“There is no action tomorrow.,If there is,The biggest suspect is Jiulijun!”

“Why is him??”
“Although he looks outstanding,But there are many doubts.,Especially the princes are born.,Judgment combination Every time there is no vacant,Why do you get into the bullet here?,Still not,It looks very serious,In fact, it is a little more than the skin.,This is a designed bitter meat.?What is to let Zheng Yao first place the rice and fireworks.?”
“Director,I heard that he is a high-profile student of Zhonghong School.,Still near Wei Wenmo Prime Minister,Yoguo Zhaoza is full of praise,If this is doubtful, we don’t have a good fruit.。”
“I don’t want to doubt him.,But we are eating this bowl of rice.,No matter who he is,As long as there is doubt, you must check it out.,Otherwise, we will pay the price of life.!”Ding Mun Village,
“Then what should we do tomorrow??”
“You will do it according to my layout.……”
Li Shousun listened to Ding Mun Village before listening to Ding Mun Village.……
Rui Rui is now a little happiness,Because I can take a big beautiful female Fu Yingxue in the evening.,Say you can only kiss and hug,Fu Yingxue can’t stop his hand is not honest.,In addition to the final line,She also served as two big hands in her body.。
I came to the special high school next morning.,Rui is waiting next to the phone,He also knows that Ding Mun Village is not good.,sDifficult task cannot be completed so well,It is waiting for Song Jian and Tang Rui’s report.,They have not come to the office today.,Is definitely what happened last night?。
Qi Rui now understand how important Zheng Yao first said it is.,Song Jian and Tang Rui are absolutely a very sensitive agent that is very sensitive.,They won’t miss any details,It is the two people who have stared at the agent headquarters for so many days.,I have never been found.。
Eight points,Phone is finally ringing。
“Hey,I am a long pool!”
“Class long!I am Song Jian。”
“Do you have not come back yesterday??”
“Class long,last night,Specialist headquarters seems to have a big action,Bi Zhongliang and Li Shunqun have taken a team of people.,I followed Tang Rui.,I found that they lived in the hotel.。”
“Live in the hotel!Which hotel?”
“Xinya Hotel and Joe Hotel,After going in, no more,I let Tang Rui stare at them.,Recharge it back to the agent headquarters,Just now Ding Mun Village personally brought a team of people to the Army Hospital.,I am in the hospital now.。”
Rui Rui once again praised their ability to two people,Say:“Song Jian,Today, Ding Mi Village is going to send the sea.,In order to ensure that there is no loss,You must determine whether Ding Mun Village and Haizheng have on。”
“It turns out that they are going to go to special classes.,That’s right,Bi Zhongliang and Li Shousun took people living in ambush in advance.,It seems that they are worried that there are half-way robbery!”
NS266chapter battle of wits
Qi Rui suddenly found this time to encounter real opponents.,Take a look:“Song Jian,Ding Mun Village is to ensure safety,This is right,You stared at them.,Tell me the number of your phone booth,I will call you in the past.!”
Rui Rui put down the phone does not help but the brow is tight,Ding Mun Village is a small number,How many killers who have been sent, he did not succeed,Otherwise, the task given by the system will not besLevel。
Qi Rui knows that Ding Mun Village is difficult to kill,It is even more inde sure that he will not follow the team.,Therefore, there are four action programs for judges.,Any solution must see action instructions to implement,Did not see the instructions and signals represent the termination action。
Rui Rui saw the map found that the location of the two hotels is just near the first plan.,Now Bi Zhongliang and Li Shun should have already scattered in the whole street.,Going to the hotel one night, it is to avoid being killed.,Ding Mun Village is also very paying attention to details。
Qi Rui knows that this action knows only a few people at the office at the time.,However, the Hai Zhengchun in the first person in the Army Hospital knows that it is not a secret.,Action investigative master can also detect Hazhengchu transfer by investigating,Then halfway killing is not impossible,So this assassination is rumored to continue。
Rui Rui looked at the table has been 8:30,Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng should have reached the designated place,Next, look at yourself.。
“Yunzi Miss!”Rumored,
Zhunexin Yunzi pushed the door into the office asked:“Long pool class,Are you calling me??”
“You are ready,Wear it with me。”
“What to do?”
“I am worried that I am in the middle of the road to transport the fleet of the sea.,Let’s go to the road to see,just in case。”
“There are not a few people who know this escort mission.,Waiting for a power station, you will not know.?”

Qin Hao understands their approach,Follow Huang Xiaoding to home。

“Uncle and Auntie, this is the tobacco, wine and tea I brought you,And this pair of bracelets,This dress,Little gift,It’s my heart,Please also accept。”
Qin Hao quickly took out the things,put it on the table。
“Look at,You did a favor like this in our family,How can we accept your gift?”
Huang Tiansheng quickly pushed the gift towards Qin Hao。
villager,Most of them are simple by nature,Not so many people outside。
“Uncle Huang,If you can count on me,Just accept,Xiaoding and I are comrades in arms,I can still get this gift。”
Qin Hao pretending to be angry,Huang Tiansheng saw Qin Hao’s appearance and didn’t refuse。
Then opened the bag in front of Qin Hao,In addition to tobacco, alcohol and tea,And bracelets。
“This bracelet is specially prepared for Auntie,Very suitable for aunt,”Qin Hao said at this time。
“This,This is too expensive,”Huang Tiansheng just opened the box,There are two shiny objects lying inside,Impressively two gold bracelets。
“dad,You just accept,Not for you,This is for my mother,Don’t disappoint Brother Hao’s heart。”
Huang Xiaoding knows Qin Hao,Don’t look at Qin Hao’s usual carelessness,But love。
“that……I’ll accept it,”Huang Tiansheng said。
“Let’s take two sips of this wine today,”Huang Tiansheng is a bit greedy。
“Old man,You just want to drink,Didn’t the doctor say you can’t drink,Can’t drink,Make you taboo。”
At this moment,The aunt who was cleaning the room came over and said。

“Don’t you say,Just two”Wang Youcai said and started the car。

While he is driving,While thinking,Why did Du Xiaohong do this just now?Is it really that his business is too small to make money??
A little white water town,I can’t buy a few bags of noodles in a day,At this point,Wang Youcai’s already investigated。So the olive branch he threw away,Most people will rush to do it。
“Hey!Boss Wang,This is also a grain and oil store,Don’t you go down and have a look”Liu Ying suddenly pointed out the car window。
Wang Youcai stopped the car,But he found an old man sitting in this small shop,So he shook his head helplessly and said:“Doing business with the elderly is the most troublesome,I don’t think so”
Wang Youcai finished,Refuel on the foot,The car swished out。Half an hour later,Wang Youcai’s car has been parked in the compound of the base。
Tian Wa and Wang Xiaomei helped move everything in the car into the kitchen。Tian Wa quickly introduced Liu Ying and Wang Xiaomei to each other。
Tian Wa saw Wang Youcai changed a car and drove,Happily keeps going around the car,He asked with a smile:“Wang Ge!This car costs a lot of money, right!”
“What money,Are given by the boss”Wang Youcai laughed and said。
Tian Wa happily gave Wang Youcai a thumbs up。The person who can let the boss match the car,Really not easy。In what age is this situation,Especially the backward places,Really rare。
“How many people work now?Why didn’t you stare at them”Wang Youcai’s face suddenly changed,Coldly questioning Tian Wa。
Tian Wa has a complacent expression,He glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“I called six people,These six people are young and strong,Work is a good hand,Never lazy。Just a few days,Have done a lot of work,I just came back to get the tools”
Tian Wa said,Pointed to the shovel in the corner of the wall。Wang Youcai realized that he was suspicious,Tian Wa is not a lazy person。
Just in front of Wang Xiaomei and Liu Ying,He gotta show off。At this time,The phone in his office rang,Wang Youcai let go and ran in。
My god,This call is from Hu Huiru。Wang Youcai quickly connected,Hu Huiru’s gentle voice came from inside:“Manager Wang!You go back?You just need to drive carefully”
“I came back as soon as I drove to the car,This car is ok,Driving easier than I used to,Just take the goods。You know,What do dozens of people here want to eat,But it all depends on this car”Wang Youcai is so shrewd。
But what he didn’t expect was that Hu Huiru became angry when Wang Youcai said this.,She said sharply:“You mean let me equip you with another truck?Overcome the problem yourself,Don’t ask me any questions”
“You misunderstood me, Mr. Hu,I just said casually。Twenty people have been working for four days here,And the progress is pretty good,Is it fully started??” This is Wang Youcai,He has his own way of dealing with Hu Huiru。
Tian Wa told him clearly,There are only six people working,He turned into twenty people,What kind of concept is this。

Internet cafe,Red hair suddenly feels upset,Good temper,I didn’t know why, but I scolded the only customer.。When Li Tianchou arrives,The captain is interpreting Hong Mao’s dream,A nervous look,Depp、Ajiu sat aside and listened foolishly,Red hair’s face is cloudy and sunny,Don’t know what’s thinking。

“Haven’t you called yet??”Li Tianchou interrupted the captain,I saw something wrong with the red hair。
“Big brother,not yet。”Hong Mao stood up and shook his head,“I feel so flustered today,I always feel something is going to happen……I had a dream last night,Dream of my brother。”
“Oh?sit down,Some key points today,No wonder you are nervous。”Li Tianchou patted red hair on the shoulder,“do not worry,I will go with you。it’s not a big deal,The other party is for money,Ajiu,Didn’t I get it back??”
A word settled Hongmao’s heart a little,Others nodded。Li Tianchou scanned the internet cafe,“Is what I said ready?”
“get ready。”Hong Mao took out a black handbag from under the cash register,Looks bulging,Li Tianchou stretched out his hand,Very heavy。
“Not bad,That’s it。”Li Tianchou said,See everyone,“A call came in a while,Hong Mao and I can go,You stay here and wait for news。”
“Let’s go together,More people have a caring。”
“Not needed,I understand everyone’s intentions。There are too many people。We are facing a veteran underworld gangster,Be cautious。”Li Tianchou flatly refused。
Looked up at everyone,I scanned the Internet cafe again,Li Tianchou:“Uh,There seems to be no business today,Better off for a day,Close the door。”
Chapter Seventy Nine The plan in front of the chess room
But I didn’t wait for a call until the afternoon,Not only is Hong Mao panicked,Even Li Tianchou felt something was wrong。I called Cheng several times in a row,But no one answered,Just shut it down the last time。
It seems the situation is complicated,What happened to Chengge??Since the other party wants money,No contact,I heard about such kidnapping for the first time,Are you kidding me?
Can’t wait any longer,Li Tianchou walked out of the Internet cafe without a word,I just found a shop,Picked up the public phone and dialed the call from Hong Mao’s phone yesterday,“Hey,Who to look for?”The voice of a thick man over the microphone。
Li Tianchou was surprised,“You called me yesterday,It’s about raising money。”
“What a mess,Here is a public phone。”
“Hey,Hello……”Busy tone came on the phone,Li Tianchou is not convinced,Dial aside,“Excuse me,Where is your address,I……”
“Neuropathy,Warn you,Stop playing。”Listen to,Don’t wait for Li Tianchou to finish,Hung up again。
So impatient?Li Tianchou is very upset,Su Er thought that Hongmao might have dialed countless times,Not only dumb。He thought it was a fixed public phone,Should be able to find the area。“Old man,Please ask,Can you find the location with this number?”

On Long Distance Driving,Hongchen Feizhou is much more comfortable than flying by simply relying on mana escape.。

Four gods,Also released his men from the cave,The whole spaceship is close to more than twenty gods。
after all,The Eight Immortals of Shangdong under Lu Dongbin are eight,Li Ming is a clone of seven,And the ancient whale god is fighting。
Wang Lingguan,There are also two men following,To arrange the three-eyed demon。
Only Qingfeng Daotong is truly alone。
With their strength,Enough to crush the Seven Luminaries led by the Crocodile Demon。
After all, Wang Ling’s faculty resisted,Lu Dongbin led the Eight Immortals of Shangdong to control that fairy sword enough to explode the attack power of the threshold of the first ancestor。
Li Ming on the bright side,Suppression in the star realm can definitely suppress and bind a seven-day god。
As for Qingfeng Daotong,Good at suppressing the seal。
It is important to know the magical powers that are best at suppressing seals in the Three Realms,One is Li Ming’s secret unannounced great luck,The second is the Buddha Kingdom in the palm of Buddhism,Three is Zhen Yuanzi’s sleeves。
The Red Dust Flying Boat directly tears the void,Fly to the nearest world of Bacchus。
The distance between the void,It will take a while to rush to the world of Dionysus。

Bang bang,There was another gunshot in the yard,It should be Wu Fang moved,Li Tianchou quickly turned his body and turned on the wall again,At the same time, touch your waist with both hands,Two black barrels suddenly appeared,Murderous。

Bang gunshot,The tiles under Li Tianchou’s feet are flying,Fathead fish shot again,This person is always cunning,Realize that the characters on the wall are difficult to deal with,So at this moment, it’s right under the wall,Although I yelled casually,Actually waiting for Li Tianchou to show up。But standing upright,Backhand shooting is too difficult,The shot still fell empty。
Li Tianchou took advantage of the momentum and quickly fell from the wall,The backhand fired two shots at the fat fish head in the air,The body is on the ground and hides behind the corner by the small building。
Wu Fang is hiding at the top of the stairs of the hall,Location is awkward,There is a gunman watching,Unable to escape through the back door,Many people are blocked in the front yard,Also immobile,So in a dilemma。Li Tianchou’s shout,And only let him rush out two steps,There was a gunshot but I had to shrink back,Carrying two portable password boxes,Very much influence action。
Chapter four hundred and fifteen warm up
“Fat fish head,Something is wrong,Are we being tricked??The one in the house is really not mine。”Sang Biao on the other side of the courtyard wakes up,Can’t help but yell,The tone is much softer than during the quarrel。
Fat fish head did not respond,His upper left arm was hit by a bullet shot by Li Tianchou,Banding wounds that are gnashing teeth,At the same time, I yelled at Sangbiao for being an idiot。He has already seen the strangeness of things,But the stranger in the house is hard to deal with,The two rushing hands were instantly turned over。Fat Yutou wanted to pretend and Sangbiao’s misunderstanding would lure him out,But unexpectedly jumped in from the wall, a more difficult guy,Mournful,The plan is messy,Had to do it recklessly。
Li Tianchou quickly saw the situation in the small courtyard,In addition to what Sangbiao said just now,He knows that time is extremely tight。Wu Fang can’t come out for excuses,But didn’t choose to escape through the back door,Explain that the location of the back door or the second floor must be weird,Forcing him to be unable to move。
He looked up at the side wall of the small building,There is only a small window on the second floor,Four meters above the ground,There is no difficulty in using the fence。The only thing to bet on is that there is no gunman near the window upstairs,Otherwise it will take time to clean up。Without delay,Li Tianchou stuck out half of his body decisively,Shoot at the place where Sangbiao and others are hiding,He has four guns,Don’t worry about ammunition。
Bang bang……After a series of bangs,Li Tianchou instantly emptied a full magazine,Threw the pistol at will。The flower bed opposite to hide、The big tank and other objects were shattered by crazy bullets,Sang Biao and others were so scared that they all lay on the ground,I dare not raise my head at all。
The fat fish head hiding at the same level as Li Tianchou found something wrong,Immediately forced the younger brother around to rush out,But the figure only shook and fell to the ground in the sound of gunfire。The second kid who dared to rush over found that the corner of the side wall of the small building was gone,He subconsciously raised his head and looked up,Li Tianchou just got into a small window more than four meters high。
The boy shot the window twice in succession,Shouted loudly,“Boss,That guy is upstairs。”
“I drafted uncle,Let Shunguai kill him!”Fat fish head is so angry that he is afraid of the brain door,Turned his head and shouted at the other side,“Sangbiao,Take your people in,First kill the idiot in the house。”
“My day,Why don’t you rush?Didn’t you have a lively fight with me just now??React now?”Sang Biao is not stupid lying on the ground,Obviously not willing to be cannon fodder。

pity,Dendeze the inside,A few stiff bodies hit at the same time,Can’t hold the shake coffee topped on the bench。

Be awkward!
口 开,Neat and dense ink line logo,The coffin cover is no longer,It has not been suppressed。
A loud noise,Coffin quarter-fractal,The zombie in the official robe stands straight to the center of the huto。
Situctive model when you have a change,Ren Wei Yong full body water,Slender leather bag。Facial pleats like black bark,Charcoal finger,Ten nails are like a horny,hard、sharp,Wide tightness of a metal。
Most amazing,This dry zombie,Turn around and save well,Embrace or flashing,It seems to keep a living person’s consciousness。
After a few bodies hit the coffin, they followed them.,Ren Wei Yong
At this time, it is called a zombie.,He is three meters away,Jump directly from the spiritual hall to the courtyard,Looking up to the moon,The grateful airflow visible by the naked eye is inhaled in the mouth.。
A golden iron,A copper coil red line knitted money sword penetration,Zombie back,踉跄 踉跄 踉跄 步。
Bias,Liao Wenjie threw the money sword hanging from the bed from the window,Open the bamboo basket covered by black cloth,I saw the golden shiny,There are also twenty。
He holds each other,Standing on the window and zombie confrontation,Friendly see a violi horrible eyeball,When you continue to follow your mind,Qi。
“Nine uncles!Your family is frying”1603468819
Chapter 84 Anger from the heart,Disgusting born born
Have a mental blessing,Liao Jie, this scorpion is quite large.。
Power is comparable to lion work,It is far from the silent night sky.,It is estimated that people in half of the trees can hear the ninexun,Pooh,It is the hinge of nine unresur.。
Not Liao Jie,Did not dare to share two times,But professional is not right,Although the net world is a million gold oil,But focus on killing ghosts,Directly leading him to deal with ghosts。
When I got the three houses,He lacks effective killing means,Exhausted and exhausted is not as good as Zhou Xingxing hits two shots。
Ren Wei Yong’s zombie is amazing,I can feel a wave of cold and cold.,Like a walking refrigerator,More than a little more than three homes,Still handed over to Nine Uncle, this professional priest is more appropriate.。
A voice shouting,Effectiveness,Two black scared jumping huddled in the corner,I thought Liao Jie again.,呜 呜 呜,Take the tail to run outside the house。
Then it ran back,The speed is faster than escape.。
The other scare the wolf outside!
Seeing the two black curved wall angle shivering,The wolf claws learn that ostrich can’t see,Liao Jie is full of black lines。
Dog is the same thing, knowing zombies is not good.,He can fight?
“Nine uncles,Hurry up!I can’t help it.!”
Two money swords should be in front of the body,Liao Jie once again calls nine uncles to help,Results Nine Uncle and did not move,Zombie is angered,Roaring, he went to him.。
Zombie,Liao Jie does not think,Two copper money swords thrown out,Pulling the black cloth to package a few money swords,When you turn your body, turn around and run。
Zombie,Instant crashing the money sword,Ten claws radical,Semi-empty pause,A sudden fall。
Ingenious,Money sword pressed behind behind,Make Jian Feng induced,Pull your chest。
Zombie roar,The eyes are even more,Originally bouncing,I hit the window of the house。
Wood pieces flying four down,The window is hit by a zombie.,There are still a few blue bricks.。
Since the zombie rushed into the room,Liao Jie runs out,See this scene,Eyelids。
Be too fierce,This hit directly changed the window to the door。
Don’t want to think,Power、speed、Defense, etc.,Zombies are full of crushing him,Especially the straight direction,Zombie sprint one jump,Fly flying in the grass than him。
Once it is close to,The consequences could be disastrous。
“Nine uncles,I really can’t support the trough.”

Leo doesn’t even know how many shifts,Only then did I see the thick clouds。

“There is actually a place to stop under the sky island!”
Leo quickly discovered that,The place where the mother-in-law in the previous life asked Luffy to pay the entrance fee。
“The man from the blue ocean?”
Leo nodded,This mother-in-law is very old。
“Then you have to pay the entrance fee!”
Leo shook his head:“No money!”
“No money?Forget it if you have no money,You go up!”Mother-in-law is leaving。
Anyway, she just asked casually,Fudge if you have money,No money。
“Mother-in-law。Excuse me,Who is ruling the island now?”
Leo rolls his eyes:“I know,What is the name of god?”
“How can I wait for mortals to say the name of God!”Mother-in-law surprised。
But Leo couldn’t feel the respect of her mother-in-law at all。
After all, in her mother’s opinion,God is their village head。

“All right,Fed you all,Wait a few more days,You will be able to come out。”

Completed the boot,Zhu Minglang is also relieved,I don’t know what the big black teeth that popped out of the dragon cocoon will look like……
at first,It is a little crocodile spirit,This is in the Chulong Hall of How To Train Your Dragon,In the hypermarkets on Baitian Street, they are all very ordinary young spirits.,Not very high start。
But after experiencing this reincarnation sting,I believe it will also begin to take an extraordinary path,And don’t have to go through the struggle under the dragon gate,A baby dragon is born。
The big black teeth in the dragon cocoon are very active。
I feel it will break through this dragon cocoon soon。
And it can’t wait to show Zhu Minglang what it looks like after the reincarnation sting.,It seems that I can give Zhu Minglang a big surprise。
Zhu Minglang can already feel some of the emotions of the big black tooth,I can’t help but look forward to it!
perhaps,Big Black Teeth will also become different!
First415chapter Little black dragon
The sea,An extremely cold air current that swept over from the icy desert sea further away from Nihai turned into a high-altitude hail,Down mercilessly,Some shark groups in the ocean are severely affected。
Hail,A bloody evil dragon is hiding everywhere,Although it is a dragon king creature,But the cold breath is what it hates most……
And on the back of Tyrant Blood Nielong,Standing alone。
His beard is thick and dirty,Hair looks curly and smelly because it has not been washed for too long,The whole body is more scent of sweat and dirt mixed together,Like a livestock dragged to the market,Even the glamorous clothes are beaten by the wind and rain,The weather changes continuously and looks ragged。
This person is Yan Zhen。

Xia Jian’s deception is top-notch,When he ran to the bathroom just now,I covered my mouth with my hand。But while he was covering his mouth with his hands,A finger is in the mouth。This detail,Neither Wu Ling nor Xiaona noticed。

So when he crawled on the washbasin,Because of the fingers,He really vomited。To know,People who have drunk only need to vomit,It’s really out of control。
An unpleasant smell emanated from the half-open toilet。Wu Ling smelled this smell,Panicked and covered his nose with his hand,Then he lowered his voice and said:“He looks really bad,do it according to plan”
Xiaona nodded,Walked lightly to the bathroom。Xia Jian who vomited,I heard a slight noise behind me。He simply pretended that his legs were weak,The whole person sat on the floor of the bathroom。
Xiaona couldn’t help but exclaim,Caught up in two steps,Helped Xia Jian。But it’s still a step too late,Xia Jian’s ass is already sitting on the floor。
Fortunately, the floor is dry,Otherwise Xia Jian would be really embarrassed。He crawled on Xiaona’s shoulder,Two people walked out step by step。
Xia Jian half-squinted,Laughed and said to Xiaona:“Sister Wu!Your skin is so slippery,You said okay to accompany me to bed tonight”Xia Jian deliberately talked nonsense,Xiaona believes it,She keeps laughing,Just didn’t say a word。
Lost in,Xia Jian was helped by Xiao Na into a carpeted room。of course,At the door,The shoes on his feet were taken off by Xiaona。
There is a big bed in a spacious room,The big bed is spread with a brand new quilt,Look around,A bed of pink。Xia Jian pretended to stand unstable,I fell on the bed。
Xiaona took a breath,Then came the sound of her wearing clothes。Xia Jian’s guess is correct,It’s not Wu Ling who is with him tonight,Still this Xiaona。
After taking off her clothes, Xiaona went into the bathroom,In a while,There was a rushing sound from the bathroom。It seems that this woman is going to take a bath。
Xia Jian quickly stood up,He looked carefully at the layout of the room for a while,He was actually looking for a camera,Or something like a bug。
Xia Jian’s eyes are very poisonous,He scanned the whole room carefully,I’ll stop when I find it’s the same。
First2209chapter True or false
The light shines softly in every corner of the room,Looks very comfortable。Xia Jian’s eyes are piercing,There is no hint of drunkenness in it。
On the hanger at the door,Hanging the cheongsam that Xiaona just took off,And conjoined flesh-colored stockings。See these things,It’s not hard for Xia Jian to think that when Xiaona in the bathroom comes out,What will it be like。
This woman is not ugly,Even a bit attractive。At least Xia Jian thinks so,But Xia Jian knew in his heart。A man can be passionate,But don’t use emotions,Even merciful everywhere。Like this occasion tonight,He just can’t have a whim,Otherwise, he might be ruined by this woman Wu Qian。