“sister,You till now……Haven’t you seen it yet??”

Lingjing’s words,Make Lingju startled for no reason,But soon,A look of horror appeared on Ling Jing’s face。
“you!You are in the mid-term?!!When did this happen?!!”
Jin Dan mid-term!!
Lingju remembers that Lingjing had just been promoted to Jindan for a few years,This……This has become the golden core mid-term?!
and,There is no retreat breakthrough in the middle,In other words……Lingjing had a complete epiphany,Only in the middle of the golden core!
It will take 30 years from the early stage to the middle stage of Jin Dan,And this is the fastest,If there is no big chance,Some people will even get stuck for a hundred years in the early days of Jindan,Even for a lifetime。
This……Lingjing just followed Senior for a week……It’s already in the middle of the golden core!!
This senior Jingpu……How strong is it?……
And Lingjing looked at Lingju,Somewhat proud:
“Don’t be so surprised,Don’t talk about the chances,And drinking the tea that is comparable to the hundredfold pill,Just a pig,Senior can let him survive。”
Lingju doesn’t understand,but,Will know tomorrow,So Lingju didn’t ask much。
only,Thought of here,Lingju looked at Lingjing Dao in angrily:
“You guy is such a white-eyed wolf,I was beaten by your father when you were young,When I was scolded by my father,I all came out to persuade,Turns out there are such things,You don’t tell me,If not for me to go in person today,I’m afraid I will never know。”
And Lingjing heard this,It’s screaming wrong:
“Where is it?,I was actually paving the way for you today?”
Lingju was stunned and said with a puzzled face:

Xia Jianyi listen,I immediately understood what Grandma Luo meant。He sighed and said:“grandmother!Since you think so,Then live well。I will do my best,Let you go through your life journey without suffering”

Xia Jian said to the end,Don’t know how to say,He had no choice but to come。
Grandma Luo shook her head and said:“It doesn’t matter,What matters is your appearance。Makes my old lady quite happy。If i believe in fate,You can run into our vegetable garden,This shows that we are destined,There must be such a time”
“Is a bit unclear”Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。
When Grandma Luo heard Xia Jian say this,,Sat up straight,A very serious look。She took a long breath,And then spit it out gently。
Xia Jian saw the embarrassment of Grandma Luo,He whispered:“grandmother!If you have anything to say。We should not see each other”
“Good boy!Grandma’s time is running out,I think before I leave,Entrust Luo Yi to take care of you,Don’t know if you want to?”When Grandma Luo said this,,Looking at Xia Jian with two eyes。
Xia Jian knew in his heart Grandma Luo’s intentions during this time,But he didn’t expect,Grandma Luo will be so quick。It seems that the old man’s body is getting worse and worse。
This is not a trivial matter,Cannot be exported easily。Xia Jian is a little hard to do,He stood up,Walking around in Grandma Luo’s room。Logically,Facing the request of an old man about to die,He should readily agree to it,But he is a responsible person,Can’t write bad checks。
“What’s the matter kid,Do you look down on Luo Yi?”When Grandma Luo said this,,May be too anxious,Actually coughed twice。
Xia Jian hurriedly walked over,He reached out and patted Grandma Luo’s back gently twice。Wait for Grandma Luo to ease her breath,He whispered:“grandmother!Luo Yi is beautiful,And the group boss。There should be many people chasing her,So I think,You should give her more choices”
What Xia Jian said is really wonderful。
Grandma Luo smiled and said:“Now is a society where money flows。In people’s hearts,Is the desire for money。And you are not,At this point,I think people are quite accurate。You’re right,There are so many men chasing Luo Yi”
“One is that Luo Yi didn’t have a fancy,None of these two satisfy me。Until you show up,Not only makes me shine,Even the girl Luo Yi was moved,Don’t you feel it?”
“grandmother!Thank you so much for your appreciation,Actually I am not as good as you see”Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished。Grandma Luo had another violent cough,At this moment Ali and Luo Yi also ran in from outside。Xia Jian had to shut up。

Xia Jian thinks he can think of these questions clearly,This shows that he was not completely drunk to death。But when Ma Yan forcibly poured the last glass of wine into his mouth。Xia Jian only feels sick,The last thing is,And it’s getting better。

Xia Jian slowly lay on the sofa,He felt the light in the room was spinning。Gradually he lost consciousness。
He suddenly saw Zhao Hong sitting beside him in a pajamas。Xia Jian wants to call her name,But can’t shout。He stretched out his hand,He tore off the pajamas from Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong threw himself into his arms a little shy。
It seems that Zhao Hong has become Ma Yan’s face again。Shy answer、Jiao Didi makes people hard to control。Xia Jian only felt that he was going crazy,He desperately、Constantly venting the heat that I can’t control in Xiumei。
How did everything return to calm,Xia Jian didn’t know。He knows him in his sleep,Very comfortable,Very happy,Seems to be laughing。
A intensive sound of salute,Woke up Xia Jian from his sleep。He only felt dizzy,And sore back and legs,Feeling weak。
He moved,I realized that Ma Yan was lying in her arms,And she’s naked。
First2284chapter Lively New Year’s Day
Xia Jian stood up in shock,His mind was suddenly blank。How did he get on Ma Yan’s bed?,He can’t remember anymore。He only remembers,The last glass of wine was poured into his mouth by Ma Yan。
Xia Jianyi sat up,Ma Yan was also awakened,She reached out and took the phone by the bedside and said:“Just over six o’clock,Sleep a little longer”Ma Yan said,He reached out to pull Xiajian。
“Get up, grandma!If your parents find out that we are sleeping together,This problem is big”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Whispered to Ma Yan。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Look like a coward,Both of us are adults,Not a child。Self-doing,I can be responsible for myself。Rest assured!My parents don’t care”Ma Yan spoiled,He just pulled Xia Jian and lay down。
Ma Yan’s soft body then came up again,But this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang。Xia Jian quickly sat up again。Only then did he discover,His clothes are all on the sofa。And on this ground,There are also clothes for him and Ma Yan,It can be said to be a mess。
See this scene,Xia Jian didn’t know after drinking too much last night,How crazy they are。Such a big movement,If Ma Yan’s parents heard…Xia Jian dare not think about it anymore。
He jumped out of the bed braggingly,I found my clothes and put them on quickly。The phone keeps ringing,It feels like you don’t pick up,I keep hitting,Call until you pick up。
Xia Jian dressed up,I took a look at my phone,The call was from my mother, Sun Yuejuan。Xia Jian quickly connected,Ask carefully and quietly:“What’s the matter mom?”
“You bastard,Those who celebrate the New Year are not going home?”Sun Yuejuan’s tone is harsh。

Xia Jianyi heard that they came to smash people’s places for this, Really helpless。He quickly stood up and said:“Now that everyone has made things clear,It’s all right。Uncle Lu and Aunt Lu are getting older,Be less impulsive in doing things in the future”

“Did you hear clearly,You are too reckless。This is not what I said,Young people say so”Li Bajin took advantage of Xia Jian,I quickly scolded Gao Deju and his wife。
Guan Tingna can’t wait long ago,She took Xia Jian and said to run。Li Bajin chased up and shouted:“Brother Xia!You don’t run,Let’s have two glasses”
Gao Deju also chased it out,When she was about to talk,Guan Tingna pulled Xia Jian and started going downstairs。She was so angry that she opened her eyes like a cow,She doesn’t understand,Lu Wanting doesn’t seem to be worse than Guan Tingna。
Get in the car,Guan Tingna is not happy,She said with a small mouth:“You figured out your dream,All your actions today,Must listen to me。Have this situation again,I’ll punish you for another day with me”
Xia Jian heard Guan Tingna had to punish him for one day,Hurry up promised:“OK OK,I start now,Everything is up to you”
“it is good!Go to Nanping Villa Area”Guan Na smiled slightly,Gave new instructions。
Xia Jian thought for a while and asked:“This Nanping villa area is a bit too much!Where are you going!”Xia Jian worked in real estate,Of course I know where this Nanping villa is。This should be the earliest villa area built in Pingdu。
People who can live here,They are all rich people in Bucheon City。Xia Jian didn’t know why Guan Tingna went to such a place。
Although the distance is a bit far,But Xia Jian’s driving speed is not low。About forty minutes,The car has reached the gate of Nanping Villa District。
The security guard at the door glanced at the license plate number,He took the initiative to open the door。Guan Tingna smiled and said to Xia Jian:“16th Building No.1,just in front,Don’t run too far”
It really is,The car hardly started running,Sixteen villas are already in sight。Under Guan Tingna’s command,Xia Jian parked the car on the side of the gate。
“Where is this?You gotta let me know”Xia Jian asked softly while sitting in the car。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“You don’t need to know,But wait a while you have to watch my wink and act,What i say you have to listen to me,Otherwise, another day”
Guan Tingna finished,Jumped out of the car。Xia Jian hesitated,Also got out of the car。Guan Tingna walked to the small iron gate,Opened the iron door gently,And shouted inside:“grandmother!I’m coming”

“Dong Lao,Going out so late?”

“Move the lower muscles and bones,Let Xiao Cui come over,Then you just busy you,Do not bother me。”
Middle-aged men don’t dare to talk more,Get up and exit。
Not long,A young heroic man knocked on the door and entered the old man’s room,“Dong Lao,Looking for me so late?”
“Ok,Go out with me,Go meet that young man。”
“Too dangerous,I asked Li Hao to prepare。”
“Not needed。”The old man waved his hand and started to change clothes,A black tai chi suit,Plus a pair of soft and soft black cloth shoes,The simple outfit is very freehand and chic,“Not to fight,It’s okay to chat, right??”
“That doesn’t work,That guy is quite dangerous。”
“Who told you nonsense?He has some ability,But you are not jealous, are you?”
“OK,I allow you to bring all the outfits,That’s all right?”Old man talking,And kick it on the guy’s ass,“Hurry up to prepare!”
Chapter nine hundred and twelfth Psionic Lord
One old and one young leave the county seat,Go east through Gedian Town,Then go all the way southeast,They went out soon,One group of people also left the county seat,Follow all the way,A group of six,All dressed in black,Also did not take any transportation,Just by legs,Run fast。
But even so,They are struggling to keep up with the old and the young,Six people discuss,Now divided into two groups,The fast two go first,The other four people follow。
This ticket is fully armed,Not only modern firearms such as guns,And weird cold weapons,Just load,There is a lot of pressure on the next four people,But the speed of travel is much faster than those of the special forces of regular troops,The end is a group of real elite。
And the two people in front move forward lightly,Long gone without a trace。
Moonlight,Excellent visibility,Old and young admiring the night scene,Walking very elegant,Seemingly strolling,Actually very fast,And the young guy named Xiao Cui used his nose to sniff from time to time,Always find the opponent very accurately。
“Dong Lao,We are so close,Will he find out?”

Zhao ignorant,Cut a blood scar by the sword,Although I don’t affect the force,But both understand,A half moment,Who can’t help?。

If Wu Sangui sent a big army into the city,Even if the two can kill out,It is also inevitable,Only the emperor will sneak smile.?
So each retreat
Zhao ignorant is thinking,At least the fish, small pearls have already got it.,Slow down and slowly clear after the book day of the Chu Deirers.!
After all, he is not the best state now.,Front debut under West Lake
The Chu Deirers are thinking,Anyway, a pile of night pearls in Shangguanhai,There is no one fish small pearl at all,Zhao ignorant this dog,After that, I have to come to find myself.!
Why do Chu Deirers will know?
Because the Chu Deiren has“listen”arrive,Wu Kang from Jianning Princess,Searched the real person fish small pearl。
Zhao ignored today’s magic power,Can hide the Chu Deirers in the Mingyu Terrace, not being found,But the sense of perception,It is far less than Chu Deirers.
Chapter 11 I am not interested
“no、Not all!”
Luoyang City,Zhao ignored the night Mingzhu who was stolen from Shangguanhai,A piece of crushing,However, but just get“Broken fluorite”Certain。
Shangguan Haibang looked like this angry righteous father,Half squats don’t dare to speak。
Zhao ignore the anger,In a tightly,“Outflow”Black Eight Path,Put the midnight ball,Involved in it,After a measuating acid,Only dusty。
at the same time,Postal Garden in Luoyang,Wu Kang will make a small night bead,Give the Chu Deirers。
“well done。”Chu Deirers put the mermaish pearls to the moon,It seems to see the Tibetan Tibetan。
“The uncle’s uncle blocked the Zhao ignored,Those who don’t dare to work。”Wu Kang is modesty。
As for Wu Kang knows?
When the Chu Deiren saw Ouyang Feng’s work,I’m already awkward.,He practiced incomplete Jiuyin Zhenjing!
Obviously Ouyang Feng has been whaoted by Wu Kang
Just Wu Kang, things are also supported,Ouyang Feng in front of Wu Sangui,Also Identify Zhao ignorant and one“Mysterious master”,And did not mention Chu Deirers。
“Did that Lu Yifeng found??”The Chu Deiren asked a word.。
“That Wei Xiaobao is very embarrassing,Didn’t find someone。”Wu Kang regrets。
However, Wu Sangui has already reversed,Lu Yifeng,Do not affect the overall situation
Wu Kang silently,Afterwards:“In fact, there are people who have something to say.,I don’t know if the teacher is going to listen.?”
“what?You and princess things,That happens.,Everyone has a variety of sex,Don’t use public”Chu Deiren first,After that, it is not very interested.。
After all, the Chu Deirers also“listen”Arrived
After Wu Kang went in,I want to search for someone.,What is the princess?,Not very much。
As a result, the princess of Jining is in the air head.,It seemed to see Wu Kang’s purpose,Does he doubt your hiding man?,Wu Kang felt,There is no need to make this stiff,Let’s say a good words。
At this time, Jianning Princess is in the heart.,Wu Kang also drove the boat,Unexpectedly, Jianning Princess suddenly pulled out the dagger.,Run him from three
But she,I want to have a decision.“Master”Wu Kang,It is not enough to see,Directly by Wu Kang, the dagger,Jianning is big,Just open to save for help,I was knocked over the ground by Wu Kang.。
At this time, Wu Kang found a pendant with a night pearl.,So directly reached out
To some extent,Jianning and Ma Yiyun should have a common language.。
Wu Kang’s rude,Instead, it is very fascinated.
Although the Chu Deirers are elders,But I really don’t want to accept emotional consultation in this area.。
Wu Kang:???
I learned that Chu Deirers actually knew what they had.,Wu Kang face,Then bite the teeth:“Uncleus,The grandchildren want to say that the Pingxi Wangfu leaders!”
“Oh, then you said。”Chu Deirers think about the law of mental guidance,Help his memory clear。
But think about Wu Kang and practiced Jiuyin Zhenjing,Else。

Wang Degui frowned and said:“If in the mountains,If you have a hair, drive to the mountains to find him,Get him back anyway”

Fortunately, the phone is connected,Wang Youdao told Wang Youcai according to the pre-determined,Don’t wait for him to speak,Hung up。He’s afraid this kid will notice if he talks too much。
Wang Degui called Chen Yueqin and Ni Xiaoli to the main room,Arranged like this,Then everyone waited for Wang Youcai to come back。
About an hour later,Wang Youcai ran in through the gate,As soon as he entered, he rushed towards Chen Yueqin lying on the big kang。He asked loudly:“Mom, what’s wrong?”
“You beast,Get out of here,I’m so embarrassed to ask your mother what’s wrong?She is mad at you,If he has three long and two short,Don’t talk about me,Your two brothers will not let you go”Wang Degui cursed,The dry pole tube in my hand has flown over。
Wang Youcai hides,Asked with grievances:“What happened to me?”
“Rich!We can’t do this kind of hurtful things,I want to hug grandson”Chen Yueqin lying on the big kang*Said。
Wang Youdao glared at Wang Youcai,Said coldly:“Good things you did,Don’t you know,Look who this is?”
Wang Youcai listened,Then I looked back,He was instantly stupid,I didn’t expect Ni Xiaoli to sit on the chair behind him,I was too nervous when I walked in just now,So that he didn’t see clearly after sitting alone。It is enough from this matter,Wang Youcai is a filial son。
Things got to this point,He understands,He didn’t say angrily:“Our business,We can solve it by ourselves,Why are you looking for my family?”Wang Youcai annoyed and asked Ni Xiaoli。
Chen Yueqin lying on the big kang,Hurriedly screamed:“Oops hello!What did I do?!My son is so disobedient,Seeing this little grandson is coming,But some people have to do something hurtful,I’m not alive,What’s the point of being alive”Chen Yueqin cried,Pretending to be real。
Wang Youcai is scared,He is really afraid that his mother will have some problems in a hurry。Wang Youfa on the side spoke at this moment:“Man husband,Dare to do。Now that things have reached this point,Then get married and give birth to him,It’s a little bit for our old Wang family”
“Brother is right,You are not young anymore,I think this marriage will be over!”Wang Youdao said coldly。
Wang Youcai looked around,The whole family treats him this way,No one is willing to stand up for him to be fair,He understands,This time he stood on the opposite side of the whole family,It seems this marriage is not,It will be difficult for him to enter this house in the future。Both my father and mother may break off relations with him。
Wang Youcai is very confused,He glanced at Ni Xiaoli,An angry roar:“You come with me,Let me say a few words”
“Be honest with me,Xiaoli is pregnant with my grandson,She can’t be angry,Otherwise I will never end with you”Chen Yueqin is afraid that Wang Youcai will be bad for Ni Xiaoli,So get vaccinated in advance。
Come to Westinghouse,Wang Youcai closed the door,Said very angry:“You are amazing,I’m convinced,Can think of finding my parents“
”Can i find your parents?My belly gets bigger day by day,This matter can’t be trusted,We must get married,Otherwise there is no way out。and also,Your mom is right,My emotions directly affect the fetus in my belly,If you want a fool,Just anger me like that!“This Ni Xiaoli will really come,Immediately use the child to threaten Wang Youcai。

“Where am i special?”Li Tianzhen actually thought about it a long time ago,Not only the Huoyan Temple,Even the temples of the ancient gods have been moved to his gods,Refuge??Even if you are evacuation, you should find a better place,I really didn’t want to understand what was going on。

“You are really chaotic。”Yuanshen smiled,“Do you think endless void is something anyone can go to?If the cultivation base is a little bit worse, it is difficult to survive there,According to the standards of the gods,Only those who reach the realm of the main god have the ability to explore the void,So you can return to this time and space from the endless void,It’s all due to this chaotic body。”
“Chaos Body?”
Li Tianzhu was completely dumbfounded,He obviously has both parents,Flesh and blood,How can it be the body of chaos?Even the legendary reincarnation of the god of war,It’s better than Yuwen?Unbreakable,That’s naturally amazing,But he was injured countless times,Like ordinary people,It hurts,The bloody one still bleeds,I was shot by Zhang Zhiqiang last time,Almost killed,How can it be unbreakable?
“Because your body is still changing,Far from reaching the true body of chaos。”
“You mean,My bones have turned golden?”
“Far from it。”
It seems that the more you talk, the more endless,Li Tianzhen shook his head vigorously,But curiosity can’t be shaken off,It’s rare that the primordial spirit cares about him today,I have to ask to understand。
“I see runes on the bones,Extremely difficult to identify,Do you recognize?”
“Chaos Body,What will become in the end?”
“Why do you call Yuwen the old thief?Did he offend you before?”
“grass!Then you at least tell me,Where is our temple??There are so many samurai, but only one ugly,I want to understand the cause and effect?”
A series of questions,Li Tianzhen seems to be talking to the air,Li Xiucheng’s soul has long been silent,It’s like this since returning to this time and space,Their communication combined is not as much as today,Yuanshen always treats him indifferently,Li Tianzhen is too lazy to ask again。

Chen Xiu knows that he can’t convince this old man without showing his hand,I looked around the shop and said:“Your old man has a special liking for Ming Dynasty collections,Four Famous Products in Ming Dynasty:Xuande furnace、Cloisonne、Chenghua Cup、Wanli Cabinet。You only need one Chenghua Chicken Cup to be complete here!”

Experts will know if there is any。
Chen Xiu could see the collection in his store at a glance,Fang Zhishan’s eyes are bright。
“You are really good。”
“Of course!”
Chen Xiu has always been very humble,But in order to impress Father Fang, he also deliberately went wild.。
“I’ll test you。”
Fang Zhishan pointed to a landscape painting in the glass cabinet and asked:“Look at this painting!”
Chen Xiu looked around,I saw that it was a slightly yellowed landscape map,Not too big,It’s only about 30 centimeters,The mountains painted above are steep,It seems to be on paper,Visible skill。
Fang Zhishan sees Chen Xiu’s open-mouthed boss,I just thought it stumped him,Said proudly:“young people,Humility is the fine quality of the Xia nation,Don’t be ashamed of not seeing……”
“Huashan map!“
Chen Xiu opened his mouth and said:“This is Wang Lu’s Huashan Picture,Is a famous medical scientist in Ming Dynasty。
At the same time he is good at engineering poetry,Good at painting。Ma Yuan of the Southern Song Dynasty、Xia Gui,Self-made。
Unfortunately,His only surviving work is《Huashan map》,This is Wang Lu1Sketches when visiting Huashan。