The four elders who made up their minds disappear,The next moment the bamboo appears directly in the bamboo forest,The majestic force of the whole body directly shook the bamboo leaves hovering around.。

After all, he is a master of the eighth rank entering the holy realm,In the absence of human control,This power is not enough to cause any influence on him。
Even if the bamboo leaves that were shaken fly back into the basket again,Want to punish this provocative guy,But in the end it was lost because of the difference in strength.。
Of course its role has been completed。
Old man Ma didn’t think about killing each other by relying on these,All he wants is entanglement。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Nine Absolute suppression
The scale of this battle can be said to be the largest in Lingxiao City in the past ten years,The number of participants is no longer counted,The main reason is that there is no chance。
The sun shines from dawn to this moment,Everything is going on tensely,Fighting and death seem to have become the norm。
From outside to inside,Countless Ren fell and countless people rushed in。
The roots of resistance of the people in the manor are tenacious,After all, this is their only chance to survive,No one will give up before the last minute。
This is a battle from the bottom,They are consuming each other’s little patience,Seems to be torturing,Endless torture。
All morning,The fighting in this place has not stopped,Knowing that the entire manor was invaded by the butcher’s shadow,This kind of fighting sound gradually subsided。
Is the war over,There is no local!
This is just the end of the bottom battle,The people in Lingxiao City have not seen the huge aura light,The high-level battle has not yet begun,So this is the beginning。
Wuchang, a huge place in the Union Manor, is also the most lively place in decades.。
There are many people standing on the martial arts field,The breath of these people is extremely strong,Is the reason for the high level,So they can still stand。
Some people can’t even stand up,They are martial artists below Rank 5,In the morning,Become the first batch of top personnel to enter the battle。
Nearly seven or eight hours of resistance,Make them exhausted,Being able to lie here is just wanting to see the friends who talk and laugh together on weekdays。
Old man standing in the center,Look forward with your hands behind your back,Because after the black shadows of those butchers appeared,A strong breath is coming here。