Nonsense is fine,The headlights on both sides can gradually increase,Within minutes, Zhang Zhiqiang’s eyes can be swollen and painful,It’s no use closing your eyes。
The instructor stood outside the door and glanced at the interrogation room through the small iron window,Zhang Zhiqiang is telling stories vigorously,Seems to be totally unaffected by the surrounding environment,This time it’s Hokkien,Speaks very slippery and fast,enraptured,I’m very excited from time to time,From the instructor,I’m afraid this battle will not do much for Zhang Zhiqiang。
Chapter six hundred and forty five Night action
When I came to the evidence room,Mu Taoist is busy,Pedal white cotton boots,Take gossiping steps around the place where the dead body is lying,Steady pace,Very slow,Every turn,And sprinkle some millet,Eyes slightly closed,Have words in your mouth,Extremely attentive,Didn’t care about the instructor’s arrival。
Mudaoren’s outfit has also changed,A dark gray robe,Slung a black cloth pocket,Back with whisk and mahogany sword,Because of his tall body,The sleeves flutter down while walking, but also majestic。The first desk at the front has been changed to an incense case,There are incense candles and dried fruit tributes,The whole indoor environment is smoky,A little spooky。
The instructor stood quietly at the door watching the wooden Taoist fiddling,The other side walked ninety-nine-eighty-one back and forth,Just stopped,The instructor noticed that the millet on the ground had unknowingly dispersed into a circle,Very regular,This is quite interesting。
At this moment, the wooden Taoist took out a lot of red rope from the messenger bag,Then he held out the small porcelain bottle I saw in the afternoon meeting,Wrap three of the red threads around the bottleneck of the small porcelain bottle,Then carefully placed the porcelain bottle in the center of the circle on the ground,Three red lines point in three directions。
Then the wooden Taoist crossed his legs on the ground,Fold your hands in front of your lower abdomen,Have words in your mouth,The instructor did not understand,I think they are all obscure scriptures,About Mo Xiaobanzhuxiang’s Kung Fu,The wooden Taoist rises up,Muttered to himself,“Became。”

Wizard Wilmot nodded in agreement。

“correct,Andy!”Viscount Cap seemed to say casually:“Because of Wright’s talent,I will withdraw from the territory2000Gold coins as a reward,I think no matter which college I go to or join a free faction mage,This gold coin should be used。”
Wizard Wilmot and Priest Obadiah opened their mouths and said nothing。Viscount Cap can make advance bets for possible future achievements of Wright,But they cannot spend their gold coins for their own forces!
see“Northland Magic Guild”with“Church of the Earth”Neither of the masters spoke,Viscount Cap nodded in satisfaction,Order the guards outside the door to inform the servants to prepare for a banquet。
Afternoon,Wright left the lord’s mansion with his adoptive father,After announcing the reward for Wright,Lord Cap holds a banquet,Andy drank at least 20 catties of good wine at the banquet,Viscount Dia’s eyes are a little red。As for returning home,Domestic violence by wife because of drinking,That’s another story。
Wright was tested for super magic talent,The news spread like wildfire,On the second day, many neighbors and Andy were in the guard to congratulate friends,Even Jafar and Andy have always been at odds with Jafar and came to the door with gifts,Many people don’t think that Wright, who looks so talented as a warrior, is actually considered to have an excellent magician talent.,I also guessed if O’Connor’s house was going to skyrocket。
The second week,Several Andy’s former mercenary teams came to the house“Boulder Mercenary Group”Former teammate,Are all good fighters,Several strong men gathered in a circle to praise Wright’s talent and sensibility,Being so complimented by old friends makes Andy happy from ear to ear。Of course, these teammates are not here entirely for congratulations,Some teammates hope that Wright can be a named consultant in the mercenary group in the future;Some represent a certain army,Expressed willingness to fund Wright。Of course these were declined by Andy,And get these old friends drunk on the wine table。And just the day after the boulder mercenary group left,There will be a sacrificial offering from the dark church,Bluntly hope that Wright can join the dark vatican,You can also arrange to join any magic school in the Northland。Then the Obadiah priest who heard the news came directly out of the Dragonfall Fort—The Church of the Earth and the Holy See of Darkness are not dead enemies like the Holy See of Light,But also because missionary conflicts are at odds with each other。
After this incident,In addition to asking the priest of Obadiah to use tools to test the magic talent for Wright alone,Wright never showed up to contact outsiders,Instead, you concentrate on practicing the meditation taught by Master Wilmot or discussing which magic school to go to with your father—According to Wizard Wilmot,If Wright does not join the Northland Magic Guild, he cannot teach him any magic,But the most basic thing like meditation is not in this case。
As for which magic school to go to,Andy and Wright discussed,First exclude the Magnolia Academy of the Magnolia Empire。According to the afterthought to ask the priest of Obadiah,The Magnolia Academy only symbolically collects one gold coin a year for the people of the Magnolia Empire,Even if you don’t even have a gold coin, you can go to school and wait for graduation.,For the people of the small kingdom principality,Five hundred gold coins a year,Andy’s gritted teeth can still afford it!As for the people of the Puang Empire,Ten thousand gold coins a year,Can’t read it at all。
As for those inferior colleges,There is no need to consider,No need to waste talent for that little scholarship。And the two major magic schools in China,Just see if they will give some conditions,If the conditions are equal,Choose Puang First College。After all, the imperial royal family behind Puang First Academy,Represents the most orthodox force of the empire。
Two months passed like this,One month before the empire’s annual magic talent test。Wright is ready to set off,Go straight to the imperial capital!After all, whether it is to go‘Puang First School of Magic’,Go further south‘Ernst College’,It’s more convenient to conduct magic tests in the imperial capital than to detour to the blue castle further north.。And if you go to the Blue Castle to test,Maybe you will be invited to the Blue Castle Magic Academy!Instead of offending people after rejecting,It’s better not to go。
quickly,Farewell day。Andy and Nicole don’t plan to go to the imperial capital with Wright,According to Andy,Men have to do it on their own,Can’t rely on parents forever。
My sister Tina is teary and doesn’t want her brother to leave,Wright had to promise to bring a bunch of gifts to his sister when he came back,And cute little monsters,So my sister let go。
“Wright,Take care of yourself outside。Don’t fight with people,Wear more clothes when it’s cold,Don’t be reluctant to spend money on meals。”These are the words of mother Nicole,Usually nagging words,So heartwarming right now。
Father Andy is serious and silent at this moment,But Wright still saw care and love in his eyes。
“gone,Little Wright”A burly man of the same size as his father Andy drives a caravan,The caravan is a huge lizard with a huge body but a good temper.,The dark green head is chewing the leaves。

Gu Rimou said with a smile:“You said I’m a master,Is it appropriate for you to let me go ahead,Let colleagues in the cultivation world see,Where do i put my face,Are you right!”

“Pooh,There is a woolen outsider in this wilderness……”
Gu Rimou’s expression suddenly became serious,Whispered:“I heard the sound of fighting,There are really outsiders around here!”
Chen Xiu listened quietly,He can hear all the sounds of insects and birds within ten meters,Big moves within one kilometer must be beyond his ears,Except for the sound of wind and the occasional hare running across the grass,I really didn’t hear any fighting。
The look of Gu Rimou is not fake,Chen Xiu is on“Omniscient”,The hearing range has increased several times and still can’t hear the loud fighting。
“What is the sound of fighting there,Lie to me again!”
“The fight is several kilometers away from here,You can’t hear,follow me!”
Gu Rimou leaped to the canopy of a towering tree over 30 meters high.,Chen Xiu was stunned,It’s not a problem to jump for more than ten meters with his light work,Let him jump more than 30 meters,Nothing can be done without borrowing。
Watching Gu Rimou’s leaping figure,Obviously I haven’t tried my best,I was even more surprised at how high Gu Rimou’s cultivation level is.。
“What are you still doing,Come up soon!”
Gu Rimou waved to Chen Xiu from the tree canopy and shouted in a low voice。
“it is good!”
Chen Xiu gathers his true energy“Sea of blood”、“Yangguan Point”,Slightly bent legs,Pop up,It’s seven or eight meters up all at once,Waiting to rise to the highest point,A little tree trunk,Make a comeback,It’s another seven or eight meters,Repeat this twice to reach the canopy。