Brazilian chasting re-industrial proceeding in the second half of the economy is expected to pick up

[] On the night of July 2, located in the restaurant in Rio Rio Roir Brown, the bar is full of donation.

This is after 3 months of force, the municipal government announced the first day of opening the dining industry.

Although the epidemic is still spreading, the ridden citizens have can’t wait to resume social life, and this is also a scene that I want to recover the economy. From the first diagnosis of the first case of diagnosis, the Brazilian epidemic has been overfast has been over 4 months. Because the Brazilian is vast, the epidemic is complicated. The epidemic in large cities begins to show signs of platform, and the small and medium-sized cities have the trend of aggravation of the epidemic. Although the World Health Organization has repeatedly reminded that when the peak has not arrived, the economy is not a good idea, but it is committed to the pressure of all parties, and Brazil has begun to replenish production.

  In the first half of this year, many "Black Swan" took turns to stir the Brazilian economy.

World Bank writes in the "Half of Latin America and the Caribbean": 2019 coronary virus, the external demand is weak, the oil price fluctuations and the damage to the economy is Brazil’s three major impacts facing 2020.

In addition, the federal government and local governments are inconsistent with the anti-v.fusion policy, as well as factors such as dictation of the Brazilian political altar – corruption.

  From the beginning of the year, Brazil officially lowered the predicted number of economic growth this year.

The "Weekly Economic Forecast" announced by the Brazilian central bank has shown that this year’s Brazilian economy will face% negative growth.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently lowered the growth of Brazil this year from -% to%, saying that Brazil will have the largest economic recession since 120 this year. The data released by the Brazilian Geographic Bureau of Geographic Bureau showed that the GDP in the first quarter of this year, the GDP is down-percent, which is the largest single season in the second quarter of 2015. Economic growth is unfavorable, dragging the currency value, thus affecting international investor income and promotes foreign capital. As of the end of June, the depreciation of Brazil Leal is about 35% from the beginning of the year.

The Brazilian central bank data shows that the first five months of this year, international investors have accumulated $ 33.6 billion from the Brazilian financial market.

Brazil Economic Minister Paul Geds said on June 30 that as the epidemic causes a huge impact on the public finance, Brazil This year’s debt may exceed 100% of GDP, and the fiscal deficit may exceed 15% of GDP. In this context, the Brazilian government has adopted a series of economic policies to try to reduce the fightering of the epidemic, which is the most compelling that the central bank continues to cut interest rates during the epidemic.

At present, the Brazilian benchmark interest rate has been lowered, and has become the lowest level since 1999. In addition, there is a significant decline in foreign trade with major economies, and Brazil will basically be maintained in the first half of this year, especially agricultural trade, soybean and other agricultural products have repeatedly set up a single month with the highest export record in the first half of the year. In June, Brazil realized a foreign trade share of billion dollars, and the record of the single month of 1989. With the relaxation measures, the Brazilian economy is expected to recover in the second half of the year. The Brazilian Minister of Economic Department is responsible for social security and employment, Bruno Bea, said in a press conference, since in May, with some areas, the Brazilian economy has gone out of "well", there is a "recovery" sign The employment rate is rising. Geds has revealed that the Brazilian government is developing growth plans to develop a "Brazilian income" program to pull employment and enhance the people’s income level.

Craftsman’s spirit "精 精 细" number 2021 Shanghai "Smart Craftsman" released

The first prize winner photo is a network, and a network of open management is the best sample of Shanghai urban digital transformation. On this "smart craftsman" election stage, many builders tell their "International Digital All" Construction Office. Do contributing.

Guo Zhi, deputy general manager of Shanghai Metro Maintenance Co., Ltd. In 2020, Shanghai Metro operation mileage reached 772 kilometers, he led the team to update one line control system hardware equipment, run more than 30,000 "zero fault", breaking the import equipment technology monopoly, achieving 15 million equipment asset delay operation.

Waiting for the first prize of Shanghai Telecom’s professor Higher China Director Dongbin, has been developing a line of work in communication in communication, responsible for mobile business network, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other professional fields of technical planning. Shanghai Net speed has been in the country for many years. In recent years, it has been the main force of Shanghai "Three Gigabit City".

He participated in the "Wisdom 1000" and other projects, during the epidemic, using technology such as 5G, artificial intelligence, helping 12345 citizen hotline quickly solved the backlog order. More and more cross-border players are also highlighting this year.

Wang Xin, Director Wang Xin, Director of the Fudan University Informatization Office, was held in the sixth session of the "Smart Craftsman", and participated in the first college professor. He led the team’s 5G + IPv6 campus network, which is the first 5G campus special network in the country, the first campus private network to realize cross-domain.

Wang Xin said that universities have specially needed such a stage (wisdom craftsman selection activities), let everyone know the style of campus informationization IT people.

Huang Peng is known as "the most mysterious player today." He is a master of Shanghai Arts and Crafts, national craft artist, in the ancient art in Zisha Cot, more than 20 years. On the game, Huang Peng said a story through "Internet Self-rescue".

During the epidemic, the traditional teapot business model was heavily blown. To this end, Huang Pengcheng organizes team to start "live band", and in order to adapt to the Internet e-commerce model to SKU requirements, he improved the traditional production process of the teapot, through 3D printing, the development process of a new pot is shortened from 1 month to 2-3 days. As a cross-border player, he won the second prize.

"There is a temperature" "Adhere to", the spirit of craftsmanship is the same in previous years, the "smart craftsman" is a "Shanghai craftsman" reservoir.

After credit audit, publicity, etc., will eventually produce 10 "smart craftsmen", "Wisdom Craftsman" nomination prize, will eventually be produced. According to the relevant conditions, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions declares the "Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal" or "Worker Pioneer" and other honors, choose the "Shanghai Craftsman" to the "Shanghai Crafts" Selection Tree Campaign. Wu Jian, who received the second prize of Wanda Information Co., Ltd., the executive vice president of the center of the centers, and the understanding of the artisan spirit is – choosing a thing, a life.

He has set the work to yourself, using products 3 times a day, put forward 3 optimization opinions; deep into 2 cities per week, solve the problem; solve a citizen pain point every month, through daily drop "Equivator is thin", let the public bring temperature to the people of the people.

Armed Police Tibet Corps Shannan Detachment launched the "Three Red Sanjin" activities

  In order to guide the majority of officers and men, the resident, the people and the young people, strong beliefs, with the party, thick love party patriotic emotions, recent "Three Red Sanjin" activities in the campus ", brought a party history to the officers and communities. Since the event, the detachment of the detachment of the detachment has been explained in the station exhibition halls, memorial halls, and has been explained for 6 batch of nearly 300 people.

Through immersive visits and interactive explanations, the officers and station people have visited history and study history.

Red Tellors Luo Peng said: "We are to make the officers and resident people to draw spiritual strength from their own explanations on their own explanations." The detachment of the detachment, considering the universal cultural level, the detachment and co-construction of the cinema, regularly carry out the "red film into the community" activity, use the way of movie, to send the villagers to the party’s care, enrich the culture Life. At the same time, the grassroots units of the detachment also actively diverted primary and secondary schools in various localities and widely launched the "Red Pregnancy into Campus" activities. In Shannan City, complete middle schools, Shannan detachment duty squadron’s red preliminary school history, singing red songs, and launched a lottery event with school teachers and students, and party history.

At present, the party history preaching has been conducted in 13 primary and secondary schools in the station, and the audience reached more than 1,000. Wang Hongwei, the Command of Political Commissar, said the "three red three-way" series of activities, put the red tradition from history, in the movie, books, books, and take the red tutor into the history pavilion, red film into the community, red preaching In the form of campus, guide the officers and soldiers inherit the red gene, play a good red theoretical backbone seed, yeast effect, stimulating officers and men, local people dedicated to the political consciousness of the mission of the new era. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Boss: Let the red gene deeply inheritance

The first lesson of the opening school in Dongping Town Central Primary School. Bobai County Party Education Center for Figure in September, Jinfeng sent cool, sent a ringtone of school, during the opening school in the county, Buman County education system in-depth "will carry red legend" series activities, Promote the "four red" activities to open the semester.

The first lesson of school, the primary and secondary schools in Bobai County organized a red class class to deduct the "first button" of the students.

Since carrying out the series of "carrying the red legend" series, Bobai County’s primary and secondary schools have implemented the spirit of activities, seize the first lesson of the opening school, and actively organize the red class class. By telling the red story, red memory from the historical long river From the pick, it is presented to the new era youth, and the patriotic feelings of love.

"Our happiness today is exchanged for those revolutionary martyrs, we should cherish this difficult happiness …" Students in Bobai Town Third primary schools shared their experiences after watching the red film. By watching the red film, sharing the spiritual belief of watching the mind to feel the unyielding revolutionary ancestors, and cultivate the conviction of the new era, unswervingly follow the party, in order to build the motherland into strong, democracy, harmony, and beautiful socialist modernization Strong country struggles.

Bobai County actively promoted the "Band of Red Legends" series activities, promoting all primary and secondary schools to organize the red exhibition, through rich text, pictures show the glorious history of the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the "Carrying Red Legends" series, Bakai County has actively organized, combined with the national speech, blackboard, singing red songs, etc., put red blood into adolescent body, inherit The red gene is to make a solid foundation for the new era youth. (Bolbai County Party Member Education Center) Visit the red exhibition.

Bobai County Party Education Center is a speech activity under Water Town Central Primary School. Bobai County Party Member Education Center for map (Editor: Xu Weiwen, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Beijing "SHUXIANG-industrie" Culturele themablok Blokkering Heer "Bookstore +"

Originele titel: Beijing "SHUXIANG-industrie" Cultural Theme Block Lord "Bookstore +" Vanaf nu, 8 grote boeken in Dongcheng District, 148 fysieke boekwinkels in het geheim in het lezingsnetwerk van de stad, 10.000 mensen hebben fysieke boekhandels om thuis te reiken, de indicatoren behoren overal de stad eerst. Onlangs ondersteuning voor de begeleiding van Dongcheng District voor fysieke boekhandel en vervolgens "Code toevoegen", zware release "Dongcheng-district op het versnellen van de bouw van" Chengxiang City "Bouw begeleiding Steun fysieke boekhandel" Vier in "Implementatie-adviezen" "Dongcheng District Guided Support Substantial Bookstore" Quadjin "Fund Management-methode (proef)", via vier hoofdcategorie?n, waaronder ruimtelijke docking, service-optimalisatie, publiciteitsmarketing, drainage-inkomsten en cultiveren een batch van merk bekende, sterke innovatie en hoofdzaken, fysieke boekhandel met kerncompetentiviteit. Onlangs, Dongcheng-district in de voordeur Nan Xiaoshun Hutong gecultiveerde bouw "SHUXIANG-industrie" fysieke boekhandel, die is via "Bookstore +" -model, het restaurant Bookstore-thema, hotel, Podying Arts Space en Andere Multi-Election, "Bookstore + Catering "" Bookstore + Wen Travel "" Bookstore + Drama "" Bookstore + Activity "-modus" Probeer opknappen "," stedelijke voorraadruimte "is geactiveerd in culturele activiteiten en geeft nieuwe vitaliteit, waardoor de ontwikkeling van de consumptie is gebarandeerd. Gisteren kwam de Beijing Youth Daily Reporter naar dit "Boek Suilian" -gebouwblok te bezoeken. Volgens het hoofd van de offici?le website, het hoofd van het boek, het boek, het hoofd van het boek, is dit een composiet cultureel consumptie-commercieel blok met "lezen" als een structuur, en het landschap kan worden gezien, en het landschap is te zien een product om te spelen. Er is een verhaal dat verstandig kan zijn en er is een space-ervaring. De buurt is "Laat het boek zweven door de Beijing, overal lezen" is het kernconcept, en de hele mensen lezen als het instappunt. Door de constructie van professionele boekhandelcluster, ondersteun de ontwikkeling van de meerstaten van de boekhandel Framework, vormen het agglomeratie-effect en maak de voordeur het culturele merk IP, dat het onderwerp van Shuiiang is, vormt een innovatief open culturele communicatieplatform.

  Op dit moment zijn de eerste fase van het boek in het thema van het boek in het thema van het culturele district van kledingcultuur, gezondheidscultuur, vrouwelijke cultuur en theecultuur allemaal geopend.

Het betreden van de "Dien" -thema-boekhandel in Nanxin Hutong Zuid-uitgang, van buiten naar buiten, de decoratie hier is zeer zachtaardig, uithangbord, boekenplank, receptie, tafelstoel, OH, etc., alles zijn voornamelijk roze beurt. Hier is een vrouwelijke exclusieve leesruimte. Er zijn ongeveer 20.000 boeken in de winkel, die de hoofdcategorie?n van de Chinese literatuur, de geschiedenis van de sociale wetenschappen en het economisch management bestrijken. Daarnaast hebben veel vrouwen-gerelateerde boeken overdekt ouder-kind, familie, persoonlijk groei en andere inhoud.. Om 14.00 uur op zondag wordt hier een lezing gehouden.

Elk jaar zal de boekhandel 100 boeken lanceren, de gecombineerde leesactiviteiten van de online-regel uitvoeren. Dit jaar plannen de boekhandel om 100 vrouwen te rekruteren, iedereen te lezen, delen. Bovendien heeft de leesruimte ook een diverse cursus gelanceerd, zoals Butterfly Dance, Thangka getrokken, theeceremonie en bloemen.

  The Tea Culture Theme Bookstore, The Main "One Book, One Tea One World", is al geopend. Als u deze antieke boekhandel betreedt, kunt u overal theecultuur zien.

De Pu’er-theebaksteen van 1921 verpakt in een paar pilaren in het huis, en het was dicht bij de dikke thee, plus de boeken van de muur, en de thee-geur botste met de boeken.

Het is duidelijk dat er een boek met rode thema’s is, en er zijn ook nationale boeken, theekweekboeken, filosofische boeken en meer.

Het terras op de tweede verdieping is een open ruimte, die foto’s kan maken in deze thee, het boek lezen en zelfs foto’s maken en een rustig en rustig voelen in een druk leven. "Bookstore +" -modus is een maximale interpretatie in deze buurt. Volgens wuting ting zal de tweede fase van de wijk boekwierrijk hotel en ondergedompeld theater omvatten en van plan zijn om dit jaar te openen. Tekst / deze reporter Jiang Ruojing Fotografie / Reporter Wei Wei (Editor: Yang Yupo, Endian Pack) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Building a human fate community to achieve a win-win situation

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China And far-reaching international impact.

  Building a human fate community concept is the philosophical foundation of Marx’s common body thinking, which is a contemporary inheritance of Marx ‘s community. Marx envisaged a "free-person union", which is a consortium organized by socialist principles, namely "real community." Marx believes that individuals can only have a means of fully developing their talent in a true community, or there may be personal freedom. Building a human fate community concept is the presentation of the theoretical core of Marx’s Community’s ideological core, is a reality of Marx’s Community’s Ideological Practice under the condition of the new era, providing a realistic path and value guidelines for the world to "real community".

Marx’s freeman consortium is an ideal state that can appear in the future. The concept of building a human fate is focused on the current development of economic globalization, and the various countries’ interdependence and the era characteristics, emphasizing the interests and safety of all countries in the world. Interleaving, survival and development interdependent, future and fate, and the country should respect each other, develop together, civilized mutual truth. Constructing the Morality of Human Destiny Community with the Moral Thoughts of China ‘s Excellent Traditional Culture as the Cultural Heights, and Advocating the Righteousness. People have no confidence, and the country is innocent.

The correct morality is the Chinese nation’s national nation, and the Chinese traditional culture has always been relieved, and the foreliness, it is believed that there is only a good benefit relationship.

Building a human fate community concept advocates the intelligence of the trust, emphasize the righteousness, Yang justice, and Taoist’s correct emissivity, reflects the inheritance and promotion of China’s outstanding traditional culture, and also taught the basic value coordinates of human civilization, that is, watch help, Hongyi Follow, heart-printing, wind and rain together.

Based on this value concept, constructing the concept of human fate community presenting the moral norms of countries, especially the big country’s external behavior, emphasizing the principles of the world’s harmony, national harmony, and recognize "one glory, one loss," Effect, correctly handle the benefits, and consume the interests of the country when pursuing the interests of the country, while seeking their own development and considers. Constructing the concept of human fate community with the common value of all human beings as the value orientation, advocating peaceful development and cooperation.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly expounded the connotation of all human common value, emphasizing the history, culture, system, and development levels, but the people of all countries pursue peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom of all human common value. Peace is the eternal expectation of the people of the world, regardless of size, strong weakness, rich and poor, should be a peaceful maintainer and promoter. Development is to solve the basis and key to all issues, maintain all countries to stabilize, to deal with global governance issues and promote world peace. In the era of economic globalization, countries in foreign affairs are not your zero and game relationships, but the associates of the co-contraction. There is only a strengthening of mutual understanding, mutual support, mutual help, in order to cooperate in cooperation in cooperation.

  Building a community of human destiny, building a long-lasting peace, universal safety, common prosperity, open tolerance, clean and beautiful world, in line with the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and the people of the world.

The Chinese Communist Party leads the Chinese people have achieved the world-famous development achievements. In the future, we must continue to promote the construction of human fate communies with people of all countries.

  One is to firmly pursue an independent peace foreign policy and continue to promote the construction of new international relations.

Since the founding of New China, we have always pursued an independent peace foreign policy, always unwilling to go to the road, implement the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, and firmly maintain the basic principles of international relations and maintain international fairness.

This is the inevitable requirement of our maintenance of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the basis of China and the peaceful gains between countries around the world. In the face of the phenomenon of conflict against conflict against the world, we can adhere to the principle of sovereign equality, advocate respect for the social system and development path of countries, continue to persist, and to accomplish him. Alliance, promote the construction of new international relations with respect to each other, fairness and justice, and cooperation.

  The second is to persist in peace, cooperation and win-win, and promote the construction of high quality development in "all the way". Maintaining world peace and stability, promoting world development prosperity is the common expectation of people of all countries, based on equality and mutual benefit of cooperation, achieving peaceful development, cooperation, win-win is the right time. After years of vigorously advocating and promoting, my country has established a major progress in the high-quality development of "all the way", and has become a popular international cooperation platform.

In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation along the "One Belt All Road", and work together to make the interconnection of all countries more effective, economic growth is more powerful, and international cooperation is more close, and people’s lives are more beautiful.

  The third is to persist in open inclusive and civilized exchanges and continue to expand Chinese and foreign human communication.

Civilization exchanges due to diverse, intervals, and develops due to exchanges. We resolutely oppose the "civilized superior" "racial superior adapt" and the cold war thinking of ideology, vigorously advocate the civilized concept of inclusive mutual truth, and share and share all the benefits of human civilization. Carry out various forms of Chinese and foreign human exchange activities. The fourth is to adhere to the true multilateralism and try our best to improve the global governance system. Multilateralism means that everyone’s things, everyone discusses, promote, everyone’s rules, everyone to formulate and follow.

It is impossible to put a rule in one or several countries to people, and cannot be proremen from the so-called "power status" from the so-called "power status". It must adhere to true multilateralism. In today’s world, multilateralism is not only a cooperative tool, but also has become an important way to participate in global governance.

To address various forms, global problems in various fields, we must adhere to the global governance concept of common sharing, and continuously improve the global governance system on the basis of extensive consultations and cohesive consensus, and contribute Chinese wisdom to construct the human fate community.

  Associate Professors of the Party School of Shandong Provincial Party School, Xi Jinping, Shandong Province.

Belgian guy Chengdu starting workshop production Sichuan flavor chocolate

  [Explanation] After cooling the thick chocolate pulp on the stone operating station, repeatedly stirred the bubbles, then slowly injected into the special mold … Winter early, "Rong drifting" Tom from Belgium is at home The business chocolate workshop is busy. In less than half an hour, a group of licensed chocolate mahjong has been done, and the Sichuan Opera Facebook, which has just been made, beautiful panda, etc., full of Sichuan flavor. Chocolate.

  It is reported that in 2013, Tom has come to Chengdu from Belgium from the official business, and the wife Chen Li is in love, and two are married in 2015. In 2016, the couple jointly established Belgian chocolate brands in Chengdu "ChoClito". [Same period] The name of "Qiao Chikio" founder Tom "Qiao Clock" is actually the result of me and lily "brainstorm", we want to take a name containing us, and suitable for handmade chocolate, last we Decided to use "Qiao Clock", Chocolate represents chocolate, lily is "li", Tom is "to". So "Qiao Clock" actually represents chocolate and Lily and Tom. [Solution] The original intention of the establishment of "Qiao Clock", Tom said, because he began to learn the skills of making chocolate from urging, and the Belgium was called "Chocolate Kingdom", he hopes to bring the "taste" of his hometown to more Multiple people. During the influence of the wife Chen Li, Tom also produced the idea of ??combining Chinese elements with chocolate. As a "Sichuan Women,", he also hoped that chocolate as a media, making a point in promoting Belgian and China’s cultural exchanges.

Under the hand of Tom, in addition to the classic Belgium handmade chocolate, he also designed a chocolate such as mahjong, big panda, twelve zodiac and other models.

  [Same period] Founder Tom, founder, because of my father, my uncle has its own chocolate factory, which is why I want to do handmade chocolate in Chengdu.

We also promote Belgian products through chocolate. We also hold a lot of exhibitions in many different cities in China, but also make Chinese people know more about Belgium. On the other hand, Belgium also knows more about Chinese culture and China’s different festivals. [Journal] On weekdays, Tom and Chen Li like to share their lives in social platforms. Some "little confident" in their lives also caused many friends. Tom and Chen Li gradually sprouts the idea of ??organizing the Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities of the organization.

In Chen Li’s view, since friends around me are interested in new things, it is better to organize an experience activity to make them more intuitive, updated experience, to promote cultural exchanges.

  [Same period] "Qiao Clock" founder Chen Li (activity) is just a way to be the smallest, the most realistic, and most popular, so that more Chinese people know more about the Western culture, some activities, Let foreigners understand some traditional Chinese culture or activities. For example, there are some manual, making chocolate is one of them, such as insertional, and more than Chinese cooking, how to make Chinese dishes or go to tea, taste (experience) tea culture.

  [Journal] Today, customers of "Qiao Clock" are all over Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, Tom and Chen Li also organized more than 400 Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities.

Tom said that he hopes that the future will let chocolate-based cultural exchange activities to the world, let more people know his "second hometown".

  Yang Guan reported in Chengdu, Sichuan.

The country’s first agricultural Disney project landed Luliang

According to the introduction, the intersection agriculture Disney project is the first land-signed agricultural Disney brand project, relying on the unique ecological climate advantage and industrial foundation of Jiaokou County, from the investment construction, GCAD China, Zhong Zhike Industrial Economic Development Research The hospital and other joint development, the brand authorization and operation management, create a new industrial and development model of three-dimensional circulation, scientific and technological innovation, entertainment, interactive experience.

At present, the project plan has been registered in the National Copyright Administration. The project main company Shanxi Hongshi Ecological Pendulum Development Co., Ltd. has completed the registration, site selection in Shigou Town, Jiaokou County, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The first phase of the plan covers an area of ??3,000 mu, investing 1 billion yuan, and the construction period is two years. Rural Revitalization Strategy is the general starting point of the "three rural" work in the new era, and the development of leisure agriculture is the meaning of implementing rural resolution strategy.

The 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party will propose an important requirement of "Agricultural Practical Transformation", "Actively Exploring the New Model of Temporal Integration Development of Western Medicine."

The signing of the first agricultural Disney project in the country will be aware of Luliang to further make great leisure agriculture, helping rural revitalization to provide a strong industrial support.

Zhang Guangyong, mayor of Lu Liang, hoped that this signing has become a new starting point of the cooperation, continuous expansion of cooperation and scale, and achieve mutual benefit and common development at higher levels.

Luliang City, counties and counties will actively serve, fully support, create good conditions for project construction, and provide quality services.

Liu Huimin, secretary of the county party committee, said that the intersection of intertwined is to provide services to the project, and tapped to accelerate the project planning and procedures, and truly build intersection agriculture Disney projects into the cultural tourism and rural revitalization demonstration projects of Shanxi and China.

(Chen Ling Rong, Solience) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

British is cool! Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Women Iron Ride Dead

People’s Daily Network Xi’an July 25 (Wu Yue, Jia Kaiki) Bachelor degree, the average age is 25 years old, the average body is a female police! On the morning of July 25, on the Danfengmen Square in Daming Palace in Xi’an, the first iron rider formed by 50 policewoman was officially unveiled. At 9:30 in the morning, Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Iron Rights held in Danfengmen Square in Daming Palace Ruins, and Wang Xiaolin, the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, and the Ministry of Organization for the women’s iron ride, with the deputy director of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau, traffic police The detachment team leader Ma Chupi loudly, the women’s iron ride first visited Xi’an ancient city and accepted the public.

This woman’s iron rider has an average age of 25 years old. The average height is bachelor degree or above. It is the first building of Xi’an to build a female iron ride. The Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police is strictly filtered from all grassroots brigades and has excellent traffic management business integrated capabilities and strong driving skills. After two months of centralized training, they can wear handsome cycling clothes, skilled driving about 600 pounds of police heavy-sized motorcycles, walking in the streets of Xi’an, mobile police, and letters.

At the ceremony, Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police demonstrated a series of high-hard police skills, including traffic police gesture performance, women’s iron ride standing, winding, concealed riding, etc. Then, the poles are cool, and they have the same towel.

Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police Iron Ride will focus on building data empowerment, precise command, and fast and efficient new service operation mechanisms, comprehensively enhance the ability to control complex traffic management work.

In the full-service security, accident prevention, duty law enforcement, service guarantee work, rushing in front, don’t be afraid, not afraid, not afraid, with "first battle with me, use me to win" belief, resolutely complete various Security work task.

The female rider has a strong affinity, and it is easier to communicate with people in the process of law enforcement, and better serve the masses.

In the future, they will go to the male roller, with patrol management, static value to be supplemented. Give full play to the characteristics of iron ride "small, fast, spirit", in the patrol management area, quickly reach the accident site, restore traffic in time, facing the emergency response, accurate attack, and efficient disposition.

At present, the "14th Yun" security work has entered a comprehensive sprint phase, the establishment of Xi’an Public Security Traffic Police, the establishment of Xi’an Public Security Traffic Management Work Mobile, rapid response, and high-efficiency disposal mechanism add new vitality, marking Xi’an New Times. Comprehensively strengthen the construction of the public security traffic police team, has become a new level, becoming an important window of Xi’an image, Xi’an style and beautiful business card, guaranteeing urban transportation to smooth, guarding the safety of the masses. (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi fully launched new crown virus vaccine "strengthening needle" inoculation

  Original title: [Cautiously do a good job in the normalization of normalization] New crown virus vaccine "Strengthening needle" inoculation work, the reporter learned from the provincial epidemic prevention and control office: "strengthen the needle" in the new crown virus vaccine in our province The inoculation work has been fully launched.

As of 24:00 on November, the province’s accumulated reports were inoculated, covering thousands, of which thousands of people have completed the whole process. It has accumulated that the key population has enhanced immunization. It is understood that in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, it is preferentially carrying out the strengthening of immunity in the key positions of the high-risk population and the basic operation of the society, and the overall situation will consider the work of our province. It is determined that the key population of our province mainly covers the following ten types. Crowd: First, the cold chain logistics practitioners; the second is the staff of the isolation site; the third is the international flight to the country; the fourth is the customs border checkpoint; the five is the civil aviation, railway, highway and other departments; Six is ??medical and health All staff of the agency; Z7 is the relevant personnel who provide services directly to the public in public security, fire, community workers, and institutions; eight is water, electricity, warm, coal, gas and other maintenance of social production, basic operation of service personnel; Nine is the basic operation of traffic, logistics, pension, sanitation, funeral, communications and other social service personnel; Ten is high-risk personnel such as factors in China.

  Combined with the actual situation of our province, other people outside of the top ten key people, such as the physical health of the vaccination conditions, and completed the two doses of new crown virus inactivated vaccines for more than 6 months, and launched new crowns under the premise of full informing and informed Viral vaccine to enhance immunization. At this stage, the province has strengthened immunization within 6 months of completing the inactivated vaccination of Chinese medicine born Beijing and Beijing Coited Company, in principle, in principle, use the vaccination of the second agent vaccine to the same manufacturer of the same manufacturer.

At present, the new crown virus vaccine enhances immunization and implementation of residents for free inoculation policies, vaccines and vaccination costs are burdened by medical insurance funds, and financial subsidies.

  In principle, the key population has enhanced immunity. It is organized by all relevant units. All units have a reservation of key populations. After registration of enrollment, unification and local inoculation units are reserved, prioritize and vaccinate, and strive to achieve "should pick up". Other eligible residents can go to the genus inoculation unit to make an appointment, follow the principle of informed voluntary, and strive to achieve "willing to pick up". (Reporter Qin Yang).