of course,Li Tianzhi in danger,Feel more dangerous and uneasy,The most frightening thing is that the two big arms have disappeared,Maybe it’s been refined by a teenager,If so,The big guy is at stake now,Over time,It was completely killed by a boy,Until then,The blue barrier may not be so strong。

The teenager who lacks an eye‘eternal’Looks very hideous,Compared to the gentle and elegant before, they are already different,The conversion between Sven and the Beast is often between the lines,It’s just that Li Tianzhen didn’t understand,Good end,Why the boy’s eyes were blinded,He seems to be a little impressed in the dimness,This matter is related to myself。
As for how to,Li Tianzhen has no time to think more,Because the young man under the rage began to madly attack the blue barrier,Does not provoke any rules,It’s all punches and kicks,Don’t talk about constitution at all,Thinking of some magical powers, I bombarded wildly,Sometimes they even start chewing like a beast。
The seemingly fragile blue bubble is under this crazy blow,It feels a bit shaky,Li Tianzhen is very suspicious,Although this foam barrier can resist the force of rules,But not necessarily able to guard against magical powers and fists,He has to prepare,Although there is no other way to press the bottom of the box,Also prevent the crazy fish outside from breaking the net。
The situation seems to be reversed,Before, it was Li Tianqi who wanted to blew himself up as the last resort to deal with the teenager,Now he wants to prevent the boy from hurting both sides,Because the other party merged‘Creation’,Swallowed another half‘destroy’Then became a monster,The conflict between the underlying laws has a wide range of influence,Li Tianzhen couldn’t predict the terrible consequences。
Fortunately, the boy just had a seizure for a while and then panted and stopped.,This is hard to imagine,A strong person with supreme magical powers and the power of laws will become like a dog because of a vent.,Li Tianzheng can’t understand,But what the eyes see is very real,The other party was obviously hit hard,But how heavy,unknown,It’s hard to judge whether you are sane,There is another possibility,Is the illusion created by the teenager。
Li Tianzhen is very cautious,The blue bubble is his last barrier,Won’t be removed easily,And I always feel that the other party’s anger seems to have a feud with him,And he actually has a similar feeling in the subconscious,Just vague,This is weird,Could it be from the blind eyeball,For teenagers, injuries that can be easily recovered,But can’t recover,Weird everywhere。
The teenager seems exhausted,Simply slumped on the ground,The intact eyes on the face no longer stare at Li Tianzhi,But the other two eyes on the forehead are not honest,Eyeballs keep turning,Observe the vision in this chaotic world,They are still under the control of the big guy,After a while, both eyes looked at Li Tianzhi again and again,That kind of eager emotion,Seems to have found the fatal weakness of the teenager。
Hunk‘destroy’Obviously preparing for the last fight,Frequently give signals to Li Tianzhen to join forces,But Li Tianzhen is not so naive,Except for a wry smile,I can’t signal the other person to stay safe and rest under the eyes of the teenager,Observe carefully。
The big guy who didn’t get a response was obviously disappointed,But it still decided to do it,The resolute emotion of the eyes makes Li Tianzhen feel that something is not good,Although it is difficult to have a tacit understanding between him and the big guy,But never want to lose this only ally,So haha laughed,It’s like a mockery of a teenager who just became epilepsy。
“Hey,Who poked your eyes?Looks serious。”
To attract the attention of the teenager,Which pot is Li Tianzhen naturally?,Pick up the opponent’s scars。
The boy raised his head again,The blind eye is still bleeding,Looks quite miserable,But the anger is gone,Seems to have restored the elegance and arrogance before,He even smiled at Li Tianzhen,It’s just that there’s an indescribable horror to this smile。
The other two eyes on the boy’s forehead looked at Li Tianzhi at the same time,Exuding that anxiety and determination,Obviously making the final offer to him。Li Tianzhen turned a blind eye,Also laughed at one of the youth newspapers,If the reaction at this time is slightly abnormal, the opponent will catch it,The consequences are self-evident。
“You knowingly ask to expose my scars,What is intended?”The boy’s voice suddenly became tender,If not meet,Just hear it,Such rhetorical questions are not annoying,On the contrary, it feels like a spring breeze。
“Sorry,Sorry,I did not do it on purpose,Just to show concern,After all in my world。”Li Tianzhi pretends to be stunned,The attitude of apology and self-blame really has a sense of sincerity。
This time it’s the teenager’s turn to be horrified and moved,After a moment of stunned laughter suddenly,“I am surprised how fast you grow,But my eyes really have something to do with you,Not in your world,But a very far place。”