Wizard Wilmot nodded in agreement。

“correct,Andy!”Viscount Cap seemed to say casually:“Because of Wright’s talent,I will withdraw from the territory2000Gold coins as a reward,I think no matter which college I go to or join a free faction mage,This gold coin should be used。”
Wizard Wilmot and Priest Obadiah opened their mouths and said nothing。Viscount Cap can make advance bets for possible future achievements of Wright,But they cannot spend their gold coins for their own forces!
see“Northland Magic Guild”with“Church of the Earth”Neither of the masters spoke,Viscount Cap nodded in satisfaction,Order the guards outside the door to inform the servants to prepare for a banquet。
Afternoon,Wright left the lord’s mansion with his adoptive father,After announcing the reward for Wright,Lord Cap holds a banquet,Andy drank at least 20 catties of good wine at the banquet,Viscount Dia’s eyes are a little red。As for returning home,Domestic violence by wife because of drinking,That’s another story。
Wright was tested for super magic talent,The news spread like wildfire,On the second day, many neighbors and Andy were in the guard to congratulate friends,Even Jafar and Andy have always been at odds with Jafar and came to the door with gifts,Many people don’t think that Wright, who looks so talented as a warrior, is actually considered to have an excellent magician talent.,I also guessed if O’Connor’s house was going to skyrocket。
The second week,Several Andy’s former mercenary teams came to the house“Boulder Mercenary Group”Former teammate,Are all good fighters,Several strong men gathered in a circle to praise Wright’s talent and sensibility,Being so complimented by old friends makes Andy happy from ear to ear。Of course, these teammates are not here entirely for congratulations,Some teammates hope that Wright can be a named consultant in the mercenary group in the future;Some represent a certain army,Expressed willingness to fund Wright。Of course these were declined by Andy,And get these old friends drunk on the wine table。And just the day after the boulder mercenary group left,There will be a sacrificial offering from the dark church,Bluntly hope that Wright can join the dark vatican,You can also arrange to join any magic school in the Northland。Then the Obadiah priest who heard the news came directly out of the Dragonfall Fort—The Church of the Earth and the Holy See of Darkness are not dead enemies like the Holy See of Light,But also because missionary conflicts are at odds with each other。
After this incident,In addition to asking the priest of Obadiah to use tools to test the magic talent for Wright alone,Wright never showed up to contact outsiders,Instead, you concentrate on practicing the meditation taught by Master Wilmot or discussing which magic school to go to with your father—According to Wizard Wilmot,If Wright does not join the Northland Magic Guild, he cannot teach him any magic,But the most basic thing like meditation is not in this case。
As for which magic school to go to,Andy and Wright discussed,First exclude the Magnolia Academy of the Magnolia Empire。According to the afterthought to ask the priest of Obadiah,The Magnolia Academy only symbolically collects one gold coin a year for the people of the Magnolia Empire,Even if you don’t even have a gold coin, you can go to school and wait for graduation.,For the people of the small kingdom principality,Five hundred gold coins a year,Andy’s gritted teeth can still afford it!As for the people of the Puang Empire,Ten thousand gold coins a year,Can’t read it at all。
As for those inferior colleges,There is no need to consider,No need to waste talent for that little scholarship。And the two major magic schools in China,Just see if they will give some conditions,If the conditions are equal,Choose Puang First College。After all, the imperial royal family behind Puang First Academy,Represents the most orthodox force of the empire。
Two months passed like this,One month before the empire’s annual magic talent test。Wright is ready to set off,Go straight to the imperial capital!After all, whether it is to go‘Puang First School of Magic’,Go further south‘Ernst College’,It’s more convenient to conduct magic tests in the imperial capital than to detour to the blue castle further north.。And if you go to the Blue Castle to test,Maybe you will be invited to the Blue Castle Magic Academy!Instead of offending people after rejecting,It’s better not to go。
quickly,Farewell day。Andy and Nicole don’t plan to go to the imperial capital with Wright,According to Andy,Men have to do it on their own,Can’t rely on parents forever。
My sister Tina is teary and doesn’t want her brother to leave,Wright had to promise to bring a bunch of gifts to his sister when he came back,And cute little monsters,So my sister let go。
“Wright,Take care of yourself outside。Don’t fight with people,Wear more clothes when it’s cold,Don’t be reluctant to spend money on meals。”These are the words of mother Nicole,Usually nagging words,So heartwarming right now。
Father Andy is serious and silent at this moment,But Wright still saw care and love in his eyes。
“gone,Little Wright”A burly man of the same size as his father Andy drives a caravan,The caravan is a huge lizard with a huge body but a good temper.,The dark green head is chewing the leaves。