The 3rd Classroom Teaching Seminar of the China Education Society was held

Gu Mingyuan, the honorary president of the China Education Society, gave a view. Yin Shengqing attended the opening ceremony and speaking.

He believes that the key issue of improving the quality of education is to return to education for education, establish the correct quality view. To build knowledge and life, promote the synchronous development of students’ knowledge, capabilities, and emotions, reflecting the meaning of knowledge learning for the development of all people, reflecting the educational value and direction of discipline teaching, and then promoting the achievement of high quality education.

President, Haidian District, Beijing, Haidian Educational Group, General President, Haidian Educational Group, Chairman of China Education Society Cui Yunyi, Dean of Xuhui District Education Institute, Shanghai Xuhui District Education Bureau, Deputy Director of the Education Association of China Education, Li Wenzhao, deputy chairman of the Chief Educational Professional Committee of China Education. It is reported that the meeting was hosted by the China Education Society, Shanghai Education Society, the CPC Shanghai Xuhui District Education Work Committee, Shanghai Xuhui District Education Bureau, from China Education Society, Junior High School Education Professional Committee, China Education Society Teacher Professional Development Research Center, Beijing Haidian District Teacher Training School, Shanghai Xuhui District Education College, Shanghai Education Society, Junior Central Education Management Professional Committee, Shanghai Xuhui District Education Society Has Office, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Teaching Department, Tianjin Education Science Research Institute, Jiangsu Suzhou No. 10 School Co-organized.

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The card is easy to refund! Beijing Consumers Association recommends using contract demonstration text

People’s Network Beijing October 11 (Reporter Qiaoyan) In recent years, the disputes such as prepaid card consumption complaints such as beauty salon, education and training, sports fitness have been high.

After the consumer rights are damaged, it is often difficult to defend the rights because there is no contract or contractual contract, and the business volume running road.

In this regard, the Beijing Consumers Association issued a recommendation through the official public account to call on the use of contract demonstration text.

Prepaid consumption has always been a consumer complaint.

The Beijing Consumers Association has explained a case of beauty disputes: Ms. Wang received a free experience list of a beauty club when shopping. During the experience process, the service personnel have repeatedly purchased various packages, neck, armpit lymphatic massage and other packages, spend more than 3,000 yuan, half a month after the service personnel take the first free experience, buy 10 times to give three times The promotion attracts her to buy a 2000 yuan beauty package again and pay 1000 yuan deposit. In the process of consumption, Ms. Wang has an allergic phenomenon requires refund, and the store is marked "non-refundable" in the contract and inform Wang Ms. Wang’s signature is confirmed by its signature, insisting on refund.

After communication between the Consumers Department

Beijing Consumers Association reminds consumers: When choosing prepaid cards, we must be vigilant. When the heart falls into "trap"; to choose a regular enterprise, sign the contract, and ask for a ticket, keep a good consumption certificate; should be carefully signed, suggest Consumers log in to the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau official website, download the contract demonstration text, and read and check the contract content carefully.

Once the rights are damaged, the relevant evidence is collected in time, and the rights are rational according to law.

Attached: Beijing Beauty and Development Industry Prepaid Service Contract Demonstration Text.

Qinghai Province further standardizes labor capacity identification

  On October 13, the reporter learned from the Human Resources Social Security Department of Qinghai Province. Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Qinghai Province will jointly issue a joint issue of the Qinghai Provincial Health and Health Committee, Provincial Medical Board and Provincial General Assembly. Notice, requires the province’s human resources and social security departments to establish improvement of labor capacity appraisal agencies, clear and specific work duties, match with strong special staff, standardize labor capacity appraisal procedures, and conduct labor capacity identification work according to law.

  "Notice" requires that the city (state) human resources social security department refines the labor capacity identification work system and workflow, responsible for the primary review, verification, inside, identification of the application materials, further standardizing labor capacity Identification standards and procedures; objective, fair, strictly organized appraisal conclusions, and strictly implement publicity and confidentiality system; organize labor capacity identification professional training and typical case discussion, effectively strengthen the construction of expert team of labor capacity; + Labor capacity identification "work, realize the electronic closed loop of labor capacity identification, reaching the whole process, can be supervised, traceable, comprehensively improve the level of labor ability appraisal informationization; strengthen labor capacity to identify integrity warning education, compaction subject responsibility From the identification of the standards and requirements of the post configuration, personnel management, authority setting, business procedures, file management, etc., and further improve the internal control system; establish and improve the internal control system; Together, cooperate, form a working force of labor capacity, strengthen electronic file management, and realize the identification files and business integration of labor capacity.

  The Human Resources Social Security Department of Qinghai Province will comprehensively strengthen the guidance and training of the labor capacity of labor capacity at all levels of the province, carry out special inspection operations, strengthen internal and external supervision, improve business verification frequency and quality, and eliminate identification The human factors are disturbed, providing efficient and convenient services for injuries and workers. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The People’s Bank of China Linyi Center Branch explored "housewary" financial services model, helping rural industries

  In recent years, the People’s Bank of China, Linyi City Center Branch, adheres to the development philosophy of "financial distensive industry, industrial revitalization rural", guiding banking institutions around the development of local rural specialty industries, from improving supporting mechanism, innovation service concept, custom characteristic products, Provide "housework" intimate service for the main body of the agricultural industry.

  As of the end of August 2021, Linyi City was more than 100 million yuan in farmers, accounting for more than a loan.

Among them, the characteristic industrial loan balance billion yuan, the year-on-year increase, boosting the city’s agricultural output value of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth%.

  Perfecting the supporting mechanism to build a "responsibility + fund + increased information" Caution guarantee system, Linyi City, Linyi City, the center of Linyi City, established the coordinated linkage mechanism of the agricultural rural bureau, the rural Zhenxing Bureau, the Finance Bureau, etc. List push, policy collaboration, information sharing and other responsibilities, regular research industrial development, financing and other needs, targeting solving problems. At the same time, the bank has established policy funding mechanisms, and increases relicting to rural revitalization, the development of a certain scale of the county, and performs limit allocation according to the capacity and demand of funds.

The city billion yuan reissue limit and the usage rate is 90%. In terms of risk protection and guarantee increase, the bank promoted the establishment of a small and micro enterprise loan risk compensation fund pool. In 2021, 21 rural financial institutions were all dollared with risk compensation funds, covering 84%; and Finance Bureau, Financial Office Jointly establish "2 + 1" financing mechanism for "reproduciation + financing guarantee + credit", promoting Shanxi Provincial Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and Linyi City Government Financing Guarantee Company to issue farming loans required by the People’s Bank of Bank Reproduction , "See the loan", the guarantee rate is reduced to%. Innovative service concept to create a "resident + home + delivery" family-mechanical service model China People’s Bank Linyi City Center Branch Jurisdiction Yixian, Daning County, and Qixian County People’s Bank promotes the local organizational department to select business backbone After the appointment of the township party committee, they went deep into the "financial village official", respectively, served as the financial deputy secretary of the village party branch, the deputy director of the village committee, participated in the cultivation of the village industry development planning and quality project, and tied to the industrial financing demand. The whole village is credited, providing "zero-distance" financial helping for the development of rural industries.

In 2021, 3 counties in the city were stationed in 198 officials, covering up to 184 administrative villages in townships. Other county domains selection of financial commissioners and realize the full coverage of administrative villages.

  In order to promote the depth of political and silver, the bank cooperates with the Linyi City Administrative Approval Service Authority to launch a political and silver cooperation model of "opening registration + account credit", and guide the village banks, Hongdong Farmers in Excellence. In the government affairs hall and bank outlets, the "financial gang window" is opened, and the bank staff is a business license for agricultural enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers cooperatives and other agricultural operations, and provides licensed delivery, bank account opening and on-site credit service, old Customers within 1 day, the first loan can be tested within 3 days. At present, the gang window has covered 30 townships, and 3,600 business licenses will be sent free to the service object. The accumulated site is credited to 100 million yuan, with a letter of 83.5 million yuan, and the proloisonment rate exceeds 60%.

  In order to provide efficient and convenient services, the row promoted the Rural Credit Society of Shanxi Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives to develop the "comprehensive credit system", introduced third-party data such as credit, tax, social security, grain completion, move the entire credit link to mobile tablet (PAD) Operation, the customer manager holds the PAD to go to the door to apply for loan applications, investigations, approvals, and credit, and the fastest process for 10 minutes.

As of the end of August, the agricultural agencies of the jurisdictions have accumulated the system to be credited, and the amount of billion yuan is 100 million yuan.

  Customized features "Industrial Chain + Unique Assets + Party Employment" Employment Empowerment Docused China People’s Bank Linyi City Center Sub-branch surrounded by industry development chain docking special products, breeding, production in industrial development of forest fruit, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines , Warehousing, sales, transportation, etc. As of the end of August, the balance of the product loan of the line is worth 100 million yuan, support more than 30,000 special industrial mains.

  At the same time, the row focuses on the country’s unique asset research and development exclusive product, promoting the Shanxi Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Wings, etc. Ten thousand yuan, realize the breakthrough of "zero" business volume, effectively broaden the main financing channels involved in agriculture. In response to the development of rural industries, the issuance of mortgage guarantees is widely lacking. On the one hand, we will play a party building and empowerment, guiding Yonghe Rural Commercial Bank to launch "Party Group Pioneer Loard", which is the village-level village grade of the village-rated party branch selected by the Yonghe County Organization. Economic organization, professional cooperative, planting largest households provide% of low-interest credit loans, as of the end of August, cumulative loans are issued; on the other hand, play a moral increasing trust, guide Pu County’s local government "Moral Bank" office to recognize Star farmers and moral construction demonstration villages such as hardworking entrepreneurship, filial piety love, shifting, etc.

"Guo Xiaojuan Liu Hui).

Seriously study the party constitution and consciously strengthen party spirit

Seriously study the party constitution and consciously strengthen the party’s sexual cultivation Zhangbo May 18, 2016 08:44 Source: Original title: Seriously study the party constitution Consciously strengthen the party’s sexual cultivation Xi Jinping’s profound statement: "There is no rule, not square round.

The party constitution is the fundamental law of the party, and the total rules must be followed by the whole party.

"The party constitution is the party’s total charter, which reflects the party’s nature and purpose, the party’s theory and route policy, the party’s important proposition, which stipulates the important system and institutional mechanism of the party, is the fundamental code of the whole party must comply with.

Respect the party constitution, learn the party constitution, abide by the party constitution, safeguard the party constitution, and consciously strengthen the party’s cultivation, constantly enhance the party’s awareness, look at the consciousness, the awareness of responsibility, both the responsibility of each Communist Party, and solemn responsibility, and Yongxiang Party Advancedness and purity, constantly enhance the strong guarantee of the party’s creativity cohesive combat power.

  Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, we must strengthen the ideals and faith and enhance the party’s awareness.

The party constitution stipulates: "The Chinese Communist Party is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, and it is the vanguard of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, the core of the socialism of Chinese characteristics.

"Entering the party’s oath requirements, the Communist Party members" will "struggle for communism, ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people".

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the comrades of the whole party should strengthen the party’s awareness, remember that their first identity is the Communist Party member, the first duty is to work for the party, to be loyal to the organization, and at all times with the party with the party.

"We must always maintain the political nature of the" Ma "" Master "" Master ", vigorously promote the party’s fine tradition, and always use party members’ standards to strictly demand themselves, actively exercise the rights of party members, and conscientiously fulfill the obligation of party members, and give full play to the exemplary role of pioneering. I don’t forget to forget the ancestors, I don’t forget the initial heart, I will always remember "where we started from, why start", "has always firmly firmly believe in the beliefs of Marxism, firmly support socialism and communism of Chinese characteristics, and firmly stream socialize Chinese characteristics The road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, and systematic confidence, truly put the firm ideals and beliefs to reflect the power of action, always do the love party, letter party, protect the party, and walk with the party.

  Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen the party’s cultivation, we must strengthen the political direction and enhance the consciousness. The party constitution stipulates that our party is "unified as a whole" organized according to democracy, "Party members’ personal obey the party’s organization, a few obeys majority, under the level organization obey the superior organization, all party organizations and all party members obey the party’s National Congress and The Central Committee, "Party Organization must strictly implement and maintain party discipline, and the Communist Party must consciously accept the constraints of party discipline."

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "our party is highly concentrated unified Marxist political parties, unity, political unity, the consistency of the action is the fundamental situation of the party’s business continues to develop and grow", "often shouting is our party Strengthen the laws and experience of our own construction.

Only often shouting, only party organizations all levels often shout, can always be alert, timely correct, so that the whole party always maintains a neatly high-spirited state.

"We must always strengthen the correct political direction, always tighten the string of politics, and maintain a high degree of high-profile party’s central party to Comrade Xi Jinping, Comrade Xi Jinping, often, and truly The party’s theory and route policy should be seen. It is necessary to do anything to do with what the party’s central government is determined.

Always strengthen the absolute loyalty to the party, insist on strict the party’s political discipline and political rules as major political responsibilities, consciously act under discipline and rules, and have a political understanding of people, and resolutely safeguard the party’s centralized reunification, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Ensure that the central government is unblocked. Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen party spirit, we must establish a clear wind, enhance the awareness of the purpose. The party constitution stipulates that the Chinese Communist Party "insists on serving the people wholeheartedly.

In addition to the interests of the working class and the most broad masses of the people, the party has no special interests "," the party puts the people in the first place at all times, and the same people have worked hard and maintain the most close contact. "

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The hearts of the party are related to the party’s life and death. The party only has always been with the people’s heart, with the same breath, and is full of fate, and always rely on the people to promote the premises, in order to be a rock.

"We must always adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people wholeheartedly, accurately grasp" Who, who is, for who, relying on who ", adhere to the Communist Party members, adhere to the people’s supreme, and people with the people, and cooperate with the people. Always put the people’s interests first, all work fully reflect the will, interests and requirements of the masses, all for the masses, all rely on the masses, insist on the masses to go to the masses.

Effectively strengthen the party’s sexual exercise, improve moral cultivation, awe, hand grip, adhere to the party constitution and party regulatory Parties to constrain the words and deeds, calibrate the syndrome, adjust the rudder of the behavior, tighten the string of the act, integrity Strictly govern the family, guarding the party and the bottom line of the Communists. Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen party spirit, we must be courageous to act as a responsibility. Party context stipulate that party members should "implement the party’s basic route and policies, policies, lead to participate in reform and opening up and socialist modernization, driving the masses to struggle for economic development and social progress, in production, work, study and social life Celebration model role. " General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "whether there is a spirit of being a spirit, whether it can be loyal, responsible, be responsible, this is an important aspect of testing whether each leading cadre truly reflects the advanced and pureness of the Communists.

"General Secretary met the meeting of the 18th Central Political Bureau as a member of the Chinese and foreign reporters, profoundly expounded the responsibility of the nation, the responsibility of the people, the responsibility of the party, consciously assured the responsibility of the contemporary Communists to realize the country Among the national revitalization, the people’s happiness and the progress of human development, it has reflected the strong will and the spirit of the great cause of the Chinese characteristic socialist great career with Comrade Xi Jinping’s Comrade Xi Jinping.

We must always keep the earth, and really grasp the solid spirit gods, adhere to the problem awareness and problem-oriented, and keep in mind that "the official should be worn as the shame", with strong progress, responsibility, responsibility, dare to take responsibility, brave enough contradiction Good at solving the problem, strive to create performance, people, and historical testing. (Author: Hunan Normal University Public Administration College).

Shanxi Yixian: Implementing Forest Changzheng Realizing Lin Changzhi

In recent years, Yan County has seriously implemented the Trinity General Secretary of the Top Secretary "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" ecological civilization construction concept, so that the green became the bottom color of Yixian, let the color become the characteristics of 县, " Lin "coordinate," green color and chemical "synchronization Fully released, the construction of ecological civilization is remarkable. In 2019, the organizational system, institutional system, responsibility system, business system, and explored the construction of a modern forestry governance system, and preliminarily realized Lin Chang system, forming "Lin has a rule of governance, orderly treatment, and effective treatment "The forest is long-term effect, and the" fourteenth fifteen "transition into the green dynamic. Three tubes of "afforestation protection forest camp forest".

Yixian is located in the ecological fragile area of ??Lu Liangshan. At the beginning of 2015, there were 31 million mu of Yulin’s hills in the county.

To fundamentally crack the problem of poverty and poverty in the county, the county is based on the poor, and the poor is much more labor, the accumulation of seedlings, and the reform and innovation, and the first to explore the formation cooperation and afforestation. A series of ecological poverty alleviation models such as cooperative care.

In particular, Yixian’s first cooperative social harvesting ecological poverty alleviation model has been fully affirmed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and is specified by the World Bank as the "Typical Case of International Povertreatment".

"Afforestation" opens a benign cycle.

In order to make the process of afforestation a process of driving poor increasing income, 31 poverty and strong forest professional cooperatives were first tried in 2016, and the "Tree Reward" new mechanism, strict cooperative management, and take the lead in exploration of poverty alleviation Cooperative Society Access Forest Greening Project. Change bidding is a bid, simplifying the complex procedures of the afforestation project project, reducing the cost of engineering layer barriers, so that project funds are directly put into the afforestation project, effectively built the masses to participate in ecological governance, and obtain labor benefits. platform. The 1677 households, the poverty households in the county, the poverty households participated in the afforestation cooperatives, and participated in the afforestation activities, increased labor revenue, enhanced development kinetic energy, and completed 390,000 mu of afforestation, the county forestry assets total year 15 100 million yuan, resulting in a benign circulation of afforestation and income, which not only improves the vulnerability of ecological fragile, but also promotes the income and poverty of poor people.

"Forest" has become the income approach.

To let the people get benefits through long-term ecological afforestation, reforestation after each implementation of the project is completed, the purchase management and protection services to cooperatives by the county government, and actively explore a new model to promote cooperative management and protection. This mode of operation is established by the filing card composed of poor people management and protection of forest cooperatives long-term management and protection, management and protection and lead the masses to get paid. The county has 12 cooperatives by providing management and protection of forest management and protection services, to effectively drive the 776 filing card stand poor people get long-term management and protection of stable income, poor people develop their own capacity to further enhance the county’s forestry industry further efficiency, thus promoting forest management gradually scale, specialization, market-oriented.

"Forest" of poverty provide protection.

To promote the rural "three powers" division, through the implementation of forestry assets approach, and actively guide have the capital, the ability to build silviculture leaders, to explore the "Enterprise (cooperatives) + + Abandoned village collective farmer" model, in order to organize the farmers woodland , forest land management rights shares, collective lead the land transfer, business, achieved by the variable resource assets, money becomes capital stock, farmers become shareholders, "three Changes" changes, and finally to activate forestry resources, industrial development, barren hills by green, farmers’ income, collective economy income.

In particular by insisting on leading the party building, scientific and technological support, policy support, joint development, mechanism innovation, risk prevention and control, continued to enhance afforestation regulate cooperatives, long-term stability covering 5155 poor people, driven by an average annual income of more than 4,000 yuan.

"Green color of the wealth of the" three synchronization.

Integrated ecosystem Lanxian sustained release ecological potential, to create a landscape of forests, forest science development, relying on the natural ecological resources in the northern mountainous county to develop ecological farming, eco-tourism, promote the formation of forestry, animal husbandry, travel coordination, and complementary industries, diversified development development of new models and improve Lanxian color value. The implementation of "green" business. Firm "green" goals, adhere to forest management, forest resources management and development of forestry industry, "by Green green green color supplement" to promote coordination, ecological protection and afforestation combine to improve the ecological fragility, lack of small forest green look .

Acres of county forest area and forest stock million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached%, the green became Lanxian background. In recent years, Lan County won the "China’s most beautiful cultural tourism county" "text brigade most investment value (potential) County," and so on. Promote the "color" of development.

Vigorously readjust the tree structure, promote improved varieties of seedlings, species diversity, mode of scientific, seasonal landscape and stand stabilization, and promote the formation of the natural landscape "Four Seasons into the scene."

At the same time, actively carry out the county forest, forest countryside to create work around Mao Shan, Bailongshan, Huangguliang, yinma pool Tourist Road and actively build ecological landscape corridor, along the banks of the River Lan, Lan Cheng He, on Minghe, Puming vigorously River be green construction, and strive to create ecological landscape of the whole basin.

In 2020, the county forest coverage rate reached 43 percent, the per capita green area of ??the park square meters, in one fell swoop Lanxian create a national garden county, the beautiful ecological environment for promoting green development, and lead the masses to benefit from the productivity, competitiveness and influence . Achieve "wealth" of value. Aimed at complete seabuckthorn nutrients, is widely used, scarcity of raw materials, tight market space, optimizing the ecological poverty alleviation projects, promoting seabuckthorn base, breeding, optimal selection, processing, and so the whole industry chain.

By digging buckthorn culture, local conditions to create buckthorn town to promote the integrated development of tourism, picking, leisure, vacation, led the people to get rich.

The county newly planted artificial quality sea buckthorn 15 acres, 20 acres of wild sea buckthorn, established the country’s first sea buckthorn industry experts, academicians workstation, create more than five million mu planting base, creating Shanxi Xiurong brand sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn annual production value over hundreds of millions, the next three years is expected seabuckthorn industry revenue will reach 25 billion yuan, will become vivid Lanxian model "lies to become gold and silver mines," the. "Rule of law rule of man wisdom governance" three rule integration. "Rule of law" firmly defend the ecological bottom line. Strict protection of forest resources management, improve the quality of forest resources, forest resources to promote the objectives for the use of, adhere to planning in advance, formulated "Lanxian forest management plan," "Shanxi Lan County resources background report on Biological Diversity", "Lan Lan County River provincial Wetland Park master plan "," Lan county Shanxi Province seabuckthorn industry development plan "and a series of system, a complete eco-system of forest plantation system, effective protection of forest resources management development mechanism.

"Rule of man" improve the responsibility system. "The total forest long" accountability mechanisms to strengthen the sense of responsibility of leading cadres at all levels to protect forest resources development as the core, the implementation of county-level leadership development to protect forest resources, forest long form 县乡村三级 system by any government county commander, 7 government deputy head of any county forest long, 9 Executive Council package together townships (towns), compacted layers of responsibility, layers of management and protection in place. The county a total of total forest a long, long a deputy chief Lin, Lin long seven county, township Lin nine long, long 136 village-level forest rangers 776 formed with local characteristics, the system intact responsibility system, organizational system, work system, management system and realized the party leadership, government responsibility, social cohabitation of modern forestry management. "Smart governance" plug in the wings of science and technology. Lin made a long established information management platform for forest fire prevention and control and command platform, the construction of forest inspection system, equipped with 792 forest inspection terminal, real-time scheduling of the county rangers and fire hazard point, the initial realization of intelligent building management system long Lin .

Constantly improve forest and grassland resources, "a map" dynamic monitoring system, May 6 this year, the "wisdom of the regulatory grass cloud platform" was officially launched on the line, the use of satellite remote sensing, networking, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology to provide forest grass regulatory intelligence solutions, promote the depth of cross-border integration of modern information technology and the forestry industry, providing powerful support for building science, efficient, accurate, comprehensive, modern forestry management system, high-quality development for the construction of ecological civilization takeoff plug wings.

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The construction of socialist democracy in Yunnan Province has taken new pace

  The democratic cohesive force is used to protect the rule of law to develop the construction of the socialist democratic rule of Democratic in Yunnan. The winter of Wulmon Mountain in the winter, the 209 historical legacy mine ecological restoration projects in the Chi Shuihe River Basin of Zhaotong City are unfolded. In order to guard the ecological river in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the River of the Beauty, the Hero, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, to support the rule of law with the "Regulations + Common Decision", to support the rule of law umbrella; the Provincial Political Consultative Association for 4 consecutive years and around Provincial and Municipal Political Consultative Conference work together to promote the environmental governance of the basin and the poverty reduction in the form of joint research, joint proposal, special report.

Behind the efforts of "one Jiang Qingshui Yunnan", he returned to the decision of the democratic rule of law. In the past 5 years, Yunnan adheres to the party’s leadership, the people are the owners, and the whole is comprehensive according to the law, with democratic cohesive strength, use the rule of law escort development, the province’s socialist democratic rule of law has taken a solid step. The democratic rule of law has always been resoned by high quality development. The provinces and the Standing Committee of the province revive around the center, the Ministry of Service, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of the province, the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, the General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s "three positioning" democratic legislation, scientific legislation, the scientific legislation, and successively introduced "Yunnan Province Construction Ordinance of United Progress Demonstration Zone The special work report of attacking and carried out a special inquiry, in the past three consecutive years of inspected the nine high-plate plateau lake river (lake) long-made work and protection governance.

The Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee adheres to the whole process of "people-centered" through the People’s Congress, the first provincial government to establish a state-owned asset management system to the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, inviting the Provincial People’s Congress to participate in the Standing Committee law enforcement examination, legislation research, and effort Promoting the province’s 10,000-level representatives and about 360,000 people build regular linkages, better meet the needs and expectations of the people.

  Carry forward the socialist negotiation democracy, and the power of the people’s intelligence. The Provincial Political Consultative Conference paysively played a special consultative institution, continuously enriched the form of negotiation, increased the frequency of negotiation, and improved the effectiveness of consultations, forming a full conference as a leading, topic policy meeting, the topic consultation meeting, and the chairman of the conference , Proposal to negotiate, remote consultation, and negotiate consultations, and negotiate a negotiation in the regularity.

It has been surrounded by the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the National Economic and Social Development of Yunnan Province; consolidating the expansion of poverty achievements, fully implementing the revitalization strategy of rural resolution; building "digital Yunnan"; accelerating the construction of border small ways; the construction of public health emergency management capacity in Yunnan Province The full-scale prevention and control mechanism has improved the provincial center, focusing on the joint work, and held six special policy segments, 27 special consultation meetings, 6 chairpersons, focusing on issues, while deploying at the county-level CPPCC "Consultation in the grassroots" work, giving intelligence and strength for the province’s reform and development.

  Leading reforms in the rule of law, promoting the rule of law, and is fair and harmonious. In the past 5 years, the construction of the government in Yunnan Province has achieved a new breakthrough, "put the service service" reform continues to deepen, online government service capacity has improved significantly, realizing 1363 matters of 20 service topics "Pocket", accelerating the construction, do not seek people, approval Up to run a business environment. The province’s political and legal departments promote fair judicial justice in the reform of the judicial system, and the "three synchronous" working mechanisms and public opinion risk assessment mechanisms of the party committee policy, the implementation of the relevant functional departments in the country; , Prosecutor preparation and post dynamic management, establish and improve the selection system of judge prosecutor, implement the responsibility system of the income lead cadres, the provincial court president account, accounting case, the leaders and departmental person responsible for the prosecution account account for accounts Public security organs complement 63 law enforcement case management centers, and% of the province’s grassroots procuratorate to the Public Security Law Enforcement Case Management Center, the police station has carried out the work to form a full-scale oversight model for the end of investigation. (Reporter Liu Xiaoying, Zhang Yu, Zhang, Chen Xiaobo.