Looking at the high pole five meters away,Onlookers began to praise“This year’s lottery is much higher than in previous years!”

“Which is,People in Xiping Village are rich this year,This color is indispensable,Of course it has to be higher”
Listening to everyone’s praise,Stepping on the idea of gongs and drums,Xia Jian jumped out,Chen Erniu behind,Clutching his belt,Two people danced wildly。
jump、Teng、jump、Channel,Step by step,The few people playing the instrument are exhausted,They never expected,This lion head man is so great this year。
“Who is doing lion dance,How do you dance so well?”Wang Degui asked Chen Gui beside him nervously。
Chen Gui shook his head and said:“I really don’t know,Anyway, Xia Jian is impossible,His mother and Zhao Hong strongly opposed,Even Sanye Xia doesn’t support him,Let’s talk about the lion he practiced for a few days”
“Damn!Can’t control so much,If they hire someone from outside,Won’t count”Wang Degui left such a sentence,So busy with other things。
Chen Gui hurriedly responded:“That definitely doesn’t count”
The field has reached the most intense time,The head lion of Wang Xia family,Started fighting,Just over,Xia Jian was definitely wrong,This person is very familiar with his routine,Tactics,Always resolved。
He couldn’t help being surprised,Through the moment the lion opened his mouth,He found,Of the lion head,It is Wang Youdao,This guy,Murakami Lion Dance,It’s him and Xia Jiandou,No wonder he is so familiar with Xia Jian’s routines。
I can think of it,Others can still think of,Xia Jian felt that he underestimated the Wang family。
Springboard,Upper table,These actions,The head lions of the Wang Xia family were completed almost at the same time。Then comes the hardest part of lion dance,Is on the stake,This requires the cooperation of two people before and after,If one person moves slightly slower or faster,Not only can this stake not go up,And it will fall。
Seeing Wang’s head lion,Fly up,Fell firmly on the stake,The onlookers screamed,This put the pressure on Xia Jian,He never expected,This Wang Youdao looks gentle and gentle,It seems that his work hasn’t stopped these years。
“Don’t be afraid!I’ll call the number,On the second”Chen Erniu behind,Because he can’t see the previous situation,So I feel calmer at the moment,Xia Jian responded。
When Chen Erniu just exported,Xia Jianqi Shen Dantian,Stand up,Chen Erniu behind him is perfectly matched,Two people fell on the stake almost at the same time,There was deafening applause on the court。
The gongs and drums are almost broken right now,Sixteen stakes,Two male lions pedaling on the drum,Leaned on the high pole with gold ingots hanging in the middle of the field。
In this process,How to be particular,Three backs,Not only have to be steady,And it must match the sound of gongs and drums,It looks good,It also reflects the skills of lion dance。
I haven’t been on a stake for many years,Xia Jian was still a little timid,Not quite decisive,Chen Erniu who has rich experience in this field,Speak loudly behind him:“Don’t go straight,bends”Xia Jianyi listen,Immediately follow,Immediately stabilized a lot。