Qin Feng finished talking and looked at the two people on the sofa,At this time two people are grabbing a trash can,Spit watermelon juice。

“I,I do not know,Moreover,Do we have a fruit knife,Why don’t i know where。”Jiang Yan looked at the grasshopper and the eagle with a sorry expression,At the same time pouting his mouth and asking blankly。
“I remember,I put it away,No wonder you can’t find it。”Qin Feng looked at the brother Jiang Yan wanted to do,Behave like a good wife and mother,Also to give Qin Feng enough face in front of his friends。
But by coincidence,She herself knows nothing about kitchen things,Even if you put that set of knives in front of her,Let her find out which one is a fruit knife,Qin Feng suspects she can’t find it,Not to mention letting her find it herself。
But anyway,Qin Feng was particularly moved by Jiang Yan’s actions,Qin Feng has never expected it for so long,Husband will be called out from Jiang Yan’s mouth。
If it weren’t for Wang Mengmeng, he wouldn’t be back,I believe Jiang Yan can’t be exported,So indirectly,Qin Feng also thanks Wang Mengmeng。
“OK OK,Don’t eat this,I’ll cut another one。”Jiang Yan said embarrassedly。
“All right,Wife, don’t be busy,They don’t eat。”Qin Feng glared at the two on the sofa。
But the grasshopper and the eagle lower their heads and dare not look at Qin Feng。
“Husband,How do you talk?Even if they are your friends,No matter how good the relationship is, they come to our house,That’s our guest,How can you be so rude to guests?”Jiang Yan pouted and scolded。
While two people listen
To Jiang Yan to support herself,Touched almost tears in my eyes。
“Good good,It is my fault,Wife, rest first,I will cut,I know where the fruit knife is。”Qin Feng saw Jiang Yan got angry,Ran into the kitchen immediately。
Take out a watermelon from the refrigerator,This is obviously Jiang Yan just put inside,After Qin Feng cleaned the watermelon,Put on chopping board,Cut the watermelon neatly into small pieces,Installed in it。