Lu Menglin thought about it seriously,Nodded:“Ok!You all go over!I’ll take my parents over there after a while,After all, staying in the country may not be really safe。”

This remark,A hint of astonishment flashed across Father Su’s face,He finally grasped what Lu Menglin really thought。
It turns out that he wanted to build Burma into his own territory,Like a mountain on the water,Occupy the mountain as king,Not controlled by the imperial court,Naturally, there is no need to worry about the revenge of the family。
but,Where is his confidence?Has he already taken the entire territory of Burma??Otherwise, how could there be such a bold idea?
The more Father Su thinks about it, the more scared he gets,He finally knew why even a real big man like Ming Liuyin,Will give up in front of this kid。
so,Su Family and Lu Menglin,Maybe it’s a big opportunity,Great Fortune,If it is the Su family, it can also have a new world of its own abroad,Where do you still need to be exploited and oppressed by the rich and powerful!
For a time,Old man Su has a hot heart,I am full of expectations for this trip to Myanmar。
Capital,Ming Family Mansion,Backyard Study。
One o’clock,The whole courtyard was turned off and rested,Only in the post army study room is still lit,The light is like a lighthouse on the dark sea,Illuminate the route for lost wanderers。
Dong dong!Crunch!
There was a rush and messy footsteps in the yard,Accompanied by the sound of dead branches being trampled on the roadside。
Obviously only one person came quickly,But can step on such a noise,It’s easy to perceive the restless heart of this man。