In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

In the years of no confusion, I encountered charming

Talking person: A Hua, male, 41 years old, brand manager Recorder: Our reporter Zhan Jinli A Hua looks like a Confucian business man, with a pair of glasses on the dark black shelf, warm and smart, talkCome and go.

He said that several young people once gave up high salaries and came to his company, preferring to pay only a few hundred yuan a month, following him to learn how to sell and do business.

  But now, this good man has encountered difficulties.

  He was madly in love with a girl, for her, divorced, offended friends, lost business, and almost sacrificed everything but found that she not only has a boyfriend, but also lives a very dangerous life.

Although he knew that the boy was her final destination, he still felt that he had a responsibility to put her on a normal life track.

But she didn’t take his advice and threats seriously, and she did everything she could.

Angrily, he stopped the boy’s phone and told him all the truth . The year of unbelievable encounters charming charm. In October 2003, I invited customers to dinner in a hotel and met Zhu Bi, the hotel’s lobby manager again.

  Zhu Bi is 25 years old, she is very beautiful, and very charming, and men will be uneasy when they see it.

She has been a lady of wine push, which hotel can’t sell wine. As soon as she goes, the sales of wine will rise sharply.

  A week later, Zhu Bi called me and said that she had been too tired in recent years and thought of my company doing things.

I run a company in a joint venture with a friend, and the business is doing well.

I promised at one go that she would be placed in the company as a promotion director with a monthly salary of 1500 yuan.

After two or three days, we will be all right, and rent a house to live together one month later.

Strictly speaking, it was she who seduced me, but I did not intend to live in temptation.

  Ah Hua paused and interjected: “I’m sorry to explain that at the time, I was not yet divorced.

“My wife is an attending physician with a very old-fashioned personality, and I’m alive and lively, and our relationship has not been very harmonious.

We have been separated for three or four years, and only because my mother is a very traditional person, we have not been divorced.

  Soon after getting along, Zhu Bi tried everything to drain my money.

In order to satisfy her selfish desires, I, a person who has always talked about morality, started to do things that I am sorry for my friends.

I used my power to misappropriate the company’s money.

  Among the company’s partners, a woman has been with me for more than 20 years and has a very good opinion of me.

She advised me not to deal with Zhu Bi, saying that this girl is too powerful, and only recognizes money, it will break me down.

Not only did I not listen to her, I turned my face with her.

  None of my friends like Zhu Bi.

As a person, she didn’t give face to anyone who started her temper.

Sometimes when friends meet, she doesn’t agree with each other. She throws a glass in front of my friend and throws a glass.

Gradually, my friends were alienated from me.

Everyone said that if I broke up with her, they would take turns to invite me to dinner.

  There are two salesmen in the company who like Zhu Bi and scramble to pursue her, and the company has a very bad influence.

The company persuaded me to get rid of her. I didn’t agree and stalemate with the company.

Later, at the end of the year, she underwent surgery and did not go to work.

I took great care of Zhu Bi.

  After cohabitation, I found that her heterosexual friends were extraordinary, and she often called him in the middle of the night, and she lied to others and sang outside or drank tea.

Just when she was a little sick, she was playing dark outside.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then I thought she was too wild, and wanted to grind her, so I hit her.

But she still ran outside.

I often suffer from insomnia because I often wait for her.

  There is no impenetrable wall in the world. Later, my wife and I knew about Zhu Bi and she divorced me decisively.She also has a boyfriend.

  Before the Spring Festival, Zhu Bi suddenly told me that one of her relatives was arrested by the Public Security Bureau and asked me to find a way to get him out.

I ran around and managed to get through the joints, but I had to pay 2,000 yuan to let them go.

Who knew that her relatives had been dragging her back to take out the money, but the deadline had passed, and the court sentenced him to four months.

She thundered at me and scolded my friend for not helping.

  I wonder why she is so enthusiastic about it, because she has always been indifferent to others.

She usually doesn’t let me look at her cell phone. One day while she was taking a bath, I secretly took out her cell phone, pulled out the phone of her relative’s house, and dialed it.

I asked, “Who is Zhu Bi from you?”

The other responded, “It’s my daughter-in-law, and my son went to jail.”

“I only knew she had a boyfriend.

  She coaxed me and said she had no feelings for her boyfriend, and only talked to him because her family was poor and she had no other better choice.

  During the Spring Festival, she returned to her hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In order to let her go back beautifully, I transferred the salesperson’s money to her.

After sending her away, I only had tens of yuan left and I ate the arowana at home for a week.

My daughter saw that I had no money, and secretly gave me my New Year’s money.

  Before leaving, Zhu Bixian I cried a while and revealed her true thoughts.

At first, she just wanted to play with me, but who would later fall in love with me.

She said that her favorite person was me, followed by her boyfriend. If she left me, she would feel that life was not tasteful.

But she is very contradictory, because she and her boyfriend have been talking for 4 years, and all their relatives and friends know their affairs. If you break with him, not only will you offend relatives, but her mother will also be sad.

And I’m married, and I have a daughter, and she certainly won’t accept me at home.

She said, “I will marry my boyfriend and be my lover for a lifetime.

“After the New Year, I came forward to work and brought her back to the company to work.

Then I started embezzling public funds to satisfy her.

Later, the partner kindly and politely asked me to separate the business from the private affairs, and I quit the company.

  I had a difficult time.

She always follows me, preferring to borrow money for porridge and stay with me.

Since her boyfriend came out, she has begun to run between me and him. I don’t want to do this, I broke up, and every time she cried very sad, asking me to be responsible for her.

  I knew very well that she would not live with me unless I had 500,000 yuan.

At the same time, I knew very well that if I really had 500,000 yuan, I would not choose her.

I said to her, “You marry your boyfriend and live well.

But there is a condition, if you fool around again, I will tell you your boyfriend.

“Her boyfriend is a more honest person and loves her very much, so she followed him, and I was more at ease.

  During that time, she went to bed in the morning and went online in the afternoon. After having dinner together, I sent her back to her own rental house.

She’s very sophisticated, and her boyfriend talked to her for a few years and didn’t know where she lived.

She kept it from me, but later she moved, and I found out where she lived.

She did this because she didn’t want anyone to interfere with her freedom.

I talked with my boyfriend for 4 years not to get married because she didn’t think she had enough fun.

  Did I really ruin her happiness? Later she went to work and started to yell. She often didn’t answer the phone at night. Later, she simply shut down.

I know her very well, and as soon as she contacts the society, she will have problems.

I wanted to control her through her boyfriend, so as soon as I found out she was wrong, I called their home phone and didn’t speak after connecting.Her boyfriend may be something that happened to her, and looked for her right away.

She scolded me as mean and said I wanted her.

  One night, I called to greet her and told her to be a good person, who knew she was upset and quarreled with me.

I felt uncomfortable and called her boyfriend’s family and said, “Your daughter-in-law lied to my money.

“The next day, she called for three men to negotiate with me, and one of them was called her mistress.

She said she was willing to continue to associate with me. She could be my lover for a lifetime, but she was not allowed to interfere with her freedom.

We didn’t talk about the results that day. When she left, she was going to sing with them. I threatened her: “If you dare to go, I will pierce your lies to your boyfriend.

“But she followed the three men.

  I didn’t give up, and ran to the door of her rental house to wait for her.

At two in the morning, she came back with them. Maybe she saw me and turned and ran away with them again.

I wandered on the street until dawn, and did not wait for her to return.

Angry and suspected that the jaw muscles held my heart, and I finally called her boyfriend’s house.

  Through my personality, I know that he has always doubted her, only to suffer from the failure to catch her.

In order to convince him that I was telling the truth, I told him many details I knew.

I said, “If you really love her, let her move to your house and quickly marry her, control her, and treat her kindly.

“When he heard that she was going out with her three sisters-in-law, he said negatively:” It must not be her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law would never take her to sing. ”

“I didn’t expect this phone call to be uproar.

Her boyfriend broke up with her the next day.

She called and said she would go to court to sue me for libel, and said that I would retaliate against her and ruin her life.

  Our personality is constantly interrupted by Ahua’s ringtone.

He said: “It’s Zhu Bi.

She was close to hysterics and said that if I waited, she would find someone to chop me.

“I comforted that maybe it was just a moment of anger, and he shook his head and said,” I know her temper, very impulsive and shy.

She will do it.

“I’m ashamed. At 40, I’ve done this kind of emotional dizziness.

Calling her boyfriend must be a bit boring, but I really care about her and want to be responsible for her and make her better.

  He asked me in confusion: “You say, should I do this?

(Character in the text is a pseudonym) Reporter’s notes do not interfere with the lives of others in the name of love. The story of Ah Hua makes me cry and laugh.

I believe his motives are good, and according to what he said, Zhu Bi’s life is indeed very problematic.

However, she is an adult and has the freedom to choose her own lifestyle.

He can care for her and help her, but he has no right to interfere with her life, even through the name of love, let alone the love between him and Zhu Bi is deformed.

  What’s more, his approach directly caused her to break up with her boyfriend. From the effect point of view, he is indeed difficult to get rid of the suspect who cannot be destroyed.

I hope he can reconcile with her in a proper way so that she won’t cause unimaginable things under impulse. If so, he might really ruin her life.

  What I want to say to Zhu Bi is, treat life well, treat others well, and stop playing life.

This is what A Hua wants to tell her.