Seriously study the party constitution and consciously strengthen party spirit

Seriously study the party constitution and consciously strengthen the party’s sexual cultivation Zhangbo May 18, 2016 08:44 Source: Original title: Seriously study the party constitution Consciously strengthen the party’s sexual cultivation Xi Jinping’s profound statement: "There is no rule, not square round.

The party constitution is the fundamental law of the party, and the total rules must be followed by the whole party.

"The party constitution is the party’s total charter, which reflects the party’s nature and purpose, the party’s theory and route policy, the party’s important proposition, which stipulates the important system and institutional mechanism of the party, is the fundamental code of the whole party must comply with.

Respect the party constitution, learn the party constitution, abide by the party constitution, safeguard the party constitution, and consciously strengthen the party’s cultivation, constantly enhance the party’s awareness, look at the consciousness, the awareness of responsibility, both the responsibility of each Communist Party, and solemn responsibility, and Yongxiang Party Advancedness and purity, constantly enhance the strong guarantee of the party’s creativity cohesive combat power.

  Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, we must strengthen the ideals and faith and enhance the party’s awareness.

The party constitution stipulates: "The Chinese Communist Party is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, and it is the vanguard of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, the core of the socialism of Chinese characteristics.

"Entering the party’s oath requirements, the Communist Party members" will "struggle for communism, ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people".

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the comrades of the whole party should strengthen the party’s awareness, remember that their first identity is the Communist Party member, the first duty is to work for the party, to be loyal to the organization, and at all times with the party with the party.

"We must always maintain the political nature of the" Ma "" Master "" Master ", vigorously promote the party’s fine tradition, and always use party members’ standards to strictly demand themselves, actively exercise the rights of party members, and conscientiously fulfill the obligation of party members, and give full play to the exemplary role of pioneering. I don’t forget to forget the ancestors, I don’t forget the initial heart, I will always remember "where we started from, why start", "has always firmly firmly believe in the beliefs of Marxism, firmly support socialism and communism of Chinese characteristics, and firmly stream socialize Chinese characteristics The road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, and systematic confidence, truly put the firm ideals and beliefs to reflect the power of action, always do the love party, letter party, protect the party, and walk with the party.

  Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen the party’s cultivation, we must strengthen the political direction and enhance the consciousness. The party constitution stipulates that our party is "unified as a whole" organized according to democracy, "Party members’ personal obey the party’s organization, a few obeys majority, under the level organization obey the superior organization, all party organizations and all party members obey the party’s National Congress and The Central Committee, "Party Organization must strictly implement and maintain party discipline, and the Communist Party must consciously accept the constraints of party discipline."

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "our party is highly concentrated unified Marxist political parties, unity, political unity, the consistency of the action is the fundamental situation of the party’s business continues to develop and grow", "often shouting is our party Strengthen the laws and experience of our own construction.

Only often shouting, only party organizations all levels often shout, can always be alert, timely correct, so that the whole party always maintains a neatly high-spirited state.

"We must always strengthen the correct political direction, always tighten the string of politics, and maintain a high degree of high-profile party’s central party to Comrade Xi Jinping, Comrade Xi Jinping, often, and truly The party’s theory and route policy should be seen. It is necessary to do anything to do with what the party’s central government is determined.

Always strengthen the absolute loyalty to the party, insist on strict the party’s political discipline and political rules as major political responsibilities, consciously act under discipline and rules, and have a political understanding of people, and resolutely safeguard the party’s centralized reunification, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Ensure that the central government is unblocked. Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen party spirit, we must establish a clear wind, enhance the awareness of the purpose. The party constitution stipulates that the Chinese Communist Party "insists on serving the people wholeheartedly.

In addition to the interests of the working class and the most broad masses of the people, the party has no special interests "," the party puts the people in the first place at all times, and the same people have worked hard and maintain the most close contact. "

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The hearts of the party are related to the party’s life and death. The party only has always been with the people’s heart, with the same breath, and is full of fate, and always rely on the people to promote the premises, in order to be a rock.

"We must always adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people wholeheartedly, accurately grasp" Who, who is, for who, relying on who ", adhere to the Communist Party members, adhere to the people’s supreme, and people with the people, and cooperate with the people. Always put the people’s interests first, all work fully reflect the will, interests and requirements of the masses, all for the masses, all rely on the masses, insist on the masses to go to the masses.

Effectively strengthen the party’s sexual exercise, improve moral cultivation, awe, hand grip, adhere to the party constitution and party regulatory Parties to constrain the words and deeds, calibrate the syndrome, adjust the rudder of the behavior, tighten the string of the act, integrity Strictly govern the family, guarding the party and the bottom line of the Communists. Seriously study the party constitution, consciously strengthen party spirit, we must be courageous to act as a responsibility. Party context stipulate that party members should "implement the party’s basic route and policies, policies, lead to participate in reform and opening up and socialist modernization, driving the masses to struggle for economic development and social progress, in production, work, study and social life Celebration model role. " General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "whether there is a spirit of being a spirit, whether it can be loyal, responsible, be responsible, this is an important aspect of testing whether each leading cadre truly reflects the advanced and pureness of the Communists.

"General Secretary met the meeting of the 18th Central Political Bureau as a member of the Chinese and foreign reporters, profoundly expounded the responsibility of the nation, the responsibility of the people, the responsibility of the party, consciously assured the responsibility of the contemporary Communists to realize the country Among the national revitalization, the people’s happiness and the progress of human development, it has reflected the strong will and the spirit of the great cause of the Chinese characteristic socialist great career with Comrade Xi Jinping’s Comrade Xi Jinping.

We must always keep the earth, and really grasp the solid spirit gods, adhere to the problem awareness and problem-oriented, and keep in mind that "the official should be worn as the shame", with strong progress, responsibility, responsibility, dare to take responsibility, brave enough contradiction Good at solving the problem, strive to create performance, people, and historical testing. (Author: Hunan Normal University Public Administration College).